The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 11
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THOUSANDS WITHIN HOURS THROUQH WANT ADS. DIAL 3-3511 Bli lev**] th* el *!L^^L^*J f ?! rl ' BB -- . i«. UVKSTOCK-SrirMF..*! j IM-Jt-OTB FOE SAtK QUICK CASH for yttur piano.; ^^j, HORSE: Gentle. 1deM~ BERNARD RTVERTs tracts, | XTprignts. grands tnfl spinets. . «..,. -- J-,, 1 !:.- H- ' I. WolcoU, Hugh's _ '« children. Ph. 3-3048. Piano Co., 1701 Houston, Texas. Mai* St, !ff>. GOOD THINGS TO F.AT _ He! "ACF7s"HAMBURGEnS -- 11t\ weeks old, raised by : 4-H Club member. Register- j ed. Ph. 3-5081. I TR1TCKS - TRAILER* j-aid District, whieh it a« fol- i _* . acre each, 6 miles north of Br.iJtoria. 4 miles south West Columbia. $30 down «nd $50 j month. Contaci Clarence Pat-1 terson. 1.18 Jackson St., West j Columbia. Ph. 40-J. UTILITY Trailer. Custom low*: 82. J'a-nbtirRfrs, Bar-B-Qvie Foot Long Hot Dogs 19 So. Ave. A ^-j^IL nil ' "FLETCHERS "DRIVE IN ____^__________ R - c^rto^ •. •. *r?%& '«• •«»•«««• ™ •"" SURFSIDE BEACH Ph. 3-9215 BOXF.R DOG needs a gonci home, 7 mom* old. Make an offer. Ph. 3-30SI after 6 p.m. ; BERNARD RIVER wtter front- rtUHle. Original cost $100.; TEXAS) S*«Uice for $60. Ph. 3-41T5 ;COU«TY Of BftAZORIA) aftar 4 30 ! ORDER OF ELECTION - ! THE NAVIGATION AND •—•—•——«••••••"•—i CANAL COMMISSIONERS OF ltd. I'SEB CARS FOR 8AI.F. JBrmioo River Harbor NavijaBARGAINS: age. Choice lots with terms j available. Rowland Realty. I 103 Plantation Driv«. Ph. 7-. lsb r^utb; j |< on " 1 AlcO-i, 3 . MISC. FOR SAW! «H*1 7 j ATTIC FAN MY'" "Westinghouse. i SM..RO cornpleU. Waynes En- , ! .twpriaej. Ph. 5-2012. : 708 West 2nd. Private Room with adjoining bath. only. CLUTE: Haynen St. lot MS' by 129' deep Lame pecan tr<-as. Beautiful home site. Joe Leavins. Gulf Park. ?h. 3-1098. HTGRWAY 288" Corner business lot. Rowland Realty, 193 up. 212 W. Broad St., port. FORD: 1949 Tudor in condition. Reasonable, after 4:30. Ph. 3-J744. : election to b« held within and ^throughout BRAZOS RIVER HARBOR NAVIGATION DIS- good TRICT of Braroria County, Call Texas on tho first Saturday in July, 1957, being th« Rtti day Taia'of Jul >'- 19S7 ' f « r j h « heater. BOOR. Good tires. Ph. '- iuntil the firs t gal.wda.v in July. ._ ; ;1963, or until his successor Is _____ Ph3 . 2227 . Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-8543. 