The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 14
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 14

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 14
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Foureen THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Thursday Evening, September 4,1952. Turner Plans Own Battle Against Dykes By MCRRAT ROSE NEW YORK (IS— Gil Turner is going to fight his own way Friday night agains power - punching Bobby Dykes in , Madison Square i Garden. That means the j perpetual m o j tion fighting ma ' chine from Phil i adelphia is going to throw punches from the opening be.ll and keep tos sing leather as Gil Turner long ^ he can stand. It also means that the 21-year old Negro is going to be wide open for one of the fastest and hardest hitters in the welterweight division. The bookmakers believe the once-beaten Philadelphian can win if he follows through on his plan. They've made him a 9 to 5 favorite to whip the stringbean six-footer from Texas on the theory that if he keeps driving in, long-armed Bobby won't have the necessary fighting room to unlimber his big guns. "Gil is not alibing his knockout loss to Kid Gavilan last July," said Turner's manager, George Katz. "He lost, and that's that. The kid always has done whatever Willie (trainer Willie Reddish) and I asked him to do. "Against Gaviian, we told him to pace himself. We, and a lot of others, thought Gavilan was through and that Gil could take the title with a fast finish in the last five rounds. Gil paced himself for the first ten. At the start of the llth he said he felt just as good as he did after the first round. "So we sent h' out with instructions to go after Gavilan," continued Katz. "You know what happened. Gavilan nailed him. Gil was downcast. 'I let you and my friends down.' That's all he had to say that night. "But just the other day he took me for a car ride and said he had something on his mind.' " 'George,' " he said. "You know I've always done what you and Willie wanted me to. You wanted me ot pace myself against •Gavilan and I tried to. But if you don't mind, from now on I'd like to fight it my own way. I'm sure if I kept throwing all the way again.-.t Gavilan I would have beaten him. I didn't tell you before, but trying to pace myself hurt my style. I "FLAMING ONIONS" — These are new-type napalm rockets, called "flaming onions" by Royal Australian Air Force men in Korea. Although only a fraction o£ the size of the napalm tanks used by UN fighters, they are regarded as more economical against some targets. The teaching personnel of the Potter Grade SchoA will consist of Mrs. Frances Goddard, principal; and Mrs. Patricia Porter, primary room. They have an enrollment of 35. Mr. and Mrs. John Weigel and children of Arlington, Calif, arrived Tuesday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wa- haus and other relatives here and in Leavenworth. Mr. and Mrs. George Grigg have moved into the Ed Davis house. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Jones and family have returned to their home at Enid, Okla. after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Jones and brother, Ralph Jones and family. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Emzen have a new car. Carl Faulk has returned to Topeka after a visit at Potter with Mr. and Mrs. Jonnie Adams. The choir of the Potter Community Church will meet at the church Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Services at the Potter Community church beginning Sept. 7 will be Sunday school at 7 p.m. stead of 7:30 and church service will be at 8 p.m. The Holy communion will be served at this service. The Potter High School faculty for this term are John Greenlee, Bartlesville, Okla., principal; Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCall, Neil, Mo.; and Mrs. Mildred Adams. School started Sept. 2 with 24 enrolled. Durocher Looks to Next Year's NL Pennant Race By JOE REICHLER NEW YORK Iff) — Leo Durocher aravely proclaims in public that lis New York Giants can over-, haul the runaway Brooklyn Dod- M ^- and ™** Bogges arrived from Korea to be with them. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Giffee and family left Sunday to return to Jacksonville, Fla. after a visit a « er parents Privately, however, the dapper ittle manager, who Wednesday signed to lead the Giants again n 1953, is looking forward to next year. "We haven't given up by a long shot," he insists, "not until they Mr. and Mrs. Clay Giffee and Uiam Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Gerner of Lathrop were guests Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Elsie Eskredge. W.L. Thomason is on the road to recovery after a several weeks illness. Mrs. Dillard Brink reports her brother E. J. Ketteman was mar- can show me in black and white ried on July 16th and went b y that we're mathematically eliminated." Leo, however, knows that only a miracle, even bigger than the one hat brought the National League lag to the Giants last year, is needed. And he is not counting on t. He knows his team, handicapped >y injuries to Monte Irvin and Sal Vlaglie and the loss of Willie Mays o the service, is not good enough o pull off another miracle. So he s resigned to "wait until next r ear." Platte City Mrs. Mollie Knighton Mrs. Wilson Murray returned plane to California. Mr. and Mrs. LEGAL NOTICES terest in and to Lots Seventeen (17), Eighteen (18) and Nineteen (19). all in Block One (1), Fenn's Fairground Subdivision of Leavenworth City. Leavenworth County, Kansas; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 2Sth day of September, 1952, at 1:30 o'clock P.M. of said day, in said court, in the city of Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Witness my hand at Leavenworth, Kansas, this 4th day of September, 1952. James N. Snyder, Administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Fred W. Stenzel, sometimes known as Frederick Wm. Stenzel, deceased. (First insertion Sept. 4, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION DECLARING THE NECESSITY OF APPROPRIATING CERTAIN PROPERTY PRIVATE PROPERTY BY CONDEMNATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF WIDENING ISABELLE STREET FROM SECOND AVENUE TO FIFTH STREET; AND FOR THE PURPOSE OF OPENING A STREET FROM SECOND AVENUE TO FIFTH STREET ALONG THE LINE SEPARATING LOT THIRTEEN AND LOT FOURTEEN, CLARK'S ADDITION OF OUTLOTS, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS. WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, deem and declare it necessary to appropriate certain private property located in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, for the purpose of widening Isabelle Street to a width of at least thirty (30) feet, from Second Avenue to Fifth Street and for the purpose of opening a street from Second Avenue to Fifth Street, such street to be fifty (50) feet wide along the line separating lot thirteen and lot fourteen. Clark's Addition of Outlets, Leavenworth, Kansas. T»» -m f T-III- j_i. -i, L jjeavenwonn, jvansas. Mrs. Mary Elliott will be i n BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD charge of the hot lunch program OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY Wi^^m» „ .„/. ..OF LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS. THAT Victor Wagner will drive the THE APPROPRIATING OF CERTAIN school bus. PRIVATE PROPERTY BY CONDEM- property The eneasrpmpnf- of Mi<j<! T! i t a NATION IS NECESSARY. ine engagement or miss Kita Section j certain private ,..„„-..., Lee, daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs.(needs to be appropriated for the purr Ed Lee of Potter, to Marvin tney has been announced. The]w < idth"of"at'ieast'"thirty"(3or feet'and wedding will take place Sept. 30 £ or th j Purpose of opening a stn from Second Avenue to Fl£th St " at St. Patricks Church. Mrs. Mary Elliott and children spent the week end with relatives at Girard. Kas. •eet Street, fifty (50) feet wide along the line separating lot thirteen and .lot four- to be done as ition of i such provided by law in Frank Hageii, 66, Former. Resident, Dies Yesterday Sections 26-201 through 26-205 inclusive, of the General Statutes of Kansas as amended. Section 2. That a survey and de- Jscription of the land required and needed to be obtained by condemnation be made by the City Engineer Relatives here have received and iiled with the City Clerk ol Leavi enworth, Kansas. . I Section 3. That the City Clerk shall Diego, Calif., 'cause proper publication of this reso- jlution to be made for six (6) days in The Leavenworth Times, a daily news- word of the death of Frank J. Hagen, 66, in San yesterday. He was born in Pennsylvania'pajper"wnich"Is"the'olSciarnewspaper and is a fnrmpi- vrxrirlpnf- r\f T ea<7 of the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, ana is a zormei lesiaent or L,eav- and that thjs rcsolution shall be e£ _ enworth. He was a baker by fectiye from and after its sixth pub- trade and was employed by Sev- 'Td^pted aTLeavenworth. Kansas. LEGAL NOTICES power to grade, curb, gutter, pave and otherwise improve any street or streets which, extend from any paved street to a cemetery in or adjoining said City regardless of any protest and to levy special assessments to pay for the same under the existing laws of Kansas and more specifically. Chapter 13, Section 1011, General Statutes of Kansas, 1949, as amended, 1951. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF LEAVENWOHTH. KANSAS: Section 1. That it is hereby declared necessary to grade, curb, gutter, pave and otherwise improve Tenth Avenue ffom the South line of Pennsylvania Street to the South line of Vilas Street, Vilas Street from the West line of Tenth Avenue to the West line of Fifteenth Street, Fifteenth Street from the South line of Vilas Street to the entrance of Greenwood Cemetery. Section 2. That the cost of the improvements described in Section one (1) shall be borne as follows: City at large shall pay the expense of grading such streets and all expenses of the areas and intersections formed by crossing of streets and alleys and in addition thereto, one-third (1-3) of the expense of curbing, guttering, paving