Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 13
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Defector told CIA about contact in 1964 ., MI.. MO*.. M* INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A-13 Oswald, Cuban agents By DAVID a MARTIN WASHINGTON (AP) A Cuban defector told the Central Intelligence Agency in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been in contact with Cuban intelligence agents seven weeks before he killed President Kennedy, newly released documents show. The defector, described as "a well-placed individual who has been ... in contact with ... officers of the Cuban Directorate General Intelligence ( D G I ) , " also told the CIA that the DGI took extraordinary s e c u r i t y precautions immediately after the Kennedy slaying, according to the documents. The information was relayed to the W a r r e n Commission which "saw no need to pursue this a n g l e any further," according to a June 1964 CIA .memo. No mention of the defector or his information appears in the Warren Report, which concluded that there was no evidence of a foreign or domestic cons p i r a c y b e h i n d t h e Kennedy assassination. MEMOS regarding the .Cuban d e f e c t o r were among some 1,500 pages of CIA documents released to the Associated Press. Also included is a 1975 C I A m e m o stating t h a t t h e W a r r e n R e p o r t should have given more credence to the possibility of a foreign conspiracy in light of promising leads that were not pursued. The documents originally were provided to the Rockefeller Commission nn the CIA and have since been turned over to the S e n a t e Intelligence Committee, w h e r e a subcommittee h e a d e d by S e n . Richard S. Schwoiker, R- Pa., is investigating the K e n n e d y assassination. Schwciker has predicted that the Warren Report will "collapse like a house of cards." THE MEMOS regarding the Cuban defector quote him as saying "I have no personal knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswld or his activities and 1 do not know that Oswald was an agent '... of the Cuban govern- m e n t . " H o w e v e r , t h e same memos offer differing accounts of what the u n n a m e d defector said about the possibility of a contact between Oswald and C u b a n intelligence agents. The first mention of the defector appears in a May 5. 1964, internal CIA memo in which the defector is quoted as saying that Os- w a l d "was in contact" w i t h three Cuban agents "before, during and after" his visits to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City in late September and early October 1963. A subsequent May 8 memo quotes the source as saying that "1 believe" Oswald was in contact with the Cuban agents. WHEN the information was forwarded to the Warren Commission on May 15. a memo said that "according to the source, Oswald may have been interviewed by Vega (one of the Cuban agents) or his assistant ... but this is strict- LEE IIARVEY OSWALD Linked to Cuban Agents ly conjecture on his part." A June 19 memo reporting the commission's decision not to pursue the lead any _ f u r t h e r s a y s t h a t t h e defector had "no information linking (Oswald) to the C u b a n intelligence services in any manner." The meinos consistently quote the defector as saying that "after the news of the assassination of President Kennedy reached the DGI, orders were issued for all offices of the DGI ... to sort and package all documents according to whether they were 'muy s e c r e t e ' ( v e r y secret), ' s e c r e l o ' ( s e c r e t ) , or 'importante' (important). The material, once packaged, was to be held pending further instructions. All travel by DGI officers and all DGI (mail) pouches w e r e suspended temporarily." A C C O R D I N G t o t h e mcrnos, the defector did not know the reason (or these security measures but believed t h e y were t a k e n "because of t h e possibility that the United Slates might take some t y p e of a c t i o n against C u b a and the DGI offices." Other memqs show that C u b a n reaction to the Kennedy slaying was of intense interest to the CIA. All of C u b a n Premier F i d e l C a s t r o ' s p u b l i c statements were analyzed to d e t e r m i n e if he possessed any knowledge that had n o t b e e n m a d e public about the killing. A brief flurry of activity occurred when Castro described the telescopic sight on Oswald's rifle in slightly different t e r m s than had been publicly reported, but the memos show t h a t analysts con eluded ildid not indicate a special knowledge of the assassination. . A