Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 60
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 60

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 60
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Long Beach , Press-Telegram--- F-l New Wrinkles on Preparation of Tasty Prune Dishes Colorful and Easy to Make By MILDRED K. FLANARY Food Editor Want 10 serve a prize winning Prune Cheese Pie for dessert tonight? Difficult to make? Not a bit. This delectable pie was selected by judges at a prune festival held in Healdsburg, Calif., and baked by Mrs. Dan Dougherty, as the first prize winner. Colorful to look al, the black, shiny fruit gleams against the creamy background of the cheese f i l l - ing. Spoon ihe light brown prune glaxe over (he pie and you have a decorative, inviting dessert t h a t is just marvelous for company. Cut a slice and you will see bits of meaty prunes peeking through the delicious cheese filling. California pitted prunes, or if you prefer, unpitted prunes, may be purchased at your favorite market. They are so easy t h a t you will want to use them with meat, poultry, in salads, or eat them like candy -- right from the box. Try the following recipes and appreciate the versatility of the tasty prune: PRUNE CHEESE PIE 4 3-oz. packages cream cheese 2 Igc. eggs !/2 cup sugar '/, tsp. almond extract IS plumped pitted prunes I 9" pre-baked pie shell Real together four packages cheese, eggs, sugar (Continued Pg. F-2, Col. 1) Cliicl Roll for lev Hill A big p.irt of all the f;:ri ' i s.-iimg is m the eati:::;. IXivs bppiii w i t h whoppin; big lre.i!-:f,sts; end wiih hi'.tny rii-.ils .irimr.d the fircpLuv in the lodges. But luncheon -- when the skins an- o f t e n on their i i w n -- .iiTurd the individualist ,1 chance t show a l i n l e I'nod upsm.tnship. ' l l u i M ' ir. ilu- know pack tl'.i'ir lun. boons in cat on the .sliiprs. w.irmin; s t a t i o n s . M.iy we suggest th.U you forgri t h a t soggy luni sandwich nr h u n k ri[ cheese, .mil surprise the pn'nip \uili an tmexpecti'd YOU'LL AGREE AFTER YOU'VE TRIED IT THAT THIS PRUNE CHEESE PIE IS GREAT Olives Can 'Make' a Sole Casserole The elegance of simple French cooking and the exotic accent of the flavorsome California canned ripe olive make a fish dish par excellence. That certain flair of the French is often achieved with the addition of a special ingredient, such as a truffle. From California conies the perfect t r u f f l e substitute -- canned California ripe olives. These nut-like flavorsome ripe" olives add the magic touch with both color and appetite appeal. RIPE OLIVE ROLLED SOLE EN CASSEROLE The gentle, nut-like taste of canned California ripe olives adds an appetizing accent to this unique fish casserole. 6 small filets of sole 1 cup canned pitted California ripe olives % tsp. salt 1 tbls. parsley 3 eggs '/ 2 tsp. salt '/! tsp. dill weed 1 cup milk '/ 2 cup grated Uruyere cheese % cup cooked or canned shrimp Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut 'A cups of pitted ripe olives into '/J- inch slices. Cut remaining ripe olives into halves. Sprinkle sole w i t h the seasoned salt. Arrange ripe olive slices on sole filets. Sprinkle with parsley. Roll each filet and fasten with a toothpick. Bake in shallow pan for 20 minutes, or until fish is opaque and flakes easily w i t h a fork. Drain well. Place a rolled filet in center of each of six individual baking dishes. Beat eggs until bubbly. Add salt. Bring milk just to a boil. Stir into eggs with cheese, shrimp A Real Tantalizing Recipe for Gourmet Baked Onions DELICATE FILET OF SOLE and ripe olive halves. Di- ing 1-inch of hot water, vide mixture between the Bake for :0-35 minutes or individual baking dishes. u n t i l custard is sel. Makes Put dishes in pan contain- 6 servings. GOURMET BAKED ONIONS PERFECT WITH MEAT, SEA FOOD, POULTRY Onions have a special oomph which raise the savor of many foods. Have (hem fur h r e a k f a s t, Aluminum Utensils Need Care Here are tips on care of a l u m i n u m kitchen ware: 1. Clean before using and after each use (as listed in cleaning directions). Regular cure prevents cleaning problems. 