and otherwise improving each block of such street or streets between cross streets and-or curbing, guttering, paving and otherwise improving along each lot or piece of unplatted land adjoining such street or streets. Two- thirds (2-3) of the expense of curbing, guttering, paving and otherwise improving any block in such streets between cross streets or any such street along an unplatted lot or piece of land in such City adjoining or abutting on such street shall be borne by the owners of the land liable for special assessment therefor, which special assessment shall be levied to pay the cost of such improvements as by law provided. Section 3. That Truman Schlup, Consulting Engineer for the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, shall prepare proper plans and specifications for said improvement and preliminary estimates of the cost thereof, which plans, specifications and preliminary estimates shall be presented to this Board for its approval. Section 4. That the City Clerk shall cause proper publication of this resolution to be made for six (6) days in The Leavenworth Times, a daily newspaper which is the official newspaper of the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, and that this resolution shall be effective from and after its sixth publication therein. Adopted at Leavenworth. Kansas, this 26th day of August. 1952. Ted L. Sexton, Mayor. ATTEST: J. C. Walker, City Clerk. (SEAL) Passed & Approved Aug. 26. 1952. (First insertion Aug. 29. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times, 6t) tEGAI, NOTICES Leavenworth in said County and State this 20th day of August, 1952. Hudson L. McGuire Petitioner. James N. Snyder * First National Bank Bldg. Leavenworth," Kansas • Attorney for Petitioner. Attest: Kenneth Harmon ' Probate Judge. (First insertion August 21, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) IJCGAL WOTTCBS STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION OF KANSAS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice is herby given that sealed proposals for the construction of road and bridge work in Leavenworth County. "Kansas, will be received at the office of the Division Engineer. K.S. H.C. in Topeka, Kansas, until 9:00 A.M. September 12, 1952 and then publicly opened, as follows: 32-52 S 167 (2) — 5.387 miles Grading. Seeding & One Bridge, beginning ap- ment of K-32 in Limvood to Bowen St. 52 S 1077 (1) — 5.213 miles Grading & 3 Bridges, beginning near a jet. with K-192 in Eastdn; thence southerly oa Co. Highway. • Further information regarding t h • work may be had by an examination of the plans and specifications on file in the office of the Leavenworth County Cleric or at the offices of the State Highway Commission. BY ORDER OF THE STATS HIGHWAY COMMISSION, Gale Moss, Director. First published in The Leavenworth Times. August 28. 1952. (The Leavenworth Times. 2t) prox. north of the intersection of North Ave. & Bowen St. in Linwood; thence north-easterly on new location of K-32. 32-52 S 167 (4) PtS. I & H — 7.396! miles Grading, LTS & Seeding, Pt. I—: beginning approx. % mile east of the Leavenworth-Douglas Co. Line on present K-32; thence easterly on new alignment of H-32 to a point north of the intersection of North Ave. & Park St. in Linwood. Pt. II — beginning north of the intersection of North Ave. & Park St.; thence east on new align- You Will Get The "Best" In Prescription Service At WEBER'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 537 Delaware Phone 21 In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of Clarence McGuire, deceased, and of the partnership estate of "McGuire's." No. 3556 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to the Heirs. ATTEST: , . Ted L - Sexton - Ma y° r - I three sons, Francis and Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shannon of j both with the Air Force in Ger- Ferrelview are moving to their new home in Hamilton Height. Mrs. J.N. Boyd arrived here with friends for a short visit. They will return to her home in California. She visited before coming here with her daughter and family in Richmond. Mrs. Boyd is the widow of tho late Rev. J. N. Boyd, minister for several years in Platte City Methodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Renz of Jefferson City, visited his sister know I could have thrown punches. home Tuesday after a three mon-!Mrs. Howard Bieen and Mr. Breen for toee minutes in every round j^ tour of England . alrs . Murray!and also attended Platte County Devisees and Legatees of said decedent, and to all other persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Hudson L. McGuire, son of the above decedent, praying for the admission of his last will and testament, bearing! date of November 30, 1951, to probate, McGuire as executor of said will and of said Partnership estate of "McGuire's". And you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 12th day of September, A. D., 1952. at 1:30 o'clock P. M. of said RESOLUTION I day, In said court, in the City of Leav- A RESOLUTION DECLARING IT enworth, Kansas, at which time and NECESSARY TO GRADE, CURB, I place said cause will be heard. Should GUTTER, PAVE AND OTHERWISE j you fail therein, judgment and decree -_.