Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 39
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 39

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 39
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HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54i TV SERVICE H O U 5 6 M O L U _ ^ _ 3 , H i .. Service es ' rhe'rii«"! olU K Ml 56A;IJVESJOCK KA " G Y M K H A N A 6 0 ' A P A R T M E N T S FURN. 79'. APARTMENTS FUKN. 79' APAKTMENTS FUtN. 79' APARTMENTS ' " « n ' ^ ^ aaf $50 Almost New! m a p l e rio«M'- -rr.-.wr. that ! 55*5 K. """" Al'AOlK TV "Cai.'!» I3.W imall "' 1r i'rn*3fr.i *hoii. XU 'A'. ,Srrrc«-a M A . 3-31 W. « A N Slahln. 5!M E. «i» S j i u r m v . JuJir t h , * M H M HEALTirUI." flUCKSKlN Cif 2 v p e i ^ o'.rt Htr.lr.rn (ut ip W i l l liai'.r lai I), UK i-im' · re««n»l!«-. ( ' f i l l MA J-W«S Just Completed 2 lx!;rn.~.ear!ujive!y «.,d!tlnned...ll«led Po'«l ' N E W » C » - n t r « j u )PI"« -- b j k tju*. Mop 7 GOD* on*- 10 iro, Mir Broadway Village Apts. -;, £-«*£. "»"" J beauOiul room* vww ; Nrar phoppnu center,' church, "incJudin* uuUUet. MA* 4-310i' NICE, Cl*an. Hardwood floor*. N o r j *chogL Bu* lint. KA. *-»««. EA. j K 7^ _ ! **wppinf, lu«, UniveTxliy. for on** or Drachm «n. two AFAtT^NT^JFUtN. 79 il B-b^'htf. ^*^p7^ r C*^rf1 'iffXfrrttajfT FL^R^CWTRBA" (Newly decorated. lar» ttudio I apartment. 312* Z- Adams. EA. 7-4168. rS3: ORACLE NORTH APTS. Smita A «"V CASH REGISTERS 57 NCR MA 2-S3J. ».ie MA »ii«lr CY '.'.BH 1 C'OMPLFTK line of new · hone (:»!!·« m lli«ll*.v. 4 B'ocks North of U CACTUS CLUB APTS. A A A Di.uxg M i i r h e n , n:rpl*r«, rurveti! l i n t f , nice. *IM Also 1 nertfir . panel' fituriin bedroom r a i r « KK A P P R O V E D i 1 2 tdnr. · ru.Tirr.e* vt 1150 Dclux* garden * Kef rife rated *lr .,· Laise ptxj'i * Private patio * Kctrlr knth*n * Completely * Special summer rjte* tub . ^ ........ .,,,.. ------ · ... ^WANTED TO_BUY · -- · · 58 .Vol quanet hofw ,;r.H Dunr in Danish Modem. II10 Apt Pool Shudlcboard. Puttlnx / rom ^45 Includea linen, ailver tc .»r 1.1 iss? N liiehlanrt. EA. «-Blos Cn-en. y.se E 3rd St. Cor. Dodte u niiiii. children over ten welcome B!vJ EA. 6-3y ·MO MO.VTH, ali'titllltlea p'ali!. Mil _S 1 _«h_AV«»u £ . · 3 BEDROOMS · · A l K CONDITIONED* PALO VERDE" APARTMENTS SM5 N." Oracle Rd " CY. 7-llMi 415 E. DRACHMAN i SUMMER RATES rmem m^W. CaXnrt Orcxil "rashns. china rah- nc'. pair ff \LSHJ rhv.'V r*- repiio-wl!* nice leatr.ei H.; r.iihot. «'.rp_ "W^ *,,,",,,," orop Irs: Uhle. »fai» 12: British out *·"·» * R!! i-haiis. brautK^l TMt)«c crecn-nra. " rri* c! 5te:l;n« silver. . n.-virs' Ani'.nocp china cabl- nrl Psckard-Br!! ji.-ovir,f.a! »j ·' TV like ritv.: rr»i nn-r - rhsirs. Sofas. n-.ahPC. rornrr china rahlnet. 3 hlonfl nak laMcj maplr i mahos. Ixii m M.-J OCT. c-hslrs. p-. J e n n v "nd tw,n beds-, limed oak hoo'Krare twn r*a. (Hovr. gulomatir was otilcr items. _ HOMT 90S_E. Spceflwa.' "DOST JUST r.'fVT. IT A W A Y STVKF***TH!NC;S--! H V S. fith iwy* ·nor' (or t-T. 'n tnmr.* MA j-f:77i Furniture--Appliances nON T SKLL « mini! u n l ' l ·".; K V H N ' r h ' R F EA 5.3Mh. Open S-.ir, OLD JFWK1-KY. k l l v i i . :!lik pnw. Msr:*^.3mn' 0 MA...«-«W : Refrigerators, Ranges, :ETC Mc.re SU «" "" c " _ . _ ALWAYS CALL EA. l.i.-oy sin.L,e hlark lieJdiii !l-ar»und v»r UMi Aliu snin^fiJ odd-Uxikir.ir iuoxvn aelfllnjz. Of · COMPLETELY rURKISHKD · lor e SWIMMING I'OOL · 2111 N, Country Clut:t near Grant suMMten RATES \VANTrD~ShailoW well pump. « SALE EVERY SAT. FOn BETTKH SEHV1CE MORE BUYERS M f l R F DOLLARS C O N S I f i N TO TUCSON'S C N L Y N A T I O N A L L Y CERTinr.O LIVESTOCK AUCTION PAYNE'S LIVESTOCK A U C T I O N 4 Mil* 1 !* Xortharst of CHv on CAM Grand*- Hi way «"M CY. 7-1187 CALL US COLLECT FOH PICKUP 6TH . COUNTRY CLUB APARTMENTS · COMPLETELY FURNISHED · : C , O I J T H F R N A I R F APTS i Beautifully furniihed. Efficiency ; S U U inriKlrtinE. ftr-^0. M1(j op( . bedroom »p»rtment. Prl- 'CompUtely tt elegantly furnished,yaie patio and_carport._. _ ... Heated pool Reineerated coolmz.;' vitru/T~V r»PrriT?"ATFn csrporu Monthly. *ca»onal. summer; I N U W L . ! \J£\,\Js\t\\. I--U rait! ft Special yearly ratei. 910 N a room apartmtnt . j block fromU 1 ^ 5 . Himrr.el Park. Keaionable. 2345 E. SAN SUMMER RATES ?100 PEP. MONTH Day, Week, Mo. is GoU Privilege* * is Healed Pool ** v Private balconiei s v R£frl£erat«d cooline *f f Luxury 1 2 bdrm. apu. ** v Quiet, cool. du»t free, f Talclnr winter resen'atloru now. CY. 7-0411 TRAiLEHS FOR RENT 79A . tnller-- »IM ramada. ear- txn. Mi monUi. Laundry available. 3S31 S. «th Ave. __ IDEAL FOR 2 HOUSES, FURNISHED 01 TUCSOB Lar«e 2 bearoon*. Utility. AX.t-MH. CLKAN. Cool. Qui»t- On» Iwdroom. All Convenience* Inciudinx washer. But. market*. Adults. Mo peti. ·m VI. Irvinmon^ 5IR(3LE~Ho"tJBE. J' bedroom tot . niibed, with utUltlu. HO. Oracle. N. HOUSES, FURNISHED 81 . mo. tocl. water. Call . - . M. M. Larkin, Realtor 31TEDROOMS . . bathi. Maid'* quarters, Refrijiera- l4 bath*, completely furnish**, tion... Swimming pool.. View oil Wall to wall carpeting. »2pO month. Caulinu. Short or Near mopping center, long term lease, EA. -- · -- ·- -1 ' evenings f-»: mornings t-10. Trailer under, larze carport. Cool! 2 BfiSffbOMS. 1ffioii*bu«.~shSppuiE. and comfortable. Utilities furnished.! No pets. Adult*. 1136 E. Broad- M O T E - Kcralee. AX. JStl N. Oracle Boad, MA. J-1597._i Jfay. EA. S-»SO. ' D D T V l i T C l f V V n DT "! J BH3HSQHS. Sear shopping, bua.i j i ' K l V A l E , L.UUK1 i Tj n i ve rslty. 154« E. Spetdwaj-.! J modern trailers Wash room and {ohower. All utilities furni«hed. HORTHEAST. One bedroom. Bus, shopptog. 2S25 La Madera Pr, NEARLY new 2 bedroom duplex. Beautiful iuraishini*. washer. Summer rates or $11» «n -leu**. I miles beyond 4l^5^** Shpj^gtng ___ ROOMS. uUlitlej furnished. Cir- pori. PaUo. shade and lawn. able, reasonable. Grant Rd. clean, cool, comfort- inif Adult*. Xll E. -r-vvi CLEMENTE APTS. 430 S. .jjjf cz duplex $95--SWIM --$95 DELUXE ] BDRM.. HEATED POOL, HARDWOOD FLOORS. BEAUTIFUL PATIO.. 3EM N. TUCSON BLVD. Furnished adult aparunenti. 2 BH-. 2 bath or 1 BR. 100 to I 150 monthly. Excellent ioca- I Uon. EA. «-ZZ35. : A v «. p o u | t r y ( EggS( 61 K#1 chicks ja.sa per 100 Rmj; neck pheasant*, a l f n l j a hay, bsliy jjumra*. tu::;*'vs, P U R I N A R a n d y ' s Feed Supply .3"'ava"n. "ITIS". r;55 H u i h r a u / f Kd. CY. 7-J163 · · WIMMG POOL. TELKPHONE · !· COKFEE SHOP - DINING RM. · E. 6th at Country Club EA. 7-3461 ~ COU'STRV" "ctOti "MANOR 2927 E. 17TH ST. 1 flr.rt 2 bedroom furnished ann un.'urnljhed spartrnenta. ISO per month and up. Carport and Individual itorage. Call MA. 3-846! Or EA. " A R I Z O N A TRUST CO. VICTORIA APTS. 3811 E. ISIh St tIJi mo. EA. V-41S4. SEE THIS! Charming bachelor gue»t hou*e. 1 i-oom and bath. Utilities. Erlfftd- jilrf. Cooler. Lovely vard, tre«». '212, r » Oracle Rd ^___ 3942 E. Hayne. EA. 7-3SE4. : i ROOM drelr'able. apartrrient._ WiiIk j iBKYANT AVE. CLOSE TO GOLF .. bdrm. i COUHSi:,LNS,, DISHES. TV. OTIL. -- KO. 1 bdnn. »65. Ho pet*. 