Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 40
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 40

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 40
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HCUSIS, KJKNISHED gl 'HOUSES, UNFUKN. 82 YOU MUST SEE Tfcls spacious Vroom duplex. It It. llvloi room. 15 ft. bedroom, Carport, storaie room. Beautifully landscaped. Yard cure. Adults. No MU. Lease, 431* £. Git no. EA f-1180. r.teS. , Two bedrooms. HO. Three rooms. Gas. Garage. Fenced Halve. Stove. P*v«J street. . en-rt. · Lowell. , near hoi. (hopping. EnclOMm Hove. refnterator, washer, I4S3 E. Lee. University. pavlo. HOUSIS, UNFURN. INDIAN RIDGE Lovely j-bdrm., activity rm. home;!with g2|iuiint«i Opp«rtunffUi_|8!luilnts» Opportunltiti §8[ LOANS, Rtatjtratt 88*1 INCOME PROPERTY FfS'j"'DFXJT "'rbR~*RifcS"t r "in rtr«rit'~ioo*{ion~tn htADV" MON'tY: H ; -lll.(X»S' B u y ' ' '"" " : · r\JJ\ Ivcrx 1 Tucson. rtrtt time eH«red. Prln-iloans New straiiht loam Concar lot. Completely equipped clples only. Fully equipped tci-'tlructlon loans. Dirk Hall MA IKhta. o«lc« turnlture.j back yard. Near UrUvenrity. Ma| j.gtt month, water paid,"MA. m 5-S217. . j-jfifi^M.," plus VEAH-old. J-bedrooro, with built-in oven, ran«e on S,; - . month," or longer lease.,USD per to /*«»»*TM»J. month. 7434 Caile Uo! 3 bathrooms. JUS per mo. NEAR WILMOT 3 Bdrm.. activity rm,. I. rm.. formaJ d, rm.. kit.; larie work shop; carport: path). Convenient to thop- -·" er mo. ~ WHOLESALE SEAFOOD Star Cltlitn. Box 4-40T?, " $ " "LOANS" $ Small country more, meat market.: sTocerlei; b«er and wine liconw.j Owner mutt Mil--priced rt/rhi with enable. bedrooto. northeast. Reas-i y8r j, w »ik to JRlncon Peter ~ - ! Howell schools. Bi. AX. I-1M5. ! Bill MsrUn Realty. TWO-bedroom . IA. hild Children Pets Welcome I '^V^^nDOsth. 2 Blocks U of A BHdt home. Near bus line. See: MA. 4-0623. t bedroom house; 1 bedroom | House; 1 bedroom duplex- 1713 K. $65--5 Rms. Basement Convenient location. EA. «-U»l. i - _ - . . · r - SlCJELV AND ATTRACTIVELY JTJRNISHTD. 3 BDRM. DEN. 3 , BATHS, LANDSCAPED. SfSSK- XUNC i SYSTEM. NEW AtJTO- MATIC WASHER, CENT. HEAT 4c COOLING. CLOSE TO SALPOINTi: * SHOPPING CENTER. VEAS'S LEASE R E Q U I R E D . CHILDREN WELCOME. J115 PER SIO. CALL Sat. JOHSSOK. EA. 5-2242 or EA. 5-822. METROPOLITAN BXALTY CO. EVES. AX. Bedroom-$55 dean, renead yard. EA. . Monte CLOSE-IN. 1032 N. Martin. X bedroom* and den; carpeted: patio: central cooling. heitlne. Adults.- No pet*. 1100. . Phone . 2-6868. Large 1 bedroom. Newly decorated. 178 · E. Roger. 3 BEDRO3HS,"bi« living room with fireplace and vlcturt; window with drapes. Alio I bedroom houae. EA. ri3R. unfumiahed. Built-in range and oven. |90 per mo. A_ P. BROWN-CO. Ph. EA. 6-43M. 1SJS E fth St 'Specialty Items, eatertnx Bijuiuu«o.rrE'S jmafkeu, reslauranuf. hotels .nu; PERSONAL SZHVICT idrivt-ln*. Tremendous opportunity, CT'-C' T^'UT c i 1 (or rlaht party.JEA. 7.1519. 1 ott, I-ll I a: jENTtfV iinahaaj Securitjf Ai Inde- Two bedroom*. Kas«id*. Quiet i P«"'«»««;_Own_your own Business. . CALL F. R. HEW1XTT. AX. S-MMJ Buy or Refinance 1st - 2nd · Contracts HOME-HANC BUSINESS RENTALS 83 . . Ooo1 I B . ventoo'. ReaaonabU. 31M E, Grant ~ " BROADWAY, .near Alvemon. Mod era building, W frontage. Reasonable. PROFtSSJONAL USE. LANDMARK. EA. 7-81M. BRAND new itore, $SS. Ult N. lit Avenue. Near Amphi Plaia Shop Center. MA. 4-0361 lie. store, bun- shoppirut oenter location, only 190,000 do. (plus Inv. i Owner rettrlni. Xxelu. Oracle Bttluv. Bffl N, Oracla Rd . MA. 4-i3tsi. ! EA. 6-4376 tfROCERY. TwiTrenial*, i ness. Owner 111, Sacrific*. t, MORTGAGES IMA. 2-8841 933 E. BDWY. FREE CATOLOG NEW Const-to CoasJ Buys i ThouA«nil* of huvirtrm nanrti ,!jind CATALOG rite*, .lust r.l ISlroul H l t j . j Tucson Money Maker i R E A L DOG! 89!lnv»ifm«nt Property 89A!LOTS_FORJAIE 92|Tucson 6 ACRES ;"gO Unit Mote! Site"" ' ON EDGE OF CITY ,, , m,. ,«, rL o,.» n» MORTGAGE LOANSif h BV LUNCH TRUCKS t in IXMI wiiii ^ I M A G I N E MODERN refrigerated aillcf lor rent. 15» E. Broadway. MA.^-1741. NICE STOKJES Fantastic location near swank new molar hotel. Plenty of Parkins Inquire at IfiSO N. Oracle. MA in 4-8541 * 3 BDRJL DEN, STOVE HEFRIG. ..................... WS! » 3 BDRM.. STOVE BEFRIG. *110| $65 - 2 BEDROOM fumithed. *M W. Nevada. EASTSIDE NEW HOUSE * Well furnished. »lio monthly. TJtilitie* included; Call lor Tranlc, UA SWIMMING POOL mo. te up. Lf. furn. 1 bdrm. Patio, nicely landscaped. Talrmoum' EA. 8-H84 - 2 BEEROOM Centril cooTlng. Clean.' »75 month. NEAR .UNIVERSITY I bedroom*. Nie*ly ;furnijii»d. Central eoolini. he»tia«. |ll» on l«Mt. oas I. Lowell St. ._ 1 - bedroom iurniahed with den. All - conv»ni«nc*a. i-Ha pettvam E. Mabel. C, .eottaje. Jiloely7 fumlahed. 'Near Oavi/Monthm. 10BO S ' -WD1.' Wil- j-bedioom. Ne«r buf, ·«}- " .X. rt Lowell, Out *f Town ltntoj» Hl» p«r wMk Includlni £ovely 1-B.S. beach hou»e com- j»l«t«lv fumiahed, firepUee. larfe fenced yard. Summer rental--2 week* »iniB«un rental. Write P.S. Barker. Rt. 3. Box 725. Zrepndido, Calif. PHTaf. t-OKB." . o. nrlvate beach. swimmina*. flshlnsT. Surf Motel Imperial 0ea,ch So. San RENTAL" ;ve"iy"j~bedroom. 2 b«th home eompiotcly furaisrwul, available ''Mark Vllim Realty Ce. 1131 Oranje Avenue CoronaUo, California "REACH RESoBLt-new 2 6 Jft. s$G. Pools, Flay areas, 16 Min. from Mexico. All a Bathi, furnlahed or Jinfum. Imperial Strand Apts. 3rd ait. * Coronsdo Ave. Imperial Beach. Call*." , HOUSES, UNFURN. 82 FENCED PATIO I BtOHOOlrl HOME. Newly decorated. Convenient southeast location. MA. 4-M»3. $115 MONTH I Bedrooms. I'A Baths. ·1 «. lydney St. IA : t-«J»_ NEW I bedlMOi brick house. re*l«erator. Near wfeoolx, MM MM atoppina: fsenter. Pawed ·U. *·. »· N, Marion. KA. - MB. i-1701 · XJtJbunvfujq. «*vu JriCK. M02 I. Andrew. Stove, refrigerator, drapes ·nd we,ter romished. »10S a month; S«« OWOTJl at «1» E. Lo« »obl«ii_ IViclnlty Crant-Alvernoni. I BEbXOOiilE. central heatinf. cool- in». Convenient, shopplni, school. very cleaa nieelT landscaped. W ·n ItMM. Will be available June Cell BA. f-Mtt *'evea. XA. Bon*. Vlato. SUMMER RATE 1-bedroom duplex. Car- Central coolinf. Ml* Cochlea " ' HORSES Tocthffl* «telU3» 4 bedroom. JU- ^ifertitor. range. Corrals. CY. 7-1M Davis-Monthan, Hughes 1 bedwiom house.. Tenoed yard. Naco «-8M7. yardTnloe ahady'Sont. Water paid. J ' AX. H-4049. J r»nc«d bade LOOK $60 Soreen porch. Cooler. Adults, 143 W. OTT» ICTBt * I Coo Lawn. Thurtier, _ -.1 BATH. 5185 K 2ND ST. _ PARK. Two bedrooms. Carport. Storage. Landscaped. Rent or_buy. *Ai UI*?i BE: .US. Eastslde. Near diop- ter. Sint flexible to ejuall- fled person. MA. -»-oi»u. injitX bcdrooma. Cloee to schools. Shopphruj center. Airbew. 