Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 31
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Pag. IV - -f HE 2-5959 BELLFLOWER TOrrev 6 1721 SUNDAY ADS FOR Y CLASSIFII 4 P.M. FRIDAY MONDAY ADS 4 P.M. FRIDAY TUESDAY ADS WEDNESDAY ADS Dgpltxts and Hais 104 F JUST COMPLETED . All Elec. Studio Duplex -.· NLB-OVER 1560 so. If. DELUXE 3-BR.. 2 balhs, carpels, drapes, . bulit-tns, tWlvatt fcncei) vard. Nice .NLB area. Ask for Mr. Wllllaim. · 5934 Gardenia GA 3-WS: -123-645 :!SS-- TO aporccial*, see how really . store room laundry rm. In an1., nke adults. 10? 7 Pacific. Walk jo 1 town. GE 4-E959. -595-- CHOICE mad. upper 2-bdrm., gar.,- find,, tcav. draws, ou!«t -- · area, nr. Aricsia-L.B. Blvds., free- :·- 5952 LINDEN-- LGE 2-BR Crol.i oVapcs, bit-Ins, loe. closets, . SllS. Mgr. GA 2-6J51; GA 3-7981 LARGE 2 Br, drapes, disp., garaae. In. SIM mo. 1352 No. Gulf, Wil-- mlngton. 830-0821 We Give B]u0 Chip Stamps . l-BR., REDEC, rear. HO. 1337-B 5 1 WESLEY Or., L.B.26I-S754J 943-1760 $90-- SHARP extra clean. 2br. 2 child, ok. See al 1662 E. 54 In SI. * 423-8231 LOS ALAM1TOS. S97.50. -- 2-8R., fenced vd. Children + pets OK. - .·- 10391 Reagan St. 431-2282 Furnished Aportm'nts 106 LONG BEACH LUXURY POOL APT. New 2-BR.. 2-balh, air cord., all · eke., beaut, gold crpt., 1200 sq. ft llvlig spc.r KU"dproof, bit-Ins. Close to beach 8.dnln. Nice view. . Adulls. 4 u.^i^avmond. . BANNER CIRCLE APTS. l-BORM. W-w cartels, d:sp., 1250 E.'San'Anfcn'o Dr. GA 4-4303 1 BEDROOM BIXBY KNOLLS. 422-5653 ·"·£ AVAILABLE NOW DELUXE 1 4 2 Bdrm. torn. Apis. Heated Pool. Lois of parking. «9. 50 up. Cpts.. drape:, bit-Ins. «42 Paramount BJ. NLB ME 3-349S ALL ELECTRIC Vew altiac. 1-Bcfrm. 2 Br. Aprs., cpls, drps, bullMrn. soundproof. Healed pcd, end. palio. 4221 Cherry Ave., N.L.B. «2-90M HEATED POOL . By week or mo. Clean, modern ^^WA^S^W® WRIGLEY DISTRICT 1-Bdrm. Lower floor, w/w. Marb e top pyflman, l a r c e mirror. Adults. $28 Weak-- 2175 Atlantic Less fav li-.a. month. New 1 br. Ulllltril, linens, dishes, available. · All stores, bank same clock. I5TH ATLANTIC Dole. J17JO wk. or $65 mo.; safes. · S15 wk. or 155 rno.. utll. pd. Adulls. 436-5820. 5l drai:esV S FM 2 muslc', S iarge a kltche 3 n «itn colored bulll-lns. Near Douglas North American. 867-0163 or 925-7220. -. ,,' BELMONT KGTS. .l.oe 1 BR S145. Nr Ocean. 21i Be rr.ont. New. \VW crPl"4 lurn. King bed * .be-MJ-g $50 SINLE Quiet, ground llcor, carpeleu", clean; 539 Cerrllos. KE 7-5504 1-BDRM-, dean ar.d comforlaSle. ' ' Ideal lor co'JCJe, baiw ok. Handy 1137 MAN ANNA, aii.2:3o 432 «E6 Near SK Mary's $87.50 jioo-- LGE. 1-bdrm., extra nice furn. W-w carpet, dtsoosat, washer 1 NLB NR. FREEWAY pa^rilSSMiiWfftn l-BR. $65 -- SINGLE $55 -" Lsrie t, clean. All ulll. paid. 624 E. 15111. Mgr. API. 4-B. BEAUTIFUL 1 8. 2-bdrm.. turn. 8, unfurn.,- nld. pool, vr-w carpel 8. 2275 EUCALYPTUS " Sharp 2 bdrm., ww cpts. Built n J4S-1-BR. + dM. rm., Indry rm. · · Nr. trans., stores. JS5-- Single. - ulll. pd., adulli, r.o pets. 2J44 Locust. $ I 5 W K -- $55 MO. . Clean jgl.,-ulll]. Pd. 1240 Dawson. $25 Wk. $89.50 Mo. Up 2-Bdrms. Utll. Dd. Children, pool. ·· ' 3374 SANTA FE. 427-3923. Signal Hill: sJde by side, T bdrm. each, larce tot, small down, only - -1IS.WO. Call 4J4-S548. BEAUT, new dlx. 1- 2-BR., lurn. 4 unfurl. BiflMns. w-w cot., din bar. Close lo stores trans. MS · u5 19W E. 4S:h. L.B. 4!352!» 1030 GRAND Nicely furn. 1-Bdrm. .apl., ww crpt., 433-8956 or GE 9-64SS 1880 PiNE AVE. Lge. s'nele. Nicely furn. Quiet - Nr. town bus. All ulll. pd. ISO ^SfRS-i 55 .$!2.50Wk. Cln Apts. Util " Telephone service free. Nr. buses 2 BR. TOWNHOUStS Families, vcur f-.orr.e on the ocear 5135 1745 E. OCEAN $60 l-BR GARAGE Waihir furn. 43fr2»9; 432-5*33 527 W. 3RD, UTiL PD. - . Loe. altracl. Sale., S67.50. 1-br. 58. . ' 1713 OAVtOTA. l-Br. ilft. »16 wk. MODERN 1 4 2 br., ulll. pd lift UP. 501 E. 51 SI, H.L.B. 422-3331 1 BDR. UTILS. PD. J75. 441 ORANGE BIG 1 br., 3 ge. closels, nr. ruwr w-w crpt. turn. GE 9-343 "J.IB.50 WEEK-- l-Br. apis. Gas/wa e oard. 532 E. Eslfier. 432JJ4SI --Twin heds. 11 15. Utlls. 5?7-20* ·/ . LOWER l-Br, Utll. Mid. Nr. bus - parkUKJ. Adults. 1725 E. 10; 1-BEDRM. Lower-- Adults 4M St. Louis. GE 3-349 1432 GAVIOTA. C'ean sngte, 55. . Ulll. Mid. Call 439-7310; 435-58? JSO-I-BDRM. lower. Child OK. rvea Anaheim 4 S*«a Fe. 59S-S07 JS2.50-UTIL. pars. Nice singe u nlshed. HE 6-1924. 477 Rose. PRIVACY, recrc-al.on, e'eganl 2-B J13S. 7^-3902. 1-BDRM., S75. CHILD OK, YARC .. 1819 Oflve 591-322 1-BDRM. + pvHtdn. (Jill. ul. Nea bus line 1 mkt. 1058 Mollno. · - DEL AMO Trcpical-Oulstandja - . Br., pool. S140-S147. 428-M4 .- ' . 155-- EXTRA nice lower sgU m aged lady. 335 E. yth, HE 7-563 · (40 TO 163 Mr mo., phone * ma serv. Ladles IB vr«. up. GE Ml »1! VIK. ISO mo. i w, 'Olej, uf ci., xiulls only. l?3! Daisy. f325 STAMLEY, SGLES, S16 YH UTIL PAID., CHILD O.K. J55-REDECORATED 1-Br., wal raiS. Nr. buses 8. stores. 434-55 LARGE jina:». 1 adult, utll. at nr. ocean. 1404 E. 2nd. 1-BEDRM.-- 1212 E. 3RD ST. HE 7-J555 or HE 6-31 BEL. HTS. 1 Br. beaut, ucocr. . r e crpt fr turn. S115 GE E-B! NR. new 2-br., cMldren otc. It Hartlr. 