Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 30
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Coll an Expert 35 Call en Expert 35 Cart an Expert 35 M L t t S 1 i 1 t t ' \f · t ., 1 _ j . i -I* * 1 H 1 - f T f : a * * . * « * n . * 0 s - tf. \ t 3 \ ·r · You Save Tlnii and Money Whin You TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SECTION CAL Miss Brown in long Beach, HE 2.B9S? Mill B Miii McCuHouah tn Bllflowi, TO 6 - 1 7 2 1 Mits Pag* i Accoustic Ceilings GENUINE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS SA Cover cracks Derm. No mess. v TB6 soar. Lk. Ins. Low rai«. Fr«* eit. N. ALLOR, GA 7-ius. ^ ACOUSTIC CEILINGS. FREE EST. SA 2-4541 V. DAVIS BL ACOUSTICAL ceilings wray aopllea. "Low riles. Fre Eil. MI-06S4 ^Asphalt Blackcoatlng t Brick Stone Work . A-l MASONS RE FIREPLACES-- PATIOS PI RREPL|C¥S PAT|OS ~GA E 7-ifM Cabinets -- CUSTOM cablnels ana klltf«; *; - · inociellno. Reas. rates ME 3-0038 Carpentry CARPEHTRY-CAB-CONCREIb Garage door specialist - SS mln. 11x12 room abdllons. «}.,,,, Licensed 4J8-J9S1 CARPENTRY-CaNr.tls, remodcllno. Formica, tile, patnllno. No [ob too smalL Reasonable. 52S-7W3 "THE WOODPECKERS'-j-Gen. ( re- rrilca, n^lno'js celllncs. 4W-36S2 A-l Carpenter-butWTiB, reir^cei i reoalr. Fre« Esllmalo. NE 6-9616 CARPENTER. Remwf. class slUJlcjo s Srs. Wall kiwclced out. GA 5-4445 ADO Jrul story. Remodel. Add 1 lo . lit floor. Repair. 43J-3O3 B ADDITIONS. REMODELING t, RE- "otlB WC1KK. TO 6-0162 _ YOU name 111 I'll build It. L Free tltl. 43S-3SEO ev«. 8. wkendj CAFiPENTRY i Ben. «P.»l";,FS't small loSs mv joeclatly. 451.74J3 1ST.CLASS Carpenter work. Years B of experience. 434-3*07 ADDITIONS, remodeling " i g n w a - . L l r TMrrM? VW " A JA 3 7 1 .7 t S» ^^^loo'fS'sSO. (,,?» L EXP. carpenler-ceblnet rnaXer. _ inu kind of work. Reas. 434A5M / Carpeting T NEW USED Carpels, exocrtlv n- _ stalled-all work ouar.-free es. l rail -Ted 43?-OM6, eves 432-6817 NEW USED carncts Installed or | rcoalred. Free eltlmale r»A ntt Your.o-- TO fr6000 -. NEW USED Carpets, expertly n- stallS^II work suaranleed-frce . eillmate. Call Ted, 437-C046. * Carpet - Uphol. - Cleaners CARPET I'phclilerY cleaning. $10 - wy front rm i hall. Q-JlOc Jfrvlng l Si/new eoulpment 428:1312 ANY LIVING ROOM S. HALL - Crc" clean ed-ONLY SIO. 834-66W Ceramic Tile CERAMIC Tile -new 1 reoalr. L»7. OT'jmaJI lobl done. Reas. ratfi. Work guar. Lie. Conlr. HA 9-M77 YOUR call brlnsrs a file setter not a salesman. QUALITY WORK auar. Lie. Fre est. 4J-7096 ' FINEST workmansnlD. New remod- il. ?«alr. Lie. Free est. GA 7-1815 NEW Remodel. UK. small lots. Over SO years exo. Reas. 421-7677 DUALITY CERAMIC Ilia work. Concrete Work SPECIAL RATES-- Free Estlma cs Pallo - driveway, foundation!. «; cosed aogreoiale. Lie. 867-4975 PATIOS, DRIVES, WALKS, ETC. Free estimate. HE 5-CSK , WALKS, porclies, pallo slabs tops. [ No lot too vnall. GA 7-726? 1- CONCRETE, Mone work careen- l frv. GE 8-6931 or GE 4-2556. CEMENT, brick work, Haslerlng. ^ Mn lob loo small. GA 7-5631 PATIO ROOF SLAB. W'^",)^ WALKS, slabs, sleps, Bdgino siripi, oallo fop. Any size Icb. 4»-557fi Contractors-Builders · Local 25 Years -fa f ''ADDITIONS . Free EsK 100% Financing LICENSEO-BONDED-IMSURED · HE* 2-3997 DAVENPORT ' CONSTRUCTION CORP. : TREND CONSTRUCTION CO. '. Room Additions, Remodels - - Kitchens, new Const. . . STATE LICENSE-- INSURED - - · 100i4 FINANCING FOR FREE ESTIMATES CALL: = 925-37B3 ROOM Additions Free Est. 100% Rnarvilng THOMPSON Construction · 5618 PARAMOUNT BLVD. L.B ;-·:. ME 3-9670 Russell Construction Co. ' " ROOM ADDITIONS + REMODEL Cal Vel -- FHA-- 100% financni ; LICENSED - BONDED- INSURED 16 YEARS LOCALLY Call day or night fcr free Ml Long Beach Ofc, 437-77 13 L SEE OUR DISPLAY ROOM 22330 50. Western, Tor ranee. '. : 320-4570 Frank Wargo, Gen. Const; Remodeling - Additions - Home Commercial · Industrie Income Unlls. FREE ESTIMATE lOu 4 * FINANCING 6W-3e6 Door Hanging DOOR HANGING 1 or a 1J*0 GE 3-6141 Draperies FREE nrwasurrno, our work roorr vour farlc or ours. 434-3SE4. Dressmaking · ALTERATIONS, MENOIHG Call eves, i weekends, HE 2-332 CAMEO SHOP -- Custom sevjlng , alterations. 7M AtlanHc. HE 7-S · · - ' D | ESSR 'aSSa NG Bt,l/io 1 SS IOn 7.S ··· gbA!gft T A |B r EDRE5S '735 K ^ Electricians ELECTRICAL Service reoalr. Res comml wlrlr.o, ilghtrng sates Inilallairons. Free esl. 42S-447 ELECTRICAL wiring all ypt Reasonable rates. HA 1-2184. ca after 6 p m. or before 8:30 a.n COURTESY Electric-Residential Common. Mo Icb too small. J4 hour service. 4W-94 COROAY EJeclrlc Co. Licensed. V also do small lobs. GE 14321 ··230" ^·" IRETIKED J^H, Miscellaneous for Sale 7 WEDDING GOWN, fulF length; formals, inert 4V full lenstn. GA 7-SS5S MUFFLERS -- Glass or slpcK, 1 stalled. 1 year gyar. t5.!0. 9v SB«sT» BIV.. Bellflwr. TO 7-74 TRASH CANS DEL $3 GE 8-S19S O(*n Son. 2M3 E. 17 DUALS Ifliiaiiid mcsT V-E»/ S? mt3 a e it Afsissrin$» *,MBS 1 WI» r^TOSffl'S: co'm" lOfl, V bEnch; HooyfJ Mrt-b;* »/,f«r SDln drver $125. Ph. 42B-2459. BRUNSWICK POOL TABLES, 17 ·U. rnidei. comolel; w/accesior, IMS flnancJno. MM10I. free d KI .S Y JtXi? ?'% .»i« IB «,,- t ai«L'i'ri. 'c'srsA'^-rf SSGK^^ 8 ? Fencing VE ON NtW fence lumber. Rtd- «ood 81.14; Cedar 51.29: pllj al Kc. 595-HU; i2B-759i .OCK FENCES. BRICK-SLAB. GA WS62 or GA 2-845 OCK FENCES -- My specially! (In ret. UN 0-27321 WA 5-2437 Floors-Rcflnlshlng AAIPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE and C, reflnlsh-2 Bdrms., '515. Tj'tabor. 1 day service. ME 4-3241 HNSON FLOOR SANDING Perional service, 22 years "perl- nee. Free .estimate. 59I-4E03 leaned and waxed. 1-day service. Call anyllme-. HA 1-5932 ND FINISH ROOMS FROM 520. LC. murd" Call ZIWv-GA 4-7174 Formica Counter Tops TCHEN COUNTER lops, bars, HJ| mans, cablnels. Free esllmaies. Lie. Ins. 416-9324; 425-6379. Furnace Repair Clean Adjust $6.50 Sard en Serv. Supply v LANDSCAPING Sorinkllng svslems Installed repaired. Pallos. Old yards dor* over. LOY L, SMITH. HE 5-7.92 LANDSCAPING RENOVATING-- PRUNING OM^i-ETE InrxJscapIno servk*. E Renovating, cleanup, o r u n I n a, sprinklers. LIC. INSURED. rUART'S Lawn Service-- Full malrv tenan«, mow, «dce, irim b«J work. By mo. or Icb. 437-BM? L L'S Lav/n Service-- Mow, cdpe vacuum 4x mo. $12. Eastsme Wrlglev area. KE 7-5189 AY/N SERVICE, do mv own wcrk, WEEKLY LAWN SERVICE DEPENDABLE. HA 9-?3?8 all 6 OLD LAWNS RENOVATED IVY CUT DOWN. HAUL AWAY. Mow-cdoc-lrlm week. GE 9-3570 ALDING'5 GARDENING SERVICE Free estimates. Cleanur* a 3D«- clallv. Ask for Bill 633-3772 servce. Apt. maintenance. Tell us wha VQ-J will pay. 435-7699 AWN sorvke, cwalltv workmanship Rossmoor^ Los Allos cast L.B. Free esl. HA 9-S363 or HA 4-7643. rtOW edoe 3x month, 510. Cllo- p ngs haufed, cfeanvcs. 