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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, March 9, 1920
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MAR- 10 1020 THE ( .' Carbondale—^'Athens of* Egypt" ^VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, MARCH 9,1920. NUMBER 126 •/ Normal Basketball Team Sees Good Chance For Minor Division State Title CARBONDALE TOWNSHIP TIE CARRIERS RESUME WORK MUST PAY S 11 9,805, 16 IN TAXES THIS SPRING ..-. : to Pay $185,City Tie informal basket .ball, team l8aV6g f ^i—S^br.^ --^- J -^-'-^^- toirtorrow .morning for the State 6pi> ]y[ a y UrffC Federal lees Basket Ball Tournament to be . ». j TT-_I :"„. lege Basket Ball "Tournament to be ( held Thursday, Friday 'And Saturday at" Augustanft Gdllege in Rock Island. . Thl* itaurnaTnent Js an annual eyenit Aid Highway — West Side Route •A- conference between city and r.-.~ —."- '~°~" T~^T~~"'i county officials and Jouesboro citizens T _.. Jtt - (known as *he Little Nine- ^ ft , , court houge hfire teeto) and is the largest college tourna-j Tuesday attern6on , at , 3 , 30 meat in the world. ' of the /.., .. ' A*lebc • ,. tour,nain'ent | to discnss the hard road ' ;3 itua-tion.The -Usually, ld at one . . leges but this, year the far Mvtti town ,- liiin . aker> ' who are 'interested in hav- conference , a held at the sugges tion held at one ot the Gentval lUlaois Col, , ^ AttorneVs Jamea Lingle and D . ' ' j^ranteed 'haltv-ot .eaca's ex- ,7Ases and .the.ottev was aceBptefl. '"Rock Island, Moline and Davenport through Jonesl)Or0j says tae Cairo' Citizeni , ig ( , n<lerstbo . d thil the people o£ la., are practtealiy one tDwn of 1,00,000 j Jonesboro fee j ., population and it is likely that with •ffuch a populatioit to 'draw on, an iu- tereslting touVnament such as this sore over the lo . Issue -road down that tjiey ^ mnt to east .£_. take such stetis as will 'change the t LU.KU »m;lj BU\^i,.3 «"J ii **i ^.^.w.icj^ —..— to be, will pay full, expanses. | route to .^ we£t siae; , ag D1 .; Billany ON 20 PER CENT INCREASE; OUT FOR NEARLY 3 WEEKS i • .•- ' Patients OOJ) ^ Tax Amounts to -More Than $20,000— Must Also Pay Hard Road Bonds and Non-High School Tax. Carbondale townSihip is called upon this year to pay $119,80'6.-l\i, while Murphytooro is to pay ?185,526.87.HhJa is announced by the county clerk and treasurer. , • .The city tax in Carbondale amount's to-$20,163.43, her township to $4,197.94, Tie carriers at the AyertRnd Lord]' Tie Plant, resumed work this morning I after-being out nearly three weeks as | a result of a walkout on. demlands for more wages,.. iThe Tie Plant granted the carriers a 20 per; eenj increase lor their work. Tlhey. •walkeii'^fflt for a. larger increase, however,;" 5 - The first day after the men quit work tSe. plant officials -offered them a 20 par cent increase, but the employees did not acept it. Meantime, a number of the workme'n left town and with Jhe resumption of work, less than half the: usual number of the carriers reported for work. Many of those wJio did not report this morning are expected to return, from, timf time. Augustana College has oue o£ the Vest and largest gymnasiums in the 'state afcd is an. ideal place for such a big 'affair. Sighteen. of the nineteen colleges of ^dhe eonierence 'arts entered in -the .tournament this year. A' committee-, of coaches goes'over the.season's record of each team, and places it in the major' or minor division according to ite So far as Cairo Is concerned, it is generally fell that it Would be unwise to try lo change the matter mow, since definitely located roafl > un , egs the . side people are unable to donate the right of way. However, Cairc-ites are very much disappointed over the announce-1 her dog tax to $147', district -school .