Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 3
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*| Owhersin Uplands Ralph Gets Told About Politics I'm a little amazed, Ralph, but I see you got through! the CDC con- ventioo iU right I mean, nobody voted to abolish you. You're either f2!person* in Morgan Han they'ponioa in the state de\e!iy- By VLYT MADEK .Owners of property in the long Beach uplands oilfield fjf.'Started action Tuesday night to try to prevent the draining fe?, away by the state of reserves under their land. At a meeting of about 100 | " Telephone Strike Talk* to Continue . : , Negotiators for the Gen-.the close of the meeting re-; ! eral Telephone Co., and the'ported that "no conclusions'" ' s t r i k i n g ComnmrucationsVere reached but stated that of America met'meeticgs w o u l d continue i Santa Monica to throughout the week in an consider recent changes in effort to effect a settlement the stands of both parties. ,in the 129-day-old work stop- A communique issued at page. IfJOE?£NOENT-f49« AT --HELP!--i BOMT f AN 1C--COMI IK tOt Hll TEStlNft ZENITH HEARING AID CENTER III L lUlDWlY HZ M«W awfully hickv or j-ou went to college with Tom Carvey, the president of CDC ' took the first step in a pro-.meat by unitization; filing a posed three-stage program.' Uwsuit to $top Matter of fact, I'd just as soon they had voted to abolish you. You've been running out to that otier column. 1st, Diion Gayer of the Enterprise, -denouncing me as a rat fink, you rat 'fink. No kidding, though. what did you think of the CDC convention? I over. heard somebody s a y i n g that CDC stands for "Calories Don't Count -- for fat- heads." They sure are buck- tag the tide. Here the whole country's gone mad over the moptop Beatles, and what does the CDC do? Endorses a baldy for senator, that's wlut. Well, who knows. Maybe having WELLS a senator with a head Iiie a ski slope will help us do better in the Winter Olympics next time. Some CDC delegate got up and said: "Let's give Sen. Engle our prayers-and Cranston our endorsement." That raises an interesting point-which is worth more? Franklin D. Carhustle, my favorite Democratic precinct worker, was there as a delegate. He got very mad when the felU said "Let's give Er.'Ie our prayers."* ~\Vhaddaya doing praying in a i public building constructed with public fundsT* he demanded. He calmed down Activities Committee and to. abolish Mosk. KoLin Hood Stuff? The most interesting vote came when the convention endorsed Virgil O'SulliraiTs biH to grab all tidelands revenues and cor.trols away from Long Beach. The CDC wants to take thit oil away from us rich Long Beach residents and give it to the poor people who don't have any--like Ed Pauley. Here we live dean, slive like a dog, husband our capital and get more return from our oil contracts for the state by far than the state gets from its own contracts, and what's our reward? A kkk in the teelh, that's what. How the CDC can punish Long Beach for increasing the state's capital, then turn around and say its against capital punishment, I don't know. Mr. 3Iur|ihy*s Clumilrr Poor Sen. Clair Engle. Only one fella leaped to his defense all weekend. That was George Murphy. Murphy thicks it's horrible the stile .way our oil" if the first fails: a yeti. . . . t ion campaign to repeal a t ity TELEGRAMS were'? rfinaricfc ? that P?**** toU- and will be sent by,** « the ' rea " * Ust re " hitson, attorney and sort battler for local and Whitson M id a current rights over oil, who'state plan is to empty the ~,called the gathering. Ki unanimously a u t h o r i z i n g ; , . . . . . , . . convention for the senatorial endorse- 'telegrams to four state cffic- :dnlIm S * nd draining » menu Well, it's a risk all right. The -*·*'· - -^ ·' ' v - f; «« '-·'" delegates get pretty tired in th"e late night sessions. You never can tell what will happen when somebody gets tired and confused. to endorse { ,, · _ . ««*« « '» estimated ^Commission ar.d the Joint, or « * ^ s 2, Committee on Natural Reil sources in Sacramento this 1 "IF \VX CA\ keep them ? ! we*k ' rom Siting our pnvate i v««!itive or t ff'.the oi Oil who stated he has conducted his personal will be ffight for * bout " yeirs ' chair-i "It's not easy to get people of the Assembly Tide-·*» r»lize the state win Oil committee, the it-will do it. he stated. [i land? commission the joint The entire field, under both '^committee and Assistant At- lind and see. contains 12.000 5 ty. Gen Howard Goldmg. acres, he told the meeting. ,f specialist on oil matters in'and the upland portion, ly- '; the attorney general's Los ing between the shore and a "f Angeles office. line that begins at Pine Ave%\ . » . . nue and ISth Street and runs =£1 WHITSOV. who forecast'to the shore at 54th Place. Slthat Long Beach will be holds about 3.000 of this. overwhelmed by state politi- First Compromise Yoa, toe. Will UVr LINCOLN PARK PARKING GARAGE ·COVERED P A R K I N G frtltcl T«ir Ctr · P A R K IT--IOCK IT X« O.r tilt T.tclti It ·HAVE IT SERVICED Witt l'«:«« O3 frtittfi Will* r» tr* G» JUST K.OKTH ·! l»ni ttat* ttr, I H T I i N C H F«.x »"« lu St. tnadwM bitwe.