4773 X. 17th . W'. Montana St. 8 miles W. of Mission Rd. an Aio Way to Sunset Acres. MA. ,., . -, . 175--2 iDRM.. stove * refrU. 2018 , S. Campbell, MA. 3-8841 , or KA. - . _ 1424 X. LXSTXX. i rooms, fenced backyard. »7J jno. Tucwn J«e«l«y c Trust Co. MA. 4-04J1 CT EA. t-213.) or EA. 5-84S*. NEAR BASE I bedroom house. Fenced back yard. CaJl AX. I-3MO lor appointment. - _ ols. . 1-BEDROOM. Near school! center. MA. 4- bus. i^IlOOM ~ efficiency house. Stove, reirlswator, air conditioner, water furnished, trss. XA. S-T751. 1352 N. Alvemon. OR FOR SALE I bedroom. 1 full bath, two " fcaths. UM men*. 5134 I. Ft. Lowell Ad.. KA. 1-7814. for appoint- house, central heat S fjf»ltn«. tail* yard. Phone _7-ll»»._ CY, STOP! fou are. leoklat in the wronx place I With a amall dawn it's cheaper M buy) Payments like rant Just Call Juster's EA. 7-6671. 4361 E. Bdwy. t w o jfi/,iVfpa., aJL*~ v ft m, J-^^M-' -^^ house. ' Good loca- · 2 BDRM. AFT.. STOVE " EA. 7-1527.1 REFR1G. '· 2 BDRM. HEFHIG. Call Mr. Johnson, MEROPOLITAN REALTY CO. EA. 3-2342 or EA. 5-522?. ,,__,, 1340 E, Waterr^rrbedroom red bridtT BARS . LICENSES No. 9 Packat* License for Sale. No. * Full Liquor Sale or Lease. No. t Combination Bar and 1 Fadcaf * Store. "TPima PlaztTBTdgr" 'NO. «sastsid 1 . 9 ru5^uqu« aub- Tucsons top location j }^ u =' 1n V,,£j* t * C '** n- Thriv " New oiiicei ivaUable 11x10 larger I w »"f "J^JSJJJ 1 ,._ ,,,, All utilities. Janitor service, re-1 N o -· ??" ° f ^^V, B *a.I nl £rix«r«ted air cond. *' telephone] Uff Price1 R1 « ht ' answering service. 2090 E. Broad SPECIALISTS i _ the best forms of m«rt- Itaxe loans on residence bu»tne*»: ,, , .. . .., ... ,or Income property lor a s t r n l n h t ' " " ' ' " " wlt *. w ''* r , l l k * ' For lease. Stalnlfus steel, rullvjterm of » to 10 veam or on ea»v! s ' bl1rn '- home A hunlne.. · td. Call AX. I-SKI ot sen atimc'ithlv repayment plains to mlt '"""f 11 lnv«nlor' in ktcp you "" "' voirr needt *00 N Stone. Eirtah awhile. U»li««ii vou vt s..t « |. -- _. . ntm n(*«rl \ n i i n iironahl" ! WMI ehmtft*. I! rtxirti hf.m»* w t t h i II ronelt IV«, Thin lliopeitv 1IHS' ; iilln Ittmrmloiii ponnllillllllif, ('ill' Mi Ix'iifMi KA 1-».M« Kvto KA . s.i4.ij r:nt!VKn rtKAi.'i'v. 3301 T. ' ' V " ' N o Worry!! : '\ Commercial Building i Zoned--Heavy I n d u s t r i a l ; U f»it« lo Inrresite \\\ v u l u f ! In.'ume. f h ' f U r e lorallnn. : i »'nreil UZ.OIW Good T f i n w - : Cull M i . H a n l o «l M a n » l i - i Wrrnn n«llv. K A . 1 M 1 7 : : K\T». KA ti (87J i M U I'LL BE THERE ON MT. LEMMON SAT. 8, SUN. M8S.V Dial MA 4-4444, OPEN FOR OFFERS 'MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. - - - _y«y, t 10] FURN. i Coml. $ 70 Z-144S. !For 1 ,,,, MU Lonlrui, J'.s full aero or 12: lota, next to school, on *ew«r, or would make Ideal 41 ipara trailer court setup. CY. 7-tOM. . Import Car Franchise ' Including pom. tools and equipment. Qood laase in ehoice location. Priced at % only $17.500. G*t your mon- ev back first year, plus good salary, Nn p h o n * infor. pleasr. F\r appointment, call Bill Coon, EA. 7-6951 or evenings and Sunday. EA. We Pay More, ' furniimt. Suffer in i Very quiet - no b tratlei spucrx make I Chuck with MILTOHD KAY i burial troiuids. M.OOO » first before nelllns yourlnothlnt. »MO m o n t h l y » MORTOAOE or CONTRACT winter Imtricdintft onsh. no eicrow NO CHAHC.ES MA. 3-5433 TUCSON MORTGAGE CO. Valley National pyildlnT imiOirr HKAI.'I'Y SUBURBAN PROPERTY 90 .;.»-: m-vr'i^rtml" 1 vnlu ' In' Ouln'tau'Vlkc. ''»»·» at »1WO w an* w i i h * l i : . u t l l t l l r * -- nml phours «iu1 i n t r t «lne««. *l U|P hinhwav? .M.M x-« u-u ,,tu rc inniBii \ V r'v» tiaer "up*n hmur nm.1v 1". flown buy«,n-full ot frcnch ICKIII M e « i r a n ! Innune In m. hrirk-»«t-ln-i!ini, ixilf r » l i r i : rn,oH«i flicpl»rr« Snhlinco i l l . r 4 1 where y tijrri nrd H-! Ont\ I'. ACREAGE ·_ "PRIVACY It ·jMur^d In th!» BiauiUul * * hwn*«lt*» tn nincon TUnch E»t*i Wtirt fa fKrsVffr *Vs\!liibl* . . S fw it-** hi* low rn*trk*t v a l u e ON HIGHWAY 80 RODEO. N M . I* beautiful «ci '"' 26n"LOTS~50 ? xl40' n BOWIE, A R I Z . A f f t ' p b a r g a i n f'jr c » » h , H A N ' O I ASSOCIATES Rnv V flown MA I VSJfl A X 9 - f M i A'l«. 94 N n i t h c r n lull* l i u l l i r r {'oastrj f i t n u ».v7.Vi u «"im* cf th«- ruli · r u l l a h l r In f j i l n l r i *lnn( Hnnrt ptirrrt p Thr«f a i r f l n u t Inn in _ _ .._ ' p a t l u root, wrnnghl-lron Inli'liu '·· ISIS S. Oth. MA, 4-1M7 cta\ or KITS . refrlifil»Uoiv-Tvrn I n i l l a p on wall«''i '·.1-3 DUPLEX built of red I n - l f f i m l A « " '"*' resort, mint w» ·how y u u j 1 uav»-«i street with sewer conncc'lrrt I o u r n w n »-"lrml» of murt-mlol,r T . , , . T I Sidewalks In, close to school*. eBHtrl-lei'«l-volcanii' «·*«. bnniij.'n. l J i l U l JVl. A r C ' D t l , .IT. | location. Take over pavmenta. With| batten.^ ovrHonklnB the *»» f^"*',, 'iFA 1 N.asii ' InVn ' ri-n*EA ! "»'?tv7!vni of --- ' - -- ' -- '·-- ' NEAR UNIVERSITY. 104J E. «U» St. Store with 3 rms for ofticea or Carport. Near bus. Owner. EA. 5-1353. shoppuif. SUMMER RATES 1 bdrms, 2 baths, 175. 2 bdrm; stove, refrigerator, carport *6S. Both near Hushes. FRY REALTY, 84tO Nogales Hwy., MA. 3-1130. 2-BIU3ROdJ«. Sewly decor»te. 2820 N. Edith Blvd.. EA. 7-OS69. NEAR UNlvKttSlTY. S-bedroom. Stove and refriserator. 3 adults. No pets. 170. 806 N. Martin, EA. 6-2937. 2-BEDROO1L SparlcllnK clean. Large ctorage and carport. Close to achool. shopping and bus. MO monthly. 1933 _N. McKJnley, AX. 8-4776. RfMT DB str.T. Tire rnnm Palely fumiihed. Near all Amphl nehooli. MS. 2V X. Yayapal. EA. 6-7254. 2729 E. 19TH 2-bedroom. Water funuahed, *I5 month. MA. i-MOl. OFFICE SPACE 1 aide of a s-room duplex, zoned for butlnew; Can be used as living marten Ac office apice. IK E. 4th Jt. Haa been uied for the last yra by an accountant, silo per mo. CHUMBLER'S REALTY ISMJS. «th' TUaltor MA. 4-SM3 B'-l O'lTiCtrTlve in. adulU, Patio. MA. »-74O or_EA.La-»«)g. COMPLETELY fumlahed home. June 10-Auguit ISth. 1 bedroom*. AX. 8-48U. . COUNTRY HOME Beautiful ranch home, gorgeous view. 3 bedrooms. Double carport 7 month* leaae. Bargain. AX. 8-2068. CORNER LOT LARGE S-bedroom home. JTO NoRorc 'LAM:. OPEN, IDEAL Location--Zoned ~ Buaines*. Suitable for dentist^ CPA. etc. T_wo romg, bath. 3B31 J. Broadway. NICE z-bedroom. Near schools, bus, shopping, ,.3001 E. Florence. EA. S-8U1. 