„..„-.. IMPROVE TENTH AVENUE FROM I will be entered in due course upon NUTLEY, N.J. ffl—Eleven-year- THE SOUTH LINE OF pENNSYL-isaid petition. Ketteman will visit his sister era! local bakeries. He and his this 26th day of August, 1952. here this fall. Ketteman taught in family moved to California in 1939. Platte County schools and later served as county school superintendent several years. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. .r. C. Walker. City Clerk. Julia Will Hagen of the home; & Approved: Aug. 26, 1952. (First insertion Aug. 29. 1952) (The Le venworth Times 6t) many, and Leo of the home. BOY RUNS NEWSPAPER Witness my hand In the City of Yes, There Is A Difference! Not all shingles are the same. Let us show you our selection of fine quality asphalt shingles. Just Call 165 or 4765 and we will explain it to you. GOODYEAR a ™ K a newspaper editor and, what's STREET FROM THE WEST LINE OF more, he's working at the nob TENTH AVENUE TO THE WEST p-hf nm,r [LINE OF FIFTEENTH STREET. gnu no\\. (FIFTEENTH STREET FROM THE! The youngster puts out a weekly'SOUTH LINE. OF VILAS STREET TO I'd like to do just that against Dykes.' "I told him 'Okay, go ahead." Cincinnati and San Diego Play For Junior Title DENVER ffl — Undefeated Cincinnati plays San Diego, one of its previous victims, Thursday night at 9 p. m. (CST) for the championship of American Legion junior baseball. San Diego, sponsored by Fighting Bob Evans, Post No. 364, fought their way past Austin, Tex., 6-3 Wednesday night in a stirring 10 inning game. Cincinnati, sponsored by Robert E. Bentley Post No. 50, beat the Californians 9-6 in 31 innings Tuesday night. If Cincinnati loses Thursday night, another game will be necessary Friday. San Diego is aiming to take California its fourth straight Legion baseball championship. Los Angeles won in 1951 and Oakland was champion the two previous years. Sky Sox Vanquish Denver, 9-2; Bears Topple to Third By The Associated Press The Colorado Springs Sky Sox beat off Denver's bid for the top of the Western League Wednesday night, and the Bears tumbled from second to third place in the standings. Bill Pope's pitching accounted for the Sky Sox 9-2 victory over Denver. Omaha moved into the No. 2 spot with a 2-1 victory over Sioux City. Wichita took the first of a series from Pueblo 5-2, and Lincoln beat Des Moines 4-3. Pueblo's pitching import from the Brooklyn Dodgers, Chris Van Cuyk, fell to the seven-hit tossing of Right Hander Pete Mesa from Wichita. Mesa also knocked in the Indians' fourth run with a fly ball in the fourth, and he closed out the scoring with a one-run homer in the eighth. Van Cuyk dropped a pair of runs and two hits in the first inning. Thursday's games: Denver at Colorado Spring?_ Wichita at Pueblo Sioux City at Omaha Des Moines at Lincoln One estimate of the population of North America before Columbus is 8,400,000 people. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES %vas accompanied on her tour by,fair. - on his fathpr's: mimpnn-ranh THE ENTRANCE OF GREENWOOD I on ms zatner s mimeogtapn CEMETERY AND REQUIRING TRU- machme consisting of neighbor-'MAN SCHLUP, CONSULTING ENGI- hood news It sells for 2 cents NEER FOR THE CITY OF LEAVEN= T<h •' 1 +• \ • I WORTH, KANSAS, TO PREPARE and the circulation has risen to PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND 37. Edward has a staff of five re- PRELIMINAHY_ ESTIMATES JTHERE- porter-circulation men. ! BOARD ol He 'got the idea for a newspaper THE CITY SUBMITTED TO THE COMMISSIONERS OF OF LEAVENWOHTH, a niece Miss Virginia Hinton of California. Mrs. Helen Scholes and daughters Sara Lou and Bess arrived home Wednesday evening after spending the past year in California. Mrs. Dick Woodson home with her for a visit, will be joined here by her husband soon where they will spend an indefinite period with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Woodson. Woodson is stationed in California. Elsie K. Wells has been ill with a cold. Mr. , „, T _ , I frnm o nnmir- hnnlr Vio mac t-aofl KANSAS, FOR ITS APPROVAL. and Mrs. Lawrence Baker, trom a comlc DOOK ne was read- WHEREAS the citv of Leavenw. j.>ii. uitu j.i.u.j. j-iu..*i^».^^ AJu.n.i_i ( t . vv.n.Ji.ttCi.Ao, me (~ity 01 .LieavenwurLn of St. Joseph visited recently with' ln £ whlle lald U P ln Ded Wlth a is a first ^clrss City ^of the ^ State of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dillard, sore foot .^— .