Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 5
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· _ Rockefeller Urges Halt in Spending ALBANY. N.Y. (UPI) -Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller Monday declared the federal government should "try and nit t balanced budget in three yeari." The budget r e m a r k was Rockefeller's only reference to lie national political scene during a question and answer session that followed an add r e i s to delegates at the legislative conference of the Federation of Women's Republican dubs in New York state. · · · · HE SAID the federal gov eminent should hold expend* turej at their present level and by to balance the budget in three years time. The governor's speech was "VouVe jot to be careful Sometimes when yon pretend too hard that you're working, you really work." CAMP DISSEJNSiOiN Rocky Hit by Lodge Supporters CONCORD. N. H. (UPI) -Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller tried to halt a New Hampshire primary vote drive for Henry Cabot Lodge by an overseas telephone call to the.^.o^^^uv^.- ^ .«.v--^..j. ambassador to South Viet'the Arizona senator's stock issuts - Barry in Trouble., Say GOP Officials By RAYMOND IAHR WASHINGTON (UPI--Just about any way the Repub- I Ijcan Party professionals look at it, Barry Goldwater is in ' trouble. i Since President Kenned/srshoot from the hip" in his | assassination in November, public remarks about political Nam. it was charged Monday.'has been falling in the hard- J. Richard Jackman. chair- eyed circle of GOP political Scran ton's Wife Bans Candidacy NEW YORK (UPI) --The . boss in Gov. William Scran-l" 1 ' IWU1 S to GOLDWATER managers are worried about dissension man of the Draft Lodge Committee in New Hampshire, accused Rockefeller of making an "unprovoked attack" on Lodge's handling of the situation in South Viet Nam. "Gov. tempted tack leaders looking for *n unbeat-among their own followers, able presidential nominee. j^f* 1 ? TM/*"£ " """ The trouble. *s they lee lies partly in the public opin- j ion polls, dissension in the Goldwater camp itself, and in Hampshire, prf- In New Hampshire, Goldwater standard-bearers have R o c k e f e l l e r »t- Goldwater's own way of han-jbickered among themselves to explain this it- dling himself in public. to halt of the concerned with his 1964-65 ton's household said Monday,uncommitted voters who re-| t state budget, which he said he's not going to be a can- sented Rockefeller's ·»«-vi was running into trouble be-jdidate for the Republican Jackman said. TO MAKE matters worse, 3 ' t h e Goldwater cause of increased costs of presidential nomination if she education and failure of the has her way. is run by Arizona friends of to the extent that in one district there are four Goldwater candidates for the two existing convention seats for The Florida situation erupt- last week when GOP state the senator who have had no chairman Tom F a i r f i e l d ROCKEFELLER talked by experience in national cam- Brown filed an unpledged going to run for President" solution might be in a broad- . er tax base for local school districts rather than in in- are in tn rticle in the cur- crease in state income taxes. Rockefeller was optimistic rent issue of Look magazine. being nancucu, i 1 G o l d w a t e r agents reply under The, Pennsylvania gover-'tion with Rockefeller during his new would be accepted | nor's 14-year-old son Joe said the caH. i by the people who he said t h a t his father has "con-| Rockefeller was referred to! realize t h e i r communities;vinced" the family that he is must accept their o w n re- not going to run. Rep. ^ _ ^ ^ R-Fla, discuss the Viet Nam *itu»-CredicYa!5e organizational Brown denounced Alabama .;*u* *^+V O t*flr *f All A* J l 1 « M , » i r . * · « _ t.!: _ t _ ± · . . The ambassador told news- that thg campaign is merely men in Saigon that he did nothing through the usual, and the chairmanship of waiiam R. Cramer, [Republican chairman John The polls have shown »! G . renier ',. u1v ?. is ^"H 1 *^ "/ loss of support for 8 lona! s possibilities." -We don't even discuss ROCKEFELLER a l s o nounced he would "be com-; ins 