$45,865.19, -hard .roads back tax 53,798.24, hard roa-ds bonds $6,377.70 nom-high school $7,376.61, and'road and bridges $10,352.50. Clerk 14. Amer Hagler expects to have tile books ready'to turn over to County Treasurer Vf. 3. Roberts, who is county collector, Tuesday of this Carbondale has no township regist-j a il work b.enig piece work. On an ered bond, township high school, park! average it .-is. said workmen will earp or park,bond, 'but has non-high school I the .20 jper- cent increase from $50 tp and hard roads to pay. Her lands, lots • $60 a weefe>,..; . and personal are of the value of $1,793,990, her railroads $185,345 and her telegraph ami telephone $8,344. Her total value for taxing is $1,388.179. ELKS TO GIVE LUCKY POT SUPPER AND TACKY BARN DANCE The Elks are planning am interesting anil novel affair for^liursday evening; It will be in the form, of a "pot luck supper and a barn- dance." The humorous features of tine affair will be the manner in which those attending, dress. No one will be admitted' unless he is shabby and tacky. Good clothes ,will not be adraibtedr The girls and women will furnish the eats. The club will be decorated in harmony with the dress of those attending. Special to Free Fret*: GALiIPOMS, Ohio., March 9,-^Sfeveu, patients were killed: in a .fire'which destroyed male ward of state hospital for epileptics.--. .; i .';'.-. '•.•'• . The men who caary ties, which Is heavy manual labor, have been earning -from $30 trf ?75 a week. With the increase the "men will earn. from. $35 to a '"week; -depending, on the man, District Plumber Employe*^ Meet Here on the Strike^ The Southern Illinois districtf plumbers met here today. This) waa- tlieir regular monthly meeting. Tie question of the strike now on in this dislteict was brought up at the'meet, ing. No settlement has T)een> reached! in 'the walkout .in which 'the •are asking $10 a day. . menit that the road is to be gravel constructed, as they want concrete. I-t has been suggested that the west strea'gth. Four shields' for first, second, third- and fourth places are : awarded in each division. . . s ;de people urge upon', the State High- Southern Illinois teams are invari- j ^ y Departm6nt ^ e construction of Wbly -placed in, the minor ..division be-j ^ federa , aW road d{rwn the wesi siaef «nise they get Ho play very few games ! ^ promleed ^ the Carbonaa Ve meeting wtb. the up-state teams and^have mi- ^ June ^ last by Director Frank nority representation Upon the seiac- ^ Bennett to . be constructed of con- tiott committee, Yea-r before last when |. Carbondale defeated McKendree for, the -minor ^vision citampi-onebip, all, agreed that bdth -should have beenj^ Kendree was put in the minors and Hi- j wit ], out any grading, whatever, and inols College in the majors, .although j ^ nl on)y re q^ re a surfacing of cou placed in the major's-. Thi? year Me-! _•*. •„, , „ ., „„„ *>,„, McKSn'dree 'defeated'- Illinois three times 'this season.. ' | i Tiie Normal tea'ift re hopeful ot niak-; ing a goba shb'witig. Tbe whole squad j g}ye Solithfetix - flonh ana fe0 utk highway at 6 a. r i y a at e. this TOiiil can 'be built .Cairo-Taiusfts-Mill .Greek route ELKS POVERTY PARTY AM BARN DANCE Thursday, March 11, Pot Luck Supper and.Barn Dance. The ladies are to bring bhe lunch, .etc. The eating w-ill begia at 7:30 sharp. This ; is to be a tacky or pvoverty party. Those that haven't old clothes to wear will j ' . ~ " have to get busy and get some fori 'Joseph