Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 3
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They Never Panicked' Survivor Tells Story Oi Oil Rig Sinking N A l C I l t / Miis (AP) -- idioppccl to Inc. surface o[ the|otf Mm Thirteen oil rig workers might 1 c.,,11 u, t cable have l i v e d ' I E ' a line from their surviuil vesseUo a luyboal had been cut at lEie first sign of trouble, SHJS one of the sum uirs Thej might hive suru\el if a Coast Guaid helicopter had come . 2 0 minutes ' sooner, he said or if thctr oil rig had abandoned tbrce hours sooner h a i\igng gale in the Gulf of Mexico. shape we were Everything was good goln Dorsey Ordered To Cooperate WHh Authorities I'lTTSUUllGH AI) -- A fed- v^ouldn t ._ --,-- ,, . ,, . lease. Williams got up again to real well -- some oi them were cral judge lias ordered Hob li. try lo fix il so sure \sc \\ere toing So get f | ? e ^ j j j rm'n^'io ^'oor The capsule was bobbing .out lhat Ihcj unbuckled Ihcm ^ |U , Bolivian 'aulnoritie: And when the seas \\e n l oul|scKes vesligaling bribery Nortiiw«tt Arkanw. TIMK, Thurv, April 22, !·« · 1 Available In America f r o m / u n d e r ' U , the capsule fell' Then the seas- lilted the Urg- ugainsl (Jult and Uorscy. three or four feel - enough to boat np and the capsule U.S. Dislricl Uourl ' trglitcn tbe Iniu and cut slimmed mto the side of Hie U a u c l c s finger oil I lug ,1 sounded like it busied all in- ??",l'T i-nargcs '°" «rt I Dineigcncy guppl} 1 kept be .1 tug ciplim Instead, Thomas LoEtin ended;jng and bealiiig, and il finally have lo move lo shallower, cal- 1 mor seas, and lhal Ihe captain Hu- 'rcilelbaum appointed I Magistrate Robert 0: II to oloain Dorsuy's an- lie slioulid to Ihe swcrs undcr oalh !°,? lx '' ut ' s ' thai lho\ would '"s supplied by Bolivian an- ihorilics. FTC Releases Latest Test Of Cigarettes * * * Latest FTA Ratings Listed In Content Order WASHINGTON A P , - ' If up facing death with a feeling!came loose and away v,e uent Jf "pure '(iisgust/'he said, ' r : r'across the Gulf. ' Hj a fluke ho\\c\Lr Loriini The self propelled space age [net! to tell iLportcis from th cpelucle darted through heu\y Naiclie? Democrat cxictly h o w ' s c i s lo gU a«« fiom the sink Uie 3a ng workers fled a gale'ing rig Dodging straj tou m the Gulf of Mexico -- ind l"ios it made its v a j to a how-13 of thcni'died in an over- nearby tug and lines were se- ifrrned · survhtil capsule filled vVilh water LoCtin, the driller, awoke that Thursday, morning expecting to find .that his'jackover work-rig ll^id put its legs down overnight it a new dulling iite In to id the ng \\as locking] in four-lo six-foot seas;' held by tines to' three tugs. It stayed that way till day About 1 p in 1 stood on the c.atwalk between the two drill pipe racks and watched one of llie tugs on the starboard side of tbe rjg he said Huge i\\clli \\erc coining in o\ci the bov. of the lug It \\ is rougii EUiti. getting rougher ""Three hours later Loftin wnd ins crew were trying , to mop put:lbc g£iltcy ; whcn a Marathon Qil Co. representative rushed ·\'He.,,said the d r i l l - p i p e rack fia'd shitted," said- Loftin. "1 ran to the office and hit the fire alarm switch seven times, »~ The rig woikers clad in bulky CffJst Guard life, jackets, feathered at the liehport Bv that lime-lines from two of the three tir^s hail broken leaving (inly: one Ing holding the. mas- jive, oil rig,in 50 miles per hour wind's and 17 foot wa\es I I oftin said no one w a s ev. cited, however, ibecause a Coast Guard helicpplcTi'was due to tir- .rive at the ug in a feu mm - About thai time tbe ug Vibrated,real hard -- just sort i roared. S_wclls" came onto the cured fore and aft. gave him an OK sign, 'It wasn't a minute la'.er