Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 38
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 38

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 38
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AUTOS F01 SALE 23 AUTOS FOR SALE 23 AUTOS FORSALE 23IAUTOS FOR SALI -- rr* ^M*MgM||M iittiimtt June 4 - 5 - 6 - At corner of ^ SO, 4TH 22ND ST. MOTOR CO. 515 N. STONE REDUCED PRICES FOR JUNE I 59 Dodge V8 $2095! TRAILERS, N«w t Ihttt 2S TRAILERS. N«w t Used 25 - - " " Save Money Trailer Headquarters TUCSON You've FOR IT "King of Second Cars" OFFERS * · · 4-ctr. P.S.. HH. Automatic. ···59 Chev. B.A. 1995, « -*-tr. P.S., P.G.. RiH. .···59 LarkStaWg 1695; : », Std. tr«m. RH. i ,···59 Ford 4 dr. 1795J ' VS. A«tom«tic. KH. P.S, j i · · · 58 Ford Sta Wg 1795 j V8. 4-dr. P.S., rordonwUc. H.H ,'··59 Plym. 4 dr. 1795 V«. P.S.. «uton»tic. R*H. ·· · · 59 Lark 2 dr" 1595' ' --FREE 3 days 2 nights all expense paidj vacation | for 2 in | LAS VEGAS with every new or used I TRAILER SOLD.' THE BEST IN A NEW ileycltt, MdtercycUi 29 WOW! USED SCOOTERS FROM $75 ICUHIMAN, AI.LSTATK. VRSPA. 1UILDING MATERIALS 50 TAVETHElTASTlWAY 8' Galv. Roofing $2.03 Fiber Glass InsTt'n $39M 6 ' ' Treated Posts 49c Interior Jambs $2.79 MISC. FOR SALE 52 OOOI faadlt. bruit collar, and bridi*. ux« n«w, CY,.VJ«3. HAtm'atM - ~\TinimlKtrlTrP celver*. part* For himn or CAP. Oelirr wunl'n. stimulators. m«ul detector*. K*ll or u«0«. Evtnlnj*. f, Mth JHree* tlU; Kodak. nTv Farbflrware coffaemaker. Hotoolnt »*irlj«r»ior. iKA. 8-7SIS. ~ Tucson *** »»turd*y, Jima 1.1*4» Tutje^Aflg, HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 ATOM. 195 UP. 3»3 E SPKCD l \f v oi»4*i-/i^ . i ILAMRRRTTA. MUSTANC! AU«! COMK tar. TUF. NEW NSO, Non.iv- AV ,,j i A( ,i. ._» TON. MUSTANG, JAWA ANn^^X 6 0 1-OtR SCI VES1 "r JK i Mrvrnpc CASHWAY LUMBER G L MOTORS cmwir 1JO S._ Euclid MA, 4-MOJ o i U K U BSA "J5o cc moiarryclc. Nuedn Open S a t u r d a y 'til s merit,"j«w«irj". musicalTnitniment*. i rumuu.. a. work. $M Call KA. «-Z!M f r o m Limit light* t»«e.rv«d. MA 4.SMI l u g g a g e , t w i n . m o n ' i rlnlh.«, ! u/J i.jfijj * fJ(«t of pjrK A y f , ft n Xln* r a d l m , ipnll«nr««, .tr. TufSOIV.'A-a.;'^ u. Highest Prices Paid Furniture-Appliances MA. 4-6481 we nay - . . - , . . ,J' 1 £ il lV 1 '''"' "BLOOM'S K X C H A N O r re-hullt. 401 8. Plumer. -- \ \ f f ~ i i W ' f\~~ --^~~ -- ··· StLL «mpln« "equip.; WE. Nfc.C.D SUNDAYS 9-6 P.M. AND BIUNQ THE WHOLJJ FAMILY IN CHOOSING A MOBILE HOME THAT IS JUGHT ron YOU. S»lf«nen m lot ll d»v and everv d»v to help you and arum-er question* ^ how easy it ii to own 7 p IT! 1 year guarantee on transportation m o d e l '··^§^'pj^ rnr sta We 1395i* nc ' uc * es * st c ' ass Air MARLETTE . _ _ i . J ** t-r_-,».