Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 12, 1962 · Page 27
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 27

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1962
Page 27
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Eureka Newspapers, Inc. HOME IMPROVEMFNT SECTION B--Seven One of the most popular roofing products is a highly fire-safe shingle with a Class "A" fire rating. Roofs applied with this shingle are bondeJ by the firm for 25 years. Peg-Eiard panels continue I be a "natural" for cabinet doors The ventilation afforded by th perforations is an added advai tage. · · © « G · Kitchen Bath Remodeling · Specializing In Formica® work · Custom Designing | CALL HI 2-9531 (anytime) GERRY CARR1CO formerly of K S B RomoJel CEMENT BLOCKS · SEPTIC TANKS --,', Lower maintenance and upkeep. · Draintila ' Incinerators · Stepping Stone · Well Casings FREE ESTIMATES Arcafa Concrete Products 21/2 miles North of ARCATA . Guintoli Lane ARCATA CALL VA 2-1232 Bring the right touch of warmth and decor for your fireplace with . . . · HEARTH SCREENS · PERMAPIEAT® SCREENS O GRATES · FENDERS · HEARTH SETS · HEARTH BASKETS · ANDIRONS · FIRELIGHTERS We measure, manufacture and install hearth screens -- any metal, any size, all styles. Portable displays shown in your fireplace, days or evenings. Sensible prices. D, C. McDonald Co., Inc. BUILDING SUPPLIES AT THE FOOT OF 'F' ST. EUREKA HI 3-3145 QUALITY MANUFACTURED LOCALLY Beautiful -- Durable "old growth" REDWOOD can Bill Moody ^ C-A. L, IF* O R 2STI-A. VA 2-4005 Freeway Sunset North Arcata B to 4:3U Won. thru Fri. 8 to 12 on Saturdays Free Delivery ARCATA REDWOOD COMPANY HOME OWNERS BUILDERS Beautify Your Homes. Buy Direct and Save!! REDWOOD Hand-Split PALING · RAILS POSTS · GRAPE STAKES Redwood Rounds For Patios Hiway 299 between 101 and Blue Lake VA 2-5045 or HI 3-2353 'Resilient · Floorings Increase Home's Comforf, Decor, Value Whether planning to renovate a single room or the construction of best known of all resilient floors, an entire home, the selection of comes in sheet and tile types, ·esilient flooring can be a pleasant Linoleum offers resistance to isk with ^so many flooring styles greases and is one of the best and patterns from which to choose 1 Resilient flooring offers many advantages to make any home more attractive, more comfort- ible and more valuable. It brings design and color to any area for handsome decor. Resilient floors, according to .he Armstrong Cork Co., are more hold chemicals. comfortable and quiet underfoot Occasional washings and waxings keep the floor bright and spotless. The two main categories of re- ilient flooring are tiles and sheet loors. The tiles are available in a lumber of sizes, with 9"x9" the most common. Sheets floors generally are made in rolls 6 feet vide, so they can be installed almost without seams. Tiles are generally easier for he do-it-yourselfer to install. Cus- om designs can be easily built into the floor by laying out the jles in a set arrangement. Basic Types Here are the basic types of looring, each with distinct characteristics: Linoleum flooring--probably the types for the kitchen. Vinyl sheet flooring -- has an ultra-smooth surface and crisp bright colors. A new type, made with a special backing, unlike linoleum, can be installed even in basements; it is resistant to greases, alkalis, and most house- Asphalt tile--usually lowest in cost of all resilient floors. Asphalt than other types of floors. Particularly easy to clean, a (ji e j s a good value for tigH quick swish with a damp mop is budgets, he only daily care they need. Vinyl-asbestos tile -- the do-it- yourselfer's favorite, offers the advantages of many "luxury- type" floors at a lower cost. Quiet Comfort Cork tile--is a quiet, comfortable smooth-surface floor. It adds dignity and warmth to bedrooms. ·ecommended for kitchens or foy- rs. --Rubber tile -- has exceptional recovery from indentations and springy comfort underfoot. Called the aristocrat of fine floors, it has a smooth, plate-like surface with high reflectance. --Linotile -- is specially processed