Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 44
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P«S« C-8-- INDEPENDENT u " f *'·*· Cilil - ***** **··*«* ; Television Log 1 «ic Ctami CKI C l J J e J t » T r » Ctesr-- l - T« »dmnaii« assume* M rru HC6P CaaM u KM* tor arrives »v ataftews. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1963 434 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bcndix 5 Jungle Drums of Africa 7 Discovery '63: "Strangest Pets of All" (repeat) i I Rescue 8. Jim Davis 34 Reloj Musical (variety) 4:53 7 American Newsstand 5:00 PJM. 2 Movie: "Miami Expose,' Lee J. Cobb f 56) 5 Popeye. Tom Hatten 7 Around Town. D.Hickman 9 The Engineer Bill Show ·V PAID ADVERTISEMENT 5:4$ 2 Farm and News Report 6:00 AJVL 2 College of Air.-Economy" 4 Cent, dassr'm: "Physics" 6JO 2 USD "Changing World" 4 (Color) Contin. Clssrootn: "American Government" (gov't and business) 7:00 AJVL 2 Capt. Kangaroo: Fanning 4 Today. Hugh Downs with - Dick Hiymes Jr.. Margot ; Moser 7:15 7 Daily Word; News; Farms 730 7 Chucko the Clown 7:45 5 For Kids Only, Sk. Frank 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) 8:00 AJVL 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe with Jocelyn Brando, . Lori Nelson, Sandra Church 30 7. Zoorama (San Diego) 11 Frigidaire Sales Meeting 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 9:00 A-M. 2 Calendar. Harry Reasone Sec, of Agric. Orville Freeman discusses farm and subsidy problems. 4 Say When. Art James 5 Romper Room 7 I Married Joan. J. Davis 11 Kit Carson. Bill Williams 13 Yo?a for Health · 9-.Z3 4 Edwin Newman, news. *39 2 I Love Lucy, Lucy Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 7 Movie: "Within These Walls." Thomas Mitchell 11, The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Guidepost: Soc. Studies 10:00 AM. 2 -The McCoys, W. Brennan 4 (Color) The Price Is Righ 5 The Jack Barry Show 9 Movie: -Beachcomber." Glynis Johns (Br.-'5o) 11 The Mary McAdoo Show 13-Public Service Film 10:15 13 .Guidepost: Living in West 1030 2 Pete and Gladys 4 Concentrat'n. Hugh Downs 13 Guidepost to Science (8) 11:00 A-M. 2 Love of life 4 (Color) First Impression 5 Medic, Richard Boone 7 December Bride, Byington 13_Guidepost Spanish II 11 Superman. George Reeves w ^ * 13 The LJoyd Thaxton Show 34 Un Canto de Mexico 530 Top Viewing Today 30 P_%L--IL\LLMARK 1ULL OF FAME on channel 4 ta COLOR. The Invincible Mr. Disraeli." a 90- minute original drama about the 19th-century British prime minister, stars Trevor Howird »rd Greer Carson. W TER8Y VE2NOH William Talman. televis- pw-^i ion's "losingist'* district at- t * torney, comes to Long Beach ' tonight to start a four-week theatrical engagement, As Ham Burger on CBS- TVs Thursday night "Perry Mason," Talman has yet to But the loser sheds no tears as he wends his way to the bank heavily laden with the his 11 Casper the Friendly Ghost financial rewards from 34 Lucha Contra el Cancer jregular TV series role. I asked him if financial re- 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:45 wards were a major consideration when he consented to star in the production of "Bom Yesterday" opening tonight at t h e Magnolia Theater, 2400 