424-7639. -AWN Service. Reas., dependable, experencerf. FREE est. GA6-1224 nOW-- EDGE, PRUNING, LIGHT HAULING. 423-7760 XP. Japanese garOner. Malnl. bv month. Reas. rales. Call 4244963. AOW edoe 510 mo: Full maln- feance SlT HE 9-6O6; GE 04135 AOW edcc 510 mo. Yd. ctear.up Glass Mirrors M3LE GLASS SERV, -- OPEN SAT. Plate, windows* mirrors, tops, etc. 1487 Cola Ave. HE 7-4314; HE 2-3649 Handymen ^p Trash Haul -- Tree Work it GARAGE-- LOT CLEANING * ALLOWANCE ON SALVAGE 7 years of satisfied customers. HE 7-3553 or ME IM361 PROPERTY cleanup, palnllng, tile haul ng, tree topping remova . Call us for prompt service free esttrna «. 479-6015; MS-1122. 3ENERAL handyman. Specialties lawn ecrulot., snarpcn/ repair earoenter. 613-0752 CARPENTRY, palnllng, plumb ng, fences. 426-5217 or 59M739. YARD wcrk-- mow edgp; wash walls, gar cleanup, haul HA 1-6215 TRADE work for anything lite hating 865^301. Hauling, Express HAULIHG, garage, tcl Irash. clean up, remove treei, fences, iw shrubs. v;alks, slabs, wrecking odd lobs. L.B. er Lakewood areas Free Est. Call JIM. HE 6-1539 BY ORIENTAL-- Hauling, garage vard cleanup. Expert Iree serv. Allowance on salvage. Free eil. Guar. Lk. 415.1034 or GE 3-7332 MOVING? BIG TRUCK OR PICKUP. Lloht Hauling. Ress. 426-3527 ART'S TRANSFER. Lie. Insured. Low rates. HE 7-4B3J, HE 2-1BW. GENE'S MOVING SERVICE Reasonable rates. TO 7-5247 FREE Hauling lor usable, discards from house cr oarage. 426-3C3a DUMP truck sVIp loader. Cfcan up. Asphalt removed. 638-1922 TRASH haul, conslrudion ctean up. CM "Ole" 435-4353; HE 2-8329 MOVING LIGHT HAULING Reasonable rales. 437-5050 LIGHT h-aul[r.g, clean UPS, ptck- ua useable Items free. 9234446 MOVIIIG-REASONABLE We racle for anvlh'jig. 63M454 TRASH Haullna-Garages Cleaned. Yard cle-anur* work. 423.85CO LIGHT Hauling t. Cleanup. Reas. fasl. Eves. wkends. GA 2-0770 APPLIANCE moving i light haulV-.g Careful hr.dlg., lew rates. HE 2-7212 tO-WHEEL dumo trvck skip cac'- er. Cleanup. Free estlm. 426-1527 Housccleaners Have Your Home Cleanec Carpel cleaning -- Furnllure/ v/al vjashlng, floor cleaning, waxing V/lndcv; washing. General ho.-m c eanlng. Ph. 421-3291 Don CrorJ balh 515. Flat paint enperll washed (no slreaks) -- liv. rm 515 lo 516. Floors waxed. ^ m payments II desired. 430-4-70 HOUSECLEANING-walls, window! E oors, stoves, blinds/ rugs, r sured. 20 vrs. exper. Free eil 1 male. GE 3-86S6. PROFESSIONAL M e t h o d W A L WASHING may Save a Pa'nt Job Reduces rales for Carpel c'ea leg t WAXING. 13tH3« QUICK SERVICE-- Wa'l wlndo washing, floors v/axed, expe palming. Reasonable. 436-5125. EXPERT wall washing. 20 vrs. ex nsured. Free estimates GE 9-25 cleaned-wax. 15 vrs. exo. HE fr«5l Janitorial Service BILL'S JANITORtAL SERVICE REAS. DEPENDABLE. Ptl.47S.52 ,. Linoleum 6 PROFESSIONAL LINOLEUM Tile Layer ED MEECE. Free e GA 3-OJ85 cr '714) 697-7941 " SPECIALIST fn floor covering. L Conirac'or. 423.S673 or 423-35 Moving Storage YOU'LL SAVE MONEY WIT SECURITY VAN LINES ANYWHERE TO ANYWHER Call 456-5505 DAY OR NITE. L. LOCK-VAULT STORAGE. TO a Painting, Paperhanging j PAINTING, paperhang'no, p a s ! 5 ng, repairs. M. poehliln 435-7S 4 PAINTING Inside or out. 25 v !* exotr. No Ict too sm. HE s-37 'J LICENSED PAINTER-- 25 years s L.B. l)c-al and reasonable. 59Mi PROFESSIONAL palnllng. Rellab / PAINTING-- Inter. exter., f 7 est., Ins., 20 yrs. exoer. GE 3-J . PAINTING, papering. Inside f, j 20 vrs. exn Frc? Clt- GA 3-4 1. PAINTING - p.'aslering t. Paper «. Lew rates. 435-S9M or 591-2 PAINTING. 1st Class work. F 10 est. Start now. Burns. 428-1 e PAINTING. Inside cut. Fas . r* Apt. rio'js* special. 430-5 PAINTING-- H'oh quality work dc £ reasonatory- Free est. 47445 2 Miscellaneous for Sale / 2 1 V/HEEL luggase trailer, facie ftiai!e, ses, Hunt's Auto Reoa 6500 E. Alcncra, Paramcunl. Miscellaneous for Sale 'j : nAUAl , UUNAI 7 p From Souihern C --FURNITURE-- 4 * rargn, washirj, TVi, r*tfie IS "nrf mattrtsi, $11. · A2-65 D S f AnttQuet, dishes, cook plus-- Every Irpe * descrlpifc 'I MILITARY ORDER ? Charlered b '· . _ _ 11 ' ri Lok.wcod, ME 3-0764 , n Orangt County. JE 7-9120 1 Painting, Paperhanging J. C. Holland Painfing Co. Vtry reasonab.e prices.' Low down up to 2 vs. to pay. All work rias a wrll'en ouaranle*. SPECIALIZE \H EXTERIOR Also InttrJof. proltct vourittf against llabMllv by h ring Lie., INSURED J BONDED painters. Reasonable rates 42 1 -5690 V All Work Guaranteed INTcRIOR-cXTcKIOR For tree csUmate call Mr. Graves 425-6 1 32 429-7 1 26 KcLIABLc FAIINIIINo YOU CAN DEPEND ON US. Bonded -- Licensed -- Irnured 438-II69 YOU BUY PAINT) I PAINT /ANT a neat paint Iob7 KIlcMn oung* or den. Call us. Cablne work a specialty, sallslacllon cuai\ Free est. Eves. 423-7622 · INTERIOR-EXTERIOR Brush, spray, roll. 25 vrs." exo. All work Euarantttd, Very «a». Call Anytime GA 3-6389 OB PRIESTLY H\5-7W? WALLPAPER 2 BFPROOMS tto Incrixfes paper and labor ^ 'AINTING- cuilom hand decor a 'g, Suaniif) combing, antiou- \r,y. In) ext. Free estimate. AVERAGE ROOM $14 Ex erlor stucco bungalow, S19S. Best ref- materials. 432-3S5] L. H. SPAINHOWER Pa ntlng decora] ng-- Bended InsuredT GA 7-1D93 or TO 6-7575 "AIMTING -- Rtllible Reasonable. Don an xlnt. loo. Celt Bob, days MAdlson 4-MOS; «ves NO 5-168! PA NTIMG. Interior-exterior trim work. Also windows walls wasted. USJXmi 432-8866 PAINTING PATCHING, EXTERIOR INTERIOR. OA 2-5567 SCAND1NANVIAN We r kmanshlp. Pa ntlng Inside S, out. 437.20 SPECIALIZE In ename . Kltctwns 8, bath. Licensed. Fre» esl. 59I-5M Pet Care EXPERT groccnlng cllpplno, ill breeds. Special boarding rates. KENNEL KARE GE 8-7927 Piano Tuning PIANO tuning recalrlng. Call Sammy me Piano Tuner. HE 7-M23 Plastering ADDITION SPECIALIST PLASTERING LATHING Acoustical ceilings/ patching/ re- si ucu. Lie. Ins. Reas. Fr«c est GA 2-4541 V. DAVIS ACOUSTIC Celllna SPECIAL ST Old ceilings mada n*w. Fix any ceilings. No more cracks! Sound heal control. Move no furnllur*. LIC. int. BonHM. Allor GA 7-S63I. A SPECIALIST In small plaster- palctilng. pa own work. 1 day service. J13S-6744 for prompt serv. PLASTERING -- patchwork-stucco chimney repairs rebuilding. Free 6 St. C. Hesler 630-2M4 PLASTER or cement pilchlnj. Small lobs. Xlnt. wot*. 