The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 9, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PKtSIDENT SEITZ L»ocal INews Mrs. Gertrude Hundley and son, Herman, of Vienna, were jie guests o{ Mr. and .Mis. J. D. Dill Sunday. .C. R. Stevenson has moved his family here from Doming, New Mexi- 'co, an-d has accepted a position as .mailing clerk in the postoffiee. A. M. Smith of Little Rock, Ark., general superintendent of the Ayer- Lord Tie Co., was a visitor at the local plant yesterday. BUSINESS THE SAME 'Lyman Moore spent Sunday with Iriends in Metropolis. The Kayser grocery store will continue to do business under" its same methods as 'in- the' past, .maintaining its same standards, ever endeavoring ito meet our customers with the highest satisfaction. t . ' -Sincerely,. William E. Kayser. Advertisement. ' INFLUENZA starts wiih a CoW Kill tha Cold. At t sneeze CASC/? :andard coli Mrs. Katie Doss of visiting ner sister, Mrs. W. E. McKinney. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Johnson were called to Marion today on account of jthe death of Mr. Johnson's mother; She lived east of Marion and died at her 'home late yesterday afternoon. L remedy for 20 years . form—safe, sure, no Ijrcalis up a cold in 24 •relieves grip in 3 days. y back if it fails. The uine box has a Red p with Mr. HUl's picture. At All Drug 5for*» Dr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Proctor'of Murphysboror Jwere rhere yeteterday afternoon to attend the funeral of Wm. Kayser. ' Miiss Ruby Robinson returned yesterday from a visit with her cousin, Miss Delores Fink, to Centralia. MY OFFICE Mrs R. C. Wright, wlio .underwent JK satisfactorily. ' Is now over the "Style Shop." I have a record of your automobile and have aoll kinds of blanks. Call and see me. OH YBS, and; if you want to order i nursery stock drop me a card arid I| will call to see you. I E. MWilliams, |; J. P. and N. P., Auto Investigator. 1 ! Advertisement. j G W. Ludwig of Belleville «was a business visitor here yesterday. Sric Thompson left yesterday on an indefinite trip to Dallas, Texas. Elmer Bass is spending a few days OB business in St. Louis. , HOYAL ARCH MASONS Special meeting of.Reynolds Chapter No. 75 March 10, at 7:30 p. m. Work in the Royal Arsh degree. Special meeting riday, March 12. Work Sn Mark Mason degree. J. E. Youngblood, H. P. J. E. Wiiloughby, Sec. Advertisement. Mrs. W. W. Whitaker is ini Pinckneyville where sbe will attend the wedding of 'her sister, Miss Mabel" Harris, daughter of W. W. Harris-, and Nelson .Hart, of Alton. TOLEDO. March 8. Mrs. Ellen Lamer is spending the week in St. Lou-is with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Riggs spent Saturday aiid I'Sundjay |n ^lakanda with Mrs. Riggs' parents. Mrs. Allie McCann was an Anna visitor Saturday. •' Mrs. Bostion and Mrs. lona Riggs spent Mcaday evening with Mrs. Jno- Haukla. Jake Stevens and family and Bill Stevens' spent Sunday at Steven Stevens'. . - . •Miss Lizzie Griffith of Carbondale spent Saturday .nigh* and Sunday with Julia Clutts. Mrs. Ida Castle spent last week in Anna. Miss Grace Lamer spent last week in Cobden with her brother. Miss Mary Anderson and May Hodge visited the Lamer school Saturday. Miss -Thelma Deck has accepted a position'as clerk in the office of the city <clerk. JENKINS. March 6. Mrs. Ernest Schulz, who has" spent the' past three weeks with her_par-j ents, Mr. and MTS. John Gengenbach, will return to toer home in Belleville, accompanied by hej- mother, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hamlet of Murphysboro. spent Sunday at Toney Lounfg*s. Marguerite and Lester Steele were guests of Cecil and" Jesse Miller Saturday. Mrs. Lawrence Lattina called on Mrs Henry Elmore Monday afternoon. Hard Daily visited at the homes of Vick Moutria and Henay'Elmore Tues- da/ evening. Cal Jenkins was a visitor at Andy Futrell's Sunday. Lewis Elmore of Murphysboro visited Henry Elmore's Tuesday, Amos Will is building a new addition on his residence. . • VERGENNES. March 6. Mesdames. C. W. Floyd and O. E. Floyd were pas%engers to Murphysboro Tuesday. . Miss ^anp. "Vftell fTeeter ot 'Murphysboro is the guest of- Mrs. A. L Ha-rsha. Miss Lueinda E. Carlisle is doing Sunday school field work in Murphysboro and Carbondale. Master Lelarid McDonald has been very sick with pneumonia