Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 58
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 58

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 58
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: AUTOS FOR SALE Otfirtit IMS 1 1 A-i 'M CHEVROLET Suitr Suerl. This state red converts is newly relinlslwA New wnit« l», sliver »rey vinyl Interior, automatic trans, VS moire, power steering, (wages, RfM , white wall ilres. won't last at $1299 MEL BURNS FORDS USED CAR DEPARTMENT »55 Long Beach Blvd. 551.1115 '66 Chev Impala $ 1 696 * cherry sporl coup* with maroon finish black vinyl Interior. Low milene. RH. automatic, power uufn"*' w ' " ew '""' Verne HOLMES-Dedqe 15th S. Atlantic L.B. «6-7131 '64 CHEVY IMPALA Automatic, Foreign Car Trade-in Blue Book $1300. OUR PRCIE $995 JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3515 Atlantic Ave. GA 4-0951 ·65 CHEV. Hardtop V-S, auto, trans- m sslon, owr. steering, RIH. Xlnt aeli'flower' Auto Storage Sales Wholesale Lot, »154 Firestone Blvd., Downey 861-972/ '06 CHEV Imaala Hdtp. VS auto pwr steer a r cond RH. Vinyl root. A real nice car. ;; 18?A . . . S1395 .PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '66 CHEV Impala Hardtop. Full power.' FACT. AIR CONDITIONING Xlnt. condition _ - sius . -Beilf lower Aulo Storage Sates Wholesale Lot, 9154 Firestone Blvd., Downey 841-9727 '65 .CHEV Impala SS Cpe. V8 auto Dwr steer bucket seals NUE 89-i -- 51595 PARKWOOD 'CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3 0781 ·65 CHEV. Impala hdtn. V-8. auto powtr itr., AIR COND., black vl- .nyl roof! SZR 797 $1695 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 ·67 CHEV. Imp. 2-dr. hdlp, v-B, stick shift. RH, low miles, Sharp! S PARKWOOD C'H'EV. · 5059 Lakewod Clvd. ME 3-0/81 ·63 CHEV. Imn. S.S. V-8, auto, now- ei str. AIR COND. extra Sharp! i ITEH70 11099 ' - . PIONEER FORD "1W03 Pioneer, Artcsia UN 5-1266 power sir. balcfc vinyl roof. £ VJ1/30 ,, $2195 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0/8] '63 CHEV Iriwala SS cpo. 327 V8 4 spd RH Sharp S1295 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '67 CHEV Impala. V8, stick vlny roof RH. Lo mis S1899 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. " ME 3-07B1 FACT/AIR Pwr/Str ' Brakes! auto/trans, 3?7 V-8, 2RID-363 Dlr. '« CHEV. Imp. SS V-B, auto., pwr. str., RH. Beautiful blue. SXH526. Stea at SURA BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE '63 CHEV. Impala SS V-8, auto., Dwr. str., RH. Extra clean. Lie. FJX 121 ,,. S697 No cash needed O.A.C. Me 3-7531 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE '64 CHEV Impala 2 door. VS auto pwr steer 5799 PARKWOOD CHEV. '64 CHEV. Impala 2-dr. V-8 auto, power str., RH, S491A .. S799 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Rlvrf. ME 3-0781 '*7 CHEV. V-8, autg, power str. AIR COND #TSN199 $1799 PIONEER FORD '6-1 CHEVY Novi hdtp. ffTHBMI. -Only ,,. _._J899 PIONEER FORD 16403 Pioneer, Arlesla UN 5-1266 '67 CHEV., fully factory egulu. V-8 r automatic transmission. 5795. Lie. .'# - WWG-557. Geow Chevrolet, --17000 1 nkewood Blvd., Bellflower. -Ph. WA 5-2251 trans, pwr. steerino. 5795. Lie. ~ TUY-690. George Chevrolet, 17000 Lakewood Blvd., Rellflower, Ph. '55 CHEVIES (2), 2-dr. hdtps. 1 has 327 eno., 4j-SDd., 456 Posltract. 1 has 6-cvU Powcrglide. Both per- '55 CHEV. 6 cyl. '6' eng. 4-Dr. Bel Air. Good running rood. Must se 1. ,.or anytime on wkcnds. 425 2880 pwr, fact, fllr, vinyl top, 3?7 V-8, 28,000 ml. Xlnt cond. S2095. 596'66 CHEV. 11 SS, pwr. str., V-8, buckets, console, black Interior, white exterior, 36,000 ml. One owner, mmac., reas. 630-4746 '67 Chrysler 300 $2895 This Is me stiorocst, cleanest 2 dr. Hdtp In town. Beautiful gold finish with black vinvl bucket seals console. One local owner. 24,000 miles, air cond, R8.H, pwr str Verne HOLMES-Dodge . 3Stn i Atlantic, L.B. 426.7131 .'S3 CITRY 300 4 door, fad. air, full oower, nice, tremendous buv. tf NLS 722 $999 Glenn E. Thomas Co. --DODGE-- ·*. 333 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE 6-12S3 fa CHRYS. N.Y. hdto cm full Dwr 1: AIR COND., low mi S369 ·LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER ·* 4919 CandlCWd VSR 162 531-079! "M CHRYSLER N.Y. 4 dr. hdto -; fact, air F/P ovt Dtv. Xlnt. cond i Make offer 42^-7524 · S150. 863-2998 after 4 p.m. * Rodner 423-9917 ~'53 CHRYSLER, runs good, new -- pa nt. '6» Lie. SIIO. «M376 Comet 1895 A '62 COMET 4-dr. automatic, R/H, 1 clean. Lie. JQY 287. S499 IONS BEACH MOTORS Jn*»a400 Long Beach Blvd. 432-S!?/ P**T-THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY aBJtoMEi Cvclone hdto si 888 J^KEWOOD CHRYSLER »8»l»oCandlew'd XIX 587 531-0791 "ft J -'COMET, bucket scats. RH " S t i c k After 5 i.m. 425-0551 ''60 COMET 2 dr, Std, aueen body, - runs but needs work. S135. 