Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 22, 1976
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Editorial For Women Entertainment Sports Comics ' . ' Classified Legal Notices 4 I 8 , 1Z-13 14 15-18 13 VOL. 108 -- NUMBER 310 The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper WOrtTTEVILUE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 22, T976 IOCAL FORECAST-Fair tonight and partly cloudy Friday. Lows tonight in the low 50s with higlis Friday in the mid 80s. Low last night 41, Sunset today 6:50; sunrise Friday 5:31. Weather map on page 9, PAGES-TIN Kissinger Sets Meet In Africa Force To Oust Franjieh Eyed By Moslem Lett ' BEIRUT.. Lebanon CAP) -The left-wing Moslem Alliance tdday gave Christian President Suleiman Franjieh 10 days to leave office and threatened to establish a .revolutionary goi eminent by force if he doesn't, "If a solution "is- not found to the, crisis, the Lebanese nation alist movement^ will be obliged to 'form a revolutionary government to handle control of areas under it and liberate other areas,", the Alliance said in n statement broadcast by; Beirut radio, The ' Alliance^ , a~ grouping of leftist forces fighting the right- wmg Christian Phalangisls, also threatened " to - establish a nonsectarian assembly to draw iip" a new constitution. ;it.' warned! Franjieh .if he stalled any longer, over quitting ft. would mean he, was trying to internationalize the crisis «nd thereby partition Lebanon A WAY" OUT Lebanon's parliament has passed a constitutional amendment allowing Franjieh, « symbol; or Christian resistance, to i(ep down but so far he has not . 'Lebanon '«' year-long civil war -- ""which has claimed more than 16,500 lives including 86 Wednesday and e a r 1 y today -- is over demands by (he Moslem, majority for more political and economic control. But the Christians refuse .to -grant reforms until the government f|an;tps down on the Palestinian guerrillas. ' Firing m the Beirut area s l o w e d down For v awhile| Wednesday "night after armored! units of the "Palestine . Liberation Army moved in ID try to enforce Lebanon's -35th: cease- fire. Hue Hie lull did not last through the night. P o l i c e sources reported clashes in the capital,: in the mountains cast of the city, in the ' central Bckaa yalley in eastern Lebanon and in the northern part of the country. _,The police, reported at least 86, persons killed and 111 ,'wounded in the past 24 hours. AIRPORT SHELLED v · Beirut's international airport was,- shelled .before dawn, Boeing 707 jet owned by Lebanese freight line was hit and airport. sources said 11 persons were wounded The jet was towed. to a hangar" with several holes in it, but it did not catch fire. One report said the firing came from Christian troops in the Lebanese army. WAFA, the Palestinian new; agency, claimed that Israel gunboats shelled the Rashidiya Palestinian refugee camp south of -Tyre - and tried - lo land troops, but it said shore ,bat To Show U.S. Support For Black Hope; WASHINGTON (A) -- Secretary or State Henry A. Kissiiv gcr plans to meet with leaders of -Rhodesia's black rnajorif? anil to outline a steppcd-up U.S. aid program during his Irip lol 'rica to demonstrate Amen- teries drove off. There was no confirmation from any other source The Palestine Liberation Ar my troops in Beirut "cleare several areas of gunmen, a n the cease-fire appears holdin in a higher degree than before,' one military source said earl; Wednesday night. But during the day Weclnes day, there were heavy rocket mortar and artillery, exchange between. Moslem and Christia forces, in Ete Harp Falls SPRINGDALB--A Springda] KarmR employe escaped -ii jury Ihis morning when tractor knocked him off Ihe bo h« was standing on. Loyd Hari 53 of Route 2 was taken (TIMESpfeoto by Ken Good) , EIGHT POUNDS .. .of manjuona seized m nod is ezanuaed by city Patrolman Randy Bradley Four Students Held For Marijuana Sale Four, University, of Arkansas .udcnls 'Were arrested, early us morning by Arkansas Slate 'olice narcotics agents and 'ayeUeviHe police following the llegcd sale of eight pounds of