The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 9, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS .THE DAILY FREE PRESS ' ' Established 1M3 Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co. MRS. JOHN T; GALBRAITH Editor •:« Manager Telephone - - 218 TERMS 'Subscription 15 cents a week. - Advertising bills due -weekly. - Job worK strictly cash.' ..ANNUAL, SUBSCRIPTION *7.80. Entered at the postofflce at Garbon, IlllBOls, as second class natter. In the Free Press Building, Main Strotst. Mir :h 9. 1920 ANNOUNCEMENTS I 'HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. "The Free Press is authorized to an- •^aouace GEORGE A. FORE as a candi- •'4ate for Highway Commissioner of • Garbondale township, subject to the primary Marcl*20. WILSON SAYS NO I ROBT UNDERWOOD JOHNSON TO RESERVATIONS Join League Freely or Stay Out, Answer to Senator Hitchcock. WANTS ARTICLE TEN INTACT Th.e Free Press is autnorized to an- -•aoinuie JACOB ETHERTON as a <sandtdat*' for Highway Commissioner of -Carbondale township, subject to the Republican Primary March 20. I'-/ ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. The Free Press Is authorized to an- aoance WM. M. HOLLIDAY as a saudidate for reelection for Assistant Supervisor of Carbondale township, sub'Ject to the Republican Primary < .March 20. X > Press Is authorized to an- i J. W. CRANDBLi, as a candi- •for Assistant Supervisor of Car•' boodale township, subject, to,the He;\ publican Primary, March 20. ^ TOWN CLERK. The Free Press is authorized to an- V nounee WM. M. GAX.LEGLY, as a candidate for Town Clerk, of Carbon- <tafe Township subject to the Republican Primary March 20. ' The Free' Press is authorized to an- •aounce W. J. BROWN, aa. a candidate .€ar Town 'Clerk, oi Carbondale Township subject to the Republican Primacy, March 20. ASSESSOR. Tbe Free Press is authorized to an• o«unce Sam Anderson as a candidate v for reelection for assessor of Carbon.- dals township subject to the Republi- .can. primary March 20. 'LEGION BONUS PLAN WRONG So Says -Member of Organization Be- .fore Solons—Favors "Definite and Sane Policy." Washington, March 9.—A serious -mistake was made'by tlie American Xeglon in presenting its proposals for soMier relief In the form in which it -did, the house ways and means com- •niittee was told by. Col. 13. Lester Jones, a member of the legion's executive committee. v He said the executive committee Tvmild assemble this month and that he proposed to suggest that it formulate -"a definite nnd sane policy" for presentation to congress in a "quiet and respectful way." Colonel Jones said he believed the itoS'on also should present a well-con. -sidered scheme for financing any plan -t proposed. MAN AND WOMAN FOUND SLAIN -Clifford Bleyer, Member of Chicago Union League Club, and Mrs. • Randall Are the Victims. •Chicago, March 0.—A. 'man and a -woman were found shot to death In •die flat building at 3007 Lake Park .-«v»emie. They were Clifford Bleyor. tfilrty-six years old. mnrriod and liv- -|i\K with his wife and two children »' 01S CJrvlt avenue, an ndx-prlisins man. -nnd -Mrs. Buth Randall, thirty year? did, recently divorced. Mr. Bleyor was a member of the Union League club. The- bodies were lying on Hie bed in Mrs. Randall's apartment on Hip,third floor. Between them lay a revolver. Bleyer had been shot in the. right i pie and JMi.-s. Randall in the Ipft tc - pie. With Modified Reservation, the Senate Passes the Armament Clause—^Labor Reservation Is Also Readopted, 44 to 27. • Washington, March 9.