328-0055 Continental 1900 .-'41 CONTINENTAL Sdn. Air Cond :··· PARKWOOD CHEV. . 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '65 LINC01N Continental, air-concl., feather, full iwr. low ml. 52450. * H60-4039. "62 CONTINENTAL air, vinvl op. - Extent, clean. !850. 426-5750 -'59 CONT. Lincoln S350. '62 KamDier 5275. Both OOOd. 631-1462 '64 CONTINENTAL Convert. Xlnt · cond Prlv. party. 597-7956 alter 5. ·6« CONTINENTAL coupe. White. ·' Everv extra. Priv. ply. 421-1785 AUTOS FOR SALE '66 Continental CONVERTIBLE Fully equioped including factory air conditioning, fully rower, glove leather interior, truely Immaculate throughout. Lie. SSLV-9W $2686 '64 Continental CONVERTIBLE Dover blue finish with white tcpj automatic transmission, power steering, brakes, windows seal, gtove leather Interior, white wall tirts ttc. Lie. -JAK 912 $1486 MURPHY LINCOLN MERCURY 1940 Lakewood Blvd. ai Circle) 597-4321 Or. CO. 1\4 827-8970 '69 MARK III Owner's personal car. Low ml- leage. Loaded with leather Interior, heritage roof, 6-way power seat, tilt steering wheel, automatic climate control, rear window de- foggcr, AMFM Stereo-Radio, sower door locks, special body finish. Ask for Bob Lyndon or Jim Hedoe in Continental Division. Ser. S9Y89AW7566. MURPHY LINCOLN MERCURY 1«0 Lakewood Blvd. (at circle) 597-J321 Or. Co. 714 IW-8970 41 CONTINENTAL Real sharp. Ful! power Call HE S-79JI '69 MARK II uMjst sell FrlCdlander 431-5566 S93-75i6 Corvair 1905 62 CORVAjR Monia coe. Auto shift. "~ KQV " J '$599 Glenn E. Thomas Co. 333 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE 6-1283 46 CORVAIR Corsa 2 ar hdlo. 4 sod buckets RH S1095 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 63 CORVAIR Monza. Auto, RH. buckets, sharp! $795 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 62 CORVAIR Monza, excellent condition Inside out. automatic radio, heater, 5650. No cash needed only J31.96 Tionth OAC ^M-5709, Dlr. 65 CORVAIR Arionza Hdto S10B8 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 963 CORVAIR Monza-- Spydcr Red. 4 sod; RH. 4 new tires all ww's. iSOO or best offer Call 436-7159 af- ·65 "CORVAIR Monza Hdio. CPC. auto/trans, Xlnt. cond. * PDU 377 nir. Full price 5899. CHEV-OUT- 564-1636 63 CORVAIR Spiaer Convertible completely xlnt, everythlno new. '61 CORVAIR. New fires, '69 taps, S175 Good running cond. 1330 Pacific Coast Highway. L.B. 65 CORVAIR Monza conv., c'tan, 4-spd., fact. air. Oriy. owner. Excel, run'g cond. Best offer. 923-1147 aufom. 5350. (213) 531-6750 60 CORVAIR. Clean, runs vcrv well. $160. 1720 Ximeno, Apt. 31. 61 CORVAIR Monza enc, 3 sod, buckets, clean. $295, 320-3770 63 corvalr monza, RH, autom., S375. Eves, 2530 Bomberrv, Lkwd '62 CORVAIR Greenbrter 9-pass. RH, 4-spd., S5CO. 434 5273 '61 CORVAIR. stlrk, excel, new tires S295. 834-8749. Corvette 1910 '61 CORVETTE Fastback, 42/ 4- sueed, off the road exhaust, Like PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. Mb 3 0781 '65 CORVETTE. Brand new 427 eng. trans. Pearl yellow point joh, AM-FM, pwr. windows antenna. New mags Firestone i a ting '68 CORVETTE removable hdtD., -127 eng., pwr. str., AM-FM turbo hy- sell. Best cash offer. 425-8436. 4359 '66 CORVETTE, 2 tops, 4 sod. Pos 425, H.P. mags, IriUy tires, AM- F-M. disc brks, mlla cust. S2500 213; 723^653 after 5 p.m. RlCK spd., stereo, dk. green. Gorgeous Buy or lease 429-2401; 9 a.m. 6 p.m. 541 95. w/extras. Set to appreciate, pri vate party. 437-781B CHUCK '65 VET Fastback 327, 4-spd., ful pwr., air, AM-FM, prlv. pty. maos cosi traction tires. 927-336B '65 CORVETTE Stingray. 425 hp Pwr. brks. AM/FM. Excel, cond. S2795. 434-2246, 433-5175 '62 CORVETTE -- autom.. mag 434-715! '57 CORVETTE 425 H.P. C O Hv dro trans. S1000. Call 597-1545 '64 CORVETTE, Must sell. Sacrifice. '60 CORVETTE, good cond, many extras. 51,700. GA 4-7145 Cougar 1915 '67 COUGAR 2 DOOR HARDTOP Fully eaulpped Including V-B en- pine power stoerino, automatic shift mounted on center console, deluxe radio, heater, tinted glass, wood orain stccrinq wheel, white wall Ilres with full wheel severs. Goraeous liohl blue with blue bucket seats AND LOOK -- ONLY 24312 carefully driven local miles. UTVV 164- $2290 Price pood Ihru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE NNO Lono BMch Bl. LB HE 69624 WE DELI KENCAR Ml If you have had problems buying I-NO CREDIT 3-NEW IN AREA 5-NEWLY DIVORCED SEE US NOW! Tk We carry our own contracls fo payment* and re-titablisn Ihemsc "Good cars at reasonable price 1! you need transoortation to pick VOU Up. SE HABLA ESPANC "In the Heart ISOO Long leach laulevan AUTOS FOR SALE 67 COUGAR V-8. auto, trans., owr. sir. WFT8S4 - S21» I PIONEER FORD 1U03 Pioneer, Artesla UN 5-1 2« ·67 COUGAR X R 7, DWr. Sir. brks. RH. Xinl. cond Priv. ply. S2I95 (7IJ) 827.3512 ·67 COUGAR. cwfStr i. brakes. 