-.i T .hj- ur*t*~t*. · to* wide. t. autos. VS. nutnmalic, 4-dr. i f » » 5 5 Chev. 4 dr. i V. P.G.. RtH. Bood lire? · · · 57 Stude. 4 dr. 895 Travel, Best Hotels , i, I. j-b»d«xMt, . c*nt«. fiont kitch- New At u»«d. I*«y ttnnt, ' * J CT17TTI C A C 1 4 wheel* Oas i *l«ctrlc. Panv Ac- ^ 1 t-E,L, a ASH · crssorlr*. Holmcta Cuxhman Motor _nfV /M" 1 !? sales. .MA .,4-i3n. _ | 4 U % U r r L. C. Hardware. 101 W. Grant. MA. A l l i m . SCTCCO Dl'S. $11.95 COM! 1 W ' D E L U X E HIMV ; Wood Screen Drs. $5.95j Mahog. V. Paneling 15c % Sheathing Plwd. 8»/ 2 c; /j Sheathing Plwd. ll^c: Car stake posts 81 c GLASS DOORS fi ft. Alum. Sliding $75: EA. 7-7WO ^^ PREMIER SH"OWTSfG~ of the Slicked. Kolllnir 4 Srwed, Cycle. The all n«w MUSTANG THOROUGHBRED Wire Spoke Wheels. H y r t r a u l U Shocks SEE 1TI TRY IT! YOU'LL IN1V 17 G L MOTORS sKidtii. ctlfuutori, r h v r k Kftrdfxtt*, Mo. Ijow prlcitii, 3 OMc- Uqutdftlor*, aw* N*. -* -- -- .^t, K o H r n , whl ti«rb*r poU, MS. CLOSE OUT Lawn hand mowers $10.95 up. »._ EA 1-ejll, HELP! $687 BUYS $1,499 "WORTH OF F U R N I T U R E 1 u n i t , r « r i H r , dinette *et. automatic ; u'afthf r, foam rubb*r I t v t n j i room :»*rUonil TV, chuir » DC h#«tronm ; w l . H*»Uhff it txix ·printf |*» mat- 1895 V All cars completely and carefully reconditioned by factory trained mechanic, \s The same courteous service you would expect when buying a new auto. v Not 60 cars but 40 well cared for--completely |... 52 Cadillac 4 dr. 595 checked out automobiles. 795; Floor shows - Meals ·"' Beverages GREAT LAKES 8. R.H.. std. trans. ···58 Chev. 4 dr. B.A. V8. H.T. »ir eond. R.fcH. · · ·ss'pbntiac 4 dr. 395 Finance counselor on duty at all times--many finance plans available. 10 to 24 mo. to pay. UO- FMT. 54 CHEV. Bel-Aire hardtop ......... . ....... 40.26 ·iuidud 53 CHEV. 2-door, std. trans. 29.00 Kmu and Look* Nice. 53 CHEV.4-door 34.26 Standard Transmission, 53 CHEV. 4-door 34.26 Automatic-,Perfect. 51 CHEV. Bel-Aire hardtop 24.00 Standard Trans.--A Kiev On* 54 FORD Vic. One owner 40.26 Blu« Ba«uty. 55 FORD Fairlan* 46.00 Excellent Condition. 53 FORD. Overdrive , 34.26 ·petite* Whit*. 54 MERC. Monterey H.T 44.20 Overdrive. Well Cared For. 53 OLDS. 88 34.26 Pow«r »t**rln^--On» Owner. All payments quoted with no money down --40 extra nice cars to choose from Air cond. RH. UBERAL TRADES BANK FINANCING MOTOR CO. 515 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-3972 '59 15!/ 2 ' FLAMINGO UJct ntw. Pulled twice. Reasonable. 