—President Wilson restated for Democratic senators his opposition to any peace treaty reservations which would' weaken article 10 or otherwise materially impair the provisions of the league covenant. Without .saying specifically what qualifications he would or would not accept, he wrote in.a letter to Senator Hitchcock, .the administration leader, that almost all of the reservations he had heard suggested were "in effect virtual nullifications" of the treaty articles to which they applied. "I hec.r of reservationlsts and mild reservfitionists." the letter added, "but I cannot understand the difference between a.nullifier and a mild nullifler." Discussing article 10 particularly, the .president wrote that there \\-as "no escaping the moral obligations wlik-h are expressed in positive terms in this article," though there could be no objection to explaining In an Interpretation the eonstitntional methods' by which such obligation would have to be fulfilled. The "very heart" of the covenant, he. reiterated, would be imperiled by weakening article 10. Pass Armament Clause. A modified reservation affirming national control over armaments \v«s | adopted by the senate, 49 to 26. Nine Democrats, Chamberlain, Oregon; Gore, Oklahoma; King, Utah; KIrby, Arkansas; Nugent, Idaho; Phelan, California; Reed, Missouri; Shields, Tennessee, and Smith. Georgia, voted for It. The reservation as amended on motions of Senators New, Republican. Indiana, and McCoriulck, Illinois, follows : "No plan for the limitation of armaments proposed by the council of the Leagne of Nations under the provisions of article 8 shall be held as binding the United States until tlie same shall have been accepted by congress, and the United States reserves the right to increase its armament without consent of the council -whenever the United States is threatened with Invasion or engaged In war." After a slight verbal amendment proposed hy Senator Lodge had been accepted the seriate adopted, 44 to 28, the reservation providing that the United States reserves the right to permit in its discretion the nationals of a covenant-breaking state, residing in this country or in countries other. than that of UIP government-breaking state, to continue commercial, financial and personal relations with American citizens. Five Democrats—Gore and Owen, Oklahoma; Henderson. Nevada ; Reed, Missouri, and Shields, Tennessee— voted with the Republicans for the reservation, x The reservation declaring that the treaty should not be construed as validating any illegal acts in dealing with enemy property In this country, was readopted without change by a vote of 45 to 27, Senators Chamberlain, Oregon; Fletcher, Florida; Gore. Oklahoma ; Henderson, Nevada; Myers, Montana; Reed, Missouri, and Shields, Tennessee, .Democrats, supporting It, and Senator Nelson, Republican, Slin- nesota, voting against it. Adopt Labor Reservation. Without^ debate_ the senate then readopted ihe labor reservation which refuses assent to the labor sections »f the treaty "nnd which was the subject of long and bitter discussion last session. The vote was 44 to 27, with six Democrats—Senators Gore, Oklahoma; King, Utah; Myers, Montana: Reed, Missouri; Shields, Tennessee, and Thomas, Colorado—standing with the solid Republican membership tor adoption. That left only the article 10 and voting power reservations to be acted on. NO BOOZE FOR BQNE-DRYS pOveFty PaKtiE & bArn DaNce , ELK HOME THUR. 11 Be tHErE aT 7:3O with yOre Worn An wiTh PlEntiE oF GRuB. DaNciN fEr thEM tHet Can -thE StRugGLe StaRTs aT 9 p. m. (OLD TIME) -Music by Winklers 5 piece Jazz. ELKS AND FAMILY No DuDes LeT iN. WeAr OLD-CLOSE. MISS EVELYN TROSTLE Robert Underwood Johnson, newly appointed United States ambassador to Italy. He is an author and editor of note, was born in Washington and educated in Indiana. He is sixty-seven years old. He succeeds Thoinua Nelson Page of Virginia, who resigned Boine months ago. i FRANCE PROTESTS PRINCE'S ATTACK Assault by Kaiser's Cousin on French Party Is Before German Regime. ARREST OF JOACHIM ORDERED Hurled Plates at Capt. Roughevin Who Refused to Stand While Orchestra Was Playing "Deutschlarid Ueber Alles." London, March 9.—Gen. Maurice Nollet, bend of the French military mission in Berlin, 1ms demanded 1111 immediate audience with Foreign Minister Mueller to protest against the attack on the French- party at' the Hotel- Adlon Saturday night by Prince Joachim Albrecht of Prussia :'.nd his friends, says a dispatch to the Dally Mail from Berlin. Arrest of Prince Is Ordend. Berlin, March 9.