W-:lliams, American Citizen Bandit and Followers Dynamites Train and Take Passengers . Captive. . , . ' " " 1 is 52. ine western ari3 northern fronts,'--.according to dispatches received here. . In both Instances, it Is said, they. have been repulsed, and the Finns are reported to have launched n counterattack which lias pierced the red lines. Polish units holding the line running through Hie Pripet marshes souih ,oj;13obruisk are said to have been under attacks at two points, the soviet armies advancing on the. north and south sides of the marshes.' ASKS END OF* SHIP ORDER ANNOUNCES EMPLOYES MAINTENANCE OF WATS DECIDED NO ME KILLED i BftTTLE no one that'is dressed-in their Siinfeyj clothes will be admitted to e'ither crete. Tlvc Bond Issue road can-.then', be bu-il-i. along the east side .as soon as tt\'e 'State Highway Department cau i -it. d'ayi with grip. With -Broolcs going, -alt W speed,'the locals thm* they will Save a fine'chance for first honors. Nine players wi3i lie' 'taken, as fol- dance or supper. is being decorated in keeping with the idea of a Barn Eiance. If the nee- j essary material can be obtained the | committee promises many novel sur- Wfib Served in World War,. Held,, for $50,QCO—Rebel Leader Executed by Troops. Chairman Payne of Shipping Board Jabs Injunction Granted Hearst. Washington, March 0.—Dissolution of the temporary injunction restraining the shipping board from selling 20 of the. former German liners token over by the government during the war was-asked in a' petition ' filed in the'District Supreme court by Chairman Payne Of the board. The injunction was granted February 24 on. application of WJUiiua Randolph Heat-si, xvho sued in his capacity as ;i rax- 1 Colored Service Men Elect j American Legion Officers ' The former colored service men of | spring dresses—only apron? and house - '- • - " " • 'dresses will be in evidence. Big get- El Paso, Hams, an .—,,.-.,--• Smelting and lU'liniiig -company plant ,-it Pedriceiui, Mexico. Is a, captive In i . , prises. It is Understood that this will ' tlle i," nm i s of'Francisco Villa, held for probably b« the last feature dance ot the present ssasoa. This will be no time for the-ladies to wear Uieir u?,w inet last m | ght and eleoted c. M Alten Brooks,' officers for their American Legion post M. Alien, si he] _ e ^ NQ ^ . Tliey met at the j^g Carsoa. Cast. 'Carter, Boolro-, Myers, Rdbei-sor. and "Rude. Prof. F. G. "" "" r-en Will ^be'in charge of the bec*ise'«'the illness of Coach •-" '- dope is that; n< "- > •i--ne •!"•-<" — r- » ; . , 'sladuld' win handily fronvffl-acomb and Will -Baptist -church and expressed a strong fles'ira to make their post here Commander T. B, F. Smith, of the American 'Legion Post, explained 'Hie together party.—Advertisement. TtT-r, f ^ ins=> ' purposes of the Legion, paid St ' ~o t T" "t^ce ' ea *oys 'high tribute for their services :th'feh : S-t. Viators ••"* — .and should -prove a tartar S,t. V.a-ters ;fias a fine season's record. If S,. Via •tors Is defeated by Carbondale, the lo' cals will .proba-bly go against M-cKen- dree or Carthage for the championship. The locals will play four games if . they win) .their firs* two, otherwise they will have to play'five. INTERESTING PROGRAW AT MISSIONARY MEETING The following program was rendered this afternoon at a meeting' of tae Woman's Foreign, Missionary Society at the home of Mrs. A. 'C; GeyeV- .Hymn No. 317. Devotional. Prayer. "Hymn No.. 507. Leader—Prof. S. E. HarwooQ. , Son g_iMrs. R. B. Renfro. Prayers—Mesdames 'S. E. Harwood, H. C. Mitchell, McNeill'an'd Smith.. Hymn No. 516. Collection. • . . Hostesses—Mesdames Geyer, Smith and Karl Kraatz. , s ' -and loyalty 'to the 'L'egion. M helped the colored veterans get their charter and start '-their legion post. 