1-BXDROOM. Major appliances included. Suitable for 2. SH plus Utilities. MA. 2-5282. i"n'srnr7 1 i 3 BEDROOMS, 2 lull baths and den. Near schools, shopping. Feneed-in yard. Available around June 17th. ._110. IA. 5-3313. NEW, laise. 2-bedroom. duplex. Quiet. Fenced yard. Carport, storage. Pool. Adults. MA. 4-183B. 2-3 BDH. furn-unfuxn.. reasonable rates. IA. tM80. SteUen Realty. 4560 t. mh. 3 BEDROOM, 1 baths, activity. Patio wall. Carpet, drape*. Utility room. $135 per month. 1532 X. .Water, AX; «-oM7 cr_IA. 8-8888. ALMOST Dew 2 bedroom brick house. Carporte, utility room, sprinkler system. M01 K. Kichey. AX. 8-3J44. 3 BDRM nd bride near Air Base. Fenced patio. Stove, refrigerator, drapes, tlM mo. MA. »-1348. HAVE TUHNITOM. WHii MOVXI Permanent reliable couple rent ap- prox. MS. Bear yard enclosed. Write Box 11»5. Tuceon. Jack Butler. OLD SPANISH TRAIL Extra lirire. deluxe (-bedroom, I- bath home on 7 acres. Lcaic. (lift. AX. »-ooa2. ^^ SWIMMING POOL Hanch-style. · I-bdrm houae. aVclosed yard. Clean. |SS mo. 4MB I. Falrmount EA. H-84J4 NEAR D-M 3 bedrooms, refrigerator, stove, automatic wisher. »». (321 X. Sylvane, AX. 8-4930. _SE or rentlovely, 3 bedrooms. 1'Baths. SKa E. Roaewood. $85. COZY 1 bedrooms, tiled floor*. Ranee. Ample elowta. 41* Z. Fair- jnround, MA. l-tisa. BHROOM. HO. Water paid. XH5 ?' - - · - iving. 10 minutes to town. Silverbell-Oimnt. 1 bedroom. Furnished WO or unfurnlstwd tM. On least. MA. OR FURNISHED I bedrooms and dlnin* room. Also screened porch. Stove, reidierator. Qrant-lSwan location. NIAR I)-M. Larfe 1 bedroom. Car~ ' ' prlvllcies. *Si a porte. Swimmlnc pi month. AX. J-yfoO. MOUTH side. 1 hou NOftTH side. 1 house*, i-1-4 bed-, room. Kent or lease. Cheaper. MA. 3-5003. 414 I. Llmberlost. gMCk 2 bedrooms, tiled floors, Venetian blinds. Stove and remt erstor. 37 E. Alturas Street. East off Jt Stone. ' MA.4-1CM. I BEDAOOUS. centra] coolinf. Storage, carport. MS. gA. T-Hag. _ MASONABlJS. 2 bedrooms with »tove and refrigerator. Near bate. SALS; "OR Afcin 1 : J bedroom, IV, baths. Rante. oven, wlrigerator. cooler and water. Occup«ncy .June AX. «-6008. " FENCED YARD 3 bedrooms, covered ramada. Stove and refrigerator. »»S monthly. AX. MB4B. ___._ I BBDROOMS, 1 bath. Uneweaver ' 1375 X. SELVXR. 3 bedrooms. *IOO. 13M N. Arcadia. 3 bedrooms, *95. GUSTATSON MttJJ3t.JO«_N' J _4th. NICE J and 3 bedroom duplex apartments In Sunland Gardens. Central heatln*. cooling. Carports. »*» fc UP. MA.-i-3am. eirt. 3». THHEE bedrooms. Central heatln». coollnit. Stove, refrieerator. Children. IDS. IIS. with lease. South, east. MA. 4-H955. 1 BLOCK FROM St. Joseph's School Tie traffic to cross. 3 bedroom. baths. Patio wall. Central beatinf, cooling. il» on lease. AX. »-3813. Hi oat lsl IA. 3 BEDROOMS. schools, gap I. glsl IA. g-3472. 3 BEDROOMS, 1'i baths. Xnclosed patio. $118. .«417:£, ..... Barnan. QUIET neighborhood, close in. comfortable 9 rooms. Stove. 180. 30 X. Adams. 7-3977. 3. BEDROOM. Patio. Water, refrigerator, range furnished. Near Swanway Plaza shopping. 4549 K. 13th. TA. 7-7IHS. i n e . Heater. Cooler, Hint flx tures Inttalled. Pirldng. CY. 7-075J. OFFICES--Furn. or unfurn. Next most complete ahopping center. 1718 Alvernon. Parking. CY. 7-0755. OFFICE. University XTea, J95 month includes all service*, utilities. EA. 7-8882. 2 ROOM OFFICE. 4337 E. Broadway. $100 per month including all utilities. Available July 15, sMO. Call EA. 7-88M. SMALL OFFICE. JOtrnT warehouse space, ouUide storage, railroad aid- iat. 100 W~«th Street. . 5-3300 ·JE. A. PHILLIPS REALTY 4131 E. Speedway «! Allan D. Shadron, Inc. , co. SWANOO -- DO TO your chancel Own this established business tor only $5000: EA. 7-1323. __IDI^L_JUlALTY J _rA. 7-8171 LOCALLY, bwned irooerV itore,. meat market. No. * license in Bifbee area. Fully equipped, choice accounts, little competition in location. Can be operated profitably, Sunday*. flO.OOO oash for Inventory, bal«nc« on terms. Ideal «t-up for couple. Write Hits Polley Heal Estate. Lowell. Aril, ·ttl.X. BROADWAY REALTOR about the bU WE^VHrbuy" your Insurance neya. SHI EN ^ v , looll. llonir^ilf"^ I r n n i I ' , lo 1 ' | 5 «crfA. O f f l l ' B 3 n i t l m w r n t o f : , l l v - l S a h u n r t t a , MA. 4-73SJ i Ina n u a r t t r j . Cltj- limit. W i l l t a k e ! J.VI mo. J y r iriop 1 m ob( r In M A N A G E R Small local plant showing phenomenal growth. Step Taking Orders Be Your Own Boss DRTVT5 IN RZSTAUKANT. Northside location. Good investment -only 1 yr. old. JANiTTOeilY MA. INDUSTRIAL RENTALS 84 INDUSrWAt WAREHOUSE* Dry or reiferated. MK Spun. 4.008-8,000 so. ft--So. Park Ave. Courtesy to brokers EA. i-JMl WANTED TO RENT 85 Established yard maiotenanoa business froomg 1400-KOO month. Reitular cuatomers. Tremenaous potential for live wire. Two year ease wtth option. «4W down, »150 month. Prtnclples o n l y . ' REASONABLE 2-3 bedroom furnished or partly furnished in country. CY. 7-l~- . 7-009i. nfumlsh* WANTED: unfurnished houe by June 15th. Kent or lease. Must have 3 bedrooms, 1% batns. central heating and cooling. Patio with enclosure. Muat be in Rlncon High School zone. Star - Ciuien Box 156-G. RKNTAI. OWNERS If you have vacandtn, call utt. BUTERA TRUST. INC. EA. 7-4B«l DOES ANYONE have furnished apartment or home reliable family of four can care for while you are away for cummer Kent reasonable. Call AM. I-4MO or write Mrs. C. B. Folger, l»ll E. Hatelwood. yHOENIX. 