Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 32
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Iw, Ir Imhnt. Prop. 115 IFO* KHT) Kit L.B. BLVD. + park lot. CLOSE |N. 19,000 I 10.000 SD. tl. Fenced, blKkiwpfd. PRIME PINE AVE. Aporox. 15x30 4 man, bistmtnl. td«al for mw i slort. 1445 HAYES. Bldg.' 3125 to. II. Mm* Wicktoooed, fenced vd. 3?i9 so- ft. f21j mo. Inc. Sale or TOLBERT «. BAYLOCK, Realtors HE 4-9973 M714I JE 7.9724 STORAGE space In IK. warehouse In central Industrial area ol L.B. Ver- Men cellfno. Areas of 100) ju.-lt. to 5000 sq. II.. some w/twaw duly stHlvlrig. Also out- slo space In fenced paved yard. Avail, about June 1st. Mo. rental or 12 mot. tease ok. Fork- 'illl wlltr operator available, complete repair shop facilities In on« area ol bufkllng also tor rent. HE 5-»331. IND. BIOSS. ALL SIZES · 300 LISTINGS ALL AREAS . 56W Cherry Ave. M-l. U Ac. lol. 7000- Illl up. NLB. Pwr. Yd. 11,200- Dock hJ. Rail. Nl.L.8. F«V . 27.M0 1 ''or vi Dock hi. Nr. Harbor BILL BROOKS CO., Rltrs GA 6-5974 or from L.A. NE -A55 = FOR RENT OR LEASE Newly decorated store room al «9 Locust Ave. 24x50 feet with balcony. Close to park shop parking tots. Ideal for store or olllce. HE 7-3655 or Ino, 419 Locust. REAL ESTATE OFFICE Free standing bldg. 3 olllcei, - ptaflly of parking, tn Dulch . VUlag* area ol LaVewood. U1i a! exoowjre to IraUlc. , ,,, ME 3-SU1 or NE 6-345? NEW modern store soace lor lean, yyx.44' also 2VxW. Corner ol Snla Fe i Carson St., Domlntruez. Keavv Iratltc. Growing are*.. l " Industrie! Buildings $65 nw. on teaie, use for work- ffl^rlv^^fe^l^aft 3 p.m. 17 iS 4 -»«iy, sY ' R '* nd ° " '"wf-Bvi Wonted lo Rent 122 WANT-- J or ^Bdr^ jUjg'p/^JJIJ NEED rent lo rent^a^iMj^joj Leases, Hotel, Apart., Income 124 30 ROOMS _ . + 1-BR. owner apt. Trades. Trust $ ""VS^HO'DOI'S . lives!. Opportunities 1 25 ·Unusual Opportunity . JJJwIB'and' tjrSpilon ol parent sSSSltY Sittlltt OKrallon SUB- Borfed DY cen ral plant, which ooenKs bv Computer control. Ruuirn (12,S3J Investment. Far- tlaT iwanclSa available. Proven vjcceisful business for Qualified Individual. Beacon Company Business Opp. 126 Ar» you th« man who can moll vat* i InfKjence p*og«? Natlona rnVrketlng firm seeks oualllled SUions in this area. Investment required for gtosraphlcal lerri. Iwy. Investment retumtd within weeks Ask for Mr. Llnehact a HE i4U4. Call witkdays slsrt- jr» Hm. bttwttn «.3, *«.». Beer Tavern NshSIMW Mo G'liMJ «TMM ml 1700 nw. tluke box owned by seller Included "price) 2 pool tables, stwflle board * bowler always busy. 18 stool bar. Too » maker in every way Ideal for cat. Priced lo se this week. Small down pavmrnt £r..f-Hw^-I5?Mv!"vA E M7 r !f CAFE (COFFEE SHOP) Only 13 itools-but busy every minute. Close 4:30 P.m. f days. Busy Cowi iev Intersection. Orlj. owner retlrlnsr.-' Approx. JOT weekly (more on locioer hours). Perfect for cpl. Small down pay- [towri«V WA 3-4791. · PARTNER · Llle Mfo., chemical cleaners duties, purchasing, stilp^na * 'SSzTBcTioj 11 "' BEAUTY SHOP-- $2500 CASH. BEST BUY on Mirket IMS!**** Opp. 1 24 COMBINATION ' SALESMEN FACTORY REP DISTRIBUTOR Mil lo ·wrJrvos and icreen endo- jurej, Aporoxinwuciy ij.OCO re- 5'Ji"=. Yeu iwanao* vour rno.ity ' at all lime* and vou purchase norWrvg unlli It Is sold. iWBO «r fnomnj sftouW b* vour mlnlmvrn earnlrvos. Pait character reference win be vital In our selection. Nationally established. Ervg:r«rrrrO break Itnu olvei bio cost ixJVanlao*. CALl *totto$f s ** LL MONDAY THRU FRIDAY Distributor Salesmen To sen dlslrlbutc In Long Beach-Torraoce area, JUSTICE BROS. QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS. ADV. on TV. Good co mm., protected territory, operate ai vow own business, «· tab, accounts, vehicle furnished. Some caollal needed tor worklno inventory {aporox. $600). Good future. IF vou are rookmo For interviews dally (9 s.iri. to 5 p.m.) JUSTICE BROTHERS 941 W. HunHrglon Dr. Monrovia Monday 9 to 5 p.m. Canlacl R. J. Bendlxcn Imoerlal "*»" Molel MS E. Pacific Coasl Kwv. PART TIME BUSINESS NO SELLING Pteasanl EASY WORK near home lervlcEno estab. accounts. Re- cwlrcs 6 to 8 hours per week. E'ltnlngi or weekends ok. EARN ADDITIONAL $500 to $400 PER MONTH. Investment rwulred. Call MR. TOY-- 9 TO 6 WEEKDAYS for personal Interview al .465-1179 ORANGE COUNTY COFFEE SHOP fool Iralllc, loll ol prklng rear. Gr MOM lo VKta per mo only davs. Recently re- dec., new \\f. Lo rent. GARAGE, bldg h« 8000 It. Largi lot vol bus. Submit on terms DONUT SHOP well eouleped. In busv shnng center. ITALIAN REST, seals 40 + take out. Verv atlrac. Heath in fam lorces sale. TONY f-AUST H28W. Lincoln, Anaheim KE 5-9839 KE 5-1612 ASSOCIATE DISTRIBUTOR A fantastic business of vour own wilh a new line of Consumer Rtcclronlc Products. Part or Pul lime. Every home 4 buslneiij a prosDCcl. Oul sta.tdUig DroTi pofentral. M1n1rm;m Tnveifnvnt. CALL (7 14)545-8233 A»t for Mr. McClellan 36 MAYTAG WASHERS 7--43 Ib. Hubeich dryers In A-l contf. In Shopping area al buv Interiecllon. Terrific lease. Prked for oulck sale. LIQUOR STORE $70.000 cross per mo. En Sftoctfn Ctr. In LVwd. Call Sam. TURF Realty 421-121 t$ BEER EARS $$ --MANY OTHERS-- MANY AREA --ALL PRICES TERMS. Com in for B "FITTING"-and a List PAT HAMILTON. Realto 5430 Atlantic GA 2-1247 BE YOUR OWN BOSS Due to tremendous expanslc program, opportunity *x!*ts for Pepperidge Farm FRANCHISE ROUTES In "Ihe Loi Angeles Area. Ir.d., Press-Teleorarn Box A2S5 handout In nuoc car vnah ar.i across street from Union hall. Ju rrgM (w cpl. 58 car Dfkno. San cv,r,er 12 years. Need rest. Ta* home S3DO wccklv. Prked tv aukk sale. Flexible down pavmen Aol. 9075 E. Imperial HWY.. Dow ncy. WA 3-6791. Service Sfa. ^or Lease O'jtstrKting Loner Beach loe. to lur.e-uo brakes,. Gal. renta Malor eouia. turn, some llnan, on BDoroved credit. Paid train! nn BEAUTY ship. Gross $6.000 ma. " operator shop located 1n exclusl area. 3 ooerafors have been he 13 years. Husband being '(ran ferred. Must seil. 510.600 Ml prlc Small dawn payment. (Aot.l 90 E. Imperial Hwv.. Downey. WA 3-^791 Ml Estof* Woitttd 128 V MOORE Over $3,921,567 IN FEBRUARY Over $6,500,000 P V MO T ORE HA 1 MSI GA6559I GE 4-3W S9W3« GA 6-7351 ETIRED couple want nice ncmei wdl-keoli counlv or beach area. Priced rlghl. All cash. Wrlle Box L-3S64. Iridep.i PreisTeleofam. ASH buvcri lor vour procerlv. Anv location. Call far Information. ALEXANDER. 