2328 IS. 4th. __ Mobile home o*Tier«l PRIVATELY owned IMS Mercury Montdal; 53 STU: Lr_ h«rdttn. AX. 'S3 STUDE. 4-door. Good ttrts. OK. Economlcml. 'SI DODGE. Oyro-Matic. Runs good, but needs worlc on brakes. 1150. EA. 7-3708. 'as CHEVY Coupe, original. Bent offer takes. J.2 miles north of corner Wett Grant on SilverbeU. ·54 l-OftD 2-door. Automatic, radio and heater. New paint and cover*. S475 take* it. 3190 Romero Rd.. Spac« No. W. Airplant* For Sale 23* 65 HP. B.C.O; Taylorcraft. S751 Funk. 1 transceiver. Mitchell Air- boy SR. MA. 3-0«a). ZRCOUPi; 415C. 8S hp. Variable pitch prop. LF and HT radios. Newly recovered and relicenied. GLadrtonc t-2330. Sierra Virta. » CESSNA. 800 hourj SMOH. »ec- trified. Omni. Good fabric. New annual. AX. »-M8«. EA. 7-4170. AUTOS WANTED 24 ·it-'s« CHEVROLET! stick ahTft Station wagon, · or acdan. EA CASH TOR CLEAN CARS FELDMAN MOTOR CO, · ·· 515 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-.187? We Trade For Real Estate Apache Trailer Sales 2844 N. Oracle Rd. MA. 4-ll7i 34x9 icreened porch. 30 Inch redwood bast. Secular and (hade pcreen combined. All aluminum roof. Built-in furniture. MA. 3-850S. See 5687 E. 21st Street Vacant, walk-In, will accept clear trailer, if Interested call IA. »-!«7l. THB ECONOMY PRICEn HO^rE. WITH SUPCTIOR QUAXJTY BUILT. MUST BE SEEN--ASK FOR TT. iBILTMORE I ASK TO SKK THIS DMT:. COASTLINE TOR THB VACATIONER. A1.L SIZES. ALSO TRUCK 1 C A M P E R S COMPLETE. READY TO CO. AMAZING! CLEARANCE SALE OF ALL SIZES--ALL USED TRAILERS Parts Store Open JED WALKER'S 2632 S. 6th Aye. TUCSON'S OLDEST AND LARGEST DEALER Open dully 8-9; Sat. 1-6; Sun. f-l pm. $90 wM » rra AVE. $* r I^NO «T \t A j *tt*i r* i 4111 M A * ! ' EA ' . . rt - t ? lc !S.. UIf "· ^' L " wnm'cifen " MA. 4-sin.i 8 ft. Alum. Sliding stn'avrc' "_"AS"«"a\Vc"" """ "iTn W1TH xcnr-rN *. GLASS , ·, n n n cl . , , T r \ ursTroiuw.* BOATS FOR SALE J_0 GRANT RD L U M B F R MOOO Shares M.I.T.C. !ni n r h!.i« ,« THUNDERBIRD i M A R I N E CENTER j Specials . . . 1960 Models "fl!_Ra,_MA^ Trailer much IU. !8-ft. VAIXX) ALUMINUM HUNA- BOUT SKI BOAT complete with j 4A h.p. Mercury motor and t m t l f i - . } all 3 ... I1KIJ . . . terms av 14-ft. NYLOX F1BERGLAS ABOUT SKI BOAT complete with ) / " m i p n l h 3S h.p. Mercury motor and trailer. | /I O l l C r t l l l all 3 . . . *13i)S . . . term* i r ! I/ ' ; ,v i Open weekday* and Saturday! s to flj /8 and Sunday* 10 to 3 l / ' S. Alvernon at _ SAVE $399 ~ IK ft. Land, twin .15-HP Evlnnidr Tandem trallar A acc«a TRAVEL TRAILER 12' Silver SlrMk Clipper. 19M Modern. Cooler. HITS. 1310 Cillc Lun«. AX. t-atll. SACRIFICE tt.OOO eauity in 40x1 house trailer Consider trade for anything of value. AX. «-!»». 