436-3502 ACCOUSTICAL ceilings -- machine applied. Ltc. Contr. GA 4-9377 PATCH plastering our spedaty. EXPERT WORK: GUAR. GA 5-8007 SMALL PATCHING-- InsWe or O'J . Anytime. TO 64411 i 925-5726 Ray CEILINGS -- Piaster patch, stucco Mich. No lob too small. GE 4-833. PATCH work, slucco, acoustic cell- ing. 59S-231B; 4M7I6I. SMALL or Igc. oatchlng, reslucco. Fast service 8, reas. 925-1452. FOR SMALL PATCHES -- CALL GE 1-7373. 30 years experience. PATCH-LARGE OR SMALL 1 DAY SERVICE 422-71J5 PATCH or new wcrk no lob too small. GA 4-3565 Plumbing, Heating PLUMBING -- S6 HOUR NO TRAVEL TIME CHARGE Stoppages i repairs. GA 2-6947 LIC. PLUMBING CONTRACTOR-additions, remodeling/ repaln. Water healer, etc. GE 3-5339 KARLSON f. SON. Stale Lie. Re- PvlP IrlSr"' 0 TM- L " e «!!.jJft STOPPAGES and REPAIRS LICENSED and INSURED. BACKMAN Piumhlno GE 4-1S6S Refrigeration REFRIG, Serv. repair. Domestic comm'l. Reas. rates. 432-2220 Roofing WHITCOMB ROOFING CORP. For the BEST In new or reroof- ng, call TOLL-FREE 865-5234 Eves. 4!i-2MO BLT-WELL ROOF CO. ft El . 1936 WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS No dn. ovrnt. Bank terms. ALL types recover (24 hr.) UN 4-7566 500 BLUE CHIP STAMPS , DEPENDABLE Roof Co. GE 9-443 RE-ROOF WITH SEARS t HE 5-0121, Ext. 264, 450 L.B. Bl old. Free eslimate. 429-523 ; Rubbish Disposal - YOUR garage cleaned rubblsr \ hauled av;av, SIO. GE S-E67 . ,- Sandblasting " Sandblasting Restucco DICK-- WA SW379 Bob-434^86 J. SANDBLASTING - RESTUCCO. Ven n reasonabfe. Lie. GE 1-293 XI stucco. Fres estimates. GA 4-3« Sheet Metal Blowers Fans - FANS, blowers for venlllallng re tauranli, hon^es bldgs. Kltche - sinks and hoods, stainless $lc s. work, cullers conductors. Hal L arc welding. Marint sneet met and repair woix. c MacCLOSKEY SHEET METAL -,i 1315 w. nth si. HE nr RAIN GUTTERS, sheet metal wor Save S « S G A 25 H Termite Control E HANS TERMITE COMPANY B FULL Disclosure Inspccllon b D State Lie. Inswfor. 423-33. TERMITES. ROACHES. Free es Amjr. Termite. Co. 437-50 ^ Tree Service 7 BILL ALLEN TREE SERVICE CC INSURED-LICENSED GE 8-41 n JOE RIDDLES Tree Service. Fr ^7 eslm. Licensed, nsurid. GAWr e. REMOVE-TRIM--HAUL AWA1 « Upholstering ul REUPHOLSTERY sail Oil 0 £n Free esllmales. 3 genera Ions - uptiolsTerlng. Tayicr Ma'd U TM hslslerv. GA 3-8369 Or NE 1-M T. AAA FURNITURE 431-08 K RcUphoisler DAVENO 8. CHA " FABRIC J67.59, NAUGAHYO al. S72.50. Labor materials includ 23 SOFA 541.50-- rnitcMng chair J22 ··a Includes labor i- malerla . f 50. arm caps. 436-C4I1 or 423-1723 '2 MiscclloneousforSale7, rv ELEC. tdti-r.o machine; also me :r, band law. Ltt» ij|w. Sjcrlnce rZMIseelloneow for Sole 7 'ED ITEMS Aliforrra'i Fineif Stores -- CLOTHIMG-- Men's. V/af7itn% Children's t. complete wardrbe g lor every eccai'on -- H«li la shoes, wet*, dress, play, EPARTMENT no ultnilli, curtains drape* HI el item med in lh« Am*rlcH ho mi OF THE PURPLE HEART y th6 U.S. Congress 1 1 89 E. Anaheim St., L.B. [Corntr Or«»9« t Aiatwlm) Iscfttawou* for Sate 72 N BROCHURE DETAILS cveral ntw dlttei «ignet, Mane ln*jitrl»l. Ntw General Aofri Dleiel-- M«W 4-71 *P«r* wrti. Over 500 tons M»rln* Die wnj»n»nl$. Twin Dtic r«*Kllori iMr *nd parti, · N»w Rockford TM »owtr Take-offs. Engirt wrti for FU ivda, Htrculej, FilrbanXWAone, 7 eve land, Copper-Btutmtr.. Die- a i« shoo tqulwntnJ. Tooli, *lr p wnpriJWTSi *lr tool), lool DOXM. rr io* fittlr.os.Our conufett .PMJ *· , M-ochvrt with over 200 detailed ~l niptctlon Will be suit pfompllv _ xi request. New .tiileDil for Con. HA rscTors, Tnjcker$, Workboat ooer- b tors. Flshernun, AUrln* Shop)/ l joltijf Repair shops, and many 77 slhirV. AU Iftls rnflcrUI will b« *·* *ropertv of ind M EM sold on J Su E£ 1 YI MS W. Afidrtttm, Long ni Beach, Cailfcrnlt. Aucllon to be conducted bv STinley M. Friedman Co.. 115 Poit 51.. San Fran- ! : ico and Sid Oil row, Auctioneers, 223 So. FHKHroa, L« An a ties. ( :ontatl any of th« above cr phone Lono Beach-- HE 54331 iJr brochure and del alii. \ WATER HEATERS -Yr. Guar-Spadal Prices Steel Tank* Gfsu Lined Tanks -^ 40 oal. 526,95 40 oal. SW.V5 x X sal. SU.95 3D sal. $M.W 20 flal. $31.95 . 20 oal. $24.ft ,, Completerv Rtcondlllooed Conform to Aor. Safely Standard! Alto new IQ-vr. cur«ntet heaters at camoellNve orlces L S PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. mi H. Anaheim, L.B. GE 8-2500 ~p EWALT table law, «5; air cond., r" «5; air cooler, 51o,- bolar* tanks. ° J25 $8; two 700x15 6 01V tires wheels, HO *B(h Trait'Oceanlc p MO; V/erfQBwood range, '510; BBS dryer, ,*»; tteclrlc edwr, $10; Toro lawnmower, J5G; clecrrk heater, J5; B»r-B.Qu* w/elect. sdt, $10; 6 rolls roofing Dacer; 1 roil building pawn, 52 roll; rol wire fencing, W. 41 V/. Del Amo 0 DISPLAY taWes; 150 oln racks B, Diner*; r.ilrrors, all sizes, man - kins, womsn chlidrwu; bust: 3 DleboTd filing cablnels; Regular Wing cablnels; 4 NCR pcitlnp oil ing machine*/' chairs; office desks filet; wood class shtlv- Ira; cfrmolele tddr«soBra«i dept; check sltrner; check protector; curtain rods/ refrigerator; cokr mactilne; 19« Chevy station w* on, other Item i loo numerous to mention. · - i Columbia 112 Pacific HE 2-M61 GARBAGE DISPOSERS NEW-LATEST MODELS *39-- Whlrltway . .522.45 £533 -- Intlnkeralor $76.45 |7-- Inslnkeratnr t41? CELEBRITIES APPAREL Hi-Fashion on Low Budgst Exaurslte wardrobes. Unusual accessories. Also men's 3J-46. 