'pQNTIAC: 1947. Excellent mo-ielected and qualltied:/ CANAL 1 tor, extras, good tires, clean, i NOTICE Of StTCH F,L«C- 9. ilso G.E. Clock radio. Ph. cF.ijTE: 4 rooms with shower, i 3/1222. i Spanish speaking people accepted. S20 month. Con*arl Pa and Ma Acker Store, Clulr or Ph. Variety #»fd. Ph.l ; ACCORDION: Suitable lor . ' child 4 to 12. Ph. .1-2339. ung ._ —- 3B-40 ARCTIC AIR cooler, squirrel, Automatic \ type roof mount for trailer. Sfi. FI'RMSHED APARTMENTS - -' Archie Powers Avenue D Trailer Park. GALVANIZED PIPE: Special prices for short tim* only. 1/2", per ft 13c * 34 Cater 1 3/4", per ft IBc * **• L8 1 1/4", per ft 2»c I 1/2", per ft 34c per ft 38jc'dj. iTNFt'RNISlim r «. 118 S. CLUTE: 221 E. Orchard St. Garage apartment. Bills paid. Ph. 5-2125. VELASCO: 3 room furnished apartment. $15 weekly. Available Thursday. Ph. 32809. Choice water front- i age. Beacroft R'alty. Ph. 5-i 2102 or night 3-4217. . LA'RGE cHoIck LOTsf 6n j Oyster Creek. Golden Acres; and Lake Forest and other additions. Garrett's Real Es. tat«. Ph. 7-7721. ' NICE LOTl Near Southern I Oalw. Terms arranged with' low- down payment. Call 7- 1 2231 or 7-6231. . SOUTHERN OAK'S: Corner lot.! 100' by 175' deep. Only SI 500. Ph. 3-2844. : no'rust. S225. Ph. 3-3228. ;TION shall b* i~~ 7'tnr, ! Secretary of the TRADE " 1950 Ford 1-ton iv»n hy the Commission •* for lighter trampor- ;£ £•«£ • .lion. Contact Park Avenue : ^ Order Berber Shop. Freeport. ^ ^ publ!( , aUon to be not "HEY FELLOWS!'' Y o u ' v e \ MS than IweVity dsys prior to never seen it so easy to buy , the 6th f!«y of July, 1957, the a used car. Stop by Friendly d«te of such election, and Service Station. Hi%vay 288. such election shall otherwise Ph. 3-9277. first named In each predict being hereby appointed and designated Presiding Officer: PRECINCT NO. 1 - Angle.ton A. L. Lee, Angieton MM. E, H. Williams, Ant- leton Location—Assembly Room Courthouse PRECINCT NO. 2 - West O»- lumbU H. M. Paul Sr., West Columbia Mrs. Ora Martin, Went Columbia Location—American L»- gion Hall PRECINCT NO. 4 - Braioria Mrs. H. P. Ogburn, Brazoria Mrs. Sam Boone Mrs. Henry Toellner Location — Ol* County Barn • i PR1CINCT NO. S - Perrys j Freeport j Mr. J. M. Spates, Freeport I Location — Mr*. J. M. I Spates Horn* | PRECINCT NO. f - Liverpool j Harry Shriver - Liverpool Mrs. Vera Worrall, Liver-' . pool Location—School PRECINCT NO. 7 - Velajro Mw. I. ». Tinker London — NO. I - Ch«n»nf«> M1«» Mary E. C*rlrtSa», Rt. 1 Ani*eto« Mr*. I-o« Turner, Rt. 1, Anfleton _ Location— Mi«» Ma»y ». Christian'Ji How* PRRCINCT NO. » - Bonn*r Mri. W. O. Mott«st««ard, Rt. 1, Anileton Location — - C«maiiu«lt!