1-2 ROOM fumlahed" T iTp«rtment by gentleman. Quiet place. Moderate rent required. Star-Cltiien Box S10-F. WANTED UNFURNISHUi: 1-bed^ room home close In. Must be on busy street. Comer house preferred. Lone: lease if rent nason- able. Call Inez McCord. EA. I-72M WE "HAVE TENANTS Waiting to rent furn. and unfurn. houses and apts. having 1, I and 3 bedrooms In Amphl, North. N.E. Eait, S.E.. and other food locations. from 190 to KMO per mo., priced right. Complete rental and property management aervicea. M u r p h e y ft f ally Mortgage Co.. 104 N. flone. phone MA, 4-4444. REClABLinramily of four wiahes amall furnished apartment or houae near University for summer. Must be reasonable. Call AM. f-4KO or write Mri. C. B, Folger. ]81» E. Hatelwood, PHOENIX. GARAGE For SUMMER Near carnpm. MA. t-me. Ettot* Wantd THKEE or two bedroom Hid den. Home In University area. Reasonable down payment. Must be less than $12,000. Buttertield Realty. EA. 7-T730, Homes Wanted If you hav» an FKA or GI financed home and it would maJce « good rental we will buy your equity for catfi. No dosin* eo*U. Call GRUVER REALTY. S»2 H. Speedway, 3EA. 7-S31ft anytime. CAPITAL GAINS We have three (3) exceptionally a t t r a c t i v e investments w h i c h can show up to 70% gain over a two-year period and, in proportion for shorter terms. If you are tax conscious and looking to place current funds we invite your confidential interview. For appointment call or write, A. B. CLINTON, PRES. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CORP. 144 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 4-2839 TERRIFIC Opportunity to buy part interest in new and unusual singing star. Two recording", now on most juke boxes. Bookings in Las Vegas, Frisco and others being arranged. Chance to make 500% profit f i r s t _year. For demonstration appointment call A. B., MA. 2-0856. DUPLEX CLOSE IN 1 or 1 bedrooms. Near University. Convenient to X. th St and University bus line. EA. M372. iMMEDIATE CASH tor any home with a GI or FHA mortfafe by private party. Must be reasonable. T_pay_all closine_cpste_MA 4-7721. WANTED 3 BR. HOME Amphl Dili. MA. 4-l»». IA. 8-92*5 IMMEDIATE CASH For Your GI House JTJSTER'« RE ALTS 4M1 B. BDW* EA. 7-6671 Bool Ettato Exchong»_87 WILi, TRAtnc 9 roonTlsrid bath house Jumished for vacation trailer or trailer hcuee or car or anythinf valuable on equity. Lot die ISO x »4. Moom lor rental In rear. Payments ISO month. I7.SOO. 1 blocks school. Unlverritv property. «47 1^ Lee. SELL OR TRADE 2-bedroom home in XI Paso for equity · in home or house trailer. EA, ^ 3 lED J - r-T ,TJ- '-- -^ " --~ - ,T=i-__ ^._; , ^ ROOM red bride. Will trade on clear 1 bedroom trailer. DUPLEX --~ SEIJL - TKAT£ I2SM) MOXTCAGK. 2580 MARION SMITH nffpr«:- EQurry.jy.i . . . . . _ _ . _ _ . ivi/\r\.iuix ami in uiieit). N MAKTm. MA. a-74«,. EVI- 1 bdrm housr-U Area *tS mo. NTNGS. AX. ..fkOatB, 3 bdrm house--Bl Hancho area s«S|NEED A (TRAILatR. CAR OR WHAT no. HAVE YOU? On 3 bdr. furnished J bdrm duplex--San Clement* ajoa) home, near Cat»lin» Hi. Spic ac $110. MA. J-2751 EA. S-430S. _ MARION SMITH.- Realtor er Cun A.M. * Eves. , . Span: on corner lot. ONLY tSSSO. siubmit down ROYAL REALTY-, EA. 7-*2«I. EA. 7-W7S. 1 bdrm unfurn hem* Including atpve Jc refric. M2 W. Uossnuui in Mis- don Manor, «W per irx). plus utilities- . . : CHUMBLER'S REALTY 1M» ». «tl» Realtor MA. 4-2313 Close to Shopping t bedroom, ·tovt, refrlfaratcr. Larfe yard. Has. AX-a-tam. $50 MONTH 1 bedroom. 133* S. Norton. Call MA. Stove-Refrigerator Draperies. 2 Bedrooms. Fenced yard. Carport. Phon* EA.. 7-285*. NEWLY DECORATED a Bedrooms. Central coolinf. MA. 4-«670. 728 Santa Louisa. ROMINE 2 BEDROOM--$80 Central 'jfajint,^ coolinf. Carpet- MTntt«nr lffler'p2^"iA7'»-7«'4«'"' I TlSO TLAM1KCO Dr.: J-b*droom,; » buth burnt adobe; built-in kltch- ·n, oven, rcnfe, refrlirerator. au- Vmiatlc WMtMr: central cooling heatinc: patio: all this for only W:0 rnontUy. ti - · - elrive MO LOTS--90x140- S10» each, That's right. Only 1100 each. Located in trowinc town in Southern Arizona, would like to trade for * Bedroom home in Tucson. -But what el»e have you? Call Gen* Pricfcett, M.VJ-WJ*: Xves.. IA. «-»«§. STRUNK REALTY. 1031 X. Broadway. to this home to Kolb tM.. torn left (north) about 2 blocks. If you (et V« or then turn Mat. vur ggj-14.-.-*...- « more information call JULALTY. sn X. RIG. 4 BDRM. WILL SELL, $4,000 equity for *2.900. t-bcdrooin. ttunlly room, 4.i% THA. Or trade for Tuccon home:. Writ* E. L. Cardon. Box 4«3, 121 Yuroa St.. Huachuca City. Ariz. or phone QL. 8-3*59. WILL TRADE or sell -b«droom · t i - i o A L i i n t t - house for small trailer. Good lo- RFA^ONAR F cation. IA «-i»a. . K C A O W I N A D L C coJoaKefAi. half acre: Fenced Df-W IT A I C ! Frame house l«x3J. Brick chimney K t N i A L b ! Csr^st block irarate 18x22. Wil I trade for small' lot snd amall 43M T. tAMan--J Bedroom nlshed. Stove Included, j w j month. 1 Bedroom unfumiah«d. month. · 2 Rooms) furnished. K7.M month. 11J7 N. WTNSTKL--1 bedroom houw. unfurnished. 2 extra stora(* rooms can be uaed w additional bedrooms. tTi roer.th. 11S7 N. WTNSTtL--1 bedroom unfurnished apts. *6S month FOR LOS 409(1 N. 1ST. AVK. vrsa. LEIF 7'fl int. fyfi per mo. , Call Mr. Joe. MA. 2-6476, Bv.s.: ^ _ . K i r s r , ..,-._,..,· MA.S-OM8. CASA GRANDE MOTEL! D. L. Smith Co., Realtor AVERAGES «"· I ms.JthA.e, \ aoom nnrf; vw" TMTM w l n j HAVE $5000 TO romc QtllOTAK SEIIKNAS SUBURBAN RANCH (·'Olt t e n t with' option "to" *»i'iv. ]!t!^ Tmllflr Jot. CoinTrt*! nlob Mr irtiK, r'Mv U'Hfi AX A 840 ACRES ; FT. H U A C H U C A $.10 m i l l i o n dcvplopment; w f l l u n d e r w a y . Model homes open. Excellent ^ o p p o r t u n i t y for rapid c a p i t a l g a i n . Call Bob ^ G i l l o l t e U I ' . V E R S REALTY, Inc. $12,000 iinlU, complrlely f u r - : r*S- · Spurn (xr 10 mor*. · Also flnf-. 2-B R. owner'* horn*. · All rcfi'lgcrnKM. · On nwiln Illchway M · Price At Tfi-m« HIGHT. iMVTMr.f-M. ...i r fM c AAA i *--.. « ^ » w w , Cull Bent Bentley. MA. 2-ft4M. investment Ot JflD, ODD re- No Construction Hom-» Conjldprfd ; Evri MA. 3-41H. StrunK. n-«lt.v. - ..... - ........ -- ' 30JJ S,_ iTO LOAN ON TOP 1ST CLASS i IMTG. 1-.1 yrs. " share of profits. -Secured;" 5 " raonth i vA ' quired, secured and re-l turnable. Appointment! by calling, MOORE CHEMICAL CO. 144 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 2-0856 funeral director. Kite (juallficetlons. «tar - Citizan Box EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY LEAVING ARIZONA Excellent opportunity tor right man wltb amall capital. Will aell my half intern! in used ear lot Star-Cltiien. Box 3M-E. BUTCHER SHOP GROCERY STORE Beer Wine License Papa rvm butcher shop Mama run store. This opportunity la a chance- in every so often lor man and wild, to »*t will established in business. Present iros* income I7.000 monthly and can be increased to much more. Good lease oan be arranged. Total rice II4.0M down payment 1,000, Term* on balance, tenllent location. DELVO PROPERTIES INC. _MA^3-459! OPPORTUNITY PLUS Auto Parts - Repairs ·urn in eetceas »t 110,000 yr, JTOMT crry LOCATION InvMtljrat* now I On* ot the b**t buatnee* btws you can hoi« toe. Income tax tifures ·viilshlc. All information aonfldential. KVH ti Sun. nsher, KA. »-»17. JUSTER'S REALTY 4361 E Bdwy EA. 7-6671 ·hewn: twwerrd ah- br'««*» maker automobile seat eusrilon. Operate* from your dfsrett* U«lTt«r on car. Air eondltlontd drlvlnr pom/on. Will be larf*. volum* neller. Too money maker, ractory reprmenta- ttv». Excellent Firrt n\ort]tagMi available that pay V shorl term. C»ll GKNK »t Grme Hamilton Realty. KA. 6-M33. I N C O M E ' l l E R T Y A CLEAR CUT MAMA' MAJM i units -- furnished -- Lot ftO' x 137.8'. $l(i,«75. Only »25W) rush. Balance 1150 per mo. Here is a chance to practically steal this 3-unlt court. Majonry construction. New roof. Paved. Sewer connected. In a prime location. Due to illness. mu«t »cll Immediately. Call G-ene Barwood personally MA. 4-0481 or EA. 8-S77S eves. TUCSON HEALTY * TRUST CO. j FHOM ..L^rry- WEC.ER EA Sinew Terrilorial Day* :i A «, TVTR A.V · ino 3 ST Stone Phon« MA. 4-MM 1 '* 2 * 1 ' KVF " S ' A X l *" infl ' OPEN HOUSE * TO » P.M. · 1630 E. Greenlee Rd. Rpncioii» lhr*« h « d r n o rft born* with wood-pnnc Ird «1»!n. airpcted llvlnw rooni. iirep.nre, Urftr »ptlv|(y room open to efficient Ultchrn * nnoionrnphcru darU vpom, noae-a jralore -- doublu carport plin nhop nnd ^toraett 15X^0' --Cx'en * rhlld'» plnyhousc. , Choice cloif Jn locfttlnn on ncn-c lot -- Kxopllent term!*, Ple«» rail Clnro Park fir, EA. 7-4MJ or CY. 7-1304, BUTERA TRUST INC. __ _ ligitteBaidot hicnllv locfllrtl on Urt ni's r » In Cutnlin.i foo! h i l l s lit'itu- Ufiil laj'BC cuslOin l . v i l l t burn I nilolie hutur .Mtuatrrt on k n o l l wiih wiohiitnirird vli»w of rlly nn*l n v r t h w i k - ·«tt jwirvkm nl ficrrnK* lhal cjin he riijUvattM. * brfl- rrHtirt* iuit| 3 h(«ttw, On« bf4XHm »ml hfitlj run l« UWH. MX ncrvaiH * tiunrtei'it. 30'xaO' m AH lor Imrlivoni. *r- llvllv itjom. (ninlly i-oon, finrt den. 3 flr«p.i»r««» t A l l clwtrlcol ktt^hcn w i t h rt.*h- vi h »sh.*r. tlbnroKiil, built -in ranfir anrt o v r n -- nhunrtint c^hlnrU And *tora«r npncr. T»niw/.o floom. Two cohtr*t hontlna « n d r*frtscv«ti«n cooling unit* for none t n n U f r n t u r r ronlrcL nrlckfd IM,O wiU; n»R*l(m« trrviw** nnrt 30'3(40' flli-rvrrt pool. -1 , 2 )nUi pur si hotmw nicstlr and liTljrwUou welt. Kahili.** for horwu. Priced n\ Jlin.OOn. TWr full mrnntin- tton cull Mil. WYL1E *t M A . 3-!4fll or T:A, 7-1/W7 ARIZONA TRUST CO. IM N. Slonr _ n»alior LITTLE RANCH ON GORET RD. TUCSON MTS. 10 ncre* of uruitollftd dfsrrl if row! h. rnurh lyi«r hou»« with rrnta I »ii . f l n r writ. Tlnnch llvlnc with cltv Hinvp«ifncM t . Price includ*** fln- llalir 'urni.rt.tnin, wn.ooo hv »P- OPENING SAT. JUNE 4TH Wlshiretoe See Our Display Adv. Sat. Sun. in the STAR CITIZEN E-N-T-R-A-N-C-E CraycroftigL Salesmen on Properly from Noon Sat. TUCSON LAND A N D DKVKLOrMTCNT COUP. n.vw r.. raid st A.V MA. J-MH AX. a-wn UTAH I $4 PER ACRE : 83.200 ACRES, 12,700 ' D E E D E D , INCLUDES -1500 PASTURE LAND i A N D 170 UNDER CULTI- V A T I O N , 1 4 W I N D MILLS. 4 WELLS WITH i PUMPS, 70 MILES OF IFENCING -- RUNNING iAPPROX. 1500 HEAD iNOW. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG AT $4 PER ACRE ACROSS THE FOR APPT. TO PLEASE CALL MAX SEGAL, AFTER HRS. CY. 7-1994. nenfiy ne'w'V'bSlrbo'm houcc« on npprox. ^-ncj'e. zoned for more units, In. chop, patio wnll $13.800, terms. EA..11-4lof after 4. sxirMihn- H6PSE: 6ut at «xpVn~ xlon area. Close to Stadium, pa- tentUl income. S3,000 annunL Nrw furnace, hot waur hentrr and refrigeration. Private owner. $23 000 MA. 3-lKt. REALTY A TRUST CO., INC. BUILDERS CONTRACTORS _.. Viiilil. Bf«ul'iful To-, niPhlniili H f l a l v t J 4 l l r n n t U u l loin entert Innd. JT.SOO. Mr. »j« (K»i Call r'.A. ^-l^l)S. one MA. J-IH93 or MA .' - , . - . DOWNTOWN VIVIAN ARNOLD REALTY CO. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx t i n l l \ffi t f t r ronirr lot. A l K l h i r dlsHmu-r 10 P a r k «V iiifi rm. No *«»rMmrnt». i A'lTllACTIVE ""fufnls'hrrt «hln nt Willow Canyon on Ml. Common. IlennonnUly nrlcrd. Owner. Phone MA. 4-BB3II or EA.7-4BH rvenlns" SUBURBAN LIVING AT TTs RF^T W I N L . I » i o , u u u /\1 113 01-01 BKN w r M N _ Tlil» 10 sere «ll« will) K h r a n r t . M A -|ll»7 Kve»._£A. «-.1.M(l.Mexico in the Dcmlnj arei. new I7.IHX1 trailer »nd built a r o u n d ! r i tji'Str r f7 V / T I T X r ' D t " It s 4 hdrm. home, rxrellenl w e l l . i L H U l L t . JVl U A L K L [483^ B.._SPEKDWA_Y_ EA, 7-IKI11 j m s u n l f l r e i i i v i e w : jnnrrt onr home|]j u i ll)!lol -rrsiiers Court ^xi' SMALL INVESTORS | $145 DOWN J B l l r l O N I . V IM per mo. w i l l buv *l In FOR RENT: Beauty at Barber Shop. In finest location and Motel in Tucson. PrtndptfJt only. Write Staf-CIUien jpox 181-O.. _ BAR-RESTAURANT Series I liquor license. Located In Cochise County. Going business. Terms available. Inquire HEmlock 1-3421. Blshee, Arizona. MOBOJD soft cream trucks. New »r us«d. No franchise. AX. 1-MsO. BEAUTY SHOP $5,700 - In (ood East aide location. this estsblbhed 7 atation shop provides sreat oppor- tundty for op«r»1or. Term* ta reirpcnwlble party. All eouip- Tnent included M)d rood lease. Phone Mr. Rodin- Kirch, MA. 1-7471. Ens. * »una. XA. S-SM2 or sny at our other tales staff. James C. Grant Realty Insurance Co. J. B. KLEMKCN. e JBB. Bdwy ·We»7u-Hat*) MA. 3-7+71 duple*. 114 E. 4th For sale, I room duple*. 114 E. St. Zoned buslneas. Suitable for doctors offices. Ample perlcinfi, Lxxt size 75x150. Price M6.XX). Exclusive CHUMBLER'S REALTY 1MB «. mm lUaltor MA. 4-_1308 bedroom Duplex. Lsrflc lot. Will accept 'le«r csmp^r or smnll $195 DOWN TERRIFIC FUTURE Ther« In nlrcndv · Servlow fi1»tlon, SI.OIT A Trnllrr nnrk mi thin .100 ft. of B2 rrontARu, and It lit H (Minf-i- lot to Iwot. nmlucml '" WH.SOO wllh . . ormii. NATIONAL RKAI.TY, WE SPECIALIZE in Motels and Courts Larie or small oporntlon tn ill your purse. Guest Lodges, Rancher or Courts for se.le or trade Sr« or call, MA. 3-1041. MA. 4-110J: Dves. v Sun. KA o-nooo. BONDED REALTY |j« w. AIO, MA. .i-x*o. ,^ N. Or»rl»_Rd. Pirns _Mo1el' -- KX(5StS3EiT Income." a furnished houses. Room for more. Lot 307X299. Consider 1st moi-tinge part payment. Owner, 120 W, Klnir. TEW~1HCATt?fiTTjir~uri fiini lsh«1"" 1 bedroom 4-plex, plus 2-b*lroom owner's horn*, rumlihed. JKIJ , S. WTLL BfCHAJSTdlB 11 AC H K S CLEAR-- adjoins town Wlllcox. On S flved Stewart Avenue. Three locks train Valley Bank. Value »18.000. ror equity per urn-. H«rn. rorrsl, rtlrun »rull»! nnfl n l h r r trnrn Ynu can Mr*! (.It'nn, nil ur purl. v*l, iwwer, no HI trailer, a's pnit down payment, j for 134,000 with »3.M0 dn. C n l l ! M A ,' ,.',, MA. 5-»1tX). IJanton Heally «f Inv. KA. ' "··· !