1233 E. 4th, Long Beach SALVAGE MASTERS PJwd., doors, windows, hrdwds.. plumbing, formica, sir condrtton- *TM° SALVAGE MASTERS 21720 Norwalk Blvd. Both yards open Wi days KIRBY VACUUMS Attachment*, winner, reccnd. $49.50 1411 CHERRY AVE. Long Beach FIBERLAY PLASTICS COMPLETE SUPPLIES Pourtno of crapes every Wednesday, Fre* demonstration -Saturday 12 fo 3. U5-43U. 2053 Santa Fe. 300 SQ. YDS. of continuous fllimtnt NYLON CARPETING roll tflds. Va ues K.95 to $7.95 so. vd. Now $2,95 KT. yd. All laro* pticts. Lwo Be»ch Furnltu/r Co. 6th LoTt? Beach B 1 vd. USED BUILDING MATERIALS -Used store fixtures · counters. Lumber, class, plywd. plumbing LONG BEACH Fcnc« It MlterTaT 3444 E. Anaheim St. GE 94W) FULL Ml mtn's oo if clubs. b» cart. Olymolc HI-FI Censole w/4 iceed chancer, top* recorder radfo. Set of slereo awaken -walnut enclojure, pn. 431-4061. CANVAS, awnimn, tarps, boat eov- §000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-550 ;' ME 3 077] WELL keat carpets sfisw the results ot regular Blue Lustre soot c eanlnff.. Rent eleclrlc inanv Dooer XI. Irnoerlal Hardware Co. Tank Canister Vacuums AT 1411 CHERRY AVE. TV 4 Radfo tubes-- save up to TDK DIAMOND -- V/eddlng «ni«mble nsver used -- 24 carat oord. $200. S60 firm ,22 cal. rifle. Re-jaer rotary cllo -- clng. case, ISO fTrm. never used. 424-1 f 7? RESTAURANT -- EqurrJ. Cash reg* Ister, freeur* eric, fryer prill, pi n a oven, italn^esi steel iirJcs, drtrJc dlipenser, carb. Very reai, Call 429-45H, 2tt. 5 D.m. OLD oak jecrelary; trunks; stwfrg rnach.; pTcT. frames; Indian rugs. TRADER PETE'S, 531 E. 4th St. Ooen Mon.-Frl. 'til 9; Sun. 12-*. WE BUY SCRAP METALS, ron, unit car, bstt.. etc. Paramount Sales* 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 3-C77; GOLF club* "Vlctura" 4-wood» Irons, $85. Fine cfd barber chair, £50.. !3S? Alondra, BtH(IOYV«r. (Ooen 7 davsl, NEW TRASH CANS u»d cms, sl«! t flbcA A-l. GA4-1S14, Mfal Lo.-.g Beach Blvd. REDUCING TABLES, REHT-- BUY. stauffer Relfixacrsor, Vlcrator, Balti. Salon Vfilfs. 2eTgler Facial Eierclser. HE S.«a70; GE 9-31I7 LIMITED T(ME ONLY Cmtam draperies made SI per wrdlh. labor. Call Dealer's DKO- ralor Service, 434-3884. TRASH CANS $2.95 Werdir.a. Lawn mowers sfiaro. U SMI Cherry. GA 3-4613 17 davsl. WALNUT -- RourJ pedtslal faSle; fvp-ewrller; !e»er trays; books, frarned U.S. map; silverware; Col. floor larrto, elc. 3512 Malr.e WE V/ILL MEET OR BEAT All Adverted Prices FIRESTONE CAMERA HI-FI . 94?4 E. Flreslon* Blvd., Oownty , KENMORE wrlrwer washer, 3 vrs i old; WcLana power edaer, neve ' used; harKj lawn mower. e«r RELAXACIZOR. like new, cotl use Come oulck, »135. Rear, I35S Pasa dena. 36 American Heritage Maaaz r.e Aor. 1«0 -Dec. 1945 $».M »:CO a.m.-3:00 D.m. 430-B74 1 MAYTAG aulo. washer, 3 cvcre. Ilk 1 new. S4S; girl's U" bike. SIS. 94( : Fosler Rd.. Bellllmer. lW-fc. 1 MEN'S clothes-- « while sWrls, 14A 37; sirils size 33; slacks; soor , coat. HA 5-687 ; WHITE ccnscre sevrlno machine w ; atracnmenlSj US. Antloue walnu TIFFANY lame, cane rialr, elc turei, silver pieces, mirror, all- TV, tVPtwrller. + 437-477 ¥ CRIB-- w/maltresi, SIS. Net oorlz J crib, SIS. Maple high chair, s t. Dbl. llroirer. JlO, (OWi: - G.E. aulom. washer, cood cond S35. Old upright pfano, neetfi n finish, S7i/ Call TO 6-03! ,, WEDDING-- *ess,slie 10, $50. Cor M formal. Hi. 10, S20. 4J1-I7! HOSPITAL BEO ADJUSTABLE s: 13 Beelers, J7M E. 7lh C!E »-7« ' UPHOLSTERY Isbrlc, 7Sc vard CLOTHES poles., etc. li nailed, renarr. rel'M. 9J5-5 '· PIPE ffweadlna machine, sol pit of fillings. 433-3449 after S P.M. f USED carcelj t rlmnanli i lln i- leura. Prlv. Parlv. GA 7-14 'j WALL heaten. KMO BTU, «7 3 w/IMrmostat, S».9S. NE 940 Id RELAX-A-CIZOR FOR FIRM R r 0 cue ING. Late model. 430-W4 ce V/IGS, 100% human hair. Ctoseou SM. Aoua Vila Dlst. 453-4W3. 2~ DOLLS, clolhes, oarts, repa course, supplies, fools, flii-M70 at H 5» A APPLETOir 434-45 i FLUORESCENT lights Uled 4 nr. RUG WOOL oval Drilled, SS llxlS S1J. HA 1-5316. Neighborhood Garage Sates 72- refrlo. Pentron wrlabfe fape t corder; 1958 AJS fwai- mo i cvcre, exccCienl cond. $350; H llcrafler rarlo, model S3I. cc i ers polke flr ere., 15} la mepicvcfes; 1915 model T Fc lour!ng, restored, best offer, m trade. Call af 5:30 pm. HA 9-14 WEiTINGKOUSE washer t. dry 1 S-lon air COM. Filrly Jw« 2434 Regwav; 417-1941. DUNCAN PhvPt coucrt din room set with uptel. chairs pads, tea cart. Cheap. GE -H Hems. 15M Shermatl Plac« -blot* E. ol Cherry. FURN. ft MISC. FURNISHIN FROM ESTATE: )2~4»57. ilqhbotriVxxJ orog« SoJtM 72A i r L ^^^f 1 "-MTM RN1TURE, household, vafd, leelj, l records player, books, tmaM opl ences. Rocks-rough, slked 8. oTlshed. 230 Adams, NLB ME brcwit, dishes, clothes, rugi, nanv misc., cheap. JlO Eixlra. MILTO.1 17 lewel while gold A and. 1? perfect diamonds. S150. :ves. GA 7-7417 Sit. 1 Sun. an 7 K. LADIES diamond ring w/2 '.it diamonds, SI.IOO. 4!l-«18. porting Goods 72-1 NS-- reloading equipment sug- !l«s, 3046 RemWigtori deluxe vtnp, Baucn LOmb 7V4X4; Ij a. Remington dlx. skeet ovmp, :u)ts, extra lubes; 12 ga. .Fox B fouwe, cut down; 3*04 Diet; 1! · SUN'S-- SUNS ^ OD«n eves 'til 9-- Universal Arms, 5501 Paramount Blvd., Paramt. SSO-S3I3 4 MAUSER sportster rifle, like new. IVi Wtiver icoix, post mount, shock pad. $155 ammo Incl. h-jnttog reg. avail. GA 2-2611 POOL TABLES WTio esale prtced. 100% financing. Home coin operaled. M1-44JS OOL TABLES -- Slate, «1-8W. DRDON » SMITH surf board concave ¥ 7". Clear. GE e-1414 umiture for Sale 73 $30 · DOWN home with all' new furni Will furnish your entire ture, including range, re- frig., TV, dining room, living room bedroom sets. Free Parking Free Delivery Out of Slate Credit OK LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. 6TH L.B. Blvd. Dnin. OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 Tuei. 8. Sal. 'til 4 Closed Sundays L-ARHROrK n M r\ u i\ w v_ i\ MAPLE Brand ntw, never uwd 4-rcwn croup. Includes 7-plec* pfneacnie poster bedroom UT with massive il -drawer dfesser and triate m ran 2 nlle slAnjJs, 2nd b*drocm nctudei twin bedi. Atso Ear American living room ensemb with beautiful tables and lam Map · dlntriB room group Incl IK taW», 4 chairs, buffet «nd nulch. Orlo natlv priced to sill for il29v. Our prlct only 3S?7. *10 delivers. Cash terms, w i l l separate for oulck sale. O. S. PETERSON FURNITURE CO.; SINCE 1W3 5390 L.B. B!. GA 2-7896 Dally 10-9, Sit. ?:»·*, Sun. 12J BFTRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET Mod. Living m. wt» _ . - «*9 Lamps labln ~ W DTnet * «etl, 5-pc. . , , £ 2 9 Mod. Bedroom sets __TM__ $SS ferine* Mitts., *a. _ « tove, guaranteed «^ -- ·" §efr orilor, ov'ar. . . _ .M unk set. como. w/matls. $49 Cheil!. 4 ova«»r - .. - .JIC HlrJe.a-l»d, . _ _ «J 1131 GiViola. L.B. HE 7-44M OH Kit! St. bet. OranM 8. cnerrv NEW-USED Save the Warehse Way STOVES REFRIGERATORS Ltvlno rocm, bedjcom. rues, 'linellei, thesis, lamps, etc. BARGAINS GALORE 1 - 2 - 3 ROOM GROUPS $ S SAVE * S Leonards furn. Wnse. 5588 Atlantic, Terms LOOK! All new 4-;m. culllt coma e · S266.U. Low tfown pyt. ferms to *""" C. C. LIQUIDATORS 1855 E. ANAHEIM 591-1915 OMn Mon.