4 sod. 24,000 mi. Excel. S24M or? S98-498S ·67 COUGAR XR7 Landau ton 12.WO mi S2655 or oiler, 7l4-S2t-3i94 Dart If 20 '63 DART GT cpe great school car auto shift, sharo. =NWW 951. $899 Glenn E. Thomas Co. --DODGE-333 E. Anaheim. L.B. HE 4-1IS3 '64 DART GT $995 2 door hardtoo. Has bucket spats auto trans RH *lc. wnlt* w/red vinvl inttrior.^VWM 938 ~- MOON IMPORTS -^ DATSUN SALES SERVICE S1SO South SI.. Laktwood 925-1277 Dodge T92S '£6 DODGE 4 door deluxe. Automatic, factory air, power steering, beioe color. 4000 ml. or 90 dav 100% warranty on motor. New Ke · ly guide $1735.00. sSBW 334 $1299 Glenn E. Thomas Co. 333 E. Anaheim, 1..B, HE 6-12S3 '67 Dodge Polara We sold serviced these beautlfu 4 dr. Hdtps. new. Has over 20,000 miles of factory warranty remain- Ing. Factory air, RH, automatic, power, steering brakes, new tires. Two lo choose from. UUK 163, TVK 225. Verne HOLMES-Dodge 3Sih Atlantic L.B. 426-7131 own parlor. Autohlft. Fine family car priced low. ^KGH ?43. $899 Glenn E. Thomas Co. · OODGE-- 333 E. Anaheim, L.B. HE 6-1283 Air, immaculate cond. New Kelly guide, S?WO. ZULU M5. $1999 Glenn E. Thomas Co. --DODGE '66 DODGE Coronet Sdn. V8 auto- malic pwr steer, fact air. Excel lent Cond ...S1595 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0/81 '67 DODGE Coronet Deluxe V-8, RH, automatic trans, nwr. steer, M075. Ser. = 6S005. George Chevrolet, 17000 Lakewood Blvd., Belli. Ph. WA 5-2251 'iS DODGE Chaiqei , pwrstr. air cond. Lo miles, ooort shaoe, autom trans si 900 call after 7 p.m. 5i7- 373A '64 DODGE V-8. auto, RH .. ..S8?v LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd SLJ 950 531-0791 '63 DODGL GT Auto, RH S738 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER '6S DODGE Charger. Full pwr. fact, air. J1995. 9051 Garden Grove Blvd., G.G. (714) 537-8B44. '57 DODGE convt. V8, auto, pwr str, RH. S24S. 596-9220. '67 DODGE Dart GT Xlnt cond. Pwr str, air. 714,835-6751 eves. '64 DODGE 4 door, $800. 535 St. Louis Ave. 433-4060. By owner. wide oval tires 549-1739 eves'. Falcon 1930 '60 FALCON 2 dr., lew mileage, oood transportalirn, S175. GA i- 1259 condition. 433-7537 after 4 p.m. Firebird 1935 '67 FIREBIRD "327 COUPE" Finished in the soecial factory Autumn bronze. This beauty has 326 V8 option, power steerino., stick shift with center console, deluxe radio heater, tinted glass, wide tread iiroi. Only 30630 carefullv driven local miles. Indescribably beautiful. USK399 $2290 Price oood thru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE '68 FIREBIRD 350 V8 RH autom, trans, owr str. Excel, cond. Must !el! this weekend. S2625 or make '68 FIREBIRD 350, outcm, cower, AM-FM, green with cordovan top. Rally II wheels. 4?2-7395 aft. 5. Ford 1940 '65 FORD, AIR COND., RH, auto., V-8, nwr. str., NMR 6S1 $1195 PARKWOOD CHEV. '66 FORD Gal. 500 XL V-8, auto., RH, vinvl top. SVM 643 $886 No Cash needed OAC AAE'3-7531 '64 FORD XL 2-dr. hdtD. Low miles, light blue color. 5 FM.M48. $B99. '62 FORD 500 XL convt. Good cond, S595 or best offer. 598-4221 or 597- ·Vi FORD Galaxle 500 XL deluxe. Xlnt. cond. 5B45 or best oftftr. Must sell now. 591-0241 good cond. S800 or best offer. 5911704 '66 FORD Ranchero low mile. 289 V-8 4-ipd. Xlni cond. $1700. or best offer. 597-1222 '65 FORD LTD, blk. All pwr. fact air. Good cond. S1295. 547-1069 trans. 5150 438-4341 Aulo Clean. 638-3697 '62 FORD Fflirlane 500 2-dr V-8 RH Xlnt 5475. 430-5757 '57 FORD. '69 tags. S100. Firestone slicks w/chr, rims, S80 563-1013 '55 FORD 2door, 6-cyl. stick. Clean, must sell. 5139. 834-8749 '61 TOKO I airlane 500, 2 door. V8 auto. Excel. S295. 834-8749 '66 FORD Fairlane 290-4 ipd. Many cxfras wkends -f- eves 591-7663 '6* FORD Fairian? cor.v. good condi- WE'LL HELP YOU WRITE ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS HE 2-5959 /IR NOW! DTORS, INC. 2-REPOSSESSIONS 4- POOR CREDIT 6-BAKKRUPTCY, (tc. Is li Our Specialty r Ihosa wllo ARE willing lo make VGS ! *Lirge itock la choasft from! our dealership-- call and wi will L. of Long Beoch" (213) 435-9124 '69 CAMARO HARDTOP PARKV mWmmmmVl ^^*ass^££* HHIwl ^ VOOD CHEVROLET rott from 1 tie May ^^IK At m*K : MJ*9*V LAKEWWP BLW. · Lo." I ME 3-0781 ,| AUTOS FOR SALE '·mrtt IMA 1 1 A-l '64 FORD Galaxle 500 2 dr. Sport hardtop, i One of the cleanest In town. One : owner, 34,000 actual miles, beautiful yellow bod* with full vinvl interior, automatic trans. VS engine, power steering, RH. whitewall tires. A real buv at only OQE 704 . $1499 MEL BURNS FORD