Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 45
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Big Negro Vote Turns Out: Old Regime in Biiiiiihgham . . CCKT1FICATC OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS KAMI THE CXDEKflGXD «oet etrttfi b« b eondmLrng ft buaiaesa ai -C. Jlortsc ' B1RKUNGHAM, Ala. W) -- Tt« Eugen« (Bun) Conor regime is fmling ia Binringham City Hall and political observers say bu defeat for Mayor Tuesday by former LL GOT. Albert BoutweH 'sigoals the beginning of a new. era for Albania's most populous city. 1 Connor, a chy commissioner' for 23 years, suffered a resounding defeat at the runr!« of BoutweH, a soft-spoken segregaticdst wtio hammered hard oa the need for new blood in city leadership. In Boutweir* political career of more *^^ 20 years, racial problems have never figured prominently, nor has he ever campaigned oa them prior to the recent election. In the runoff campaign agaist Connor, h o w e v e r . BoutweH emphasized law and order and sought to use his' 1 politician who would defend · Lagtl Not-. Net c« ct Haatiattoa Pmrt, odr lie CetSUoM 4Zft72t ClKTiriCATE OF BUSINESS, FICTlTIOLT* NAME Tfce »a4cnli«4 to nrtifr «k ·xt ctmductiBi; ft fcsslsts ·£ P. ( E-» Ki jLrtaili. lorala. aader tas Cctsaona* ZmiLha fictitkms Una aaia cf* aam* of j SJLT A ASSOCIATES COLEEX JLCCESSOBH3 . [sal tisl ±i!l tea ta coznpoMi «t and that aald Una U coccrcwi ot.Lbe faOavizf prrsoas. vboa* aaata tha toUovtzs; Prraca *aore tajne'ia tu3 ami place cT rrsidrma U flYe, za foU aad plara u rtatdesca is as foiao'as: · · B. CoHbar. . JJn^^rjg?*. Csit C. Federate, too taata Maria Ki (P.CX Bex »it. Arcadia. Caaiomia, Xatcd Itarch 22. UU. RODER1C S. FEDERSES Stats ef CaUoraia. Loa / ' - aaowm'ta a» t be Lte r*rsoas who»« cants an subscribed to the NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENCAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES _ , TO WHOM rr HAT CQXCXKS: Subject t I3IOUC* ct the Bcesae lor. roue* la fcenbr rt^ra ti. EUGENE CONNOR Ousted After 23 Years E. Seaaiilt Beach t rac Snt«ti(A. th* la appl/lac U the of Alcoholic Berenrt for tsauanee oa cririaaJ ct aa alcoholic twrerate for Lbeae sponsorship of a pupa place- segregation to the limit. ment act ta win votes. Connor's political career, which has attracted national !»^*?.5!*^^ lity was in the grip of political leaders who discourage council hopefuls were running Aarem i3£t£ t» at large and each wter'had:,"?