-Wed.-Frl. Eves. COMMUNITY AUCTION-- 15010 Haw thorns Blvd.-- every Wtd. nlte, 7 p.m.. Sun. 10 a.m. Trie Auction that tells betler grao turnyappl WE ALSO BUY and 00 PAY MORE for Iht test. Cifl SP 5-177 OS 6-3127. Auttlcn Twice Weekly HOTEL APT OWNERS BIG DISCOUNTS ON HIDE A BEDS' 24 to choose from for Immedla de Iverv. Priced a I low as SS9.95 ncludlng Tnneriorina mattress Free Olllverv. B F Transfer 1131 Gavlota, L!B. HE 7*15 8 -PIECE KING-SIZE Ixdroem ;e Danish walngt, complete. Relurne frcm model, all only J2W. Reo u ar J499.95. Lonu Beach Furniture «h juxf-Lona Beach Blvd. 5-PIECE Walnut Bedrm. Sel in dudes Mr. 8. Mrs. Ornur, 2 nil stands a, heiiboard, !1J. Loni Beacn Furnllure Co., dirt L.B Bl^d.. Downtown L.B. Must Leave State 4 ROOMS old lurnllura incluaiii ranee, refrig. TV. All for S 5 or sell stparatelv. «J-«29. a le 5. Weekdays or weekends. TWIN'S baby furn.-- 2 beds compl w'sorlnos matt., chrome foTc · ma hi* chairs. Make offe HOUSEHOLD 'urnlhJre i. aopl ances. 1683 E. IHh. Aft. 4:S X30-6C31. ITALIAN provincial marble table TWIN bed, tax spclng 4 mal kneehole desk i cfiafr; S-oVaw chest. All mipte. 633-30J2 BARGAINS: sofa; chain, table bdrm. set; russ, lannpi; bujk die its: MISC. Call 6A 7-S7D7. S 2 PC COUCH 8. CHAIR, new «79. 3 RM CROUPS all new --..S2». - COUSINS Furn. 1C65 L.B. Ely j WE'RE lluck, SS solas, clialrs sectionals. UD lo S0% off. Tayk , Maid. 6551 Orange, Long Beac 1 TWIN bdrm. maple sef w/iorm malt. »l». Chrome dlrwlle s misc. HS5 PBttll. 4M-79M S D B L E . bed, Innersunr.g maurcss bJ«Drlnoi,,lirm. Like new, .Hi Venetian blinds, cd. cond. 634^! . SMALL sof« ISO; mUcel. fu/rjitw 2 U7 LUden, Apt. 1. 43S-KC . 50-2'PC. sola chain, J5?, TayJ ·- Mald:65U Oranae. GA 2-U 7 3 RMS. furn. * clario, zenim l eri hl.fl. pf. condT I47-15M. SOFA. 3 CHAIRS, IMt *-lNfci 0 Ike new Sacrifice. GE 4-2! - SPRINGS * MAT1 RESSESea. SS ITEMS HE 2-M BUFFET tutlch, walnut, like r.e ^ ilCO. Mhc. arlicits. 434-4 ^ TVT~hTdt.a.bed sort, olher ml ,- (Iki.. 1 chairs. GE 8-460S. T 3 PC. SeclWal Hide-a-nea a. en '· ui 3 chain, 1347 Pine. 43M « Furnihire for Sale * f ~i7 *-/-3 S ; r^fc/AxaL3 - H^Pf^^^^^^ * EvervthlM r : SLIGHT! ']' Knample: I templet* ran 73 oppllancei. SI 19.00. t-Z Jy clurfit Fre«ier-r«frlgerator ra O.I. auto, washer. Comple r- m. tait* wllh foblii A on "· !· cholc* of colon, plus ) M at trcmenclouf lavlnqs "n .j glcjoAtle Mfligi. - ticmii n jmlture for Sal* 73 , Furnltur* Wotttx) 75 'flf 25-Pc. Walnut Group GORGEOUS 1 1 Recent faclory close out purchase Inclures roomy dretstr, prate mrrror, 2 pile standi, w/drawen. Head board, , Tame, box spring and nuIL-ess-- -- rufoer soft chair (beautiful colors), 2 step tables, 1 coffee sold). 2 decoralor lamps, smarty styled dinlno stt, table w/leal 6 foam padded chairs. Posl- ll»£ly stunnlno prouol Tola! trice S33.M (lormcrfv sold for S645). for Youl f ADDED BONUS V. ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING O. S. PETERSON H FURNITURE CO.! SINCE 1W3 ^ 5390 L.B. Bl. GA 2-7896 ,, Dally \M. Sal. 9:50-6, Sun. 12-5 No Where-But No Where ONLY AT HUB! STARDUST croup -- ask lor prouo bv n«vnt. Llv. rm., we olfer b^autiM quilled sofa makhlng char. 2 matcnlntr ncva-mar wal- nul step tables colfee table, K. of lovely matcMnci table TIPS, alono with 1 sal In sofa cushion i. For th* betfrm. a Mr. Mrs, dtte dresser wllti mirror. 2 convntKfti , with malcnlncr panel headboard [this Incl. box sorlnos mittr«sm wllh 1 dreicr amps). For the dining area, beaullful mlnX color dlneli* lab e 8, 4 chairs, 1ncl. dishes. Now for Your klkhjn-- a b«aullfyl R Admiral refrrg. firil sire range K wHh klng-slie oven, all of this for 5707.20-- lax paid. With your oood credit, absolute minimum down 8. onty $4.35 a- wceV, Out o state credll welcome. HU S B E FUR L N!T A URE S« SO. L.B. BLVD., COMPTOH · S F TRANSFER NEW FURNITURE 11 runs, 9x12 __TM_..S18 22 Simmons Orlho quilted box spring matt., both S79 6 maple living rm sets W7 13 modern bdrm «ls ~SM (round, oval rsctanauiaf) ID i:iic1!ftnalt. sva B maple bdrm sets , 5?i SLIGHTLY DAMAGED GA 2-9M8 TERMS 592! ATLANTIC, L.B. - Mon.-Frl. 9-1 Sat. 4 SUIT. M * * * 5-ROOM GROUP WILL DELIVER TO RESPONSIBLE PARTY All new furniture p!u* stove, re- frig., washer, dry*r TV. Also Included-- 2 Bedroom sets, 1 with twin beds; living room furniture complete with 2 end tables, coffee ia We, lamps, pictures, rug and dlnelle ser. $7.50 PER MO. Full Price $2 14.84 OUT OF STATE CREDIT OK M.J.B. Discount Furniture 5318 L.B. Blvd., NLB Dally 10 a.m. lo 9 p.m. Saf. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Son. li lo 5 pjn. GA 3-SOOf .Intfapentfent, Fress-Telegram Home Furnishing and Merchandising Classified Advertising Code Any advertisement which contains mlsiedlrrfl capy li not acceptable. Arfvertfsfmentj placed by commercial advertisers must Include the "Firm Name" or word "Deat«r," Personal distress claims, and personal pronouns are nat acceptable from commercial advcrllsers. Pru-ases or claims Inferring mercfvar.due [ con* s r tmed are net accefltabJe. WANTED RfSDonslblfr DartY to malte pay- mDnls 0.1 5 rctxns of furniture ml. il?.iO per mo. Bal. S227. Consists of range, reErio., AM/FM slerco, TV, dinelle set, llvlr.8 rm. set compile, betfrcom set. ALL FURNITURE JUST LIKE NEW WAREHOUSE FURN. 2074 Santa Fe Ave. Phone HE 2-5469 CHEST of drawers; electr chord organ; bar stools; China caNne ; kkig-slze mattress springs. Dinette Lets. TRADER PETES, 521 E. 41h St. Open Mo.l.-Fri. 'til 9; Sun. 12-5. WALNUT BcVm. set, compl. wlln snrlno malt., mahogany Duncan Phyfe dining rtn. set. Virtue dlnelle set. Norge washer. Misc. GA 4-753? WE BUY-- SELL-- TRADE used furniture. CHIEF'S CORNER. 11808 so. Allanllc, Lvnwood. DUNCAN Phvle dlnlna tabu, « chairs; let of oak trundFt beds, call after 5 p.m. 427-5464 4 ROOMS of furnllura Incl. W" TV porfab e stereo. All or any cart. Phone 423-3041. Antiques 74 . MARKET ST. ANTIQUES j OPEN II AH TO 8 PM 1340 E. MARKET GA 5 S9J7 ATTIC SHOP OPEN SUNDAYS 9122 Arlesla. Bellflower U7437i 5 usual Items In stock. 591-7413 McKee'i Closet, M50 paclllc ' ANTIQUES, china, ofassware. SEW ing table collectors items. 23C Adams. NLB. ' ANTIQUES, prlv. pfv. WS4 Salurn Ave., Hunllngton Park. LU 7-5/9- WE need anllaues unusual Items 1«» Cherry. GE ««3. 12 -CU. ft. dbl rfoor Serve ga - refrto. Ice maker 5125. 