USES CAR DEPARTMENT 2055 Long Beach Blvd 591-3315 : 1 1 '·· A-l '67 FORD Hard to (iixi Falrlane GT srort. v.'n le body with black landau IOP, black vinvl interior, 390 V8 (-name, automatic, power steering, Duckci seats, console, GT package, RH, wnitcwall tires, disc brakes, bai. of new car wairanty. UNB 954 $2199 ! MEL BURNS FORD ; USFD CAR DEPARTMENT 3055 Long Beach Blvd. 591-3315 * * * * * : '65 FORD XL 500 ? Dr. Hardtop. VS, beautiful 1 rone oria nol white blue finish, bucket seats, console, RIH, power sleerino, air conn, like new white wall tires. A local car priced wav below blucbook! UVK 637, week end only $1399 RICKETTS MOTORS Authorized VW-PORSCHE Dealer 001 Long Beach Blvd. 436-5221 45 FORD Galaxie 500 Hdto. R/H. auto., V-8 ...- S1299 _ONG BEACH MOTORS 3100 Long Beach Blvd. 432-5427 AT THE SAN DIEGO FREEWAY 67 FORD 500 nardtop V 8, auto, trans., RS.H. FACT. AIR COND.. real sharp! -- . S137S Bpllflower Auto Storage Sa!cs Wholesale Log, 9154 Firestone Blvd., Downey 841-9727 65 FORD Falrlane Conv. V-8, auto, trans., owr. str. Lie. PIONEER FORD 3403 Pioneer, Artesla UN 5-1266 a r cond S995 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lnkewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 mperial 1945 64 IMP. Le Baron Exceptionally nice! Air. 1MB-947. $149?. Osborn's, 10th Cherry. Draftee must sacrifire. 5795. 433-5400 322 Orlzabs, L.B. Mercury 1950 '64 MFRCURY. 1 owner. RH. oir. 55,000 ml. New tics, lit class cond. Ph; £34-3332 or 425-7991 Mustang 1955 '65 MUSTANG, 2-dr., hdtp., RH, automatic trans, onpular hard o find model. 5B95. Lie. tr PAF-036. George Chev. olet. 17000 Lakewood Blvd., Bellf., Ph. A 5-2251 '66 MUSTANG F'back, V-S, auto, power str. SBH-179 S159? PIONEER FORD 19J03 Hioneer, Artesia UN 51266 '65 MUSTANG V-S, auto., power str. ?PCA 208 , ..SI39V PIONEER FORD 18403 Pioneer, Artesla UN 5-1266 w/vinvl top. Fact, rir, pwr. str., 4 spd., new tiros. S1750. 424-5459 alt 6 '65 MUSTANG hdlp. CPC. Xlnt. cond. Chev. Outlet. .W-163 '65 MUSTANG, late mod. 242 V-8, 4 spd, "Sharpest in Caliioin a" 51395. 434-0725 14,000 mi. 423-5969 Excel, cond. $1500. 434-1224 Can finance. 591-3*652, 437-1312 '6V MUSTANG C 8 fact air, RH, pwr sir, 20,000 mi. 597-4160'67 MUSTANG. Pwr. stro... tac. air, newcarwarr. S195Q. 862-3295 att. 5. 1 vourf ^il'»7V5 r now! J i mm RAY 'VINES S 99 1 DOWN 1 CASH or TRADE Delivari Any Car PIui Tax and License O.A.C. '64 RAMBLER STATION WA60N. V-I. autom. trans., SCOC hooter, UN 9S3... ' »·* '65 PLYMOUTH FURY. A special 4-door sadan with oir cond., auto, trans., pwr. itr. and brks., RiH, etc. SOOE Ser. * O I I 2 ""» '65 CONTINENTAL Loaded with full power, fact, air, elec. windows and leais. Full leather interior. £··% 1 AC NGN 953 .7* · * + '65 IMPERIAL 2-Dr. Hardtop. Full power, fact, oir, leather interior. Ar.aUpe- $1QQC cial. PGGoll.... ITT* '67 CHEV. CAMARO SS CPE. V-8, 4-speed, radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, WSW. $1 flOC Ser. S7648 1 "T3 '64 DODGE DorJ 2-Dr. Stod. trans., radio, heater, power steering, elc. STOB KJK77? * T 3 '64 PLYMOUTH STATION WAGON. 9- Poss. V-8, auto, trans., radio, heater, pwr. str., pwr. brakes, $CQC wsw. NOT 089 ·"* '63 CHRYSLER 2-Door Hardtop. Au o. trans., radio, heater, pow. (tearing, power $JLAC brakes. Ser. 5865. «*T3 '63 DODGE DART 2-Door. 4. Speed, radio, healer, while $EQC jidewolli.ZLI I90;«»T«* "II WATS TO FINAHCE" RAY VINES Chrysler-Plymouth 1 1 Imperial 1 II en tin Garner »l 1 1 Willow Lakewood 1 426-7301 1 LON* IIACH | AUTOS FOR SALE Limtim Iftf '66 MUSTANG SPORT COUPE Automatic transmission, de'uxe rs- do S. heatef, tinted glass, white wall Jirfi on mag tyr* v.-hftli. Jft bbc*; w;ih black vinyl roof black bucket seat interior. SLL26* $1490 Price osod thru March 2nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1«0 Lent} Bch. Bl.. L.B. HE 6-?t2i '65 MUSTANG V8 HARDTOP, Loaded with accessories including sterfo. Absolutely like new inside out. Compart ROS 92o. wcek-efld oniv S12W RICKETTS MOTORS Adlhorlitd VW-PORSCHE dtaltr iL 1 *)! Lfnq Bpach Blvd. -ii-5221 '65 MUSTANG 2-=-2 Fasibick W. F. McPHEETERS A U T O SALES S. FINANCE US) l.ono Reach Blvd. HE 7-5407 '69 MUSTANG MACH i V-S, auto, oower sir., power biks.. low miles. X X T i52 $3359 PIONEER FORD M33 Pioneer, Artesla UN 5-1266 'tS? MUSTANG V-S, auto , power sit., FACTORY AIR. Yellow w/black nlerior. =V02 15S S2279 PIONEER FORD 13403 Pioneer, Artesia UN 5-126A '47 MUSTANG Fiutbcrk VS, RH, Dwr. str. AIR CONDITIONING. Beauiiful .... . .. SU75 B'- If'ower Auio Storao* Sales Wtolesale Lot, 91. Firestone Blvd., Downev . 841 9727 '65 MUST ANG 28?~Hl performance. 