*^^',^^ 1 ^" to select nine names oa the ·* tf* Department cf BOtmVELL said before the banot. - S8£S! l £i!i*:«iiSi rrouada far denial aj prorided t] Uw. The premises are sot »ow that Birmingham** Machinkts OK Pact SAN FRANCISCO W) -Five Bay Area Machinists Union locals approved a new contract Wednesday thereby growth. Connor blamed his oa the Negro vote. mad at," he said in a post- formally ending a brief strike'election statement. *I got six threat against 200 plants. 'Negro votes in the primary. Factory Worker Pay Average $112.84 SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-defeat The state director of indus-' trial relations announced . prezniar ocenaeil lor the Bale' o£ alcobollc tereraxe*. Tc« form of Tcriflcttioa obtained froa aay o£c« c the. Department. There's only one thing Tm Wednesday weekly earnings for manufacturing employes rose last February to an average $11234. ANTI-VANDAUSM Movie Star Dog Shoivs Hoiv Fang, a movieland dog star, demonstrated to SO city and county officials Wednesday how he or his canine cohorts might guard Long Beach parks against vandalism. Fang, a white 'German s h e p h e r d who will be starred in a new television series based on Jack London stories, was the dsmon- strator. He appeared in El Dorado Park at the request of Clinton Kolyer, president of 'the Long Beach Park Commission. Kolyer has proposed dog patrols to FANG combat whit he describes as "globing vandalism in our parks." * * · · THE IDEA stirred a controversy and Kolyer asked Chester Kinnamon, Fang*s owner, of Cathedral Gty, to demonstrate that dog pa- troli would be feasible. Fang obeyed both vocal and silent mmm*ri/*.«; ja demonstrating how he would capture, comer or control a suspect. Kinnamon said the patrol dogs would always work with a man trainer. Before the demonstration Don D. Orbert, city parks director, addressed the meeting. * * * *. -THE PROBLEM of park vandalism is common to aTJ major cities ia our nation," Orbert said. There are many ways of combating vandals, and it is possible dogs would be more effective than some other solution." Kinnamon told the audi- ence dogs could be trained for park patrol work in such a manner that they could comer, but not harm suspected vandals. The demonstrations attracted leaders of many city departments. Among them, Thomas O. Mclnturff, harbor master, said he was interested in establishing - a dog patrol at the marina. a a e a POLICE CHIEF William Mooney said he didn't believe the public was "ready" for dog patrols in Long Beach- He recalled they were first used in S h a k e r Heights, Ohio, and that the mayor of the city remarked. The best thing about them is they can't talk back." B B a · MOONEY SAID the nature of park vandalism might create a problem for a dog patrol. He said most vandals arrested here are in the age range of eight-12. They are not really vandals, as much as they are children," he noted. . ' . 