for wearability and said to FHA Regulations Spark Home Remodeling Projects Now that Congress has author- way to an add-on room. ized bigger home improvement oans at lower cost, more and more home-owners are going in or long-needed remodeling projects. And many are saving money and enjoying rewarding exper- ences by doing some of the inter- or work themselves. The new FHA regulations permit loans up to $10,000, repayable iver periods as long as 20 years it 6 per cent interest. Previously, the limit was $2,000, with repayment over a maximum five years it an interest rate that actually vas 9.4 per cent. With the new regulations spark- ng an increase in home improvement throughout the nation, the 'onstruction Research Bureau, national clearing house for build- ng information, offers these hints o home-owners planning remodeling: In Right Places Don't build add-on rooms in the wrong places. A bedroom addet next to another bedroom means the occupants would have to walk through the first bedroom to get to the second. Perhaps a hal closet would make a good entry- Air Conditioning Gains Popularity Is any home truly modern without central air conditioning? Most experts -- including the Federal Housing Administration -- think not. Recently, more and more builders across the country, are including air conditioning even in economy-priced tract homes, or are installing gas furnaces which are easily adaptable to add-on units. Adding a gas or electric unit s no major problem in a house where ductwork has been correct- y installed. Since no extensive remodeling is needed, prices are ·easonable. Some of the most popular equipment on the market today are iryant gas air conditioners, add- on units installed out-doors. Working on the same proven rinciple as the gas refrigerator, .he unit circulates chilled air .hrough a cooling coil inside' the house. This coil can be attached .0 any furnace, and air passed hrough it is circulated through existing ducts throughout (lie mme. In moving ' interior walls, al- ·ays have a competent building ontractor do the major work t e sure you aren't tampering wit ey support w r alls. In i n t e r i o r remodeling, th ·oodwork and windows in an ew room or on any new wal hould match the woodwork i le rest of the house as closel s possible. Both characteristic dentify the room with the res f the house and poor matchin an mark the room as an "aftei lought." Luxury Look An important part of the in erior is the floor. Much monc an be saved and a luxury loo chieved in matching tbe oom's floor with adjoining hare food floors by using wood-grai ilanks of Kcntile solid vinyl tile 'hese provide the rich, natur, eauty of polished hard-woo loors with the easy-to-clean ai ·antages of vinyl and can easii le installed by the homeowne limself. In selecting wall covering ome-owners should consider th mmediate .use of the room. If s a children's bedroom or pla oom, a latex paint or washab inyl covering would be the wises hoice. Furnishings and fixtures in th ew room should be selected t t in with the decor of the res f the house. Carpeting Helps 'Hide' Noises; Absorbs Sound No efficient homemaker would consider hiding dirt under a rug but a rug or a carpet can hel| hide" noise. Noise can be a serious problem Older iiomes especially, may be totally lacking in acoustical ma tcrials, while many new home is sealed under a smooth vinyl owners are faced with increased surface so that it may be used in kitchens and other heavy traffic areas of the home, as well as in other rooms. be most durable of all resilient tors. It is highly resistant to indentation and scratching. --"Solid" vinyl tile -- lustrous and stain - free; it is made in bright, bold patterns as well as in pleasantly subdued ones. --Vinyl-cork tile -- here the cork Thickness No Longer A Test For Vinyl Floors Technical ploded Ihe advances have ex- mvth that certain building materials such as metal. dens and other rooms; it is not 8 lass and P'astic must be thick to be strong. And now this is reaching into home interiors. For the first lime, homemakers can get a pure vinyl flooring