50 x 10 Fleetwood CD model. 1-btdroom. For equity and S63.02 monthly payments. MA. 2-3848. »3B-»M more for your car Finance OuUtt. 1701 S. th Aye. MA, 3-«73?. Low Down Payment 4 uied 10 wldu. »3.»00 Jc lowe Uted » W'idei SP ARTgN l.'i"i'S 11700. MARumn; taeoo. KIT *sooo. MANY OTHERS GIBSON REID 1»1» N. ORACLE Open Sunday Afternoon s ·turns imtmu ttmtm I « · * » *MIM tu ii OPEN EVERY DAY MA. 2-2251 '56 PONTIAC Custom -door hardtop. Power ·rakes power atetrlng, radio, heater.' whltewalli. Privat* owner. 'Bank Repossession CREAMPUFF!! 1958 Chevy VI Blicayn* 4 door. 17.000 miles. Private party. 11.550 30u» N. Baxter. '54 Buick $495 1959 Enall«h T"°rd atation wason.|full price. Better hirry to let this A 1 condition *97 down. Tslte over one. No money required. Call MA. W payments of W7.»7. See at . . wood Motors, 4537 X. 22nd. EA. T-9102 '59 Chev. 4-Door Sed. Lowest price In Tucson--trades accepted. Call MA. 3-34H. ask for Mr. Malarura. 390 S. Stone. G-EN- XRAL f-- -- *^TLL trade *o.iiity in lat* model ·59 Ch'evy. K Camtoo pickup. 5.SOO miles. Take over payments for '86 or 'S7 Ch«vy station waiton In good condition. Call MA. 2-0968. IMS CHEVROLET. 8 .ool tires. Runs good. New Battery. Phone 1MO 2 door Corvair. Loaded. K.195. ^SJTFord Sedan ..SSS*·u u Sd"?ro^" a c.^ JK! X-34M ask for Joe. General--290 S. Stone. W« trtxJe--No cash needed. Sun L 3-34M. ask for Ro«er. 390 s. Stone. GENERAL. MUST SELL ·54 Chevy. Top condition. $SB5. EA. 7-6573. MA. 4-3735. 46*25 E. Mth. ~ ~ " $797 26th Craycroit THUNDERBIRD 91890. Very clean. Excellent condition. White. 2213 N. Columbus, IA. 8-5330. :n Sun- _^«_ RANCHliRO with air. *1.595. . . %7 BOTCK hardtop. Tully muipped and air. tl.TOS. fro S. Craycroft. l««3~Ht5BSON Hornet, dean, well kept Auto, trans, rood tires. $315 w bVt* o«tr. MA 3-Ull. *1 W. Cunt Rd '56 Chev. Wagon J-tone V«--B«l Nio« Car-Perfect ster v4K*tion time. USK your rood name -- No money required. Call Soier Marshal). MA. 3-MM. mo S. ttcne. Open Sun. Must Sell At Once!! NU K/TMOUTH Station Wo Good shape. Bat offer. See MM I- Speedway. '56 Ford Wagon Real baxciin--no cash needed--Call finance mrr. at MA. 3-3444. ask for Mr. Mcza. 290 S. Stone. GENERAL. Open Sun. L Giles Motor Center (THI MAIN STORE) 711 N. STONE PH. MA. I-I411 IS LAYING MORC CASH TOR CLEAN LATE MODH. CAHS. OUT OF STATE PAY-OITS MADX. SEE US TODAY TO SELL YOUR CAR. NO DELAY--nfflvrBDIATI CASH. WE HEED CAJISHI Ronett Trad* Down Deala »SM So. «th Avt MA 4- T 71M We Ne«d Transportation T Can HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid or M'» to pre-warj. Sell your car to- dav. Call or ttop by MINCON M6TORS. 142S S. «th. MA. 2-11S1 Auto Portt, Acoi'rits 24A RAS AUTO S"UPt"LV 3011 8. Ith*. J*A. _4 J ;7035 J __£j.rti._PAINTS._aceei. LEE'S AUTO PARTS *"Wreckink; MA. 3-748S J»o Oracle Hd. R EMANTTKACTURH)~EN"GINES~and TRANSMISSIONS. Factory remanufactured not luat rebuilt. Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply 3«SO «. «TH AVE. MM E. J2HD ST. MA 4-»i»4 1C A 7-4 J11 TRAILERS, Ntw I U«td 25 1957 KENSKILL 23i/ 2 ' *3M for my $1,400 equity. Excellent condition. Modern, 149 T ,V. Teniuaace. IBM Kit PAKKVIEW 40'. 1 bedroom, full t»tn. tub. Trade «on- «klered. Phone MA. 2-J3M. ntolora. ·ortes. ·MtMtfttlMSSMI!** *$ « »S »J» All new units on display airconditioned for your comfort. Another 10 Wide FRONT 4V HEAR BEDROOM l',i BATW WORLD'S LARGEST LIVING ROOM CHICKASHA Trades Invited What Have You. DESERT TRAILERS 1136 N. ORACLE MA. 3-5777 «O»JiSl»»Mm*M*l$««a MJt * Why Pay Rent? Trade Your Furniture on a DETROITER MOBILE HOME We Hav'em from 36 ft. · 55 ft. 8' 10' wides FREE DELIVERY AJVD SET UP WITHIN too MILE RADIUS CAMPERS *! . JEVINRUDJC SALES * SE11VICE DEWKY'S 0ESE31T OUTBOARDS 1» E. WETMORX RD. Open » t i l l II _ Outboard Hydroplane MM S. 12lh Ave. JIM'OTT YOUR TUCSON DEALER KOR GLASSPAR BOATS AND EVINRUDE MOTORS COMPLETE SERVICE DEPT. 11t«_S, Bth JJA. J-1.138 I57 SKJPPtJR hotis'eboat "trailer. Sleeps i. Johnson outboard motor. Make offer. Trade up or down for late model oar, or what hav« you? JSOl W.. Grant Rd. MA. 3-MU- "Good'Tf'Boaf »H5;_ 22» E._Wal«r 14~Ft7Nylox Sklmaster. with trallrr. Never b«en In water. tl.OOO. FA. (1-7332. 14' STAINLESS STEEL And trailer. Very rea*onahlt. 113 N _Kuclld Avenue. !]*' SPEEDLirJXR, glasa'ed."" MA! HOGANY. MERCURY 8fl HORSEPOWER, ELECTRIC. Tilt trailer. EXTRA*. BEST OrKER. MA. 4-5MO, 3741 N. 4th Lumber Co. 5001 E. Speedwny EA. 6-4MR CASH C A R R Y *\%" Sheath 8V.C Sq.ft. ll'/jC S q . f t . ! 8c S q . f t . ! l i e Sq.ft. )5c Sq.ftJ Ific Sq.ftJ 19c Sq.ft.! ]6s Sq.fS. HOUY MB E SPCT.DWAY - - w . rm .. , ,,... cv. vom. a*lf di*frost, nevrr ,,. . Cost reduced tilt for dam/"' t^* a r ^ n ^ i · r\ x r i i-\M ; i-* ' m * f - w ^lch will allow no clown L b l V l L l L R Y L O l O | payment. Pay bal. on low monthly . KA. .-..mo; · ot Pi«y«r. ; ,, . .. ,, . ...,, ~ , -· ~^~, BARGAINS GALORE! Lnd dn «nd , dn " ( i,. ° Vro^il" TiiiT, nl frnnv!. 