01 L V T U l U V V A k d SIHCC bassador-s son. according to assassination. Some , , , , . . ,, .. ,J«kman who gave no tadi-l^n, lre incited to at the table any more. tne |Ca tion where he learned the'y, e poijj , s meaningles! an-;boy said. nature of the telephone t»H-tfhev nevertheless have The governor's family in- However, he did say t ' politi- of the Goldwater campaign, for promoting the Cramer slate. He said Florida Republicans re- l o n g range development of the state." Rockefeller said he thought decking the highways with a second tier might be the onlyjihhed a letter Scranton wrote solution to the transportation to a friend a year ago in problem on Long Island with which he said; 16 and Pete. 9. and a diugh-jyounger Lodge, who was de- de!es , lt , s ter, Susan. 18. jfeated by Edward M. Ken- ' Inedy in the Senate contest in THE MAGAZLNE also pub- 'neighboring Massachusetts in . . . . . . ... . I its growing population. He said there was very lit tie space on Long Island tc. build more highways without l on "There are a great many Criticism also is being aimed »t the candidate him-i|^TM^._? f: self for his willingness "Obviously George Cabot Lodge wishes us weH" Jackman said. condemning an e x c e s s i v e amount of residences. children.particularly Indian Spare Link BOMBAY Cfl communications -- A space center -- receiving and transmitting between Europe and the Far East--will be set up in India with American aid. according to i Indian Space Research Chairman Vikram A. SarabhaL the adolescent age. We can see how it has affected all of them. »nd this really tears at your heart quite frequent- been wonder- Lodge headquarters here where workers are aiming for 20,000 write-in votes. Connolly Plays Down LBJ Dispute fection and love -- is definitely in need. . "It amuses me when peo- [Barry pie talk about going to . . . . NEW YORK Cfl -- Gov. MEANWHILE, former Min^B ' Con TM** of Tex " Jov. Harold E. Stassen:JT a New Hampshire «! 0 r«.i^. . i « u « P r e s i d e n t J o h n s o n ^states at the request of state ;rossly exaggerated." , eader$ ^ ^^ ^ ivo;d He declined to enlarge on party-splitting fights, that answer to a reporter's! However, the Goldwater part of his campaign. I Gov. Rockefeller, to their BROWN SAID his slate included delegate candidates who were easily identified »s ^ Goldwater T. 1 movement in Florida lOi Reports from California 'noted similar friction between early members of the Goldwater fan club and the campaign organization being put together by former Sen. William F. Knowland. The wisdom of tactical Goldwater decisions to stay cut of presidential primaries in Ohio and Wisconsin are being debated inside the party. Goldwater agreed to ,stay out of both of those c Goldwater and Chase Smith. Sens. Mar- who House " Thaf job is! toured the state during the only possible for people with weekend, will return later grown-up children or very,* 1 " 1 V J* '° continue their young ones. In between, they campaigns. really suffer." Former Gov. Wesley Pow- Schiltz Case Ferments en will appear on television tonight to seek write-in votes f **"*£? for his choice in the primary. , question as he arrived here camp expects to pick cp sub- with his wife for a two-day stantial blocks of national *. (convention delegates from There have b e e n reports both states, although the GOP Connally was unhappy that'in both is backing favorite Johnson had dissuaded a con-'son candidates. JttSUMHCe Persons ages 1 to SO yean are DOW eligible to register under a plan of burial insurance. Costs only a few cents a day. u.,,.-,,-_«,,,-_.:._,...,..:,,_' ·" " In time o r*cd, recess of *¥»* ?TM^TM"*TMtTM to .«": °. h « .^ ° n from running ;- SAN , . . . . Lodge workers will keep busy this week mailing out FRANCISCO (AP- ^rial to voters explaining ^^s^ss^s^'f. *TM**?«?P: s^s« Mtoi i^^if plan rays the face ia»Si as I 00 ' w " ^^"^ ^^'"'"'y ballot [luncheon of specified. For example, J500 P !onda y » s attorneys for both was paid recently on a funeral * !d «* conferred. -- - - - - U.S, DisL Judge Georfe B. opposed by Don Yarbor- gh. no relation to the sen- ~, £ _ bill when ocly $4^8 had been paid. Issued by aa admitted legal reserve insurer. Good at any funeral director in the World. Other plans also available. For free iy^'" 11',?