material featuring high styling and the same durability of thicker vinyls but costing less because it's only 1-16-inch thick. In extensive laboratory tests. Phone 5 FOR PLUMBING HEATING SHEET METAL WORK Coleman Blend Furnaces Floor Furnaces Wall Heaters Olympic Water Ueaters Air John P. 1901 Calif. St.. Eureka KEMP'S GARDEN GUIDE FOR A TRUE BLUE RIBBON BARGAIN get our PRIZE WINNING PANSY PLANTS Supor Jumbo Strain Reg. 85c doi PANSIES are indispensable garden favoriites, giving 6 to 9 months of continuous bloom. They arc equally doiirablo in beds, as ground cover (or bulbs, in pots, or in planter*. Beit of at!, PANSIES can bo planted any time of year here. Give them n rich humusy soil with lots of REDWOOD SOU CONDITIONER. Ease transplanting shock with START, a vitamin Dl solution, and feed regularly with UQUINOX 10-10-5 until buds form, then switch t o , LIOUINOX 0-10-10, for largest blooms. Uto CORY'S DAIT to protect them from Slugs and Snails, and your garden will bo the envy of the neighborhood. Kemp's Nursery, Garden Shop 634 Rodwo'od Highway FORTUNA RA 5-2131 engineers have found it will provide the same resiliency and long- life qualities as thicker Vs-inch or .080-gauge solid vinyls. The big advantage of solid vinyl over other kinds of flooring tile is that it can be produced with accurate renditions of soft pastel colors that are styled to blend with major appliances now universally used in light and delicate shades, as well as fabrics, paints and ceramics. The new 1-16-inch vinyl comes n pastel tones created with crystalite quality of three-dimensional depth. The soft hues of the pastels are presented in a unique style of marbelization combining a soft cloudiness and a directional graining at different levels within the tile. This effect gives the feeling of true marble, but with added brilliance and depth. A new electric wall clock which glows softly from a panelescent- iharged dial is visible even in a darkened room. This "Night Lighter" clock, perfected by Sunbeam engineers, is ideal for ejiy room in the house. noise problems, too. The extensive use of glass and other hard, reflective surfaces; radios, record players and T.V.; lower ceilings in smaller rooms, and mechanical, labor-saving devices around the home -- all contribute to higher noise levels. These make "sound conditioning" more important than ever. There are two types of noise: airborne n o i s e that "floats" through the house, such as conversation or traffic sounds from outdoors -- and impact noises caused by footsteps and dropped objects. That carpeting in the home cai reduce such noises up to fifty per cent. . . has been proved by ex tensive laboratory tests. You can literally "decorate fo peace and quiet," as well as fo beauty with your choice of carpe ing. Tests further prove that a carpet fibers and tex-types -- hot cut pile and looped pile -- ar highly efficient sound absorbers By JOYCK SI'IIUI.I.KK CHICAGO ( U I ' I i - Lace-pa 1 'crned wallpaper is becoming hig ashion. It's typical of Ihe textured wal overings being used for th; something "extra" without ri sorting to actual pattern on til wall. The chief "plus" factor of t h !e.\turcd-Iook papers, said \Vil iiam Burton, style and design di rector for a wallpaper m n n u f a c turer ' U n i t e d i is that they car be used with patterned draperies and carpets and make a gooi background for paintings. Because of their generally sub dued lone, they blend well with either contemporary or tradition- ill furnishings. The various papers available simulate damasks, silks, grasses, and moire stripes, as well as lace. Simulated flocked designs also are widely available. While the textured-Iook papers are ideal for use with patternec draperies, rugs and upholsteries regular patterned papers shouli 'C used in a room of all solid! ing up fast, beige is in decline, ilors, Burton advised. He r c - j a n d pink and blue are finished orted a return, where p u l t e r n e d j l o r a while. apcr is used, to Hie large, rich Among the more unusual new j patterns are one with prints of 'did books, weathervanes, bird attcrns characteristic of the llitli jnturv. Florals, roses in particular, are til! tin- 1.1-I rjmcmakci'.s. ause people like wallpaper will) choice of mam said Burton, be- As for color, llurton said while cages and other antiques against a stencilled ornamental background, another with classical etchings of Roman ruins, and a third showing favorite dishes of I'rance, liaiy and England, along is tops, l and orchid arc niov- will) travel posters. -- Push a button to open your garage door! 