4145 E.! 1TIES. STDO $65 l BB $7i. J BH Hayne. MA. 4-6588. !»85. CY. 7^0432. EA- 8-1526. l~aEDROOM Quiet- Adulti 4545 3 ROOMS acrou from wert _*1*. ' N. Rumero Rd.. alter 4 p.m. j Davis-Montban. $55 month. 2»U S. MA._M4ta. i»W Z7-FT. _ . -. Adults, _pgt»._A-jLTraller Lodge. EA. 7-2H TRAILERS for sale or rent at your location. One vacation trailer. BOB HALL TRAILER SALES RENTAL. 2115 S. 4th Avenue, MA. 3-2030. MODERN 1 bedroom. With awninj. M M Court. 3J1S X. 3rd Street, EA. 7-4432. NICELY furnished 6 rooms. _ slw bed. Patio. Adults. J150 month. Mmt »ee to appreciate. 5426 Z.| PLENTY OF $20 WEEKLY UP ! ya W. Rllllto. Modern trailer Kitchen unita. Ever,^ | , APT " furnijhed. TV. Large PooL Shuffle-! ',a blocks 1o New Campbell bonrri Omxcite major «Jiotoin«'Piar^. 3 rooms. Shade, lawn. Car-; board, oppose major moppwi ^^ pof( _ h ^ ujuiue, ,.!,,.» foot. EA. 5-»U. MSI I. Monte REX MOTH. !n toxvn. »»« ». tth' 1»3_?...Adelaide, I Vista, Pnve. CLEAN-$35 | Why Pay Rent? ; We will rent you a MODEKN * MOBH-E HOME for As Low As $25 ; per mo At apply -,b th» reni; lowarn the purrhase price. How j can vou lost? Invefftigat* today.! Choice »elcctlon.. . j DESERT TRAILERS MA. s-ttimi '] BEDROOM furnisried. Good N.E. ; location. SA5 per mo. No leas« re- I quired. A. P. Brown Co. EA. S-4368 170: AX. 8-6683. .Large Live on a Guest Ranch 1 Ceoroum apt. i bedroom apt. ,, AX. 8-2111 Finest City Location SWIMMING POOL E ,, h . o °_ w wn. Reasonab!e._ffi N,_Eud.W.: ;Mud i 0 apt , urn , or : RATED Studio Apartment Itiej paid. 3HJ S. 7th. 83. REN WELCOME oma, reasonable,' dean. »U3. 814 E. 39th St. two bedrooms. Nearly olture in apartnwnti. On rly Blvd. near I. Pteia. EA. 6-4122. t~\/~\\ (for ALMOST NEW »' fully modern trailer. TJtilitiet and washer fur- rushed. 149. 3838 S. Liberty. TRATLZR with cooler for rent. «0 per month. 3813 E. Presidio Dr., EA. 6-9458. BEST city location. From *40. Children under 1. N« pet*. 4235 E. Bellexrue. FOR RENT OR SALE. 27' trailer houses. Vacation trailers. MA. 3-9810. room. 120 w. King Road. r~v»^»'K?»gag-jcyBfwTM'^r."y*'*K''' J '-i""*' 7th. Block from bus. Also furnished Why Pay Rent? vili rent vou · UOEERN HOME for s Low As (25 apply apartment. J45. Innuire 2014 S- 7th.ji owlr rt 'the eurchu* MA. 4-U1S. " " ,j tt» price. rent Bums. EA. 1-5174 or EA. t-«». i HIM Oracle_5?L P8S PER MONTH. 2-bcdroom house. Large enclosed patio. Barbecue pit, and shade trees. 3050 K. Campbell. ____ ______ can you lose? Investigate today. Choice selection. DESERT TRAILERS MA .VO1U 1 BEDROOM. Near Amohi. *55. Beautifully landscaoed. AX. 8-E282 or EA. 7-1343. 1 BEDROOM apartment. Convenient location. 233 E- Helen, MA. 3-5386. .^^^_____ THREE room house, completely furnished. Large lot. South. Hea- aonable. MA. 4-3777. CLOSE TO U OF A I-bedroom completely furnished. 1629 r. 9th N. One bedroom. Danish modem furniture. Near Grant Alvernon. EA. 6-9502. CABINS--Rooms. J18 mo. up Acreage for sale. HO. N. Tucaon Blvd. '·, BEDROOM. Carpon. Storage. Paved. Adults. No lease. *85. 650 N. Catatoa. H compressor, rctric. Sjxit »-»Ml or AX. «-2S7fi. WE I'AY lop (jriCL-n tor ilvc p o u l l r v . Efflciencv. located In beautiful; Call MA. -'-4542 or EA. 5-31IH. Tucson Mountains, overlookinK Tuc- 12 SEVEN-MONTH "la\in"if"ctilck«i£:*' ln - SB1 monthly. Including utilities. . P»rak'-ti:- tiaiitainy 5 hre*iiK. pi K .' MA. 3-27^f.. m : 15 brw^i». Alw Bill 1 * X" bl- TWO ROOMS and hath. »55 peri --,Issr_-.---.-."·--ir^..--,*_^ir.-..: :siuoio apt.. lum, or unzurn. ixjvejyi 7TH DUPLEX. Three lame: ^rounds, reasonabla wlc or mn.i Pool Biff LaWH . Well furnished. Good *tor- ?ates. itA. 4-J54S. rwi, JJig o-iawn, rooms. . a^e apace. Garage. EA. 7-3«07. 'WORKING GERL(«) to shire hous« : it-ith same. MA. 3-9517 after 5:30. Coldspot Refng. · .. . Perfect c«u5tlon._««.E.. »h, . | DO_GS, CATS. PETS ^"T^5P?oom^?uvm d SS:: B E A G L E ·y." yJrtlme. MA. ^-X** 3 · - p- lr l».r,rf f«n«i«. 1 J'far old, «!. ' secuonal roin. ' . cyrle. 414 S t- TV ' 59 TRAILER COURTS 73 ROOMY LOTS" month. lUUlltle* Included) 3-534«. 308 W. Ohio. MA.i t AX. 6-W57. CU. St. Deluxe W.....,--- nidiine. BteeUeni condition. M15 t eth AX.«^7Ti__ - .- .- \Mioaj6. *_·_. --v-^T^-nv- «^LXTB Park any Mze trailer on 'arce __ ..,,, rtjrnent patio. All utiHtJca undcr- ·tud wrv-ice. AKC-- m-ounei. Natural «·» *nd tslcphon*. 3 pounds--faw«- AX. 3-.W3 Y^TJ" r* rftl *? n . a P 1 *' ^^ s - AlA-_3-4218. SPTUNG^ Spa'niel. AKC reg- J fRAJI-KR arwc* -- orivnte home. islcrtd Male «nd femnl* lrft. tiS t*r month. W*tcr onld. 3260 EA 6-'^S: ; N - Kelvin Blvd ing to Tucson? BOOKCASE "»1'^ "record built-in, chair, lamp, EA._ dovE]v"'T*Eii"t 1 '5''toy"po6dT« " coionT; SPACK ior lx«. Xtiuiti. "Cijiitiret Musi be ^en,,Te^s. MA./52J7 i TralltT Court. 1413 N. Colirmlnis DES'ERT ~UKEEZB."~ SWIMMING POOL, Lawii5. patio*, recreation, Chlldrwi wrlcom«. MA. 2-903fl. fi344 ( Oil i-\ff*i. fcT*....- p -.. -- ^ , . - - , . _ - i- i C Pot-1" hal- SIXMl-sl: kiitrm. Vaccinated. Seal- ..=·__'_·*.·_ .pint. Stlvrr-BIUfi. MA. 3-B857. istered. Heasonabl«. CY. ] lni!». Us* our fully furnished apt* for your temporary home. ] a block irhopplnK. low xum- mer rates. 1 or 2 JBdrma. 5 a c r e s lundscaned urounds. Relax vacation in our kinK-she pool while house h u n t i n c In Tucson's belt residential location. CATA- L1NA V I L L A G E APTS.. -- j MODERN, nlcel^iurrniihcd~T" TREAT Y O U R DOG Diri C U A n F T R F F ^ i "room: "bis'«LjU.«htand_Ay5._ DIVJ OnAVL/C I l\Ll-O . . mu - rl , Pay J10 TOO. OR cash $95. lor 2, near bus anf .Prlvniir toll*t». showers, and utorase.l shopping;. »M. 232S N. Elaine Blvd .J'rV *:Ariiona Star complete dot cubes i Natural gai. Fonuna Trailer Park.!.Cor.. r.or meal finest quality 3S lt». U.50I«» S. Fontnna. Phone MA. 1-iimi SUMMER RATES FURNISHED * UNFURNIStrED 1. 2 i 3 BEDROOM SUITES · Central Refrigeration Coolinf · Spacious Swimming Pool · Prlv. Balconies patlo* · All utllitle* included 3727 E 5th St. MONTH. Very nice. One bed room. Central coolinf. Close to shopping. 3333 N. Flowing* Wells Road. AX. a-8248. NICE location. Apartment ^ _ EA. _«-94?5. ____ for 2 BEDROOM. Nicaly furnished. N. Columbus near Speedway, ZA. EA. 5-4091. REDECORATED I 2-bedroom duplex. U of A area. _.- _ . . ,,-, y uiulM P« ld - Summer raUs. all Ph. EA. 8-i4K|K,, jPrachman. After «. 'EA, BEST City location. $40-»50. Adultj. [ VTT(" 1 TJt7XTirTTT7 Nojets. 4225 E. Bellevue. \ ·"·! J- UntrSIt 1 J. tL-- l" BEDROOM apartment, pool, car- | UTTLTnES PAID. CLEAN. 1 I port. etc. Broadway Gardens Apt., i PERSONS. BLOCK FROM VET'S AX. E-8282. ; HOSPITAL. EA.