Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1990 · Page 21
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1990
Page 21
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DISC 8 p.m. — Biography: "Sharon Stone." A&E "Highlander." Starring Christopher Lambert,Roxanne Hart. Sword-and-sorcery action cutting between modern-day New York and 16th- century Scotland. AMC * * Unsolved History. Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War is analyzed by reconstructing the day's events. Special. DISC "Dangerous Waters." Suspense starring Connie Setleca. A river expert, her boyfriend and her children embark on a rafting expedition that turns menacing when they encounter escaped prisoners searching for stolen money. FAM * * 9 p.m. —American Justice. A murder case involving high school students and a suspect who refuses to plea bargain. A&E YOU TOLP ME A STORV POR AN HOUR ANP FORGOT TH6 ENPINO?.' IF [ HAP BEEN PAVING ATTENTION, I WOULP REALLV B6 UP&6T/ ...AMP THEN...UH...I FORGrSt WHAT HAPPEN6P I- CANTPO PROBLEMS ITUAT HAVE TMREE'S AND VFOUR'S IN THEM.. I CAKT DO THIS MATH PROBLEM..IT HAS THREE'S ANP FOUR'S IN IT... 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