4 sod. R.H., pnv Dtv 51350. -!21-2«0 Oldsmobfle T960 '66 OLDSMOBILE "CUTLASS" Hardtop coupe. FACTORY AIR, power steering, aulomatic transmission, tinted glass, deluxe radio, while wait tires with full wheel cover;, etc. Mist oreen with vinvl bucket sent interior. Very Low Mi- leJge. VIVOS6. $1890 Price oood thru March ?nd DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE '66 Olds Cutlass $1996 Sport coupe, one owner local car. Seldom do we oet one this nice. Original oreen finish with blank vi- nvl bucket seats, factory air, RH, automatic, power stegr ing brakes, t vi. written warranty, U"Verne HOLMES-Dodge 3Jth Atlantic L.B. J26-7131 to choose from Dick Browning Olds 1090 I..B. BLVD. HE 6-9614 '6S OLDS" Delta S3 Zdr.'hdto. FulT pwr., fact, air cond. OVX915. Real No cash .ie«.'e,. ME 3-7531 BcLLFLOWbR AUTO STORAGE '64 OLD'S Cutlass 2 cr. hdtp. V8 auto n. pwr. strg, air cond., tach. RH, B/seats, gd. cond. $1095. 9M-20S5 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07B1 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd 4038A 531*0791 '64 OLDS 89. Full factory enulDDed. excel, cond. RZJ332 *597 No cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 BELLFLOWER AUTG STORAGE '65 OLDS. Stdrfire. Immac. cond., low mi. Loaded w/cxtras, fact, air. MUST SACRIFICE. 431-764B '50 OLDS. 2-dr. RH, auto. Xlnt concf. S25Q. 831-5013 '6S OLDS W, nnw tires, xlnt. cond. S995. Call 630 1313 '65 OLDS Cutlass. Only 14,000 ml. Pwr. str. S1800. 424-1403 '62 OLDS Starflre- good transportation. 53'-«8B or 631-3285 '63 OLDS. FULL POWER, AIR COND , $950 430-4556 AUTOS FOR SALE '£"7 T/^D/^KI A r\f~\ o/ IUKUNAUU i Deluxe Thi* is Oldvnobile'j "distinctive froni wheel oriv*" car at a fraction of Hi oriplnal coil. Don't Ifl thii lo* price fool you. This cor- geoui car Is immaculate And loaded with such extras as FACTORY AIR, full cower includina tttuer ' steering, pontr brakes, power windows, 6 wav N*er seat, power art'erti), automatic sreed control, stereo laae oecv. delude raiio, iiu sreering wn**l, electric clock, tint- · - cd class, wriit* wall tires, corner[ inq lamss and much more. I! is = f.Tished in a gorgeous brpni* wm » a ' w |Yi u9 ^'" P ice Good T^ru March Jivl i t DICK BROWNING ·- OLDSMOBILE i 1090 Long Bch. Bl. L.B. HE 6-W24 '65 OLDS Ninety Eighf hardtop coupe. This beauty Is loarifd with such luxury futures as FACTORY AIR, iutl power in- ' cludino power steerino, brakes, windows, scat and .intenna. AM- FM radio, electr'c clc)(, automatic transmission, tinted glass, white wall tines etc. Flnhhed In a bMuti- Skl*. NQU 07S. $1490 Price OiXid thru .March 2nd ! DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE JIOjp Lono Bch Blvd. LS HE 6-9f24 ' LEAVING STATE '41 OLDS, convfrl. Good rond Pwr. brakes, steering, autom, transm.. RH. air cond. S375 or best offer! 597-59J9 PARK AVF. APTS., 2000 Beverly Plaia, No. 9. ·62 OLDS Starflrc convert. VJV-933. 5SW P.P. Call 531-7315 dlr. Plymouth 1965 BRAND NEW PLYMOUTH '69 ROAD RUNNERS 5 TO CM005L FROM READY FOR DELIVERY 2 Door Coupe, 363, 4V-V8, 4-speed trans., noise reduction package, special oaint, etc. " of ttie Year." Road T est one, and see for yourself! No. ill? S3S43 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlewood ME 4-7530 '64 PLYMOUTH Fury '2 dr hdtp, cwr steer V8 automatic air conditioned S1095 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-0781 '65 PLYM. Belvedere 11 2-dr. hdto. V-8, 4-spd., FACT AIR COND, power str. PKC-677 S1299 PIONEER FORD '66 PLYM Belvedere, 318 cu In. Std. trans. Yellow w/black vinyl Inter or. Astro type whls, low miles, Ex- '6J PLY. Fury, groovv cond. 361 Torque fit. chrome rims, recent overhaul. S1095. E6S-5719 aft. 5. '64 PLY. Belvedere 383 w/toraucfl. Good shape. S750. 855-5346 '60 I'LYM 4 dr. runs good S2/0 Good transportation. 593-2051 '68 PLYM Hem! rondrunner, extras, warranty 52995. Nttes 43X-6SB9 cond., $550. BM-62/8 Pontioc 1970 '6/ PON I. Bonne. Sed. Air, ful pwr., hdtp. 15,000 ml. OKS-234. S?ft99. Oiborn's, Mth Cherry. '69 PONTIAC GTO, won In contest. Air conditioning, pwr. str., pwr. brakes, autom. Red. Call 925-5531 wheel, many new parts. VERY SHARP. S/95. 434-0/91 '64 PONTIAC GTO conv. Extremely clean. $1100. 531-9349 '64 PONTIAC Grand Prix. Pwr. air. Prlv. ptv. 597-1169 'M PON1. Bonneville fact air full uower, xlnt cond. S - ,395. 866-7622. '6? PONTIAC Cat., owr str brks, R/H, good cond S595. 714-537-5954 '64 PONT GTO RH, 4 speed, Crager wheels. $1350 862-6220 '66 PONT. GTO. tmmac. Auto., pwr. str. Pri. otv. $1600. 