> House PR8CINCT NO. 1« - Bam«i Will JWiendejU Demon John f. MoLarty, bawen MM. RMOOC Lacatlm— ftre SUWnn PRIX3NCT NO. 1» - Ph«ir Mr*. R. M. Wlltr, Kt. 1, Velaice Location— WHly Rendtnc* Mrs. J. B. Jordan, ,T. W. Pr«*l«y. Rweenr Mrs, John Gruff. Swwmy Location—OM School P1MBC1HCT IKJ. tLJCTMJ* *•* founder th* Unit of »*4 mab* £«; wrWet; wi* t*t th* CommMon, •« th« K—I.RGAI.S upstaris. Ph. 7-2181. «nr i the Whit years hi concise chief of stjrjj liome to rent. 101. OPPORTUNITIES Open 7 days a week. Waynes! Enterprises, Ph. 5-2012. rjRESS FORMS: 'Special sale Reg. $18.95 adjustable form«'». WANTED TO only $13.95. French Sewing c f, ir TE OR FRFIEPORT: Ph. 5- Shop. Ph. ^ , 354[ „ yol| , ]ave a 2 be( ] ro om _ ELECTRICAL WIRING: Adam* ) 0 r"body- i Range Cable, per ft 35c excellent. H-2, per ft 4Jc lovment. 12-2, per ft 5jc Wright's 12-3. per ft 8c Co. All type.' of electrical equipment cheap. Special prices for ""• a teiv days only. Waynes Enterprises. Hiway 288, CHitc, Ph. .1-2012. former govern, an d REDUCING MACHINE: Battle choice as th»i, No. Crcpk Health Builder. Ph. 3- These factor." 4354. tinn- -i for 2 -. OLD COLONY TRADING POS offering | OLD COLONY itr for; TRADING POST SLEEPY HOLLOW SUB DTV- home.' ISION: Beautifully ivooded 3 bedroom living area downstairs with 3 rental rooms hoinesite on Oyster Creek. Rowland Realty. 103 Plant!- ^ y nro ' u g no ~Yt Brazos River! ... t ' on . D - rlv "'' .I: 8 Harbor Navigation District of, SOUTHERN OAKS: Leveled Brazoria County, Texas, on the j lot with plenty of shade trees, i first Saturday SR July. 1957, | Ruady for building. Ph. 7- being the 6th day of July. 1957, i 0759 'after 4:JO. I for the purpose of electing a ; iUU^SSS^iiiSSiSmSSiSiiiil Navigation and Canal Comniis- ^ l»4 Bt'SINTlSS PROPKRTT • sloner to serve until the first _ . ._ ._ . iSattirday in July. 1963. or un- : -;-. BUSINESS LOTS: 1J acres on; ti , hi5 Accessor'is elected and Or- b« held according to the Gen ieral Election Laws of the (State of Texas THE ELECTION IN EACH VOTING PRECINCT in the Location—City Hall said Navigation District shall PRECINCT NO. 7A - Oys*w be conducted at the following]Creek places, and the Judge* and i W 'A Duke. Rt. 1, Velasco "--' Mrs. A. A. Callihan PRRCINCT NO. IS - Banbiwy of »!«• Braw Hlrw .. M. _„ »»_.. ^..^ W^ujH.!!.^ TMk&_2.^ *^. 1 Mrs. T. S. Walher, D««- burjr J. G. Butanek. Danbury fi— fin Statun Cha«. Lasseter. Jr., Rt. l.lPBBCraCT NO. )« - Iow» Barl Keller, Velanco .Colony TEXAS) COUNTY OF BRAZOHIA) NOTICt OF ELECTIOH ,„,....,. NOTICE IS HERF/BY GIVEN .Clerks shall be >f follows, the that an election will be held in ! fe7 WANTF-D TO RENT John Ferguson, Rt. 1, lawa M. WANTKfc TO KENT ids. Neverth.~-j or ; .. _. l.nnn gas tank. oil. boat stalls, boat lift, 200 foot water front. Mrs. M. Malhews, Brazoria. Ph. 3078 the "onl.r me nt. Con-' Bra/oria. 1>-xds j Is trying. Wright's Everyday Low P:ices | of th* ".Olds. Co. New "Pipe i" Galv., per foot . . . , 12c J" Galv.. per foot .... 