—Gustav Noske, minister of defense, lias ordered the provisional arrest of Prince Jonchtni] Albrecht of Prussia, cousin of former ' Emperor William, und Baron Von Platen for engaging in an assault at the Adlon hotel Saturday night upon Capt. Roughevin, a French officer with the allies' mission in this city. The hotel dining room was the scene of a rough and tumble fight between, Prince Joachim Albrecht and his gnests. Baron von Platen and Herr Griekel, and Capt. Klein and Houghe- vln and Mine. Kit-in. .The hostilities were .lue to t the French people's refusing to stand while the orchestra was ' playing "Deutschland Ueber Alles." Hurl Crockery and Pastry. Prince Joachim nnd his friends hurled candles, crockery and pastry at the French party. Capt. Rouglievin was beaten and had his clothes torn. Capt. Klein was escorted ouvby waiters, who defended him. . The episode apparently was planned by Joachim, who has the reputation of being n pan-German extremist, 'it is said he has been virtually barred from other hotels, of Berlin, where'he .has attempted similar outbreaks against foreigners. Many members of the foreign commissions in Berlin live at tlie' AcSlon, and Joachim recently hns been appecr- ing there nightly, wearing .-his iron cross and ordering the orchestra to play "Deutschland Ueber Alles." A majority of the guests in the dining _roonj rose w;.ien_ the orchestra Miss Evetyn Trostle of Mucl'herson. Kan., n near East relief worker in charge of -n boys' orphanage in the Marash district In Cilicia, Is one of the Americans in danger of -Turkish massacre as reported by cable. ; One of the : bulldlngs at Marash occupied by near East workers was sacked and a number en* Armenian refugees sin in. McANALLY 211 W«st Main Strsvc Dffloc Hours—• t* lit M.M.: It*4-V.V sfiirten The TTTf, rinfl. rioiicTiiriTs -prrfty began an attack on the French folk. Prince Put Out of Restaurant. When the prince entered the Adlon for luncheon yesterday he was told by the head waiter that he could not be served, arid that, • if he insisted upon taking a seat at a table, the waiters would strike. Joachim, thereupon, left the building. It is believed the attitude of the waiters Is due to a decision of their union; which is opposing the reactionaries. 4 DEAD IN MICHIGAN BLAZE Home of Mr. and Mrs. Hartley.Roe at Muskegon Is Destroyed by Fire. Muskegon, Mich.,. March 0.—The death list from a fire which destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Roe is expected to be -increased to four. The mother and daughter, Gertrude, nged flve, are dying at a local hospital. Robert, aged nine months, and James, aged two, died as .they slept, while the mother rescued two other children before taking fire. BIG BLAST SHAKES CHICAGO Explosion of Dynamite at Bottom of Quary Jolts'Whole South Side. Chicago. March 9.—Five persons were injured and the whole South side was shaken by a dynamite" explosion at the bottom of the Chicago "Union Lime Works quarry at Nineteenth and. .Lincoln streets, here.- Two of the injuries occurred outside the quarry within the mile-wide area where houses were shaken and windows broken by the force of the blast. The cause of the I'xrilosioo is.a mystery.. STRAIGHT 10 MELBA 7>ie 10* STRAIGHT 12 ^ DTHEBl SIZES Better SLndmorejofeasing than y mild Havana cigar: Ask your dealer'.for. your/avor/Te sige, \ IF your dealer cant supply you — £wrife vs. iLEVVIS CIGAR MFG.CO.Ntw Largest Independent Cigar Factory inthe World DR. H. H. ROTH Practice limited to Dlseaees of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, Murphysboro, ill. HAMILTON & BRADLE* - Attorneys at Law Pttont StU K Suite 112-11* New Hamilton Bulltfta* DELIA CALDWELdL, M. D LAURA IS. SWARTZ 08TEOPATHHC PHYMC1AN Chronic EMt«a«es a Specialty Oflloa In Laudar-NMieU