43i85!Si 4W-712S. lio-- 1 BR. d'.n. rm., sun bale. K mkts. Bus. 454 Cerrilos. HE 6-30 WRIGLEY-crlY. so'e. J70. ut Mid. 72*A VI. 191H. 591-5! CLEAN SOU., Q'jUt, Bel. His., bus. C4II tfter 3 p.m. GA i-K urnished ApoTtm'nts 1 06 LONG BEACH WEEK-MONTH-YEAR ^ ^3-BDRM 2 BATH 2444 Pasadena ' 4!M733 or 426-4789 - $73-- Bixby Park 2 Blks. Lower 2 BR., tile kltch,, shower. Gardener. Open 1*)5 Bermuda SINGLE $60 MONTH INQUIRE DRUO STORE i!SI ATLANTIC BLVD. I-BDRM. $85 Newer, w-w crpl., drapes, garb, disposal 1705 Lime W-- DLX.. Ice 1-br.. 1-story, beam ceilings, w-w crpt, dlsp., Idry., »5-- INCL. ut!l. l-bdrm, duo:ex. , child ok. park*like vrd wash- 1 4344205 ' '«6-9701 eye! BEAUT. NEW 1 4 2 BR. - $20 WK. FREE UTIL. l-bdrrn. furn. apt., children ok. 726 Chestnul. Ph. 436-7397 NAVY, CHILD OK, MEN l-BR., 520 Vfk., sgl. S16, ulil.. JEW singles, 575 mo. or S25 wk. U1I . Pd. Bullt-lr.s. W-w cpl., draoes, dlsp. 5 blks. to new City Hall. Close to Iranso. GE 6-3104 1 2 1 1 MAGNOLIA M5 LARGEST, ULTRA modern 1 br. In city, ouiel, adults. GA 7-7576 CHILDREN WANTED Larso double, nr. beach schls. ' LD*. vard. 533 Walrnil. HE 6-WI3 NEW 2284 LOCUST Defux 2-Br. S130. W/W carpeti, - BELMONT SHORE New 2-8r. Carpets. JI50. 43S-9354 $73-- UTIL. PD. 1520 E. 2ND Sgfcs. f. Dblcs. Ullls pd. Adulls $60-- Adults Nr. MarVet 1095 Gladvs HA 1-5480 FREE UTILITIES TRADEWINDS. 1651 Sculh SI. IMMAC. DIX. SBl. 580. GA 34)971 REDECORATED 1-BR. Infant OK. 2509 E. 15th. 43W151 NEWLY decor. Sale, apt., ground floor, mUdleagcc] lady prel., S50 mo. Close In w. side. HE 2-1050 FREE TV. LlgMs pd. Sgle., new palnl. Oulcl. Inf. ok. 1604 Mag- 1827 E. OCEAN BLVD. l-Bdrm. S110 Adjlls. KE 2-5653 BABIES WANTED S65-- Sale., ulll. ncf., Idry., bus, mkls. 533 W. 17111. GA 4-5052. S7o INCL. all utlts. 1-bdrm. Front act. Child ok. 1015 BURNETT RODMAN REALTY HE 5-2415 $45-- DUPLEX, See to aopreclaie how really loveiy. l-Br., w/w CD!., 923 GRAND-- $65 Clean lawer 1 BR. GE 9-3328 $50 SGL. - $60 l-BR. Utlls. pd. Pel-child ok. 1930 Cherry. BEST APT. BUY IN TOWN 557.50. 1-br., healed pcol. 433.7918 Or see 6250 Cherry. fAor. Ap . 2 237 LINDEN BEL SHORE-- 1 2 BR, ' 43 Belmonl. 430-2481 « 439-2211 1700 PINE-- $75 AdulU. Individual wash, macri. 1 BR $85 $90 B.XBY KNOLLS, nr. Atlanllc. p-Br. uooer. Crean, aUracllve. Adii \x. LgeSgleS 1-Br $47.50 up 713 E. 17ln 437-7240 434-7125 1078 E. Ocean On Beach 2 bri., S175, Incl. utll. 432-72S3 cbuole. Recreat!cn deck. Ldry. 1017 pacific Ave. HE 2-1588 2 BEDROOMS 2360 E. 15th. 439-0369 NEW 2-BR. upper. Real nlcel WAY cpls., drapes, Idry., oar. BvaUL Pool. 2325 Locust Ave. 427-2032 CLEAN, cheerful single. S60. Also slor« w/llvlng quarters. Reas. 1066 E. Broacfway, Mgr. ~ 4. BELMONT HTS. -- 1 BR. Clean, 540. 1 8r., ADULTS, 721 E. 8lh St. Rear. HE 2-19S5 S45-COTTAG6 m rear. Utlls. pd. Prefer 1 pensioner. 917 Lime. 569. SIZABLE 1-BR. Utll. pd. Park- Ing. 717 E. Pacific Cst. Hlway. CLEAN 1 Br., nr. SI. fAatricws, a/lulls, no pets. 801 Gladys Ave. 1349 RAYMOND Aye. Clean 1 Br.. S65. Navy Infant ok. BACHELORS ONLY, linens furn. $16.50 wk. 3620 San a Fe 353 ;jllra Mar 43S 2540 CLEAN, single, linens 4 cashes 575 mo. 39 Nleto. Belmcnt Shore BACH. ROOMY, REFRIG. 1753 Gardenia, L.B. Ph: GE7-83S6 Near Mollno 2708 E. ISlti NEWLY redec. t-br. water, 1 rash Pd l-hilrf. vnall pet OK. 570. 436-4847 1 BDRM., utll. P«ld. «S- "JfiJ E Arlesla St., NLB GA 2-21M 54S -- 2 room. sSower. Utll. p a d 1S74 Dawson GE4-75K 100 UP-- Cheerful 2-br., newly oec Garden type. Dlso. 6566 Orange -BR SJS mo. Nr. buses !· mkts Child OK. 1046 Gavlola. BACH SSO-l-bdrir^ uKXfaWS. 145. LARGE furn. 1 bdrm. Newly redec Utll. cd. «85 GE 9-2243, Apt. 547 Dayman St. HE Wlf BEL SHORE. 220 park -- 1 Bdf m patio. AcJulls. Ho pets GE 9-769 1 BDRM. Apt. IV-VY crpt. ChlkJ OK M750 Mgr. Apt. 1, 1147 Ceda ELUXE 1 Br., nr. new, w/w ca T^BDRM; oil slreet entrance . SM 3«!1 E. 10th. GE 8-2B7 SUNSET Beach. Mew 2 bdrm. gar. 1170 mo. (714) JE 4.5629. 115 WK. Util. Pd. KHs. Navy ol m E 17»1. 730 E. ESlJxr. 1465 ELM. Soles. «55, 1-br. J!S, ull Baby. New patnl. KE 5 60S LGE. l-Br., adutls, 1 Wk. fro mkls. i beach. 135. »18 E. Is $60 MO. l-Br. upper. Ulil. pa., Infant ok. 124 VI. an St. ' LARGE 1-BDRM. APARTMENT 435-2035 4EWLY rfecor. sls-. upper or fw IsT-SM. 434 E. 6th. 424-4-il I7»-- CLEAN, qofel l-Bdrrp, , tow idJlli. I7fl ¥. Ocean Bl. 3%11 169 JO. NICE 1 Bdrm, oootf 1» ^SKl San Frindsco. GE 1-1« Ave. 32^Jl3, 432-5417. CLEAN, Ige. l-Br., adults. 3822 7lh St., API. 1. Ph. 647-7US. 1492 MAGNOLIA S!0-- 1-BORfA. DISPOSAL. REDE 1-BEDROOM, rear, S72.50. Ulll P 1622 Safl Frar.cfsco. J75-- v/sll furnlit^ed upper garac 2720 6. 4th. GE 4-2M3. J52JO-SINGLES. Lliry.fECll., ad 1043 Corotiado, Apt. 12. 1 8, 2-BR. Pool, bullt-lns. gar. U urv. 654? Johnson Ave. 428-11 1-BR. nearly new aot. Fully fu SEAL BEACH. 1-BR dlir. crp NMrfy decor. S9i. 43C-2738. I/O. SMALL Single. 1 adult. Belnv Short. 4321 Division St. SHANGRI LODGE APT. HOTE iVS Long Beacll Blvd. HE 9-2 hirnlstitd Ft Unfurn. Apts, 106A REAL COUNTR WITH SPACIOUS GROU FOR CHILDREN S At 5 Po 5 MINUTES TO UNUSUALLY LARS UNFURNISHED- FURNISHED-l-BR.-- $! 10 '· 2-BR.-- $125 ATHERTO 1718 X1MENO (I 1 /; Bit. No. of Pacific Coast Hv ·umished AporMti'nrs 106 LONG BEACH 1CELY furnished single apartment Including slove and refrigerator all utilities pa:d. «5 month. Near at) buses. La Belle aaarlmems. 718 Long Beach Bc-uleverd downtown, Long Beach. Ph. HE 6614? $25WK., UTIL. PD. Hrd. Pool, Prkg., Lndry. 1430 SOUTH ST. "Electrical y" Clean FURN. or CNFURtl. Deluxe 2-br. Bullt-lns, carpets, draoes. Elevator. 172o' CHESTNUT*' aV ' 432-3073 - PATIO GARDENS 1010 E. 7lh 436-7817 1-br.. modern, Danish decor., carpe M, drapes, paneled, spac., all GOLD MEDALLION w-w cfot., d rapes, all tliclrk; bullMni, Adults only. 115 LOMA AVE. GE ?