Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 22
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 22
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B^6-- INDEPENDENT- PRESS-TELEGRAM Uni Btrcli. Olll., Sundiv. July 14,1X1 EXPOSURE NO 99.5 in Tokyo TOKYO #)--The mercury liil 99.5 degrees Saturday, third-highest t e m p e r a t u r e since the Weather Bureau opened 85 years ago. WOKRY Neck Bothers Kenton's Wife By JAMES .BACON HOLLYWOOD (AP)--She's a jazz singer. Mother of two. Her husband is a top band leader. Her mother is vice principal of a junior high school. And bare bosomed pictures of her were featured in a iirlie magazine. So what happened? "I was ready to kill myself candidate for the gas oven," says Ann Richards, 25, WEST COAST OPEN NOON -- i . Ulti..' · ^°J-1*i' ' ^^ LOOPER-KERR* Bob Preston Will St'ick toRye.N.Y. HOLLYWOOD (/fl--Robert D reston, "the music man," is riding Hollywood again--but wife of Stan Kenton. Kenton's reacation? "1 guess he saw how upset I was, so he never told me whether it bothered him. But ic's been ribbed about it. And you know over. how that goes intend to move ACTION CO-HIT THE WILD BCRST OrCatre. 99999999999 ie doesn't back here. "My home is in Rye, N.Y.," says Preston. "I'm the only actor in town. Everybody knows me and I know every body. "It's not sour grapes -- or anylhing else. I just like Rye, that's all." Preston had a successful career in Hollywood, then he started getting o f f e r s to do only villain parts. That's when he moved east, and eventually into Broadway fame in the hit musical. "I'm different from most of the newer movie actors. I lave no desire to become a producer or a director. I only want to act--and act often. couldn't tell you how much money I make. I don't think artists should be businessmen. I go crazy while I'm idle. I'M NOT worried about him, though. It's my mother and mother-in-law. Not a peep out of them yet." Miss Richards has a figure of notably curvacious proportions. She posed in a filmy BARELY PROVOCATIVE something-or-olher that had ill the screening characteris- tis of a picture window. then, the surprise'. 1 "JUnouT. White ' l andthe ; Three Why She knew she wasn't posing for Atlantic Monthly. "1 specified that there would be nothing bare. The photographer was way across the room. In (he magazine it came out a closeup--all me. One shot in a negligee showed all. The whole thing made me look more like a strip teaser an a singer. "I accepted the offer because it's a recognized jazz magazine. I thought it would icIp my career. "Now who's going to listen to my voice?" - * AS SHE TALKED, she pointed to the pictures. "Look at those lines in my neck. Aren't they horrible? What will people think?" She was assured (hat she probably is the only observer !to scrutinize the neck. "If I live in New York I can Miss Richards said she work oftener- -in plays, TV. [complained to the publisher, When a good movie offer comes, I can get out here fast. No one is in that much of a hurry." and he tnlcl her she should be lappy, it would help sell her record albums. Sure enough She has a report that men who don't even own record Rhodesia Prepares for Election Riots S A L I S B U R Y , Southern )layers ilbums. have bought her Would she pose again, say, or the photographer who ac- Jazz singer Ann Richards reveals her shapely figure as she reclines on a folding cot on the veranda of her Hollywood home--hut in her skimpy garb she's barely less revealing than that which appeared recently in a nationally circulated girlie magazine.--(AP photo.) Show Times Here are starting times of e a t u r e s a t L o n g Beach heaters as listed by theater managers. 