'Th'ey expressed tha'aks to Comma'ader Smith for 1 -his-interest and activity in getting their post started. The post is 'named iQie'Garvin King Post, for a local colored, boy who died in service in HaSvaiian .Islands. Following were the officers elected: 'Commander—Dock Williams. Vice Commander—Arthur Wadell. Adjutant-^Willis Bowers. Finance Officer—Ben Clark., Sergt. at Afros—John Sykes.- Chaplain—Burrel Claybrooks. Historian—Alphonso Woods. The post will meet twice a month, second and fourth Thursday. FORESTRY HEAD RESIGNS JOB % Henry S. Graves. Successor to Gifford Pinehot, to Return to Private Life. Washington, March ,D. — HCTIIT S. Graves, licatl of ihi^ federal forestry REPORT SALE OF COUNTY STOCKS Share selling committees for the Jackson Cou'raty Fair met "m the Mur-1 physboro city hall Saturday afternoon ' and the- sale of several additional shares was reported. In fact enough shares have teen sold now "to 'assure the thing -as a sure enough go, but it is desired to place some more 'shares throughout the county rather tfan sell those remaining to men in Murphysboro. B. F. Bennett 'was "present at the meeting. He is from Makanda and this was the first time that township has teen represented at a fair meeting. Another meeting •will 'be held here aturday, March 27.—Republican-Era. W. J. Brown Named Clerk of City Court W,' J:' Brown -has been appointed clerk -of -the 'City Court for the time 7>eing at least to fill the unexpired erm caused 'by the death of Dallas Meiseuheimer, -who was the first city :ourt clerk elected. Brown now is city, township clerk and clerk of the city court. SfoO.OOO ransom. Williams, who is American citixen, served in the work var nnd suffering from the effects of German g.-is. wti's returning to the Uni 4?d States for treatment when tlw. no'rthbnnnd Mexlco-Oity-Juarez tniiu, on -which lie wus irovellng, was Held Tip : neur Corralitos, Chihuahua, 400 miles south of E! I'aso. Twenty-Nine Are Slain. •In n battle between Villa's men nnd the train guard, ten of'the bandits and nineteen of the train guard were- slam and the remainder it the defenders, fifty in number, either wounded or driven oft. The train and Pullman cm- conductors were among.the dead, the latter being killed by a shot from Villa's pistol. When the fighting ceased tlie bandits herded the passengers to a small R€0f FiGHTS DRY LAW Tells Supreme Court Eighteenth Amendment Is Unauthorized. Allen Parker, President of Brotherhoods Makes An- noiincment at Washington^ Today—Employes Reach.? No Strike Decision. . Special to Free Press: . WASHINGTON, D. C.', March 9.— Allen Barker, president-of thV'Broth- erhood of Maintenance of Ways em- - ployes today announced his organiza-- tioa has decided' -not to strike. Murphysboro; Brick Plant Employes Return to Worfc Employees at the '. Murphysboro- Brick Plant who have.been out o.n .St.. strike, returned to work there today.. They were granted an increase, not ass- large as was demanded; however. LOWER COURT UPHELD.: Stock Dividends Are Wot Taxanler as Income. Files' Brief .in Behalf of the U. 4 Brewers' Association Against Gov' ernment'iVlotion. Wnshingfpi), Mnrch 9.—LegsilUy of several portions of the Volstead enforcement act, as well as'tire Keiiernl Question of the constitutionality of tbe prohibition amendment: to the Con- servico flifTord Pinoliot. 