-2237 4644 LKWD. BLVD. Extra large 1 bdrm., ww crpls-/ cira c*s, bull! In even ranao, Manager ApT. 2. Near Douglas Circle 1 bdrm,. utll. pd., inited pool. iW" IK ' LaktWOCd ^58, $46-OLDER BACH-GAR Nice prlv. ucoer. Nr, evervlhlnp. Ullls. pd. 1721 Llrrw. TO 6-87W $65--1 BDRM. 322 W. 12th. Baby ok. Near transp. GA 6X576. BY BELMONT PIER 1 Br., r*dijc., suncfecV. GE ·MW9 $29 WEEK 2 BDRM. Utll. paid. Child OK. 438-8120 i*,!; 1 RDRM R A R Y Ok GE «-Sol3 SI3.50 WEEK. Drinkers, smokers OK No cro'jches, $X mo. 133 Holfman Ave. GE WI01 Mod. Ig. l-Br. House $95 2663 LI/nE AVE. 424-C365 NEV/LY Furn. 1-boVm. apt. Waler softener. Idry. paid. Child OK. Nr. shopping. l!53 Herufenon. 591-1706 719 MED10 E. OCEAN Sales, newly decor. S75 mo. Ulll. pd. Adults. 435-6762 SINGLE 1 8 R.-- ADULTS ONLY no. Apt. 6 2186 Allanllc SGLE. S55 mo. 2707 E. 4th. Mgr. Apl. B,' or call 516-1203. UTIL. PD. S50 Single, 1 bdrm. HO 1 person, $70 2 persons. 437-M92 lurn. 147.50. 5J1 W Slh. HE 7-4648 S55 S, UP, Sgle., utll. pd. adults, REDECORATED 3 1-Bdrrn. ap i. NEW 2 Br. furn. 632 Junloaro, S140. GE 4-0820 BACHELOR. Bell Gardens. 513 v,k. «7-67!2 after S p.m. 550.75. Front sole., ulll. pd., washr, mid-aged adult. 1642 Locust. SiS-- SGLE., large, ulll. pd. 1324 Peterson 43£3«2 S69.50 to 9110. Utlls. pd. Nr. Wilson H . Quiet. Pvt. prko. 1001 Belmcnt S60-- 2 I-BBM. aols. Water pd. 2I4D OLIVE AVE. 631-52W. MODERN large l-BR. ISO. Nr. bus I mkls. Adults. 1070 Gardenia. 70 S, UP. Utll. pd. 1 Br., wall bed. Nr. shootXnc. Redec. 1424 Chestnut ARTESIA J66 $85 mo. -- 1 2 bdrm. ap s. BELLFLOWER TOWER $69.50 UP DOWNTOWN BELLFLOWER 4 1 2 BR. i BACHELORS a POOL 8. RECREATION RM. 97M FLOWER BELLFLOWER TO 6-134? STARGLO APTS. 3 Bedroom aals., utll. pd. Co - ored buill-lns, carpets, drapes, v/alK to shopping. Adulls, no pels. 9707 E. Cedar Call 867-57] NR. DOUGLAS NAA 1 BR. nkery fur. 525 wk. uo. Ulll. bid. or «5 up, Tnlanl OK. DELUXE 1 2 BR $85 UP FURNISHED UNFURN. POOL AMBASSADOR APTS. 9532 E. Flower St. Bellflower Near Douglas-- 1 Br. Apt. FURtJ. Near new. SS9.M mo. up ME 4-9065. See Mor-, Apt. S 1. NEW 1, 2, 3-BR. Furn. 2. L-nturn. AH Uills. pd. Party cym rm. POOL. F.A. HEAT. SAUNA BATH 17630 Lakewood Blvd. 525-2007 ins, air co.-v)., prlv. pallo, cWI- dre.n OK. 15743 EUCALYPTUS Aot. 17, BELLFLOWER. 925-5437 2 BR. + POOL $115 E. of Lkwd. Bl. CNW ok. 866-4774 1 BDRM. Nice turn., w-w carpel, bit Ins.. refrlg. Close IP shoeofne. S95 S7IO Olive St. TO 6-1201 ' (urn., garage. 590. mo. ; 1021 l f A HaciendaTM C«H 866-1 15S 7 LARGE t-cedroom, ulll. paid. Chili OK. T6913 Clark Ave. 8664S05 r 483-- 1-SEDRM. Clean, near down town. 9621 Oak St. Call 866-I1K ' COMPTON-LYNWOOD 1 SINGLE APTS-- Will! pool, ulll. $21 t, week UO. 201 S. Willow. 631-5531 3 ROOMS, VERY CLEAN, PRI ". VATE HOME. HE 9-l»8 LAKEWOOD 3 MOD. 1 6R., ADULTS. $95 - n Carport, 6105 v/oodrulf, Mgr. Ap n A. Shown aft. 3p.m. or ph. 421 -«» ; 1 BDRM. $89. 21615 Pioneer Blvd 1 flust off Carson) tSfOK DOWNEY r. 2 WEEKS FREE * 9 t BR. Bachelor Ads. + Poo Day, wk. or mo^ Walnut cablnif 2 utll. pd. Centril hlg., nr ' ffi* i BACHELOR apt., furn. All utll. pd -. $65 mo. «69-7#4, «v«. TO W4«i i- PARAMOUNT FREE "' Brand New Furniture $125-- LARGE 2 BRS. C Brand new lovely Dirtsn rnoder T fyrnJrur6 Is yours free [f yc "· slay ) vr. 15724 Orange Ave., Paramou I. Phone: 633-9416 -- SINGLE man. util. pd., pr y. $5 s. See weekenos or eves. Hannen, 7200 Richlield SI. x- WEEK or m«. 1 or 2 bdrm., 54 prkes. utlls pd. ME 3-16 n- $69.SO-- 1-BR., cornel, furn. Adul ts. STUDIO apt. 14316 San Jose, Para m SOUTH BAY LS $2JO \VK. Incl. uni. l^drm. ! 30 W. "E" St.. WHmlnslon. HE 2-H 4 P.M. MONDAY 4 P.M. TUESDAY miihed U Unfuni. Aph. 104A Y LIVING ! ! NDS SHADY TREES JULTS TO ENJOY Dls DOUGLAS E APARTMENTS -FROM $110 FROM $140 -BR.-- $140 2-BR.-- $155 M WEST GE 8-5036 «Y- 3 Mi". *« S«" Di«g» Frwy.) L (0) (0) K I Month Free Renl With This Ad. 2 Bdrrru-Furn. from $115 ,, 2 Bdrms Uufurn. from $85 Children's Play Area Largo Enclosed Heated Pool. Wall +o Wall Carpets. 15724 ORANGE AVE. Paramount -- 633-9416 2 WEEKS FREE RENT! SPACIOUS 2'BR GARDEN Aptl - crihwaiher, Ihermoslal, air cor.d., bt^f -ins, garages, n«*r markili fretwav. HEATED POOL CHILD O.K. 1118 1018 E. 32nd 424-1085 NEAR ORANGE S. WARDLOW BAY FRONT ' LUXURIOUS PENTHOUSE APTS. On Ihe Pen'nsufa, wllh boa) si ps. Unsurpassed view. Many extras. Personal services. Redlo controlled locking oar. 1 2 bdrm. apfs. Larg« private pal o. 6150 Bavshore Walk al Mnd Place Mgr. 433-4028. Courlesv 10 Dkr. RENTAL CENTER We hive new cfian 1 2 BR*., furnhhed fc iKifurnlshed apli. -- R«adv f D r Invntdii !· c ecu oancy. Var wn rotations In Long Beach No nntil (MI. For imormHiori CJM 43S4S47 b«fwttn 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 9847 Cedar St. Bellflr. furn. singles from 4M.50, ynfurn. 1 4 2 Brs. from $90. Furn. from SIP? 50, Ulll. pc'd In swnr. apt. , crpti./ drawl, a'r ccndiHonlng. Mgr. Apl. 1 or call WS-S91?. VILLA CAPRI 1 Bedroom, furn. nr unFurn.. built- Int. carpefrno, drapes, alr-cond., Driv. pallm. f!14 E; Palm SI., $32.50 UP Eleclrlc VUchen, air cgrxj., crD s^ drawn, iglet., \ 2 Mr mi. ?1*0 9254 Palm St., Bellflower. NEAR NEW NAVY HOSP. 1 2 bdrm., 2 b«m, all eltc./dfetv waihtf, pool, r«c. rm. Child/en 11 vrs. un OK. $904125. 4M-3A39 o; GA 3-591 1. 11MS 2161h, Lkwd. PARK ESTATES $95 Extra Tarffe T-BR. V/-V/ cart»1i. AdiXts. iVor. 5117 AnaTielm Rtf. at Gr«4Tbrkr. ALL ELEC. 1 2-BR. ION Ohio* 1070 St. Louis PARK ESTATES 3 2-bedrni!., furn. unfurn. Carpeting, drapes, bullt-lns, forced a r lisat. 597- 11 75 No Fee CrabtrseGE 4-9901 UO TO 51 H PER MONTH SIS TO «5 PER WEEK. 2040 E. Pacific Coast KWV. Utll. pd. Carp., drapes, muilc, POOL 595 up. Child OK. 14043 Orliaha, Paramount. 