'Fix-Up' Slogan Keys In Program "Life Picks Up When You Fi Up" is the slogan that spearhead United States Gypsum Company' current campaign to show Amer ican families the advantages home improvement. The "Fix Up" program is pat terned to give homeowners idea for remodeling, repairing, anc decorating. U.S. Gypsum offers a variet; of products for home improve ment, including Sheetrock Gyp sum WalibOard, Ceiling Tile. Te olite paints, Thermafiber Insulat ing Wool and hardboard. Many of these products ar particularly well-suited for do-it yourselfers and U.S. Gypsum pub lishes a wide variety of designs plans and instructions for horn improvement. FREE LANDSCAPE CLINIC .. . pertaining to the care of trees, shrubs, evergreens, roses, ornamentals, bedding plants and lawns. Here expert nurserymen Geo'ge Sleater and Paul Egan examine a plant which was carefully raised at Hensels Arcata Nursery. EVERY DAY 9 am to 5:30 pm Learn from an experf how to beautify your trees, shrubs, plants, roses and ornamentals! Paul Egan and George Sleater, expert arborists, will carefully advisa you wlihoui- charge on all your planting and landscaping problems. Every day is clinic day because every day we offer you the knowledge and experiences of these two experts, Mr. Egcin, nursery nidiioger, is at Hensel Nursery, 3rd and E Streets, Arcata and Mr. Sleater, manager of the garden shop is flt 884 - 9th Street, Arcata. See our displays of quality plant i, trees, bulbs, fertilizers and tools today. COME IN AND WATCH US GROW! HENSELS NURSERY GARDEN SHOP 3rd E, Arcata 884 - 9th, Arcata BEST OF THE BAITS Glass Doors for Fireplace New way to eliminate smoke from fireplace. Kenp your mantle clean and sparkling and at the same time cut out cold drafts. Ideal for corner and see-thru types. Guaranteed fo eliminate smoke or your money back. Actual!/ gives more comlort with greater salety. Lower fuel bills. '35 Siiei. Send for tree folder with pricci listed, " The best investment you ever made in your home." Exclusively at "Anything for the Fireplace" Including accessories W. A. SIPES Diilributor 2123 Pine SI. Eureka HI 3-5445 \ultronic ^operator S:H txtrrcnv cfteei.'! \ Make your garage door as modern, as safe, 35 automatic as your car. Put an ULTRON1C OPERATOR in your car and garage. It's completely SAP!:, reflex action keeps from striking objects while descending. Costs no more than most major appliances and is often more useful. Than Any Other Brand of Garage Door · Builders, architects and home owners for 36 years have preferred The "OVERHEAD DOOR" for its "casy-to-sce- and-fccl" superiority. · The finger-lift case of opening and closing . .. plus wcathcrtight closure . . . make this garage a "liveable" extra room for work and play. · Its beauty of design adds real prestige to your home. Phone for free literature. Many different designs and models for your home. EXPERHY INSTALLED ... KELIABLY SERVICED OVERHEAD DOOR CO. Of Eureka and Arcata 1685 SUITER McKINLEYVILLE TE 9-1039 i BUY FENCING MATERIALS NOW! AT 00 r , I I ) r r PACIFIC RETAIL 4x4x6 S4S MERCH, POSTS 4x4x8 S4S MERCH. POSTS 1x2 ROUGH REDWOOD PALINGS ..,,, 4x4x6 ECONOMY REDWOOD POSTS 1x6 S4S ECONOMY REDWOOD p., 3-FT. NO. 2 PICKETS P e r b Jl 3 6 1x6 S4S MERCH. REDWOOD Jl 72°° 2x4x8 S4S MERCH. RAILS ea 4©' CREOSOTE PRESERVATIVE "', 175 per gal. H For Your Garden and Flower Beds SAWDUST FOR MULCH ^ MIRACLE BARK pcr Md , 1.75 MIRACLE BARK iosu,.i»i. P . r b.i.4.50 SAVE 2% O/Y EVERY CASH PURCHASE n U D B B f l B H B H B M Retail Lumber Company · 3300 Broadway Opon All Day Saturday HI 2-4531

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