ibut is better now. Mrs. Hebberd of Elkvilte was greeting friends in.our town Saturday. \ Ben Coffer is seriously ill at this , writing. . ! James Beaty has • moved into the property recently vacated by Mr. Creekpaum. The public school has almost reached its normal attendance afte'r a seige of illness among the pupils. Albert Fi'ck. a second year student in high school has been absent several days because of illness. .Mr. and Mrs. Ragsdale have returned from their vacation. They report -a delightful trip. The farmers' of this vicinity hauled out a car load of corn this week. The high school students are preparing to enter evenits for the athletic and intellectual meet to be held in Murpbyeboro ithe last Saturday of this month. Harrl Crane, who underwent an, op- 'eration in the Mayo Hospital recently, is improving- very satisfactorily. Cooper Hall and family left Saturday evening -for M-oorehaven Fla., where they expect to make their future home. Mesdames Claude Bradley and Lloyd Allard. were shopping in Murphysboro Saturday. Mlsa Myrtle Harper, the primary teacher, and Miss "Jessie .Shaw, the grammar irrade teacher, who have been absent from their work for several days because of illness, have returned to their work. Misses Ethel and Jennie Quigley visited in Murphysboro Saturday. Prof. Cupp spent the week end with home folks. I The high school literary society ex- I pedt to have a program in high'school I room Friday evening, March 12. '] Mrs. R. Hohmann of Murpbysboro is visiting here. Exclusive* photograph. of President Beits! ot';-An§tria-," : referred to as the "Iron Mante He has r had-a long and varied experience In public affairs. AUTOS IN "WHITE SLAVE" LAW . '*•)• • it is a scientific fact that "as you FEEL so are you" Trim fitting, handsome new clothes, actually make . the man who wears them not only look younger but FEEL younger. ; „. If .you don't believe this just come in and let us slide on to you one of our brand new suits and overcoats. You don't have .to buy them unless you want to. We never urge anyone to buy.. We let our CLOTHING do !t. _ Wear our good, "Nifty" clothes. BUNCOMBE. March 6. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosson returned from their wedding trip last-week. John Miller and his sister, Mrs. Earl Dickerson were called to McLe'ansboro Wednesday on account, of the illness of their father. Mrs. Will Allea-aud children are visiting Mrs. Allen's mother, Mrs. Ada Rowan ,of Makanda. Kenneth Beechar has been umder the doctor's 'care the past week it consequence of suffering from an at tack of mumps. A party of iteneant beggars •-were camped on, the ,road side during the recent severe weather. They said it was much cheaper to live in the country. Mrs. Curtis Hagler is suffering from an attack of pneumonia. A number of farmers report the los of stock by some unknown disease. John Biggs was buying chickens in Buncombe Wednesday. Our tomato growers are busy these winter days regftlatihg the temperature of their hot beds. Mr. and Mrs. John Biggs and family, Mr and Mrs. Li. M. Hilton visited Mr. and Mrs. Truman Cox Sunday. SHILOH. March 6. Several from this place attended the sale at John Kerr's at Be;;hel Friday. The flu is -still raging around here, there being six new cages. .'Sherman Jolly made a. "business trip to Walnut Grove Thursday. A. D. Abney of Harrisbur-g was- a business visitor here 'Saturday. A. Crowell purchased a hog from J. L. Tweedy last week. Louis Cavaness made a business trip to L. A. Stroudt's the first of the week. Transporting Women In Cars Barred by United States Supreme Court Decision. Washington, March 9.-—By refusal of the Supreme court to review the case, federal court decisions holding that the transportation of women from one state .to another in private automobiles for Immoral purposes comes within the provisions of the "white slave" act will.stand. Sixty-Six Arrested at Akron. Akron, O., March 9.