434-2712 SI 23 TO S140. 2-br., 2-ba., all etc. Gym, steam 4 recreation rms. Carports* elevator. Adulti. See Msr. Apt. 2,' 2491 Pasadena Ave. Mod. 1 Bdrm. All "Extras 1070 Stanley. Adulll. 433-0825 1 BEDRM. pull dcwn bed, nr. ocean tramp. Low rent. BEL. Hall., 2 or., crpls., drapes, prlv. nakonv, all elec., 3Z5 Colorado PI. Ph. GE 8-9727. BARGAIN. DOWNTOWN OYO W/oplIon to buv. Soaclous bachelor. Lovely view, 438-418?. OCEAN 1249 EAST 1 BR Larpe sun-iv. 434-8957; 434-8573. 1-BR. API. Near new. S7S mo. 15741 S. Blatne, oil Alondra, 1 mock w of Bellllower Bl. Lisa Arts 925-2995 DELUXE-- AH elec. Pool rec. rm Mgr, S13. Children ofc. 8020 Roll 1120 LINDEN AVB. £r. St. Marys 1 4 2 bdrm. fum unfurn. 4iSl445 or 435^414 DELUXE 1 2-BR.. furn 8. unfurn ALL ELEC. Slnofe people we come. 432-8057. LGE 2 BR Apt. w/w crpt, cultom location. 18419 Clarkdale, Arfesla KING sz. New 2 3 3r. Buena PI 8970 Academy. Mgr. 17141 879-418J Sf5. UP-- Sgtes. 1 BR. -f ulll. Al cond. Pool. 5939 Soulh St. Unfurnished Apts. 103 LONG BEACH SEAL Beach, loe., 1-bdrm., gara» apt. Newly dec. TE 3-1454 S90. 2 Bdrm. w-w. t drapes, disp Children ok. 2340 E. ism. oels." MTi^CheslnuL 11 ' ivl-lio) S45 MR. New. 1 Bdrm, 2156- Gavlola Ave. 43»-«420 or 424-749 LOWER 3-rm. CLEAN. Redec-.R;;! ; V / o m « n Pref. 540. HLB. GA 2-498 VERY rJce ^-Bdrm. S90. Inouji Apt 2, 1123 Ketlman St., LB, S90-- LGE. mod. 1-br., Wilson His area. 774 Berw*tt. J9W1J N.L.B. SiS. Ulll. pd. Rrdec. l-Br Adulli. Inoulre 22 EII'S. ivO-- 1-BDRM. 270 NEVAD HE 4-7002 REDECOR. 2-txfrm. lowir. Crpts drps. HE 7-5144; HE 7-t9' i SUNSET 8EACH, 2-br.. vr. rale ? children Mich. GE 14227. 473 OHIO-- 1 4 2-br., cpl! , drape refrlg., slovi. Ailfs. 431-9339. EXTRA Ige. 1-br. oar, apt. -I- cu dn. Part. furn. »7S. GE M!!S. 1 BDRM., carpet, drapes, oar cflio. Redec. $75. 777 Freeman. i WRIGLEY-- UO-Sti, BUS. SJOrts.CC 3-BR. \Vt BATHS. LOS ALTO CtfMt, dripei. No pen. 4314' CHEERFUL, corv 1 BR. Ideal f retired. Eaif.ide. Real. GE 8-73 S«5-- 1 BR up Newly dec. Gar. n eludes wainer. inc. 4324 E. 8 " LOVELY 2-Bdrm ant. over K Adults. 2291 Magnolia. GA 4-lV ALL ELEC. 2 br, tpll drps, lee .- appreciate 4575 Cnerry apl 2. 2-BS. 1»-- Children OK.. 1711 PI Ave. 433-0 Ti IDEAL fo/ any small offlc* si cnurters. No UilMren. OA7-47 1 EXTRA LARGE J-BR. A.PT: si 1232 Wnliy Drive 591-5 n NEW 24r., w-w crpfs, a drap dlsp. S9S? For ippt; 43t-ll5. SPACIOUS l-Mrm. US. Ma 310 V/. 14t)i, itter 9 a.m. 158 LGE. 2-8R. sep. dtr. rm., 9 17 dlsp. 424 E. 14ttl sK HE 6-242 OUR CONVINIEN ID DEi THI FRI SA nfumlthed Apts. 107 U LONG BEACH PRESTIGE $185 Mo. Up Cerritos Circle Deluxe 2-Bedrpom Duplex Units, complele ki everv detail. All a*j|l commanlly. Adlolni Vlro'jUa Country Club and Long Beach's finest res'denllaL area. Take Long Beich Blvd. to San Anknlo turn west V* ol mile to Del Mar Ave., right 3 blocks lo models. OPEN DAILY, 18 a.m. 4103 fieT'Mar 424-7511 2-BEDRM. APTS. $90 MONTH 3-BEDRM.' APTS. B $120 MONTH Brand niw ready for immediate occupancy. Adlccml lo school, parks, Irans portal Ion freeway*. PI PAPUAN S323 SANTA FE AVE. Ph(K,« 427-1114 EW deluxe Gold Medallion exlra large 3 BR., 2 bfllh, (or axfcrit 1am ly. A1r ccnd., ceMincr h*-al, carpeted drADed, Real llrtplac^ paneled fair, dishwater, parb. (Hsp.f built-in stare B. oven, loads of cupboard space, sliding olsii ·J33-4SG3, 596-7336. 3244 WJUon (bet. Redonbo ObKoo). ^ OCEAN FRONT * LIVING SIM up; ELEVATORS TO BEACH PACIFIC SANDS 24 6TH PLACE L.B. 432-7223 BANNER CIRCLE APTS. Larct 1-Wrm. wHh refrlg., Uso., ~ TV antenna, v/-w carpel 1 or hd'Ad. 1330 San Antonio Dr. GA 4-4303 459 ST. LOUIS Lovely ncvf 2 Bdrms., IVi baths, itudlo.apl., (bdrm. upstairs). GBid MedaMlcn. private oaUo^. Adults. PHOME 433-2106 3510 ELM Lovely T 2 bdrm. Gold Medallion ADts,, 2 baths, w/w carpels draixs. walk In clasels, loe. pallo 1508 E. FIFTH ST. 65. Sunny. 1-bdrm. upper. Cool ·sshld*. Nr, mkls., bus, ocean. 2 BRS FACING PARK Steve, refrlg., new carpsTs, drapes. ALL ELECTRIC-- I-BDRM Children OK, built-in «love, w-w crpt./ cfrapes. aulom. v/ainer dryer, nr. tchT. 555 Cherry Ave, 2 WEEKS FREE RENT New 1-br., den or 2-br., w-w drps.* Lxjlll-ln range, ItJry., oar. $a?.SO. 23S2 Walnut. Mpr. Aot. C. 434J837. Spac. 2 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba. Heafed pool, all elec.. w-w crp s., drps. ?t84 55lh Way, N.L.B. 634-4157 wkends. or aft. 4:30 p.m. $89-- Children OK-- $89 taroe ? Bedrms. V//W carpet. Drapes, blt-lni, fenced play yard, [»e. "atto. 1357 E. 23rd. 4J/-8151 CLEAN 1 2-BDRMS POOL.' iM^ERMINO 439-J5?7 ReasonablD Renf N.L.B. «5 UP. 2 Br, crpls., drapei, nr. schl Child OK. 451 E. 551 h. 422-201 7 S35 SPAC, Dl)f. uoper 1-Bttrm. + small den. Lot closefs, w-w can., drapes. Nr everything, AduMs. No fr nkers. 434-8?». JI20.-- POOL, Ige. 2-Br., 4 closels, dlap.. dlshwihr, stoye, acts, drps, 1 b!K. business dlsf. Iranso. 446-F San Antonio Dr. GA 7-4U50 BEL. Hols- Bio surwiv, lower fronl. Book shelves, dlr.elte, tile, dls- potal. ?-Bdrm. Adults, no pats. ST40. Ulll. paid. GE 3-4457. LUXURIOUS new 3 bedrm., 2 bath apis, unfurn., hlcf. pool, bullt-L-is, crpls., drapes, cockers. Gd. loe. 210 E. »1h St., L.B. 42S-41M Bit-Ins! 1,000 so. ft.' Closed gar. 7! rr.o. 1031 W. 22.-.d St., San Pedro. TE 3-3053. WRIGLEY-- 2008 Cedar. 2 br., new, mod., w-w crpl. drapes,, adults. JIM. Gar. avail. K. Drive bv or call GA 4-7743. $90-UP 375 GLADYS 1-2 brs., w/w, dlshm. 418-4842 NL6. -- 1-Bdrm., dlso., hardwood lloorl, oir. ;80. 3ol-B Elm. Call for appt. 431-4114 aft. 5. 555-- 1- BDRM. uooer. Quiet, Immac. Nr. mkts., bul, snops. Easy wallc to ocean. 