«-6438. apartment^ j ONE - BEDROOM. ATTRACTIVE, new apartments. | ONE - BEDROOM. Shopping, bus. Suitable for adngl* or couple. Re-j laundry. $52, $55, EA. 5-1402. 112-114 friKerated cooling. Full Ul» bath.! W. Jacinto. _gri_Vjlte. _patlo8. EA. «-951(i. ! J~ ^ATAIJNA HIGH DISTRICT 74 "SALE! FREEZERS TV SETS KATIONALW^OWN BRANDS REFRIGERATORS x-CW GE -- HOTPO1NT l« Ij ff · r t i t T O 1 T T_T3TT-COS " AUM-l""" --Mgg^^ s i--50 IbJ. *4.M. Tri-r dellvrrj' !M !b * , Drtrtaa e D A A D f t .Arizona Flour M!!l?._MA^3iiSL._ - : K(J .* J "' *^W A KU TTSY CHUiUAHUA'Pupples. Charnp-, LARGE" airy room" with mou"ntain '" ·· ion bloodllncf. Reasonable, 30": view. Private entrance. bath N Alvemon. EA. 5-47W. j phone.. Sultahln convalescent. c o u - : A ] l euentlall Included In our FtTR- fiffp*3s I pic or students AX. 6-OB2) j N1SHED APARTMENTS. Conven- Enjoy Living at American Homes peKlnifete PomtranUn. Ch!hu«hu«. I SLEEPING rooms: 10 minute* down- lent to swimming pool park, - · · · Beagles. Ger-i town.'TV lounge, pool. 115 week.! ichooln. thopping centers, city but. Cocker man Sh^mrri* Scottlei Wire Ter- j Meals optional, served family svvle. rirrsr Mexican Hairless and mixed 13 Cu- hrted purplrs at JACKIBS PET SHOP S7I,' N. Campbell Av«. EA. 6-7434 Open 9-8 dally_ Sundays . "-' DOGS Monkeys. Trap, ti Gold Ftsli Mvruih Birds. Myers Pet Fd. 2001 N, Stnne. MA. 3-244], Corrals available. Silverbcll Ranch. M A . 3-97H3, _ . . . _ . . VTUKNpLY hom* for elderly lady. Nice ' clwin. private room. Very reasonable. 1187 E. Lindrn. MA. 4-362B. PLENTY FOOD I "" Cle'ah and cool I $05 month. C«ll Melba, MA. 4-1555. I One-bedroom duplex. Very clean. Tiled bath. Central cooling. Carport. Summer rate. 3SM I. Lee. 3 bdrmi.. carport, central heating Apartment "B". cooling, laundry, beautiful land-(3 ROOMS. Close in. Clean. Nicrly scaping. NTS. M2.50 per mo. 2114-32! furnished. 721 E. 8th St. " ~ - -- iz^EO'R'OOM duplex, .furnished. Vi- cinlty, Plma and Swan. Phone AX. 7-0715. CLOSE IN orgeus. Ph. EA. 5-7229. ~ " - ' 2 B R . . " . . . . " I104.SO 3 BR. 118.50 3 BR with Patio . . . . 124.50 OPEN DAILY UNTIL B P.M. SAT TILL 1 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 4530 E. Broadway _ EA. 6-2404 PEACOCK INN Ann In gue«t ranch; setting bdrm. and studio. 165! iLlinj i / \ ( JH\^\\_ 11V c. I w V in. *.AL-curm ( ·":: rv.ni. ii,*.*!r!v rat*« "Pt T tHlHUAmiAS^ce-pupplesTtiny: J^^onje^loc..*.,; G rnl,.-| ^^^^^ ^ ^?"'°"*nr?rh a m aP n 0n E J ^I^S-HM '· ROOMS.-fr~raa£^r*£rtrTXZr- VISTA SIERRA LODGE ily Ktyle cooking. $70 month. MA. 4-341i! _ '" " KST- CHEN AND BATH. P R I V A T E P A T I O . COMPLETELY FURNISHED. UTILnTES PAID. MA. 3-7473. 2 APARTMENTS On» bedroom, tiled bath and kitch- NICE 3-ROOM"DUPLEX. Near Vets en. MO. Also 2 bedroom. »TO. X3t E. Hospital. Couplc.__]25 E. District. iBlacklldge. _EA. 7-4577. $52 MO.'~ One bedroom apartments. Imme- Apts, «7» up. RDJCON LODGE, 1500 N. 1st. MA. 2-1394--EA. 5-8002. DESERT WINDS APTS Swimminff pool, near Speedway Country Club. Luxury Apta. New addition*. We Invite you to make comparison beioie you Jecld«. 1 * 1 bedroom avallabl.. 3H4' I. Fair- moiuit, EETICIENCy. Slnfl* *xlult- No pets. TJtUltie* paid. HO. TOO K. $12.50 WEEKLY BETWEEN STONE AND ORACLE Neat attractive apartment. Ideal tor 1 or 2. Also nice 2 bedroom house, furnished $18.90 weekly. Luna Court. 248 W. Grant. CENTRAL cooling. Carport. L«r»* rooms. Sleeps 2. |J8. 2m I. ---- IN COURT --NEAR DOWNTOWN. Adults. No pets. Utilities furnished. AX. 1-5577. .Spring ^JUI-MUJ. tjj^cya *·· yTM*L ****» Ji^» ^»»rp«-**-^' «0. Near Country Club and Grant. Nice, small, 4-room house. Couple or sinrla person. No pets. 3431 N. Edith. $30 135. $46 and $55 monthly. 1. 2, or 3 room cottages. Cooler, refrigerators, utilities paid. Laundry facilities. Trailer spaces available. Grand Court. 253B S. eth Avenue. 2318 N. Tucson' Blvd. Beautifully and completely furnished. Wall to wall wool carpeting. Lovely ground* with p»Uo furniture. Barbecue en flagstone terrace. $75. Adults. ONE BEDROOM. Near bus. $«. 2106 E. Eastland. WEEK OR $30 month, i bedroom. .. T __- T ^.,, T-.T^.n/-.^ j m^T-. Utilities furnished. do»d in yard.] NEWLY DECORATED bedroom apartment. Paved street. 1 BEDROOM '-, Duplex. Speedway-Craycroft are*. Swimming- pool. 3414 E. Bellevu^ j ^SST Apt. A. Also efficiency. 2-BEDROOM furnished apartment. Reasonable. 2801 N. rorjfeu*. EA. 6-9207. ; A K C reglirttTed blond* Cocker! j. 1 month olo. »23. «IO E. : MA. 3-4477. "·"-""- ^r^,,-»v B l a r k l l d B f . MA. 3-4477^ «k\T{ TERMS- »? S. SPEEDS A-i A "S'cT?KJls'reiilffi"Chlhuil«ia p"l?P. ? A.M,.TO ! PJ^I ,,,. ch»mplon bloodline. Ax.«-W57. MINIATURE Poodle*. 3 months old" Room Without Board _ FbR~LA~f)YT well ~furnGKedr home. Convenient location. S-4477, 75 ~ - APARTMENTS I U N I V E R S I T Y Ar'AKilVlE.iN li CuU l b)K , room Jlvlnj; ,,,,,,_ kltcn . · On 10 beautiful landscaped acre*. en bath. $55. AX. 1-4353. EA. Mountain views. ' " " A.TOK. WAS fil'LJ?'·.; yifir 'T-ITTIM^ M1JMA l UH rooatrm, J iTiunuut u*u. i -. ...-:^ T .. m .- cyr . -,. r -.,-. . 3 ;» * j^n SOWN PAYMENT BANK TERM. r^,,,^, pedU!n .e. A KC registered., fctATWHTOU.^ furnished m«*Uri bach. jfeE. SPETOWAY. , Shots. .A.xL»lMW- i SS^f^, ro : P I?X5SS._5!*!L.* n \,- p JiL'!i i * A1 .«? iidct;^ u'sual low summer rental K A 'I adults. Good cooling. .._.'· J BR (5 rmn). 1 BR 14 rms) iclor apw. next door fin* 3 BR, For cornprc-or ( MA- 4-7M8, 4020 N. Oracle ! wETMARANKn. t month. ' m,.... N. p.p.r*. W.j^CiterdAbyT^yiiVgiiSnri-.im^B^^L- -- t v * c r » w A W T r-" ,,·*,· *,-»,«.. f r t Titfai' nl»h«l apartment. H a r d w o o d p A r* T5 1 IT T C* C 1 ' Hr-ArifJiNAtJIji,, alT.rjtCUVC, i_,eniTiU i ,!__,,,, njJl- iTntir*^*4ti ·-"' "·* »th o A L K l r l L b . i ra,nllti» Pr1v,» »ntmnr. Bu* llni-.! ^«». «««· .V. n * v TMl,- ·« K. »th E. «th. St. lixmlrr 1814 E. »lh St, Swimming Pool Nice clean J bedroom. Near Frontier Vlllagtr Shopping Center. Carport and morale room. CAPRI COURT. ISM j Loui» Lane, EA. «-oni. I till S. FRJBMONT, FTirn. .1 room _ EA^I-JBi; apt. Hefrtg. cooling. Coupl* »80. room Tur- C«H "C" Johnston. Tucson Realty *_Trust,_MA. 4-0451 _pr_EA. 5-21M. Roadrunner Apts. Lovely S - bdrm.. comp. lum. ffii'^St*. j55.." ru«T «»-: tn*tlc 3092 IN. I** Avr. ·/S:it J "BuiJ::DOZlCR tax. o»«h *« . . - . r\VO-ton tandrrn ' plate, "5how*r. Refrlgerntor. Telo-' i phone nnl parUing. WO a month i 511'..N.JllBhland. MA._4-4aKI. _ Alvernon Speedway HATRED'" BtACK'"*?rm«le IJghl "airy room. Prlvnl* home. _. . .IAS PRODUCED LTTTER.S. Qool transportation. $10. K.A. 5-2237, OF BEAUTIFULLY MAHKE7D AND Rlnron Co'dae Hotel »»0 mo. C01X3RED KITm*S ,, oo | )500 ff ,,,, MA j.,304 Una. MA. 3-0764. .. . Adultn. Swim ON BUSLINE. One or two bedrooms, clean. Roof cooler. Near shopping center?. 