—Sixty-six 'alleged radicals were taken in raids on meeting places here by federal operatives, city police, deputy sheriffs and industrial police, headed by H;' W. Kage of the department of Jusl'ca Constance Binney I "The Stolen Kiss" I I' T MI w' "or, n ° vel - Little M -i. ss By-the-Day, by .Lucille Van Slyke, is a powerfully sympathetic W>rv o a. girl s heartbreaking struggles to make love" and hie what she.had dreamed 1 theni."tp be. She desires only the simplest forms of freedom, but finds hersell hedged about by the stern, sometimes cruel, restrictions bi a puritanical environment. Her hannin^cc ;= in-'-Make-Believe.'' It is a wonderful! story S a wonderful star. J , Also Lloyd Comedy 7 -& 30 Ilcand22c Music on the organ by Miss Anna Jacobs. Wed.. Geo. Walsh and Sunshine Comedy Thursday, Madge Kennedy Added Attraction Dashington's Comedy Dog Circus Direct from the leading vaudeville theatres /No advance in pric< s Our treat) , -a LEAVES,FOR CONSTANTINOPLE French General Starts for Turk Cap). tal to Take Complete Command of Troops. Paris, March 9.—.Gen. Franchet d'Haperey left for "Constantinople in a special train to take- complete command of the allied troops there, while ,1 'British admiral is to'have supreme direction of all naval operations. The first military step , taken hy the allies will be tbe occupation of the Marash-distrlet, to prevent.further massacres c-f Armenians. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Ca»h In Advance. One month, per word « One week, per word oi One insertion, per wordv;.. .01 Three insertions, per word os SPEAKER GILLETT TO REST - 4. - ~ -' House Grants Ten-Day Vacation to "Fagged-Out" Official Under Physician's Advice. Washington, March 0.—Speaker QH lett told the house tlint his physician had advised him to take a. rest. In order that legislation might not be delayed the house granted Mr. Glllett's request that he be authorized to name a speaker pro tern to sign bills while he takes a ten-day vacation. The speaker said he was not sick, hut "fagged out." Why Bread Gets Stale. The reason brouil becomos stale luis been Investigated recently by r'rofes- sor J. R. Knife df Arnsterdtira. iviio has discovered that. Hie stsilnness Is Oui? to low temperatures, mi'l not merely to loss of moisture. The ex-pui'miem? of 1'rofiissor K:itz \vo re bused upon. llxe kuepiiij; of ijruiul forty-ei^ht hours nftor it \vas taken out of tlie ovptvBi: fdunil tluit if HIR tompeiimirn w-'si.- niMlutalm;!! :it 1.-JD di^-rues F:ilirenlifii tl-.c broiid "\\-ns < { ui(u rrusli at the end of- the pi-rioil, bur if tbe temperiitniv wns reiliifi.-d t" l^i!-ili^rpps Falirenlicii'" 1 . a certain nmuti:.t of staleiH!<.s was flis- eoi-nihlo. the proctss liecfliiifng more rapid until 'a temperature of ahcui three decrees below freezing point wns reiiclicrt. CiirinnBly enough, at luv.-er teniperiiturps than this the degree of srali'iies's. i% roilureil. until at a temperature of lii]!iui air tin- brpjv! IB nsnlii perfect!;- fix-xh. .-On rl:t- strength of tli>!Kp s-xporiuiencs it has been sujrj-ested .that bread be kept fresh till required for use b'v It In a 'fire! ter a 'tireless cooker Immediately aft!; •emdv::i fi-,,tii- the oven. " ' - . Why Swat thft-ply Now. ,Ko matter how long the winter lasts, the chrysalis of the fly la safe. When the warm spring weather comes the fly Inside the chrysalis goes on growing again. At the right moment It bursts'open its horny case and comes a chicken from its shell. AH that'it has to do is to dry its wings; then It can. fly away full grown. Files reach their full size before rowing out of their shell-like covering, says a writer In an exchange. When you see small flies and big flies together you must think that the little ones are young und the big ones old. They are different sorts of flies, but full grown. They reach full size before they are released from the cradle In n-hlch they have passed the winter. It Is because most of the old ones are dead, and. the^ youug ones still .in their eggs, that we seldom see flies In winter. The common house fly when It wakes In the spring lays over a hundred eggs, which hatch in a day or two as maggots. These,-grow rapidly, become pnpae and within . two weeks from the eggs are full-grown flies, ready to lay eggs themselvest You can see how many billion flies there would be if none were destroyed and all the eggs hutched and grew into flies. Tbe house fly usually lays its eggs In filth and it we keep our prem- 'scs clear we sh:ill have fewer SJes. WANTKD. WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William O'Neill, 611 . North Washington. WANTED—To rent house: with five or more rooms. Permanent renter. No small children. Phone 128. NOTICE Get your state automobile license at.'the city hall. The cop may get you if you don't.