larijuana Taken anto custody at about a m today were Gregory T. hira, 19/bf 306tt N: University ivo and Lynn C. Grubbs, 19, Sugene R. Musselman, 25; and David S Long 22, all of Pom ret Hall of Ihe .UA campus. Slate Police Sgl Kenneth IcKee-laid "Ihe TIMES that the our were arrested-after nego- iating Ihe sale of eighl pounds ·f marijuana to t\vo undercover larcotics n gents. McKee said the sale took ilace in , 'room at 'Pomfrel fall, where Shira, Grubbs and .,ong;were taken into custody. McKee said Musselman war arrested in 'a . car --outside the residence hall while waiting on the other three. McKee said he and the othci agents had been negotiating foi larger amount of marijuana but decided to take eigh pounds. The four were taken ,to city jail and booked, and pro cessed before being taken lo th county jail lo await arraign m e n t . Washington Count Prosecuting Attorney Mahlo G i b s o n said charges possession of a controlled sub ance (marijuana) · with inten 3 deljvcr would he filed again four in -Washington Circu o'urt today. Home Entered SPRINGDALE-Several piece of-jewelry, including lings, bracelet and earrings w e r taken from Linda Shellon residence. Wednesday Springdale · Memorial Hospital-'while ."he was at cliurch. Po! whei£.he was released after said the back door was prie treatment, ' . 'open to gain entry. Bomb Explode At Courthouse At: can support for the aspirations of blacks throughout the conli- nt. U.S. sources said the meeting th leaders' of the African Na- onal Council -- ANC -- will ke place next Monday or uesday when he stops in Zama, the third African country his two-week itinerary/. The ssion is intended to point up .S. opposition to Rhodesia's oppression of its black major- y. However, the, 'most important ador of the ANC, Bishop Abel uzorewa, announced in Zama that he would not meet with issingcr and his; movement ould have nothing to do with im. He accused the secretary being "against our war of beration" end said he can nly be coming to Africa "to ib vert and sabotage our liber- lion struggle," RHODESIA FIGHTING Muzorewa's faction of: the \NC is f i g h t i n g an as yet mall;- scale' guerrilla w a r gainst the white "minority re- ;ime in Rhodesia The U.S. Embassy in Lusaka, he Zambian .capital, callec 3i«hbp Muzorewa's statemen 'unfortunate · and uncon tmctive" and sfeid it ''contains purious allegations and seriou distortions ;of : United Slates pol cy " Wnile In Lusaka, Kissingc will deliver a major policy ac dress, one of several he 'make pledging U.S economi aid particularly to the tier ived stales south of the Sa iara, as well as political sup port. He once urged a go-slow pb' icy on Ihe black-white issue i memo to former Presiden Richard 'M, Nixon in 1970. Bu Kissinger;, now hopes lo coi virice black. Africans on the tri beginning this weekend .that there is; a new determination in Washington - to see white supremacy ended. In meetings with African leftist leaders, Kissinger . also hopes to blunt advances by "the Soviet Union and Cuba, which made major inroads during the MAY HAVE PRIVATE COMPETITION . .government operated uranium enrichment plant in OJiio may eventually have competitors ij Ford admmisiraiion promotion . successful Will Cost Taxpayers WASHINGTON (AP) -- After 0 years of non-profit uranium ririchment by, a government monopoly, the Ford adminis ration is promoting a i . private '· its oWn prices to persjjade cus- inrichinent venture requiring "' Uranium Cartel End Sought keep the plant operating at f u l l l p l u s after-tax profits oM5 per cent on equity investment, prn- 0 _ ...,,.._. ^ aiid'uding tittle incentive to re- require ttic government to raiselstrain costs,in a project.whose capacity. --Charge higher prices Angolan civil war and have gained footholds biqu much federal support that nuclear fuel costs would- rise ome $700 million a year, or 34 ier cent. Electricity consumers would pay the bill. Administration officials say a private plant; planned for Dolhan, Ala., would avoid-some $2.8 million of .taxpayer investment '.or the alternative, a new gov e r n m, e n t p l a n t 1 a I P o r