19 W. Kelso. "$15-$17 WEEKLY or monthly rates. Television, linen, dishes utilities. Laundry facilities. glean_3 rooms. '2B02 N. Balboa. El Encanto Apts. ties. Swiznmin; pool. Large lawn, lots. Cindrich Trailer Park, No- ealef Highway, 415 E. Corona Road, Phone MA. 2-4572. MODERN l-bedroom trailer. Kan's Trailer Park. 3120 N. Stone. ONE bedroom hou: port. Near 17. oi -- -Phone owner, MA. 4-894S or see at 1527 E. 9th, 52'xlO' Wide. New i bedroom. Awn- injf. Swimming pool. Desert Haven, 3332 N. Romero £d.. Space 34. REASONABLY priced one bedroom modem trailer. . Awning. Nice court. Near E Raneho shop- pine center. 3711 E. 3rd St.. EA. 5-3372. NEWLY DBCOHATED. dean. 1 bedroom house, with patio. Bus. shopping nearby- mm E. Bellevue. j I BEDROOMS. Central c o o-H-n-*: newly decorated. 505',i E. 5th. Adults or pre-school age preferred. MA. 2-0377 or Inquire »t S13 E. VIO D £ fflf 2-bedroom duplex. Beamed ceilings-.Nicelyjgj"^; SOLANA Y SOMBRA Lot *10. June H to October 15. Adults. No nets. Beautiful park pool. Patio. 4*38 E. Grant Road. EA. 6-6023 APARTMENTS - trailers. Utilities Mid. Low rent. 702 E. 3th St. MODERN furnished apartment in trailer court, Swimmint pool. 438 E. Prince Road Comfortable Pretty Horn* for couple only. By owner. Central heating and cooling. Carpeted throughout. 5 closets. Carport with outdoor storage. Beautiful patio and view. EA- 5-7552. __ APARTM'TS, UNFURN. 80 BEDROOM DUPLEX, ^tove and refrigerator. Z blocks from Rodeo Ground. $52.50. 207 4 309 W. Missouri. EA. t-0330. 2 Bdrms. (Northeast) FURNISHED or unfurnished. Quiet neighborhood 3-BEDROOM MODERN 2 bedroom. All electric. Restricted are*. MA. 4-9561. BRAND NEW I bedroom duplex. Built-in ranja and oven. Carport and storage Paved street. )MO N. Walnut, EA, 7-8319. 2 BEUHOOM. duplex apartment. Refrigerator arid stove furnished. Close to shopping* and transportation. 300« E. Sth. NEW LIVOLSI APTS. 2120 N. TREAT. Turn * unfurn 2 bdrms. EA. 7-OB65. Deluxe, 2 Bdrms. Bullt-ins. Shopping and busines 550S E. Bellevue. AX. l-»686 for ap- polntment. ONE - BEDROOM. Large rooms, Shade and shrubs. Yearly rate. Esstside. 710 N. Swan. EA. 7-2623. . Com- · NO jwUnminr pooll Just · quiet, 9 i ^«^ti'^?\rrT5 r c" i --ri^iV^--uwf» : pletely furnished. MO month. Sudt- ' STm/SSble place to live, with Venc^ H^l»ii N S Av£ I 7-1275. ' able for 2, __ COTTAGE, 1 block Camp- com/ortable place to live. spacious lawns and flowers. · Most convenient location. from _ _ _ bell Shopping Center, utilities I · Summer Rates as low as (96. furnished. 1315 I. Adelaide, « Choice of refrigeration or evupo- WEEK OR MS month, utilities I rativ* cooling. furnJshcxi. Telephone. C « n t r « l · One and two-bedroom apart- -^5!la[^CIo.*_ i to._MA i _4-J[07T._ ... 1 BEDIROOM $80. Water, gas paid". N i c e l y furnl»h«3. ~ . Northeast location: 2 , . Convenient BEDROOM ·85. Water paid. Newly furnished. Near Davls-MonthJm. 'EA. «-1068. AX. «-«4ao. Dachshund Puppies EA. «-ll»e. 44M E. Cuoprr. Free Kittens location Gentleman only. Call ' EA. 6-Kfiie. _ __ j 1 " hOOMTiueat hou*»" wlih b»0i ' Completely private. 3444 E. Drucn-' man. EA. 6-:iOM i\ 1 - 2 bedroom, tlo Laundry facllltle*. 31 *» Klelndsle, EA. 7-17B7. TUCSON'S NEWtST CHATEAU BY DAY-WK-MO rU*cn8. coounif. i prlvilcKcs. Ixw «umm*r rates, 3737 ?§??-- I ?-__22ni "PiT p. 4th 31. ^A.^A-BBM. _ 1 BEDROOM--$75 Nice lawn, fruit tr*««. Water paid ' 5825 E. 22nd AX. »-M7t mcntu, completely and beautifully furnished. "MONTEREY APTS. SUMMER RATES Beautifully furnished, itudlo 1. fc 3 bdrm*.--Swimming pool--Near bus Mt. Seneca · LOW SUMMER RATES · 1 .V 2 BDRM. DELUXE APTS. · S W I M M I N G POOL · REFRIGERATION · SHUKFLEBOARD. CARPORTS !«fl E 2nd St.--E. on Spxedway SAN LOU APTS. bus. 3457 E. 1st. SPACIOUS, newly decorated du- 1 fc n » G biTM'a,] ET vS|" riri j y ' i aar_fioEE!Ht CLOSE In. Clean"3 rooms, Twini iTedi. Reaaonable. 135 K. SpcVdw»y. | »75. T1DIEE Room. Unu*u*Uy well I All facilill**. IM1 K. Cody. Phone furnished, C3one_tn.JvtA._:i-4S2(i. "·· · BEDROOM furnished apirtnuinL ONE BEDROOM Central cooling-. Patio. 104 N, Long_ . IO apartment Central too\- in«. Patio. 204 N. Lon«f«llow. BA. ·Swimming Pool -nil- F*r worklnit lady, kllohrn prlvl »IO . MA. 4-344)7. FURN. APTS. JfcM«S! two munual pliv ·hord but ton* blonde Juirt JUt* n«w JWOABWAY . '$60 ; COOI~P»Tet room. Quiet neighbor- paid : hool. Near cnmprn. Prlvnte en- 6-(1.112 trance. MA. 2-07411. p r C.L. ,_*M£i._r ---"·----"---- v '* mtmllis old. AX. 8-2757. l jA»^ n ^*^ 7 " u , YOUr! JnNlATU'RE PINSCIIER. Puppl«.;" p - t " -^'. _" 0 r n t r i *i_l2A._?XJ.V»'___- [ nrgi^tered. Pet Slock. Bargain i .rT-lVtufi J U l l l . « S3 dill Crsnd. »500. MA. prt^i, an, E.^Lee. ...... Bi-oadwav-Wllmot »re«. AX. n-ius. SIAMESE KITTENS ' ~ i US Each._AX._» ; 581l4 i r [CHIHOAllUA "puppy, maip. "sroali. | Shrr* type. MA. 3-12S3. 15BO W, ' Sunshine Lane. ._ ' Good plnBle room. PHvali* «-ntr« i ClMl^'PPQ l *oMng. fhowpr, Uvalorv. bu«. I illNVjrr.K3 ! eeiim, adflre^. EA. 5-!MDl : _ Four beautiful *inger». »15 Mch.a-TEER.FUL front roomT Private' p,, f Q 1:_.,, complete with cage, stand. MA. entrance and b«th. 4»43 E. Holmes, j ^alAHHA 3-3.1«7._I(2 W. District, --.'LOVELY "ROOM, private "hath A MJW Oracle Rd. Dust free. Beautiful entrance. Near U of A. 1325 E. view. Completely furnished. TV opt. Drachmim. _. i 1-2 Bdrm. and Studio apt*. AAA ·***· «onv«nlent to 1rie One Bedroom No pets._143S E._Adams. ----·'-*· ----- " traiitft* $65-$70--SWIM Exceptional newly painted 1 bedroom: Fenced yard. Laundry facilities 3*70' N, Alvemon, EA. 5-03Si. COOL clean, on* bedroom duplex. S138 E. Ptoa. __________ CENTRAi. ooolln*;. Glenn 1 room*. p£lo llundry. 1103 N. Camilla. T'SOOM apartment Phone MA. 4-1074 or call at Jli N. »rd Ave. No petj. _---_,,- SiS-bRB'Ybu SELECT^CR APT: rNVHTICATB EL CORTEZ APTS. 1 t J bdrm, completely furnished. Swlnuninc pool LOW SUMMEB BATES 18 N. swan. EA. . 2 SORM. nicely __ ion ivate . patio. Attractive--qt:iet. Laundry ", ^"^ir-- ~r,'~ ,~.--'-."«*»i. -w -jc . . .. t -.: _- --^.^_ --^.-- tacllitlM J414 E aid Strait · univ. QrceiitlonaHy well rum. 2 ETF1CDSNCY apartment. U U J I U T X , ' u^.u«. ...-.--v_ir--ii..r -- ---- _. iariuucs._.»«.?.. ara street. bdrm*.. private patio Short «r paid. Cooler, yard, porch, 2118 3B. N. Blaln*. CORNER MIS X. O«nt ye*r'« ]«.«-, | 6th St I Rd.^EA^ MM. 7 - _ ANOTHER APT. Near University. All uHlllles « Bdrm. IrlnTd.'rrn kit nice '" ' ' rurnlihed *p*rtm*nt. EA.' y.rd. gara're'. Oonveritent 'to bu* and _ __ Jslvoppmg. 1100 per mo. on lease. AREA HBVe othtr ' CUTi: r*nch~style a . p a r t m e ' n t : Adult.1. No pets. Cheap. «» N. Columbus. o n r ~ - K T ~ ~ i r i -- ?Tj -- 3 . 