15c RESTAURANT DISHbS: Plates, platters, cups and saucers. Heavy duty, plain and fancy. 2000 pounds. Perfect for cafe, camping or home. Wayne's War Surplus. Hwy. 288. Ph. 5-2012. TV" ANTENNA: All \VT! HAVE AN EXCELLENT PROPOSITION for a oiau to invest S2000 to $5000 in local well established business, also v.-ork in same full time. This is an exceptionally good •teal for the right man. "This I is a s'or-: 1 operating business." Writ* Box 1055.T, Freeport. Texas. 'IM. HOIISK8 FOR SAI.E on Loop Road. Two and three-bedroom homes. Gal- rett's Real Estate. Ph. 7-7721. DRIVE IN CAFE for rent. Plenty of parking space. In Freeport. Ph. 3-4775 or 3-9150. 1«. RflAI, KSTATK WANTED WE~NEKtr 2 and" 3 bedroom homes for immediate buyers. If you want to sell see Tom Carter, 111 Plantation Driva, I'l>. 7-2010 or 7-GU23 lit. 1NSTJBANCE ; ~ "lNSURA"NCf~ Accident - Baggage' E. L. SAUER der of Election duly and regularly passed by the Navigation and Canal Commissioners of H? iwAilrT'ireir WANTED Travel Ph. 7-7761 Ph. 3-2107 No ex- >MMMU-y. -Salary >*$oj night, shift. in.- Drive Inn, Hi- BHAZORIA: For snlr by ownpr. Dr. Hampil Homestead. 1 sq. block. 8 lots, with 2 story frams house. Ppcan tree boi - Ul MORTO4GK LOANS der city limits facing Hwy. - ............. - -----?,6. $12.000 cash- no more, no .LOANS for repair and remod- less. Contact Joe B. Charlion, Ph JA8-4007. Houston. Tex. channel. (XUTE: Excellent buv el ' n K »P to S3. 500. 60 months payment terms. Haynes Lum- ; ber Com P anv ' ph 3 ' 24n ' jT?.'l'u-i> ii P ""«S*'- orders (or Shoe Me-t f fraud parent?. ' f|'.50 to $211. Priced low, leaving town.' bedroom nonie p riced Ph. S-2893. , qlljck sat( , H j DBVJ , , WRECKING AND SALVAGE:, tor. Ph. 3-S32SI Complete line of ufced auto' parts and accessories. Highest prices for scrap Iron of j anv kind. TuHil Motor Sales. [or IK. MOBII.F. HOMF.S SAUfOR 1»36 AVP H. Will consider liailc for your lot or cheaper house. ABC Realty. Ph. 3-3222. 8th Ph. 3-3480. purii Jacltsoli, ' ft. .3-4387. On WOMIN '• 1st your honn 4111. 'le you w.-ii'., VBincetl jv,-d. I If«f loom for 10(h Mis. . 5-5572. ' ** jr home, foi ingt'.t, in;, Lla.vtime Shf was i«id jtx child car? 5-3175*1. •RMlj 401 ( i n She hasPEKBI) musical FIIKNTSHINOS ARMSTRONC, VINAL in'lai'ii 1 • linoleum. Wide selection «„'^ pa'.terns. Put's Floor Co., 210 i W. Broad. Ph. 11-4116. 'BARGAINS in living , suite, Uinettf and D room suits, Piaiui and li 1 .sums. 212 W. Hic.u.J, I hedroom home ' on West fitli only S77S down, • including closing cost*. Onlv S65 iMonth. See Tom Carter,! Ill Plantation Drivr. Ph. 7-i 2U1U 01 7-68V3. IZ«. AT.'TOMOTIVE SERVirKS i GOODYEAR Super Cushion Deluxe Tuhrless Tires. RflR. S124B8 value lor J69 95. I'eims SI.50 weekly. Good-: \e»r Service Store, 222 West I 2nd, Freeporl. 