431.8390 , Furniture Wonf«l 75 -; 1 PAY MORE for Furniture Appl . f and Antiques D. i L. FURNITURE 5 J4 hr. service. Ph. 433-04J I $ TOP DOLLAR $ K CASH7 2^°]548 UTES « Leonard's Auclton CASH 17 Br. fum. i appl's. GA3-M78. Jim e" BEST PRICES pa'J for oood to" a Call BIB Furnllure belori m - sell. 31M E. Anaheim. GE 4«l » ~ Spot Cash HE 2-3038 «· ANYTH1MG OF VALUE NEW OWNERS HEtU f USED FURM. APPLIAHCE « C i F Furn. 144J Cherry GE 8-063 If 4 YOUNG HAN STARTING NEED H Pianos · Furnllurt · Anllauej " YOU HEED CASK? WE NEE ee furni.ure, anlloucs, fS"C«l and f " r.-lc«_ Call Pat MO-m. w WA C D cash for gd. i*scd ,,'.'-'''; 47 antkwei, we", rtlrlg*. MS-" 1 "M. V/AHT TO BUY used furnlti/rc flDDilances, 43S-3? c USED FURH- appJ'ances wanlc E1-415I or UH S-*369 73Fumiture for Sale 7 r^^^fMjfflP^ ^^^^Jf/JZgff^^ BBWBHB^^^^^^ Claim Settled Boes Regardless LY SMOKED of new (urnlturt Incl. all ma or paymeifs of $4.25 w»«Hy. In, O'Kccl. Mcrrilt ga range, Fe dlncltt, beautiful decor living ps. Also fashionable bedroom set eu con purchase all or any part ow." Maiy, many olb«r Items at ICCAIIliT CIIQU .; 6086 AHartk Ave. GA 3-9078 TOP PRICES PAID! _On«BlKi or · h*jitlyl. cstaleSf business Invenlory REPP r MOTT'lNC. SOI E. Anaheim GE 94277 I Wo Buy S Sell Good Used Furnituro Appl. PARK FURNITURE 1100 LONG BEACH BLVD. PHONE 43W7J1 ^ASH MONEY - onsehold Appliances 78 fr BEST VALUES^ ^YTAG -- autom. wairwr. r«a : R1GIDA1RE -- wtom. 'wBlKeT like Sg»A i"* .n^K Tyr. V fm f'L. *M freezer, neat'n elean^ cvar. tIM rc«zer, ouar, ' . I L «3 =r :OLDSPOT-- refrio. guar, _. .533 K Atany more lo choose ·Tom. ^ HILL'S - 5650 ATLANTIC AVE. EFRIGERATORS - Washers-Ranges GOOD used refrlg.. cuar. . .S29.H GOOD Cross/Too refrlg. $49.95 RANGE, 30" eleclrlc 569.95 AWVHA 16', tot. freeie .499.95 ' DRYER, elect., new S99.95 s KELVItlATOR. new rclrlo. S119.SS SIO Mo. BUYS Any item NO CASH NEEDED BAKER'S, 9lh Peclilc Ave. Ooen eves. HE 2-3974 Step Up To Top Quality . G.E. refrlg., 10 cu. II. model w/ S gleaming new exl.. crlsaer, frozen _ c udes delivery 6 mas. guar. ' Bond's Stove Works, 96S E. 4 h St. HE 5 5669. Open Won. Frl. to 9, Sun. 10-5. y Step Up to Top Quality Gaffers Saltier gas range nlcclv recond. Thermo control oven. Tea me. 559 include delivery 6 mos guar. Bond's Stove Works. 965 E. 4th St. HE 5-5669, Open Mon. S. Frl. lo 9 Sun. 10-5. ONLY $25 O'Kcele i Merrill V/ashtr 1. Dry Combination. Call: HA 9-9551 =LECTRO sink center, comp ele w/dlshmaster c-jsn b-jltcn r.ol m xer. many other accessor es. Sacrifice S1SO. Belw. 5 B p.m. 2044 Orange, Costa Mesa. REFRIG. slove, apt. slie, exec . condition, SJO for bolh, or make offer. Call 439-1445 anvllmc. TOVES-- guaranteed - S39 REFRIGERATORS-- guaranteed 539 B F. HE 7-4458, 1131 Gpwto o UPRIGHT freezer; stove; drver; dlshwasher; exlra tee relrig; alr- cond. Sm. aopll. GA 7-6707. GE aot. slie refrigerator, cross- cp freezer. Good condition. 130. 1625E Soulh St.. L.B. USED i ft. retrlceralors. FricMalre aat. sl!e, 549.50. Alexander Electr c, 3105 E. Anaheim. CROSS tcp refrigerator/ good cond., FREEZER 6'x22", 6 mos. old, lop cond. S175 lakes. , 835-1960 LADY KENMORE dishwasher. 2 mss. old. Ph. (714) 675-3365. WEDGEWOOD gas ranee, good cond. SM. Call 925-1453 STOVE U); refrigerator «s. Good working condhlan. 632-6966. MUST sell CoDoer Tone 30" elect; c ranse. '65 Kenmore. Call 633-9959 REFRIG. WANTED-H!gh(Sl cash. Working or not. "Ben" HE 6-2336 6 USED FREEZERS, $60 UP. Dealer. 433-0331 COLDSPOT relrlg.. gas ranee. GA S-3602 after 8 PM APPLIANCES REFINISKED GUARAHTEED. 434-2947 KENMORE elcc'rlc ra-IB*. MO. Like new. Ph. 42M204. '60 MAYTAG aulomallc washer. $35. 1632 Walnut. Ant. 10, L.B. REFRIG. crosstcp. S35. Au cm. washer $35; TO 6-S667 KELVINATOR refrlg. 11 cu. t. X nt. cond. HA 5-215 2 USED sloves for sale, $23 e.ich. 429.4009 Musical Instruments 79 MEW G'jltar S12JO; New Elcc. Guitar SI9.50; VOX Am. with reverb Trade. 412-9006 Albert Music 209 E. Ocean Blvd. FENDER Bandmasler amp, brand new; Fender Mustang + case/ ace. Pert cond. Make olfer. HA 5-0843 FENDER Amplifier, $95. Harmonv guitar w/2 pick »s SiOO. 429-7IU after 5. WURLITZER Dual Manuel Sp'ret Organ, orlg $1,500. Sac. V4 price, aller 3 p.m. GE 1-3071 TRUMPET B-FPat, Hollo.1, like am. Case, 2 moulh pieces, $50. Call 425-5346, 10 lo 3. FENDER precision bass with case. 4 mo. o!d, Maxa olfer. Call Bob 644-5896. GRETCH dlx. drum set, 1 mo. old Blue Flame. MI-/648. TRUMPET, Getzen, Ooc Sevc-rinsen model. Will trade. HA 5-3WL 3-PIECE drum set v^svmbols, 2 mo. old. TO 6-6561. REPOSSESSED pfaver ^:ano, w/ rolls. Save S3«. 433-2401 Dlr. 3 PIECE drum set exlras. Like new. Call 634.3132 after 3 p.m. FENDER guitar amp., save $300 Pho.To Jay Rm. 135, 439-0906. Pianos Organs 79-A Over 40 Years Sound Exoerlence 3 Floors of Muslclal MerchancUst PLAYER PIANOS save .. SJTy Musette. Wurlilier, KFrnball S, mor SPINET PIANOS PR. $299 PRACTICE PIANOS FR. S12S UP TO 50% OFF : Wurlilier, Gulh, Lowrev mor SPINET ORGANS FR. S399 CHORD ORGANS FR. 5197 J! EHT _P|ANO S5 ORGAN $15 ths MUSI-CAL 334 Pine. Mon. Frl. fo 9 KE 6-92! Fins Quality Soinet Piano i Wal. mahg. . Special WE or rent opllon -- S7.95 mo. HUMPHREYS MUSIC CC [ Home of Slelnway 135 E. 3rd SI. Downtown LJB PIANO SALE Hew Danish Walnut America Made solnet pianos $38 Many Many mero to choose frorr Bolh New and Used Eslern's 3344 E. Pac. Csl. Hm j Sunday 1 lo J SILVERTONE Consola Chord Orga excel, cond. MasHe $110 wj tench B, music book. Call afk 7 D.m. 434-5673 WILL BUY USED ORGANS AN PIANOS FOR CASH HEmloCk 7-2271 WE BUY PIANOS Long Beacn Plans Co. 2951 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-70 LOWREY THOMAS ORGAN! Piano Sales Rentals i TAILFORD'S TO 7-00 S RENT-SELL-BUY-TUHE , ntW ' ' Ph: 437-3522' 13 HAMMOND So'net Organ, benc ^ wal. Like new. $615. 433-2401 0 PR IV. PTY. wants -lo buy olar D PIANO WANTED -- Private oar t- TE 4-5J55 - El GIN Baby Grand walnul oUn jj Xlnl corrfilion. S6M. 633-67JB · 'J REMODELED Kimoall oa-io. G: ; ccnd. $!». 431.5476. " V'/ANTED-PIANO. d. [in L.A.I 177-4533 -r MODERNIZED plaro. Excel, con A S1SO. Delivtrv. OA 6.0SB) - SACRIFICE BABY GRAND PIAI $650. KE 5 4094. - WALNUT im/lgM grand Piano. XI r cond. S129 or trade. TO 7-5 F Musical Instruction T f LEARN TO PLAY accordion gutlar-- your hcrr* or our stud Instruments furnished. M7-*. Radios Television I TV RENTALS -- $6 mo. i Rent fo Buy -- Free S*rv ce TV RENTALS - FREE OELIVEI No deoosit. llo credit. OPTION TO BUY li C H TV SERVICE 4 Colored t black white reo! Service -- day or eves. 925-5. Used TVs Moving Sale tt! t. up. St. tliS PACIFIC AV WANTED-Lale mod. porl. TV sland, gd. cond. Pay $50. 