1508 E Slh St. HE 5-7045 2-BR. studio, m baths. Beaut, heated poof. $115. Islander, 530 Cherry. Ne«t to P.O. 423-5217 DELUXE 2-Bdrm., tnilll-lns, w/w crpls., tfrpi., near new, $115 Small pet ok. Eastslde. 434-0544 1-BORM. Redec. Llohr, cheerful overlooking beaut, lawn. AduMs No pels. $75. 343 Termlr.o, rear SUNSET BAY WATERFRONT dlx new 2 br., 2 ba., 5300 mo., s IP avail., vr. lease. 5M-4125 playroom. 1844V: Atlantic Ave 591-3279 BIXBY KNOLLS-- Lame 1 bedrm luxury aDt. w-w 2. drapes. Cal ta-wn or MJ-OMI. MOD. Lfct. 1 bK, $85 Mil LIME 424834. 2 ba., ill tonven rentes ; Sun or vrfcday* after 6. US Xlmeno SM-- DELUXE 2-BR.-- POOL CrpH,, drapes/ bulH-Cni, dlsr 4755 AUanllc Ave. GA 6-672 Crete?., tUso, See lo apDreclate 19f6 Kentferjon. 591-792.1 DR. 2 ba. New, s pactc us, crpd d'aoei, FM mujic, 1077 Beimon Pn. 433-0136; HE 5-"M6. I* D;.USUJ Ci7 Coll. 5350 GREEt MEADOV/. ^A WJt 2BDRW. «9. Redec.. v,-w carce d/apei. Children OK. No pets t 2351 Paiadena Ave. 3-SORAV. bunt-in ranee ove W/w. crpf. f drapel, garact ?B7J 1WS Chestnul but. m Oironado. 439-9U \ BELMOHT HEIGHTS-Leme 2bd 4 Adulls. Garage. 430-9W i tt5. 2-BR. oarage. Admti, r 7 pels. 4432 Linden. GA 4-?405 . M5-NEV/ «MC, 2-BR..; dllO-, W/ erpl. Teen, TvWl Lrnden. M-93t , 1-BDRM. Healed cool. Adults en 3027 E. 3rd. Upper 7 br,, la A «5 HEV/ 1 br. Dntn., near Beat Blt'm, pet QV, 44$ Bon i ID. 435-61 , JW-NEAR Iralflc cfrcti. 1 B 5 upper. Redecorated, 596-ia 5 6029 CHERRY-- 1 br MS, AiJul Kewly decorated. Call i».219. - ML-2W Sooth SI. 1 Br S75. Yow marrled couple*. 43^10 r NEW lee. 2-bdrm., bfp chiefs, dr fl WW.^OOL HE7-49J5; HE 7-51 AT elec., idulls. Bkr. '»i-3i J. SPAC. 2-Br., crpls., evicts, bul "' ln», «IM. HA »-488fr426-4 c BIXBY KNOLLS 2-br. w/par. SI ,1 Rede. Adullt 4314 Elm. GA 2-K S EXTRA la roe 2 bdrm. 1175. Adu Xi Belmont Ave., Bel. Helotl fr LGE. 1-bdrm. 492 Cherry. Redi h Otr. Adulls. 4K-1KI: HE 7 70 r. BELMONT HTS. 1 br. Adults. » )). 4131 E. 3rd. GA £4121; GA 4-1 lo HE'// 1 br.. £. side, crpls., drap stove, refrli., tdulfi. GE KM rX 1'BDRM. APT. GAR. 187 10M GLADYS AVE. NR. 1ITH y. US MO.-- 2-Br.. w-w crol., di 79. range, chlKf. «S Almond, 434-8 OO. t BEDRM., modern, urp 19 drpes, 4 vri old. cui. GE i-e es, 8IXBY Kiwlli t br., child 4180 Elm., 457-477J or 4J4-I73 Is 2 BR. ill electric, carpels, ilral AoMltl, no MIS. GE 3-1745 sr., 5 BR., crpts., draw. No P 0 1060 Termlna. 434-4V :EI (VDLINES ^ JDCDAY ADS HE 2-5959 | KEWOOD MEtcalf 3-0764 ^RDEN GROVE A D.M. UTEE HAY ARC A P M Tt TURDAY ADS 4 P.M nfumished Apts. 107 U LONG BEACH THE KINGSTON D i 1 B-Br, with 2 baJM. All the "GOODIES lor 4S30 E. 41h SI. --i » * 7-BP. furfl, unfurn. 17W PINE AVE. (H:l \valer (urn^ct.1 2 VBR 1 } Carpeh drapes. BuliMn Relrip, odiional. Children welcome. 1?U Harbor _ 2 Weeks Free Rent ' $79.50 DELUXE New 1-BR. den or res., w-w N crp ., drapes, bulll-ln range. Child 2921 E. Arlitla Blvd.. H.L.B. EVERLY TERRACE APTS. ° S him, with w/w crpl.r drapes, Girdeni. Carports irid Garaoei. Prices reduceillii US, in f. ma. 2 WKS FREE E Lee. dlx. 2 Br. Bulll-lns. W-w crpl.. crapes, so-jnoproof. LOW RENT 1305 W. 19th 432-4349 3 Lower -- 2 Bdrm * NICE SIZE KITCHEN. i 2105 FLORIDA Neir 4lh S. ClMrry 3J-»M? ·; WRIGLEY DISTRICT SOUNDPROOF 2 BR. 5 Bulll-lns. w-w crpts.. drapes. 1901 Fashion 432-4349 5 UPPER 2-BR. $85 ura cabUiels. Mllo'. Ampii 'park- ng area. 4503 E. 72nd St. (Between Orange Atlantk, WX SHM Gold Medallion l-BR. P R A M H NJFW inrt CARPETS, DRAPES, BUILT-INS Adj,1s, no pelt. 530 E. Wlllo*. rcsms. i blk. lo (Xew. $175. Call Mr. Ellis, F B- M Trust Co. lor rf-alh. HE 7-0011, cM. 67 Man. Bel Shore Deluxe 2 Br. Upoer. Carpels, drap«s, stove, relrlo. Gar. avail. Adults. I47. 1B2ST,JOSEP3 i?6-t43? $77.50 SPAC. l-BR-- NR. NEW 1212 E. 3rd. HE7-3SSS; HE 6-3152 SO REASONABLE 2-Br. Carpeted, lower floor, stove reFrlg- avail. Nr. transp. and markels. Adulli. 1515 E. 3rd. 1126 E. 5TH Dlx. rvr. new 2.bdrms., bylll-lns, crpti., drapes, sur.deck, lnfar\l or teen v,e!c. i» to siu. 4)2-3ill 1 BDRM. UNFURNISHED $69.50 ALSO 2 BDRM. UNFURN. Chl'oVen welcome. ?04 Alamltos DLX. 3 BR. 2 BA. ONLY $130 436-8070 Also 1-Br. 858 Cen-llos BEUMONT HEIGHTS HEATED POOL 1 8. 2 Bdrmi. Palk). 330 Term no 1-BR. Jus) painted. Nice area. S85. for details. HE 7-0011, exl. «7 Monday thru Friday. 2 3 BR SPACIOUS Large kitchen, dlsp., crpls.. drp). 2 children OK., no pels. 432-1U2 265 MOLINO 3601 VERMONT Lse. 2-br.. w-w crpt., drapes, poo , car., Saum cf 4lh at Loma. DELUXE 1-BR. uooer. Nr. Raws, new vy. to v/., rar.ce, rerrlg., d.sp. Adults, no pels. $90. 1134 Raymor.d GE 4-1495. LE 2-BR BEL HGT^ Deluxe w/w. All extras. Stall shwr. Adlls. 3037 E 4lh. GE 9-U91 COZY 1 br-. part, fern., ylew. SS5. 2 br./den, closets oalore. Serv. porch, $12i. 174J Orizaba. 714-JE 7-4210. $80 DELUXE 1 BEDRM. CLEAN. 431 E. iSltl. MGR. S4. ME 3-8509; ME 0-4107 FREE rent III Mar. 2Kh, 4 rms., 1 bdr., redec., walk lo every h'a. $79.50-- LGE. 1-BR. POOL NR. BUS. 745 ORANGE 218 Belmont-- Nics 18,2 Br. Sliding g'ais door to patta 4100 E. 7th 1-Bdrm. Bullt-lrts, carpets, drapes 3 BR., CHILDREN 237 LIME AVE. 7-NR.NEWI BR$80 Near 7th Walnut, 1533 Hellmar 2-BR., stove, refrlo., vd. i ctiild S8S rno. 2114 W. Wardlow Rd J50-- CLEAN, cheerful UDper lir Aov-Hs, no pels, stove, refrlg. 1063 OHIO, KEY APT. D EXTRA LARGE 1-bdrm., carpets S =refes. All ground floor. Aifj'ts ( STUDIO APT. , ' BDRM ' 432-5524 CL ° 5E MODERN 1 BR $77.50 - J 8R., large living area, centra pallo, carpets, drapes, built In Mcr. apt B. 433-7?7 crpt., drapes, slove, refrg., children oK. 4ii E. Loutse. 