1?« rSF.D CARS »OR BALE Texas Gulf Finance Mas Immediate Opening lor Manager Trainees flood ii*rtlnf inlar». rre-schrdule4 inlw. Yacstlon. Iniuran<» plit other o»t- itmiritnf benefits. PlMtMnl working rondltten'. If Tom an looklnj- for s future rather thsn Jn« a Job, apply In perton t» MR. CI.AKK Pf<a« Gulf Flnanrr Tarpon Inn Village Free port BEDROOM NEEDED Young newspoptr advertising man dewes room in a mcc homo. Will occupy June 23. Contact "Miss Classified" Brazesport Facts. Phone 3-3511 Colony Fred KlolHH*. Iowa C«4* ony Location—Ferguson Home PRECINCT NO. 17 - Freeport G. C. ttardman, Jr., _!>*«port Bill Stem. W. 4th. Frt.port Location—City Hall PR8CINCT NO. 17A - Gulf Park V. V. Tannery, Ht. 1, Freeport N**i|«M«li Mstriet irt TWHM. vttbisi thtrty b«rwt th* dit* ti««; OATCO AND th* »th d«.T of Ms*. 1MT. .1. T. Commlmioner NAVIGATION AWD CAlf- AL COMMISSIONERS or BRAZOS HIVBR HARBOR NAVIGATION DI8TRICT, BRAZORIA coofrrr. TEXAS. ATTEST: 1M. HOTSK* FOR 1M. HOrSR* FOR HALE . USED CARS FOR. SALE *TEEPOP.T: fcqlilly 111 Ph. »-l 148. F'KEEPORT: i uuii) liuii BAUY CRIB: Sul.d 1(115 W 10th. 2 bt'Jroom horn* 1 . Equity in 3 bcd- e. Ct'lllld) iiedl t Kl.'<lv.Oixt fi.'IM f. vi-t piutif iitunit-.-> 5^1*^1 STKATo LOI!Ni;Kl;S >o;' :ij WROUGHT 1HUN CIIAIHS- buck^. Goud fvi any lujui. pair •S1D-J5 Irby'i llL,m>- 1'iiriiisliiiiya, 3SS floni post office. L'iuH' I'l: 'S-2'.'MJ. IT UUKSN'T TAKE A Iciv. 4514. l 1 ' to uwu A n«w tiuiuf. r viiur home. AtK harry, Ph. 3-lHSI, nijhl." 3- inm» as clesoed. i»- DRASTIC REDUCTIONS: U»,-d shown 1 don. ^• «» do*. aurh iucc* got tliyth ciaiion ia' ing is per ..ption.... •nilh. ar. ' 4L . their wa*.s. wagon is « TWIHH ^, . r *' es - ""• 3 " 7- Had itrpo.ssesued tiunituif. rouiii ((roiip fur only s:tn» uitiuiH r'ui'utttu c. ;M / K. pdi r'UKNITUfiE. .S v rco^nabli |,,k. n , g w _ b Ca| , bt . Jpi;|l ^ i.r Ph. 3 :i!7u. .TELEVISION: 17" CliKiry con. U.,urt,. Nv,v JONES cRttK: J bedroom liutim iiiiU x>* l <*K*' apirtmcnt nu un- an« a! land on liiwav a«. Ph. 3-SuM. .'ONES CREEK: Liva Oak llilv'c 2 i<rUl wuui huiii^ } aiTe lu.l. W,. 3-2CU2. JONES CREEK: Frontiw Un«. 4 itium iidinri uii 1 urir of land. Ph. l-WM. LAKE JACKSON: "Nil*. '«- Wayue, • TZ-f^. .J20UU. i'lHE AND STORM fur- niniiK pulu-y rui' ]f$5 ttua $11). Check ivltn Gulf lu.iia- i'Jii.^ .^'^.