Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 4
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flgt A-4-JNDS'ENOENT iv* tua, CWL, Tm. m. a. nw poldHits lii Many States · It DUM rim c*n*Anit cold invaded the rofthern plains and Rockies! Monday, sucked in moist air frojn the Pacific and stirred uj» a near blizzard f r o m Nebraska to Idaho. Inow drifts blocked roads la 'Montana and closed some sctools. Forecaster! warned of possible heavy snow in the Utah mountains. Hazardous driving wimings were up for parts of 'Idaho. Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming and motorists In 'North Dakota were ad- vifed to use caution. Winds up to 50 miles an hojzr whipped the snow, cutting visibility to zero at Powell, Wyo. Xnother cold front pushed Into the northeast late Monday, bringing cold wave wamingj to parts of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Behind it snow fel} on the east shores of the Great Lakes. Cleveland, Ohio collected 10 inches of snow. L.A. Harbor Dedicates Terminal --A«octt*td PTP3I Wlrrururto THREE PERSONS SELECTED to the jury for the Jack Ruby murder trial return to Criminal District Court after lunch Monday in Dallas. From left are Allen McCoy, Max E. Causey and Mrs. Mildred McCulJom. They were accompanied to lunch by court baliffs. A new $-1-million supercargo terminal in the west basin of Los Angeles Harbor was dedicated Monday in formal ceremonies. The uHra-modem 70-acre terminal is located at Berths 136-39 and will be used by fonr major steamship companies, i These are Furness Lines of the United Kingdom, the Hoi- . , _ . _ land - America Line, Royal °* «*·* B " ch frKVt f Man ' Mail Line and the Crusader.»y night injured seven per Line of New Zealand. sons, including two infants. Principal speaker at Mon- None of the injured was in day's 1030 a.m. ceremony), was Sir Leslie Ford, general Four-Car Collision Injures 7 A fiery four-car collision on manager of the Port of Lon- The accident occurred in a don Authority. Sir Leslie Is on southbound lane »bout one- the West Coast to attend an half mile north of Willow International Association of|street when one of the ve- Port Authorities meeting this hfckj stopped with '» flat . week la San Francisco. FORD, LEADER of the world's oldest port tire, started a chain-reaction rear-end accident. Traffic was halted nearly ^^^l^^Ilwere needed to transport the department set-ups Western world, noted such revolutionary new facilities as 1 the Los Angeles cargo center will greatly enhance world tridt and the man time mdus- to Hospital ^ Check Cashing ACCORDING to police of Gordon Owens and Patchin a car driven by Miss Patsy *Teny. 19, d San Diego, had a flat tire shortly before 8 pja. Dennis M. RichardvOle, 19, cf 1134 Chestnut Ave, was pushing Miss Terry's vehicle off the freeway when his automobile was struck from the rear by of Mrs. Bettie L. Wil Clinic Slated A Merchants* Loss Protection Clinic win be sponsored m mrm _ ^^ ,, u at, the Bellflower Branch,^ ,, of , 0 j 5 t j, $t st Bank of America, 17445 Bell- _ . . ... , . flower Blvd.. March 4, from! ^ (ourth velucle - ^^ 7:30 to 9-.30 p.m. 1 ·A color sound-slide film *-}*. Westmoreland, viewing practices merchants''"" 1 should follow in accepting or Mrl - 46 collided cashing 'Checks, and another fin demonstrating methods and ville's car burst Into flames. Most seriously injured was Lee Oswald Widow Cuts OH Aides D A L L A S (UPI--Mrs. Marina Oswald has fired her lawyer and her business adviser, but neither wants to accept dismissaL Through her brother-in- hw. the 22-year-old widow of Lee Harvey Oswald has hired another attorney. He is William McKenzie of Dallas, w h o represented Robert Oswald before the W a r r e n commission ia Washington last week. Soon after her late husband was charged with the assassination, Marina hired attorney John Thome and business a d v i s e r James Martin. Both were said to be recommended by Robert Oswald. 