Magnolia Ave. "Of course." replied Talman. "I figure 1 may make enough just to cover my gaso-, ine costs, for traveling to| Long Beach." ,on the community is Long Beach. THERE ARE a few otherl Based on the snowing of "minor"" reasons why Talman community support through- a g r e e d to take t h e Long out the year and the caliber of performers. M a g n o l i a Beach theatrical role. One of them is friendship Theater could be in line for with Jerry and Pat Brown,|an upgraded Ford Foundation the husband-wife team that is the guiding spotlight behind Magnolia's operation. Talman knew them during signed for his TV role. But the friendship continued when all three came to Southern California. ·Jerry and Pat are dedicated to a big dream." said Talman. "I share that dream." THE. DREAM IS reenstate- Mahoney. Wax museum caretaker becomes obsessed with the figures in "murderers* row," moving them into his home when the museum is to be razed tneater. 2 Harry Reasoner News . 1130 ·2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 .Mickey Hargitay Show 7 Seven Keys. Jack Narz 9 Heritage: Dr. Chas. Mayo 11 Sheriff John. John Rovick 1J: Play Bingo, Johnny Jacob s 11:45 2 -The Guiding Light · · - ' · 12.-OONOOX " 2 Burns and Allen Show 4.'(Color) Ben Jerrod 5 Night Court, Jay Jostyn 7.Tennessee Ernie Ford 9 Looney Tunes Cartoons 13 Midday Report; Life Line 12:15 13 Milestones of the Century 4 Floyd Kalber News (1225 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 The Doctors, Jock Gaynor 5 News: Movie (1235); ; "Underground Agent," Bruce Bennett f42) 7 Father Knows Best, Young 9 Movie: "Navy Comes Through," Pat O'Brien 11 Your Name's the Game 13 Racket Squad. R. HacHey 1:00 P-U 2 Password. Allen Ludden 4 Loretta Young Theater 7 Genl Hospital, J. Beradino 11 Movie: "I Love You Again." Wm. Powell f40) 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 130 2 Art Linkletter House Party with director George Sydney and still pictures 4 (Color) You Don't Say! 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 13 Movie: "Lake Placid Sere nade," Vera Ralston f 44) 2:00 PJVL 2 To Tell the Truth, Cotlye 4 Match Game, G. Rayburn 5 Tricks-Treats, Corns Guy 7 Day in Court: Divorce 9 (Color) Movie: "Montana," FJTO! Flynn f 50) Stripper Beverly Hills and an Indonesian dancer are ' studio intermission guests 225 2 Douglas Edwards News 4 Sander Vanocur. News 5 Telecopier News 7 Alex Dreier Report 230 2 The Millionaire. M. Miller 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Trouble With Father 7 'Jane Wyman Presents 3:00 P.M. 2 .The Secret Storm 4 Bachelor Father, Forsythe 5 "Walker Edmiston Show 7 Queen for a Day, J. Bailey 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 13 Bill Johns News (5:50) 6:00 PJVL 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Whirlybirds. Ken Tobey 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 Our Miss Brooks, E. Arden 11 The Mickey Mouse dub (visit to Art Comer) 13 The Ann Sothern Show 34 Elena (dramatic serial) 6;15 4 (Color) Brown-Peterson 630 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 Huntley-BrinXJey Report 5 Beat Odds, Dennis James 1 Ums FLilOFP.! ·T UVE1 ST. LOUIS Chick Hearn mikeside at Kiel Auditorium for third game of the western division playoffs. 