•-'•i---; GUOUii OtiKii iiudiii. Ft-iiLed ya Only SP.50 down tola! inuvo in. Hre Tom i.'ai if r, : Plantation Drive. Pii. "i ;! or 7-Ucii') LAKE JACKSON;' Equity m Iji-dl'fyOlii him,e ^VsO H(K. Bjlbtutf like it-ni. K'twiar.u day. Pr.. 7- BOATS. MOTORS: New and : i^.[,i^ uied. Will sell or trade. 230 West 8th. Pn. 3- LAKE JACKSON: with . .. mowers; repairs. Cor-. FISHING FIESTA BUYS: , Ph, S-54fi, Clute. Johnson electric, 30 HP, $425 $395 L. O. Gilliam, £ lele , wllh , '""""'f • • • •»!< or S-4947_nigh_t. ^f'.^ ''"* ,"/,./ 8 C " U ' P " then ' kiiKANING' PAi.MEKs'sPOlt'l ING COODS of on Iboter »srvice! Clute Ph. 5-2415 pump any- Ph._S-SS57.: coinpleta line \ \ any make of', capaci- ( liotor^ relays,! '- ~~~ ------- — will also re- : V , ' T , am nut at lc low ' P"tes. Waynu Enler- di« uui. ui pr , Sl ; s Hiway 28S. Clute-. fh. 5-2012 home with family ioo;a, 2 car garage. FHA turius. Howland Realty. 1U3 1'lantauoii Dr. Ph. 7-6S43. LAK* JACKSON: 211 Birch, brick veneer 3 bedroimi anc dtn. Ph. 7-«ai« after 5 LAKE JACKSON: 2 bedroom home, M-'reeued porch, Huin- can fence. Equit lenni. Payments $63 u.onin- ly. Rowland Really, 103 Plantation DC. Ph. T-tinW ' " " Mag period. i 602" N. Gull C[JOI t. .INC.. replacing 'a'! types of car- OUTBOARD MOTOR: Used 31 HP Scott AUvater outboard motor $39.95 Goodyeor Scrvue Store, 222 LAKE JACKSON: " 807 W. 2nd, rieej.ui'. nolia. Three bedroom contial neat. Pn. 7-6»9i. HIVERSIDE TERRACE: 5~roorr hoiiie on corner lot. Make offer. Ph. 3 1180. i». FAEM EQl'JPMENT CUTRRY MOTOR CO. FABM SMALL DOWN PAYMEN' buys 3 beaioom ho/ne. Livia nn, diniiiK loom, kilchei th double unk and drain lily room, car port an rd Floors and in ,,.,-.-- • • • -y^titf finished. Howlan '*»,' S • • • -3 ^B»BV Plantation Drive Ph. 7-6543 Ko :s.*'e' .a, . •*«'" •!!* •*«.* »8W,ft= e = ;gS* ^ wfcypcyRENT? YOU CAN OWN A HOME IF YOU EARN $333 PER MONTH AUTOMOilLI AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLBD 1, 2, 3. Small down Payment it Low Monthly Installments. Immediate Installation 3y Factory Trained Mechanics. Easily Interchanggghle to your next car Brick Homes ONLY 8 HOHES LEFT from $11,000 30 Years O.I. Loniu 1"HA Terms )2ft KarnMt Money Mov« In With Credit Approval F«r IWorsaaU*M Call Mrs. Violtt Luk* Mis» Marilyn Friday 7-101* I^t Tre*p«rt Location—Baptist Church PRECINCT NO. 18 - Sandy Point H. L. Trammell, Sandy Point Curtis Mowery, Sandy Point Location — Building next to Poet Oftto. PRECINCT NO. It . Clute Hay Tarrer, Clute City Wilbur Shanks. Clute City Location—Scliool Gymntc-! ( sea j) PRKCINCT NO. 20 - Jones Creek Mrs. M. M. Arlington, Rt. 1, Freeport ! Mrs. Bob Garrison, Rt. l ti Freeport ! Mr. M. M. Arrinfton, Free-! Location—New School PRECINCT NO. 30B - Old Ocean Taylor Kemp, Jr., Sweeny M. A. Manley, Sweeny Secretary THIS NOTICE 18 AND G1VXN this the 2tth rfay o( May, 1M7. I. L. Secretary, and Canal Commissioners of Brazo* Hiver Harbor Nrtrfeotien District of Braaoric Counry, Jim. II. M, *T Stock Market NOON CALL V.rn W. Undirhill, Sween, B«be^ofl I ~ ~~ ~ 1 1 n'lt* .