5S1-M74 1 LIST OR BUY FOR CASH ANY HOME OR ACREAGE. CALL HORWOOD REALTY GA 7-3454 OR RESULTS list vmr properly wllh GEO. DUFF REALTY-- 2I1W Ma'n SI., Seal Beacii. 1W3JOT. 'ANT frcin owner 7. 3 br*. home. S. ol 3rd, Bel. His. GE l-Olll OR 3 Unlli, Easlslde, imrncd.l Caih. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7271 EED 3 bdrm. nr. Douofas. Cash to owner. Bkr. HA 5M1«. uick~cash~lWwnefrNel:d~J br"3 br. nr. Douglas. BVi . HA 1-I7SI BURKE REALTY GE 4-W61 AVE BUYERS Watlino. Us! with Ul. McCARLSON Rllv. 433-7457 EED 2 or 3-Bedrm. house. Lkwd or Los Alioi area. Bkr. HA l-9-'OI ASH for 2 or 3-br. tv. Dflualas. Lou HARMATZ Rlly. HA5-74M .L.8. llsllnps wsnlcd. Larry Miller. 6530 Oranoe. GAMI64; GA ?-lW OR 3-BDRM. Lakcwocd-Los Alias area. Cash Now! Bkr. GE 0-1033 Real Estate Exch. 129 SELL OR TRADE 4 1-BR. Unlls- EaslskJe. Wan small downtown own vour own. 9 Leased Of cs. -f 16 Units 1 3-8r.. 1 bafh (or owner. .Eail LB $3500 Eq. Newer 3-Br. ? bath home lor flxer-ooper or ? EDEN ROC RLTY 43S-93S9; «2-61M WILL TRADE' 3 room office bWo, air cond, main likjhwav. ALSO . . . house and office cloio-ln E. 7lh SI. V/ANTSj small Income or T.D.'s! RYERSON-HAZLET, Investments HE 5-3491 -- GE 9-0209 BELMONT HEIGHTS' 1-BoVm. House + 3 Unlls 1-- rBtfrm., 2-- l-Bdrm, Good Income. 52,500 down or trade. BOB COLE REALTY 167 PARK AVE. GE -(-9945 BELMONT HEIGHTS 8 CLEAN UNITS, FURN. $70X00 eq-jilv. Will trad* down, BOB COLE REALTY 16* P,irk Ave. GE 4-9?« 36 UNITS TRADE DOWN CALL LEWIS GA 2-613S VIKING REALTY 426-61S4 HAVE 520.000 equity In beaul.j Ige. Rossmaor Tiome. Want to trade at dn. cavment on nice ip4- Koijse. Send particulars to P.O. Box 2411, L.B. 424-BA31. Springs. 2-BR., den. 3 balhs, pool. Sell/trade for L.B. Emrfly $42,000. GA 3-5541 Bkr. 6-- 1-BORW. unlli, W.lmlnolon. 1 level, Submll cash, TO's or horn*. Priced below market. S12, 00 efluHv. Real! or H4-1W4 for X»,500 re or* trade "or older, clear nroaertv. STEGGALL REALTY HE i-TOO? 'BY Owner, sacrtf. enulty 1 or 2 triplexes. W side for mobile home or ?. 523,500 F.P. 421-8739. BEL. Hgt. home, 2 + fam. 60x135 R4 for Inc. TD land. AgT. HE 2-BO7. TRADE FOR LAND OR LOT 10 un., ftrwayi r«n!ed. Worm Ide (WIM^ REX L HODGES HE 7-125 1 UNITS on Wxl35' corner. Trade for TD or clear 'ol. Ph. Owner, £ J-2732 7 UNITS on 3 tols. W1I1 Iradc al or parl for 3-Br. house. Elllsc Rlly., 1720 E. 101/ HE 5-1415 HAVE 3-BR,. 15x30 oool. Cdrson PX S7000 ea. WANT 4 or 5-BR-, Blxbv 5 OR 72!/j AC. clear on H*v £i » Diiggctt for OYO. Aofs assume M.J.Oleson, 352-E. 1st, HE A-256 Wants OYO, house or TCOITK CLEAR desert land some mone for ants, i assume 1 b!g loan. M. J. Oleson, 352 E. 1*1, HE 6-256 3-BR. 1 balhs. Garden Grove v/anf OYO. lol or ? Oleson, HE 6-256 N.L.9.: M-l, 100x165.^2 br., 3^ Homes for Salt 13» Homes for Safe 13f HemMferSok 139 Rex L Hodges Offers the Most $13,500--2 br., up. din im., fop location. - $17,950--2 bf H crpti.. drpi H din. ·«·* Cfnr. (MI94J GA 6-370J (G207) GA 7-5418 LI EI^T L-i L p t t L t L»*k. $26,000-- B«lmonf HtigMt, luih 2 br., EZ iin. tLbvl. iitcn., lot. tam. rm., 3 br. L batnt. T * IBC-I re 0^101 I"'" G A 6 - 3 ' 0 3 t2l,BOO-)b p.*«.TM.i«l"ur 3 STORY-- 13 uniti, bltinj., ocgan view. (Ml«l HA 5-4425; WA 5-1271 (SEHO| GE 1-2534 TRADE 3 t,., 2 l/i b«. (or im.ll 2 br. L.B. BEACH! 2 br.. all remod., 2 bill, fo beach. (D139) GE 9-04M (SB14I) GE 1-2534 3 BR. in Belmont Parl. Top price! EZ finance. 4 BR.-- 21/4 ba, fam. rm.. w/w, drps. Top locale ,.,,,,, , , ,. ' AM G .F 9 - 21 " I5B95] GE 1-2534 2 BLKS. to ocean-3 br.-din nr, p^gar^ BELMONT H.i,hH-4 br.-2 b. r.dec. patio ,, , 5W _ 3 ^ ,, .,,, K ± ,,,..' w/w jj rDs . (P245] GE 7-2191 j H2 o 8) GA 2.1257 $15950--2 br. t new kitch,, w/w, new paint. Jjs 3 b,.. | g ,. ,,,«,, W /BBQ, large lot, nr. al. IJI50] HA 5-1207 · ( F | 3 2 ) GA 6-3903 8 UNITS in top loc. Cptt., drpi, bltins. $19,900--3 br., arg. patio. 1 bit to »chli. (T503) GA 7-5418 (H3I5) GA 2-1257 CLOSE to ihopl, icMi., bui. 3 br. new w/w. FAM RM. too in trill 3 br, modern bltin Vitch. (3LI9) GE 9-0404 · ( H 3 I 8 ) GA 6-3903 J24.500 -- 3 br, 1% ba, fam. rm, all mod. 2 BDRM, convertible alt. gar. 100' frontage. (H305) GE 9-0404 (H3IO) HE 7-1251 $20,000 3 br, Belmont Heights area. Nice. 2 BORM, $10,950 nr. St. Anthony 1 !. Also town (Dl 51 1 GE 9-0404 (E9S) HE 7-1251 Rex L Hodges Advertises Only the Best Inc. Prop, for Sale 132 15-UNITS-- OCEAN AVE. Near Pacific Coast ChjV Income 3! 245 ocr mo. SMITH, eves.. Sat. Sun. HE 7-778? I3UNITS-- E. 1st ST. Near Iherrv Ave. Reasonable down pavmt. Exceptional lulure building sile. Income over SI5.0W SMITH, eves, Sal.. .Vjn. HE 7-77K 10-UNlTS-- WRICLEY A vcars old. Swim POOL, close to evervlrilng. Income SUM per ,na. Low down oavmt. SMITH, eves. Sat.. Sun. HE 7-7W 9 UNITS-- EASTSIDE. FRAME Proo. clear. Inc. S707 mo. Low tfn. SMITH, eve. Sal., Sun. HE 7-77(? fl-UNITS-- E. CARSON block E. of Atlanllc. New loan on property. Income S727 mo. Low down. . i SMITH, eve. Sat., Sun: HE7-7W CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 830 E. Ocean. Realtors. HE 2-3»l BEST BLOCK ON 'NEAVE An lmrn«cu · V-unlt In one of LonD Bcac~ besl rental areas, Property . .K) lor immetJIale sale lo sellle estate. Call . . WALTER GREENWOOD GE 9-8412 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. tDO E. Ocean, ReaHofs, HE 2*3761 SACRIFICE 3 slorv, 3 yr. old "fixer upper" In Belmonl HelghU al 27!! E. 3rd. Indoor pool, elevator. Gold Medallion. Alwavs full. SHI. COO full INCOME B, INVESTMENT DEPT. WALKER LEE 853 ATLANTIC AVE. HE 7-6*37 E. 2ND BELMONT HTS Beautiful 9-unU In presllcc location . . . one of Ihe Until avail- WALTER G'REENWOOD GES-WU CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 800 E, Ocean, Realtor:,. HE 2-3961 DRIVE BY-357 Peace ST.