28. older brother of the accused assassin. The widow mailed registered letters to Martin and Thome on Feb. 14, telling of their dismissal. Martin said. Neither knew why. Both he and Thome said they were unwilling to accept t h e dismissal without further investigation. Thome said, *! ftill have a contract wi'.h M.T. Oswald." She has received more than $63,000 since the assassination and ii reported to have more f u n d s in prospect for magazine and books about her husband and their life. Singer Knew Plans for Sinatra Kidnap (Continued from Page A-l) where. I don't think he'd: "Yes." thought of that." THEN THE witness re- Toirence said Keenan indi-|flected: Jc»ted no one else was in on! -jj bothered me and doesn't the plan and asked Tcrrence's'seem real I never thought inion of it. j-d be here. Ifi like a fan"I didn't thinV it was such'tasy . . . a good idea." he continued. -When you have all sorts] * * * * , of lies thrown at you the TORRENCE said he thought 'only thing you can do Is come this conversation took place'back . . . You feel lie «very- at his home and-- tbod/s lying and what can Probably a few days later you do?" he said he had n e w ideas Sheridan: "When you spoke about how-- just things of the o f lies being thrown at you whole operation. He said he is it your opinion that any probably would buy a house!, ge nt of the FBI or I or any- and would have phones in- body in my office lied to stalled." [you?' "Was there any indicationi "No,TM that the money you w e r e ] Defense attorney George lending him was to be used Forde asked oa cross exam- ia this connection (with the ination whether anyone on kidaaping)r Ue defense side had lied to "At first I was lending him him. money just as a friend. Then! -jj O( fcut you've made ac- it began to bother me. I 'Said c n i, t ions that were not I'd be glad to lend money to proper," Torrence said. keep him living. j » « « » -I offered to get him a job. STILL, on Forde's ques- ·H* said no. he'd rather tioning. Torrance acknowl- be dead if he didn't have the edged that the defense attor- mont." ine/s earlier q u e s t i o n i n g ' Working Mother on Jury (Continued from Page A-l) state one. This leaves the defense with six remaining Disagree on Baker Probe End WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Democratic spokesman 'or the Senate Rules Committee Monday said the end is in sight for the Bobby Baker investigation. A Repubti-' can member disagreed. | Sen. Howard Cannon. Dev, acting committee chairman, told reporters the inquiry was "absolutely" headed For a windup. He said staff investigators a l r e a d y had teen ask'ed to prepare a final list of prospective witnesses. But Sen. Hugh Scott, R-Pa, contended that some phases of Baker's many outside business activities still need ex ploring. and that many more witnesses should be called to testify. · · * · HE SPECIFICALLY mentioned "the reported shakedown of two Senate pages.' and said the witnesses should include Walter Jenkins, a White House aide of President Johnson who has figured in testimony about an expensive stereo record player Johnson once received. Cannon and Scott spoke after the committee questioned Edward N. Bostick behind closed doors for two and one-half hours. Bostick is president o f Melpar, Inc,_ a -- Falls Church, Va, electronics f er ing to pay off a Jl,20o!j r firm involved la a lawsuit debt to Torrence. j Th e testimony came after against Baker. Torrence in his earlier tes- attorneys for the three de- Baker quit as secretary to timony said he told Keenan 1 Senate Democrats last Oc- ne could pay liter «nd that tober after Capitol Vending j^ fforrence) was suspicious fendants won the right to call I both the senior and Junior Sinatras »s defense witnesses. : Judge East ruled that Sinatra Sr. must return to court, Wednesday and Sinatra Jr, now in Europe on an enter-, tainment tour, must return.. Thursday. ' ·" '· monty, Torrence did not elaborate' ibout the paper sack and the but this presumably referred $25.000-- which Terrenes had: to the supposed ransom. TORRENXE had told earlier Monday of Keenaa coming to his house Dec. 11--three days after the kidnaping--and denied earlier--was Of the alleged correct. kidnap scheme Torrence said; "I just thought it was a story. Not many people go Oa Stage I February 181 JIMMY DURANTE Co. named him in a pending lawsuit charging improper influence in CapitoTs Joss of a vending machine contract at I Melpar. ! Cannon Monday said that. on the basis of testimony so far. "it does not appear that there was any influence employed" by any official of the preemptories with which it Senate, meaning Baker, can excuse a jury candidate · · · · without stating a reason. The state has 12 left. When an THE COMMITTEE !s try determine whether ing to are gone, the jury prospects Baker csed his influential must be