that Ihe capsule jerked real hard. Jt mMde i hard lunge, , pulled over, anc in. With: five feet of water sule, you're smokhrg the brand Ihe federal government says is the lowest in tar and nicotine of 145 cigarette brands. But, says the Federal Trade Commission, if you've got a pack ot regular-sue nonfiltcr Players, you're smoktng the in the cap- They satrled to pull the cap-lsule in and we cut the engines * * * Chief Of Rig Operations Speaks At Coast Guard Inquiry NEW ORLEANS (A1 J ) : Sur-[ capsules was knocked loose and Tettelbaum's order, handed cigarette with he highest down Monday but not disclosed amount, of lar and the second until Wednesday, sets April 29 h'fincst amount of nicotine, [or the questioning, with the an- Tlie.FTU in releasing (tie re- bwers lo be delivered to the Bo-- suits of its latest tests of tar I and nicotine contenl in cigarettes a\\ulable to American American court has cooperated smokers, said it found that 2 ' 'r a r f t o n v,ith a foreign government in amounts of tar varied from two; an| j 3 i nard ninge, , puneu ".""·» ··" ·;·- *"-"··"·" «· -·- --« -- , -; ··- ·· id water started pouring ImUn embassy in Washington, l a n d nicotine »in seconds thcfe w j * «[« «* S«l } TM « «»? -^ \ h o i s of a sinking oil rig \vere due to tell a Coast Guard board of inquiry todaj why llieir un smkablc sur\i\al capsule oicr WASKINGON (AP) -- Here arc the latest Federal Trade Commission cigarette ratings based on the order of tar- values . 1 he order woul d ."vary somewhat if listed by nicotine value, which is tbe second figure. All are filler brands, unless otherwise noted. 1. Carlton 70s regular, 2 mg king menlhol, 4 the Gulf political comnbuuonstto 31 milligrams and nicotine i scandal, which began surfacing I contents ranged from Carlton a ytur ago. : 70s' two-tenths of 1 per cent to 1 Gulf's .own investigation re- 2.1 per cent found in English vealed that it had given $12.3 Ovals million in political contributions According ID Ihe over, a 13-year period, inciucnng " about 5? million overseas. Dorsey and two other company ot- 3. Carlton king. -1 and .3 4. King Sano king. 7 and A 5. King Sano king.menthol, El \ 6, Iceberg National , and .7 100s mcnlhol, (hard pack), Ib and 1.2 ·15. Pall Mall 100mm menthol, 6 and 1.2 46. Virginia S!!ms lOOmm, 16 and 1.0 47. Philip Morris Inler- aUonal IfiOrnpn (hard pack). 15 and .9 48. Silva Thins 100 menthol. 16 and 1.1 49. Virginia Slims 100 menthol, 16 and 1.0 50. Zack king (hard pack), 16 and 1.2 51. Newport (hard pack). 16 and l.l king menthol produces cancer. It aso con- ficials were.forced to resign m tains elements that act as irri- the wake of the revelations. '.' '(ants. ' '' ' BoHviu filed bribery charges The institute draws a direct against Gulf, Dorsey and,a Gulf r e l a t i o n s h i p between the official m the South American umm]nl of tar i n h aled by a nation after Dorsey testified be- smolu?r and lhc r j s k O r cancer. ftincer Institute, lar is Ihe ele-i 7. Pali Mall Extra Mild king ment in cigarette smoke t h a t - ( h a r d pack), 9 a n d - - My mam concein uas i cc hni, a time lo Ret ni£n off he said We turned and filled with water' couldn't leave on the windward last week, killing 13 men. Picter Van do Graaf of Me*, (airic. La., chief of rig operations, told the board's opening session he believes the rig must have run aground during a side rough. Then the seas were too electricity, on the rig fore a U.S.. Senate suocom- Imiltee about foreign payments. U.S. 