^°?»i'°lT^'?««° n .BW«. ; Mith stMj I_ . 4* ,/, PAftfCWOOD URRACi CoriMr of Ojr»lw Of rk l>rlv« , »H4 I^wp LAKE JACKSON V.irM bedrooms, MOOKRN BATH8, J«mlly room, MODt'RX KITCHKN, j»«tifi«, m*llow brlci v«ne«. beautifully WOODED lota. From »1S,OOC te 111,000, FH. -OI ITtRMS. TOM CARTER 1'h, or 1-«US 111 runlallon Drltc PRECINCT NO. 21 - Rosharon Mrs. A. L. Watson, Ko- shsron Mrs. Oie»l Pllgraeo, Ro- Loeation—School PRECINCT NO. 22 - Lak» Jackson Joe Mitchell, Lake Jackson Location — Junior Higa »&7 MALK-FEMAH MJM> " RFELIABLB PARTY Mai« Or PVnmle Wanttd T» Service Route C'ijfRi'rtl't* Maeliities No Selling Or SollcUln«r Route I'lwiadlislied for 2»rt.SrO CAKg rOK SAM IM. IIIBD CAKR FOR SALE •ft CAREFEEE — COMFORT TRAVEL Full or Purt Jiiconi« 'Immediately *»»».•* U I1*M.M CAMI , KRQIIIIIsW Pie*** don't w»«« nur dm* unles* you htv. thr noctmtrf capital and Hr. sincerely in- larMUd in e»pMidin( -- W. fmaoc* mpunnUKi -- U fully quaMltd and able M islse over at once write brMlly ^ttoul jann»tt and inr.hide I'liont NumlMr for pHKinal imeivu/w. A1IU4 M«r«k«n4Mll«. IM. 1101 OHv* l«f«H sUa4 City i, U.. ' 61. MI8C. FOE HAL* An 7«1*T«1 Saloway St «»• 7* J/» AT it ar » */• fj^M Pac „-. — — — 14 1/4 Cfiryslar — - 7* 1/4 Com Pub ««rv .... MS Dow Chem «T S/f Duacan Cotfa* 11/4 Bli Fieept Sul -.110 I/I Gen CriH»« - 344« Gtrbtr'» $4 1/4-3/4 G.o Mot 42 7/$ .Gulf Oil .. _ _ 144 l/« I Gulf. S U . 3» 1/4 ! Houston LAP 17 5/« Huwbhi Oil - - .. _ !•* lint Bus M _ _ — , „ _ _ IB _ .., „ n T/i lint Sho« ni- -- »• l/J-a/4 i.f C Penny '• !•* Jetf Lak* S 4J Kirby Lbr - 50 1/1-51 Lou L fc K - 51 1/1 Mont I) Ui .. - - 1* »•'* Mo Ha. . M V4 Phlll Prt .. »0 l/< Pa HR »5/l i'.x G Sul - I~.. '.. - - - 2» Tunas Co '» 1/4 WooiW PH 7« 1/4 US SW1 M S/« Un Pa« » 7/i •Intci* llJu .. 4» 1/4 Stf Cham , .. _ .. - '• Fraak Ijto IM _ . _ .. 1M-10* LH« las Vw* 19T-1U 1/J lAne Nat tjl. ....... 124-ltt MaaM Lit* C.. ,_.... 14S-13I W T Or*nt - M Ii AK y.u u<«4 W U. «o inMft • CUuifled Ad ta Th* Bratoa- port FacM ts ta tt*p ta jaax iihaa. aaa tasl "Mtaa CUwt- fiM" dw.ct 4\ I-Jill *r »1111. (T ft**). j^i'MU AUCTION Oid Colony Trading Port BBAZOBI*, TBXA* Everything to b« sold by piect and in U to Highest Bidder. Load* of New Merchandise. SATURDAY 1 F. M. JUNE 27 Don't miM thii opportaf / OoL Howard • LicenMd Auf

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