4324 TV'S, (25 up, buy or trade, ipalr,a5E.7Tn, HE9.I MAGNAVOX TV-Stereo con*. J! SiAjm. Call alter S P.M. '43 G.E. 19" TV, J50, good as IK S41 V/. 5lh St., Acl. 212. idle* T«ltvlilen 80 nr RENT NEW TV !, %A AAO K 4 /VVw. "i No Deposit -- Fr«e Servica K o !EHT "LVcSolfrf ^ 55 1420 Long Betch Blvd., Lynwood T NE 9-224! KC 12M5 EK W^art«i Grov. ^ r.V. LAND Til 9 UH. (2 spkrs.. mahog. cab. AM/FM) SYLVANIA color portible_1399.« ($14 down and S14 pio.) L » ZENITH 23" remote com. -SlJv.W " PH LCO 7V gusr. _ ... S29.95 Fr« service and delivery. B BAKERS, 9th Pc HF^jfe;; TV RENTALS M "COREY'S MU'S'IC'ITORE^ B CA TV entertainment cenler, black w rJaycr.'V^II consider reas. offer. B Ph: 424-7577 RENT TV-- NO DEPOSIT w Free del. 'Ill rnttnile ANYWHERE ,. 32J-1961 775-18S9 662-1301 S1 riY BUY a TV when BU reoalrs D good as new? Save many S. Guar. anlee. Estimates. 2535 E. Broadway GE 3-0073 A Hi-Fi Stereo 80-A - TEREO Tape Recorder. 4 mos. oW, . Akai Modol MS w/2 external speak- $ cording, cross fle'd head, - 2 VJ [ meters, 4 speed, $350. Ph: 436-4945 N GE STEREO SACRIFICE, $90 ; 434-9146 SUN. or AFTER 5 P.M. TEREO. Blond, Sllvertone, A"A-FM r radio. S6S. 831-965? Wanted -- Radio, L TV, HI-FI 8M T /ANTED for cash, ustd black - \vhile color TV sets. Atso hl-f1 E s ereo sets. D'r. 439-S377 FV f Radio Repair 81 PROMPT SERVICE calls. We have no gimmicks to oiler. Just gcod . dependable service, D A Y TV. Opcr 9:3(1 p^n., 7 days wk. Uled TVs. J317 Atlantic 427-4554 2.95. ScRV. CHG. (No cha. II not fixed In hcme). Free est. 7 days 8 a.m.-lO p.m. iVorkguar. All area. Aloha TV 723 W. Ocean HE 7-4716 JENSEN'S Radio and TV service. Ph. 434 E956 TV SERVICE $2, Lkwd. N.L.B. cref. HA 9-1790 eves., 940 Pine. FUDGE TV Reoalrs at reas. prices. 714 Gladys Aye. 434-58 9 Sewing Machines 82 £ SINGERS '65 AUTOMATIC ZIG 7AG (Divorce St.ttoiient) Comrttlt wllh vvalriul cabinet, Needs no attachments. EvcrvtNng built frt . . . buttor.hates lo fancy deilons. Reliable park Fo make las 7 Tjayn-.cnts of $9,U nr discount lor cash S59. Call Dlr. 423-3619 1966 WHITE ZlfMa?/ airfcmatic, walnut cabinet model, freight claim merchar^lic, only a few scra!«Jxs. Mach.r.e does everylhlng, wllti na altar.r ments. 10-vr. parli cuar., pay us caiTi or pay off atS5rno. Far free home trial cat! 923-67M anyllme. Dealer. " PFAFF, WMta, New Komn and VIk ng dealer. Save up to 5C%, Parks Sewfrur Centen 5361 Lena Beacti BLvrf. GA 2-3007. 10 BRAND NEW DELUXE 19S5 Autorn. Zlg.Z.a3 Sewing Ma- Pa'nt scra.Jed rn ihJp- pJriB. Sac. WO ««. Wrhs. ME 3-1157 10TH PINE SINCE: 1929 Sales, rtfiti. repairs parli SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE 97 Pine Ava. HE 6-«75 Office Sup., Equlp't. 84 FOR oocd worfc on vow- TV. Incl. color, at a fair orke, try ui. Cenlral TV Sain Scrvfce, 1??? Pine Ave., L.O. 436-W35. OVERSTOCKED Musi clear huge Inv. used office urn. 811 E. Co.Tipton Bl. c3S-4Ufi COKE mach., custa-n ftte cab.^ Lib* erator mlmeo. Paymaster chacfc- wrllcr, tlcc. paper sfiredtfer. Sac- rlfke, J3J-07W. DICTATING machine, Gruno*lD Em- hours total use, J215. 59-5Ma NATIONAL cesh reclster. Reas. 2941 Cherry Ave. 42S-4313 USED AntaTone -- like new reas, ELECTRIC tvoewrMers, ntar new, S3iO. HA 9-1672 Livestock 88 7 YR. old 3 1 Arab cddino. iorrelf, well brotce. 30 rr^s. Vi Arab flilv, gray, oreen broVe. WA 5-W14 QUARTER ^/ic, bay mare ilixJ colt. AAarc, oood shaw horse. Will sell separately. ^W-215X Pets 91 WOW!!! HERE'S WHAT YOU WANTED Clown Loaches $1.89 Sal. S. Sun. crJv. Re«f Tropfca PEiTi, 261 E. Alondra, Complon (IVi b'k! W. ol Allanllc. S3] MM) THE PUPPY HOUSE Pure mlxtd breed*. 1605 Para Blvd. WE 4-04S8. Oaen 10 lo 8. Boarding, Grooming 1 EXPERTS ALL 8REEOS KENKEL RARE GE i-7?n AFGHAN Kound. Aorlcot b«tce with black mask. 2 yrs., oaccrs, cham clon slock, gcod wllh children DOG GROOMING BY TRAINEES POODLES, TOYS 54, MIN. S5 TERRIERS, (IE1 WIRES, ETC. W SPANIELS 55. BV aDOI. 433-7!ll SCHNAUZERS-- Mb. male punnks Onlv 1 l«lt- 7 W*S o:d. AKC champ. Melmar, Jack Frost -GA 6-J054 or 714--527-3630. FOR ADOPTION Adorable Tlnv Mixed Beaa! j Houseuel. HA50OTI. African Basenji Pups Barkl»s dogs, AKC. GA 2437 ' WANTED a rKims w/fidults To lovable, shy, S no. oW DWY Please call 423-3039. pers. Ready lor new owner, 55C ; 7 GREAT Dane, 6 mas., ISO. GA 4-54HI or HE 74516 SLACK AFGAN, Sacrllce. Yoyo · mare. AKC. 43MSS1 r MONKEY, Caoc I' Kj?-- DACHSHUND mlnlBture AKC 9wk Stall. Black Un. TO 6-273 1 --Misc. 424.7W7 267 E. Nevad BLACK loy mln. French oocd * BEAGLE STUD SERVICE. AKC HE3-7J26 ,. AIREDALE 10 MONTHS. A.K.C - Phone 434-9278 , c PURE brtrj k mlxtd tras LAZ 5 - DAY KENNELS. KO-3S r WANTED: PUPPIES FOR CAS1 f' ME 4-04S8 £ M1N. DACHSHUND llud Service. w AKC Reg. Sable. HA i(K "· qualltv. (714) 531.14*2 alt. S D.n - BASSET Haara cuno'cs. AKC. m» «· 1. female S7i: efi. S9*.»»l. -, 4 MINIATURE poo^es. AKC re " Istereil, 2 mos. ok). 4J8-13I7. - PUPPIES v;antcd !o.' cas*ll 02 L.B. Blvd., Lynwcorl. LO 9-74 rr V/IRE HAIR Fox Terrier PUD "· chamo:on slwk. AKC. 4J5-6S ~n SILVER Tov Poodle, see 1o acore 0 AKC. Ph: S«U :r POODLES-- BUcfc mln. AKC Exc ^ dlSDOllllon, itwls. 430-f5 -i GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. S B SILVERCREST KENNELS. 434-17 T, TOY it TINY AKC poodle tufcl S! S43 up. GA -n Ti A.K.C. COCKER pups. Champ ~ slock Ph 430-84 GERM, SHEP. PUP). AKC bl ^ for lemp./ Inlell. beaulv. S9J-0 " SPRINGER iltos, AKC, Jhots, C J R CHOWS 8. poodles. Pups t, stu AKC neaullisl NE9! =S 3 POODLES, choc, t tlack. Mai iy 430. 1162 Loma Vlsts Dr. 1 YEAR old DCrlable SlrxKf K ~ TROPICAL FISH HOUSE ., 1409 CHERRY AVE. 1? WEIMERANER, male 1 year o UNDERWOOD standard ryDcmrl' E. 12" carriage, 1» GA 44447. *{ Miscellaneous for Rent f re- EASILY accessible caraoe. (12 JW 394 CORONA DO GE 4-2 X. NLB-- Sgl. or dtx. cir«« (cr or storage. 