-- LB-- 1 units 1773^ Norwalk-- Artesia-- 0 unit* 15352 Gtnrg'a-- Paramt.-^l tnlls Call ui lo %how these monev-maKers STEVENS REALTY NORTH LONG BEACH 1 Units-- 1 Brfrm. each,. Near IranspoHatkwi. A vrs. o:d. Owr^r may exchange lor hcme in L-B. area. Flnanclno flexible, MJAW """'JOHN READ Rlty PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP 8 lovelv unlls, 2 have 3-bdrm. IV balh, cariwfs, draucs, bu!ll-lni Wi vrs. new. 4 aar. on allev ocod Enststrlc localion. t85.000. JOHN READ RLTY. 4137 Norse Way HA i«16 '. LOOK AT 1041-11)71 E. Carson SI. TODAY 2 Beautiful BIXBY KNOLLS 8 Unit Apt. Bldgi. 8 Buy one or bojri -- SMALL Dr OWNER Ptione 872-0411 Own-Your-Own Apt. 1 34 ON OCEAN BLVD COOPER ARMS . Partly furnlrfied, larce single. occ?n view. VILLA RIVIERA Unfurnished single. ARTABAN Parllv fixnlsncrJ single. n«d, paJnlirtO, Call . . MRS. WIRT HE7^?54 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. EOO E. Ocean. Reallors. HE 2-3V6I BRAND NEW THE 100 HERMOSA } blk. V/. Qt Blxbv Park; ofl UI OPEN AFTERNOONS -Bdrm From $13,500 Cfleclrtc kltchsn; "decoralor-selett- · od" caroel draoes; ttle bath?. SEE FURNISHED modcf. Walk *o shops, churches, bus, ocean. * V CHAS. ' SHERMAN co. HE 6-0031 or 434-13AJ BLISSFUL PRIVACY Ocean Stuff 1 Btdrms, 3 bjllis. Presllge lo Ihe fullejl. A Uvlll lo see own. Call . . BACHEI. LYONS eves: XM-5017 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SOO E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 3-3941 OCEAN VIEW LARGE 2 BDRM." 2 BATH APTS. OVERLOOKING THE OCEAH 8. BFLM'TT SHORE area. STREET LEVEL oarktno elevator. S. Y. K1MBALL-- BUILDER OFFICE PHONE .(M-391J EVES. GE 9-7551 95A-3232 OPEN 1? TO 5 P.M. DAILY QUIET SERENE 1 Bedroom den, ocean 2. harbor view. Easy to own. Call . . RACHEL LYONS HE -5017 CL1YE GRAHAM CO. WO E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 2-3«l VILLA RIVIERA'S BEST 1 Bedrooms, 1 balhi, thrilling view. Has cvervtnuitll Call . . RACHEL LYONS - EVE: 434-5017 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 E. Ocean, Realtor*. HE 2-3961 ESTATE SALE ·l-monllmldi suocr deluxe Gold Million, 2-BR, 2 ba. Garace. Near Blxbv -park. $22,900-- Terms. RYERSON-HAZLET, Investments HE 5-!«l ' GE 9-07W Large, modern 1-br., 1st floor. S TM, BlO^SJf}^ - «0- Exlra large l-br./ stucco, ok!er but nkr. Light airy. 7S». OMAR HUBBARD BLDG. Nice sgl. Turn. Only 15600. SEATO:4 SELOVER HE 6-3177 Ctoseout Special OPEN DAILY 12-4:30 NEW BIXBY ROYAL M33 E. 3RD ST. Small down. E-Z terms. 2-br., 1« ba., oar., all elec., «!ev. HE 6-4345 Plckert 112? E. 1st SI Lots for Sale 136 E. 1ST ST. R-4 COR., 100x150 30 II. alley -- Close lo town) SMITH, eves, Sl., Sun. HE 7.77S9 ON ATLANTIC, C-3, 135x140 Convalescent Hospital slle. SMITH, eye.. Sat., Sun. HE 7-7789 SIGNAL HILL . .OCEAN VIEW R-l-- eWixl!? -- Prop, clear. SMITH, eve.. Sat., Sun. KE 7-7717 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. BOO E. ocean, Kealfors, HE 2-396 COIN-OP LAUNDRIES Gro$* saloi-- from £700 mo. lo S7000. Ntls S700 lo SI ICO mo Buyer! CKIDEJTER'S HE 7-07M BEER -- 40 KEGGER All hdp run. Carpeted, etc. Goo Icaie. Need S3000 dn. rAAN\ OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM "Tc plcss!", counlv strlDi all area CHIDEUER'S HE 7-0764 S5000 MO. G R O S S f «CH GAMES. MS^XX) do. OiVner rarr bal.-- Ur terms. Rent S225. W3.00 'CHIDESTER'S HE 7-07M BELMONT SHORE BACHELOR APARTMENT AND 2 GARAGES FREEl Selling at rol coil onry -- Drlv by 1H Ximeno. 35 x 90-- R^ lo Ask for Louella Hurley, GE X-ld? McGrarh- Shank Co. GE ?-212 NORWALK 24 Lots tullv Imwoved -- cuffa cutters, s1orVi5lks, Ecwers. Sir JOr-xlOO*. Sl9,0fx to S70.000 rvorr area. $6,750 each. Terms Afle 6 D.m. (714) TR M58I. Jw t-T. ircnlao* on Paramount utv 150 ft. deep to now fff nave slreet. Corner of Thompson S NLB. C-ion?. Also 1 acre M-2 e RcTrf GA 8-1008; HA 9-4453 ft Markets-6-$7000 Mo Gro Cooiolelt procerv deli sui dries. Oocraled U vrs. Hri. 7 7. Rent SIM. 519,500 total. CHIDESTER'S HE 7-07 Wt acres, M-l zone. In Tntfuitri Iract area. Well tccaled 1 en V/e errt Aye., near K a Id la Avenu 320,000 down. Owner will fErtan balance al 6 r /i% UiteresL GE 0-8115 -- ELI.1S-5CHRADE Uq. store, $1 I.OOOgrmc PRICED 3Vz x GROSS. Lea S17S. 515,000 down nnndic*. CHIDEiTtR'S - VIE 7-07M SIGNAL HILL M-l By owner. Two 50x147 side side. 510,750 each. Small dov paymenf. S9-S7. ALAMITOS HEIGHTS. Cholci F 60x130 on Tecrarne Ave. GenePageRifrGE3-I39 $10,500, 50x100. C-2. 3722 Sanla F Domineer Rllv. 330-12 Ctose In -- 50 x 130, R--1, J7SCO 419-CQ74 Eoan Really 430-3.5 Lots Wonted 13650' ft-4. Cash or krms. N., V or E L.B Builder. LO 6-3 Homes for Sate 1 3 like home, ready lo move In spacious hedrms., Pi pultm balhi, garden oatk). New dec ator carpeting draoev Bra new klkncn wllh deluxe bl range oven . . and natural 1 we cabinets. Water soflenir tool F lerms aliol Listed at only 5?2,7 Pago ri\K.**'i fcfc^-^i""--" -- --.----·· ·· f^ ^.^ t _ HomtsforSo.* 13f Homti for Sol* 13* Horn* for 5«*r LAKEWOOD AREA LAKEWOOD AREA J.AKEWOOD_AREA_ Buying Homes From Rex L Hodges Realty J23.750--3 br., quiet ar«» nr. schll. Some turn. (?U38) HA5-M25; W A 5 - I 2 7 I 3 «R. * FAM. RM.-farm Hrcr,., 10% dn. Gar. [IKII3) GA 2-US7 3 BR.--pool hom«, new paint, firapl.. 2 btths. (6LI50) GE 1-2534 4 BR., 2 1 /! baths, Jtra Ige. (am. rm., 2 firepl- («LI5I| GE 9-2191 3 BR. Big liter,., newly decorated, bltins. 17K94) HA 5-1207 TOP locale, 3 br, lovely bllms. s«p. din. rm. · I9LI43] HA 5-1207 JI6,500--2 BR.--under market. Immed poll. [K245| HA5-M25; WA5-.I27I POOL 4 3 big br.. paneling, new paint, din.rm. (5K72) HA 5-6425; W A S - 1 2 7 1 5 H.500--2 BR., den. firepl. Good location. (K243) HA 5-M25; WA 5-1271 524,900--3 BR., custom bit. rut. cabs, pooll |5K83| GA 7-5418 SPOTLESS--2 br., immecl. poss, w/w drpl. ( 9 K I 8 I ) GE 9-2191 CL6AN 3 br.. nic ""P^ft^j'jjjj*' » J8 , 5 oa-k t .,t of R-- « 6 3 L,47J "«"»-.'