™«. Mrs. Lena Jones and her father have moved into the Miss Jennie Dillingham apartment recently vacated by Mrs. Mayne Witt and Mrs. Thelma Pulem. Miss Katie Elliott of St. Joseph spent several days with Mrs. George Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Colon Campbell have arrived home from the South, after a short furlough with their parents. He will be stationed in Virginia.Mrs. Campbell will accompany him there. She resigned her position in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Woodson have been repainting their home. Jimmie Hazelton, s m a 11 son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hazelton, has been ill several uays. Several members of the Saddle Club left for Amarillo, Tex., to attend a rodeo. Among them Mr. and Mrs. Keith Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson entertained on Thursday evening several guests at dinner, the occasion was Mrs. Anderson's birth- da. Those present were, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cockriel and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bob Cockriel, Gayle Lynn and Debra. Mrs. John T. Offutt attended the jewelry convention in Kansas City Monday. Mr. and Mrs. George P. Larey left for a ten day visit in Minnesota. I William Couch, county treasurer for the past 18 years, is recover-: ing from an appendectomy. Bill is missed by his friends in Platte City. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Miller left Sunday for a vacation and tour through Colorado and other points of interest. Mr. and Mrs. Coin Morton and daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Gus Edlin have returned from a tour and visit with another daughter Mrs. T.S. Stone and Mr. Stone in Salisbury, N.C. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sharp 1 and daughter Donna are enjoying a vacation in the West. Mr. and Mrs. George Kirby and daughter Mrs. Harry Bogges Jr. of Liberty have returned from a two weeks vacation in California. Baker and family. Elsie K. Wells and son Bill Wells and Harry H. Rippy left ;on came (Saturday for St. Louis to be guest v'isit. She | over the week end of Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Rippy and attend the ball game. Friends here attended furneral service for Mrs. Chester F. Heady, Sr. in Kansas City recently. Mr. and Mrs. Heady lived at Farrel- view before moving to Kansas City where he has been employed as buyer for Sears Roebuck for about 30 years. Ferrelview was named for Mr. Heady's mother, whose maiden name was Mollie |Ferrel. Both Mr. and Mrs. Heady were educated at Park College. Ken Heady, announcer for WHB Station, is a son of the Heady's. Mrs. J.B. Ferrel, who has been spending the summer with h e r daughter Mrs. Wallace Gaines and Mr. Gaines in Smithville, is a guest of her son Col. and Mrs. Harrel Ferrel. "ome excayating and repair is being done in south Platte City which was badly needed. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster and family of Mission, Kas., visited several days with friends here. Kansas with a population of less than; thirty thousand (30,000) inhabitants, and. WHEREAS, Shoemaker Street is LEGAL NOTICES paved to the intersection of Pennsyl-j In the Probate Court of Leavenworth vania Street and that Tenth Avenue is! County, Kansas. a continuing street or extension of said; In the matter of the estate of Fred sh °™a k « Street; and. W. Stenzel, sometimes known as Frederick Wm. Stenzel, deceased. No. 3119 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has beeen filed in said court by James N. Snyder, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Fred W. Stenzel, sometimes known as Frederick Wm. Stenzel, deceased, praying for an order for the sale of the following described real estate belonging' to said estate, for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate and taxes and expense of administration, to-wit: An undivided three-fourths (%) in- WHEREAS. Tenth Avenue, Vites Street and Fifteenth Street are the streets extending and leading to Greenwood Cemetery; and, WHEREAS, the cost of maintaining, these said streets has become an un-| fair burden on the taxpayers of Leav-! enworth City and that it is for the: general welfare of Leavenworth City; to grade, curb, gutter, pave and other-1 wise improve said streets; and, j WHEREAS, the City is given the' • Potter Mrs. Tom Pcnnington Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Jones and daughter of Independence, Mo. were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Castilline. Mrs. Hattie Kilgore is clerking in the Felix Ernzen Store. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Witte and son Richard and Otto Witte, Des Moines, la. were week-end guests at the Pete Petesch home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Piper and children returned home Friday after spending several weeks with her parents in Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Seth Wright and family of Kansas City visited Sunday at the George JJennington home. Mrs. Wright is a niece of Mrs. Pennington, and has not been in good health the past few months. Pryor Powers has returned home from the Kansas Medical Center at Kansas City and is feeling better. Mrs. Lloyd Cline will teach the Oak Mills School again this term. Mrs. Geraldine Gleason and children have returned to their home at Bethesda, Md. after a visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goddard and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Wheatly and family of Leavenworth have moved into Mrs. Lily Ode's house. 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