411311 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME THE L-XDERSIGXID 40 certify fT are contoctinx; a fcusiaesi a i*j Johnaoa Are.. Long Beach a, California, czidtr the fictitions Crm name cf Pi W OOXSTEfCTIOX CO. and that said tirm U coznpcaed £e foUcvrinc; peraona. vrhose naznea in toll and place! ot rttidenc* art toQova: Paid W. Rodcrj. SC7 Eart Imperial Hifhvar, Dovncy. Catil. WUlred D. Cirta. 113 Johnaoa Are.. Lone Eeaca. S, Catil. Dated April 1 1M3. (Si»-aatarti) PAUL. W. RODXET WILTEED IX DAVIS State of California. · Areles Cosntr: Oa April J, 1M3. before me, Sotary PcMir ta and lor aalc State. penoBaay appeared Faol W and Wilfred tx D t , ta · ta be the peraoni a-boea T«rrra are subscribed to the tnstromcrt and acanovl- tsef executed the atm«. WALTER it, WOOD. Notary Public Pol. Apra i. 11. IS. 2S. UU (it) L IjLTVA E. STUEM t, i«a tu - L.B.I. ed£fd t! (StJLL) 12322 NOTICE CF TRUSTEE'S SALE XOT1CE IS HERXET CITES: Tiat oa Friday, Vaj J, 1MJ a the boor cf 11:00 A V_ it tie mail entrance frontinr oa Zohrii7 DrtT of tfcat certaJa trcdldini; knov-a aa 111 N. DohCBT DrtTe, EcverlT HC1» Ccroaty of Los Angeles. State o ' FIKST C H A E T E E COBPORATTOS; , as Traslra ttnder r . of Trust ta Lha original amount of COrPON DAYS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 4 BIG DAYS --WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. ONLY 'COUPON! Fresh Whole Bedy rrva ftaeic DOOJ ^Bh ^ik ^ : FRYERS 23M Um» · Bar cone. ····' ^sV : COUPON ^ COUPON ^Esrgc COUPON POTATOES 10B Ib o;29 t Bog, COUPON i BREADED SHRIMP Una 1 lav. wits caraoa ^^i COUPON FREE FREE FREE 3-Pc, Outdoor Bar-B-Q Set «IM J1.«» w'rt «ST 115.00 ·art esd tin to ope a. MM^COUPON. N. Y. Cut Steaks 6% top Sirloins... 79^ Baby Beef Liver Fresh Frozen Halibut 29% BONELESS ROLLED BEEF ROAST 69 C Ib No Money Down--6 Mos. to Pay OUR OWN GOLD RIBBON M**4 SIDES OF BEEF...49» HINDQUARTERS 59ft i. fricM laefaaV Carrix}. Wrap*!.). Frtrtisj L*VT-tO*I! LBV BI.T. CVT LM. «ll tailT L»ft- TO. Lit. CI3UHB IOUK9 COUNTY FAIR MEATS «17I tag Bcett B.V1--GA 2-»7Sl - GA 2-9S5I--Opea Ertry Cay »·*--«. »-7 ii SWALTB'lud "LEONORI SWALVE, kaabaal tuid vlfi mtorded March ?X 133 ta Book T22S1, Fxf* fit. ef Omctil rtcords o«? Los A.E{el«j Cmzntj. _. of * tucti I-^(1 of Trust XilEJUCA^ SAVINGS JLXH IjOdlvN JLSSOC1A TION. a corporation, ij t« Ben*- *· '-- by reuoa «f defABlt la th cr perfonnvict cf *bO- ·wcnrfi thereby, anl notice cf tJera-oa aad E»?nei*d*ry' flection t» OUUM t be laid th » r * p t r t r - '--'.