Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 59
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 59

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 59
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C-18--INDEPENDENT (AM) Long ·»»*, Calif., Thurs., Frt. 1;, l«» TELEVISION LOO- PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) TELE-VUES Poke at Business PERKINS by John Milet An * indicates B-W. Other shows in color. KNXT Channel Z KAIC Channel 7 KCOf Channel 13 KNIC Channel 4 KHJ Channel? KWHY Channel 22 KTLA. Channel! KTTV Channel I I KCET Channel 21 KMEX Channel 34 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1969 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 6:30 2 Contemp. French Lit. 4 Women As People: "Professional Woman" 7 "Teacher In-Service 11 *English Fact-Fancy 7:00 A.M. 2 Conflict, Change Social Action (USC) 4 Today, Edwin Newman, with 8 a.m. segment on Nixon's trip. 7 Exercise with Gloria 11 Mr. Wishbone Show 13 Felix the Cat 7:10 2 Nixon in Europe, with Italian President Giuseppe Saragat (10 min.) 7:30 2 Douglas Edwards 7 Morning Show, Nelson 9 Paul Harvey Bible Hr. 11 The Flintstones 13 Hobo Kelly Show (R) 7:55 2 KNXT News 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 9 The Big Babysitter 11 Mighty Mouse Show 8:30 5 Cartoon Time 11 The Popeye Show 13 Winky-Gumby Show 8:45 5 Your Money's Worth 9:00 A.M. 2 Lucy Show, L. Ball 4 Snap Judgement 5 *Movie: "The Courtneys of Curson St.," Michael Wilding. 7 *Prize Movie: "My Man I," Ricardo Montalban, Shelley Winters ('52) 9 "The Real McCoys 11 Jack LaLanne Show 13 Rocky £ His Friends 9:10 2 Nixon in Rome (repeat of 7:10 telecast) 9:25 4 Nancy Dickerson 9:30 2 The Beverly Hillbillies. Jacques Bergerac plays a visiting king. 4 Concentrat'n, Clayton 9 *Marshal Dillon 11 *Dennis the Menace 13 *Focus on Science 9:45 13 Urban Forum 10:00 A.M. 2 *Andy Griffith Show 4 Personality, Larry Blyden, Darren McGavin 9 *Movie: "Never Love a Stranger," John Drew Barrymore, Lita Milan ('58) 11 Truth or Consequences 13 Essence of Judaism 10:30 2 *Dick Van Dyke 4 Hollywood Squares 11 From the Inside--Out 13 *Robin Hood 10:45 7 Nixon in Rome, Frank Reynolds 11:00 A.M. 2 The Love of Life A Jeopardy, Art Fleming 7 Galloping Gourmet: "Veal cutlet Yerex" 11 Sheriff John, Lunch 13 The Romper Room 11:25 2 Douglas Edwards 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Eye Guess, B. Cullen 7 Anniversary Game 13 America! "Outer Islands" of Hawaii 11:45 5 Johnny Grant Show 9 Doug Dudley, News 4 Edwin Newman (11:55) 12 NOON 2 Boutique, Steve Dunne, Mike Roy, Marie Gray. 4 Hidden Faces (serial) 5 Cartoon Time 7 *Bewitched 9 Tempo, Roy Elwell, Bob Dornan, Richard Dawson (to 3:15) 11 Jack Latham, News 13 Bill Johns, News 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 Days of Our Lives 5 Stingray (puppets) 7 Funny You Should Ask 11 *Movic: "Guilty of Treason," Charles Bickford ('50). 13 Dialing for Dollars 1:00 P.M. 2 Love Is a Many- Splendored Thing 4 The Doctors (serial) 5 'National Velvet 7 Dream House (game) 1:30 2 The Guiding Light 4 Another World (serial) 5 *Dobie Gillis 7 Let's Make a Deal 13 Travel with Don Bettina: "So. Calif." 2:00 P.M. 2 The Secret Storm 4 You Don't Say! 5 "Love That Bob! 7 The Newlywed Game II "Movie: "Dangerous Intruder," Charles Arndt ('45) 13 "Movie: "No Way Back," Ivan Desny 2:30 2 The Edge of Night 4 The Match Game 5 'Father Knows Best .7 The Dating Game 4 Floyd Kalber, news 3:00 P.M. 2 The Linkletter Show 4 PDQ, Dennis James 5 "Highway Patrol 7 General Hospital 13 Felix the Cat 28 "Cancion de Raza (R) 3:15 9 Ted Meyers, News "3:30 2 Lucky Pair, Geoff Edwards, Don Grady 4 Mike Douglas Show 5 Divorce Court 7 One Life to Live 9 *Movie: "Nun the Sergeant," Robert Webber, Anna Stcn 11 ; My Favorite Martian 13 Hobo Kelly Show 4:00 P.M. 2 *Mr. Ed, Alan Young 5 C 0zzie and Harriet 7 Dark Shadows (serial) 11 Pay Cards! Art James. 