422-IM 0 3 BDRM Brar.d new, all Elec. V(-v Dranes, sloye, gar., air Cent Adults. 1134 Temple GE 9-2il · 1-BR. S75. Ullll. pd. Be . H i ' 433-50^4 'of 434-^3'$ a NEV/ 2-bdrm. V/-w c»L, drapes stove, 1 monm's rent FREE. -,, HE «-IM2 eves. GA 4-7y 3 $55 -- CLEAN 1 BDRM '· Adulls. 1«4 Loma £7 HA5-K T LGE. upcer re-wly d««r. 3 B 5 Utility rm., cMldren ok. on bv line, nr. sdil. O-Aner. GE 4-42S7 \ VIEW balcony 2-br.. (IIS i tl -? Mr. ne-^ delux. Loe. E-urt ». 414-72*}. " BELLFLOVVER - LOWER deture 2 bdrm., v/j M 9 candy stripe w-w, drapes, b l - n '» children's plsy area. i*. fa f ptng, schools. Dowlas. 9918 Ramona. B67-073J. J STUDIO-HI^ 2-Bdrm., ?-B». cr» 5* 1S32S Belltlower Blvd. 925-4^ !,'; LARGE ?-br., upoer, deluxe, ma 73 bjllt4fll. TO 7-4512. Vo LARGE modern, real., 2-pr., 9 49 Cedir, Bellflower !'· Z-BDRM., carpels, drapes, blri "· arr-ond. 94J4 dive. TO 7; 55: LAKEWOOD $ $80 1-Bdrm. Also 2 an «. 3 Bdrm!. Furn/Unfurn i- V//W carpet, disposal, rarpc L'dry facilities, v.»'x-ln chiefs ST. Walk lo Lakewood Cenfer ? " "" 5024 Hayfer 009 $75 UP IN LAKEWOC f- FURN. BACHELOR «, l-Br. Furn. or Unfurn -- W-w cot., fin., toe. ckjut, els. eorl, 2 blki. V/. of Paramoun 1 tarsin, 411»',4 N. Plxle. nfurntsh*d t pts. 107 U NOR WALK j. LUXE J-Br., 2 Ba. Oraces, croh, , - Mjlll-ln rirwt i r-od, SII5. 3-1 ORANGE COUNTY GREENBRIER APTS N JU Green Ave. -- Los AlannHoj euxe 2 A 3 bdrm. itj., afl x/Ht- ns, with air ccnd.. J mln. Kattiu. nr, oolf covrn. CAVLO1-IMJ4 Drive 70 m'fvulei la 7W So. K-wll N Ave. between Ball i Lincoln isve. ? bdrm.i iirecviAcr. poo), oai w*ler pa'tf. SUO. 711-- I2MU1 EV/ 2- bedrm., t b»1h. All flee. 4 PflKo. pool, secluded. Only $m. 1209 Lanon, G.O. 7U) US-im. . DJirwvlind area. 7N Kl 3-7051 eve L LX. 2-br., w/w, buill'lni, dijp. lUW £o. Gale (?U) S396U? PARAMOUNT FT PARkf 1 ItfF Aot. Xtra Ul. 1, 1 R, 3 N bdVms.i 2 bilhl. All on ground floor. Walk 16 ichocU, churchei, thop^, Loe. plav area. RAND NEW WBr.1 w-w crpl.. drapes, ran«. 1« baihj . HflO rno. Paramwjnl. Ptvcni 630-55S2 3 BACHELOR APTS., unfurn. tM ma. UL. 16940 Dowuv Ave. Call 4)4.764). EAR rew 5DICIU1 2-Br.. w-w ,»V Tfliw."" 1 "1 " 1 ' .51.^ BR. apl. carpeted, w/drapes. chil- - drcn OK. ijjlO Cctorado SI., Ph. Bullt-(ns, carpels, 2 Br. HIS. j 83!S JMB ST. ' BDRM stud!o aols. Carpel, drapes, bulll-lns. IVi batSs. 14845 Passage, Paramount. ME (Haw ~ S1KI. 7°70 Pearle SI. 6U-1U4 SOUTH BAY SAVE $20 ON FIRST MONTH'S RENT FURNISHED arKJ UNFURNISHED $52 and Up Water and lawn p«W, hardwooo ffcors, Isrg* cloittt. Avalon Village Sheridan Gardens 556 E. MIST ST. 3 mites Narih of Vflimrnofon on AviVcn; Men.* Frl. ?-7 cxn.-- Sal., Sun, ^W. TE 4-3454 CHILDREN CK. Furnished Homes 109 BHLMONT HGTS-Chflrmlno itiw'o home, 2-BR. extra laro«, bea-jiHul modern fufnllure. Just th* kind of iit!C* you ICVQ to call home, 5150. 394 CO RON ADO. GE X-2411 4 BDR. 2 bath htime. Lakewocd Scujthiate. sun 569-0965 wk davt ait t. S,5. BelshGrt.-UTIL. PD. Neal . Br. -- patio -- Nr, itvopi, beach. $80-- l-Br. Hse, Fenced Yd 174? Sherman PI. 434-1710 pool, dtihes, Uneni, wtnr. dryer. »SS38 Britten, 4iU906i 57A-MM FURH. HSE-. WASHER, NO PETS CLEAN, close In ?-br, Atfyils. G.e. washer. KM drinkers or smoxers. ir.oulre 537 E. Slh. HE 7-8W1. 1103. Utll. Pd. Kid!. Central. Deslev MO L. B. Blvd. HE 61151. BELMONT HgFv Completely urn. Child, pel ok. 4J4-1SI?. $55 -- BACHELOR collage, c ean, imall. Parking^ 434-9769. Atlanllc. N.L.B. GA2-1S8; $lM. 2 Br. Part furn. Sea 1 fich. Osglev 900 L. B. Blvd. Ht -975l. ELABORATE "Park 7" Home, 13J7"| Chestnut, V/cs1mlns!er, SlsS. 4 BR., klnpjlie rms., aulel, wfcfe s reel. Blxby Knolls. 437.4534. NICE 2-Bdr., 4 rm. furn. Close Ifl. Reasonable. 2344 "D" Lime Ave. SIM-- 3-BR., nr. tram. Clnlral L.B. 1JI3 Slinton PI. 49-790. Clean, quiet. Adulll. 2152 Elrn. KIDS 1 Pf=T no problem-- MO FEE. SI6HT i SOUtfO AOV. 438-9353 RENTAL prctltms! See Phonebook Yellow PaoeiOS, Deatey HE 6-9(51 HICE, cozy 1-br. cottage, W5 1242 E. 4lh. API. C 4J6-VJ8S «5. 1 Br CMW- East. Yd. Deglev m L. B. Blvd. HE 4-9751 l" BR.. fenced. 1 Child. 175. 737 Loma Vlsia Dr. GE 8-3101 Arlesla St. NLB. CA 2-2144. 45-- Wan only, Small single. Ulll! · '·BR. redec. ww, tlsp., washer CMel. No pels. Xdutts. GA 3-447^ 57lh St., NLB. OA ?-2l44. PARAMOUNT -- Large 2-br. »125 W5-LGE. 2-BR. 0*n vard. Gar AiSti. HSffA E. lOlh St. GE 8-21628!!. LCI Allot. Nice. AcMll. N pels. Water pd. »160 mo. TO is45. ' F H14'Rose. rr " Phone HE i»l " -BEORW. hcuse. «5. Vrtler paid 1317 E. fl\ St. 437405 tl!5-- 2-Bdrm. Modern. 1 Child O.K 2263 Gavlola 431.345 Deglev 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 4-975 2 Unfurnished Homes 1 1 - CYPRESS-- 3-Bdrm. den on acres. Jis; WA 5-375 v 2 3-BR. house, w-w cols. B,dr«o« I SEAL Beacll 3 bdrm.. t bilh ImmK. L choke Kc. Bkr. 5«-39 LARGE 2-br. HtM. Gar. Kids. OJ 7317 Moll, para-nounl. KA S-W » 280RM. hom« 14114 San Jos Paramount. 430-5469. * SIGHT t SOUND ADV. 43*91 r - ARTESIA. 2-br- Waler trash p- Fenced vd. UO 8454028 f. HR. L.B. Blvi). t, Aloodro. 3-b " Leaie ll!5 mo. 4!J-!il9: 428-451 I-BR., newlr dec.. 347W Grand Av GE 99341 alt. 6; W OT-254 »!5-- 2 BRS., rear. Waler oa'd. Cn dren ck. 1142 Vaha-'a. 597-23) £ 7307M EXETER, Param. 5 rm i Clean, mod Children. M4-8329. E. »I10. 2-BR. cot., dreoes. e'«c. rano relrlo., n'ce vd. Bkr. GA M443 J' $40-- 1-BR. Fenced, vd. cnild o *" 1444 Elm Ave. 436-79 3-BR., dbl. car. Lkwd. Plaia.ll "^ mo. 4Z5-I/ 14 able. Ca'l W5-274I. nV 2-BDR'A. HOUSE nr. SI. Mary Adults. HA 9-71241 454 RENTAL Problems? See shone uo Y.llav. Paw SOS. Oeolev HE 4-9 4 2 BR.