7 HAPPENED LAST NIGHT Bill HoSden Is Mr. Nice Gyy By EARL WILSON STOCKHOLM -- Still leanifinishmg a picture here among and handsome and only 43,1 the Swedes, "The Counterfeit Bill Holtien, a self-made millionaire, today is "Mr. Nice Guy" of the movies--a chauf- Foured Chrysler Imperial takes liim to the set but he rides in : ront b e s i d e the driver. 1 t's unusual to find such Successful Star so free of temperament a n d you. (/H · -- Government. troops, air force men and po- Delighled, said she. Whereupon, switching lice begin antiriot tests today, skimpy garb barely (pardon tution for Southern Rhodesia. the word) less revealing than DELIGHTFUL CO-HITI strongly opposed to the con- smilingly arranged herself in slitution and is feared. SALUTING THE CIVIL WAR CENTENNIAL! The screen hat never known · love story to compare with this! I DA 1 ,1DO.SELZHICKS mcunvraHuu \J SHOWH 1 2 : 4 0 - 4 1 5 0 - 9 P.M. foibles just can't c a t e anybody HOLDEN who'll bum-rap Bill. Yes, Bill Beedle from OTal- lon, 111., has it made on a couple of continents and is now trying it on a third. Sitting in Lhe Apollonia Hotel here one recent r a i n y afternoon, he spoke of his longing to return Africa where he has an interest in the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki, Kenya, East Africa. "It's like a disease with me, I keep wanting to go back," he said. " A f r i c a ' s y o u r P a l m Springs," I suggested. Traitor," and starting another one in London with France Nuyen. And a quick hop home to Switzerland for the weekend "I've got calls to make to London, Hollywood and Zurich. I wish I had my phone bills!" he said. go-round for the former Air I Corps lieutenant who occas- jionally takes off for Hong Kong where he owns a third MARRIAGE-GO-ROUND^ Triangle Play Delights Crowd By ELSIE EMERY A first-night audience Friday warmly^accepted Magnolia Theatre's opening performance of "The Marriage-Go-Round." l.yle Talbot, who directed and starred in Leslie Stevens' mirthful role as Paul Delville, distinguished professor of an- hropology. 11:56. 5:13. IO:5C, ·Th'i E a r f n 11 Mine." 3:75. "1CCO Y e a r s Fiom HUH.' 7.13. 12-W. "Th- I «t Sunset." 3:00. A:*i. · T h e Yc«.nj Sa.aoci." 1:15. 5:00. I ll "*f--s ] ,W£°*TM ! . ?,-.' 1:2D.' 2:of." "T°«"Hunfe/." 1:21.' 10:57, j:33. STATE "Clail," !:M. 3:50. "Rio Bravo," 6:15, ]2:C5. TOWN E "NiWu," 3:C5, 5:05, 8:70, 11:15. "Green His expert timing was matched by Kalhy Davis as his wife, Content; and Francine Pyne as Katrin Sveg, Swedish dynamo who sets :hc professor's motor humming. * + * * LIKE A GOOD glass of ale, the play has substance beneath the froth, and the three skilled performers brought out the full savor of (he pithy lines. Wally Crockett, with less to do, deftly handled the rolej of a professor who hasn't overlooked a pretty girl in- 20 years. Complications begin in the placid, academic Delville home when the gorgeous Katrin settles in as a house guest.I With the candid announcement that she has come so that she and Paul may produce a perfect child, she sets out scientifically to break ]0".j(inwn his Puritan reserve; I probably not a man watching S'S?I!could have resisted her cam- as a cobra in the cookie jar. Counlerpointing the flashback action of the play are scenes in which the professor and his dear.-of-women' wife lecture on marriage, each illustrating points by their recent domestic crisis. Miss Davis brings off one of the best scenes when, lecturing, her intellectual approach wavers and she discusses Ihc way a woman loves a man. She is always convincing, witty and sophisticated. The three principals are fine foils for one another, each making a strong point of the triangle marriage circle. within the "Gr«cn , , , , Helmel." 