Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 12
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A-I2-JNOEPENDEN[(AM) B C PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) i«n n«ch. C*M., Mon.. March n, By Al Copp By Johnny Horl CXJM'T'KWCW EITHER - BUT I V T T D S e e IT-' WWATSA /MOVIE HAVE A PRESEMr FOR THE SHEIK r.'- IT'S THE MOSr FABULOUS THIN0 EVER SEEM IN A ACVIE TT I CAM *ee IT AL.L. NOW. 1 TM6Y 1 WIL.L JWVN CK6DIT FOR By Mell Lazarus By Tom K. Ryan TUMBLEWEEDS it. IF KAfSO X, YOU HAVE /A N£\V MOVlS PLAYING /AT THE WHAT THAT MEAN : ANIMAL CRACKERS I- DOIOT TWNK.THERE IS TIME. DO 9co SUPPOSE SHE'S KOr AWBBIED TO MARK ... MOT EVEN EWfiAfiED AS FAB AS I KUCW/ ;».·'_ _ _ K«W, MA,' HER OUT. 8UT I GUESS MARK TCAIL IS THE »l3 MAM IH HEB LIFE .' AlA, AND I LIKE CHEBRX.. BEAUTIFUL! CAN MOCGAH AMD HIS MOTHER HAVE SPENT THE EVtNIWO AT LOST FORES! wiu- DEMAMD E?OAL TIME MhJMT CALL HER SOMETIME/ DOHT K SO BASHFUL, PAN.. .IF YOU LIKE CHERRY Brad Anderson By Walt Disney MARMADUKE DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketchum DONALD DUCK By Paul Sellers THE IDEA I* THAT THEY WILL /WATCH UP WITH THE COFFEE PRICKERS WHO UXTK , .-, LIKE OFFICE WPRKEP5 S -i THEY IN^TALLEP COFFEE MACHINES IN OUf. THAT U30K EXACTLY LIKE FILING CABINETS ANYTHIN6 INTERESTING HAPPEN AT \M2gK TODAY, PEAR? Oh, 1 should have warned you nol lo .sit Ihero: Thai s Marmadukc's favorite chair!" 'NAW 1 CANY COME OVER RIGHT AAV MCA\'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS ; D.ivuniKJfl T own in 12 OltiGi. coin U Service wo man 14 Ufi»m[)o«t.ini 16 I'ulil/cf prijawin oirxj rXJVCl isl 20 Munis 21 Mi.Biurc 22 Atgua ni ihcbar 24 ThfMter part S.iiufdav's arrangement 27 Winbyvwxk 28 Motrical loot 30 Mr. Atderv 32 - liicn M Fcoo 36 Pnrtic»jl3fS 41 Scedtoss 43 Oakley 4-1 ·V8 F rom n 40 Fr. port W Pnppcf shrift) 52 Pilostois 60 Whore Owe- do rs G1 Pod's woid 62 Mo nit o* hj.ird S3 Common con II.ICIKWl 1 Furmeily n.iiiunl 6'j FJfonie ftiil DOWN 22 Hr.noWe man 73 Mnmory 25 Swonl 2J (his, m Madrid 31 Tooinnrxl 3-1 Tiy lofmii 35 37 Smvtar lh nt) 38 Fooi soiiln:rs S3 Pdllcrer AO Definitely not abloom 42 "- Sunct 4^ Myihkat SEEK T S R H S H 0 T I C U D S T U N I E R H D F V 0 R E G A fZ G R N W I N S I L E N T N A 8 E 0 T D R U R H I E D M G T 0 H I I 0 B N R L E M r E A R T FIND Y E V E R E C A A T G E A 11 H N S C A C M L C N 0 H K D T Q 0 W S T O R T I V T W A E H U E A T I N D I R R I A B R N A T L A F T 0 0 I N L I R U A K SEVERE WEATHER FORMS Q H E V H H I U S D 0 R P B E U E T E N E N H I 0 A A L R 0 A T S A A R F 0 R H S I N I N L L H H 0 E N B 0 0 L 0 G N S W N F S Z Z 0 0 E N N F H I T A R I 0 0 E S A H N E E F R D N D N S U T R P A N V T 0 0 M T E D N 0 D Y A N S E Y U K R U R A R H T E V A W T A E H Instructions: Hidden words below appear forward, back* -a ward, up, down or diagonally. Find each and box it in. ·.. Hurricane Tornado Typhoon Thunderstorm ' Tidal Wave Tomorrow Heat Flood W a v e B l i z z a r d : HW II Snow Squall -, Lightning K Ice Storm « Flash Flood Battles STEVE ROPER By Sounders Overgard DI3CO3ST FORECAST FOR TUF.SDAY Yonr oirlhday lodny; In this o.irly st^fic ol a new g r o w t h