—Advertisement.- PROBATE NOTICE State of Illinois, Jacksoa County sa Estate of Dallas Meisenheimer, De^ ceased. . ~ ,„.„„,• = | Notice ^ hereby given to all parties WANTED—To rent or buy, small, interested in said estate that a paper or large farm near Oarbondale. Not purporting to be the last wall and. testa- farther than 5% miles from to-yyji. . -- Farm improved;. ~ " " Ralph V. Dtokey, Wayne City, IB. R. R. No. 3. . ' FOB HEWT. FOE RBNT—Two iroat rooms OTM Style Bbop, for bfflce or alecyiax room*. Apply M!e» Rleth, Normal rad Monret FOR RENT—Storage lor honsenoU goods, in tbe one story bride building, cement floors, on alley btwfc of Mn Berth Theatrs. Apply Miss Rleth. . FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 21S West Walnut. Phone 370 L. •meat of Dallas Meisemheimer, now deceased, was filed in the Probate Court of Jackson County, Illinoia,-on the 23rd day^of February, A. D., 1920, and that application for probate will be heard on the first Monday, being the BHi day of-April, A. D. 1920. Dated at Murphysboro, Illinois, this 8th day of March, A. D. 1920. H. A. Hagler, County Clerk. T. B. F. Smith, Attorney. OWL BRANCH. , March 8. Jars. Ben Glenn has returned home ' from Arkansas where she visited her ; j sister, Mrs. Charley Hagler. FOR RENT—Furnished room, mod- Mrs. Alt Pleasant is ill with bronchit- -ern. Gentleman j-fjferred. 210 Hospital Drive. Telephone 69. FOR RENT—Furnished room. Phone 414 X. FOR RENT—Five furnished rooms. Couple wd)ttr no children. af-ter 5 p. m. is. Ike Glenn sold a span of mules this week. Mesdames Ike and Arthur Glenn were business visitors in Murphysboro Tuesday. . y Mrs. John MeEinney is visiting Mrs. Angeline Bredges of DeSoto. FOR RENT—Two rooms suitable for j .light housekeeping. Furnished'or un-| furnished. 220 West Main St. Call 356 X 'Little Marguerite Robinson enter.,, I tained a number of her little friends .Sunday at'a birthday dinner. Mrs. Chas. Dillinger was a pleasant visitor in- Mjirphysboro Tuesday. Authur Glenn and Cal McKinney attended the sale at Jake Miller's east ol DeSoto Tuesday. Harvey Elston has returned to De- ' FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Underwood No. 4 typewriter. Rebuilt and in good repair. See catur after a""two "weeks 1 ' vsiSt with O. I. Underwood, at the Mill. home folks. FOR SALE—Folding organ, Amber- ola Edison, parlor electric light, Bennett typewriter and projecting lantern. Phone 414 X. I .CHEERFUL CfTO I II !••! I ^^MT^^M33g^^^ • I'm wkol witk liFfe, T feel 50 wise •nic'e Ive just beer* £ivSn§ everyone, A lot oF good advice. FOR SALE—2 Ford touring cars, 1 Metz Roadster and oae Baby* Over- laud. Phone 414 X. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE—Vacant lot, University Place. What have you to trade for this. Address H. B. Metz, DeSoto, 111.. FOR SALE—Two milch .cows and two sows with pigs. C/T. Miller, Car- .bpndale, El., Route 1. ' FOR SALE—1918 Ford. Mrs. M. E. McGuire, Makanda. t.orr LOST—Pair nose glasses between' Illinois Central division .office ,and depot about 5:00 p. m; March 5.—Return to Free Press. OU>ST^-Pair ot nose glasses to case. Reward, at returned to "W.C" at.Free Press; • ' . / .:''-.- ZION. March 8. Mr. and Mrs'. Joe McDauiel visited their daughter, Mrs. Joe Etherton, and family of Carterville Tuesday night. Rev. 'L: J. Lyerlie filled his regular appointment at Zion Saturday night and Sunday, having -failed to fill his ast appointment on account of weath- j'er and sickness. Sunday school every Sunday at 10 o'clock.' Everybody in yited to come. Geo. Miller has been hulling peas the paisic week. iMr. and Mrs. Mason Tiller visited Mr. and Mrs. Jake Artz'.of Carbondale- Monday night. - Mrs. Ella Turner returnetKto her _ home last week afjier spending some time here with Franjk Patrick and family. Mrs. Eliza Vaughn visited relatives in Carbondale .last week.. Linsey"Reid and family visited ai Isaac Brandon's Sunday. Sam Dickerson of Pomona visited Leon Etherton and family Saturday. Mr. Helmes of Carbondale •vss". through- hert ,gast weeTt delivering ' gasoline., . . Ciovis Rushing «f Drury' visited his friends, Mr. and Mirs. Geo. Rushing, Saturday night. ~ .:••'.••' B. W. Baton visited Mr. and Mi»~John «ffl of Carbondale Hooter- ._

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