* ·-4 liar. runas.' ne flemanaei. rie caimea cown ^lurpjijr LOUIES its uuniuic me LV overwnciniea uy t-^Lr tumi- whea it was explained it wasn't loud CDC is opposing Clair £n«le. He's so S"j'cal powers and "will have no jetliner Turns ISark p r a y i n g --just a moment of silent upset hs can hardly sleep nights. 8«s control over the tidelinds meditation. Matter of fact. Murphy's so upset JB* : jj, March." said the goal of LOS ANGELES LP1) -- A Attorney General Mosk withdrew you almost forget he's running against «·£ t h e private owners should be, j«t airliner en route to New his name "from consideration by the Clair himself. tJ,"to get a program under way York with 97 persons aboard ,,,,.,,..--_^,,^ 3TH - a s .|f so that the state of California turned back to International ^*^^rVE£t\^*!£t#,^1tt ^'.3,^11 no t drain'the oil rights Airport and made » successful 1 'away when they develop the'precautionary landing Mon- rin || .funds in the history of the.Ea 5 t Beach." ' 'diy when the pilot suspected .1 cllK 'state." i The three step program he ^engine trouble. No trouble j 2. Long Beach vigorousrysulgested is: asking Irgisla-was found in the engine, a H I m« 1 1 1 /"\*1 lopposes bills to revoke tide-tive inclusion of the upUndTWA spokesman said card on lidelaud Oil .«»* *TMi ·? «"*«« *vi .-« of its tidelands revenue. (Continued from Page A 1 J - TMe rit « a »i°' ««cern - is to maintain control of the versy was stirred up by, "If only the formula (the tidelands oil pools so it can "some persons who are not percentage of revenue re- regulate land sinkage control so much interested in the pub-'sened for the shoreline trust) programs. Only the city has lie interest as in hoping to be were the question, there Und-sinkage experience, able to put some profits into would be no hue and cry toj ^^ 1,^^ summoned by the-Ir own persona!, private upset the trusteeship »JTMin- :t hirtnan Je Je M. Unruh to poc k « s " ( istratioa of Long Beich." !cons i(i er tvow to spend future 'Sen. Virgil O'Sullivan, D-, Ridings also was quizzed tidelands revenues, is the WflHams. ringleader of the by newsmen outside the hear-fast of a number of tide- Senate campaign to revoke in j; chamber. 'lands meetings in Sacramento the tidelands trust in Lonj; . .;dings said he had no this week Beach, wasn't there to answer particular names in mind Ridings. An O'Sullivan aide u hen he made the charge, said the senator had a pre\i- -But there had to be some ous speikin; elsewhere. However, a colleague who RIDINGS DECLARED that voted with O'Sullivan on a more revenue for the state fund-grab bill in the 1963 ses- treasury is not the primary, sion bristled. motive-of those who origi-| Sen. Teale said he hopes naUy raised the tidelands Ridings wasn't casting as-|issue. though more state pensions on any legislator, revenue has been their rmm- Riding said he wasn't. ber one public theme. Later in the afternoon^ Under present law. half the Teale demanded to see the'oil revenue from the state- transcript of testimony by'owned tidelands goes to a Ridings. The senator said he tideland trust fund for har- was under the impression that bor operation ar.d shoreline Ridings had said that -jjr ( trust projects the persons involved were Some legislators are push-] trying to receive revenue. 'ing to eliminate the trust fund The transcript wasn't avail-'and also let the state ratherj able immediately -- and may than the city control the de not be for day;. velopment of shoreline oiL » * * · : * * * * BUT R1DLNGS clarified his; AS A PRELUDE to the position: "If I said "alT Upbearing, the city distributedj people who are pushing it, I "a statement which declared: | retract it. What I intended 1. State leasing rather than' to say was 'some.*" city contract administration Asked why he felt private|of the untapped field of the interests triggered the Long eastern shoreline of Long Beach tidelands controversy,'Beach "could result in the Ridings explained: biggest giveaway of public engagement pressure." he added. 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