-'-, - - - L . urtef beea irctrd«d tu provide tor by IAW and inert thin ttrr monthii t»Tlc.r clapaf d iiac* cait tioa t» tht'tirbiest tlddeVffor' eisli. p.vr.vtl* la Uvf^l money cf t2 Vtitcd £ti.tej of America at t2 time of §*U*. without varrazity *3 press cr implied aa t» title. POOCL aioa cr encumbrance, the tatert£l rryed ta aad ov held by : SBC.% Truatee. ta and t* th _ described prcperty ta th County of Loa Aa^elea, Statt i California: Let 23 ia Block 3 of Tr. 1253 aa per map recorded to book 34 pact 13 cf zoapa, ta the efface of tit county recorder of said county. » for th purpose cf paylec th* obi ntiocj »*»cared iy aaltf Deed . aea of tht Trurtee aai of th ezpeca Dated this 2ad Aar of -April. FIR5T CHASTER nXANClAl* CORPORATiaV a* Tra5tee Ey J. E. HARRISO 1U Attorcry In Fact C.RS223 Fab. Apr. «. IL H. 11.17 NOTICE OF TRUSTtt'l (ALE No. 294 Oa Arm IS. l»X at 11:00 t'cloc LM, at HIS WUshir* BotiTarl Smte #302. CStr of Bererly Htfla CaUforU. SooUiIaa4 Coczpar. u Trc«te« under the *3«d of trcit mad* fcy EATSHOEJE TOWtFJ- LNCL. a Ccrporatlos. *hi:h acoulri title u Los A!amito» Land aj_ Cattle Coxnpaay, Zc^ a Corpomtlta. aad record*-* tfeceoabrr 3, 1H1, ta Bxk TZICa Paft «0. of Official Kecordj of Los JLacekj Cotmty Caliloraia, .rirea t» aV^wt aa fca debOdne^i la faror c Beferly HiHa Federml Sarirs aad Loan Associa tiom, a t*nitt?i Stair?* Ccrporativoa, BOW cwned and held by E*rr»?rf HiQs rederal 5arinc* and Loa AMociatlcn by reasoa of the fcreac of ceruia obli^tiocj t^ctatrcd th-*re- fcy. Co tic * cf wtic» vaj recwded Xcec:ber 17. 15*2. ta Book KlltZ. Part ~*9. of said OCTicial Itecorda. ·rta ten at puWlc awrUoa ta th Urhert bidder for ca«!x. p«rib: to lawful notify of the V'tted Cute at the time of sale, wtthotrt var raaty as to title, pos*easioa enrtoabranee*. the Interest coereye t* and mow beld by taid Trtzatee m.d«r aail I*4 or Trort ia and This time .Somebody brainwashed ore of my Negroes." i BoutweQ cutpofled Cocnor, 29,00 to 21.W8. in compleiel ^ MVti -^ War . . ^ 1^.^55, COOtflcial returns. It vm the Sourr Fublic ta aai for aalll OaTlfarca IX 1N3. before me. a ijTf«t rurnnut rvrr rpcnrdcrT ?% rwaoaaUr appeartd Joel B. Notary PabUe la and for said State. ilgcsi LUHKAIL cvrr rcwuiuea Goliberc. aaova 14 na t« b« the P*raoaaEj arrcared Rod«ric 8. Jn a Birmingham city election.!?"?» ?«»·· ?«TM« «« K2bacribed|Pt4"«B aat rioreot* c. BoutweO mored s w i f t l y i Wednesday to achiere thel city ban onity wluch be saysisL T . tomin!Ml ' m Tpirtl ^^ *· win hdp move Biiiningham'^ 04 - · ahead. He invited the nine' ' cewty elected city councilmen to meet with him ia a "get acquainted* session. Tte spectacular turnout Tuesday represented about 7 _ percent of the city"! 68,400 f*jrTM i ~ i qualified voters. 