12:15. 3:50, 6:25, »:«. RIVOL1 "Klfckl," 7:15, 5:20, S:30, 11:«. Helmel." 12:«, 3:50, 7:00, 10:10. ATLANTIC "One Eyed Jacks." 2:33. 7.C5, 11:15. "Yovtia Savaxs." 12:30. 5:00, 9:35. C A B A R T "Gazebo," 1:00. 4:55, 8:50. "Please Dorvt Ea1 Ihc Dais'es." 7:55, 6:50. 10.45.J Whil» ann Inc Thrte SlKWK."' fhe SCt'lTlS about HS SEDUCTIVELY gowned in a number of costume changes, she is positively modest when draped in a balh towel. Quoting the professor's own treatises to him, pointing out hei strategy of appealing to hi; 'x factor, a built-in reflex,' a radio station. It's espe 12:55. 5:15, wai-ai, L flHEWOOD HA S-1S30.«!!.[.,«·«» MATINEE DAILY! OPEN 11:30 A.M. -- CONTINUOUS 1ST TIME TOGETHER -2 NEW TOP THRILLERS HE EHED JflCKS nujxwt" P]us Castle's Challenge to Alfred for rhe Screen's GREATEST SUSPENSE SHOCKER! SHOWN 3:3S · 4 I , WEST COAST "Naktd Edae." IMS, 3:51. 7:11. IO:S ·W ; rat.iur." ?:ll, 5:33, 9:0i. PACIFIC THEATRES added Africa to the regular itinerary. "Africa is fascinating it's fabulous!" he said. Pretty fabulous, too, is Eric Erickson, the former Brook- n kid and Cornell athlele vhom Bill portrays in "The _SffiNEY ,, _ FOlTIERf . a raisin in the sun · ' ""··" "··" OHUTjtA KicNBLi. m DaE · IN BE1.MOHT S T O R E · GE M«l OPEN I2:1S warrtn · D«barah Wa'le "GiDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" In Color l:U-i:»-1l:l3 PAT BOONE · B A R B A R A EOEN "ALL HANDS ON DECK" IN COLOR 11:50--1:»-»:!5 INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE OF BELMONF SHORE THURS., JULY 20, AT 8 P.M. This Policeman's lot... OS the happiest one in the world! B A Y DOORS OPEN 1:« TODAY BURT LANCASTER "YOUNG SAVAGES DON MURRAY "HOODLUM PRIEST OPEH »:M - SMOKING LOCES WILMINGTON · TE 4-M77 f -"HOMICIDAL" .'."MOST DAMGEROUS :-.· MAN ALIVE" 49999999999 UNITED ARTISTS OPENhOO'trjAJ'i.1 HE M261 LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN JlttLFlOWER at SPRING ^^ HA 5 7422 CREST 4200 ATI*NTIC AVE. (RHPASXI'iG 6A 4-1519 STARTS WEDNESDAY! iT'slSRY'SBliESTjUNNIESTYET!' "Not mine --YOURS!" he exclaimed, for as practically everybody knows, he's given up the California scene to live in Switzerland. "No, it's not a place where you want to stretch out and rest," Holden said. "Africa's terribly primitive. It's still a country of violence. It's like our west was 100 years ago Our west was still pretty ough in 1861. It had to gro\ P-" t * « * HOLDER WILL soon bi aking his sons, 14 and 17, nd his wife, the former star 3renda Marshall, on another afari. All this seemed far removed om the business at h a n d -- ; He'ts handyman In a Hollywood hotel--for girls only! Technicolor' n r r u TnAimc KATHLtEN F«£WAK HELEN TRAUBEL · HOPE HOLIDAY · LYNN Ffoss · CuslSu.1 BUDDY LISTER · GEORGE RAFTrrfHJRRY iAV£ ^ ** orlM CV blANLLY PLUS -- 2ND BIG, NEW FEATURE! TOMMY SANDS · FABIAN \ TOBY ···· MICHAELS tax laws because I want the children to be educated there," Holden explains. "They will return to the United States an for two years of university education and will come back to Europe to finish up." The Holdens arc celebrates a 21st wedding annivcr- )ounterfeit Traitor." Now 71 ut looking GO, Erickson is a lero here in Sweden because ie posed as a Nazi sympa- hizer and spied for the Allies n World War II. * * * * ERICKSON TRIED to teach aquavit-drinking a n d o t h e r Swedish arts to Holden dur- ng the picture-shooting here "The bum should play me,' Holden said, affectionately, j