«' MOVE IN IS A ONE STOP DEAL --DIAL REX L HODGES! 73? ( Homes for Sole TRADE Your t-Bdrm.t 2-balh home lor Ihii 5-bdrm., 3 bath. 2 slorv 1SOO so. II. beauty. BullHni, w-w, draoes. CB (Mice, pallo slab. 2 vrs. old. We're asking S77.WO. bul submll vcur trade. IT'S SOT EVERYTHING except vcu. Ullra jharo 3-Bdrm. home, built-in range oven. cHuih w-w, custoni draoes, 1 polios. CB fence, EinTi landscaolno. SoarkUng clean only J72.500. YOUR CHOICE 5 of a kfrul all sharp. 3 lam- llv rm. i ^*Bcfrm., 2 balh ROL^mow beaulvi. All electric kitchen, w-w. drapes one has a pool. Priced from $30,900 - SW.900. Catl lor a Tcur. 596-4514 JOHN READ RLTYJnc. I BIXBY AREA DRIVE BY . . . 1009 RWoewood (please don't disturb o«.neril Ihen call eril I on 10 8. family rm, , . , cuy Ihs 2 bain lalls . . 3-Bedrm "ZENITH Real Estate Co. HA 1-1711 oves: OE 1-W07 SPLAT ! We Hit The Bull's Eye Assume FHA loan S154 mo. 3 balhs, 3 bdrms, llr. to cell, flrtol. H500 DOWN 5 Bdrm., 3°B«tli, 2 Story Choose from 3 -- 1 wllh pool. ASSUME Gl LOAN 1163 MO. 4 Bdrm.. 2 Bath -- Only M2.950 All Ihese homes wllh built-in range, oven, carpels, drapes, patios. JOHN READ RLTY _4M5 E. Spring HA 1-17S1 7200 square foot lot, surrounded bv ciivfer block fencing, nestles this ndcrable 1 bedroom beautvl Fea- turlno slate enlrVi ankle-deep ear- pttlno, rich brick fireplace, laroe fmlly-size kllchtn, sliding glass rfMf, ? car garaoe, manv used brtck planters) Only $18.50011 Try MOO down cold war veil or name vour own terms! Call 43'J-75W. W A L K E R L E E UHBEUEtfADLE- 2-BDRM. SPECIAL ONLY 116275 $475 tin. lor most buyers. $200 tfn. Cold War Vet Clean home BIG vard. Double garaoe. Very good school area. JHN READ RLTY Inc. 137 Norse Way Hft5-Hli FIREPLACE PLUS SnoMtis 3-BR.. redccor. In «. cul. Tiy NP DOWN GI-LOW DN. FHA RAPHAEL H]5 E. Spring HA y-i»l BIXBY KNOLLS 4445 MYRTLE Isl time offer. 3 bdrm. and t!e, 15x30 living room wtlh flrcgface Loe. formal dWng rocm, 12x17 famllv room wllh llreol. Loe rumpus room w/BBQ. Terrific trfac* lor entertainment. Rlly. Center Oille Brown HE 6-7426 GA 7-73?" BEAUTIFUL 3 bdrms. tfen, on owlet slreet. Loads ot xtras. Good orlct lerms. See irilsl! Realtor PAINT JAVE SPECIAL La*ns need mowlnflj floors need polish, walls rccd pal/if; but you can save r-^mdreds ol dollars on 1h1s 2-bdrrti. pkn hime workshor i oarace, covered patk, brick Bar-B-Q«, concrole driveway, too tocatron, 116^50. Try 11000 dn. GIBSON REALTY HA 5-7454 4I2A Paramounl Blvd., LaVtwood (REMODELED) 3 FAMILY ROOM This ruwne rtas Ltl Brick fireplace, breakfast bar. rwlural wood cuo- ,, built-in . Insulated ce1irr.cs cuts · Wall t _. : alor. ._., out heal wall carpels, · pan Fry too, insulated ce cold. Wall to wall carpels,- Drapes curtains Ihrouahout. A rot of home for !??,900. OBAN REALTY CO. S437 SOUTH ST, HA -5-6411 l/ 4 ACRE HEATED POOL with diving board, frull trees, ? PBtlos wllh brkk BBQ. This cul- sland-ng 3 QR. lamlly rocm home Is on paved alley wlm boat gale, vacani ready lo sell at FlfA npnralsal of S2?,9M. Call " 9-S?24. ?OIO Woodrull Ave, HA 9-S! 7KI3. W A L K E R * L E E NO KIDD1N 1 You should see 1h.h California Rancho only S23.950. 3 txaullftrf bedrooms, \V* sparkllno batris and Jc!i of living entertaining area. DlnTno family room, cozy brick fireplace In living room the den wllh sliding j1ass doors to covered oatro [yst waltlno for your parlies Srdanc«. FHAor VAIerms, or assume at S112 monthly pymts.Cal HA 9-5W4--3010 Woodruff Ave. H W A L K E R L E E DOLL HOUSE Absolutely th« cutest 3 bdrm. IVj bath on the market. Lush w-w carpels over tiardwd. floors, custom drapes/ dishwasher, bulll-lns. Loads of other extras. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ON THE MARKET LISTING! Won't last Ihe week-end. To lee call JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 596-3720 LIST WITH GLENN GUST1HE_ CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS ' 343 "OLIVE--3-BR. iJl.750 3m CALIFORNIA-J-BR. St«,3» HUNTER ASSOC. tit-Sill VIKIKG REALTY 426-61M 4M1 ORANGE tal Carson) CARSON PARK 3BEDRM., loe kllchen, sep. dlnlr.g rm., W-V/ carpels/ rj-. Douglas schools. Block fenced Yard . Barcaln nrkcd n! 519,500. Drive bv 3*14 PALO VEROE, Ihen call . . SANDLER-ROSEN Realty 17U Clark GE 3-M7 4228 JOSIE .. . OPEN PM Above patio, WEEIC Own»- rmill oo .some- OI Mver^ ME 34P2 COIN LNDRY $8000 FP ABOUT S30W DOWH II nvich'l. S dryers. Real « maker. Owner leaving area Vtlll teach new buyer. Must sell In.s irert. Agt. M74 E. Imperiil Hwv., Pnvifny. WA 3-6791. RESTAURANT rs. Will leach. Good percent- 1 1-lvlr.B arlrs.' ' Blvd. NE9-W66 irea. ^7000 BEER BAR, La Mtrada area. m3nlh fRUsfREALT- (714) 521-6012 · BEAUTY SALON 4 operator Mtup. Fully fool. EODmt «lmo5l new. Gross HXOO+ ptr mo. Cvweii aria. all. S. 4I5-1341 COCKTAIL bar. Dflnklno rn JMt. Oo«5 H.OOO mo. plus S on uool. Fully carMW, p wall., ttc._OwnB-j«1ll f'nanci .1,0 HANCOCK service station for leaie minimum lnvestm-nl reauJred. Contact Georoe Sberwood Ct-73m»ends. GA COCKTAIL BAR BY OWNERS. Dllaorte. «000 mo. srosi. Lease 2 vrs.. 7 mo. Irll. 171JQO c^sh + Invsn. 5729 LaKfWOOd jlvo\ 634-1472 ulpment, landl lakes spectton. slock bvil MACHINE.*. FABRICATING ~ mnrf ._ ._ Jlord. 1ku It. ivirdirtg. led with . . Call 564.3636 for In- LARGE Volume Servke jtalion tor kate. Good back room inco-Tie. Take aao/ox. S5.000 to r«ndl*. Beit localion on Pac. CsLH^y. M02 E. Pat. Cst. Hwv. 4334J4 ESTABLISHED yarn ttoao, same o-*r*r W years. Due fo Illness ' must sell. Clientele and ohpne Hitlnci included. Davs Hf eves, or weekends GE BEER i Influence, Ru HE 7-7116. MUS CAFE OCEAN BLVD. Hot »DOt, $150 day pros*. Good leate Terms. Hurry L ROPMAH REALTY HE S-: CAFE, BPOTOX. 1275 a day. Business dhlrlct. Low rent. B«l modern equip Small dn. Ready fo opei. 137 Ho. Pacific, San Petro. BEER tavern east L.B. area, bldg, great polential. Absef.rct owner cannot control, _wfll sacri tlcel Owner. 7l*-A3?-)356. Act.