Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 43
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Choir Spotlighted Tie Lo=g B«*d« City Coktenutional Folk Ci=cs F«sti- lege choir wig be tie festered,val ta b« hell Saturday night group at the 16U» annual In-Jin the Philharmonic torium. LOJ Angeles. L RKELUOODH H* 5-7530 » : , i c»«r mi fcii -- nu rums ··it Happened FalR M 8M8QN ^MIRACLES ·""·WORLD ·nwm («2I JMllfe ST1TE Octll I Fin HI 1-2121 tiuwooa tiriin. Cttrry U I-3S1I IBS liTDS · Ml. «. I«ntlt.Sp Hl 1-7122 UIC IE1CH 223r it Siati Ft TI Mil! n BEST leor-*cinss-SM{ HCt IEMMOM UK lEMtCK DATS OF WINE AND ROSES" AlMi. OiCtUIM JESsitA"'" ,lf^BELMONT M Cttaux *»* »*»»»-»*** ATLANTIC I ** 4 AHantic Mr. Swtfc* 1. . CA i-nn. "miDRA" « Onhr Jlmet Mn«l · SMIIr W "LOUTl" -- LAST DAY -WINNER I WORLB FOM J. Wit 01 "THE BRIDGE" CE«MMI-- ENCIHM Tlllll f- WHAT YOUNG-PEOPLE THINK Teen-Agers Favor 'Mockingbird 9 I "ML CMC. Ttev, **" «. INDEPENDENT-* 1 jg« C-7 ' By EUGENE GILBERT mv««it, tana »«.* i~»t«. of the girli, wai Victcr Bu-j Again ia th* best support. ono in "Whatever lUppened ing actresi category, the boy* jto Baby Jane?". But the boy«'and. g i r l s differed slightly. !w tie turned officially. | Gregory Peck's portrayal of i Tisrstysevea per cent cf^re s l i g h t l y more indined^atty Duke, who played Helea · | But win or lose, jxxing peo-,the l a w y e r in "To Kill a you give the best supporting towards TeBy S a v a l as for, Keller ia The Mirade Work" le'i choice* are writ worth Mockinsbird" earned for hiai... ..j .. n -V._;,'-D;^ «.« »» i!--itr.»" m-kn *r 1 *r»ir.»vi! with "W n*rr»nt i ' ( If you teen-agers awarded ple'i choices »re wtU worth Mockingbird" earned for hiai actor twtr j t o Omar Sharif the Oscars, which are handed^"" 1 " 1 * Jo. ^ out ofHcialy on April S, the Alcatrai." cause out with 32 percent* 31 per cent of the votes in ^ -jjwT^nce { Arabia." He got 26 percent of their votes.|of the votes cast, to put her the best actor category. t jol i j^, ttal of the g iri s -|And Sharif was the bo}s',slightly ahead of Angela Laai- ETX ^*^£7^^TM» *« ^j*.* ** s .* A*!.~« eh... Kin a Mockingbird. bury. picture for the same ones that later' ·ItT tisitl-l ··initu ir rit ·iiti JTIUJOI- -III IllTt IU- ·lit mint -mucu IF TII wnn tTiuiii- -III II1TI III* · lit tismt ···iiieii tr in viiTi mujtr* ··TII II1TI til" year. Also. Gregory Peck could! Candy Pmerewski. 16. ofi . . . . count on being named best ! Chicago expresses the opinion' BUT CLOSE on Peck's heels actor and Bette Dam bestof 45 per cent of the girls: with 30 per cent of the total actress. ["It is a splendid adaptation'vote is Burt Lancaster, the Our advance s u r v e y on of the unforgettable novel." [-Bird Man of Akatraz." who young foQcs' preferences cor-) While 27 per cent of the.won an Oscar in 1960 as *EI- rectly forecast the best movie boy i seconded t h i s choice, mer Gantry." Oscar ··inner both list yeaT|nearly as many favor *L»w-| However, the b e s t male and the year before that. In rence of Arabia." the runner- actor in the girls* opinion is 1961, moreover, you