8,000 of whom are Negroes. Two Negro candidates ' the council finished at bottom of the results, probably due to the fact that toatraiEeal aal thfr executed te' earn*.. DOROTHT H. 7 (SZLaLt Kotary PsbUc n 1J4J j eomrilsaloa ' II. a. Apr. I · Aanoancemeots 00 BANKRUPTCY SERVICE LE DA fXQ Funeral Notices AUTHtWtUT-- Sund^rt by J- apt 27. .M.K,Elt~-G«arT.M Marvia. AM 5 ef 77» American Oord Star. Swr- «iv«4 bv wif«, Oonjlhy lj «ona obert Orttnrr; O Susan; Mrtnts. Mr. I. ^ M. ·*«,-; b obert H^ Eiroeot ft.; raifrt BJ W a n . HUKTCR ^ . . Dorothy Mat*, MTV" Lor- BritKibad.. Scrvlca ^no*« . SLVO. CHASE--taura. Modnto, formcrtv of terra Beach. try toratrten. Rod l MurtSocH J.IK Donald Stfvica Frmw, t.OO a.m. ficw. ». JU:T» »rDwtT»B otflctaV '"*'MOTTEU.'S »IOKTU)..IIY Ann An 7S. «f *ia Ocana Av«. Sur. dautfirtri. Mr«. Darotti* r*. aW*rw Bransocu son- Bransoru gran*. . . Mn. Cor»U WannE«r,i; Brand- aom, JkUrt «r4 Brtan Jansscn. KrUdvael and iCrts Warrflber.?: bromers. David Aarani and X L. Abrarn; »iTtr, MTL WlUiarq Arv VJ»«nf. S«rv-t» Fndav 1:30 ajn. at LA1EWOOO WOITUAKY __ _ 3934 Woodruff Avi. GILBERT--Ma.~tm e. of 19^ Vic- aaria Aire^ Soutb Ca!a. Aoe «a. tfauvhtm, Vlrgrna M. ^evetm. LBOIle C. ClXvrL HaiiCT E. Lona- flarB. Service Ttiundav. 10:3. a.n. HW^I^RT^J^HAFEL HOUSTON--OJC.T E. «f Il« E. lurnert it Jjrylvt* fev aoa. Jatnct X: eauerttori. Mn. Mary E. Sanaer*. Betrv L. Seaf: Brvlfien. Earl. John and! Jack Houtfjft. Service Friday. "lAXEWOOO MORTUARY rtAMMOTVO^Msse M. A0e 7X of HO San Amelia Are. Survived tr kuitianiL Eart It : ton. Jao- soa H. and C. Hortocu daughfer. Mn. . . . CHRISTENSEN-P1NO MrtXf «-- Mn. t^rwvra, a«c IT of CO Pacific Av«. SunrVcd fey t*u»- band. ChinxMl: eavghlvr. Win. Ja Ana Boct: ton. U. Cat. tU F. Jane*. USAF; faroirvr, Frank Kin; AVititR-- Va!«f1* A. Ao* 71. erf 3SOf E. 2nd. SurvKctf by fcrofl^f, Hew- artf A.; ft«Drriw, CerOn M. Oaufrnrtv. Ct-ravnlda MTV tct FrV «ay 2:30 p.m. at Roscdalt Cttrt*- Itrf. Ln Angcin. Dirtctvd fccat- CHRISTENSEN-PINO EEDOKOO AVT. O'BRIEN -- ABPUS Anna of S3 SL Lama Are. Sjnrtrtd BT auU IHiniara JJ ion. William J. eaootiw. WaMIn* Danis; 1 trovers and J *rter». Roianr ftldar IJO Bjn. Reoulcnl Mass rM _a.m. Iota at If. m cnarn ef t« Una aas^atf awav Aori 2. Member of Ettctneans Union tltm of of Wllm. Survtved bv wife. He^eit ·me,- ruce, txra rumnaer. Service f noav T»:38 am. M tt.ti-attr CHAPTL Of rvES t »«Rtl» COL JpT_ll MS IAv«* P a i a d e n a InTefUJgil MountaiB _VieiB Cemetery. _ SCOTT-- Florence ef fC7 Cedar, iyr- vived t aonv Homer c and Ftovd Ray: ustBn. Mrs. CX w. RrvnolA. Mrx Cract Dirks. Ser. PATTERSON SNIYRY sss tocuyr aye. iKYDCR--CI«ri C of 11114 Lttv bi«c,«. Culver ON. Survfvctf tv ·Jjuohter, toll BouHlist-d; trofti- trs. Eat «- Robcn X, John p ; »rjierx cttdyi v.