^cy. Good toe. Da\ng good bvslneti. Owner r«- tir(M ztl- 12 yrs. Not mud! cash n eerfrf^ __ *» 1 EMPLOYMENT a\n TRUCKS WITH JOBS Peierbllls Ken worths. Buyers pull Irallprs fo*r laroe So. Cairt. construcllon Co. In L.A, area. Low rfa'wn naymentj financing lurnfshcd far r"-T'iF"*d tviy»rs. PHONE-- SPRUCE 5-3»l "PET SHOP "~ V/ell Established Good LccaUan, Sao day- C-cwd lease. Onlv iSO mo, rent. Owner leaving area. Rodman Realty HE 5-24 15 WELDING * IRON SHOP Will Mil all business or lust the land, good Belinower toe. E. T. IBBETSON ASSOC 5787 South SI., Suite 7, Lakewood SIDE LINE Coin laurvdrv. N?at A tlo-foo cond. 20 washers, 4 rtrvars. Doing wotil Heart attack. Only S150Q dn. Tolal GANNON'S GA 3-U2£ GE S-«91S BEAUTIFUL LOCATION For vour 2nd Dress Shoo. Air- conditioned BWg. 1700 so. (I. 'or leaie adjacent lo Beauty Satan. Calt Bob Jostofi, t'dvs. GA ?-*M4 or CVGS. NE 5-0711 Free Franchise Workshop Attend FREE WORKSHOP con- c'uclcd by Franchise Consultant. Gel vour qu*s lions anjwer«f. Over ?0 franchises. PARTAKE, 27iO Belinower, L.D. 421*9375 BEER BAR STEAL Owner reduced wlce from SU.SO! lo S9.000 FP. SI ,OOO dr. od. D-JS, od foe. Bkr, 72^ E. PC HWY. 591-54? CAFETERIA Or* or Ihe bel! Ootn 1 shlfl-- S^ N SS\ ^fltK ^-s-flw BY OWNER COCKTAIL BAR Phone HE 7-SIM busy shopolng area, n^rkirg. S.a mo. r«nt. Par|n»r siXlO or j»tl a 5,1500. 11-8 P.M. 17ft?4 Bellflowe Blvd., Belff lower. DON' IT SHOP-- Boo.Trno Norther C*iif G-vv* hunting arj Mshino areas. Call (or InFo. WS-24QI Mon. Itiru Frl. 25x50 A1r ccnd. bfdg. vac. «v/ber i wine He. On lot 87x337, Park 1 cars. Ai-reiFa Blvd. 54?,OCC tota GAHNOM'S GA 3-W36 ME 1-W DRY CLEANING PLANT BY OWNER~*13,5GO F.P. TERM GE 3-4 Si3 HA 9953 RETIRE (4500 YR 1N 6 YRS, 0 SSOOO investment as MIMe a; $500 Ho parllctoatkin. J32-3S21; -H4-3316 BARBER SHOP Re/it MS ma. Good E. Lonff Besch loc. Can -I3^-OS7 anytime RESTAURANT -- Buffet Stvle. «0 emolovees np«l dr. Seali 150, lei" rifle pot. 535,500 F.P. S10JJOO dn B.B.B GA 3-7933. 1500. Sell, trade. Adcma GA 7-1241 'roperty for Sale 130 {BUSINESS INDUST.) Oulstanding Commercial Investment + a v;cnderful ta sJieller. 4 slores + 3 aoti. Plenlv of parhino. Iccaled en corner lot. 1st loai has 3% Int. Ovuner may carry 2nd, or exchange. Look Into ' S PHIL VROOMAN. REALTY REALTOR NOTARY 1555? Beilflower Blvd., BflFflower 925-1331 or TO 6-571? IND LAND ALL AREAS 50x145 M-2 Cor. Paranv $12,500 120x710 M-l BrGomfiekJ, AITev cor. 1 Ac. S. D. Fry. front. Must sell 7 Ac. M-l lone. Domlnouez. Make offrr. BILL BROOKS CO.. Rltrs GA 6-5924 or from L.A. NE 6-6544 J1CE OFFICE BLDG.-- Beilflower, 2 vrs, old, 5 offices, all rented cxccol 1 for vcu. Good Income, Only «0,000. CaJI 6A5-9S43. VOGEL REALTY 1741iPionMr Blvd., Artesia DENTAL, MEDICAL OR OFFICE bui W1 rig. Owner will finance. Al- lanlic nr. downtown. Lots of park- Ing. Norm lr, HE 7-1351. [W2151 REX L HODGES BUSINESS oror-erly 1n shopping cen- Icr, How used for screen mfa. Llv* fng quarters In rear. 4419 E. Aror^ra, nr. L.B. Freeway. S3500 will handle. 633-IU25. DOWNTO\VN cofnmerclal. Show excel, rolurn. TraHe. HARRY XAY. BELMONT Rlfy 433-0971 5000 SO. FT. BLDG.-- Like r-*w. Lo*. lot. Parking. S39,5W10til. 6% loan. GANNON'S GA 3-42A ME 3-4 7 S3 3 STORES E, 2-BR. HOME $37,500. HE 7-1935; GA 7-4392 M ZONE lot 75x100 '^llh home, truce lo build. Broker. NE MIE4. Commercial-fndust'l 13T (SITES-- LOTS) OWNER-- Ccnvner-cral w/4 ao1. Wrfg. San Pedro 14lh R Gaffey- Reduced. S28.500. Call W3-J104 aft. 5. Inc. Prop, for Sole 132 4 BY OWNER CouM '4-- J 8r. houses. Ir.c. S3M. E. side, close Irt. Clear. PHnclM'i cnly. Ph. 43J 4379 STUDIO APTS. New 4 unll «3Ci ?-Bdrm., Vf» baths Geld Medallion, 5 garages. 2122 E. 6TH 439-7314 SIX 2BEDROOM UNITS Good location. Sorrnxrers. 151.500, 10% down. Norm Ide, HE 7-1251. T526) REX L HODGES OWNER leaving -- * newer unils/ Dnln, real steal for cash lo loan, no ooinfs 432-1417 4-U, must sell. SACRIFICE. Divorce 437,500 or ? Income $2957 No ban Fee. LYr/WOOD. ?52-1121 FOUR FLAT. Cr« In 4 l-Bdrm. uoJ1s. oar. Muil he lolo*. Terms. GE 9-2IW Bkr. GE 4*5693 6l/ 2 x GROSS 2 vrs. old. 45 U. Posh. 1- ?- 3- Brfrm. Sur-deck. sub oark. Teraiio deck, elcv.i1 or, steaii rm.. oa'io, heat. 3S Leased. 1 Vacanl. E. Side, L.B. Ow^er GE-03«; GE 3-1371 lifrncllvt units on larce parf*.-lixe corner k)T. Room for more unlls or comrrwrclat devElop- menl. Paved alley. Income SSS5 per mo. Owner will finance al »% interest wlih only $10,000 cfn. Xlnl. value opDOrlunHv- HA 9-5928 -- ELLIS-SCHRADER DIVORCED Med. apt. F.P. Inc. Lavs rnalnt. 'iii,«jo 01 er. HE -?331, GE B-S876 APT. HOUSE OWNERS Increase your nel by njr Insurance. Retfuct units buill ikvce 1956. 42S-1M1 V/orthlnqton-Wrlght 925-1172 ssogl.i1cs- BLUE CHIP BUY!! Moo*e/n 1 OPEN 757 CHESTNUT Ldrge 1 btfrm. olus Mil) down btd, dining, ulllitv room A oarage, corner. Asking Sv.500, sutmll. CALL LEWIS GA2-S125 VIKING REALTY 4 24-61M PREVIEW SHOWING LA CONTESSA OCEAN VIEW-- SINGLE ____ VACANT aol 17," 120 Alamlfos. 1-br., all oleclrfcr w-w crpt., rxjllt-lns, DPOD l IQ 3 pjn. dallv 'III sold or call J34-15« lor app't. _ V/ANT AN OWN-YOUR-OWN? We htave oocd bargains from S13.000 -- Excellent tocflllcnsl RYERSON-HAZLET, 2-BDRM. furnished. Ea^lslde. Hstafe. Try JMM. Rllor., 414 E. Broadwv HE GOLD Medallion, 2-Br., 2 Ba. ( 1 oars. Only $18,500. Realtor. 414 E. _Brqadway,_H E_ 7_. W59 BY~OWNER. Ap1. 2 bdrm., 1 balh, new all elec. 1525 ApDleFon, Api. 2-F Ph. 437-9381 or 43A-0396. _ 135 GA 4-iaa Duplexes for Sale FIXER-UPPER BELMOHT HTS BEST AREA! » UNITS. "DIRT CHEAP!" REPOSSESSED. WILL SELL AT LOSS. GANNON'S GA 3-*? GE a*P?tS EAST 4TH STREET 3 Slorc + 7 lurnihed aoti. Income SSI 5 mo No. vac. woWcm. BILL HURLEY, REALTOR Hia P.. 41h S1. 37-M90 8 Deluxe Units I-3BR. 7-2BR. EASTSIDE. Suhmll on downl HDEN ROC REALTY 4M-KK EASY TO BUY! CHOICE! Use your home as down payment. 