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 Noticero 34 (News) 6:15 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 7 Ron Cochran w/the News II George Putnam, Dateline 7:00 PJVL 4 Science in Action: -Bee- Keeping" Behavior pattern and biology of this insect 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 Guest ward Ho! Joanne Dru. J. Carrol Naish . , . 11 Yogi Bear Show (cartoon) ment of professional theater 13 (Color) Adventure Tomorrow, Dr. Martin Klein: "Shortcut to Space." Report on proposal for building 15-story solid rockets 34 Niebla (dramatic serial) 7:15 2 Walter Cronkite, News 730 2 Fair Exchange. Eddie Foy Jr. The Finches have problems with the dour Scots father of Patty's actor friend, while the Walkers are faced with a stage- struck Eddie. 4 Wide Country, Earl Hoffi- man. Henry Corden. Com munist leader in Mexico creates an international incident 5 By the Numbers, J. Barry 7 Ozzie 4 Harriet. Harriet and dan trap, their husbands into helping with the Woman's Club bazaar II One Step Beyond: "The Promise." Wm. Shatner, Deidre Owen. Man promises his wife hell give up his work of bomb deactivation in London --after one more job. 3 (Color) True Adventure. Bill Burrud: "Hong Kong with Victor Jory" 34 TV Musical Ossart 8:00 PJVL 2 Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, John Conte. Julie Adams. Carleton Carpenter, Richard JaeckeL Mason joins forces with DA. when faked suicide is used to mask a murder S TV fit! SU1UT * CUr HOCKET!!! Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Red Wings, via 2-day delay tapes from Olympia Stadium. Winners in best-4-in-7 series will return for taped games the next two Thursdays. 7 The Donna Reed Show. KNX deejay Bob Crane guests with Ann McCrea as fellow pediatrician with marital troubles RADIO use--in un--mi iciv--1121 UIT-I;I me--«i in--in uu--mi nil--mi MIT--IUI KTWI--ISI tci-ini tun-in UU-llal uu--mi rvu-mi rroL-iui Customs Plan " \ THURSDAY, APRIL 4,1963 AM. Fl--Pal tllnOB Seoorl XASC-Mermncwav West KMJ Ke»sl «.a Catter KM X--World K ews R'bdu* KFOX--Ovarte wlrti»m» KCtn-orWFail lew»; SCOT* X-- Boa Crane She* CH- Aubrev Let KABC-- Kewl'Arourd WorU KMX-- «ewx. Bwsa Pw*el* KFU- News; Southland KABC-Or. AJtert Burlt Ktl x-tM» Cram Sho» KGE*-- Heevea fc Home OOA-M. CO-- *iew»; Hit tfw Road KABC--Mewt; Paul Harvey CIW »x--M Hollywood; Tht tarr Line (15:55) 1:00 P-VL KM PC--hews; BIB Rieney KABC--Nwt; Qulncv Howt KNX--Mr- · K.GC R--Annan trom Cod KABC--Or Floyd Anbenoa. KM K--The Vorr-ure · KCCR--Hews KMPC--Basebattr Angeti h K»X--Woman's wort); TM ' Start Line ll:J5 KFOX--Ask and Tel KC£R--OirWan Crtnaot KCI R-Sun.'School «f Air XCEft-- WiBJur Nelsoa KABC-- Bo Anderson iwwl K.WX-- Bofc Crane Show »Cr"l- Reporter; Hews IABC-- frank Meminewair ICE «-- Voice of Olm WILLIAM TALMAN On Local Stage a community level--and KFOX--ale» *C£ «--»ac« H tit i itl« KFI--Mews; Fcafurt Wire KABC--Jin McCutlA. Mews KHX--TM World Tonlgnt KFI--Cnv Hews Desk KABC--Gene inermai; KHJ--*BA (askeffiall: lakers at St L»ul» "X^'KKX KaleMoscapt FOX--A] Rvllt (10 S t£R--«e«. AJHarUr) mKE MONEY »a/ time .'through Classified ads! Sell LONDON 'fc-B^f * Vlonser-°sed items for cash, so brisk co U.S.