seated unless dis- Senate position to further his qualified by the judge for vast outside business inter- cause, jests. Baker himself is sched- The defense was overruled-uled to appear today for his y Judge Joe Brown last week first public confrontation in its attempt to bar television viewers from the jury, baby's lawyers appealed during the day to the S t a t e Supreme Court, which, how-'three women who were not ever, voted unanimously 9-0.opposed to capital punish- agiinst reviewing Brown's de-' cision. This left it standing. Judge Brown said the dis- of how Keenaa had come into the money so suddenly. He denied c r o s s examination questions indicating Keenan fiad brought the money in a paper bag. He said Keenin brought the money to his house in a paper bag and left it--approximately J25.000 -- ia the shower. "Friday (two days later) 1 he continued. He said they met on a restaurant parking lot and-I gave back his money. I told him I was sorry that this with his former Senate associates. whole had happened ined. She was one ment. She wore a black dress, carried a black purse and white pute over television viewers gloves. She told of watchini was the first time the issue the Oswald shooting oa ever arose in an American vision and, asked if she could court. The defense had sought to subpoena p r o s p e c t i v e jurors as witnesses saw the act on TV. subpoena would from jury duty. fool and that he had been such a fooL *·! said if anything happened to *TM I would try to help." "Did Keenan te3 you it was a publicity stunt or a hoax?" Sheridan asked. "No." Torrence said. ·"You did cot ten the full when you were on I LEAP YEAR AUTO SEAT COVER SPECIAL SALE REG. 24.15 WORLD'S tiritst irti SEAT COVERS · TOPS SAFETY IEITS · CAUETINS WATS · CUSHIONS. (ELATED INTERIOR PRODUCTS Cpei I tl I Fridij S Ii I itkir lifi...C!osi Sindij COMPTON DOWNEY 1B15N. long teach Blvd. NE 8-8544 7421 Firestone Blvd. TO L7812 MUFFLERS, TOO fair receiving and paying cash Andre Williams. 2. Also la- and information on how jured was Leontis Williams. 1. "short-change artists" operate Both are chadren of Mr. and win be shown. Mrs. Williams. The boy suf- Exhibits will include coun-|fered a possible skull frac- terfeit checks. money and bogus ture. and his sister numerous cuts and bruises. YOU, TOO, MAY FIND it's so easy to hear again · Yt s-yeu7lft»1 inert ·anted * If yen put Tourstlf In th* ^htndt of «n Arthur Murray 'Studio Uichtr todijt - Erea if you're r.ttti iincti " I* fore, roo'fl be *b!c to iinct . win confidence after en?j-a · few SCR boon. * Ac xa Anfcar Mamr Fn.i- · clije J Stadia JOB I»jr= 19 Iua out el Ift. Come a cow j JijtxtjUttepopafxrjtrpjror- -- ttt for fount!/. I . ·?»· «*t7 II PJ*. ·"' *Vf«n mrt «T»»yi w i ' : ARTHUR MURRAY STUDIO · · , . J.ttrl M.i.;.f. tfcKM* 247 L 5th Sf. So mcnj ttecrlr.f proHemt fan te \orfXien nizA the r-ev MIClfTY \\Whearinttid.' 'Ift the most powerful cB-ta- tkt-tcr Sonotore ever made. I I Can help hearing losses up ^to serious, can oen help manyj 'DOW wearing on-body axis. So . .. . eaiy lo wear -- MIGHTY; At our nr tr.i.0 part.«i. AM/pinufjfc,behind«r,whh frre «o ^ m £t«» TOU «JI \ f , ube «*· ^ _ ^ ^ t£S££g$$S; "» W-e, S^on, hear- Ctj-Cbj, «r any dince joa woh. Vco'D [iln paste, it- vtlop jovt ftnnralxj u you tmit txw tntftit. Accept a Free kalf-bour Trul Lruon, inijoa'n »1 ttt to t« more i atf aid so small with so roach power, so many features. SONOTONE' OP LONG BEACH \Ufnt. HE 2-017* l!2L~ 'In/ mf IT* nrr H UilMr IktUrr: -D* In *'·« w if,' I t t U Hiarl'l Wtrrair- I tat No." Your position ls that now Probably not, I never saw anything like that before. "Did you get a feeling from the people you talked to that Dallas was oa trial?" she was asked. "The people 1 talked to feeli 49th prospective juror called since the trial began Feb. 17, woman exam-Mrs. McCoHum said. Tick-tock-tiek'lock tlic Bourbon (hat didnt \valcli the clock! .MAKI Kcn(uek)'s finest Bourbon PROTECTION For Your Household Goods ONLY ONE WAREHOUSE IN LONG BEACH IS NATIONALLY "ACCREDITED" HODGES MAYFLOWER nf*i. 9 ·'·rtfout viBit enj ftit 'iO* if H«ef ·r-HoTntfi, l«c^ ·· Mtftttitnt, HODGES MAYFLOWER iriBf ** 435- ' s X " * * T 2*^K*2S t F ' / ' L i* 'i ^'S^; 1 **"^ ·****-- -- . ,· " *'** ·Wt*',' *~ , , " ~ »V "",,· *.'., ,'f, *-., ?Jt^y*.-? .,,.,' n , OfTcl5a.6LDCKMTa CRT. CO,lOWSY!ll£, «:*"

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