9 units newer apis. Ideal C-3 zone GA 4-8523 Bixby Knolls RUy 10 STUCCO FUR'J. UNITS, «9,50. S3SOO fown. Or tfade T.D.'s, e!c., to*- S10.000 eauilv. Income WSO, . DONOVAN RLTV. *3J-4p3l * ___ 23 FURN. Stucco Aols. SlfS^OO. In*come SI. 3 30, pvmls $400 at 6.6%. [n L.B. Weri localed. Duplex con- skJered in trade. DONOVAN Rltv. 434-XOW EXCLUSIVE ADULT COMMUNITY Vjro'n'a Coiwitrv Ctt-b area. Minutes from Freewav Tax -- S/S duplex. All t'.K.., 2 bdrm., multi bath. Mew, 4 modelt, frndcs considered. M?,SM -- J54.500 -- ;0% down. Open 10 to 6. 474-758S W A L K E R L E E _ TRUST SALE 5333 AooJan Way, L. B. 5 bdrm. I den, Hi bath, brick lireo'ace. carpet, drapes. Sepsrale dining room, double earaoe, sun- dRck. AsVIng S35.000. Shown bv _n_onl. cnlv. 6«3*)l 1. HUGE $T7,900 LOT Inclinfci 3 bdrm., 1% balM, din. rm., cov. pctlo. Assume Gl Loan 5l/ 4 % t99 mo. Pl. 3 br., 1V ba. Hdwd. Flrtpl. WELLS GE 0,4036. COLD WAR VETS CALL OR COME IN. WE HAVE INFORMATION AS TO YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR NO DOWN Gl LOAN. MARIE KALE RMv Co. WE -lllO 5263 Paramounl Blvd. Arbee Centt WANT A BARGAIN? 3 bdrm., den. Hdwd. (Irs. Bath C. 3V Built-in bar. Swimming pool. Efc. SI8.900 P.P. SI700 down. Im- med. posie»Icn. E. Lakcwood. HEADY RFALTY HA 7-1941 aim Horwalk Blvd. J500 DOWN 1 bdrm. duplex. Total price SU,300. Drive bv 131141 Mahanna. RICHARDS RtALTY . HA 5-1331 55TB Del Amo $17,900! 3 BEDROOMS! Two balhisL Laroe fdmltv-slie kitchen wllh door 1o garaoe! Wall lo wall carpcllnal Drapes) Large sliding gists door lo spacious bscK yard! 100% financings Sellers are movlno north . . . must sacrifice! Only WOO down co!d war FHA of WW down to Anyone! Call Bkr. NEED MORE ROC .-..illy presllce beaul' fireolace. ' PRICED TO SELL! Vacant 1 BR, fenced. See to at predate! Bv owner. 3367 Lees. _ LOVELY 3 8dfnV"D" Model, IS " nl. lanal, Mllo, IB. tot. 4i3! CITY COLLEGE AREA O'NLY »»,9so 3 BDRM--FIREPLACE ALL MODERN KITCHEN ' Bullt-lns cabin els galore * Large separate dining rm. * Big 53x1 OS vard wMht trees * Neat dean home vard * Wide drive to rear garage * Walk to Douglas College. JOHN READ RLTY Inc. .1137 Norse Way HA S44\6 TAKE YOUR PICK 3 8R., enlarged, bll-Fn SharoL '[vfno rm., rock range oven. 2-BR,, encloied patio, fruit (fees. Ctose lo schools snooping. BRUNEI REALTY MOVE UP TO LUXURY on working man's budget. 3 BR + Family room 2 baths. Xlnl carpellnp, dranci L bulM-lns. Ultra, sharp corner! JUST LISTED! 122,900. HURRY! JOHN READ RLTY Inc. 6345 E. Spring HA 1-1761 Electric b u i L , , .. heat, hug; block fenced yard patio New on market. JCfST-SMJXW, SO HURRYl JOHN READ RLTY Inc. KM* E. Spring _ HA M761 "~ MORTGAGE CO. REPOSSESSION 3 bdrm., dbEe. uarage, S19.W5, low down wMti termi k lull. Newly redecoratirdl Lniide otjt. SUlc enlrv. fiardwtxxl lloori. Excel. area, Soulh of Ca/son i Eas1 of Sludebalcer Road. See at 7)50 iVcnlaco Road. 2-STORY beautiful Fairway Park home featured in Southland Magazine, -^-bedrms., Yh balhs. Lovely M9H]y livable. Has 5V.¥. Jnler- esl loan. Price only £31,950. GE 0-8115 ELLIS-SCHRAOER ALAMfTOS BAY A NICE ONE Close lo Blxbv Park. A rtal bw al 578AJO furnished. Can WALTER GREENWOOD GE 94412 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. t» E. Ocean, ReaMors. HE 3-3961 Custom Built Duple* 3 betfrms. each, \Vj balhs, all nal. wood c-abTnels, cartels crapes, eompl. fenced. Will trade for house or sell for lovr do*n, JERRY'S REALTY tXn QRANC.E GA 1-1437 OWNER Liquidating--10 deluxe unlli. FIXER UPPER SPECIAL 4 u. I 1 hr. Slue, lu vri. old. Low dn. Tn' S24.900. Gaonod (S18?) REX L HODGES HE 7-1 Ml C4 Lot 100x130 Lo Dn 4 U. -f Vac yy Corner Lol, Pol S3GO mo. Try 127,500. Gaonon 1SI8?1 REX L KODGES_HE 7-1251 AUTO repair parjoe for sate. 3«t location in C.B. ,vri!« 1189 RM- pan St., Los Alamnas. p. IHness (cxc«s sail. (IE40 mo. Low rent. i't-7111; *KM HOBBY Shop...lJJrws4 forcfs salt. pood PtU! G« Cite Family BMHardi, 1 lablsi. 1 rocallon. busy area. Well SITUied. PH: W5.SSS7 HAMBURGER ll.nd oul t. soli ice ertam. ExcH. toe., excel. Drofil. 3I-IX» . ., 6^4007; 43I-I rtam. a l l G A AKT - Bf»r - WTne · Foitn!aln CaW KOOO. Summ.rla.-4 al V/tilern. San Pedro. TE 3761S HOUUYWOOD ReJlauranl. l!3M. "sfwrt ev«. l»u«. ooo^utf'".';;,, Elllton Realty _ He ?44I5 A.I SHOE ReoaTr rocallon. 44.030 car? » day. 5415 *««"· Jl 1 ?*/ "rner of Clarlc. _ ?KJM\ COCKTAIL LtHXW. GdMtotiffi*- Lot AUmllOS OE ''^ ; "^M^£!!!!^ fi«l. 1125M P.P. LOW DOWH Low lease. South Bav area. aiCtt 335-131S _ BEEVtV food. S1000el if/. J7 5"0 F.P. Sbt. hows. l?50 dr. Agl. NE 90167^ "LAUNDERETTE. ESTAB. "is YR. 00. INC. FOR CPLE. LOV/ DN. Will leach. K7 E. B'wav 33-»53 RE. PARTNER will train oal under 35. single. Combine IKII. social. Salary 4 com. Box A-3293 I, P-T. CAFE-Short orders. Vm. Net JIO» mo., l». S3500 *. B.B.fJ. GA 3-7738. BEAUTY SHOP, xinl. Benfiower roc. 1 oar. J3000 + Inventorv. ME 4-1183 or 63f«IM. CLEANING i PRESSING SHOP Fullv etfDr. S1500. Be readv lor spring clean-up. 3e^79M. AUTO Reoalr--fullv eoulo, Alic stall suitable for steam clean car wash. COIH LaiuioVv-lSH Palo VerA L.B. Oill tM-1157 alt. 5 P.M. SMALL neltiborbood grocery. Good potential. AM? 1.8. 1 «-YR.-OLO Sleno Suslrwst, graph. HE 7-7934 or HE 6-i JOHNSTON'S PIE ROUTE for life. GOOD AREA. ME 0-W76. aencY for sale. _jGE T 4 r ««^7 unit. All Elec,, Headache VERY CLEAN J 3drm.~ ( 4 - ) ! A-Tir'n V/-1 1 ) *-elr. Bi/1 mere/ Bdrms. Good am. MI6 \t\c. 0^'v will. Loc. E._SWc. JDwner. 433-33.14 155^)00. Ellison RcaU/ HE 2-^4S - SEAL'BEACH--1201 0:ean~AveV~5. unils. 9wJ Fnccffl';. LcavEng slate, i f-/ \X/i Sea!way. _ _ _ · _ TO SETTLE tslale.'lof Yo.'b'lock J.- Wxl3S', 4 refltali. Ocean villa Tract. S9I.1890 IMAGINE! $18,500 ? Bdm. home B. gyest howe--250 II. deco lol. Hurrvl ALSO 2 Bdrm. · den duplex. Fine Jor 2 lamllles. Owner savt "lell"! GA 4 3SM BIXBY KHOLLS RLTY. BY OWNER, DELUXE DUPLEX IN BEAUTIFUL LOS CERRITOS DISTRICT. 