-- 1 ctilkt Ck. V/-W CrCt., fir 3 Hear Silverado Park. GA 4-91 2 BEOROOM t Ce.1. DownlOy , tj'et. Reasonable, ino. 947 Ce STOVE t. refrlo. H^e 1-br. Lov vd. Child ok. 2511 E. lith; 433-4 D BLMT. SHORE-Wfk to teacn 2- F4IH- W.etta. S1SS. 214 Pcmo D $49.50. 22337 Vlo'et*. 'Artll », ^:^Sflrf . JE 7-9120 NESDAY IURSDAY . FRIDAY nfurntshed Homes 110i Unfurnished Hom«s 110 R. Fireplace, w. to w. carcel. fue Ili) monl*. LAKEWOOIS. R. FAMILY RM.. 2 BATHS. .L.B. Leate S175 monfh. t ME 4-5?99 « CE 2-br., graoe. lo*. wt : o. V *n*i y9.i nr. ichoo's. children ^ pet OK, tlJ5 rno., lit f. ii.t ·nonih In idvarKt, 3703 Andy St., i trim Ircm Fed Marl. Pb. WE U3J719 or after 6 p.m. TV/ 343U U LOS Sir\l6,. 2 Mrm. t. fnmllv ^ m., flroU, CPTI. A drawi. Wlfed 30. 1U5 nxi, \Valer pd. Least. f L,B. clean 2 Br., 581S V/alnul *·* Ave. drapei, ww croli.. slovi, l iS. mt $$*tr\\**'Ph. ^A* 3-1477 BEORW., 2 ba k hl. tvewiv dec., 11 l. hit in advance. 1H16 So. U Blalnt, Bellirowtr, TO 7-3^7 3VELY i-BR., W BATHS. Spa- clOij:. Hv. rm., w.lo w. carwr. Dav.jT°.Mculd Rellty.' H*A S-HH B UNT'N6TN BEACrt prtttloi ·'«· 3-br.i in baiiSi, blf-lni, ifrawi. NriDl. FA Mai. 2-c»r oar. 1150. 7U 1^7-1 MS. L.B. J-BR. cclfiae. tlove 88 rilrla. Rig vsrd. Ho oar. KUt A, Dili welcome, 1TO, waler Mid. iu-tw aMer 5 p.m. trash pa*d! 1 or l^Wkirin, Oil - ^ frCr,«i area. Call iXHUS after U GALE: orlcileil, \Yi BR. (0 l ilrvgi lea burner; loa.4 prlv. yard. GA 7-9671 jirdt. CWse' lo everv^lno. WO. 2 BDRtMS. EASTSIDE Redec., schools, njarkels. beacli BEDRM. houie, Ige. vd., caroels dracis }li5, or teaie sl!5. 13841 S9. Mctjab, Belli. (714) ai-ira. : 1UNTINOTON Beacll. 3 Br., I ba. Nr. Dowlas schools. Ne*lv deccr., new dr»»es 8. w-w ,cpl, bul |. us. 554-3403 ecu! ve compulid reeecor. ihru- oul. J190. Lease. S43I Vernon. HA 1^5709. VET-RENT-OPTION-BUY Norwalk-JlrS rpo. 3-br., IVVbalhl. Hdwd. floors, fenced; t'JlKtl. HUNTINGTON Beach. 4-B(drnv.. 2 ba hi, Hreptace, bujll-lns, l« n jjj 1-BDRM,, w-w crpl Ihrvoul. 1 ballis, 2Vi car gar. (165. Includes clubhouse, swimmlrra pod, mllnl. Scottsdale Town Houses. T 4-8537 DOWNEY newjv dec. Mxlrm. house w/carporl. Trash 8. wiler pa d, NEAR Slat. Colleoe-- 3-br., 2 bithi. convertibt* den. new carpel pafnt, draoes, stove, large private garden palkj. Lean JI9f!. 431-4434 LOVELY 3-Bdrm., 2 balh, blt-lns. Trent., drapes. Oble. fir. Fenced vard. Weslmlns «r »I40. 449-4501 Lakewood Villago-- 3-BR. LOVELY 3-Sdrm., 1« balh., oe. llv na rm,, w/w, nlcelv \y\i!£f*l. S 70. SIM Jos:e. U.8. or 244-449. PARAMOUNT. J-Bdrnn, Fenced varo\ Children O.K. 1385VJ McClure 434- J020 531-7S13 Nr. Douoat, public £ Calholtc ' schools. Ho pels. 3417 Rutgers. LOVELY 2-Brrn. Den home, $140. Beau. Yd., Co s. 8, Drapes. 4119185 2-BEORM, Close to Lol Altos snoo- 22J5 FAnWOOO. 4-BDRM., 2 bJlhi, re^ecoralj.^^!! vri. old. W acre fenced vtf. S195. 635-6179 BELLFLOWER -- imall 2-br. G- 9858 Cedir TO 7-1585 J-STORY 4-br.. 2 »a. 2-ctr oar., bll-ln oven A uai stove. Buen« Park. 1140 mo. )14 827 U1J. vard. Near !arsqn Norwalk BL tllO. 714-81S-3459. 1 D?spf fta'e? B). lfio.,3 Jyo'llowVrd St., Los Atemllos. GE 0-2305. PARAMOUfIT-- 1-bdrm. duplex, 0 ce area, w-w. d'sp., oar. Adulli. 479.50. Reallor. WA 5-1201 EASTSIDE-LAROE 2-br. REMODELED, large fenced yard. 1125, 1432 E. vlh SI. GA 7-7328 NLB-- 1901 E. 6Slh 5.1. nr. Cherry. Lo. new 2-br. Gar. Fenced. U»n care Adjlls. Ho pets. 1110. (714) 892-406) 3-BR.-- 1110 mo., Irash water paFd. 11607 Walc/os . Rear houie. Nr. Pioneer 8. ne Amo. UN 44409 SPACIOUS NEW 4BR., carpels, £apei, lencei, bullHjl, "Pi.' 1 ?- rm., Ige. fam. rm. J225. 830-3613. 2 BDRM., newly redec., fireplace, dole, oar., 17423 Woodruff, Bellflower. $125 mo. Call TO 4-0711 LKVVD. 2-tc., crctl., cirps, snve. refrlo. Wafer i trash pd. S9u. 1144! I E . 208 St. 645-5937. ARTESIA-- 2-br.. slove, relrlo., will furn. Fncd., nr. schcols. Sr? 1347] 2)3rd SI? fo S-5670, 7I4-63I-I14S COTTAGE -- rear, l-bdr. Slove i retrlg. Prlv. pallo. All. 4:». 433- J77.50-- 1-BDRM., Sep. oara.e. 15702 Eucalyptus, nr. connlcwn Bell- floier. Cell 144-lli? pl? d 7334 E«e!?r°' ' NE SMMI 3 BR. den. Park Estates. Execu De5iel yC »0 L.8'. Blvd. HE S-5751 MOD. Lot. 1 bK. 8a 2«3 LIME 424-836! "j5vX' a """"'* ""'''"' *" ^·JMZ\f£\"X'l£ Dl. IOHI Bov«min, Sourhgare- clean. 1 biV school. Chi!;V«rt O.K 1 LKWD., 3-bdrm., tfrapej, n«# CD - cuitom r*rr.w!efed 2 car oar t tcrnrjr hause. *1\*U 4-BR. C(cse Tn. Also cpt.on 13 DW Rlk. HE 6-97S1 * 1n ovtn, ilove. 7730 E. 5«S1f W»' 1 $75-- 1 BR. Adulli. H» Mil. 5ma 2 chiW ok. 9730 Alondra, Bell :owe · 10M ALMOND COURT. JJ1 1 · REDEC. S rm. house, »9S. 439-553 14 WbuLF ST.. wfLWIMGTON - 2 BEDROO'A houie, »tO. I22« Tl f Ixjrv. Gar. Ha^allai Gar. 421-2M f. LKWO snaro br early A^erlcw 1T50. 11402 Masslnser. 82V430 0 2287 alter J p.m. t. 4-BEDRM house. 2 bath, 2 car ca pallo. Fenced vd. $170. 594-97 r. 4.BDRM., 2 oath. Fenced. Kids 0 0. Sli). 634 E. lilh. 433-81 e. NICE 2 B R . Ige. ulll. room. Haw 1. Ian Gardens. 435-9404. - 2-BR rear. Just palnled. Cn''d c 9. Nr. 4lh t, Oranoe. Call GE 9-91 s. ARTESIA-Fenced vard. Children pet ov. Si mo. Bkr. 925-3757. v; S105. 2 Br. NLB Dal. gar. " Owley 900 L B. Blvd. H= Sf T ARTESIA M?Jv, 2 bdr. w-w.. sto T t75. 2 Br. Gir. Fenced vd. 'i Deulev 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 4-T s; 2 8R. cp!i. (Jrapes, fenced vi u dbfi garage. $W. WW -- 4 8RM. cp'l drtoei SIM n tt. 1517 Parade. 860-2 1 Sk il30. 3 Br. Lkwd. Ob4, gar. *i Deolev 900 L. B. Slvrf. HE 6-» Dl 2 BDRM. 2 story, 2 Cl, on Car u Boat s.lp ivalt. 