'Ally:' Blair : A .Urmith said he petitioned federal court lo summon Dorsey at the request of the US. Justice Department. Mitchell" will ask Dorsey Nicotine is a poison and. because it acts as a powerful stimulant in small, doses, prime suspect as a cause of heart attacks. Nicotine is regarded as the active* (ngredieni in cigaretlcs. went out. a water pump failccE.i drilling collars broke loos," and the stern of the rig shifted about three instances olitical donations in freak gale, although he didn't about eight feet to starboard. Rcl the impact A f l c r lhu t ]i e batge really "- tfc Graaf --i-..TMii-.~-. « .. .. _ iid weather reports during llie {lay did not rn him of the severity of the 18 "feet miles per houi and winds, of .^ He slid the \unds were e\. peeled lo drop off at night, and he didn't feel a n j particular clanger wlion seas increased lo 10 to 12 feet a n d ; w i n d s , t o 30 miles per hour. , starled sinking fasl," said Van de Graaf. "Everybody started going to Ihe capsules. But Van de Graaf refused to abandon Ihe rig until the crew was o f f . After the capsules had gone, he scrambled toward the heliport to see whelhei a long scheduled Coast Guard helicop ter had made-it yet. 'AM of a sudden there was a light oni.'nv* 1 and the! ,Coas' Guard picked me up,"'he.said 'I iihriersland that'10 seconds of G u f f i I" its report, today, .Ihe FTC ,,,, ... Boliua tisftd Carlton 70s. CarlioivkLng- vhich totaled more thanjsize^regular and menthol as .Ihe Dorsey told, Ihe Senate sub- .ommiltce that Gulf bad given ti-$110,000 helicopter .to the l a t e , on the list. Rene Barrictilos prcsi,' dent "of Bolivia, who died in a plane crash in, 1969, DoLsej. also indicated ,wo other members of Then o n e - o f the three tugs! lal« «ic barge sank ^ k - c n d o f t h ^ r i g andiUisl- - ^-jjJ ^^^ loTtl The heinng is being trt frt HIA cf ai^Vviai'rl ciHa I VinL ' " . * » _ , _ . _ _ _ . j Hnnlcvl hu (no Pnail fil , to the .starboard .side: 1 bol- con = B r.?S S'V.Sc.nd'dud-,^ ^ . ^ t e u a r d s m II lered, ;C6me on! We're goiii'g to J',"g VnapnccTits hnc"lo a liie''riB Vlc e Adrn William Rae iave to get off" lci\ IIIB only one wllt) sa}d lhe imcsliBalion «il · T^en (here was an eerie 0r ,J u ,g was not able lo cniu.ent"te rn circnmslnnce ?alm hand le lhe " increasing weath surrounding the incident bu · T?vcil)oil\ broke and ran ,, Van de Graaf said r not try to f i x j c i v i l or crimma into llie capsules and lowered nsked Hie captain of the habilitj Ihem mlo the Gulf For some (crmnled lug) (o come help but .. Ir \"f Season our capsule got halfway h e d:dn t Ihmk lie could Down the rig and hung up Things started to Ijappen Claude Williams o u r rig m e t real fast after (hat'' clmhic, kept fooling with it and' He said high seas : .began finally got it unhung." ' " ' ' But · when - the brands lowest in hoth tar end nicotine, with K i n g ' S a n o ^king-' size reg_nlar and menthol next that Bar- nentos political part\ receded contributions totaling about T h o s e brands,' all filler- lipncd, were also rated as having the least tar and nicotine in and .8 Benson Hedges regular (hard ivck), 9 and .5 9. Lucky Ten king. 9 and .7 10. Lucky 100s. 8 and .7 , 11. Pall .Mall Extra Mild king, 10 and .7 12. Mullifiller king mcnlhol, 10 and .7 13. Vantage king, 11 and .7 14. Vantage king menthol. 11 and .8 15. True king, 11 and .C 16. True king menlhol, 11 and 7 . 17.' Tempo king, 11 and .8 · 16. True I00mrn,.12 and .7 .19. Trac 100 menthol. 13 and 20. Multiplier king, 13 and ,8 . 21. Ki»l Milds king menthol, 13 and .8" ".' . . 22. Winston Lighis king, 13 and .9 ' : · 23. Marlboro Lighis king. 13 52. Super M .100 menthol. 16 and 1.1 . 