4/8^4 w. GARAGE FOR STORAGE 5J IFOR RENT) " DELUXE ARTS. . ch«i, dlslw, 1 IrKnh pool , niH, V.Trm S30 wk. or 14 Mr day D. 2teO L.B. Blv*. ' iNA Hjlel »1» **. u?. Ma|d.. TEL ABERDEEN! »9 wk. Uf Birt loo. 134 E. lit. Call HE J-flll TCHEN, TV. POOL S30 wk. up. iiT W. Wtlflc Cs). Hwy. 432-9158 ATTENTION MEN Rooms 510 up. 5366 Long Beach Blvd. LMONT Sbore Altr. Clian qu'et. tf. entr., Prlv. palfi, tmpl. man. Wt. GE 44744 all. 6 D.m. KEWOOD -- Larg« sleeping room or mature man, working days. :sll aller 4 p.m. 4294JS07 XBY KNOLLS-ovtr Bar. prlv w/ balh llneni, titll. Em;J. man. !5. AN empl. Clean, well .lurn. rm. ABO 2 rm apl. 1424 Linden ILLFLOWER-- Lge. rm. In beaul. home, wllh pool. SiS wk. TO 7-1H6 Q _ P R | V . BATH ENTR. 4143 Founlaln off TcnnL-,o at ixn Wk. =L. SHORE; prl. ent., bath, pallo* win beds. 168 Claremon! 434 8SJ7. ELL FURN. quid room, prlv. Retired lady. 439-7471. S WK. Loe, new rm., prt. emr., prTMSslhTMl E. Arlesla. 4K.9931 psrklr.g. J9. Wen. 376 W. ICIh LAMITOS Bav home lo $nare vfllh olher men. References. GE E-6063 DNTN. »JO. Hikpo. Prlv. Water, shower, parking. ]200 Alamlto^. U MO., or SIS wk. up, also apis. 1777 Cherry. HE 5-1431. ICE c ean rms. Kitchen prlvll. 59 **. UP 731 W. HI. 432-9455 linen, nr. downtown. 1327 Cheslnut. NTN. tiskpg., shower, parking. 19 up. 419 W. 5lh 8. 4» Cheslnul. ADY PENSIONERS, NIC| C HOM| 29 MO. CLEAN. SHOWER. HEN ONLY 47 LIME AVE. "ACH. APT. $13 WK. Men. Phone servce. Parking. S9I-4197. loom and Board 100 BDRM., 1V^ baih, {(replace, Incd. vard. Bll-lns. Mr. Douglas, 5155 vr. ea». 51» Skylark Lane, Hur.tlnglon Geacn. 00ft\-- board. Good mea'.i. Men cnlv. 321 V/Iiconsln. AANY Mansions (or senior cltlTens. men women. Call TO 6-4146. WAN-- Good locd, shcwer t balh, nriv. horne. 3»1 Wnlrxil. KE 5-22W ^EN-- Emptoved, centrally toe,, iw. trnsp. 432-1338 or 435-1SS4. N.L.B.-- Beard, room i lloht laundry. 414 E. 551(1. 422-0131. 300D HOME (or man. Excel, lood. TV room. 520. 427-8041) Rentals-- To Shore 102 VILL SHARE mv loe. 7-bdrnl. aol, with 1 or 2 olrls. 1010 E. 7lh, Aot. 10. 432-157, 9 a.m. lo 4:33 pjn. SEMI-RETIRED ladv will share or lease lovely 2-br. Seal Beach apl. Call 430-2378. Leisure W. SHARE ho-ne-Mature lady aoprox. Pool, ress. Sm 634-EJ22 or alt. 6 WOMAN to share Ige. sunny apl. Cfoie In. S3S mo. 436 6092 3ACHELOR 1r share home w/same. No smoke cr druik. 430-9915. LADY share mv Lkwd. 2-Btfrm., 2 balh home wllh same. WA 5-1755 GIRL to share 1-BR. apt. w/same. Downlow/i. 432-8252. Duplexes and Flats 103 (FURNISHED! «0 -- IMMACULATE. Mod. 1-Br., quiet rear, s/s duplex, pallo. Flr.e ocallon. Adulli. Ko pets; 132-0744 J9i LOWER large 1 Br., dlr. rm.. exlrd bed, wAv carpet. Adults. No pets. 3336 E. 3rd. 2-BDRMS. BEAUTIFUL, ROOMY ucpsr. -baby cr teen ok. Clean. 1043 Stanley. 434-1304; 427-4483 ATTR. lurn. immac. 1-ir. Just rt- dec. lor respon. aojlt. Reas. rent. 1494 Hi«!c-rscn. HE 5-0355.439-1676 560 LGE. bwtr. Nr. stores. Ulll. patd. Irra. Apt. 5, 1044 Coronato NLB-- 402 E. LOUISE. I-BR. Duox. Gar. 577.50. GA 2-1286; 925-3393 MODERN too. 1-Br. Clean, adulli. 3520-B E. 2nd. 535 mo. GE 4-6457 .BDRM. -- 565 MO. DISPOSAL. ADULTS. CLEAN. 434-65J3 LGE., 1-BR., carpels, ulllMIes oald. Adulll. 426-3502 570. 1 Bdim. Nr. shops, but, every- Ihlng. HJlVj Daoion. 429-2SS4 mo. 185 E. Pleasant. GA 2-4^3 575-- LGE. 1 br. lower, yd. -|ndrv. Mgr. 1457 E. 3rd SI. CLEAN Ige. Sgle., 1 adult. MS mo. Nr. bus line. 1949 Lime. 545-- 1-Bdrm. Nr. shops bus. Child O.K. 435-A Cerrllos. 437-3439 SPACIOUS 2-ar., 4 occupants. Ntar Blxby Park. 274S E. 2nd. 434-1610 5115 MO. ?-br.. all elec, w/w cpl.. drapes. 221 E. Artella. 422-9937 NEAR new Naw Hosp. Clean. Lge. 1-Ddrm., parllv lurn. TE 5-S455 1 BDRM.. ulll. lurn., newly decor. Sharp. S65. 2449 Lemon. N.L.B. 1-BR. r.r. store bus. Gar. Adulll No pels. S-U. GA 8-2905 NR ISlh LINDEN 2 3R. UPPER nr schl. fenced. 5(7.50. GE 9-5875 17 ST. JOSEPH-- Nr. bead!, Ige. upper 2 BR. W/w cpl. Gar. Ope.i 1-4 T BDRM. Utilities paid. 580. 72S E. 21st St. 565 ATTRACTIVE well torn. LBR. ln(anl OK. 823 Hoffman. HE5-29S3 Duplexes and Flats 104 (UNFURNISHED) jlCE: 1-Bdrm duolex. Spotless. Crp).. drapes. Nr. Recreation Park. 1145 Umalllla, 1 bile W. ol Termlno, S. of Aaahtlm. 570. 434-24JS. KING me studio, patio, bum-lns, newer. 5105--1 vr. Tease. CWIdreo. nolla area. GE !-3101. BRAND new all e!eclrlc 2 Br., w/w, drapes, air cordllloncd, garages. 22J4 Elm. GA 4-1773 LARGE dean lower front 2 br.. like new. E. side, drapes, W'W panels, dISP. 5125. Adits. HE £-3316 NICE fenced yard. Children oh. 3-BR. duafex. Soaca lor washer. Giraoe. Reasonable. GE 8-7315 NLB Lge. 2-bdrm., w/w, gar., water pd. Close lo stores bus lln»: alu l-br. 5050 Orange GA 4.1891 , CALIF. HTS. 5115. Lovely Mjdrm. r upper, den, (ormal dfn. rm. Gar, Ar/uitt. 3726 Lewis AVB. GA 4-2«66 595 MO. 3-br., gar. Lnc. on Monldlr · Dino center. Call GE 9-96S3. NLB DUP. l-br., garbage dlsp., gar., ^xIv;d. firs. 5*3? CallforrJa. GA 3-3350 wkdayi alfer 5. " LYNV/OOD-570. 1-BR. Hew w. lo w. paint. Range, refrlg., dlsp. Gar. Prfeldirlv. 12121 Louise NE 2-4S!9 - LGE. 2-Br. newly dec., gar., vd. Walking distance to (own. 5100. Adults, no pets. 1064 E. 2nd CONVERTIBLE 1-BR.: 560. WILL HELP DECORATE. 1454 MAG- NOLlA AVE. GA 7-9671 ' 2-Br duplex. Signal Kill, fenced s back vo., oar., stove *· refrlg. Vr blk. elemenlary schl. (714) 892-6J19 ·- LGE dlx 2 bdrm, 2 batH, carpets. 41 drapes, stove, gar., 1 child OK. 3410 Esther, L.B. N.L.B.-- 2 8dr., 2 blth, shxflo, «MI- GA 3-8276 j S«0 -- 1-BR. + pylltfown, clean, *· sdulls. 548 E. 17lnV HE 2-5222 ~ LOS CERR1TOS-- or. ntw 2-br., 7 i] bath, gar. bltlns, ArJIIs. 4JSJ451 w town. 's65!"Adu?ls. GA 2-4109 ~. 565-- I- BR. Upcer. DMp., yd.. SIOVE. ' refrig. 1052 Loma Vista. 427-4«3. r NLB 1 br., slove. refrlg., ulll. pf. g 5o?.5!. 2344 Poppy. 453.4441. 7, 570. 2-BR. Slove t. refrlg. Fenced Ii vard. GE 1-tUl: 591.4615. s LARGE Vbdrm. i sarace. M. ^0 GA 7-E674 -: 1-BR. newly dec. Olso., gar. Adlls. tf 3010 Spau'cHng. 435^837. r 560-- 2-BDRM. Child 12 OK. par; e ,c Hum. 5255 California Av. 427-6612 55 S70-1.BDRM. dnp«i«l. Nr. Pfr«; {; mounl Arlesla Bl. HA 9-2336 7. 567.50-- LARGE l-8r., (ront. redjCj "o AVE. ADULTS', NO PETS. u N.L.B., SSS-Nr. now, 1 !;. jr.. u oar., cool, bJbv. fncd y*- 1* E. 47tn Ssnla Fe, f~nnlnn. HE 8-1412. w . ATTRACTIVE sunw Kfftr . l;K'rm. w «*.·!. -VU Unllno f,E I-W». ~ N.L.B.-S70. l-br., gar., garcener. c^'klr^n. 10J7 E. Wh Way. ·d. IIJ-UPPER 1-Br., ,furn»«-,.?.'lii ;?7 oar. No pen. Anmn. »i-nw '° Adulls. 'i624 E. «tn il. 433-19B M M5-2-BR. Children o*. 11 doas. 1S94IV4 Ku maker. TO 6-3813

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