1i:is ATTENDS .FUNfiR'AU 'O'F "StSTER Marshall Batson was in Catterville 'today because of the 'death of his sister, Mrs. A. 1C. Hiller, which"occurred Sunday. Others 'from 'h-ere' attending •were Mrs. Robt. Atkins, a'daughter of deceased, Mrs. Duncan MacFarlane, r-igned ro relnrn-to private life. STr. Ovavps licsKlod tho Yale forestry school before entering government pprviro :irid was at tlio ho:iO of the lumber operations conrtuct-pfl 1>T the American cspnclitionary forces in France. Will Unveil War Monument Oct. 12. Paris, March 9.—A monument commemorating American -collaboration In the wnr will hi; unveiled on the banks .,-. _- of the Mnrne on Columbus flay, Oct 12, Mrs. Chas. -Hunter," Mrs. "T. A. Rob.-, BC( .. 0 rdinp to the Petit Pnrisisu. ertson and MJs« Julia Erfett. Mrs. Hitler, was 'bonOn 1870. She had been in 'ffl aealth for sometime, becoming serious'•after the death of her •danglite.r, Mrs A7ina .Bedell, five weeks as-o. She is survived by her hus- tand anU 'tEree t! daughters. Order Resto-red in 'Portugal Wnsliington, March 9.—Order has been restored in Portngal lollowinff last week's strikes, the Porruguese legation - here was rnformed "m a cablegram from Listion. hill near Uie track, where Villa harangued ' them and threatened them with death.' Later,' .according to eyewitnesses, he broke into tears and-told them he would spare their lives out of respect'to the memory-o£'Sen. Felipe Angeles, who recently was executed by the Carranza authorities at ; Oln- hnaliu'fi -Cits*- Passengers -Left Maroorfcd. Williams -and an American -mer- M. Wassar. were forced to'nc- FIELD AND TRACK MEET MAY 15 HAERISBDRG, 111., March S.—The Southern Illiirais field and track meet will "be held in this city May 15. RAID REDS; SEIZE SCORES ^Federal Agents Take Mon, Women and 'Literature Into Custody at 'Waterbury, Conn. TVntprhury Conn. March 0.—Federal nprenfs 'here seined tons nf litenitiire nnd '•locked ii'i 204 norso'r.s : ^i rn<li- raids in this i.-iiy. Sixty-live men. and nne woman were detainer! for fuvtlie 'interrogation of tlrose wh-u had been •examined by federal agents. The raids were"in the quarters of the oomRumi ist-pnrty, the union of Russian workers ;mi3 the -union RusKinn. citizens.. CHllIlL, -I"-- i,1 141.13<•••*. ,,.^» « . company the brimlits wJien 'they rode away, leaving the rest of the passen- gers'marooned in a-aesolete.-country, jereft of ttieir belongings anfl .many- of them without their clothing, which «id been taken by the ro'bbere. According to R. J.-Peltier, an Ameri- vn citizen resident of Mexico 'City, vho was roughly hnndled nnd threatened witli death, tlie bandits numbered ibout 300. They stopped the train by placing a cftarge of dynamite on tbfi Tack which wreclt-ed the engine. Rebel Leader Executed. Affuaprlela. Sonora, March 9.—Mateo Flores, » notorious rebel leader, -tins 3een executed by Carranza troops, according to advices to tbe military commander here. He was captured Tampaiillpas. the' state where operated, given a speedy court-martial arid executed the same -night. NEW CZAR IS PROCLAIMED Trans-Caspian --Province of the Old Russian Empire Turns on the Bolsheviki. 1/OBdon, Marcii 9,—Proclamation of 'i. new_ czar ta -the Trans-Csspian provin«« Is reported lo a wireless dispatch from Moscow. st'itution:,<pwei-o involved in arguments in the Supreme court. With ^tlie co'urt's permission Elihu -Root filed -a brief, on belialf of the TTrii'te<l States Brewers' association in •otfpos'ttio'n to.-the'government's motion 'to dismiss the K'hotle Island case. Tbe 'brief.