434-4906 '64 PONT. Grand Prix. 35,000 ml. Fact. air. S1399. Orn own. WS-2651 IT* JUperrnurKei jp A mm fm t^Mf^ |k mrr^V 1 N ^Jl^y 46 YEARS OF RELIABLE CHEVROLET SALES SERVICE '64 RAMBLER $1099 440 Hdlu. Couiie, frcvl., aulo. trans., pwr. itr., RSH. Low milene, new car trads in. Lie. No. RCLJI1. '64 CHEVROLET $1199 condition. Lie. ^ORT 0«. '65 CHEVROLET $1699 Bel Air «-p»n. sta. wan. 321 V-I, aulo. tram., power »lr. Radio, Beater, FACTORY ACR CONDITION. Mint condition. PCH234. '66 PLYMOUTH $1199 fcelvedert, 3-door, V-8, aulomatic transmission, radio, heater, A-1 throuahout. SRT 034. '66 RAMBLER $1499 100 i-oassenatr wagon, 6 cylinder. Automatic transmission, radio, heater, tiffin its a Din. ROC 627. '66 CHEVROLET $2199 Caorice hardtop coupt. 337 V-fi. automafic transmission, power steering, radio, heater, bucket seats. Vinyl top. Sparkling Manna blue with black interior. TAW 362. '66 CHEV. Malibu $1699 Sta. wag., V-8, auto, trans., pwr. str., RH. Very icnrce ana extra nice. Silver Blue. Lie. #TPP 122. '67 COUGAR $2399 Spt Cpe. VB, automatic, power steering, radio, htr. Extra nice. ; 6l RAMBLER $799 Classic 550 station wagon, auto, tnns., FACTORY AIR COND. A low miteaoB new car trade-in. OPJ 77». '65 CHEVROLET $1499 El Camlno, V-8, auto, trans., oower steering, radio, heater, whlti in color. Extra nice. Lie. No. T34097. '68 NOVA Coupe $2099 S-Cvl , auto, trani.r heater. Under factory warranty. Low mileage. Lie. sVHP 411. '67 CAMARO $2199 Convertible, Rally Sport, v-s, auto. Irani., po»!r ileerlno, radio, dealer. Valid warranty book. Lie. No. TPR »il. '62 CHEVROLET $799 Impala hdtp. sedan, V-a, auto. Irani., power Jleerin?, radio, heallr. Tiii loo condition. PIui lactorv air. Lie. No. LPK 847. '65 BUICK Le Sabre $1799 Custom Hdtn. Sed. v-8, auto, rani., pwr. «lr. RiH. FACT. AIR. Gold in color. Lie. =HOY 74». '65 MUSTANG 2 Plus 2 $1499 Cot. V-8, Mpd. trant., RH. orangt In color. Lie. sPCH 471 '67 CHEVROLET Impala 4-Dr. '2099 V-8r automatic transmission, power steering, radio/ heater, FACTORY AIR COND. Low mileage. Lie. No. TVO 220. HAfl CHEV 3770 CHERRY AVE., IBOR I mf \J mm -ROLET L.B. Gfl 6-3341 INDEPENDENT (AMI PRESS-TELESRAM (PMj-- C-17 CLASSIFIED NE t-tttt Ltnt »M», C«llt.. Tlwrt., Flk. 27, IN* AUTOS FOR SALE : 'Mrtioc 1970 | '62 PONTIAC Catallna 1 door W. F. McFHEETERS AUTO SALES i FINANCE 1UO Long B«ch Blvd. HE J-5»' W PONT GTO VS 4 jr**d RH Dycktls. Extra sharo S12^5 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3*781 '67 GRAND PRIX DLX. Lo mileage, lull EO«er. air, tsne. J2695. PtJ. ptv. 43501C3 or 43«- . Wi 63 PONllAC~Graid"Pru! Full cwr. '. · fact. *ir cofv^.. good tirev. St*f* : a' 1 i3~cash neried'OAC ... ME 3-7s:i , BELLFLOWEK AUTO STORAGE . 67 FIREBIRD, 2 door rWor V5, ; aLlomatic transmission, todio* i heotefj power steering, f.ictorv ' warranty, sacriiice 519J?. Will li- nance OAC. 434-5709 dlr. ; 63 PONT. G r a n d P r i x . Air, i owr. stro. waKes. Neiv pint. · Excl. cond. SMS. 8iS-2^? 66 PONT. Bonn. Brouoham 4-dr. Sfd. air, all pwr., stereo, or g. Owner. S2350. 633-744? 66 PONT. Tempest PAT. stro, Drks. ! 23.000 ml. Xtnt. cond. 1U50. Call , 423-7339 ; str, brks, windows. -O.OOO miifs. Excel cond. JiSO. -123 8501 i5 PONT. Giand Prix, air. RAH. pwr, tilt whl. S?000 UN 5 S5A3 eve. W PONT. GTO, -i-vd.. 359 w/3 ?'s. 1 tambler 1975! I I A-i '65 RAMBLER Best buv! American 220 4 dr. Sedan. ClMn yellow body with white top, (VJtomallc trans, RAH, whitewall tires, extra clean thruout. NQH 404 $1099 i MEL BURNS FORD USED CAR DEPARTMENT 2051 Lcno Rinrh Blvd 591-3315 cond. Power Steering J. Brakes Recllnlno Seats. Tinted olass. Console shift command. Vinyl top etc few ml'es but 100°i covered by factory part i labor warranty. Today SJSSO 25 other Rambler bar- "FfbLIDAY RAMBLER 1427 Long Beach Blvd. In L.B. 68 RAMBLER A.\AX~343 V8 wlth'a'r condltionino. Power steering A brakes. Console shift command, tinted glass, wide oval tires, reclining scats. 100 -- factory parts A labor warranty. VJ270. Holiday Rambler. U27 Long Beach Blvd. Ph. 436-9001 68 RAMBLER SST Convert ole V3, air conditioned, nower S coring brakes, reclining scats, , Oiilt ro-nmanri, tinted ola^s, etc. ; 100-- factory parts labor war- , ranty. Pcsilivelv new like. Today «770. Holiday Rambler, 1427 Lcno Reach Blvd. Ph. 434-9001 63 RAMBLER Ambassador VB hardtop sport coupe. Air conditioned, power steering brakes, shift command, vinvl top, tinted glass. 100% parts labor factory warranty. Today S2770. Holiday Rnm- ; hler, 1J27 Lono Beach Blvd. Ph. - 68 RAMBLER Rebel //O VB SPOrt cpe, air condltlpncd, power steer- Ina brakes, shift comminrJ, vinyl top. 100--- factory parts 8. a- , bir warranty, today V2770. Holiday Rambler, 147? Lono Beach Blvd. Ph. 436-9001 60 RAMBLER sta wao. 11.000 ml. Only new mtr, autom, gd tires, '69 Lie. CtMnSaSOor ? GA 3-118 '60 RAMBLER 6 cyl, stick, rcbui t ennlne. Put ptv S250. 714-892-0739 ; 63 RAAABLER-CI-TsIc 770. ? Dr. an- 67 RAMBLER Rebel 290, 5 new tires, trans. 