-bounu pas-f * senger linen that suggestions have been made for stationing American customs officers at Southampton to clear their heavy 'baggage. Passengers would still undergo hand lug- examination on in New York. KABC--Market fcew» K.CER--World Millions KNX-An.Vt Jtrkur. 11 53 9.00 AJU. KABC--Ver* Williams; Nwi K NX--Newt KCtK--tutheran Hour KABC-M-rtm J. Bennett ---X-- BoB Grant iht* KFf-4..»dieV*D4V KGER--Jof" Brewn Hour KFI--Emtrhasn KABC--Wendell We*!* KMX--Woman't Wnb'stoil K.C R--Mewi - ; i t S»iYie KHJ--Newt; MortCrowlcT KWX--*iew» K FO X--Bi1f CfltTi e fte U Beadk Band .KABC-^lair" KNX-Tlie Stonr Lint I :» ;CABC-Wenie Nobll I.CCR--rMaimrIK -l»:S3 7:00 P3L KFt--«wi; Senior Citizens KABC--mm: wi*. Winter It M x--*· ew\; Evening KGt*--fumO* life It Hour KABC--eal T'mncv _^_ KMX--WarWwidt Soorti K.Fr--«*UiltJ.nd f.Xl AM. KFI-- Nws; SwiTwin" Yean KABC-- NWS: ermfsi ciuo 3^)0 PJI. ASC--New*; J. C Swavn CKX--«rwi KGER--O«i P.M »e« KFI--.ScertOoird ASC--Oo.-Bettv .vkInner ICFI- Newi; Minic Time KNX--Penoncl CtoM-uD; I^Stor^-l^»(3:lSJ 4:00 P-M- RFt--«ewt: Dav« VIMT - K.ASC--«niin,7WOT Newi; Bot Co»i»-»'.f.f 1 «:101 KM J--New*; Mort Crow lev K.NX--Mews · IS KFI--JMjSicTir.w- C Cecil j u«;SPCA i^K Oimensio* {7.351 grant. K GE R--Overcomina t-He It 45 KCER--Re*. LeRov KoB 11*0 A-M. KFI--Nws; Standard School 01-OS): -Seville-, Eric tautenin« KABC--*lt» Or«ier; Tam | HtKinon Sports il.401 1 1 »C-- N Vwi: KKX-- Mrwt: An i ----- !-- Or. Ftevd Anoerjon "I'm hoping my appearance!«E« will in some way help obtain KABC--jacV'i!J*iener that grant," said Talman. -· - . .. their Broadway days and had] "I think that professional! «oor»sN»..*i.35! talked about doing a Brown theater suffers from the aV - c - f "--A^1 -"*-"?" 1 production in New York. The sence cf professionalism at talk ended when Talman was the community-theater leveL 'We used to have many professional stcxk theaters, but all that is left now summer stock." * * · * * ANOTHER *'minor** reason is that Talman is enthusiastically looking forward to returning to the stage. "If j-ou come from a theatrical background--and then leave it--there is always an element missing in your life, "I mean the persona] contact with the audience in a . _ _ - _ JJrOB . . -$PCAT1;B1; Email's 11:43 t NX--Question. Ple«s« C. T. w*ct«f« 12.OO , KFI--Fawra: t j KAC--P jul Harvrv rtew^ KHJ--New*, raul Comptoa KKX--Hugh JUlcCav. tVrwi KCER--Higfi Noco Bitll* 13 11 KABC--R»lpti J*mes; Mw« KNX-- n IActnlc* KFI-- Baseball: Dodgers vt. Cuba I Mesa ABC-- Open'Llrie KMX-Tht StorvLlnt Hit Slcrv L*t (*. KGEP-Bev. Abt Schneider KFt--Chet HunTle- « «) I 4 S KFL-Mmic Time: Socrts KGF ·--CTtrrif* Ctjrrsel'l KA6C--N«« U iO) I 5^0 PJSt VFI--RroorTer; Krw* K.ABC--New*; Mjrtrt Final K7»X-iowe« Tftomw: t Phil Rirzuto. sorts li .Cl KFOX--5gu«akm* D-*coa lOL«-*Jbrr*Lrt KABC-Soecl'*! Reoort KKX-C..rroa Alcoff KFt--Sd Fglier; Execv- iv* Wire; World *f Monet K*RC-Wr d( f in* News .KNX--EafOV Hindi, 10*3. !KCER--Buiid^n of F*.m iKFI--Oav* Sl-iaw. News KABC--Sam Baiter; WewS KNX--Hush HtcCev; Mews .