-asked that the aniendmeiit be de- •ctered invn'Fid and tliat tlic court hftlfl'j the e^nlorcemgnt act uuenforcible 'in. Hhod-e Isalnfl. - Mr. Root 'in tils brief contended thiit .the ^so-called eightenth amendment [is mer« legislation wns not within tlie authority vested in congress and the legislatures of three-fourths of the j-states under tlie federal Constitution; •Miat firtie!e"5 of^the Constitution did not authorise any amendment which <Tirectiy or -in principle tended -to. inj- pair ,and destroy the 'reserved police •«r governmental pow-ers of. the several ' states ami their right to local seir-iiov- ernment; tliat two-tlilrfls of congress 'Supreme Court Rules Section of the Revenue-Law Is Not Constitutional. •"«,,', , : Wasbingtjn, March '9.—Stock ilivi-- dends cannot be taxed as income, tlie Supreme court lield in declariiis; nn- coustimtiuiiiil the provisions <i£ 1'ie 10IG«incoine tnx act, taxing HX income swch .dividends dccl.-uvd by coniora- tions out of earnings and profits accruing after March '1, 1918. 'The court divided, five to fo.iir, JatK-" ; ice Pitney reiider,ing '.thn uuijcv.ltj'..- opinion, Justices Holmes jnid D:iy. .joining in one did not deem the amendment necessary; ami .flint Hie amendment lia<] not been ratified by ttiii'ee-fourths of the states. 50,000 ASK FOR 6. flVP. SEATS Applications Pile'In on Republicans Believed-to Mean People'Expect Big Fight. cos Holmes and D:iy. dissenting' opiMioi'.ir and ' Justices Cliirkp-nnd Brnndc-it; in r. . •, ' - - ' ' ' ' ' Under the court's ruling 11m-.Cetfcral / government must refund miilioiys- <r£ dollars in taxos collected on. stock div-" idends since the 1010' law bccitme. ef- • feetive. .Internal reveuTia l«ireau.-ot- ficiuls said the exact total' of; tl>'e- ire- funds co«ld not be ttiis time, -and 'tlmt it woul'rt' not' i/e "Snowrt until nil claims had been,tiled ;ind computed. Tlie court upheld federal court decrees denying the anrtliorif,y,o1':<-onsress-- to tax stock fllriefends and!:iiwnrfHng..' to Myrtle H. Mncomber $1,3GT,"wliicn .ihe had paid under protest. an 1,100 shares of n<;w stock received- in Jcin.- uary, 191C, as a stock dividend Inom .*. the Standard OH company of .Ca.'K*' foruia., The case w»s one of ;i series In which J. P. Mqrgnu, Herbert L. Pratt and others bud questioned tlie;-. validity o_f the act. ,«i*^ Chicago. March 0.—Arrangements was capturea in | { Or tlie'"Kepubllcan national convcn- the state where he tlon> opens in the Coliseum .Tune > 8, will be completed wbeii the nation- ol cinnmlttee concludes 11s Otscusslori of paity aftriirs here. More tiuui 00,000 applications . for seats "have -been j.ubmitted to the national committee. •according to its chairman, Will H. Hays. Plans nmde by the committee on arrangements provide for'.onl.y 13,- •J.58 seatsi this including about 1,000 for' delegates. ..,;•'. , "it looks." said- Mr. Hays, "as . if :hls Is to' be the .grentestv .convention .foe-' Kepublicnns ever have held. I «ever Knew of " such interest being Russian soviet forces have launched, shown in a convention tlils^ attnclu agal-OKt the Poles and ^if; yance." 1...'-— •'•-'.-'•' GAS KILLS; MOTHER,. 3 BABES- , Mrs. Sarah Joynes and Hef Husband. :: Had Led:'Separs.te Litfes — Be- ' . lieved- Wo'man. Slayer. .Chicaso, Jl'ai'ch .'-9.— Mrs. -. Surah '• .Toynes. 3r>12 West" Twenty-slstli street,. ami her tlirep- cWldi-en— -PesirJ, ' nine- x years. old;' Alfred" seven years old, find? Caloni, five years- old — were fovmfS. dead in tlieiJ 1 liolrfe- wlsetf called. Gas> was-.- escaping from, open: fixtures in • the'Topm. the 'windows of which ^\•ere••clOKed'.' iMrs; r JFoynes livctS. apart from-her-luisban'd.r Police f oiiml a • note ''in the 'Home of ' Mrs. Joynes* lendBig them to beiievo,-.-" sl»e kllle<l-'herself;anc(-:(Thildreil.

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