period, incivas.d munlion proxirtos broader opporliinilv. If you hnvcn'l c.ifnhli.'shM a pcrmanervl bnse of oprrntionK. do so; if ynn have, make full use of it. Relationships flow so evenly you rton't realize (he hie changes until year's c nrf. Today's natives are born phi- bsophors. vocationally ranee from hainlrewwrs to psycholo- pI Xries (March 21-Aprf) I9: Meet Ihe other fellow at least halfway. U's w-orth the effort, as cooperfttwn is available. I.osl mformAtKHi eomes lo licbl unexpectedly- use it. Taun» (April 24-May M: You learn mueh from technical advice. Ywi need time to put it into practice. No immediate application w o r k s well. Patience pays off. GrminJ (May 21-Jaw 20): Ptans Are upset by local conditions. Everyone wants to pursue happiness his own way. You react too quickly for your own best interests. Cancer (June 2l-Jnly 22): In rvlcllinR an old story you sec certain details from a rtifter- enl slant. Don't let the lure of L*ixx1 conversation Vecn you irom your work 1*o (Joiv M-AW. 22): You may nave to act on bcnalf of several people without a dunce to confer with them first. Result-; arv fine if you exert yourself and inko tk^ iniiintiviv VITRO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 2i): You hnve Ihe opportunity for creatiw experience. Knioiion- al expression alone doesn't suffice You mut al.-m put locic and solid energy into ft. Libra (Sept. 2£oct. 22»: Today finds you in relative quiet, f r e e from relentless pressure. Make peace a nd ajjree on practical subjecb Romance isn't favored, now- Scorpte (Ocl. 23-N'ov. 2l: Improve your slandmc nl your place of work. Slake amends if v ou' v e caused confusion. Kefleelion on your cirrumslances brings a surprising dccisjon- SaCTttarlus (Nov. t2-Dec. 21): Inslrad of pushing on with financial mo\es. rocap what you've done and study further ptWaibilities. In mol matters it's a stand pal day. Caprieom it)rc. 22-Jan. 19): Personal project* come up for review Results are normal ralher than unusual. Take the time and (rouble to find oul the wanls of someone you love. Aquarius IJan. 20-Kfb. 18): ronsistoni effort clears off a backlog of work, but expect nn praiso Roccnt problems dimish but the people involved wrn't change their minds Pisces (trb. I^Marcn 20): Don't t a k e a bunle e slory at fact* value. As you £0 aho;it jour chon^s jtiu can mako friends. snxxMhmR o\cr nuvni discord Plan now activities y. YEAH/ 1 5HOU1-D-VE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT.'-JIST THKOW IT AWAY/ MIKE HAS TOLD JOY HOLS ATE THE TSAGIC it FATE OF HIS 6IKL PASSENGER- THAT MUST HAVE BEEN A OOOH/--I DOWT KWOW. HER LIPSTICK, HONEY// MJK6/--IT WOULD MAKE ITHOUGHTYOJ \ ME FEEL SORTA- · UH CCULO u5E rr.'X v *--*x FUNNY/ MIKE/ LOOK AT THIS. THERE'S SOMETHING HIDDEN IN THE TUBE/ n~i By Dick Brooki JACKSON TWINS IT'LL HAVE A«CBE SOMETHIN' TVWT'SROC }( r'LL HAVE rr SUCE ' By Bob Montana S C' WAY AC?OSS WHEN n-EV GUVS WHO ATfc.VPrEO TO BOW across !·£ " WEE PALS By Morrie Turner ITHOOGHT YOO TOLP ME THE \VORLJ IS ROUHP, PAPPY THEN HOW COME WE HEAR THH KEWS FROM . . T FOUR CORNERS OP ' ' THE WORLP ? MCXRlf--

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