«ctcv. Etni^y Jortmon. Service Thur» ijanr, 1 p.m. *f PATTERSON SNIYY S5 LOCUiT *Vt, STCAOMAK--Uary. 3t3f Maira Av- anoa. J»vlea Fnaiy; It 00 am! HHQTTILL-1 KIpaniAST WOOTBURr--»lw»»W. Aoe n. of «7JE. 0»n. apt. I aurvtvrt *TMo"« W.;* airtr. ^Sr». t "oS!a farnr: near*., Llw«. JaMroay. 130 »jiu to na criapel CHRISTENSEN^INO 3*4 gfDQigDO AVTJ. Fnatrot Directort 4 FROM ROWERS FOR Forest Dcirvn HELfFU CnAKE IT PHONE Tlie Flower SMC · Fornf lawn. _ Cn««a MSU or TJUUr »an HOLTON i SON UL COUNSELIWl E IT SHEEIAR'S CA HJ»i _ TO L. a nvo. _ Ctmereries-MaiisotenniS _ KOSC HILLS- 4 came-err am M _-Pooular Lawn.- HA »-7rg . Saerfrce. ^ . FnntreJ Notice. reww VTt ta thv exmnty cf Lrs ta wtt: PARCEL I. Aa'vndirld^i onr-balf bterrst !a and ta lot 4 cf Tract SB. 17S1* ta tie City cf Lone Crara. cosat of Lo* Anrtka, stau cf CaEf orala, as p«r Ba» rf«ord«d ta book C3Si tajr-a 13 t» W iarhisiTe cf Kara, la tie cfTic* ft tbe Grant? Ee- cord^r cf aaidl Cocaty. Tccetarr wttk tie ezchnlre ta vac and cccvpf tbe aortaeajteny C7.SD fwt drreoC. ExrrptzBf and rtserTbic from saM parcel 1 tbc fichnire rtfM t* CM aad «4!iuiii an cf »a}J lot rxcrpt tl« aortneasterly C7JO fert fberrcf. Alto lesgiilrt; from faM Parcel 1 aa eaaemeat for wants, drires and utilitv* crer tb« aortwesterTy fet tbrrrof. PAECEZ. 2: Aa eaaenent for waHcs. dztrps and Vt2ifl ever tn* aosxneastnty (.00 fxt cf lot I and «Trr tb* aorti- ·ratrrtr (.00 frrt cf W ( of Tract 3t«. 1»TJ. la ·!« r.ty cf Lcnr Eracm. cuuati cf Loa Acreles. state of CaBforata. as per ma? recorded ta book (-1* parrs a t« M ct X.ra. ta CM ctr«-e c/tle cxmntj recorder of said eoozty. Xort enemoafy eMTlb«4 aa: SiTl Arpiaa War Lonr Ceack, Ca^f , for tie pat pout cf partri B tkaia a-cur»l ty ssiJ DK t trs; fees, cnarrrs and expenses cf UM Trastre. adrann*. If any. vadtr th* trrttj cf said Deed, fctrmt tlKnoa aai O^iiU ta anpald amcipa] cf Ui« note mred by raid bee*, witft btrreft larreoa from Ortcbrr 1L WU. as la said not* aad br law prortdVd. Dated: jfarra II, IXt SOCTHUUTD COXTJLXT. Tnutee Er: Ceraldin* Pafe. CX 1171 JKstsTaat Secretary Jlarck n. 3. April a. IN] 19) LEL ramtu tfuneral ^Directors HtMfll r* c, «a K« . SurvfwJ BT . . . Sarvlc* Frldw. 17 MOfb DO. v« ax. 711 W. 71k SL S e r . u e Tamdar, II an_ CKrr CaamL . aaaivi OmrOL aa»« laiier Ama- f » a-nv. DlLOAT FlOWtl SHOP Hi H3II o HE J-S»3I ~ Fnerd Prottcfioa i DHeJayFcnurf GtUSIucIe] fto Lent) tuck, CWt, Tawv. JKrl 4, TM1 lNDEP£NDENT-f*gt D-l Iieom* Tax IPn.arenaa Income Tax Returns PREPARED BY EXFERTS ITS NOT TOO UTE J i f t e tAvmot MAXIMU* Lt*L KJuwnt Paraonri l aiA. tncatne Taxes BYHT GUEUT 11 JUKEt MAC FRANKS, LUB. ., rU»UC ACCOUKTAKT He*a a veara (Cxtaa. 