-00 PJM. .Cri--World «f Sor ts KABC-Edward P. vtorean KHJ--Newi; Bnjci H»ves KKX--Newv; BJsinen !KFI--«eiL_. KNX--Ask Oil 00 P3L K f I--Wewi; Tempo KABC--*ewi; Rotrf-Cart KNX--Crtw EdjKtr Reoort KFOX--Frtnlt Simon KGER--Puirm... Praiit KABC--Jot f»vr* Sho.» , KMX-AsfcCIt» Council I RoSAitnd *rv^ai« J KCE«--*. U. »icf-et»n KFI--FmrrXtHTij Temoc ' KHJ--«rvc* Hatvei KCE R--X Vcrnca lAcCe* 9.-00 P3L KFI--Newt: Bo' Anderua KAiC--BiU Shadet; News KNX--Newt KfOX--Nwt; Smirev Man- KCEK--Rw Let teller r» ,KFI--TemDO, Bott Kerr KABC--At Pvr* Show KNX--Meaaoolis at Night | * ? DO KCER-Or.brrTBtbie IOK» PJVL ,KFt--Uttwu Effloftnil , KABC-- Hews; Lou Cook KH.I--Newt; B'U Brundio* K«X--.arcloct VUir« Rcu KCER--laVilbur Kelvm To' Elccirtldx* Owners fuaraattt j s*mc oa irour Eleclrotia cleinar Vy atcrjona AUTHOIIZIO SALES AND SEIVTCL 211) Itata »f. UHS37 MOBILE SERVICE snvici CALLS . 2 1" Picture Tubes roi OUAt SETS UGLE n GA 1-30(1 · UN 3-U17 1137 1*00 t tut KIT CAZCENDALC Ung Bud HOME TV REPAIRS Doyv--Eteniaqs--Sondow fnait Sinrlct-ftuuubli latn Kectrootc SOTKB Associate HA 5-6266 iui iruii it. Transmission Leaking tcnpiiti siai cnp, hb.Pirts.nll.lor, V.«*V ii Hosl tin V V Ai E. Transmission Eich. 1 I $331 CBIDJ U i-»7) ( PRE-SCHOOL ! NURSERY i Age I IhTM J--Won. «n« Frt b Sa-x4rft4 Program--tlot Ltftidl Temple Baptist Church ZtZS E. IDtk St. Gt 3-3814 LEARN PIANO TUNING t «i r e -- mt J -- . til Tic* Trail Scbools SIS1 iMittic, Lent End U 2-5457 EASTERN "LIVE" Waolesole TICK TOUIS F10M OUt TANKS Af$« ... Ctarm. lobsters, tie. HEW UGUND IOBSTEA CO. US It Cusl H»j, Susil Eeh. ISaun tl Lam BiaOl CALL 430-4544 crm v.o4. THRU f *i_ I+-SAT. M KABC--JO« Pvnt STww 1 KH--C«. Hamilton Corrrb* KM X-Me.iaia.Mlii at KigM KFt-- Wileslonel b* KHJ-- «ews: World Iod« KFOX-- Bwdtfv Ca?le KCER-- Clarenci Uelck 11KX) PJM. KFL-- News; Saom Tifial KABC-- Wewv Ale* DrCier KHJ-- Newv Joe Dolan KABC-- Joe Fvnt SXOW 11:3 KNX-- Mirtit ty Dawa KFOX-- *oa Wheaton · n:S5 KFI-- TUr,« Called Lrte 12.00 MIDNIGHT Does Your Cor SOUND Like a Cement Mixer? Let fake CARE of if! _a.dToJ»« Overhaul KHJ-- The KewsWTieet KNX-- Wuslc til Dawn KFOX-- Mug* Cherry fto 4) FM STATIONS Asian Reds f llerf. ·4J-1I II CO Ciei. »'» I 39 / S-SV. '159 Hn nowN . 24 airs, te air; tree service tart Irei tl»i«f la 7 My Three Sons. Fred MacMurray, Wm. Frawley. Bub finally wins a TV contest-^-the services of an English butler (John Williams) for two weeks. (Series returns in faU,with MacMurray continuing.) 3 (Color) Exciting World: "Kyak on the Ski Runs." Austrian mountains J4 Holiday Bullfight at Gua- -Even though yoa -, t4 ^----- M hive steady jobs vrorklng in VABC JZ^I ti; televiskn or the movies. not!«"° *' being on the stage is like a'rsuo . « »««· Mtamm shortage. Talman paused to light a »a rwiA toaj ei.J KKJ wi i »24 KUTE Wl ·' ^ . ,,. 8! JS|n=S|| Ijiotian Plot 1 8£ =E~ KtFM lit lit. cigarette, then continued. "I don't want to kid any xxly. I'm getting a great amount of personal satisfac- S J VIENTIANE, Laos (UPI)-- ^j'Asian Communist news out- gjlets W e d n e s d a y accused "UJS. imperialism" of plotting th; murder of Quinim Phol the anti-A m e r i c a n FM HIGHLIGHTS Arthur Lyman at 9 ajn.on'sena, KGLA . . . Andy Williams in ! foreign minister of Laos, multiplex at 11 am. on KGGK j Prime Minister Prince Sou . Cleveland