4:30 2 *Movie: "The Man Inside," Jack Palace. Anita Ekberg (Br.-'58). 5 Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Pat Crowley 7 Bill Bonds, News 11 George Putnam, News 13 Bozo's Big Top An * indicates B-W. Other shows in color. 5:00 P.M. 4 KNBC Newservice 5 Dick Garton, News' 9 Groovy Show, Morgan 13 *Addams Family 5:15 28 "The Friendly Giant 3:30 7 Frank Reynolds, News with report on Nixon 9 Rat Patrol, Christopher George, Hans Gudegast 11 Donald O'Connor, Eve Arden, George Kirby 13 Gilligan's Island 28 Misterogers Neighbors 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, J. Dunphy 4 Huntley and Brinkley (full-hour report) 5 Steve Allen Show, Shelley Berman, Rona Jaffa, "Paul Winchell I THE 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE ir "MAN WITHOUT A STAR" Color--KIRK DOUGLAS! Jeanne Crain ('55). 9 I Spy, Robert Culp, Bill Cosby, Linda Marsh, Jack Kruschen. 13 Batman, Adam West, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jacques Bergerac 28 *What's New? 6:30 13 Voyage to Bottom of Sea, Richard Basehart 28 *More for Your Money: "Safety" 7:00 P.M. 2 Harry Reasoner 4 KNBC Newservice 9 What's My Line? I I Password, A. Ludden 28 *Playing the Guitar: "Simple Chords" (R) 7:30 2 The Queen I, Larry Storch, Billy De Wolfe. With a computer installed to increase efficiency, Duffy races the clock to rig the machine so its competency will be doubted. 4 Daniel Boone, Fess Parker, John Davidson, Shelley Fabares, Don Barry. A guitar-strumming young man must overcome poverty before he'll be granted the hand of Ihe girl he loves. 5 Lost in Space, Jonathan Harris, Marcel Ilillaire. 7 Flying N u n , Sally Field, Marge Redmond, Danielle De Metz. Sister Bertrille buys a cow who turns out to be dry -- and appears headed for the butcher. 9 *Movie: "Town Without Pity," Kirk Douglas, E. G. Marshall ('61). 11 Truth or Consequences 13 *Perry Mason, Burr 28 *Cancion de Raza (R) 8:00 P.M. 2 President Nixon's Trip, Winston Burdctt, Frank Kearns, William McLaughlin (preempts J o n a t h a n Winters) 7 She has monopoly on ·fa laughs! Tune in tonite, MARLO THOMAS stars as THAT GIRL George Spell, Ketty Lester. Ann befriends a young con artist of tender years, who keeps putting her on. 11 Hazel, Shirley Booth 28 'NET Playhouse: "Talking to a Stranger" (pt. 3): "Gladly My Cross-Eyed Bear," Michael Bryant. This time the son's story, as family goes over events leading up to the mother's suicide. 34 Jose Fcliciano! 8:25 5 World of Sports 8:30 4 Ironside, Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Linden Chiles, John Marlcy, Skip Homcicr. by 'Experiment* By GEORGE ERES TV-Radio Editor The vice president in charge of advertising for (jeneral Telephone Electronics, which sponsors CBS Playhouse, has a statement about "The Experiment," offered on Ch. 2 Tuesday night. In an advertisement for the play, George P. Norton wrote it is about "business and youth . . . relentless in its examination of these people, especially the representatives of company m a n a g e m e n t . . . We resolved that we would never interfere with the content or production of CBS Playhouse. . . . "It was, no doubt, inevitable that on these terms CBS Playhouse w o u l d eventually come up with a play that cast critical light on business. . . ." I guess author Ellen M. Violett has brought together some of the most obnoxious business people TV has shown in a non- comic opus which she says seeks to "catch the conscience of the times." QUITE SIMPLY it is the theme of