825 N. TuCSOn Blvd. D )»i MA. 3-9441 IBM E Mb St ' _,,, , Efficiency, wall-to-wall carpet- MARGUERITE'S ' "|. ---- « 2 flTM-n£y-_Su.inn»r_rat«*._ i _ ing Nice patio, 1 or 1 people, »80. _ PERSON AL__SERV1CE : SPACIOUS, clean two - bedroom. ;352G Bcllevue. Completed rp A rfr-T-pTTT T xr ! TM A l x UJj1 -' * «*Hamlln Grand. 5 ft. " *Uinway *tudlo upr. *bon.v. it *tudlo upr.. blond maple VKM studio up., mahog. A l l l n ex- llmt S}LLETp'i n A l ^-C T o rr TM- 1B10 TtTBroadwav at Park Free to Good Home 1 BEDROOM MODERN APTS. S BLOCKS FROM U OF A. E. EA. 5-7fi?I Registered wir» haired Terrier. X CLEAN "large comfortable" room.!Pool. Reasonable rates Ideal vaca-' 1431 ·part old^AX. 8-44C7. -- ] Private bath, entrance. 5402 E. Uon »P"t. ·5 EE To APPRECIATE. P P T? M A r\I "sHPPHPRn Fnlnnount. EA. S-O.TM. ' ONE-BEDROOM, bachelor. Close to Vjr^rviVlrtlN onE.rnc.Iviv | UNUSUAL " Hot nnd cold water 1m shopping ccntc_r._l)U5. 1613JJ. Swan., i LOS SAHUAROS APTS. 1337 E. *TH Benutlful yard. Carport. Adults! 'LA'PLAYA Refrigeration, pool. NEW » BDMIS.. MEA S O M A B L K RENT. 3647 E. 2ND ST. EA. 7-I73B. EA *-1lOS. Pets |c_Chlldren_We,lcom* WALKING difHnce^rfftelency^.pt. 3 BEDIROOM duplex, newly decorated. Carport. atonwe. Near schools, busline*. MIS S, Kramer, MA. 3-1758. NEW 1-bdrm. red brick apt., un- furn. S75. furn. IflO. Refrigerator with itove: fuml*h*4 or unfurn. price. Near bu» and (hopping. Adults, no pots. 241Z N. Bryant. $50--4 LARGE RMS. Carport; irtoraie. MA. J-7073 Town Desert Apts. 1 bedroom, available June 1m. On lease. Beautifully land*caped. Carport. By Golf Course. 3O1 S. Al- vemon. EA. 0-W7Z. 2S68_Z._Coppcr.' ' ' I Men only. »5_*J LARGE Uving'room. full"nStcheS:lATT5ACnvE. n: bath. Fenced. 8-2i57. Closets. $65. AX. UNIQUE 3 room apartment in ranch house, with 5 acres. Shade trees, shrubs, lawn, desert. Mountain view. 3018 E. Prince Rd. POOL. Sew 1 bedroom, near Unl- Suitable for' eouple. bath. Carport. Close 1*. Winstel. " Full 295J N. . . _ -- _ __. CLOSE"~IN. University jhopping buses. 1 lane rooms. $87.50. 125 , S. Olsen. Apartment 3. MA. 4-5521 EA. 7-1474._ Trivate P I A N O S USfD . SALXS - RENTALS _. - .... -- jy. JTH s i LOW-SUMMER-RAtES : 3 ROOMS. HEATED POOL, TV. r^t-..'.. /4 n «v4 City s finest . Smart, modern furnishirura. BeauU-'-' ful. «padous ground*. Universlti- « ESC. 4348 Male. V'j years eld. Registered.; room \\Bti puppies, S weeks. Rcajronable. i Mahel 3Hi N. Pununo TM. LARGE attrnctlve. twin bcdt. Prl-'2 «....,,,,...,,...«...,,,,» u u u i... -. " " " " i vnle entrnnre. bath, cooler. Near LINKNS DISHES, UTILITIES FUR- dj?Wct. Special, rales. I :t rmws t5» E. Broadway _ 'N1SHED SHUFFLE BOARD PING . . . JBEAUTIFUL room. Private en- PONG. BARBECUE. $25 PER WEEK German short-haired Pohilcr mule.! trance. Facing pntlo. Hefrlgeratlon -V UP. JOY APT. 1340 N. outstanding winner 4 yenrs, »ZIO;, p^ 5-23B9 i C"OUNTRY_CLUB. EA._«-5200. «l»o show quality female. 1 1t«r. xTCE sleeping iwm. Close to'shop-: C f_ EX'N Kitchenette apartments. AKC CHAMPION 1 0 1 Tj,, ,!,.,,,,_, A ~t~ 1 £ 2 BedrOOm AptS. and *75 1 M T F Irvingt RENT FREE DOWNTOWN CHARM ^ ta ^^ rm. attractively furniahert. Incl. for cwretaXin* Wid In , E . *L«9-. ?A..5 : B.4-KGAIN'! - . stravenue. AX. R-1287. _ USED GRAND PIANO . . .... .......... .... Black Toy Vox Terren-a pen. --.tchdoo. . D !ni! crntcr. 130 m o n t h l y . 3W2 Win.irri _ " " " MINLATURE Schnauzer puppln. I Reasonable, Terms. 3937 f.. ISIh. rfi EA._S-S2M. nai- - MARMAC Bush * L*n« S-ft. *i». t tloned and reflnlshed in warm y-ujtwood. Nicest u»eI Grand in many months. «^..' l °TM no ' wco ^ N.ce election of quality champion BASSET PUPS AKC price i . fc «nd E m p l o y e d Kcntlpman prefrrrrd 1(H N. 1st _Avr. TVVO sfnirles. Kitchen prtvHcdf^ Mr« Is opt lonnl. Private entrnnr* Busline. Also efficiency nnartmrnt 1132 TR Mabrl. MA 3-3_W._ REASONABLE" UTILITIES PAID bedroom. MA, 4-79M, 40M Hnrdwood floors Centra! cooling. Summer rnles. 1521 E. 7th. ' University and""b~usr~c6blin_. 3 BEDROOM, roomy. Utilities fur-i 1 nlslied. Convenient buy. shopping, i Oracle. _ churches. Use swimming pool. Fine _ ._. --^ . . . _ , __-. recreational facilities. Adult*. 190.; DIPLOMAT APTS .Utilities. »80 mo. Marion Smith, j Adult responsible couple, with itt- Realtor. MA. 2-Z7SI or Sun. A.M.'ercnces. Call AX. 8-2S75. ·"NeaT""!)"""- Downtown 4-room apartment. Adult*. He* NEAR UNIVERSITY EA. fi-ri461. 9 a.m. to fl p.m E. ZZnd, _ Desert Club Apts. 442*, your«.f. Terms .1H03 E, 5th St. Low summer rate EA. 5-I54J 2 bdrm. lUoelver WINTERS MUSIC 3M6_ E-_Broad'KTij'_ " SX --100 ite. EA. Countri- Club. ! PUREBRED SIAMESE ; Chocolat* point killer.*. Kensonnble. i MA. PRIVATE RANCH Separate studio apartment. TUCJWI ... . GERMAN SHEPHERD Moun . patio, tree,. . _ A C C t l P l HOR.SJt,S SUMMER RATES 1 BEDROOM-- $109 2 BEDROOM-- $119 REFRIGERATION SWIMMING POOL 3RD DODGE a n d 1 PRIVATE PATIO _. Xiale. 4 months rather German' H o u s e k e e p i n g ROOITIS rfiectronlVOrgiin." Double irnpon EA. a-iga __ SINGLES.~couplcs.~Day,~\vcek, or keyboard. *700. SS01 E. 33rd. AX. m i ^ i J I K J TjlO : month ~ - - - - - -- fcAMS--Complete fteed and mobiie Iff and VHT station, lot, ojpam and l«nk. Sell or trade. 3342 E. ,^ oiwrlin Drive. onlhs old German AKC reeiftered Centrcl coollnK._419 ,S._5th Hotels,_Guest Houses 77 GLENWOOD HOTEL " Swimming pool. Oro Valley. 1 --_ · · bedroom MA. S-27.16. i Attractive 1 bedroom apartment 7 L : EXTRA large. ' one-beiro'om~~f ur^ Private oarpon. 170!) N. Howard /*. nlshcd apartment. Redecorated.' 5fi!d«.TM£i.Sit : -taO«- Nice, aulct neighborhood. 4137 E. $50 EFFICIENCY Furniithed 1 bedroom and den. XJUU- sonable MA. 4-3B3S. ties paid. $75 month, EA. S-9719.! ' "vflPTC' 101« Z. Lee, apt. *1. IN1UE. U Of A DISTRiCT ^·^JJ'Bro'wr^wTv' _ 1 be;droom furnished duplex. Water "" : SUMMIS~RATES W ld..»«5.imm.th_a^7-»i7,_ ; Vista d e j Monte AptS. 5^^ 25S5 i water (near Tucson Blvd.) S large rooms. All utilities paid. 1 bdrm. beautifully lumished, pri- 4102 E. Monte Vista Dr ! va.te patio, electric kitchen and ten TVT/-'T TTTTT swimming pool. Ph. ZA. 8-I3H o: ;(ibU 1NLL. U11L. i AX. g-4305. 1 Bdrm. apt. U area. Large fenced! NORTHEAST $51 yard. MA. J-J7.il or Sun A.M. ; ^"Jviiii-rv^i T Evei. EA. S-4308. MARION SMTTH I Three large rooms. Newly decor. Realtor. ated. See to appreciate. X14 N. _ "43i4~E. 3RD St! REWARD" if you cun'bcat nw Birds, Trop. fl\h. etc. in Tii/-«Vn n n H*-ar\H I^*\a.- * _ . £S60"RCA Victor and 1 Zenith TV.v FANCY PIGEONS. Tic »nd «i. ·terro hi-fis and radios. Ai; brand 6-1227. 45)i E. Capper. new and guaranteed during our . ...r-c-mfir Uth annlversarj-. Kurt. 36S6 E. L I V t b l U L K «p«edW7iy. and Campbell Plaza - Center. Modern rrfrlKcrsited roomj with privilcjjp? ,t liiillt-lnx. 3 blkj. Ci t bedroom, living room, d.nette.l NEAR UNIVERSITY kitchen, bath. Emmett C. Jones. 1 Furnished I bedroom ap^bment. Falrmount AX."S-S244. v^u x-j. i a^ai-iiv-a. 4315 E. 4th St. EA. 5-8192. : Including utUmes. 