53. Tramps king, 17 and 1.1 54. Kool king menthol (hard pack), 17 and 1.3 55.' Kent 100mm menthol, 17 ami 1.1 55. Max 120mm, 17 and 1.2 57. Philip Morris International 100 (hard pack), 17 and 1.0 58. Old Gold Filters king. 17 and 1.1 59. Parliament 100mm, 17 and 1 60. LM king (hard pack), 17 and 1.1 61. Newport king menthol, 17 and 1.2 '62. Silva Thins 100mm, 17 and 1.3 ' Ihol, 18 and 1.3 76. St. Morilz 100mm m*n- Ihol, 18 and 1.2 7. Vic7eroy 100mm, 18 and l.J 78. Marlboro king, 18nd 1.1 79. Lark king, 18 and 1.2. .80.. Benson Hedges lOCj menthol, 18 and 1.1 81. Camel king (hard pack), 18 and 1.2 82. Zack king. 18 and 1.3 83. Camel Fillers king, 18 and 1.2 84. Eve 100mm, 18 and 1.2 85. Winston 100mm, 18 and 1.2 66. Kent 100mm. 18 and 1.2 87. Sano regular nonliller. 18 and .7 88. Saratoga 120mm menthol (hard pack). 18 and l.l 89. Winston king (hard pack), 18 and 1.2. 90. Capri 110mm, 18 and 1.2 91. Salem 100s 'menthol, 19 nd 1.2 92. Winslon 100mm menlhol. 9 and 1.3 , 93. Eve 100mm mcnlhol. 19 nd 1.2 . ' · . . 91. Old Gold SlraigMs regular onfiller; 19 and 1.1 95. Salem king mtnlhol (hard ack), 19 and 1.3 lhc lasl FTC lest conducted, hast summer. At the opposile end of the scale, the FTC lislcd regular- 24. Marlboro 'Lighis king menthol. 13 and .8 25. Raleigh Extra mild king, 14 and .9 $350.000. The fir t judgi ot criminal in 'far" wilh'king-sFze'Domino, Bull estigntion m LaPaz Bohna u Q[ . nam , English Ovals, Her- has requested that Dorsey give'. . T . p , . n l chesterfield and more details oh the three po ]? . insp'hehind Of those litical conlributions, including TM" ma J n |i R U II Du'rtrum is a the names of lhe t«o unknown ... ',,,.*,,,, . - . . · size Players .as the highest in 26. Viceroy Evtra Mild king recipients. His retiucst noted that Dor- spy as a defendant in a crimi nal aclion is not required lo testify' against'himself. board · determines there is evidence of miscon- d u c t , 'negligence or incompetence on lhe part of any M »,,,,, , us ,, c, c .,= . ,^ sa ,. Censed-or, documented seaman pouring o v e r the port side of and recommends f u r t h e r appro- capsule; liic rig and one of lhe Ihree life Buy a DELUXE Central Air · Conditioner now for add-on or replacement and get a cash refund direct from General Electric. You get cool air at a cool price! , acliou m that legard (it) will hs a proceeding entirely separate and distinct from this btnrd of miestigalion ' Rae said Officials refused lo speculate on II · '"im'h o r '"np tne hear ings' will take, noting lhat-thcy may. he.shifted to other, cities'it necessarj 1 Accident Kills COTTON PLANT, Ark. (AP) -- Authorities say James Luthor Warner, 34 of Lillle : Rock was killed \Vednesday after he touched a high power .wire al an Arkansas Power and Light Co. substalion and:fell-.20 feet. Police Chief : Marvin Harrison said Warner, an employe of 1 Jamison Pest Control Has pu 1 ling feed m bird nests when The English Ovals and Players were rated as the highest in licoline, followed by Bull Durham fillers and Half Half fillers. , r - ' Tiie release of the lesl resuHs loday marked Ihe 17th time the 14 and .9 27. Doral king menthol, 1- and 1.0 ·· ' 28. Alpine king menlhol, 29 Marlboro king mentho (hard pack), 14 and .8 30. Parliament king, 14. ant 31: Miyako king. 15 and .3 32 Doral king, 15 and 1 0 33 Marlboro king menlhol and .9 34 Kent king (hard pack), 1 HC has listed tar and nicoline an 9 TM..ii,.,i 1 content of cigarettes since 1967.1 3=. Belair king menthol. 1 The commission, tested ciga-1 an36 ' D u M a u r j e r retles purchased from August to .October of lasl year in 50 geographic localions Ihroughout lhe counlry. ' . The American Cancer Society said earlier tills year Ihere are and 1.0 52 million . smokers in · the : "" United .Stales, the majority o f . liicm men. H.said there are 30ij llion ex-smokers In the coun : 63. Marlboro king ( h a r d ack). 17 and 1.0 64. Belair 100mm menthol.'17 nd 1.2 ' , -.. 65. Kool king mcnlhol, 17 and . 3 ' . ' . . ' · ,60. Max 120mm : menthol. 1 nd 1.3 67. Marlboro' 100mm ack), 1Y and .