11695 - 435-8471 PEOPLE PLEASERS FROM BEACH CITY CHEVROLET With People- Pleosina Prices , k-«-- Today's SPECIAL^ '14 IMFALA CM., radio, neater, oower iltvrinfl, factory air. HUP * $1399 * 'U FIREBIRD Convertible. Aulo. tram., radio, heater, power tteerino. SOvlOQ DGZ J01_.__ £?V3TS 'H OLDS DELTA Cuilom Cot. bucket seals, lactorv ·Ir, immacu* (O7QQ me. VEM sn ffait 'U DODGE DART Sedan i cylinder nick, radio, mater. Ser. No. Sf OOO IOJ7 l«S3iJ '» PONTIAC Grand Prix lull power, air. IIQOQ Se« thl RHEIIS **»33 'IS CORVETTE Fastback, 1- soeed, radio, he.iter. Blk. int. 9qqq ·15 CHEvr II Nova CK. Powerglidt, radio, heater, air cand. '1599 'M MONZA CPE., DWr. glidt, radio, hvater. (ICQO CHOICE OF TWO 'SI CORVETTE FASTBACK. 300 HP. Pwr. glide, radio, healer, Dwr. sir., tact. air. New Or War- SOQQQ rantv (ULD 8M)*'-'-'-' '»7 CHEVY II 100 duo couoe, big t, Powerglide, radio, heater. Bal. of New Car Warr. 5 lfiQQ ·l CAPRICE i nsi!. station waoon. 327 v-8. Power- glide, RH, power sleer- 6PTI71_ '2099 'it CAMARO, radio, heaftr, Mwep $ieering r power glide. WWN $ 2699 '*7 CAMARO. V-B. automat c. power steering, air conditioning. Real SOCQQ i hiro! TFA815 ^3*'*' '«5 MUSTANG 2+2 V-8, 4- JDtKl, r a d i o , heater. IS 8 '1699 '£7 CHEVELLE MALIBU SS. 317 4 IP end, radio, heater, power iteerinn. Black bucket teats SO^OQ (UHC 361). ... **·*»« 'M VALIANT CLUB CPE. * cylinder stick, sniff, radio, htater. 11 | QQ WJJ «3 ..... * *^J '« CHEVELLE, V-8, power glide, radio, heater, power steerino, factory air. $". "2099 '46 MUSTANG 2 + 2 Fastback, V-l, automatic tram., radio, heater, pwr. steerino, blk. interior "1QQQ TRUCKS 'M FORD CLUB wagon. Big t, automatic trans., radio, heater. Sir. t| QCkQ No. M7177_TM *O;I^ 'U CHEVROLET Vi-ton style- side pickup, V-8, si ck shift, radig, heater, looks like new. flCQCl 'i7 CHEV. "i ton lono bed, V-I, stick, heater, (V37«3)...~- 209* The ORIGINAL P«oplt Pleating Place! BEACH CITY CHEVROLET 3201 *·»$.*'· PHONE 517-4433 AUTOS FOR SALE iMWtr H75 1 RAMBLER SPECIALS ; Special Purchase '63 AMBASSADORS, JAVELINS, REBELS. AMERICANS. FuHv tauiiwtd, aj'onvatic shift, watt sttfrina. etc. iom» wltft a : r cona ; - tionlng, verv ffw mi'e*. balanc* of factory 5 vr.'SC.OOO mut warranty. SAVE 81G NOW . . . '67 Sia. Wagon $2298 Air condilionfd. Rebel 770. V-3. au- , tomatic, RAH. Lower ^Jeer, lo-^ · mitfs. Bst. of fAcicry 5 vr..'SO,(XX) mi e warranty. '67 Ambass. 4 Dr. $1998. Air condi'ijnf-d, lunury WO. «u^0- : r, ralio A t'ea'cr, cwr. s'wr- tio i brake*. e»tra clfan, 3 vf ar wsrranlv. '64 American Hdlp. $798 Rad o S, heater, g« saving, overdrive witl hv;n slick con^o^e bjcVet seats. 3 vcar wafrantv. '63 Classic Wag. $598 ' Automa'ic. rails 1 fteater. D-AT. ' steering, nict i clean. in Btlltiower TO 7- '254 ' 15H7 Bellflower Blvd. at Akmlr.i 63 RAM'BLER'ZM. Moor sticv's-nt. sin. cv . nice transportation for t, ' W " FUT $599 Glenn E. Thomas Co. -DOLK.E-- ·m E._Anahrim. L.B. 'F : .i'.?' Studceoner 1980;! 43 SlTDEBAKE"R7"5j«l""mi".."pcr. left srarc. Nci'.l* h^;lv' \ « o r v rn trunk, SNS or filler. 43S-"6? 'einpest 1 985 1 67~ffMPEST CuO. O.HCTMi cvl. : Economical E«crl SISOO. J37A^S4 . fhunderbird 1990 pwr, FACT AtP. Bnl. t-ict \\nr- ' r«ntv. Low mileage. Lie SUCW 111 531M : PIONEER FORD 1W03 Pioneer, Artcsia UN S 13.' 6 66 T-BIRD Lflnd.iu. Fact, dlr conil., owr. seat 4 wind. Local low ml. A-l cond. TGPOSl. Priced to spu tod.iv "575 GIBSON STORAGE SALES 218 E. Anaheim J37-15W 65 T-B RD. Prlv. oartv. h'ull nwr. a r cond, extras. *!9SO. SPP 7S2^ f. Florcnrs or B344 F. Florpnrc, ; Downev. stereo Inop, A.M. rcas price, io nil 38000. Xlnt cond. L.B. 4J1-3701 M'T-BIRD, An"DOwer'~reRtures', tilt wheel, new tires, showroom ccnd. S2375. 433-46R9. ; 61 f-HIRD 'tull "oower. oir co'iisi? 55 T-BIRD. G^od cond. Auto, trans- . _ mission. 867-77B3_ _ . _ '61 T-BIRD, oood shape, prlv. cwn- '· er. Must sell RcasoTfib'e 585-7207 to noprccintr. -133-723). Divilrr. '63 T BIRD hdtp. Beige w'bclge Int. S850. Priv. party- 630-3341 .596-3630 AUTOS FOR SALE DMMderbirel I9M '64 T-BIRD SPORT COUPE Factor/ air, owver sttorlnj, bra^e$, *iridff*s automatic dcor IrxV; a'/om*!ic t'ans, AM-FM r»- d»». t:nre^ .,16,$, .vnite wall tires. Gor.KQM*. ;c* blue »9Y302 $1690 P31CE GOOD THSU .MARCH Ifi DICK BROWNING OLDSMOBILE 1090 Lena BMCri Bl. L.B. HE 4- i-4 T-3IRD. Fact, air corid.. auto- m»iic t'a^s. Fylt sower. p*f. icati A windows. S??S. Lie. £ NAL-iM- Gecrse Cnev. 17000 lflkcw».vl 8!