t s m o u t h , " Ohio, a n d would "pave the v;ay" for pri ale enterprise and competition .COSTLY LAUNCHING But, in an Associated Press investigation, a 'key -..govern orient official conceded that the taxpayers would have lb'invest up to $1 billion to launch the private project; that electric utilities \ v o u l d i p a y - S 4 per cent more for atomic fuel to support the private operation; and that the project' alone would bring neither private enterprise competition'' into, uranium richment, The investigation 'also shows that a new government plant could bring the: U.S.,-Treasury more money than th/*'taxes and royalties from a-private plant, and yet at the same time charge consumers less. The U.S. Energy Research and Development . Artrmms tration -- E R D A - -- " omers to d£al with UEA. Collect -production costs chief contractors .would be UEA partners, Bechlel and Goodyear. --Require close government supervision of UEA cost-control to protect b oth th c taxpayer and the consumer --Dram 60 per cent of UEA's profits and interest payment* out: of the U.S. economy to' an- (CONTIMJ* I) O\ PAGE TWO) ^ IIIIiailllllllirailllllilllllllllllllllllllKlUliniMIIIH^^ NEWS BRIEFS Scandal Seen · SAN DIEGO (AP) r- Horses and mules harnessed for the Bicentennial wagon trains are suffering at the hands of in experienced wagonmasters and a national scandal is shaping up over their mistreatment, San Diego's chief humane offi cer says, "It's happening all over the country," Bill Virdoh, wlio runs he" San Diego County Humane S o c i e t y , said Wednesday "People just do not have 'the needed skills to go back to those animal-powered" limes and the horses and mules are just 'not conditioned for such trips." Embassy Bombed LISBON, Portugal (AP) -- A BOSTON (AP) -- A bomb ipped through "a probation of- ce on the second floor of the utfotk County Courthouse toy, injuring at least 1G 'per : ons, authorities said.-One man a leg in the explosion, po- ice said. Officials said they were varned of the bomb by an anonymous ..woman caller who a v e ' "ethnic connotations hich I don't want to mention," said John Powers, clerk of the state Supreme Court. He said the caller referred lo he case of Anthony Jackson, who is accused of murdering several Boston area coeds about two years ago. Authorities said that the call came exactly 20 minutes before explosion,, and n voluntary evacuation was .begun. But some workers chose lo stay in side Ihe building, believing the warmqg to he H hoax. Powers said moro than 50 bomb threats were received in the 19-slory building within the last year, Cathy Brock, an assistant clerk of Boston Juvenile Court, said she saw a man ptecc a package in a paper bag under a counter. APL Granted W Million Rate Increase Theft Reported The theft of a tape :case and about 30 tapes was reported to Fayelteville' police Wednesday by Randy Gillcspie .of : (he Niblock Trailer Park on H\\y 16 Aest Gillespie. told police that items, valued.: at $200, " were taken from'his car Wednesda; night while the car was parked a t ' the ' Northwest " A r k a n s a s Plaza. Police said the leftover! window was broken to gain entry. School Burglarized SPRFNGDALE. 1 -- TJic Wash Engton · Elementary - S c h o o wis burglarized early th] __, _ morning The onlv thin? $766 million in the two cases LITTLE ROCK (AP) ~ The state Public Service Commis sion granted Arkansas Power Light Co, .a $209 million retail rate increase Wednesday, the company's second increase in 13 months. · The new order, coupled with an increase granted by tho commission , in March · 1975, means APL has been authorized a total revenue increase of $41 1 million in the past 13 months. APL requ ested a total of bomb exploded nt the Cubani l o p ° hce reports, Ihe back door missing was about $2.38 -m police said According pried open, and a Embassy today, critically in juring at least three persons, authorities said, The explosion jarred the u ^ t i neighborhood along one of the drapers in the office were capital's busiest thoroughfares' pulled open and ransacked at about 5 p m -- 1 1 a m EST The company is collecting