2. Avoid high heat or sudden, changes of temperature, such as running cold water in a hot pan, which may cause utensils to warp. ,'i. To use a fry pan or griddle, preheat on "medium" or "medium-high" heat before putting in the food. It is properly preheated when a few drops of water sprinkled in the pan will dance in little heads or when a bit of b u t f e r or margarine in the pan begins to brown. Add food and turn heat lower so t h a t it cooks without spattering and smoking. ·1. Cook vegetables in a t i g h t l y covered pan wiih about '.i" of water, or just enough to form steam. Turn heal lower after water begins in boil. Cook vegetables "tender- crisp," not soft and mushy. 5. Use metal spatulas and spoons on TEFLON" II coated cookware. Use nylon or plastic tools on TEFLON coated bakeware: 6. MfRRO utensils with plastic handles may be used in the oven al temperatures up to 400 degrees F. Do not use under the broiler. 7. Use the same rcfinos for cooking and baking in uncoated aluminum utensils and TEFLON-coaled aluminum utensils. No need to change times or temperatures. browned l i g h t l y i n t o an onion roll; or p u t n man sized slice on a luncheon hamburger. Let the u n i q u e onion piquancy permeate endless d i n n e r plates and add to your eating enjoy- m e n t . T h e r e are many varieties of t h i s vegetable which come in red, while and yellow shades, and few recipes, other t h a n desserts, fail to include onions. No practiced skill is required for our great onion cookery. Baked onions are simple to prepare with an added bouquet of w h i l e wine and bouillon. Try another version of this versatile vegetable. Bake them in a , succulent cheese sauce. GOURMET B A K E D ONIONS 6 Ige. onions ] / 2 cup water 2 tbls. butter or margarine 1 beef bouillon cube |.j cup dry white wine 2 tbls. chopped fresh parsley Cut slier, from both ends of onions; peel t h i n - ly. Place onions in shallow b a k i n g dish. Combine water, b u t t e r and margarine and bouillon cube; heat u n t i l butter and bouillon cube dissolve. Stir in wine and parsley; remove from heat. Pour over onions. Cover casserole t i g h t l y . Bake in 350-deg. F. oven I!/? hours or until onions are tender. Before serving, garnish w i t h parsley as desired. Makes G servings. treat like t h i s Royal Chrislie Chicken Roll. You can cook t h e chicken and have it ready to assemble the night before. Prepare your favorite salad while the chicken is cooking. Kill m i n i a t u r e foil baking cups with cake mix for easy b a k i n g and packing. And, you're all set for good e a t i n g the next day. ROYAL CHRISTIE CHICKEN ROLL 1 10-oz. bottle ginger ale 1 clove garlic, finely minced V\ tsp. allspice Y-, tsp. salt 2 chicken breasts - Igc. hard rolls, split Combine ginger ale, gailic, allspice and salt in a .saucepan. Boil the liquid uncovered, u n t i l it is reduced ;n one half. Cool. Pour u v e r chicken and let in.irin.iie ir. refrigerator for one hmir or longer if l i m e permits. Place chicken skin side down in baking pan anil spoon over m a r i n a d e . Buke in 375-deg. oven for 20 minutes basting occasionally. Turn and cook 20 minutes more or until done. Place under broiler ahoul f m i n u t e s until skin becomes crisp. When cool remove meat from bone in large pieces. Butter roll and f i l l with chicken. Spoon over pan juices. NEW IDEA FOR THE SKI LUNCHEON, CHICKEN ROLL Canada Dry

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