Bid*. W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MAC KEY COAL OFFICE Phone 104 CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN . \ Home Made Candles and loo Or*at Telephone *** -Y Phone 159 JESSE HAYES All Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work. DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINQ H«ura » to 11 A. M. and t to • •>„ .. PHONB M Vlrflnla ECONOMY COAL *ARD t. B. WOODS, PROP. Waehed Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES Phone 342 K FIGHT AT BOSPORUS, REPORT British Authorities " Discredit.. Stories of* Clash With Turks at Constantinople. (' London, March 9.—Reports were In circulation here thut there had been a •clash between ^entente troops and Turkish forces in Constantinople, but were discredited at the war office and the admiralty" as well as at the foreign office. Officials stated that they hnd received no messages indieatinfl a clash «l Conftimtinople and that they believed the reports to he untrue. 16799 H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL. AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE ANOTHK EYE •yM T*«t«d QlaMM Pitta* Virginia Bldg. tarfeoiri*!* Ilk F.L.LINGLE,M.D. Q«n«rai Practtw Special attention to By*, Ear, QlaNs* FHtrt Phon*.: R*sld«nc* 880-2, Oflto* •»! m New York City alone from kidney trouble last year. Don't allow yourself to become a victim by.' neglecting pains and aches. Guard { against this trouble by taking COLD MEDAL Money buck without queaticii if HUNT'S Salve f«i£ in th, treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA RINGWORM, TETTER ex ether itching ilrin diteaie*. Try • 75 cent box at our risk. ~ '8 DKUG UTORF Member of the .Illinois Constitutional Convention Victim of Pneu- • '. menia Attack. Grant Prrk, III.. -March .9.—State^ The world's standard remedy for kidnap, Senator Edward C. Curtis, a member SS-JTSoSf SZffiSftSi •"*• Tf utIOD , al rTST" ana c AH druggists, three sizes. Gnarant»d. (Prominent. figure In Republican party Ix»k tor .i,,, »„,. Gold M«W on ««y b« ! f>o»«cs in Illinois for 25 years, died at ««ptnoiniiiiKi« Ills home here. He had been 111 for • : • ' - tvro woeks. FARMERS 0. K. DIVORCEMENT .permits for" Drug Store Whisky P.- 2 . scriptions Refused in States Where Barred.- Lincoln, Neb., -March 9.—Government -permits to druggists Vo.sell intoxi-.-at- iug liquor on doctors' proscriptions will not be issued, in states where -liquor sales under them wi'mld be in violation of .state law, according to -a letter received by Gov. Samuel R. M*Kelvie from Internal Revenue Com- jmlssioner Daniel C. Roper. His letter was In response to a request from the -governor not to rpermit the issuance of such permits in .Nebraska, which Is e dry" by. state law. . Approval of the Packer Decree Is Expressed to Attorney General Palmer. Washington, March 9.—Approval of the packer divorcement decree was expressed to Attorney General Valraer by a delegation of farm organization officials. T. C. Atkeson, representing the National Grange, told the attorney general the terms of the decree'were all the farmers' organizations could ask and that the time, bad come to permit tlie packers "to settle down" so that producers would not have to contend longer with fluctuating markets. WILSON IN OPEN AUTOMOBILE President Is Accompanied by Wife, Read Admiral Grayson and Her Brother. Washington, March 9.—President Wilson went riding < in an open automobile. He was accompanied by Mrs. Wilson, Rear Admiral Grayson and "Randolph Boiling, Mrs. Wilson's J brother. Wanted Severe FOR CARTRIDGE MAKING. THIS WORK IS LIGHT, CLEAN, EASILY LEARNED AND PAYS A MINIMUM WAGE OF 25c PER HOUR, WORKING 55 .HOURS AND RECEIVING PAY ' FOR 60 HOUES. MOST OF THE WORK, HOWEVER, IS ON" A PIECE-WORK BASIS AND PAYS CONSIDERABLY MORE THAN THE HOURLY RATE. PROVISION HAS BEEN MADE FOR TAKING CARE OF HOUSING. . '• • • ' Western Cartridge Go. •',. Bast f^lton, Illinois

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