a total of $31.8 million a-year disallowed in the two eases by the commission. This, amount/. is breezeway window was broken sub -, ec t to "refund "with interest to allow entry into the office hen , lt]ga t lon is completed area Police said the tration was attempting "lo give a new dimension to its Africa policy.' Obviously aiming his re(CONTINUED ON PAGB TWO) Capital Gains Tax Giscard Angers Middle Class 5 PARIS (AP) v -- ' France's 'powerful middle class, which has made and unmade many a government since the fall of the Bastille, is in revolt against P r e s i d e n t Valery Giscard d'Estaing for · proposing - the lirst capital gains tax to French hisEory, .-France is one of tne last cmmlries in Western Europe without any kind of tax on in' vestment profit other than income lax on interest payments. The United Stales levies a capital gains lax against tttlf Ihe profit from th« resale of real estate, stocks, art objects and other investments held six months or longer. Discard, who was elected two years ago with wide middle- class support, introduced the hew lax legislation after pressure from Communists, Social- .sts and the left wing ol his own coalition. He -said it was in- lendcd mainly to tax the profits of speculators. The proposed law pleases none of the major political par- lies, find Ihcre is almosl no chance of its lieing adopted in the present form. QUO Taken In Robbery Here About $300 was reported aken in an armed robbery ol he Hi-Ld Service Station. 2515 j. College Ave., about 9 p.m Wednesday. Fayetteyille police Sgt. Bob posed by _ . .. ment Associates---'UEA"-- a _rtnership ! of ;Bechtel Corp., oodvcar Tire and Rubber Co. id The Williams. Companies, i oil-fertilizers-and-sleel con- omerate, CHANGES TUNE E R D A , ' which concluded a £ar ago that the UEA proposal does not achieve most goals ol now Jones said this morning Mrs Helen Easlcy, 49, The president, apparently un prepared for Ihe hostile re sponse, Iried to cover his cm barrassment by., promising the National Assembly full freedom to amend .the bill . w h e n . i t comes,up^for parliamentary de- uate late next month, . B u t ' the dispute constitutes another serious loss of face for Giscard -- whose term ends in 1881 -- following sweeping setbacks In local elections and several opinion polls lhat also indicate lhat tho Socialist-Communist opposition alliance has gained significant slrenglh. station operalor, telephoned police at 9 p.m. to report l h robbery. Mrs. Ensley told Jones tha _ man, armed with a smal revolver, entered the station a few minutes earlier while she was counting the day's receipts .According to Mrs. Easley, Ihi man said "give me all t h i money." Mrs. Dasley said sh gave him all the money in th cash register, as well as al the checks. She said the ma returned all the checks. ,: *; Mrs. Easley said that as Hi £ unman prepared to leave h asked for the money in a. ban bag. The woman' handed hir the empty bag,_which he \c behind. , / " As the man left through lh station's north door, Mrs. Ea ley said, he told her not ? , move for a while, sayirrg ' have.a man with a gun on th corner." Mrs, Easlcy said.lha as soon as the man IcfiMh station, she turned out th lights, locked the door called police. Mrs. Easlcy sai dliie man le (OOKTESUEO ON PACE TWO) -- just before the evening rush; lour. Walters Quitting W A S H I N G T O N (AP) - LI. len. Vernon 'A. Walters is quit- hig-as deputy director-of the embattled Central Intelligence Agency, the White House said today. It gave no reason for his resignation, which was revealed in a single sentence- included in an announcement that President Ford plans to nominate Associ- ABERDEEN, Miss. ' (AP) -A federal court judge has set a July 1 hearing on a suit in rlvate enrichment" ushing it The U E A ^ plant would use me-tested government; tech ology and produce the same niount of uranium enrichmpn 1 a government "add-on," oughly the same production ost/says ERDA, But there the resemblance lops. ERDA . officials admit the JEA project would: --Require government tfuar- inteos that the plant " would vork, --Require the