434-1 vn *T35 4 Br. K;ds. Near town. T; Oeolev_9M L. B. B'vd. HE 4-9 . v NLfrv^2 bri, lenced vard. 27» 15; 54! h Way. Br LOVELY 3-or., new w-w crp ., SI" eel. !«., $160. HA 7-6051; 531-1 m ton. Aiil.s. No pell. ME 9-6 cr - LAKEWOOD-- J-br. * dm, w-w c 205 Fenced back yard, sir. 90S- ·$· ALL ELECTRIC * Br. rKujtt, heated pc«r, air cond. ilufalifd, MMiMr caroed* draoesi need t ard ' CMIdrin wtrcom*. CALL US FIRST Ve h4v« houiiiV- «p1i.-- TO cMro* PRESTIGE REALTY «0 E. PAC. CST. HV/Y. OE 3-WI W 2 Morv Br A dtn. J-bai., roti., llrcol. Jui. oif S.O. Frwv. .eaw 1X10 mo. or buy lo lo dn llurrv« ki»,-i il SIM mo. $745 La loca, Founla'n Valliy. 147-7050 1DRM.-- 2 biirii, t-trorv hooii, EHjitt-in ov«n, rn.i r«frls. w»ihir, dry*r. Full crnti., drapwl. Lg, dbt. o*r. Pool rec. fac. W4ttr, mt'ni. Dd, 1US. TE SI5TO «vis. *:S«W d*yi. S Alewnlloi-- ROHiTrOW H'oWarKli. I B«oVm, family rm ( 20*70 din, 3 bithi. ? ttofV-- 3 c*r qar. lot 'irvccd back vd, LIAU. JW5 mo. WatV lo evcrvthln?. 4XKWZ ELMONT Heighri, 2 Bdrm. Ci^t,, oraplt itovt, MVJlY OK. oar. W*tir flafdtncr pd. AtoH* na Md. 11U. irvqylr* 370 Grand Ave. 4U|4C3 SHARP 3 BR., MA BA. LCE. ENCL. YARD, w/w, nr. Los Alirnlfos. Lesn/iill. $lli. 430- »16. M«i(« dtpoill 8, plcti colors. IV] b'ocXs lo shocpJng i. bus. Prefer older or working couple. 422-9349 llltr 5 P.m. Can't find a rintalT use your Cold War Vet loan . . Low down £VED' ROSE RLTY GE 4-WS1 lUNTINGTON HARBOUR - $315 8, up. 3 8, 4-bed/oom nomei A Marina Apis, wllh boat ill" within walking dlltlfice. Hunllngton Kir- pour Sales CO'P. 413-0511 NAPLES dwel, bulVl-Ini, uis rr.o/'4M-31M 8EOROOM house, fenced yird, carport, $Su rno. 2 children oV. lintal Agtnetti 113 PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT 5440 E. Ptc. Cll. HwV. GE M948 Sehwenn Property Mgmt. HO p EE -- 439-7010 ALL TYPES Of= RENTALS ERVICE Families Our Soeclaltv Complete Manige.Twnt Service. BERYL LINVIUE CO. HA SJ022 *Y^oU f«?!8! J iMf«?'fiE'«SS 1 } OHie.s for Rtnt 114 EASTSIDE. New all electric, sullei from MO to 2000 M. ft. pWullM w/w carpeting, efr.ptl, afr condl- 1lon)ng. Offered from nc iq. n. Including uiHHIll. McORATK-SHANK CO. BIXBY KNOLLS SUITE OH THE AVENUE Aperov. 1000 so. ft. An txcto- tlo-nall/ atracllve lulllbte for professional er buslnesi. Will rimodel II deslrtd. Ino, 3831 At. IBM 1C Ave. GA lin», eves GA OFFICE SPACE, 1NCLUDIIIG AH. SV/IRIKG SekvlcE f, RECEP- T I O H I S T . Secretarial service available, llr comf., carpett, drapes, lanllorlil lervlce, ulllll is Included. $50 up. NAPLES CENTER Bids, near Marina. 55 OFFICE, luxuriously lurn., two private efllcil, rest room and lro« reception are*, parklno. resta-J. rant next door, utilities Ind.. 'Jlr cor.dltlcnlng paid. Leau avill. S500 Fir mo. Brxby Knolls Towers 3737 Atlantic Ave. 424-4123 Los Alfos Area -- E.L.B. 2750 Bellflowor Blvd. 1 Wk. to San Oleoo Frwy. Air- ?or.d. sullei In r.ew offlct clog. all 421-9354 Mon.-Frl. NEVr small clllc«-4rt ft. x 16M ft. Carpels, draoei, air contf., view. Secretarial services avail. Un led Calif. Bank Bldg., 299 Pint Aye., L.B. HE «I7, Men. lhn T=rl, BIXBY KNOLLS Modern office. *» sq. It. Ul nttet and air conditioned, only 1125 mo. Call GA 74953. PRIME locallon-- enllre 2nd flflir, H.w. corner Broiowav. * Lime. Vfl 1 completily remodef, (or pro- feislonal, R.E., etc. HE 2-4881 alt. 3 pm. OFFICE for lease. 3821 L.B. BIV9, 1500 M. ft. Itoitrn MM. Con-jit, air cond. 2Ic per M. ft. Plenty tarklnc. HE 2-9717. STORE ROOM llx», Mwy decorated, Weil birberirKP, R. E.ofc, etc. 5W mo. 1037 E. 7B1. HE 2-2551 OESK apace. $i5rno. Incl. utlllllll. SUB-LEASE 3 wood par.ettd oFllcel. aocrox. 435 sq. II., caroeti, drapes, air cond. $165 mo. 429-2005. STORE-- Ideal for T.V. or Bnuty oflke, lie- Downtown. Real. 800 FT. MEDICAL OFFICE UPTOWN PROFESSIONAL BLOG. 4301 ATLANTIC 433-2715 600 OR 1280 sg. ff. office. Air cond. Carpell. W3 L.B. Blvd. GE 1-3373 $25 MO. Modern, alr-tond. olk loace. Ing. 2385 Atlanllc. LX'rtD. Meolcal Denial, ground floor, ample parking. HA 5-4405. DELUXE oince lulte t2.i*«rei NEV/ Offices w/AIr ottd., 8. prlv. tilth. Rita. ME 3-6100 or ME4-147J EXECUTIVE CENTER! lop L.B. loe, luxury oltlcii. $75 UP. 422-0402 AIR COHD. 1360 so. ft. I r«lrmi. storace. Pirklni. 4i8-183J. Bus. InduiT. Prep. 115 IFOR RENT) COMA.1. Bldg. 41x40, 134 ft. (or more avail.), Ator.dri Blvd. Belli. ; Xlnl. for t»r., used ear lot, can- J MELSO'H"AOEHCY WA s-ixii Store, Modarn 16x80 2 toilets. Amofe parking. 6723 L.B. 6 Blvd-, 1 Wx. N. of A/teila, nr. Frwv: NE 2-2015 or NE J-2214. ANY SIZE -- ANY AR8A ) n BUILDING for lease, 4200 iq. ft- ill 1 or part. CM. Wislmlnslir S, Pic ' flc In Iha Kaystor-i Sflyari, wist- - mlnsier. 7I4-4J3-9718 ifter 6 p.m. ; PRIME LOC, restaurant row, will i remodll. 64^ E. Broadway. AC/CM v from new Safiwiv. HE 1-6831 3. aft. 3 p.n. 'area Good' Sou'^n Gl't loe. 10529 7 S. Atlantic. «I60 mo. Avall«tli Y, rvow. FR 9-4358. 7 STORE for lease 15x60. Avaitib'e k A«ll lit. 7127^/eslniteler Blvlt.. S* VVVslmlnsler. 454-5121; 596-1377. ' COLD MEDALLION -- Brand fljj store unlll In shopping oilr. 15x45 k. t°,S 530 E. V/lllOW. GA 4-4W8 " VACANT - S!-ll · WMJS · 0(IK« Exp. salespeople needed. HARRY L. COWAN CO. HE 5-4»1 $65 MO. 15x45 -- mo E. BROADVMY HA 5-307» 144 «oo SQ it bWg. * office space. no. M-f ion": Swl hr It. mfg., J75 939 ino. Ph. ME 0-1411. «, ST^E-forrent.miw^.r^.c "fa^^^i'tted?^ m ex- 8ELLFLOV(ER - Olllc* or store 133 ° 20x29. IS1I4 Cl»rk. TO M21J ar- 14x29 STORE or clftct. BlllVwir 1444 area. HA 5-7374; 925-J343. 944. 10th Cirrltos. $15. WMOla.

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