1W7X. A»aJlati» «·« tear -round *or conauflatioa and* Bdvica. · Fotu tram tunaredl M -- WHYI l' JEffenoa 1-2902 Con · A.KL lo t PJW. ran da* Jnoodin li-jr-j» 1 tunaa/ AccouinrituH HOT Kectuan . IOWBT STANOAIO RES _ -ft HIE ESTIMATES r FAST 4-HR. SERYTCF" ADAMS ACCTS. SERV. 3355 Atlanfie 6A W535 OPtM ·» ALL OAT SAT. CLOSED SU*OAT W» Com* to Your Horn* FCft APPOrMTJM£ftT ran 6A 2-4241 C*na L. Soratt ^^^Mle Accourtanl _tm Anamn A»a, Long «aadl U4 E. tu --"~ HE J-S3 Opea CA1.T « a.m. lo 1 B.ITU HOM£ w MT office, atncrcnt ^oixitf tax sarwica. Oeperu 39S4 Ariarrflc Ave. CA C E. s«^vw*«'jSss _ M L.- Open evearSmi. C-A 149TI ^IMP.) i^litlOWr_ rvl TO f^TT?! EDWARD J. tVtORTO* rNCOWE TAX _ U'O Virrtoi. rtact CE lC? INCOME TAX HOME OR Off .CE Srvm«fTS«. nqr»t^o't43 INCOME TAX iCRV--Cirrt. £,^1. E, Ere**.** Ret Taa «r H tXPE RT tncarr* 1 *· service. Mi vour horn*. W ea Ew».. OE l-«=l Personals 1 1 W-WLO van lifct ritn* writ* to Ajrwrlc*, £7 M. COMPLETE DENTURE iEHVVCE OR. C. A, VASVEII S8n Onmr A*e. CA J-TTOt cblicatj'om to vow. ONE PICTURE ^JJEE^Ci.n 1 ca.i'TU jjtftefS i-m. YOUNG WQJVltM wig teac* wnflt- ir**i Kjy*^* ts*nciFB. Can Ciietx WIDOWER tu $- r r v w i naZ Btfnf.? Clutt. Bo« A-IMf tndtc. P-T READER--Test. present ONELY rtucic MT**ifl 1r rruitfi · »riTt B«v«r.v ioc;»f C«A. P. O_ Bo« 177. 8«'»*w«r. Cat. TO »771i I AM now KX*»rtno TTw T«:« ef Tr« Tcwn Srrtck.!«net. DODGE t TICtETS-**Tt 1 M«1 tor 20 samrs front holder of §«·- «oa ttct.»t». »m Cn. Wrtt» Bo« CERIUM war touvtnir» wanted By coltectar tor^c.»li. g»*14t "c^ag, v Ar?Si ANY CAB.~Anv color, t Taint 170» Alamllo*. PIANO tenons for aovrti a. children tern popular a claoical. Ct ami f.J E. Ocexl Hvt HE tW4 Social Ctebs 11 A THERE IS SOMEONE For everyone. L*tfin tinder 30. Ovtr 30. tS mo. Men t . EARLENE1. CE *«! DATE TONIGHT SUTiSET SOCIAL CLUB BI^ Rm. 30A. OL * LIFE DULLf KO ROMAMCET LONELY. Meef tn« p«ryM W jrour ctetc*. Lima H*ri« » Soon Club, 523 Fine. * 4 437-4029 Lost ond Foand 12 AKIWAL SMELTER Location BCI E. Wlllo. Sf Pa. CA iwa. noun n t.m.-t so. Monday fftTBuon Friday. T* a ex ·a a 9. m. Sunday and Holiday*. Amman fcnooundrd at The Animal Shel*tr en daln thown. A!la check County round--TZ^ £arfie!d Ave. A Humane Soc-e'y LOST 2 chain ea Tin St. rame of Lan0 Beaca fnn. about * 31 - m. n Wed. Vie 3rd. Would LO4T-- 4.B«, trmaie biact car w 4 whit* »*wl. WtUtv mark «n face t n«dL whit* ttcmacS. An» to - r t C« LOST-- Tc» male sick n *Tf-h«d ie«. Vic. B«: Sormfl, Reward. 