-L-«---''-J«5. , 4 LAHGE IXJTS rust of Crayrrnft ,^-1 h f t w c t n Sitf^rdwnv nnd Sth. In n i f » nf Ur«« home*. rrlTrt to wll fur r u t h . F.A. (I-IW4 In M o n f . * acre Irnrtu for ruturr prnflt OT nt.^. Cnufi homp»ltr» In n r l l v w AVTH V d i l f y : « I P » , nmr Avr* V PlcluTM RorK nan. auluitlr buimint;. AL USS, *ln,(K)ll, Enci'llfM TfiRMS ] M£l»M-Kl! K . K A ,J?m.__ T R A I L E R LOTS Make Tnil.HY TmmACK 90 ACRES Will Trade For Stock vovir horn* M i T c. 1' t f wonderful Countr'] A R I Z O N A t ^ N D ronp. . . _court., yhone_owner, CY, 7-0700. ROOMING HOUSE MA. 3-7MI Walk to Post Of Eire, S lorcn. Church. School Clowi-Ln iown. BuW lw construction--in immaculntcly ·sxcelltml condition. £t*-\'*-n · pnrtm«ntjk Lncludlnjr own- rr'K, 3ncom« $*H2 rnoTit-hly. Total wicv ONLY (M.OQO ronvple»telv furnJthed. Con- Iftrt finnfwA Wh J t»-. EA, 8-lflOO or MA. 3-7471. James C. Grant Realty Insurance Co. \J^HL. .1. B. XL-BreW, Pre«lrirnt »X. Bdwj'. Wcstrnr Hotel MA. 3-1471 $56,000 CASH B U Y CONTROLLING INTEREST IN .LOCAL M A N U F A C T U R ING BUSINESS ESTABLISHED 1937. NOW PROD U C I N G L I N E O F W I D E L Y ACCEPTED PRODUCTS FOR AUTOMOTIVE 'AND INDUSTRIAL FIELDS. OWNS PLANTS FREE AND CLEAR PLUS SEVERAL OTHER PROPERTIES. C A P I T A L I Z E D AT dltlon _ MA . ^._ $1,000,000 HAS CUR- trade Quality Duplex RENT A U T H O R I 7 A - » Refrls-eraled ooollnit. Best po»- J\C,IM « U l H V I v m / \ i f , Mt locati on. privMe patio.. TION TO SELL $200,000 ! -* Fum " h « 1 '^^ ? A »-*«·- WORTH OF STOCK FORi EXPANSION. EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR MAN OR WOMAN LOOKING FOR CAPITAL GAINS SITUATION. PURCHASER MAY BE! ACTIVE IF DESIRED.! SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTION Of excellent 10 unit Court with pool. Tjisltm owner who Is 111 wr1ten to mlvtnr u« ·he win take a wbitantlut induction for « cnnh prlcit on thin rleitlrabtp property now llntrti «t MJ.SOO. Grot* Income approximately HD.flrX) per y«r nnd location n u n r - · ntees almost f u l l occupancy. A lifetime opportunity lo niftkc n Kood Investment t.hi»t wilt prnvlrl* you with n llv- ln«. flee us todny. M A ' .1 I75T"rf on tfaison Highway w l O i i l l v l n n yet only I] miles from down'- 'BEACON I.1FK large tjulldlnn Mlied II-J. MS.OOO. ! l o w n , nrm- illillhrs. shopplni, 1'AI.L CURT tLLlOTT Mr KolllPS, phone MA. J-Mfll or isrjiotils. Klec'lrlclty nnd walor. Nlrv KA. fl-4400. ANYTIME MA. 3-«B»4, _ _ ilni'ue loli. »l»0 down. »Z3 mo. r.*. TilM r,. nro»dw«y EA. 7-4(1(17 XX) TOOT front««» by MS feet li-luslve- with j lfHij). Corner lot, j hlocki from||Ti-v R p i i l t V MA 1-41 Tfl MJMSMIIlMeJJIWMsJtatiMtMMJIlt* 1 ' North «lHtf. IIu"trhiica V l l l n a t ! J .I\^«*MJ j » i f * . ,i ^ l t M 'ij|i|; ^ Write Rlnr-mUran. Box XK1-K. .....I 1» rt. x JOO *f. imird H-J for d u - ' M W BfllGGS I^AND CO. « pine, l^ocau-d on lllscklld« wevtnit I of .Palo V«rd«, EA. 7-JOJ4. B-2A-60 X 120 Plus O f f i c e BldR. ONLY $12,500 Top locftllon ripnr on T.. Jip«edw« ! 4000 blk, A rfiu '1'IIONE A H T 1UNA.SII 6 Duplex Lots R F N S O N U L I N O W I N Co. BROADWAY i prlrv. WANTED--Residential Court. »50 to *100 rental class. Special IntcreH in property needing improvements. Private,_Mfc_Yactor._AX. (1-335]. OWNER: 2 bedroom house. 3 rentals. Room for expansion. MA. 3-»a07. Michae, Hodges Realty i^TM'" Rl^ EA. J-J2 68 ^-.-V -..-,, Outstanding!! Beautiful!! 4MESTA1ES $4,750 Up 10% Down, $50 a Mo. uj*mm TUCSON MTS. - 'FOOT- HI LI.S "Ranch Estates of Sunset Hills" » 100, 1mn«, Ask for I f u h h i r d , jllKJ! nCAl.TY CO, 31.KI N. l«l K v e . MA. 4-2HM; ,,,«. MA S - I I O S H I G H W A Y F R O N T A G E TO A. CAMP SITES arm DOWN »« MONTH -- PLOTTED SUBDIVISION, WATER, ETC. 4.1 F. Bii»i»'«y Kv-«; KA. fl-«740. KA.fi-«nn. r.A. B-7JI1 Multiple Utlinu Ken) tor l-2lrtlr..~ 1-l-hdr. Durnt »dOI'-. year old. flW) mo. Income. Top N.F ln- nitlon. I lilk or Country Clt:ti- H r n n t nd, Sliniiet Br»lly, BHI K (7 r a n t Ttd. MA. 3-IMI; e Eriliie block Ht Nritr C i a v c r t i l l . Al^o · ble In smull pnirclt. FAII- t»«tlr low prlne. BEN SHKIN HKAITY. MA. 4-BM7. rve«. EA. (I-XM T L L.Y DUPLEX BY OWNER E A - i o n Hifiirt Blh SI., rnnrd ji.j. -jvo wtnrejf. I*ovHy two-ledrooin «p»rt- m m t ahnve, Phonr KA. R-WW^, A R K A WOOD PANKMNO .1 BedrfHim each jldr. Tur- nl«hed it only III.WKl. t?,mo down or mlbmlt. A. P. BROWN CO. 1TEAHT Or HOOMINO FT. H U A CHUCA. ND JIKSTRICTIONSI $.19,000 40 A C R E S R I G H T IN .THE CITY OF BENSON -- R I P H AND R E A D Y TO GO. 25% DOWN. FOR APPT. TO SEE CALL VIVIAN ARNOLD REALTY CO. · I K W - M T.. BROADWAY MA. J-MM . Pntlo wall, Svmland Gardens «d- __ KlTLL UTUJTJM. USE TOR G A S fnnr'miV'i ·Ptl. EA. B-43BI Kvc,. KA. B-B2JI STATION. S U P E R MAnitT;', c '° nf:BOUS DT71TP 1JE.AK 4 UNITS--EAST Only llfl.OOO total Trl»t for 4 «1- weys rented spartments, nrar Swan- [ way. Masonry construction for low maintenance, modern facilities for long term tenants. Terms avAllAhlt make this * perfect Investment. Call MA. 2-«475 for details. Eves * weekends AX. S-0428, ! D. L. Smith Co., Realtor! 30QO_S, «Ul_Ave. | Quiet Duplex RItfht near Grant-Stone shopping Hid t. Speedway TWIN DUPLEXES A l l nicely f u r n l r h r r l ind · bout ytnr old. Good ·»« xlrie location on pflvrd ilrrrl. $]fi.OOO down. Prrufnl o w n r r w i l l carry tr*\tincn nn entry trrm*. 2 BR. HOME Business unr rsn fw mfnif of this proprrly. Only »,s«i ca«h to low rnortRRgr. To inspect mil B. Jny Small at A3C B-MI7 or evening.! AX. (t-flOOfl. TUCSON TtCALTY A THUST CO. i.XsTi KXCLU8IVK COMMUNITY OF INFINITE CHARM A 1CNCH ANTING BEAUTY ' -- CI.C-HE-IN -- ' ^ _ ! Ph. E A. 5-1666 ao NfrttTii ON rnrarwAY TO SUNSET /If). TIfKN 3 Ml. W. TOI.- *, TnUST TO . INC. i 40,12 K. SPEEDWAY sxlgllt lllzal Vi aijv-.3tvjlr- JtllufVUlK *nal T rt ^ r»w i v * fit ' center, but on » tranquil dndI rnd SW1 K- Brojidw.y .Phonr AX »-3^l LS»PU..