747 E^p*e«way. f BEDROOM duplex, furnished-or Single BnUrely privata. UtiHttw. RrOadwaV AlvPmnrT"^^*/"' "" unfurnished. 9016 E. Beverly St !»»· J^ E._Gr«|rt. _ J S I U d U W d y rtlVeiTlOn , 7-5896. -.,, EA. 5-S9E6. . MAT F MONTH'?" 13 FNTT 3 t»droom hungalow and large i! LARGE 1 bdrm. »pt., central cool- EL'RANCHO'area. 2 bedroom with " A L ^ M U l N I n i. Kt-IN i bedroom with dining room. 25 N. i me. ble closet^ «6S. mi E. utilities. $83 month. Also 1. 170 TTp-pp Longfellow. : Adams. EA. 7-8281 or EA. 7-B8J.V monlh. EA. 7-RS37. FREE GIBSON GUITAR Wodel L-48. LHce new. Reajonible 4049_E._Hay.^horne SABY~GRAND PIANO. MAHOGANY. CHOSEN BY XT. OF A. Child's Pony! . . . ,, TEACHER FOR ITS QUALITY AND £erf ectj v A - M - TO " mare fin foal bv ReBistered Stalllonl BLACK i- WHITE Girl ^ h»s leen rirtinK thin VH«' for 2 years Rides and handles Conrii-W. Rent d«v. week, or «s low NEAR town. Nicely furnished apart- Ajisume balance of VMV on Tuc- ilo^ £.. 35 JfiO a month. 343 S. Scott. MA merit. Ideal for two. MA. 3-4891.'son's finest apartment. »t reduced ; 1 B«lroom ^oldwall 5-'M5- EA^J?.-.»?»- jrental. OCCUPANTS LEAVING Orthopedic'bed. Clean. IINIVEFSITY district. Spacious J:CTTy._MA_._i^OOT^ " - XT. ~ ~ T f-jT^"^-TT" and 3 room_ cotinges Laundry:,N1CE 2 bedroom. Beautifully land-i JNedl UnlVerSIiy _ _ _ . | scaped! 2610 N. I?oclg* Boulevard 1301 N. COLUMBUS " i=- TV "j ~-~r~"r-C : "UNUSUALLY ATTRACTIVE 2-room Dr. . apartment Complete facilities. Slid- REST HOMES - I EA. 5-8082. ! AP"XKTMENTS or aleeplnjr rooms Beit meals. Beautiful homes. Lawn Trees. Reasonable^ EA. 5-1411^ 2 L A R G E "ROOMS for f5.""^rrv""ate. l-bedroom furnished apartment, Wtf F. 9Th.. MA.3-111R. ' Gxd location. No ]e»,*e. No pet*. RESORTS" 78 **'""DESIRABLE f IANO TUNING 55* REY APTS Attractively furnished 1-bedroomi ... ,. J duplex. Palms, Invvn. Carport. 3620i Kiloheneiles. 1 and 2 bedroom. -^ Bermuda E \ e o t h l n K furnished. Da\-. week or "-^" ,,',,. . V -- ^ - - -- nrmth._ caii MA._a-»4M Bell Weather Lodge | KANO®--Tuning, repairing Sale?. "iebjjUt^(8J4 "koralc-e. AX^ S^.IOOS k A i | p r r . m r . n !38 E. FAWMOUNT j Rentals Gene Castor, MA. 3-441S. WANTED: Best !-hor»e trailer *40o ' v l 1 - L C I i l l l l t J I I The ultimate in gracious living. " Tucson "SKSical R e p a i r C T n t e r will buy. For jalc. sentle rldins Sow r-r.ime. cor-.- n'.l-elnctric -»bln. Complnely furnished l tetroorn and, Speedway AX «-»U jn» r '-,_tl«._MA. 2-340S. Ne, r ixxige Sleeps four. J.V) p, r studio. Low wmmer rate*. Spacious: ' . . . _ - . . HXL-JJIJ^KN.!- green hOtli pasture week AX R-tMfrS. AX. 8-9013. '-" MULLER PIANO CO Close tn. Tuck room $30 month MODERN ap; Mt" Lrmmon. Clow lti;o t Broadway M A 3 - O S M Also cotrals. J»ft month. JIM N. m $45 wk. MA. 4-2441. F.A. J-541.1 TELEVISION $15 WEEKLY UP I l · .-.-Ti. . A .,.,, U n l V e i S l i y A l C U Victor and " b r n n - gelding. MX *, one and two t»ed- . . _ i sleeping room*. Com- ited. Fi/r English or wejiern. May pletelv furnished. T.V. »ir-mndi- br seen at BN Stabler. 3156 E. tionefl, swimming rNTER-MOUN- Greenlee or call AX. 6-16M. TAIN MOTEI^. -.431 Benson High- _ OLD chestnut mare. Spir- room.- X70n M ~ r "i'VifTJDT?T"T n / j £ U iN. l_/\ivl r DC.L,L, JWTV and guaranteed during OUT _ . . . . lltti annhrersarj-- Kurt. 36S8 E. DAPPLE grey Shetland smlllon. ^f^, Speedway, and Camp)»ll Flai« ,_tQO. CY, 7-1163, MA^ J-S9C9. A P A D T M C M T C C I I D M Shopping CentCT. HORSES" BOA'S'DED. Bst location. « r « K l m C ( M I 5 T U K I M TAKE over payments on 21" T\ T - test facilities. Tack rooms, reason- radio-phono combination, only ss so »hle. 4360 N. 1st Ave.. MA. 4-4Z:.' a month, 3gB E^Speedway. GOOBropinK'h'oM. 4-year-old. Both BWTVEL TABLE model TV. 1953 Paint Geldings. MA Silver-tone. Leaving state. 143 S. Gentle; white ridine m: _M»run. , , Phpne_ MA. 2-BOT3 TV STEREO HI FI 1»5» Rm«n»on »S» equity. t«k« over J»VTr«nt»._AX._«-9152. rrx omBNTOTty SALE new _0en TVS wrm Swro. Staimeo to i TOC* hottmn for atrick »al*. Wh»ei- j rft. a«3S E. BTOirdway. 1KB F.. Mancl _ _ LAS VILLAS APTSr 3448 E. 2ND ST. KA. 3-W Kl Rjinrho District Redccorazed 1 tKJnm . SIM. LUXURY LIVING Completely F U R N I S H E D APTS. Low Summer Rates DAY-WTEK-MONTH · Modern Furnishing* i » Switchboard Serviw i Refrigerated Cooling i Maid Ser\'ice i · Laundry FaoilHies ' · Carport"--Shufflebnard ' · Outdoor Bar-B-Q · · Convenient Locution · Near Shopping--Golf Courw Uot, bus, adults. 133S E. Drachrnan. I frigeratlon, TV. te'lephone, and Swimming Pool--$50 j g^"!.^^""' Mobfle M °' F.fficiency. Qean. Comfortable. Pa- 3 ROOMsTclean. quiet. Garage. Uru- tio. Laundrv facilities 43W N. First vcrsity district. No pets. 11JS E. Avenue. MA. 3-2407. TRm. ... SWIMMING POOL One bedroom. Clean. Comfortable. FMII-tiled bath. Patto. Laundn- fa- dlities. J70. 4MO N. First Avenue. MA. 3-2407. 1 BEDROOM $57.50 "Near bus, as,4. _· RETIRED "COUPLE"" '.* GOOD TENANTS W* have homes for you. No charg* f^or information. Ph. us today. BUTERA TRUST. INC. EA. 7-4«61 N7CE large one bedroom, ·» __ ___ ___ _ _ 2-BEDBOdM. clean, niceiy dec? rated. Enclosed baclcyard. Water furnished. MA. 4-M8B. _ NEW, LARGE, 2-bedroom duplex Quiet. Fenced yard. Carport Stor- «|te. Pool. Adults. MA. 4-1839. 3 BDRM TRIPLEX Blenman addition. Near school bus. Stove, refrigerator. Carporte EA. 5-2225. 1 BEDROOM duplexT Stove, mfrlr- «r«tor, carport. Adult*. ITU Z Broadway. EA._T-M». DUPIeEXT SpotlesK', 3 bedrooms Fenced yard. Adult*. MA. a-7378 1 BEDROOM--$60 Near Hughe*. Airport. 6810 S. Tucson Blvd. I ROOMS near University. »70. 3» N. Highland. No pets. MA. 3-830!. 2-BEDBOOM house. Alveraon near Fima. tlO. Good ahopplnf. transportation. EA. t-5092. 2-BEDBOOM and den; i',i oath*. Adults: no pets. 2141 I. Loretta Drive. EA. 7-3319. ENCANTO PARK . Exceptionally well furnished 1 bedroom "home, all electric Jotcheo appliances. , bath, lovely pttio. Adults preferred. Call tola Schwab. V«h iHOOM brick. Adults. No pete. 2716 N. Warren. . 3 B.R. - Eastside SchooU. afaoppiat- EA. 5-6605;. |pQ R RENT BY OWNER JULY AND AUGUST 4 BEDROOMS vely furnished home. No $aol- 300. plus utilities except water- Gardener furnished, Harold Bell Estates. Call AX. g-0353. __.. ATTRACTIVE vlt. Lemmon Cabin, modem plumbing. Accommodate cicht.. Inauiro 3121 N. 1st Ave.. MA. 3-43». 3310 E. BELLTVtrE. Large i bdrm house, children welcome, tVS. ZA. 7-8281. 'EA. 7-8875. . LARGE 2 bedroom. Patio. Shade. Bus. ahoppinf near by. 9031 K, Bellevue. SPACIOUS 2 bedroom. Patio wall. At 388 E. Alturas. Grant-Ston* area. *100 per month. MA. 5-8717, ajr. ^-oi*t. _^ ,- ol ^L^ m . den, fireplace, closed patio, private home. Sth Street near patio, pnvate nume. cui ^LICCU ..^». Country Club. EA. 5-M35. Come and see and make offer. »81.5Q. 4 ROOMS. Central «o Near town. AdulU. 