Holden expects to live in iwitzerland indefinitely, at I-ausanne, w h e r e Norman Kraana, Jack Palance, Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward and sary. They had a spectacLilar Nevada honeymoon. Each has to have an appendectomy. "It was two and a months before we had licalth," smiled Bill, remembering that July 1940. "I thought, what else could happen? "The war!" he said. others have homes. "My home is Switzerland! and would be with or without PINE AVE. -- Phont HE "THE FLY" "1000 Y E A R S FROM NOW" "IHIS EARTH IS MINE" ROXY OPEN 10 A M -- OPEN ALL NIGHT ROBT. M1TCHUM · MAY BRITT ROBT. V/rtGHER · COLOR "THE HUNTERS" ELVIS PRESLEY · JUDY TYLER "JA1LHOUSE ROCK" BILL WILLIAMS · LYN THOMAS "SPACEMASTER XT" HIGH IX DANCIKG I HIGH IH DIHIUO 1 RICHARD CANNON 1 A Ktw * NEW RQAQIUS\1 DRIVE-IN THESTRE Pararat, Corapl, Blvd., Paramt. "SONS AND AOM. LOVERS" Per af.d "FIERCEST HEART" Tax Inel. i. rei irdr sp GOURMET DINNER D O W N E Y A Y t K U E . [:»tr Cut, 1:01 TO 1-5610 ' T H E L A S T TIME I SAVI ARCHIE" "PIGKIC" H E W U E R A I T A , 0««l»y " C O N E W I T H T H E W I I I O " jliiwi l i i l O · i l i f l · li'S NOHWAU. HwlS. Cent. 12 UN THE LIST T I M E I S»W ABC Kit "DON'T 80 KEJB THE WATER SIRAHtJ CDUT. li D A I L Y FR MIOI "GONE W T H THE WIKD" Shiiri UllO · 4:10 - I:)) BELLFtOWER HUSEL corn, iiiit HA 5.5711 ADULT SXOKIirO HOW P E R M I T T E D IH BALCOHT LOCES OHLT Km M.I 3 JielptH--S!« 111! V/HT DISKET'S "MIKXI, W I L D DOS Of THE HOHTH" "?LEASUBE HF Hit COMPAHT" G A R D E N G R O V E S H O V E JE 7-IStO WJU DISNET'I "KIKKI" "THE CREEK HELMET" HUHT1NGTON LTBIC Piclfll ll Fllrfici LU I-IIU C:nl. fnn II -- li Wnk "HOT TONIGHT, HEMRT" M 1 R I D R . 1)312 S. V l f m m TE " D O C T O R J L O O D ' S C O F f l H "P. T. R A I O E B S " U MlniDl «lw4rl-Frilllil UK Mill "THE LAST SUBSET" "THE SECRET WAT" I o n Kt n»ch in Lo.-,e Beach · HE 7-2HI + -· V * ? , ART * ROCK HUDSON "LAST · KIRK DOUGLAS SUNSET" I "YOUNG SAVAGES" ' BURT LANCASTER - SHELLEY WINTERS OPEN 4 1 P.M. * CONTINUOUS 4 ; HATIKEE DA1LT-CQXT. 1} KOfik LYRIC H.«it. rut PJC,.Florence LU ! 2111 FREE P1HKIKG cim Ikt SI. THE MAGNOLIA THEATR FriJly S),C3 Sltirii; J i l . i t AUULT ENTERTAINMENT LYLE TALBOT ,. 'The Marriage-Go-Round C9 Fir Rit L I B C O L U , Bl»l rirk .. Jl 1-!I!1 "COWSOF" "WHEII THE CLOCK STRIKES" f l O i l l l U U , I 4 I I I Pan«t. Ul " S D K S LOVERS" "THE F I E R C E S T H U R T " l U M D O W N , t2 W. Vmhla "RIO 1RAVO FHVN V U E FiT'VrVi .1 \~i1ti tilt-ill " T O U B O SAVAGES' " H O M I C I D A L " il.50 Pr tit V l k i F f 1. "AKATOMT OF A MURDEIt" "I AIM AF TKE S T A R S " MATINEES TODAY! WALT DISHET'S N1KKI. WILD DOB OF THE KOFUK" GREEN HELMET" W A L T DISSEF't HIKKI. WILD 000 OF THE KOnTH" G R E E N NELUEI" SHOWS START AT DUSK WALF D I S H E T ' S N I K K I . WILD DOQ OF TKE KORTH" O R E E H HELMET" DEBORAH MYSTERY - MURDER - SUSPENSE! THE 7HR1H S H O W OF THE Y E A R Y1UB DOG 0 F THE -- TECHNi mVOLI, TOWffE and CIRCLE DRIVE-IN TAYLOR' HUDSON ' DEAH/; IGIANT"^"^ HOW! STATE LOUG BEACH DRIVE-IN GONE WITH THE TOD Lfe winvMnir inwrw ICICL .,1 """fl o ""* KM" NOW! LAKEWDDD DRIVE-IN NEW SHOW! GLENN FORD DEBBIE REYNOLDS THE -- Final Performance Tonight! LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM Tickets 52 . 52.50 . $3 - $3.50 Box Office Opens 11:00 A. M. HE 6-2542 HE 2-0381 Sunday from 4 P.M. Monday Nile Only CHUCK WAGON STYLE PRIME RIB CONTIWUOUS E N T E R T A I N M E N T N I T E L Y EXCEPT SUNOY Coral Hooisi Acres of Parking in Rear 4130 PARAMOUNT at CARSON · HA 5-9134 9Q999999999999999999999Q99Q99999

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