« «· .. r .ii .11 .*·».,~* «»,. i-,. Since TerrllorUI Days TUCSON MTS. i 15% DOWN 10 YEAR TERMS In fast growing southwest area, this 100 acres "iljpi i-UVAJjJ f «V J H U f t ) ». U. , - i f . i . . . Broadway-Wilmot O f f J r r IS 3 DUy IOT the deVCl' TT H^l-t ±J±-if^l,^ J ».*. -v^ * *-- » * i ALT V E S T I G A T I O N . A-l|j? DIIIVI INN -- Sandwiches, IcejC R E D I T R A T I N G . ! * weekends MA. 3-353D. APPTS. ARRANGED BYJD- L. Smith Co.,_ReaUorj intrcel. «' wall all around the lot icy if. total price is onlv , . . . .100 Msh Is asked. Thli l« choice »o cull now MA. 2-1473, Ever Cream, A Specialties. Thousands of oars pass this busy area dally. Buv now Jt reap the harvest this summer. This- is a rest 'money maker. Books open to bonaflde buyar. Owner leaving Tucson * has- priced this business for quick sale at fISOO. with terms. BEER * wTME CARRY OUT -Featuring many related items. Present owner ha* ether Inter- tMts It must sell. Book open to bona fide buyar. CALL AX..-WM RES. COURT ·firTiTT-TXTf- 1 C T A O PTTT ONE Bdrm, Duplex, v; W R I l l N l l S l A K - U111-; tjince downtown, blk. t ZEN BOX 164-G. "DISTRIBUTORSHIP . _ . _ O?rtr~Bdrrn, Cuplcx. waiiclnx distance downlown, blk. to four, dou-; ble carporte. storaxe rooms i n j Rood repair. Excellent, rental rec-1 ord. Banrsln for cash. .Star Cltlrrn: Box 153 G. ros Coverina: Benson. St. David, Tot stone, Ft. Huachuca, h Willcox. inforroaUon 12 UNITS-POOL R deluxe units. Cholre Y.itr.1 location, ftoom for * morr. Widnw must art] to urttlft fstatf. Over H6.IKXI per your Income. Oil Bill Conn. EA. 7-K*!I or Even. EA. S-444. ALLAN n, SH ADDON, INC 443] Kji.it Broadwav oper or investor of vi- \sion. Price $900 per acre. i C a l l for appointment to ! see. COimTESY TO BflOKERS BUILDERS $4500 1» one firrr sllrs, paved frtrfel* lorfticfl l m t l f fiom CftKax Adf.hfn Shopping Pla/Ji. Prime location, trrmn. All or p«rt. Copeland Rlty. i Const. Co. | Dav» CY. 7-0442 Even CY. 7-0143 LOTS FOR JENT 92A; East Speedway 120X2*0 ZONED B-2A ' AX. 8-2.'tllli 10 ACRES T.inrjtif Vrrrif arm A t t r a c - t i v e l;inrt. rffinott^My priced m I12.WK). Term*. C«il C. A r r o n k AX. Jl-ISO]; Hven , A X . R-4CV7 H a m i l t o n Associates isfto T A N O t J E vmnc RD _ __ A C R E A G E OPPORTUNITIES MRS. niron T:A, s-«n4 rvm D A Y S KA 7-7',41 CALVIN WEBSTER REALTY 4MS K. P.ROADWAY FARMS RANCHES 93 CA'm.K HANCH to'leVsc. minimum r«r,irltv VfXl I I D 10 2(M) hi-iid nf i rows. W w i l l furnish cattl*- A n - /on« prcfrrrpfl. R.B. 2. Hov fiOfi 7 i j A -- " W K ST W A fl n IX1OK" THAII-Efl ESTATES. BEAUTIFUL PALO VERD1C. SAHUAHO AND OCOT1LLO, TOO ETHER WITH LUSH DESERT GROWTH. LOCATED ON A GENTLE SLOPE IN THE TUCSON' MTS PARCELS ARE SURVEYED AND STAKES IK. ELECTRICITY * WATEE. KEKP HORSES. LIMITED AMOUNT OF PARCELS AVAILABLE. EXCELLENT TERMS. Call Torn Klsk. Slrunk Beallv Ijind Tlept. 2M4 N. Counlrv Clnh. EA. B-2*l» or vrs. ZA. S-OIOI. $10 Acre Deeded Care About Money? . . . . ____. _ . -- ., t~f-*\ lion JANNETTO RLTY CO.iiL. By owner, excellent corner locs- tion Very resnonably priced. MS. M17 E. FOR SALE: Well established variety store in center of Show Low. fairway to White Mountains. Inventory plus fixtures. Approximately tll.OOO toul price, livini quartera incliuled. Box 3M. phone Keystone 7-4871. "SUCCESSFUL ieuswTOs fan SALI. WESITRN AUTO ASSOCIATE STOJUC. Owner, because of health, is selllnc his store after seven years of successful operation in Blxbee. Arizona. No ex;SWANGO perience is required. Western: v»VrKir«T;""TiYiT'V'Tvc i "fy Atito will tratn you. Cash invest- OWNER-BUILDER merit of HO,SOO required. See, phone or write now about thi* exceptional business opportunity. LOANS, R«dl _ ttood 2nd mt«s.' i"contracts. Oracle Be»lty. j9B_N._OracIe_^d._MA. J ±'3Ml ·_ CASH IN Do you want CASH *or your contract or 2nd mt«e? Call EA 7-K11 *°r ACTION Ven» SwanKo. , " tr^e'l 6 BRAND NEW 2 BDRM. UNITS ALL BEMTED ON LEASE $12,000 DN! __ _ Trft'S" IS "A fiONEY! TRAILER PARK 4fl ITNrT-WOODAI.L HATED $15,000 DOWN You'll h« nittlnsr prr-liy with 1h is 5 acre co u rt , PI r.n ty o f room to expand this alrcarlv well established, m o d · r n park. Top Income pnxlurrr with terrific Bddltloniil po- irntlal!" Industriol Property I FREEWAY" 91A Inn*. Ooort imprnvrm*'ni5 i.^ Northfate Ream 70"Acres -ntlAl in our lower A ffood example Ijrtt* tft orrtftt DO nnr^rl nffprin^w In Cedar Hills 5 ACRES-- MBS TOTAL Grf-m Western Ijind Dev. Inc For leaw:. empty hulldlntf on Frc*- fwit*-'. Can you uw- It? Apnroxlm-atrlv , Bfl'xriS'. MA. 4-Bf,l or_MA. 4-4220. ·iNDtiSTRiAi "LOTS' ACHEAOF: T n h n i \ o r t n n i io r * Down' Orliwold R e a l t v flenl, . ' u n i i ,ij-,i,iuii i tor* EA U-HS7.1 ]«iO E 1ST With 3 Bedroom Home * N TlK ' l ^n NB1 . vd "MA.'J-MU WTCL.TJ. t^tvooo, - -- ~. . . _ _ ,LSO 4 OfKl ACHTW STATE LEASED · rN'CI.. JZS'V DOWN A iLOTS FOR SALH You c«n juirt nbout write your own term* on balance \t net a top 44WI t, Brtwv^ fr.Sf. retur.-.! This J: i ris! besuty . . . . . . - . I-arictt lot on w. W f i m n r e Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 "TM" hl « ««TMs. c«n MA. J.JMI EVES PH. r.A.e-;ivi DUPI.KX R-2 roned--75 X 142. pflved slr BY OWNER i" ."t'll'l" Corner Pastime EA. 8-OS«4 92 SAN PEDRO VALLEY 500 PLUS ACRES ON NEAR NEWLY BIG · ^Bedroom furnished. »47.so] ANGELES PROPERTY | SiJf^e' HJml^ aSm!* **' Lovely t bvdrootn and den. Double brick construction, patio wall, close to shopping, conveniently located in th* Grant-Campbell area. Would like to trade equity for a 2 or 3 bedroom home In Los Anueles County. Price range i to 114.000. |185. Michael Hodges Realty Co. K e w ' _ never occupied. Deluxe, . -- ..._ Glen Hsilihtt home. All electric JK»J E. MABEL--2 bedroom «n: kitchen. Separate fUninaT room. nlshed house Clow to bus. Family ntm with fireplace, etc. ahoppinf. MO month. i IMS N. PARK--I Bedroom furnished C ! apt. Close to V. of A. tUS month, i · Includes all utilities. MA.i-TsM 4* « Broadway t bedroom amd p«nel«I den. red«-|lI(H N. CAMILLA--1 Bedroom fur-: Eves. MA. 4-*«W. EA. »-«810, eratod. fine are*,. J125 lease--Or! nished apt. $W month. L»r««i KA. (-T740 Esle. _W01 finish. «23 S. Chart**. I- 1 - t ^ ~ fe ^^^_ t oeoroom a ' ! --· Mo)tl P'* I ^" n * W*»Hw ^ ' furnished. Can b« used for small)--u+nt .^ ,^.j'i-.i^jf ,,J..