put your^p. But "Lawrence" gets only! Jack Lemmon. Some 28 per fingers on the best actor and 22 per cent of the girls' vote.'cent of them liked him in actress, if that means voting] -- j'Dayi of Wine i Roses.' SllOW Tillies' Two-time Academy Award Oiimt I I I I H S Dinner Bette D a v i f is far Here are starting times of,and away the leading choice features at Long Beach thea-lor the best actress award. ters as listed by theater.with 42 per cent of the vote, managers: la "Whatever Happened to l-""i » a T 111^y J» n «V* Michael G. Ger- .1 Mwn.ticM.- ra^maine, 17, of Hartford, says !*o* Bwertd . r ,,,J""*ne gave one of the most an« «n s^ii dramatic performances I have ever seen." Miss Davis won ~vSF* Oscars in 1905 for "Danger at ous.' ,?l" ANNE BANCROFT, who re- ************** * * * A A A A A A A A A PACIFIC THEATRES THIS ENACE AT ITATE t AU. CNtUIXtll SOC UYOll I tttv tiaiittiiM! I. I.M...IH l««* ««'·?·«·- - ir j m.T HtlEI* PACIFiC DRIVE-IH THEATRES ICIIR.E )Tn«U CUxll }CI I-1SII lu tun i aeTiii! -leti IF mni" -nun. in IIIIUI -ii nil II itu- HI-W1T JJ Ir. GX. llvL H M2H IITIJ ii imcui IT lit ·nut rur* -II Till Tl fU" FANTASTIC 4-FEATIIRE PROGRAM! -turn IF riiiiii!Ti:i- t c:« III -uni IF mill* -i .t « · HI III IIICDII LIZ Tiitu -- eciiii»WIEI iinn rum: llic.ilV ri ^UH"T «.«- W, W. .! ·"""»'· '" ttott -11(11 JSIBLI- jB-Wij U -»,.t .,.: lull M22! ti4l IEI titilil (Tl T-35JI silt r«r t«rt..« ************************** t. MITCHUW--L kUdJLWX "2 FOR THE SEESAW" "TERM OF TRIAL" t- OLIV1EK-S. IICXOKET L n ir. J ss. L«f»/*T. Eicaorlll*,- 2:1., 1.17. -».,, M,.- T« T -,TM * ». aroint*- * 5njL»Tic 'created her stage role of An ,12? iViVS" 1 "'" ' a * T "° "jnie Sullivan in The Miracle -MiMci. .1 «.*mTM SKIIUMI.- u.m Worker," received the vote .3^1:«. -Th. . ... CM.- ra. . a| of lbout 33 ^ cent to ,, v -MiTKi. «( !dI 0 jSS" st.iii«v* i a.' 111 * runner-up position. ·Th. r»« ona.-^n-HLX. (laost as many girls voted fo 10^1.-i:ia us. jj er i$ ( or Misj Davis. Al Today at U.A.-Elvis in "II Happened al Ihe World's Fair" HEY IIDS X.r.'t · n* 1 " c.mTc crtetTea Ly AI.. H*«- ir-,t ·«*;»(·«·. -DIET! THE DINKY DINOSAUt" ... Y». c.Tof H .nj tb.» aik DADDY for « «,aar+.r «nj ..I MOUMIE · truif ,.. (. th. UNITED AITUTS THIAHE. 21} L Oct.. II.J. ·* 10:09 A. U. S.»«r- rf.f. Apr3 i .nd* ik. fftcn.a.*i««nt «nj tf.H will f.l. ,..j car. .f v.. for FITl fUU HOUtS YOU »3i ». j.n, v .H u n, .,i,r)«;«.i .;;! m./.i cAiott. i«c1uJ!«» FEATUttS. CAITOONS «*J JKOIT JUI- JECTJ. N.w. MOMUIE «*J DA80T. »*.r. U AU. l*nf I..C tan y.ii .iit-a*. tbift ultra-way ·? *te.y t'H'mg" For anTy · quarter errj " T*. DIn(y Dinetauf" ! 2 Rim.mfctr. Kt^s oiutt li uiro'tr 14 ... eij with.ut C'lttt. .dmtisiei h SOc. ' crew 6:15 *} * » * r«L * ?