SEPARATE m e m o shows Oswald's t r i p to Mexico City was the most troubling part of the comm i s s i o n ' s investigation into the possibility of a foreign conspiracy. The March 1964 CIA memo s a y s commission s t a f f members "noted that the m o s l significant gap app e a r e d in the Mexican phase. For example, they had no record of Oswald's daily movements while in Mexico City nor could they confirm the date of his departure or his mode of travel." S t a f f members s u b s e - quently w e n t to Mexico City but were unable to interview ihc one witness who apparently had had the mosl extensive dealing with Oswald. The witness. a woman named Sylvia Duran who had handled Oswald's application for a visa at the Cuba embassy, was interviewed instead by M e x i c a n authorities and an account of t h e interview was furnished to the commission. H E R T E S T I M O N Y which the Warren Reporl said was confirmed "by confidential sources of extremely high reliability," did not mention any contact between Oswald and Cuban agents. In Mexico City, Oswald also visited t h e Soviet embassy where, according lo evidence in the Warren Report, he m e t with a Russian KGB agent who may held a routine diplomatic job as a cover for covert activities. A m e m o written last year by Raymond Rocca, who served as CIA liaison with the commission, said t h e W a r r e n R e p o r t "should have left a wider 'window' f o r t h i s contingency" of a foreign conspiracy. " T h a t , indeed, was the opinion at the working level, particularly in the counterintelligencc component in the CIA, in 1964." Rocca went on to say that hard evidence of a conspiracy "did ( a n d does) not exist in Washington. B u t such evidence could exist in Moscow and or Havana." be linked The possibility of a con- lad between Oswald and Cuban agents in Mexico City does not appear in tho declassified version of the R o c c n memo. However, large portions of the document have been deleted. m e m o , m e t w o m o s t promising leads to such evidence are testimony a b o u t meetings Oswald had in 1959 with Cuban diplomatic officials and a public t h r e a t m a d e by Fidel Castro against the lives of U.S. leaders. The implications of the testimony about the 1959 meetings "do not appear to have been run down or d e v e l o p e d by investigation." Rocca said. He also pointed out that a news account of the Castro threat appeared in a New Orleans newspaper in Scptenibcr 1963 when Oswald was living there, but "there is no evidence in the files of the Kennedy assassination t h a t t h i s Castro interview was considered." ACCORDING to Rocca's INSTANT PROTEIN BAR WITH THIS COUPON COUPON EXPIRES 3/30/76 SHAKLEE COMES TO EAST LONG BEACH AREA 3102 E. 7th St. Ph. 438-3524 PS A flies to San Francisco 3 times a day (from Long Beach). Klansman hold rally; hardly anyone comes : WARREN, TC.V. IAPI- "Tlie guns arc for security f r o m b l a c k m i l i t a n t groups." said Dan Smith- crs Apparently it worked. M o t o n e s i n g l e b l a c k showed up at the National Knights of (he Ku Klux Xiao rally in an open field near here Saturday. Not m a n y Klansmen showed up, either. Only about 200 persons, many of them children, attended the day-long meeting that had been advertised as a gathering of 3,000. Smilhers. a Vidor, Tex., man who is the grand dragon of t h e National KKK, said rain kept a lot of members away. Bui the small turnout, he added, m e r e l y p r o v e d t h e strength of the white supremacist group. " W h e r e we get our strength i. in our invisibility." he said. S t r a n g e r s w e r e w e l - c o m e d C h i l d r e n r a n a r o u n d happily playing, m a n y of them wearing shirts stamped with the slogan, "White Power Ku K l u x Klan" a n d " I ' m Proud to be the Son of a Klansman." There was a concession stand, and the Confederate Stars and Bars flew beside and at equal rank with the Stars and Stripes. At one end of the broad and near-vacant field was a truck bed filled with musical instruments and microphones and decorated with a red and while banner reading "For God and Country." Later the men gathered in an adjacent field and erected three crosses. One lowered 45 feet, like the mast of a ship. An invitation to smoke Now If you're a smoker who has been thinking about Mar 7 and nicotine, here's why we invite you to smoke Now. Now has the lowest 'tar' and nicotine levels available to you in a cigarette. 2 mg. 'tar/ .2 mg. nicotine. Now also gives you real smoking satisfaction. 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