«1.. Beilf!tjw*r, Ph. WA 5 2251 o3 T-3lrd ful eaolo. «SCO or KOCO dn Dvmts WS.SJ; 423-7291 'aliont I9t5 Once A Year Sale! '68 VALIANTS COURTESY CARS. 4 to chtnst tram. All have «uto. tram., tie., n?t 5'ripp*d flown r-odels. Ail k*st m t D too ccnd. by our service acrt. since new! C1021 -- ff!039 YOUR CHOICE AT $1888 AKEWOOD CHRYSLER 1317 Candlewood MEJ-7530 61 VALIANT $299 V-MO 2 dr. with power steering, 23i cnolne, RiH, car reeds some Oo.1v work but is oood mecriAnkal- Iv. A^tvOrtlsfd only two rfayi t«- 1.) e v\e put In body shop vj hurry ior^ tn.s or ce! Only -O.OOQ miles. U Verne HOLMES-Dodqe 3St1 S, Att^ntic L.B. 4?i-7131 61 LANCER . .. $599 4 dr. Sedan, new tires, origins mint, RH, 3 ioet?d ^tifk. Only -10 ceo miiei on this on* owner. First come balk. Wed., Thur. SD5Clfll. U1015. Verne HOLMES-Dodge 35th A Atlantic L.B. 426-7131 ^hlft-?tc, Qrlvt to appreciate, it OJM 3,'S $699 Glnnn E. Thomas Co. --DODGE- TO E. Anaheim. L.B. HE 6-1281 VALIANT SIGNET V8 'M with air conditioning], oower e c. 100"i Parrs labor warranty. Big Bargain today At SI 770. HOLIDAY RAMBLER 437 l.ono Reach Blvd. In L.B. 425-2MJ. '62 VALIANT new motor trans. Clean S4« 425^33 Don Temple. 1 2^^ !^5jLr57' AUTHORIZED FOR SALES SERVICE ALFA ROMEO Jim Gray Importi 3S1S Atlantic GA 1-0951 AUSTIN-HEALEY, MS Jamtitown BMW C. lob Autrty BUICK Peairi Iroi. Buick 157H mini. Blvd. ro-ssn Avalan Buick « Opel Boulevard Buick 1141 Lono Beach Bl. sll-SJU "Mike McCarthy Buick 15350 Beach Welt (7HI BM-3M1 CADILLAC 1501 L.B. Blvd. HE 7-mi CHEVROLET CORMIER CHEVROLET 5701 E. !23rd SI. UO-51M S 4 J Chevrolef lim South SI.. Artesla H5-1I74 Bill Bornetf Chevrolet 1«0 E. ComDton Bl»d. j])-JMO Beach City Chevrolet J001 E. P.C.H. OE J-7«t Gelt Chevrolet 14H5 Piram't, Param't 434-W10 Georqe Chevrolet 17DOO LHwd. Bl.. Belli. WA 5.M51 Gledhlll Chevrolet ISOO Pac. Cit. HWY. Wll. «3!.«81 Harbor Chevrolet 5771 Chtrry OA S-3M1 Parkwood Chevrolet CHRYSLER Ray Vlnti corner willow I Lakewood Lono Biatli «s-7301 Guy Moothort Cnrys.-Plym. mi N.L.B. Bl., Cptn. NO J-7171 Lakewood Chryiler «]» Candlewood ME 4-7530 Lee White In Huntlnylon Beach 5T!-5S«0 Ralph's Chrysler-Plymouth B!» Likewood Blvd. Downey R. 0. Gould Co. 1(00 Long Beacti Bl. HE 7-J871 DATSUN Dot Datiun H83S Beach, H. Bejch 812-7781 Long Beach Motors Moon Importi 5(50 South St^Lkwd. BS-1777 DODGE Beach City Dodqe U555 Beach Bl.. H.B. HM«» Harbor Dodqe Downey Dodqi Inc. Mio Firestone Blvd. 8«?-8l!l Glenn E. Thomas 540 E. Anaheim 437^4?! Jock Wldqer Dodqe 1S900 Lkwd. Bl.. Belli. TO 6-W81 Snavcly Lanqford Dodqe 401 N L B Blvd. Cat. NE 1-1514 Tom Roadv -- Dodqe 1M11 S. Vermont DA 3-W11 Verne Holmei Dodqe 35lh t Atlantic GA 4-8M3 FORD CORTiNA 1!« L.B." Blvd., L.B. CTMJn Ploia Motors I7*fl Clartt Ave.. Bellf. ns-Mti FIAT Polmtf Motors 3300 Atlantic Oft 4-0754 C. lab Autrey 1IH L.B. »lvd.,_L.B. CT1-1573 Harbour Import: 141 W. Anaheim, Wilm. B30-XK1 FORD Quoin City Ford Glen Orqon Ford KO 51. L.B. Blvd., Cot. NE 1-7145 Plgneir Ford 11403 Pioneer Bl., Art. UN 5-11U i Jim Snow Ford 157J7 Paramount Bl. ME J-110 Pacific Ford 5MO Cherry AVI. 4J4-33C Hensley - And*noii nn Alondra, Belli. TO 7.37V ' Kott t Smolar n W. Anaheim, Wll. TE 5-«7 Mel lirni Ford me L.B. «i«. mm Toylor-Slathi Ford JTM Patttlc BW. Hli. Pan IMPERIAL Ray Vlim Cornr Willow t Utlwood II. Long Beach «t-T»l JAGUAR BOULEVARD BUICK-JAGUAK ONLY AUTH. DEALER IN L.I. 1U1 Long Beich ttvd. 5T1-54U LINCOLN MERCURY Sachs Sons til! LlHtwoM BWO. TO 1-0721 Murphy Lincoln Mtrcvrv mo Lakniood Blvd. stMin 17117 Bllll. II., Bflll. TO i-1711 MERCEDES Palmer Melon 3JOO Alltnl C GA 4-07M OLDSMOBILE John lohli Old. ui soutn st.. Lkwd. nt-»« Morina Oldsmobllt 1039 Pacific CD4ft HlwfV Hnrbor Clly DA Ulto Nowllng Oldwnobilt Ssles Service TO Mill 7440 E. Flrcitoflt Bl. Oown*v Dick Browning Oldunebll* Sales a Service OPEL Boulevard lilek 1I1 Long B»di Bl. jr-illl Peoln Iras, lulck 1S734 Bellllower Blvd. R5-44I1 PLYMOUTH Ray Vlnn Long BeacD 411-7301 PONTIAC Frahm Ponrtac 77» E. Flreilont Our- Hi-mi Laimrdh Pontioc lob Lonqpre Pontioc I3i« Beacn Bl. Wcstm. m His Reimon Pontloe 41! W. Anaheim, Wll. TE 14OI Solto Pontioc Suburban Pontlac 1IS3T Belli. Bl. Belli. TO -17]5 PORSCHE Rlckert! Motor? 10th t. L.B. Blvd. 4U-5711 Circle Moron Inc !·!* Lakewood Blvd. ST7.3U3 Kendon Volkswacjtn Harbor City TE 2-5454 RAMBLER Rancho Rambltr J1JO Long Beich Blvd. 5TI-1341 Don-A-V« Rambler Holiday Rambler 1477 L.B. Blvd. HE H001 RENAULT Don-A-Vee Rambltr-Rinault 1S7J7 Belli. Blvd. TO 7-7JS* SUBARU Thrifty Motors 2471 L.B. Blvd., L.B. 5H-1U1 TOYOTA Bill Mosey Toyota 1ISI1 Beach. H. Beach S47-US5 Palmer Motors Cab* Iras. 2901 L t. Blvd. 42t70*1 Caldwell's Inc. 734 E. Comoltm Bl. NE I-51M TRIUMPH Jim Gray Imports JSI5 Atlantic OA »-4tS! VOLKSWAGEN Lakewood Motors MIS Soulh St., Lkwd. TOH741 Circle Motors IK. lilt LiKewood Blvd. m-HO Kendon Volkswaa4M Rlckem Met»n VOLVO IM L...^ .WHI

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