^'^'? FTM*^ con* pea today. Harris continued » temporary restraining order blocking a proposed merger of Schlitz and a Canadian brewing com- MORTUARY PLAN · EfOMMENBED EY' H*8TTEuV VoVrum* Schlitz w a n t s to merge with John Labatt Ltd., of Toronto. The U.S. Department of Justice opposed the move- On Feb. 19 Judge Harris issued a restraining order. Un«c Planting Lfsson j Fine points of bare-root ;rose planting will be the topic Jof an illustrated lecture by .Tony Todaro of Armstrong INITIAL BIT OF POLITICS WASHINGTON (UPI) -A cardmal rule of politics is to avoid using the name of your opponent. But Republicans are providing the exception this year with auto bumper stickers emblazoned with jassociation of the paper industry today, and to dedicate the T e x a s pavilion at the World's Fair Wednesday. His right arm still is in a cast because of wounds he received at the time President Kennedy was assassinated. A-Bomh Survivors TOKYO t#» -- Thirty survivors of the Hiroshima and sucners emeiazoneu witft 'Nagasaki atomic bomb blasts the initials of Democratic ! o , W orld War II will leave President Lyndon B. John- |i apan April 2! for ,, vor u tour to campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons. son. Only the GOP "LBJ~ is filled out with; 'Let'i Beat Johnson." Included is a stopover in the United States. HI t-2214 the newly organized County Rose Society ^at 7:30 pjn. today in Sun J'Garden School cafetorium, · ( Trask and Newland Streets. ! j Garden Grove, The public is * » » » « · « · · · . » « · « » » . « . ' invited. AMftt CrtT NOW! A really portable Stereophonic Phonograph with Ikeic 08fvfsad!»g feotares · Camrl *T-$ l-siiil ctu{ir,vHt ai1*i!iciiil-lff · Pictttiif III-C Mi(itfic riciif, witk iltaul $1jli» · Bui KLH iiuttr ijittm witk 41 flit «( cii!« · IS ff 31 with ink piwcr «|1M' · lif ill for FM fmri tj^i ricirfir; ·Icriyltti · CoB|!i!ilj triisiitiriiii; mil it wira-tp · Knifkiiic-Stiriikiiie iwittl · t«K»r» 'Jf« earrfiif cm · Wiifis lit 11 »«»»» t»«|litl The KLH Model Eleven ^199 SCOTT RADIO SUPPLY, INC. r. r "f*«r« h it lititif.t* ttt 266 A!amil«$ ATI. HE 6-1452, HE 7-8629 Ijii *M ** I » lw(afl»f Sttrttn iH h I .·. riUip )OUR Urpst flirt Ouler U Hi latin Hirtor Ini! DOOLEY "Smashes" All PAINT PRICES! SH£«WIM-WILIMMS Super KEM-TOHE FLAT WALL PAINT Easy to apply *ith fcrush or roller. Drici fist. Ri{. 1.IS Gillit U.OO Ri{. 2JI Qfirt 1.98 \JThrte snd rtpilar colon. B.W.OOON -tome/ ' JOO Obfspo Aye. HEroJak 8-5003 I "With a Real Horrn Atmosphere* . li (icier; mill l-{iL ciiltliir DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART IITS liif lucl Id«. RORTH IOIB ICKH Unf Wall J: I i i ers the f r i e n d l y s t o r » of Long B e a c h LEAP YEAR WEEK Only once in four years can \vc have a sale like this . . . and we're having surprises every day of this week . . . listed below are only a few of the special surprises . . . some are so terrific we don-t dare show the price Wednesday Specials LADIES REGISTER . . . FREE EXSE3IRLE Win a complete Easter ensemble. No obligation lo buy. You need not be present for drawing. Drawing Sat., 4:00 P.M. regularly 1.95 BOYS' PAJAMAS 77. one day only . . . loiter floor regularly to 1.49 CURTAIN PANELS one day only . . . fourth floor regularly 5.9S INFANT SEAT one day only . .. lotrer floor regularly to 1.98 PRINT FARRICS 59 one day only . . . third floor regularly 1.00 RLOUSE TREE one day only ... third floor regularly to 14.95 WOMEN'S COATS 9.99 one day only . . . tecond floor regularly 1.98 PILLOW COVER one day only . . . third floor regularly 89c WOMEN'S RRIEFS :; I..TO one day only ... tecond floor regularly to -t.OO COSTUME JEWELRY 1.00 CO. nu» TI one day only . . . itreet floor regularly to 4.95 3IE.VS PAJAMAS one day only ... ttreet floor THE IIKATLES AKH IIEIIE jirl vour wig and Kwenfslilrl LOWEST 1»HI E IX TOWX SWEATSHIRTS WIGS ONE SIZE FITS ALL 1.99 ttreet floor :$9hRS'- it*-. ·*'******« Foarth and IMn^ . . HE 2-71.% I . . . Park Frr* Any VlMorU Lot

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