2 YRS. OLD. I BDRM i 3 BORMS. + PATIO OVERLOOKING POOL. VIEW LOT. PRICED ATS47,SOO. 4JSTO3 $495 DOWN L«. Nev/ 3 Bdrm. Family room. Balh Vt. 2 car gar. Bullt-ins, o., Pl. »1»495 (E. FULL PRICE $24,900 4 be4tm. e 2 balhs, covered oatto, tHJlll-lni, ((replace. (5-PJan Garden ParV) No dn. Gl or 11 850 FHA MABRY RealfyGE 0-0521 n'Of GA 3-M78 GOVERNMENT OWNED LOW down, low lr.1eresl, no points, 7-3-4 br. homes. Rcdl bargain!) TURF REALTY 431-1211 _ Ownsr -- Atlantic Ave. LARGE 2-br. boost In fronl with tfrapts runt rfuolex In r«ar. _ 436-WS or 43Mfl71 evti. " _ J" SINGLE aoli., 3-br. house, Inc. «700. «5XOO F. P., E-Z term!. 1018-1DM Paclfc Avt. 436-2J4I i LOWER 1-br. unlli. Tin klfch., balh. Gd. Inc. Ntar Rec. Park. Ttrnl!. GE9-J179 BUr. GE 4-S«3 29 UNITS--$169.500 Pen.tlon.trs. Spciress. UNM 5, 1? mo, WK.. Kcut%.. ^IJ.TTV oSmer, 1470 Linden. 714; LE 9-tos DLX. 2 8/*. BV irwDolna center. S3jM_ggwi^pwrtef 4M-Z\(A. . OWNER-- 3 unit* on R-4 lot. 3jjS Ransom St. "iM-Ojia? cXTlF. Heights 4 pic,*, ? 3 bdrms, Xlnl finance. By .owner. 37-5^? HEED MONEY. For salt new 4 unlit. Mafce offer. iSO^S^ UN'lTS, 4 tror . low rent, s?3 mo. ?.. fljoa dn. or irade HA 5-IH3 TRIPLEX-ExInl. loc. Costa Me?]. Low dn. 7I41 ito-1585 Biis.jOpp ^^i^^r^n^tf. »^"i^W^IM45if Box A-3582 Ind., Prtii-T*reofam mIT low/ dn. Ellison RJIV HE 2-^)2 IXTRA nice cuslom bui 11 4 1 bd rms.. 4 osf. Near bus, shona'ng ccnlcr. 50x150 lot. Submit offers. AL RilTZ figALTY S81-3M6 "NICE unlli In Nortli L.B. 81 1415 SOUTH ST. -- Income 5463 Owner will help finance. ELLIS-SCHRADER, ffoV«l(_ 15 UNITS BY OWNER Nr. new, S1.570 mo. Inc., JIS.OM cm. or trade for 1st T.D. GE 4-?73? Own-Your-Own Apt. 134 I 60RM. lower, elec., 4 yrs., car., furn. unfurn. 335 Olive 34. HE S-07M. LEISURE WORLD. ChoLe 2-bdrm. S.E. corner act. Bui fr oar king at d-vr. Ph. 4M 8313. LA RGE fowe r Tbedroom, V/-w, drape;, r:frir. stove. Pallo, Car porl. Owner. 416-71)5. j-BDRM*.,* ? bath, ocean view, xlnt. orlce. Evef/fl, GE 1-OW5, Origans BY OWNER 2 Br., 2 ba. view. All elec. + oar. Musi sell. 417-3«S OCEAN BLUFF single, 17MJ. Soundprool, til mo. Skr. HE -776 i"BR. w/oar,, MOVING. Larte Jd. 1-br. Close In. Owner. " !_GE". jlnste. !4!00, Api. 1, B«r. Garaoe. 435-1007 E. 2nd., 437-3X) RETIRING? Ouolcy ^ lour 1-BR. o!(. AH unils furn. CTcan iharp!! ~~ "^USTTiStlD Stucco 1-bcdrm. duplex, d(Xjble garaac. Only JH.900 F.P. RODMAN REALTY HE 5-241S SPAjrSH slucco 2 bdrm. Large livina room, dining room. Very cFeart. R-'. Make offer, AL RUTZ REALTY ?l-33« " B?. QuVvcy GOVT. REPOSSESSIONS MtMl a-fs- Nerlw n-w. Low'di. WHITE REALTY ME 3-318* Eve-.: HA S 0197 $15.500 TAKES IT CHdtr home. Cor, lol 2 bdrm, +. 15th Coronado. Owner. GA 7-C9Q3. SAILS SEA at vour doorstep. BeauIlM, !M- clou? 4-b«drocm home. Large living rm., dfnlng rm. den . . with gervcroui use of glass . . lo fully take adi/anl'agc ol Ihe vkw Icca- tlcn. Exce'ent conskuction. Soot- less cOiTditton. Terms. Call . . CHARLES LANE GE 93*33 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 E. Ocean, Realtors, HE 73941 ALAMITOS HEIGHTS OPEN SUN. 3» FLINT AVE. 3 and a deft. Hew Medallion. CALL HARRY KAY BELMONT R(ty 433-0971 HANDYMAN Clean . . nalnt save US on this J-Bedrm home'. MUCK Datlo, new stove, refrlg washer. Orchid house extra. FHA termi. A MUST sell! Choice Vocallon. Fred Rose Rlty GE 4-0981 CLEAN ^Bdrrn., W-W carpels driiDEi. Choice location. Nr. Bellllr. Blvd. Wardlow Rd, Tile Vitch. balh, fire alarm svslem. Mr. schools 5honDlng. SANDLER-ROSEN Realry 1714 Clark GE 3-74)7 NEAT CLEAN! 2 bedrcozn ^ome wUh 18x32 family rm. Extra nice carpet drapes, cor. fireplace, lovely home. $73,000. RYLEE REALTY PH. 925-5078 »39 E7 ARTESIA, BELLFLOWER OPEN HOUSE 3 bdrms., \Vt baths, wall ID wall carpels, vncanl. 3029 FIDLER. U7-1791 Blak 3729 RAD WO R-- Vacant. 2 bdrrr.s Dble. garage, yard. Bfcr. HE 5-7192 DOMINGUEZ NICE 2-br, stucco, gar. Covered palm own. 83S-9«B. GET IN THE SWIM! antf see this' nice hc/ne wllri larpt pool iharp cuest house In rear. 3 bed/oorns, carpeting drapes, n!ct cheerful kitcticrt, dining rm. area. Good location In Lakewood, . ctase to schools Br park. Asking 524,950 with lerms. COGBURN REALTY CO. 10001 Arlesla Blvd. Bcllfrower Phon e" M5-M05 2 DEN FIREPLACE TOO BulM-in range oven, naturaf weed cabinets, corner flrrplace, wfllI to wall carpet. A lot cE home $800 DOWN OBAN REALTY CO. M37 SOUTH ST.. hfA S-t4?l MOST WANTED 2-Betfrm., extra sharp. 2-Odrm. . . wilh (.replace. 3 Bedrrn . . Immaculate. 3-Bedim. . . Best prked. 3-BR. lam. rm . . xtra share 4!-Bcdrm.. . huge llv. rm. 2-Bcdrm. . . 20x40 POOL. 2 ON 1 . . 2-BR pa. . . Call ^fAULLEN REAL.TY HA 1-1776 HERE'S this spacious 3-bctfrm. rm., l ! /i balh home. Commercial raoaclly, refrigerated air coiwf. forced air heat. Built-in ranoc oven, dbl. oaraoe. complete iprfnXler system . . air on a corner lot. MO DOWN payml. (or Gl's or low J ~ ' HA 9-59M BELIEVE IT OR NOT-- Urvdeforfced, but still available. Clean, cfein 3 bdrm., 2 ba. home, Qualfty carpeirncr draMi. Nr. Dutch Village. S31.C" ~ ~ " irself a lavor--si. cmore Really, Rlti BIG "D" MODEL Bejl rxlce \n area. Submit, 1h1i Is a bargain. Near schools, shoo- Jo'rin Read Inc. HA 5-6416 Near Latewood Center Sharp as a lack. Onl/ S2230 dn. MABRY Realty GE 0-0521 DOWNTOWN MUST SELL to llta E. 8th. \24F ELM. bedrm. home close Fo May Co. Pavmls. Icjs Ihan rent. This Is a rnwwv-saver special. HA J-5923 ELLIS-SCHRAOER EAST SIDE 2 «V FAM. RM. REAL SHARP! TOM STEVENS RLTY. GE 8-1177 BELMONT HEIGHTS . . . OUTSTANDINGLY BEAUTIFUL! French home v/Hh hlon cellfnos, wide doors, and a unlove flowing lloor plan. 3 or 4.bedrrri3., 2?x1S living rm.. soaclovs dlnlno rm.. *im room atrium. Cail . . CHARLES LANE CE ?-34Sa CLIVE GRAHAM CO. Ma E. Ocean, Reallors, HE 2-3J61 . See Marly 4IE 7-1 1 ( o l R E X L HODGES _ _ lVO'fiCE-- XIS.WO reduced bv owner lo 515,500. J-br., IS»J4 liy. rm., Ige. lot, Irces, oarare. 54 -- 19lh Mr. DltKlnsiin ifl.ltSO; E 3*731 D1RTY BUT CHEAP 3 br.. T^t / bam, R-3 ZOM. Onlv HOME INCOME ^.Btlrm. home + 2 Bdrm. rental 8, atladied single, »(!», allev, So. of Anaheim. SIS.m ESTATE 2--2-BDRM. HOMES 50x130, alley. S. ol Anaheim. $16,950 LLOYD C. LEEDOM, Rltr. PROBATE SALE A1lract1v« ?