(hard 68. Zack king m«nthol, IT an . 2 . . · . : . ; . . . . 69.- Raleigh IMmm. 17 and 1. 70. Kool 100mm m«ilhol, ] and 1.2 . ' 71. Marlboro 100mm, 17 ; 1.1 72. Saratoga r 120mm (nan pack), 18 and 1.1 73. St. Moritz 100mm, 18 in 2 7-1. Benson ft Hedges 100s, and 1.1 75. .Twist 100mm lemon-me King Races · . MILFORD.' Mich. ( (AP). -King Carl.-.XVl : Gusl*f .of Sween displayed his gusto for fast ars .when he raced a turbo- harfced .auto around · ft test rack at speeris;estimatcd at up o 150 miles per hour. · '.'The king was smiling." was he way Trevor Jones, track supervisor at the General .Motors proving grounds, riesc-rib'ed'tlie 2syear-old monarch's reaction Wednesday to driving a specially built Buick that will be th« .at this year's; Indianapolis SKI. FROM $50 TO $100 CASH REFUNDS on DELUXE Cenlfal Air Conditioner*, depending' on model and capacity. : " . . . Make your best buy row and get quality cooling at a moderate cost. March 1 through April 30, 1976 is refund time (or GE DELLJXE Central Air Conditioners at all participating GE'dealers. All units have two-speed fans to control outside noise, and they are available in capacities of 24,000 to 60,000 BTUH. Equipment must be installed by May 31st, 1976. Your Refund Will Be:. · . · ' UN IT CAPACITY . - REFUNDAMOUNT 2^2'/,TON8 »_50 3-3KTONS 4-5TONS flOO CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE AND HOME SURVEY. H E L T O N A L E S E R V I C E 451 E. Township Rd. · Foyettcville, AR ^-. 442-9340 Doyle Shelton Her .void in are«» where prohibited, t»xW jtrkted by lew.) ' -(OHer r«* " (hai . 15 and 1.0 Benson i Hedges kin I pack): 16 and 1.0 38. Parliament king. 16 arid .9 39. Tramps king menlhol. 16 40. Galaxy king, 15 and 1 41. Viceroy king, 16 and 1.1 42. Raleigh king. 16 and 1.1 ·«. : Kcnl king. IB and 1.0 44. Old '. Gold filters king ULTRA STEAM CARPET and FURNITURE CLEANING NOW $19.95 Mi. 511-1620 BOBBIE BROOKS Co-ordinates Reg. 14.0037.00 Select from shirts, swealtrV skirls, pants, and jackets in b«ig« or blue. Sizes 5-13. THERMO JAC at Great Savings . 599.2499 10.0038.00 A grand co||eclion of sportswear co-ordinates in 50"" polywter and 50% rayon, spring colors. Sizes i-13. SUNGLASSES Men's or Ladies' Valu* t» 22.00 Get ready for outdoor venljres in this selection of famous maker lunglaies. KNIT DRESSES for Spring and Summer OQ90 Reg. 38.00 29' Famous maker 2 piece knit dresses; just right for a busy spring schedule. Washable, green er navy. Sizes 8-1 6. BLOUSES with Lace Trim Reg. 16.00 8 90 Great savings on that final.touch for a new spring outfit, yoj put together. Also in beige. Sizes 8-18. KIK1 BRIEFS Special Spring Offer Reg. 1.39 Choose from white, blue, or pink in assorted print!. Easy core 100V« nylon tricot. Sizes 5-10. CONA1R DRYER Greatly Reduced! 15" Reg. 29.99 Just right for today's new look .. . casual and natural. 4 temperature conlrols, hi-power fan, and heavy duty wiring. PURSE ACCESSORIES by Princess Gardner Price R*g. 9.0015.00 Ycur spring budget will welcome tha soyings on ths checkbook stashar and the moneyfold. Assorted colors. DEARFOAMS Slippers 2 69 Cuddle your feet in comfort, soft foam innersolei in assorted washable colors and sizes. GIRLS' SHORTS and Halter Sets Specwlly Priced 590 Theie polyfs1«r and cotton sets will be r«ady for fun and frolic generated by warm spring days. ^ Sim 4-6x. BOYS' T-SHIRTS a Select Group 2 29 Choose from many pattern* in ocetole and cotton er 100% cotton with numerals. BOYS' SHORTS Rugby Style Reg. 9.00 6 99 !00% combed cellon, end pre- waihecf. Cargo front pocV«U, ond potch bock pocket will ho\d hit rock «cll»ction finds. Novy only. Boston Store NorthwMt Arkansas Shopping Maia

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