725 E. loth. NORTH side. 3 houses. l-Z-3 bedroom. Rent or lease. Cheaper. MA. 2-5003. 414 E. Limberloat. Mt. Lemmon Cottage Modem conveniences. MA. 4-1314 after 4:30 or Saturday and Sunday. SUMMER HOMES · Very apeeial *ummer rates. · 3 or 4 bdrms.. and J or 3 baths. · Pool privileges. ,,_ . t Owned by VISTA SURRA · See FURNISHED APT. AD V 4801 E Broadway EA. «-34el 1 BDRM. S»~^~2 BDRM $«0 175 N.E LOCATION. PH. MA. 4-7247 EAST--2 bdrm.. TV. quiet. *Jnlts no pet* immaculate, lawn (104.SO a mo^Ph, EA. 3-6919._ NEW 2-bedroom house, newly furnished. Central cooling. Carport with stora«« room. Adultj. «»2 4~Bl3)R5OMS and family room on 1 acre. Comrnxmity pool. CY. 1-0478. Tity 5R LOOKDJG FOR A RENfAl.V Picture display plus lull informa tion on all rentals. Jj9_g** t tenant. TOMPKINS MAIjTY *MI E. Speedway PH. eA.t-421«, COTTAGE I rooms and bath. Secluded i and oul«t. Cloae to everythinx. utilities paid. MM E. Glenn. $18.50 WEEKLY Nice 2 bedroom house. Inquire Luna Court. 346 W. Grant,. - .. DM duplex. __. Sunland Gardens . E. Mth Addition. Carport: fenced in yard: IBS month. Information, call EA. «-72fl7. LOVELY 1 bedroom. Central cool- ine. Panel R«y hesit. Near university and downtown: t75. year's lease. 1033 E. »th- MA. 2-D83B, H1W, iTl-TV. A" I^J^^^J^O ·__*'»*"· ·' " · LOVELY~3 BDRM. COMP. FUHN »»0 · 2 BDRM. COMP. TURN M5 · J BDRM. COMP. TURN *»5 t 1 BDRM. APT WO BACHELOR APT W8 All are nice and clean. Coll Mr. Johnson, METROPOLITAN WCALTY CO. EA. S-3Z43 cr EA. S-5322. LARGE - ROOMED modern two-bedroom apt. with central heating Ac cooling. S«0 mo. Call EA. fr-2441: eves. EA. S-2332. MATT BATKA. REALTOR. JB01 E. Grant. $70--$80 Two-b*droom unfurnLdied apart roent. EA. 5-8l54, after 2 afternoons. TWO-BEDROOM DUPLEX. Fenced yard. Carport. Sunland Gardens. MA._4-9841. CRAYCRO'FT Terrace Apts., 55025504 E. Mabel. New 2 bedroom. Built-in oven, range. Private patio. Storage. Carport. $100 month. MA, 3-3310. JUST right. 3 bedroom. 3235 E" Blacklldge__Dr.__ ALVERNON NEAK PlaCA Attractive on* bedroom horn* wood floors, nicely furnljlwd; MI mo. MA. 2-74H4, eyes. MA. 3-M73. i Bedroom. Furnished excepting livtac room. Near .Hughes Flint. MA. 2-3827. £ Near Blenman School Clean 2 bedroom. Inquire 2427 £ 2nd.. EA. 5-218B *45 INCLUDING utilities. Cute efficiency. 2M|.c»ll* de Romy. AX. 8-078g. 1071 Casa Grande Hwy, 3 bdrm. furn. home with *ar»g«. illO per mo. includini all utilities. Will be available June 1. 3 bdrm furn home. 1071 Ca5a Grande Hwy. $65 per mo. includint utilities. One side of a duplex, 1 room* furn. $75 per mo. GRUMBLER'S REALTY 152 S. tth Realtor MA.4-2M* LARCH 2 BEDROOM horn* plus spadou* activity room or may be used as 3rd bedroom. Completely Ir well furnished. O w n e r p a y s water. Inouire at rear of 4025 E. Lee St. or phone EA. «-8J29. SEAL REALTY CO. 4 "ROOM COTTAGE. Good location. Fenced. IM month or will sell for S4.MO. JMO tr. Forteus. 2 bedrooms, nicely furnished. Cai*--- -- if. Tue»on Blv«L port. t»S. MB Ph. MA. 4-4207. COUNTRY HOME IS minutes from town. Beautifuily decorated J-bedroom ran* home. Landscaping, pool. »110. 1IH W. RoyeT.jiCA. 4-7«3g. _ NTWLY painted horn* for rent-furnished. f7t a month-- one feed- room--water furnishea. Ideal fer couple. Vicinity of Grant *r Oracle. Call EA. 7-8BS8 for appointment, COOL-COOL-COOL I,nM feet elevation. FURNISHED tc unfurnished rentals IM to f!2S. Now Is the beat time of year to rent. Call LUNDE REALTY, EA. J-7310. Ives. AX. . ______ PRIVATE. Shady. 2 bedroom*. N~o BEAUTIFULLY furnished 4 rooms. Central heating, cooling. Lawns, trees. Near bus. shopping. See to appreciate, ins month, year's lease. Couple. No pets. 2925 1 ,? E. Adams. CHILDREN welcome. Five rooms. Utilities paid. Large lot. 11W E. Speedway. MA. t-mi». NEAR Vet*. 3 room* furnished" Utilities paid. ««0-ia». EA, 5-3933. 2 BEDROOM furnished. Private patio. Near bus. shopping, school. Water paid. MO,,3165 E. 23rd. 1054 E. SPRING. Nicely furnished 2 b«iroom. Cpramic tile kitchen. Central ht'ating. cooling. S75 per month. Will lease. MA._4-jllH. 3 BEDROOM $85 12 minutes north. Water and elec- trlcity paid. Call EA. 7-22BO. 3 BEDROOM red bride: csrpetirur. close to schools: MO. DIGGS REALTY. EA. 5-2841 or EA. 7-3888. COUNTRY living in center of town. Comfortable £ rooms and storage. Stove and refrigerator. Reasonable rent. Conveniently located. 3142 E. 4th. St.. MA. 3-6789. DELUXE 1 bedroom in a new. «- Unit Court. University are*. Bus line. See to appreciate! EA. 7-87%. TWO BEDROOMS: suSund dens. *6S. Water paid. Available June 10th. 2824 S. Coconino. MA. 2-0354. -Rcfriie NEARLY NEW 3 rooms. Hcfriiera tor. stove, drapes furnished. Cou- _ple^36S3 KT. Park. _MA. _2^71 «\ SOUTHSIDE'-S NEWEST 1-Bedroom apartment now available. 175. 202 E. 31st St.. at S. Sth Ave. Call Mr. Sakln. MA. 3-O445. AX. 8-5584. __ 2-BEDROOM. Central coollnir. Vehe- ttan blinds. 3433 Cameron Vista. MA. 4-4977. EXTRA LARGE. 2 bedroom deluxe apartment. Stove. ,,_ ^ ,,,, . refrigerator, carpeted, wjth. car- ,,.,088. AX. S-B420. port and pool privileges. Guiet lo. ' IMMACULATE 1 bedroom duplex. Must *e* to ap- precialc. Ingulye._7D1_Z._lit. NEWLY DECORATED 1 bedroom furnished. Patio. 4555 E. Glenn. 1 block west of Swan. $70 month, Including water. EA. 7-B279. NORTHEAST 2 bedroom house for rent or el*. Northeast location. EA. 5-74TO. 4.01 Oxford Drive. FURNISHED One bedroom house -with pitio. 1 child welcome. Near lit Av« it Glenn. $75. MA. 3-210g. $55 Small a^teet house for one. Quiet desert settinc with cooline and thermoetatic hea.tinf. Elmploved, non-smokine laxJv preferred- Call at 2340 E. Kleindale. 1 BEDROOMS $80 MEWLY FURNISHED. Sunland Gardens duplex. Water paid. EA. cation. 353S E. Linden St. EA. 6-0172. TWO BEDROOMS. Central heating, | cooling. Carport. Storage place. 1042 E. Water. OUTSTANDING NXAR DM A TOWN Large, modem I-bdrm. apt*. 2432' E. 3Sth St. ~ MA. 3-1190 _ bedroom duplex. . ^i?"^^^^"--! month's One of Tucson's most attractive homes available £ to right people for 3 to 5 , . pool. Sahuaro Corner. nomx tor rent. Phone AX. 1-1019. On Finest Beach Distinctive home- Three bedrooms, two baths. il.Onn per «um- mer month. Qlob* I-SMI or Gt«n- Lo« ABfele CLEAN _43» E. lath. » to I · 1 bedroom-*B5. · 1 bedroom--«115. lease. «xclu«iv» · 3 bedroom--$110.. summer PEYTON. SCHROEDER. STCVTNal REALTY k TRUST CO.. INC 3g3g E, Broadway. EA. .1-3331 NICELY furnlrfwd. V bedroom. fA monthly. 1413 N. Palo Vtrde. 1 BEDROOM: lane *leepin»; porch. Near shopping, buse*. 1314 N. Win- 8-1IB4. CLEAN 1 bedroom house. Carport. fenced yard. Reaionable. S43S E. ^Lee. EA. 5-7622. 2557 E. MONTE Vilt*. Drive. 4 beoV rooms. 2 baths. $150. Gustafson _MUler.._an4 N. 4th. 1 BEDROOM at 3520 *. Second, $50 a month. EA. 5-34«B. FOR RELIABLE people: 2 bedrooms. clean. Tucson Blvd.