idealism vs. materialism expressed in terms of "youth vs. the establishment." In previous incarnations this theme has been played as "will the young man live in a garret and finish his symphony or will he yearn for a Lincoln Continental and take the job of foreman in dad's paint factory? Or, will the young man stay in New York and work at his art, or will he sell out to the fleshpots of Hollywood? It's a theme that loses nothing for being cast in terms of whether a young scientific genius literally plucked out of a campus riot by an executive recruiter can be happy with a company he is assured is "different." THE YOUNG scientist begins making compromises almost as soon as he arrives at the plant. He agrees to a shave and Iwircut and to dress "straight" in order, one is given to believe, to keep as his research assistant a black friend who has made a significant, contribution to his work. But, as the team makes its breakthrough, his black friend is removed from the scene by company policies which reject outright bigotry for tokenism. The author might have made a s t r o n g e r case against restrictive hiring p r a c t i c e s if she'd given her black a degree instead of having him expelled from college before he'd completed the requirements. The pretext of qualification then would have been eliminated. But, it serves her purpose well to have him removed. After all, she is dealing in business as well as individual stereotypes. The "wife" makes some compromise, too. She allows her poster portrait of Che Guevera to be removed and substitutes for it a photo of Humphrey Bogart. However, she balks at being made over into the image of what the wife of a young man going places should be. She won't be made into something she's not. The young scientist finally comes down to earth and delivers his ultimatum to the company executives: accept him as he is, his "wife" as she is, his black friend as his assistant -- or else. He walks out with the girl, leaving the executives lo think it over. Fadeout: the young scientist and the girl decide they will get married. The acting of the fine cast, principally Barry Sullivan, John Astin, Rosemary Murphy, Tisha Sterling and M. 1C. Douglas, in a very convincing first major TV appearance as the young scientist, makes one wish the writer had left out a lot of the claptrap. There is, for example, some pretty tired business Brown, plus an officer moonlighting as a cab driver, becomes involved in a narcotics "drop" and a shooting. 5 Olympic Boxing, Dick Enberg 7 Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Lou Antonio, Gail Kobe. Sam zaps a young chimp into human form to find out where he lives -- then can't undo it before a lady client picks him as the perfect model for her men's cologne campaign. 11 Merv Griffin Show, Stephen Rappaport with exercise machines, singer Freda Payne, Louis Nye 13 Beat the Odds, Johnny Gilbert (game show) 9:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Sex the Single Girl," Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, Mel Ferrer ('65). Editor tries to boost magazine sales boost magazine sales. 7 What's It All About, World? Dean Jones. Buddy Ebsen plays a playboy Congressman with comedy routines by Barbara Feldon, Robert Curry 13 Run for Your Life, Ben Gazzara, Martin Milner, Joan Blackman. 9:30 4 Dragnet, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Logan Harbaugh, Elizabeth Knowles, Stacy Harris. Investigation into a child beating is complicated by the boy's reluctance to tell who abused him. 9 Ted Meyers, News 28 A Conversation with Norman Thomas (R), The late socialist leader details his years of protest, and the five important milestones in his progression to socialism. 