-bdrm. home w/atchd. bachelor act., enxtosed back yard. DbJ«. oar. Furnllurc available. _Fpf_'aPpt._C4aU 747-4340 tGlerKfali} "DRIVE BY--CALL us W5S GRAND. Price Reduced. Neal 2-Wrm. A rei 1 o'xid h*jv. _MABRY Rltv._GE M731 0^3-1471 IMAG!N C !"S6900 F. Hurrvl By Ric only S17,000--Ownsr will pav all escrow characs. SubmH on down nsvmen!. _ELLIS SCHRAOER M_E__3_-5m ' " 2 BDRM. BY OWNER " " - · Country Club Estates. W-w caraeli, draoct, fiagdone utanrc/i. ' cemcnf drive, piillo, manv rxlrai. V/i BLKS. to OCEAM. Allr. small ifucco Horns. Try S12.500. ELLISOM REALTY HE 1 4415 REDUCED' ,,- jr. lot. Walk to lown, near DWJCJ, iVtt., schOQf. OWNER. KE 7-809 OWNER must sell dyplex, sutmll small cash er trust detxJs as down pvmt. 41H560 I 8ORM. slno!«. Near Gundry. tllorj down. 1135 Inc. CA -4S7i Lots for Sole 136 PARK ESTATE-Ont of town owrnr must sell (SxIZS «. lot. Allev. Readv to build, plans available. GE 9-217? BVr. 54(41(4 RESIDENTIAL LOT--49xl2m, in Ihe heart of Bellflower, good lerms. REEn REALTY CO. K5-740J Invest, for Ocean Bl prop McBurnle Really. GE 0-8W R-3 LOT -- 6?xl4v t.Br. on front. W4I Park. Btll- I lower. Price reduced. Wj-1146 R-t LOT wllh cute 2-bdrm. Vacanl. St. lo SI. S3CO Jown. nt-KM . MARIE KALE RMv. CO^MEJ^TTO 2 BDRM. ONLY $7950 verv clean. Hdwd. NINA/ALEX- AHDER HE HW3; 591-M74 For No On! Rent To Buy Ric Owen Mn OH1c Eve HE 50MJ RSX L HODGES __ HE 7-TOI ilM DN. «, ta*« over pavmenli. ^Br.. 2 balrt, colt, bullMru, fire- Dla^e. Vacant. 3 ml. E. L.B. Bkr. GE I-KTI. _ 47 Repossessed Hornet REGAL REALTY SW-W1 NLY 517/.JJ per mo. mci. evenr- Ihtog. 3 br., IVr b*., tfbT. Hr. Cor. F.P. 17«P. Brottr GE 1-tSlS BY owner-- Nev^ly dec. Vacant ? br. HoVd. (Irs. TH« batr). Finced vd. WE J-ISM. ONLY 5177.H per mo. Incl. everything. 3-br., Vh ba., dbl. oar. Cor. F.P. S17.000. Broker GE T 4515 2 BDRM. HO\yd. noors, garage. SmJ. lot. Only JI1JOO. F-Z Itrmi. ALEXANDER ___ S91-S87 ___ . slocco. Newlv deor. Choi k«ronly SU.SOO. e*r. ME 4-1430. . Xlnt flnlnc. Owntf. ME »-14?3 HEAR twir repoittiiiun. Low Omtit wllh good credit. Bovd GA 4-4M7 ] BR., \Vt ba. 1,950. won't last. HA 5-1IS5, ev! Br. 431-M13. 1803 OCEAN BLVD. 6 bdrm., 3 balh Mxer upper. 45x150 corner. Vacanl. Mus) be ultf. Sub- mil down. CWC. MORRIS HOLMQUIST ?IM Pacllic REALTORS MI-S6I1 EXECUTIVE HOME Ooen House Mon. - Frl., l:»4:» 5 bdrms./ pool room, wet bar. Excellent financing. REALTY CENTER HE 4-7414 FITZGERALD or BROWH LARGE FAMILY? Here's vow horn*. X bdrm., 'fh tn. Full R-4 lol. _STE_GGALL REALTY _ HE 4-70W TER'MIHO AT TTH 3-br., R-2 Id. 5'J(137'. Kaltirvn Campbell Bkr. GE I-73M BY OWNER LARGE ? BDRM. ffl.3077 LARGE 2-BDRM., oNnlno rm., palip, J balhs aixl J-Bdrm., rental. In rear llrpl. In both. 204 Quincv COLORADO ov/ner. 3 RR. home t IrKomc. Small dn. El te.-ms. 439 E. 14lh. ___ OLDER 2-bedr50m. C-(. 50x135 lot. Will IraJe lor acreage, lol, etc. EOArtlr iJOCO. BROKER GE 1-6515 EL DORA'DO PARK SAVE $$J Mew 3 4 Btfrms. wtm all Ihe , trfmmljigi. Carpels/ drapes, land- scapfrvo, tni I It-kit, .00% lervcrno. ! Same new home with eoual extras I could cost thousands more. I JohnJReadlnc.HAS-6416 LOWEST priced 3-Bedrm., Hi bath I in area. Gorgeous W-W carpels ', t. drape:, fireo!., bit-in elec. kllch. { large lol. this Big Playroom w/Frpl. 4 Bdrm., 1 bath. Near schools. Just the home for a lars* family.' LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. _TO 3734 HA J75I4 8Y OVVNER--3-bdrm7 7-ca~garaoe, Ienc2d yard. N«v; w-w carpellng. FHA financing. 519,950, low down. 4119 Hac::e1t Aye. 7»-842-37i. LAKI-.VVOOD COUNTRY G!/n I-STATES I.AKr.VVOOD PI.AZA TICKLED PAINTER HAD A PICNIC Bit) what UD r» buy! - - - - . Plaifl. Try 123.COO. 2 Bdrm., terrific local'ion. wh«! a challenge. FHA rfrv, 1700. Los Allos 4 Pdrin,, 7 bath, hto* ifving rm. O^ner facing (oreclo- iure. Try 127,000. JOHN READ RLTY 5. Soring _ HA 1-1731 e:, formal din home Is sharp] ., Call . BELMONT PARK 2-BDRM. + small (Jen. 1 block 'f Bav. Rreolac*. stove, refrlg. Inel. Sal. Sun. ?S3 Clarcn 3M CLAREMOMT charmino Bel Pk. ?-br. Do nol disturb occuDSnf. BYRNES. Rlir.. GE 15133. BELMONT SHORE 4 Units on Bayshore Ave, Wear ocean. Consider Irade. ANTISTA REALTY t39-994S M 'SE 3 BR., 2 ba., 2 f gar. Bv BIXBY AREA NEWLY LISTED 4557 Tolb«rf NMl cl«»n -- toll of exlrjl. Call ruw -- Pflc*d In Kill Harold K. Steole, Realtor 530 E. CARSON GA 7-5447 . . . SANDLER-ROSEN Realty 1714 Cl.-uk ___ GE 37«7 | UK~E new 5 Brs. Owner must sell. : CALL HARRY KAY : BELMONT Rlty 433-0971 LAKEWOOD AREA !! WALLS OF GLASS !! in ihij loallcs? 3-Bed/m, ? bath, (ireoJ, forced a:f heal Rancha riome. Ha? rxisllng irOXWo 1oa*\. Submit iniall down »-, OW.TCT wHI ri*'o ffrwnco. . . . ALSO . . . Larfifc 3-Bedrm + fair*ily rm, twam cclingi, flro?', 2 balhs. hdwd floors, bcauliful grounds. w FHA HAEL BY OWNER--Clfan 2-br. i famllv rm.. disposal/ dblc. aarag«, w-w, fncd. Clwe t» HI 3chl. m Cold ME 4-4417. .AKEWOOD EAST; bcautlfcH 3 br, corner home, ranch style, Immat- uTale. Will Gl or Few down pavmt. MARIE KALE Rlly Co. WE X-8770 ·F" -- drapct. oatlo, car. Owntr. NYLON W/W CARPETING spacloui er's. on corner lot r Ihen call us For details. Sorry! This bonus offer Iknlled to Prin. only. BY OWNER--3-bdrm., family rm., w-w, custom d'raDcs, near Douglas. X155 Irowoli. HA \-*MS. WHERE "0" WHERE can v*w ocl ' 3 BR'S., new palrU 8r new CAT- pet for sn^M. Owner FARAH Realty GA 8-3659 UNIQUE!!! 3-Bedrm, laimly rm, Hi balFts home. Located In If* "Hearl of IBf Plaza"--Many unusual "Decorator" fixtures and features. 12,750 down. ZENITH Real Estate Co. HAI-17II -- eves: CEI-it07 REASONABLE 3-br., IVi ba., uruler $29X00. Own. Wrlle Box A-tfl. Indcp.-PreiS Teltg., L.B. 4.BEDRMS., 1V 4 balhs. built-in kll- chert, forced air heaf. East Lake* wood . . H 7,000. BKr. J9t-«41i. BR., Hluti. !Y OWNER. 3-«R. den. Fullv crpted. ttwuout, draws. ME 4-67H URGENT!! Owner ^twyfrifl_ ._. ,_ vacant EL ner moving , . .vacant io 3-BEDBM HOME 1 POOL _ OORAOO CLF I. PRK I BL List S34.WO--MAKE OFFER! J750 PEfAUJMA-SpEN SUM. YEHSON-HAZLET GE tVf. loon I ILK RYEi PAINT SAVE 3465 FAN WOOD 6915 FalrbrooX -- 3-1 HUNTER ASSOC,

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