government lo my and stockpile a large chunk if UEA's early production to ale Deputy Director E. Henry Knoche to'one of the CIA's No. 2 positions. Check Stolen NEW ORLEANS (AP) -Sherman Copelin may have complaints nbout security in the. Louisiana Superdome even though he heads Supcrdom Services, Inc., which provides stadium guards. Thieves stole .Copelin's payroll check for $346 from SSI offices and cashed it Wednesday, police said. Hearing Set desk "'APiLTs the biggest'utiuty in Arkansas, operating in 62 of the slate's" 75 "counties. - The, company has more than 425,000 customers, including, 370,000 residential customers. " IN ALL CL\SSfcS The, increases apply to- retail customers in all classes, irv ,n providing municipal serv | ices. U.S. Disl. ' application T , ,,, T July 1 for Court Judge Wit-. increase order came in an APiL filed last a $56,4 million rate ham Keady vacated Wctlncsdavj In an inlcrim order Iast Oc t. a u te i] ll E OI ?u y r " tr , ai " ]ne Ordcrr 129, Ihe PSC disallowed all but which had barred Ackcrman of ficials from - using --about 20 million in federal.revenue sharing funds. Otis Returning CLEVELAND (AP) -- Plans to return the operation of Otisj ""The "amount"coiiected" subject Elevator Co lo Cleveland will to refund includes $134 million $34 3 million The ' new order disallowed another $13.4 million of Ihe July -1 request.' f n . March 1975, the commission allowed APL an'increase of $20,2 million 'of the,$38.6 mil lion-the company had requested in an application filed in 197'!. mean about 150 new jobs here, company^ officials said Wednesday. The company; anounccU that it will phase" out its industrial truck plant in West Memphis, Ark. The firm had .planed on closing : a Cleveland plant in order to expand in "the South. . , innniiinuinnraimiiEiiiiiimuniiEiiniiH from the case in ,which the. PSC ruled Wednesday and $18.4 million from the case in which the PSC ruled in 1975. In .each ' case, the company maintained that it needed additional; revenue to finance construction of facilities it said were essential lo providing adequate electric service in coming years. In Supreme Court Ruling Privacy Rights Lose Again WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The government has the right to seize or study the records of your bank account and you don't have a constitutional right to know that federal agents are doing so, the Supreme Court says., And in another privacy caso, Ihe court handed clown a decision that could mean .millions of government personnel and medical files will now be open to limited public scrutiny. In a 7 to 2 _ decision on Wednesday, the court said bank customers have no right to con-| test government subpoenas of their records because the records belong to the bank, A bank's customers, the justices said, have "no legitimate expectation of privacy" in bank transactions that naturally involve bank employes .who might tell the government what the records contain. Since the customer should not think his account is private, the court said, he has no right to expect that the bank or the government will tell him if his account records have been seized or examined, Justice Lewis F. Powell, writing the decision Tor the majority, said the hank's failure to notify the customer constitutes "a neglect without l e g a l consequences, - however, unattractive it may be." Checks, deposit- slips and other records tho Government requires banks to keep "are n o t confidential . communications but negotiable instruments- lo he used in commercial transactions," Powell wrote, He said the documents only contain information the customer has vpl* untarily allowed to be exposed lo banks and their employes. ' · "The depositor takes the risk, in revealing his affairs to an* other, that the information will be conveyed by that person to tho government," the majority decision said. ; The ruling reversed, a decision by the 5th U,S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which sup : presscd bank records of Mitchell Miller of Macon, Ga.. (CONTD;UED OK PAGE TWO)

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