-Spced- way area. EA. 5-8448. ay area. E BEDROOM . . . _ 2-BEDROOM house; carport. Near schools, buses and shopping center. 1427 Belvedere Ave. $95. 1427 Belvedere Ave. i BEDROOM, clean. Paved street- Nice Iswn. Inquire 3S2S N. Geronimo. Completely Modern Furnished 2,i bedroom house. Heated nwimminjf pool. Dust free area in Tucson Mtn, f particulars 7-03E3. call foothills. For MA. 4-1*61, CY. Southside Location LOVELY FURNITURE, newly dee- orated, plenty closets. Carport. Adults. 15 W. Lincoln. EXCELLENT LOCAL ' l bedroom. Shade. Good eondl- tion. Bus line. 857 E. Edison. NEWLY DECORATED 1 bedroom home, utilities included. $75. 414 E. Aragon Rd., MA. 3-2973. NORTH -~2 BEDROOM* Fenced yard. Pavement. Sewer. Nicely furnished. »100 month. Available now. Also 1 bedroom furnished apartment. MA. 4-3119 NEWLY DECORATED 2 Bedroom. Central heatlnr and cool CAT ling. Bus rALTNA ·* service. MA. 2-9003. VISTA APARTMENTS: 2 bedrooms. Near Campbell-Grant. JB24 N. Norrts. EA. 7-2488- IS"-! BEAUTIFUL -- NKW IMPERIAL GARDENS LIVE Jn Tanoue Verde. Quiet Cool. Shady. One bedroom furnished cottage, with access to irwlmmin* pool. Single or couple. «70 month, TJtUlties_paJd.JPhqne AX. 8-2891. 1 BEDROOM, utilities paid. Am phi ^l*Met^On_busllne._$ro._MA._2rS075. 2 BEDROOM $85. Near downtowiu _1_29 N. Jacobus. SWIMMING POOL ,, .. . . .. . .1 Rooms. 1 bedroom, paneled' M»n «bl» to do odd job* around i knotty Pine. Niw upholsterine place a* part payment on furnished p,tio Barbecue. Laundry. 3*68 S. apannvmt. Call EA. 7-3337. MONTCLAfR APTS. BACHELOR'S APT. Bel 2 POOLS REFRIGERATION COND Ants. Stove water furnished ft E 29th St . AIH- Refrie Spaciousness and southwestern decor make thi;i^~ BI:DRO P M hou ». «» caiie s*- WCSLCIII UCOUI IIlelR.e iniS mon*. Mission Manor. Fenced. In- 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on three acres a most desirable summer haven.'c^^. Fine mountain view,! PAVS quire 22Q S^J5th ; NICE roomy 2 bedroom. 4418 at .^r^r^r-._xi^_z^PJ?^?.^^*^ *1A,_S-0111, NICELY fumi*h*d one "bedroom ieasily maintained patioj m A «,«7 f !and grounds. Only IT* T *»-« room, bath, tatchrrwtt* bdrm. J125. On lease coolers, pool, laundry. SUMMER RATES corner Elm A mo. fum. , TM T± ' *** StWt rvaporative pv. Mr Rotf'crJcirch at MA." 1-7471 1 BEDROOM $60 ;NICE one 'bedroom. »K includes ·-** ix^^ ^^ i T if't-'vr i ...«,,. Aie w TV**TM Ta x-amu ,,_,,--»~v"~ _yrv. --V.H*" 1 Bdirn.t VcTTttlBii bllnflf downtown. TM'*«t. *TM- rrf. * water Private cooler, 4» I.. Mon1l , ,0 rnonfh er on lease ALVERNON GARDENS 2 ROOMS. Near shopping center, on 1, S. S bdrm furnished aots. from busline. 401R E. Grant Rd AX. S-6420. " ----- ,. -,..,. , _ . -;.-. - - - - ^ -- .. . . . . . - . old. Both i Braroom and den. nicclv fur- I. (In a month Swimmg pool, thuf- sMAli. EFFirfF'Vf'V ~ !ujirnmirnr " ----- -- -- " __ nishcd. I n d i v i d u a l u n i t . Fir«-p!a-». flehoard l»undr\. air cooled pri- poSi Shomrinf Trail Vr Haven^ iiB Mo\i/ 1 5 O is're. cooler, heated pool. Quiet, dust free va; f carport. Maid «rvice avail- « OfronSno , MA " · O4? INeW I /. Br -»» _^I A * ^d. »-A«S /^*i* «,, - __ --- , A - l - r e r onimo. .-VIA. *-S340. ___ . ____ _ .. I WENTZ BROS. Livestock Auction Market DONLEE APARTMENTS Bonded Livfvt XTAW .. ..; fiRAvr. LANDSCAPED. BEDROOM. M'FJ.i. »«i ANri UP. 27ni Used TVs from $29.95 Mitchell's 118 W. Congress porubie T*. For safe 502 W. 29th Saturday, June 4th 10 A.M. _ ^ . . 3 ROO.M'APARTM'ENT'm my'hofn*. Corrlrr. phone. i , n l i ; i r Kitchen pnv.leees. 703 N. Euclid. ' Across from Golf course, near . ALVERNON GARDENS S Alvemon EA. 8-5131 Genuine Summer Rates 2 BEDROOMS. ftirhishei or unfurnished duplex. Near schools, shop- pine. Low summer rates. Also 6, room furnished house. EA. 7-P050 3SO:', E. 3rd. _ 3 ROOMS AND" BATH. Ideally lo- E. yairmount ve " Vjl w.-r ALL SUMI^W! W1TR OWN ;-'"'" S-B'ETOTSM. APT. DANISH MODERN nres ^^jj,,,^^^^.^ w w c^j^pj-j. -.^f-j- CONSIGNMENT · Load of fat cows. Feeder row? Feeder fleers. Feeder Mif^r-* bulls, hogs, horses »r,d Hm } 1 ton ^«"_ 066 CA1J.VOT! TJTCCKWG Swiirirnifti? privilege, EA. 5-7116 f.V». FREE or?](ties Good Riding Horse Gentle twit prppy. For rrfi. We»n- t 3M1 t. 3rd. SWANGO REALTY 44«S Z. Bflwy. i^mi" . . . £A- 7-W,, 3 rooms, balh _ ___ s. AdulTS. EA. LROT fi" ROOM upper~~TlaT jaill ~T . Adams S75 EA. I-fCSI. EA._7-S875^ "TJtilrn- «p»rtraer:t. Near Cam-Obeli- , Grant. EA. 7-248.1, 23M ?f. Norrif. v i« *t'fl'Rf* or sick. $46 trp. Mjchijfjin. MA, TYciorKf7'foh~ima~iKnm. AX. 8-2122 OT EA. 7-6281 romish«J. »1» N. Baxter i BJ080. ONE bedroom duplex. L»rne livinK room. Draperies. Carpon. Well; furnished. 4790 E. First Street. EA. S-3840. NICE efficiency. »50 includes utilities. Carport. JM'4-A X. Sp«d- jaity. UA.^B-SOM. ; FURNISHED EFFICIENCY APT. JMl E. 3rd St Furni,ih«5 evo*pt *or linens, dishes. eic Comb, ranse and r»- TnjreraTAT. Tde-al for one prrsmi. SB5.WI per montn. . Garden Type Apts ; per month. Call "" " r c*TMrl^Budd to i 431 S. EA 5-51311 C L O S E IN. University, shopping, buses. 3 large rooms. JK2.50. 122 S.I Olsen. Apartment *2, MA. 4-5521.' EA. 7-1474. Days--EA. 7-7441 Eves--EA. S-4174 JCOMPI^TELY furnished 3'" bed". i rooms on '.', acre. Near Speedway !-SP d -JL«l!eYue._tflp. 15^7-3334. SUMMER FUN Enjoy Living at American Homes UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS Range. Venetian blinds. refTiir- NEAR UN. Lovely 2-bdrm. and sun rm. fum. home. L.R. and formal i Comwletely 1um. May be had lease or ywn-'s lease. erator Convenient "to"~«wlmm"in« ^"^"* « 2 ' 1dr TM- . hon »«: pool, pm-fc *3Kol«. «hoi)prn» - -- ters. city bus. S BR t79.» S RD . SS450 3 BR with Patio »S9.sn CfPTSS DAILY L-NTTL S P.M. SAT. in. I P.M CLOSED ffONDAYS AMERICAN HOMTS ASSN. 4SSO E Bro-dwrv lutdoor cooking In patio. » ;bedrooms. i« baths. Sunroom. (Automatic washer. Inquire HZO I. well j GrjiTlt. TM"" Bedrooms-$70 r fu " ltl h"'. K. ftlenn. JIA. L. A. ROMINE LA PLAYA APTS. NEW 2 BEDROOM re. MA. 4-74«. B E D R O O M S tarrtisttrs diroley nr a 1 tf~T A TfT lK1/~ ci««r,. MK-e REAL ESTATE, INC. - CxrpOTT, Crntral Lomas Tucson W. KT* K. rmn. T.A . 2 bdms. . »Me rent i«7 E 2nd St. IA. 7-S738 EA «-1«5 , , , Pets * Chfldreri Welepme f ! - AMPflT , ^^^ e j oveJ1 - Sto 1 3S1S E~~Sd Street. Lovely ] : i AS ftg-|N. 2r»3. MA. J-T8T5. _ - ^ TWO fowr roorn «h Averroe. «B. 175. Fjmiflv M i yyjj ^. _ u ^ S4T i»"v77 Prwiaieint' 'st.' "(ywJroST Stttrxtt. BeHfcttffctry Tim9- ~ " " W* 7-17W. i wn-nwl. T!(S» 55. f»*. TernV. T-A. 3 * n 1 £?5i* »ww.»m«."»*frtir'cft5f. . i tor MS. 4(W I. flNmta · ~ *.'« wosrsress ·· '^L room, t t*tk mmmeHi. Trfftftf** SMALL *S ream tmarfTJif - CWtt «A. 7-WW; *w*.- 7» W. Thtrrbw TM »K \l£*rr.. TtA,'£3ini"TCA.*S£sM'. SUBURBAN HOME 3 BR CLOSE IN HORSES : JIWi To SX'T'llMkn Mt

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