290T ** Bivd: f* »rra or TO to capture. Pi***,t can HE »«nr mucn. Beward. CK13S. LO1T -- »rtiia»ur» roodle, alaclu ma'e. fretniv ti LitwaJ. vSe. ··*· A Willow, llrwari. HA Vr^e LOST--AN vftita Anoora kmen. I not. Vac. Cole's WkL at Arranfic. r «r»ard. CA aMax LOST--ill act mala for poodle. Aorl hi. 2nd 1 OvcrefT. tf. Viore. hite. Bmo*. Vuii LOST~vmiia ma^e for aoodie. Aord ra. *m Edwardl. Heilmlm^ Lie. Wl teoard. TW »CSJ LOST--Ladgi Scottiall rtftf eme^rn F r cfs.''l!S? 1 Ss tam?*CA 3»3 LOST--R*rf te^^en C««*· JlidB- A Hone Uan an Bt. ft *gia LOST--ltue sarateel. Am » -S» B- B».- lea t. Ocea*. ME HC7». LOST 1 female miniature Btarft aooari. »E»A«0. na-rcaa LOST: LK. LOST km ·· nra Bic »t««»0 C »)W3 Hypceslt 13 KTPNOSIS -- RtftJX. Ww ····»». ln« «nfr k'.f A B^^ *·* »n3JO* ma Kedondo a»r.. 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A cara. aged mm. fenced «d. tore, dieta. LJC Ktn. CE *-M91 Board. Guest Homes 20-A NEW HuntFngton Vista ' Guest Hotel Noi firrf · n^TrRfinftJ torn* cr tTtjrUhjtTon *ftr» tvtry- on* in to ·aft A* Mm* laoJl *t tfii taim* flint. But the OM.T '· 24-HL CAU HOME IN ' LE. THAT INCLUDES CHOICE OF EMI RE DINING IN TOU.I WONTHUY RENT / 50 rooms 1 tpf,.. / Frivt*t ponts ticli room / Pn\tft b*^ r' .tN. Su r «rvT«J ON THE OCEAN FRONT Rtncnritlans now bring nxroff.! O« Oar NEW--MODERN . UniTs under ismtrvjctiori, - ' J 290 E0cai HE 64253. OUNNBURT CUEJT HOME " ·Jus* crtnmg. Horvt-irkt. nirrt towt, nw-iv. umf pri ,,. mn. -lite KTT* BTJ«. rms. A ttr. care. Xlnt. food. nantlc CA CELLFiOU-EK. tidcriT urt. R*. W*:kir.i tfnaivt to tewn. ma jtnapn TO ?; TO .«-PIH VACApiCY.tor *rnCtf«?orY tadeC ctntionen, s*nil». U«v barrr ^ _jtr. c«r*. 15C» C. «m. jME^iTTtt. . STSt, M. ..A*4-IC6» PRIVATE rm. for lady. *r«. . ad. meaTS- 2* fcr. care. CE SOWS . - Camlty borne. Looa^lSolCoDatcroJ) 21 TAX TIME LOAN PLAN Get «T09 c«H iwwt Cesti tnf»/ UOO H monmtv etvmcrrfi cf Uf t«cH. Or. pef tnv tirtDum ·· te taSOO-- irms to « motimt. riunt «he*d tor your iMrv-ftien, ·tioi arrxngrdL PK* Uf .tit moncv jn your frjj « is n. LOCAL LOAN CO. JM E. am Sf. HE Iain Frae Bartng 344 ar JSJ Loan) Open fridjT BUM J Help Wanted tWora.1 24 OCX* to door lolicmn. good av" snort noun, euarantecd laJarv. pvcstani Ho»;tal A Mieacaf plan. Inc. m W. 5!H ST. Km. 411 CLEXTTPtST . «J3 COMMERCIAL_A MEDICAL _4m Pacific. Hunt. Part LUJ rST COCKTAIL WAITRESS" YBima. AftraOv. la C, Ocean. BIOS «R»t_ Apoly I 10 it S?? E. KroaOwav. XEOlCAL SECIETART MOTHERLESS home--needs Hoina- ktepar. Lrve kt. Can artar 4 am. $T»TIST*AL tvoM for CPA amce Accountin* career. Perma'ent A advam.e«"eat LOraia ***al. KEOrjTttED J.-re» Hcfwcla. .etlfiower Medical Croua TO am e«t. m EAR* u TO un ro Leara But. KcenM rvo. 4DWV1 S«e AT.»-ad Oa«.ailE »7S» »*IT£SS lar A food. Part lima. Cood cond- Aan 3S-ZS. 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