Orchestra at vanna Phouma named a tenv II Track down. Robert Culp. U MitlO TORREITE II IR01DWAT 6OtJ UT1« Pecado Mortal (serial) 830 4 (Color) HaH of Fame: "Invincible Mr. Disraeli." Trevor Howard, Greer Carson. Denholm Elliott. Hurd Hatfield. Kate Reid, Eric Berry. Original drama by James Lee based on the public life of the man who served a j Great Britain's prime minister during the reign of Queen Victoria, bot). Preempts "Dr. Kildare" and "Hazel" 7 Leave It to Beaver, Tony Dow. Wally *nd Eddie debate about fraternities at State College dalajara. Special tapes of widely acclaimed holiday bullfight of March 21 at Guadalajara. Three-hour special preempts regular programming. 9:15 S JIK ARKtSS ·! tki t OTHER (ill .{ ikt LAW "Arizona Mission" f56) 930 7 McHale's Navy, Ernest Borgnlne. Plans for a fleet gambling festival are scuttled when Bingham- toa arrives unexpectedly with the mothers of three of McHale's men in a Mother's Day surprise U The Best of Groucho 13 Mike Hammer, McGavia 10:00 PJL 2 The Nurses. Shirl Conway, Beatrice Straight (repeat). Veteran pediatrics curse deliberately hardens herself against suffering of young patients 4 (Color) Andy Williams Show. Tennessee Ernie Ford guests in a repeat of the Dec. 27 show, teaching Andy to milk a cow. 5 Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens 7 Premiere, Fred Astaire: "The Broken Year," Keir Dullea, Shirley Knight. Leif Erickson, Katherine Card. Young intellectual has to learn that love must be given as well as received after a fall makes him an invalid. KLAC deejay Jerry Dexter plays a therapist 1 George Putnam. News 3 Bill Johns. News 10:15 FlSHMArS C O M M E I T A R I E S * ·; COAST FEDERAL S.I 1003 3 Alan Sloane, Weather tion from being back on the noon on KFAC ... Hi-Lo's in porary foreign minister. He is stage. " (multiplex at 2 pjn. on KMLAlKamsouk :KeoIa. currently "It's giving me a chance - . - London Pops Symphony!serving as minister of health, to flex my m u s c l e s and'at 4 p.m. on KBBI . . Qirincy', Komsouk is a member of stretch my psyche." rehearsals report that Tal- Jones at 6 p.m. on KGLA -- Quinim's and Souvanna's neu Observers who have seen RCA Symphony Orchestra in'tralist faction, one of three stereo at 7 p.m. on KFAC...'groups welded into a coali -A- SPECIAL PURCHASE WOOL OR NYLON CARPET COMPLETELY INSTALLED! ONLY Lnxur'tul. t^Tca p*Tt. C h t T c t t f c t T t r i . nrsfoHel ver Ji.eavy SO-az. pa i. Magee or !RrtK. HERRON'S ,^ T . ( I l l OUIGEAVE. 6*4-1111 E4tr TEIUS -- VCYf lOW IWTf JfIT IXTf man, in his role as million- -- ,, ,, - -,, aire-junk p e d d l e r Harry on the Way to the Forum" in ter the United States and the Brock.'has finally come up multiplex at 9 pxt on KGGK Soviet Union r e a c h e d an with a winner.' t. - . Real Ambassadors in agreement to convert Laos ' m u l t i p l e x at 10 pm. on, in to a neutral state. 'KMLA. ===^ 11 Movie: TD Wait for . You." RobertSterlingf41) 1J Felix the Cat (cartoons) ; jjo - 2 The Edge of Night 4 Movie: "Counter Espio- .' nage." Warren William 7 Who Do You Trust? 