****«*«*»- "1HH OF t "S Stow, a r» oii»--lorn c.ior OF 6TH HAPPINESS" 5 ««» » ttat. «r f;H OWv * 6*3O * "STATE FAIR" *..;*.,,$ OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE "SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH" J* 211 LIMI r«i i x HE 1-35)1 ROXY erm u AM--cfE« AU. MIGHT ELVIS rttU.IT-C.lor -FLAMING STAR" Crnarr rECK--CM. tEPPAia TORK CHOP HILL" A lUsJMrt A CreDiert A P.iunart "3 MURDERESSES" THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE -- OPENING TONIGHT -William Talman The Prosecuting Attorney of Ptrry Masoa TV Show CHAM. vTM.. I f l »rj«. I [MAM. KQKecu M · 'Born Yesterday'[ cK^v^. OMM\JNITr PLAYHOUSE SOT E. AXAMEIM "O MISTRESS MINE" THU1SCAY. JL«-- FUD1T. l:»- TLH ·to«ini:» IF IIBUI -Ftai» TH IITI- IEW miufi. iiTitr it i-nn i IISIETI ···m iTiiunr -TII mn in- IIIITiLK, l.»- -toil IF TII iruii- -TIIZll TII »ll«FttEir' UOONBO 1E4CH ITUII Ipl I II n47-- -lii.nrt If -t» · Fl I II TH I »IHtU Ft till If »»H« Flif" minowt* . iiiEt j«.iit t ui» ·! SJin It.i» -IT WlllfS FIII- unj n »imii~--im 11.» COMMON TIWII.llllt.l,I.I)l. IE Hill -ttstntit IF niii'i r»Tin- t i · FTI i u i iTSiJ i -IEI III" -mm- etorr HITS -n IIFFEIEI IT (IILIt Flll- -nu-s iiutin liiirrin- WIIUINCTON Illllll It.itlxUtm) n 4-1(17 -inii.i niuii irru- IF tut ITITt ACT. n « » . « - » II Mill -tin wrri TII iiun I . -nin FIII- ··i imu u mill t -tiimi!» IF urn -tFIIU Illl- MUiinr. inn Fnm. ··nun ·» inttvi. tn w. toM.!- -M Mllll IF IIIOTU- -t nut i»nn- rwiim fm -IIEU: SWIM-TIME AT NU-P1KE PLUNGE Enjoy indoor swimming el itt liif in ill* Na-PiV»'lJiua» Flange. ComforfobTt, saft ipori for i!it enflri femTty. SCHEOULE: PRICES: Saf, April t . . 1IA.M.-SP.M. S««^ Apr3 7 . . 1 1 AJ4.-7 P.M. April MI . . 1 1 XM.-» JO TM. TeeM Easter Saaday . . 11 A.M.-7P.M. April IS-Jra. 14: O..« WtrinA Oily 60 Adalts 80 NU-PIKE PLUNGE 201 W. PIKE. LONG SEACH in Mmcri fm Jdxncm wnr f^ HE (-27S* Tin h Inn lor* I · rmt AVC.-- rMoxi -KO«TH IT NOtTHWIST- MAN" 4-UNITSHOW! NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF TCXJ DO NOT GET YOUl IEGUIAK CAkiiEl DtUVllED Independent ». »3I (T.In.r 8 I* T»» «F«cT.8j Our l.rr'c. 4t*rfin.n i. lp« »t1 II *J*- ·«iW«y» «« isf3 IIJI «m. Sn^ifi. Ail f»r rt. tura'r»;«. 4..L IONS IUCH tmmtt ·ffiul HI Ulil *B*I..«. r*rmm,i* TO i-1711 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SDKS OF THE PIONEERS SAY: Make Payday Day/1 9 If youVe been promising yourself to start they remain in your account six months (5) a savings account earning Pioneer's 4.8% or longer. " - » rTM « f Here's how it works. Open your account today. Then, every payday drop in to Pioneer with your pay check. Cash it. Add to your savings account while you have the money. Sound easy? It is if you get in while you have ,, f , that pay check in your hand. And there's wisdom in having your funds Make it a habit. It grows on you. Just as earn daily to exact withdrawal date if your account grows at Pioneer Savings. current annual rate, take heed. The Sons of the Pioneers have the answer. There's no time like payday to begin. You'll soon discover the good sense in receiving daily earnings on accounts held through the.end of any quarter. FIONEEfi SAVINGS * : * : ·*"? * * '* *'*' I ASSETS OVER $200 MILLION fit AND LOAN ASSOCIATION = Robtrt R. Soraeut. Prtitdent Long Beach Office: 232 Long Beach Blvd. · Telephone: HEmlock 2-6436 HeadOSc*:. "* ' * * ~M --'-

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