10:00 P.M. 4 Dean Martin Show, Pat Boone, Angle Dickinson, George Gobel, Paul Gilbert, Bobbi Martin. 5 Dick Carton, News 7 Suspense Theatre: "The Gun," Eddie Albert, Dina Merrill. 9 "Marshal Dillon 11 George Putnam, News 13 That Show.^oan Riv- ers, Joan Bennett 10:30 9 *Movie: "Diabolical Dr. Z," Estella Blain 13 Bill Johns, News 11:00 P.M. 2 11 o'clock Report 4 Tom Brokaw, News 5 *Alfred Hitchcock "Strange Miracle," David Opatoshu 7 Bill Bonds, News 11 Liars Club, Rod Serling 13 *Movie: "Larceny, Inc.," John Payne, Dan Duryea ('48) 11:30 2 ""Movie: "Surprise Package," Yul Brynner, Mitzi Gaynor, Noel Coward '60). 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson (Burbank), George Burns, Mickey Rooney 5 "Movie: "Sign of the Ram," Susan Peters 7 Joey Bishop Show, the Checkmates Ltd., Shelley Winters, Buddy Greco, Bill Dana 11 *I Love Lucy, L. Ball 12 MIDNIGHT 11 '77 Sunset Strip 12:10 9 "Movie: "Ambush in Leopard St.," James Kenney (Br.-'59) 12:30 13 "Movie: "18 and Anxious," Martha Scott 1:00 A.M. 4 KNBC Newservice 5 Community Bulletins 7 The Late Report Redhead," Kay Callard 11 From the Inside--Out 1:15 2 ; Movie: "Assignment Redhead," Kay Callard, 1:30 11 *Movies: "Carnival," "The Scarf" and "Shining Victory" 8:45 P.M. -- APOLLO 9 PREVIEW. Walter Cronkite anchors a look at plans for Friday morning's launch of the first manned test of the lunar module slated to carry astronauts to the moon's surface later this year; Ch. 2. Show may be canceled if the launch is postponed. DON'T MISS IT! LENNY'S 21st AHHIV, S»LE See Our Ad Sports Section Today! XUC-1M KALI--1431 K«IG-740 KBBH-- I49D KDAY-I5IO KEZT--IIJO KFAC-UJI KFI-MI KFOX-- IJW KFWB--580 KGIS--1020 KGER--139» KCFJ--1230 KGIL-I1M KMtt-111 KTTH-I44J KGRI--900 KNX--1018 KWZ--1410- KH1-S30 KPOL-I54B XWKW-I30I KKM-IJJa KREL-1310 KWOW-1601 KIEY--110 KRKO--1150 XE»B-- I09t KLAC-570 KRL*-IIIO J(TR»-«H THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1969 6:30 p.m., KNX--Nixon on Tour: The Half-Way Point FM HIGHLIGHTS Individual ond lulinesi Returns Accuracy Guaranteed Home Appointmenls-No Extro Ch«. 9 AM-9 PM GA 6-2974 Kitchen Korner, 9 a.m., KTBT . . . Morning for M o d e r n s , 10 a.m., KB1G . . . Luncheon Concert n o o n , KFAC . . . Luncheon at the Music Center, 1 p.m., KFAC . . . Journey in Music, 2 p.m., KBBI . . . S t e r e o Interlude, 3 p.m., KNOB . . . Afternoon Affair, 4 p.m., KB1G . . . S t r i c t l y from Dixie, 5 p.m., KRHM. Stereo at Six, 6 p.m., KCBH . . . B r o a d w a y S h o w t i m e , 7 p.m., KRHM . . . C l a s s i c s , 8 p.m., K C B H , K F A C , KRHM; 9 p.m., KBBI, KXLU . . . S t e r e o b y S t a r l i g h t , 10 p.m., KBIG . . . Concerto da Camera, 11 pm., KCBH. in this effort about the inability of children and parents to understand each other. The daughters are all hung up on the Freudian Electra complex in one degree or another. The frustrated father asks his secretary why his estranged daughter gets so irritated because he calls her by the nickname "Andy." The secretary quickly explains that this is the girl's recognition of the fact that the father has always rejected her because she was a girl, not a boy. Oh, boy! RADIO TV TUBES 50% OFF GIANT , ELECTRONICS 8i35 4RTESIJ Doolty's TELEVISION ANTENNA SPECIAL! Quality all Channel UHF/ VHP television antenna complete with installa ion kit with mast. REGULAR 18.95 Model DH-40SK5 S P E C I A L . . 11 88 In Eltclmal Deft. DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BUCK BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH OPEN 7 DATS A WEEK! DOOLEY'S PRICES ARE LOWER! 1969 ZENITH COLOR TV CONSOLE 23-in. Rectangular Screen. 295-Sq.-ln. 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