9 Feature PIE*. John Wiffii 4:00 P3L 2 Amos V Andy £ Bozo's Circus, V. Corvig 7 American Bandstand 9 Here's Und« Johnny 11 Great Music. Arthur Tied IT conducts the Chicago Symphony 13 SiVnti Please: Thief of Bagdad." lamijlas Fairbanks Sr, Anna May Wong f2). Reformed thi( must overthrow Mongol Khan 14 Guitarraj ffuitarists) 9 People Are Fonay SAO PJVL 2 Twilight Zone, Rod Serlicg: *T.« New Exhibit," Martin Balsam, Maggie 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 ABC News; Baxter Ward 9 News. Willis t Brundige 11 The Tom Duggan Show 13 Movie: "Strange Adventure," Joan Evans f 56) 11:15 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson with Francis Brunn, Rooftop Singers plus Steve McQueen. Don Sturgess. Dawn Addams, Joey Carter 5 Cliff Norton, Weather; Steve Allen Show (1120), with Jennie Smith, Dickie Dawson, Robert Stack facing "press conference.' plus Steve balanced over alligator pits. 9 Movie: -Scorching Fury," William Leslie f52) · 7 Weather News (11:25) 11:30 2 Movie: -Golden Earrings,' Marlene Dietrich f 47) 7 ~ Sees GOP Gain in Cliica^o, *^ * Votes WASHINGTON (UPI-- Republican National Chairman Wlliam E. Miner Wednesday interpreted the results of the Chicago and Michigan elections this week as a favorable omen for the GOP. He referred to the re-election of Democratic Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago by a much reduced majority Tuesday and to approval of the new Michigan constitution Monday. Michigan Democratic leaders had opposed the constitution. I Miller said the outcome of AUTOMATIC . . , . . ' U KEW JSU MOORS" -- ' - v -' ;.. RCA Whirlpool 2-CycJ« Fully Aufomatie FREE f/exdfum PATIO COVERS cr cmting roofs -- ye* will pay cost of ib« scree.. «·· cfosirt fron trie »Teb up, II* brick wall b fill cl^ *· txtra ect-t. BRICK WALL II hctiel KT;t . . . cr Ktgolor Ir'ici «s Our LONG BEACH NO MONET DOWN -I TUM TO fAT *ar Ftrt tsIUnalei PHONE GE 3-0946 AST TIME 'AST SAT 5 Dragnet Jack Webb 1 The Paul Coates Show 3 It's Country Music Time 1 1. -00 PJVL 2 News, Dunphy and Hart 4 (Color) Jack Latham news I2JO 7 Movie: -Second Honeymoon." Tyrone Power 11 Movie: "West Point of the Air," Robt. Taylor (*35) 12:45 9 Movie: -Beachcomber." Robert Newton, Glynis Johns (Br.-'55) 1:00 AJVL 4 News Round-Up 1:15 2 Movie -Doubting Thomas," Will Rogers 230 11 AH-Night Movies: -Saratoga," "Topper" and "Courtship of Andy Hardy" RCA Whirlpool MATCHING 4 IIS 8 * great new hope for Republican fortunes in 1964." [ These two tests clearly show a disintegration of the Democratic machine rule ofi two of our great cities, which' were so instrumental in giving John F. Kennedy the' presidency in 1960," Miner, liaid. HiQTPpINT 3-Cytlt Fnllir'Hiilomatie AH JOftllail iltiil IBa 1 *lt _ «rTtTO«.«T-- IUI -- ·cffiponrr nlaJ frnx dx muoct in »i«i ·enciatol ARTHRITIS-RHEUMATISM? MUSCULAR ACHES AND PAINS K Z-I-T Analgesic Hub (c* tnHitTt it 4"I lUrii. proridet* » . »rxn!{ii ami rniaof nanlaf pmWfrfa · fxr **t tte* f ''"'ito*'" TCV fl Kt TTfafitdL mn«mT umuTSBCX uxunu, tMjnnt* ftgBB VESTINGHQUSE Fully,Jrn'fjaatUl Washtr i .WESTINGHOUSE MATCHISft" .- ;50,5 Lon{ Btach Blvd. North Long fiiich "LETS PUT TEETH IM OUR SCHOOL BOARD" TOMORROW ELECT DR. JAMES Crawford PAST PRESIDENT. LAKEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL P-TJL

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