|~' | " TX J -: business oirjce. fii ptir momh. i " T J . · s *"Sf? t1 ' * **7 J T"»* T j HOTJSX--]«» N. WTNSTTL--J rooms, i - 1 »tOf«»-JW l*r m*1X 2 bedrooms. hardwooiJ floors. 1 ! nice yard, imfumishex). tlio per iTKTPLEX--IBW-18M N. WWSTBL.i I New, nance and wfrifferator. Two DvdroofM «SK:h. H*el nice. alflo ^er TficitftB even. 'i v^^^^ A v I-PK 11 f t ^ vw OFTJCt SrACT-4» .JT. Tn»on| BE£R AND WINE No. 8 BEER LICENSE «4» aa«H. ZA, 7-2»21 $40,000 REQUIRED SHOPPING CENTER LOCATION MO.ano oadi for Inventory on t h i s ouutandirx variety utore. Furniture wvl fixture* *1S.OOO. No telephone information liven. Accountant's figures (riven. Tor information ertl Harry Swimmer, Busmes* Specialist. MA. , J-M.Vi. KVM. AX. " ' · i LOANS NO Kit) TAFE Construction Finance Realty Mtge. C EA. 5-2538 TvndaJI _ ,, _ .... f. e'res. Id UR'ls. hou~. p»v«-d. ADMIRAL REALTV T.JA. 2-: In a high class clow in location! Nr«r Northrast. Not func.v. Reason- 9?,0_w. Prlnrf Rd. · Por det»ll» . . »hle because hmh flown, fl.200. RICHLAND HEIGHTS ISO" x ·PHONIC KKRMAN Sl*r^Citi'/en. Box 1B1-G , Beautiful hl«h huilflltK! site r * ; Corvelli Rlty. E A. 7-6268 12-Un it Motel 1^'$Zjr*Mj^*'* 33 ' "" v I 'EVTS. PH. EA._«-2150 you can inspect the book* on this LOGAtt HILLS^TTacts of I SJSNEY""KARnNG blTPLTEX productlw motell Well lo-alfd for rnrtrirtrrt 11 miles NW. Water" PH [Priced to sell. L*. 4%% FHA Mt«. ! Freeway traffic; nice pool to at- - - - - ' EA. (W " " ' . . . - . , . . ,fi WXI nrm nmr Benson, Approx. 1WI R O A D .». (KTi-s farm land. Plus approx. 500 arrc-K potentlfll fnrm land. 2 good ivrllK, pumping: 3,000 gal. pr m i n . N l r r lurifc hom-. (jood h«y bum. D T V I ^ T A M Rr PT OQF TC\ ,, sinlls, rorr/ilii. ropinB nrc-ns, e t r . U J V I O I U I N fXc ULU5C. I U ^ Hits RKA powrr. Srhool bu* roini 1 . A real barfiAin at onlv jlso.fJOfl. I to sell. L*. 4V,% FHA Mt«. ! Freeway traffic; nice pool to at- ,) rrt . No Sunday business. »900 per l-OSWI Steffrn Kesltv tract summer traveler*. Just Jio.mm , cr , c y. 1,07^3 hfforr II »fter 1 V A t-T^7X · ' » -tar7rti"fr~a;~most beiutW dowi, required. MO 000 total. rl»l rSURrpTTeTToT""" tA. 5-2000 ismall trailer court; 3 nice homes, I MA. J-8475, Ives. MA. 3-W5R8. 'ESe^Tm^W^'^^^^^^''^^' L - Smith Co " Realtor U1ICIILS wiui *J,uv" , w M( , h ^^ Mw|] ^ r , t|rw , cou .: 3000 S. «th Aye. OF ACTIVITY. "miRht accept trade for r"^, 5450 F I R M PER A C R E property. Cnl, ,,,,,,,, Cl^rX. ^ ^QJ^ S A L £ Wj[TH TERRIFIC TERMS. A NATURAL FOR SMALL PARCEL SUBDIVISION s! Canyon State Land Co. Campbell MA. I 100 ACRE FARM $85 PER ACRE no phone Information. ion Kealty A Inv.. tA. Have $5,000 $10,000 to loan onjg^"";" 1st Mtgs. Ph. Noel, Cop-l 7 -* 598 .._ per State Realty Co. M A. j iiooT** N tiiiuVi i Have on* of Eves. MA. tf"- 1 " 1 " 1 ·- 100x120. Good »re» Sfi 7^0 RIVERS REALTY. EA. 7-4« 14 UNITS Ferule land w i t h excellent water W I T H UNSURPASSED table. Old J bdrm, home needms _ ,, _ _ ... n _ . T --. T1l ,/- rcpsirs. One well on property T E R R A I N LANDING Surrounded bv hlehly rultlvated: farms In thriving San Simon. 10 FIELD acre ' SPEED RENT WITH OPTION . DefLuxe Custom Bunt s Bedroom, t »ath Home. Gt, ·Kitchen. Oot of town owner s»M "sell or Kent," Tn Greea I.M XT monA. Call 4e*«t. MA. 2-8WS. XA. VWC. Strcmk Plaia aree. No C»«tir Ctor ill or wnt, I U.. 7-»lM ' 10 ACRES WTTH TROXTAOI OW NOGALXS H1GHWAT farter and with l«s» r»d taoe Call MA. »-«*». i ! fn Tucson for 21S hookup deluxe trailer purk, will form partnership or corp.. or will (T1v» lifetime lease for entire parcel at l«w rental Oracle Tleslty. 22» N. Omele JJd. MA. 4-Z»! _ DUPLEX tMtl Mo income. Sell or trade. What have you *27« Mo PIT1. O H M r . H e n d r i r k s a t M ANGELS-WKEN R E A L T Y . INC. 4«67 E. Speerlway. KA. 7-W77, Kves. KA. 7-057! TRIPLEX FOURPLEX Area HORSES TAWJpl faWMBTO. i · ·»--. -U.^ s»B»ffyi* J, 'ftft, t JOVffletl O . * fn.. jot.. «· f% XCPHJ. OR h-s-K tlW ·j-JT Mortgages-Contracts bought Fcrs,/ Mosier Realty A Ins. . TWO WAY DUPLEX j NEAR M1TOTCAL SQUABT- ' ! Wl.DSO THATS ALJ. Never a vacancy here. Both side* furntirhMj. on lar«e eorner city lot TRADE 1'iM De Soto. F l r e f l i t r Power and CorVClli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 Mark IV sir. A-l condition. Trade' ,- , v ,, ,.., Y ,, -,,, fO' dtiploy or rtdden-.inl lot. Bv S!S^~^^Lf^SU~SS-^S^;Sf riwnci. EA, fi-8GS«. ' A C R E A G i ^A TrtOTCK reMrlrtco* cast*ide~ horiic [ ---'". . _ '" sfte^ in henntlfui San Fernando V|]]»Ke. *3.Mfl up $BO down J30 per month All utilities Inclunine monev avnllaMr Quality bunders lent for sunfliVldins 'l2MKi per lovitert Ti»el ritttrr Sill K Ell j«crr Pt P n _ A X K-SM4 · 40 acres with J wells. Level tllnce :(K«125. WATER eVctrir p'honn. land. *2JOO per acre *2AW, total. S100 down. JlS a month. · 40 ix-res on Aio Way. »l!l)0 per .1 miles We»t of Mission Rd on acre Aio Wav to iTUNSKT ACRES. EA Call Mr. Conley. MA. 4-0451 or KA. V135S eves. PALM REALIY CHOICE ACREAGE MA 80S Ari/ Ijind Ttlle Bid* 1-S875 MA. 3-S471 ..Evev..*..Sun.. CY, 7-HM 3 BDRM. HOUSE Blvd. 4 Tooim ^DTniaffVfffa. E)wcmt»nt, tni.ygafye»^^ftT ^ » \/CDV1 effle*. fJ» »«r jmrnth- l A V C K l N LIVING QUARTERS L. A. NOMINE REAL ESTATE, fNC. ^ 91 N. v^Vh .B nn^v^enttm,ndp.i«':.. f i -.^7Bu| ! d.nowo i later '.Cramtr matt leave town ma Is BY OWNFR, 70xl3V. Northeast loia- ^««».r-« ~-; HEADY to d«»] lion Tor information, cull MA TUCSON REALTV TRUST CO V/WIT SERV7CX RT.ALTV C--REALTORS 2 26W. 27M N. Walnm. Since Territorial Days , , . .._.__.-^ »,--,, /«xv ^^SfflfeV^'SW^^ RLTY - ca bfl*. Better harry 4V call Roeemary 7 DimlftT^'^ Fl]rni?hed J2.^, : 2H r ' l S' . JSP 11 TM OF THI Lvnch-Town * Country Realty, * s-'UplCACS r UI IIIM1CU HtJGHES PLAJTT. ?^: s «"»^£i£SJ'AJ"S'M=^ m «, i.Sftft? v^ry neat afnd »ll_rent«d./ Therf are improvfrmrn'U »ach 5 ACRES IX BENSON. ARIZONA. Wond«N fal opportunity for builder or d«vel» , Re-cdv ior 4flS« N. lit .VXTE. . «-!«.. Even. * San EA, i-WM . , ^ 6N Y?5t3% »«X» down send oidier wTl cmry a 2-lxraYoora hwaat arrdjtood weir MONEY. « tmft i«W*ntia1 court, h l m c at I35S N. rW»» IM., WA,. *-SKl. Nt location near Cataltrm Hwj- and SpldSers Trafl. Asktrrr fltOO. Cafn C. A. Cronk .OC. H-Twn; AX. . SAHUARltA were? evel . «m«Jftfon. am! excellw.t re. flw ne.T sfcre. tft tmcr tgj'ii WEAVER REALTY i KA. 7.79» Xrttr. * SKm. X*. 7-

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