3 ! »iick» o( * r nEFniOERATOJlS (guar t IS t» i rhoo*« irom, s?A A no' Ka* A rl»c. . i range*. I3fl * no: TVa. »T9.S«; JOW' ;CTM cooler. »S5; Z-«p»fd el«c. tan. "WE A R E MOVING" Wallpaper Sale SO", ;s,1fl.V): Krnmor* automaiie (gu»r.l, !»75: Maolt lov» Mat (Hki newi. !P5: 2-pc. L'H »«t» fni-w, sW; Tt«- i r l l n r r m«TVI. Hl.Sft; Trailer divan. olf. Sale T h r o u e n J u n » jjj.,w : Simmons chair h»d, »12Jfl: Wtri. \taplf lamp Ublr 17.M- walnut TUCSON WAU..PAP8;H lHM,l,raaf. »9 M: ^dr. «,O. I l l ; .V J'AINT CO llrdroorn ana. 132.JO A up larr« 22S_ B, Brondwav 'rtrester. W.SO; M" Rotlaway bed. r · n l TM '».»; cloths* hamper, Jl.SO; J'lber O W i m m i n q rOOl H i e iwarrlrobt* (in carton), in.os: !-w. .. ,...., , ..... ,, ... . , 1ft; rtlnfttle. tli.W, Plus hundred* ot %" Shop %" Shop y" Mahog. %" Mahogany 40c Sq.ft. " Knotty pine 50c Sq.ft.if^ r ;^, yC feU xMo w» »... | v: targeY'' ; "212b""R "stone 20-Gnl. Gnrbafie Can with lid. $2.95 WE civr. N A T I O N A L HED S T A M t ' H AiTTioylT^ _3^ EvfPini; skvle masatve mahogany fl' rideboard, round dining tabl*-. rhalri WOO. firm prlc*. a-15 N. Tyndall. ! or Sfiu'i fltif/tt Tirf.l J3n.9n, Unrtam. K. Omni. EA, SPECIAL MISC. FOR SALE 52 Trimform y 2 Orig Cost. Home reducing u n i l . AX. fl-MI6^ Tui-pmllnr. tl.JB gallon. U n n t d j n i l J3.ni sallon. Yovir r o n l a i n n | Hrclwood » l n l n , 13.8(1 cnllon l l " U « r | n n l n t . M-M mllon, M o l f » Olvrnplc! P a i n t and H a r d w i r e . I3J K. Ft fHS." .kwnln, clothlnii. p«iiuin«f. rurnllui'e, _ TV, radio. M u e « u m iiliC'Ottl)S."'Thou»ui7d» "oTpopsr c | »' 1 - BROWSE AROUND Hrfrl«M»l»d «lr condltlonfr. 110 volui. MS 10 G u M i r i »« VI lip. Acctirdlon 149.50 no. GF. rollnler* KD.BS. Porc»l»ln ·Ulon«rv lub with rt*nd *IO.IW. Apt. rlrctric Hovrr »1!).V). Child'- upholitered rocker I*.M. Steamrr trunk *14 5-nr. chrom* dinette »a) so. oxd irlri'« j«" hik« »1 SO. NTW electric bur-b-q pll l t d 50. Vacuum rlff*nrra ' WRINOEn WASHTH And ael of tub*. Ciood condition. !»,._.»«. W. Dlntrtct, ?educe Without MotorUrd excrcyclc and s t a u f f p i couch w i t h tlmitr, IrK attarhmftnl bar. Both m a c h l n r n llk« nn» SACniFlCEl CY, 7-MM. __ New tarp* 5x1. $2.ID; other «l»i "" ' 8:M-«'30, Sun. 10-5 motor; Trailer, rftd. See at t.144 K. Park Avenue. Dale Skallckv. 36 Mos. Bank Financing 4 Lines to Choose From Quality Used Trailers DELUXE Motor, Bo*t, Trailer «nd mirf board. No*r Benson Hlfihw»y and Palo Vftrdf-_yW.^Udlaoi^trjijrjiyifi. 14' FlBERGLAS ' Ski and Flrhins Tloat, 30 horsrp'owRr, ^Ifctrlr E v i n r u d r trailer. Tlea^oiv able. EA. S-ftllU, a f t r r I p m., 1220 '...... lj«e Slrtel. .Tohnson Outboard Mtrs. New A l u m i n u m Run-Abouts W/STTJCR1NO CONTROLS. MB .JOHNSON. NEW nXrHOE TRAIl, EH M5 DOWN. OR 8TE OUR STORE DISPLAY Liberal Trade-in Allowance on Moats 4i Motors BANK trade f n r aood used trxick 01 trallrr. MA.3-8U4, 1030 Calli A n - tonio. , . _ _ ,, - manure. W*r7l Irct, ground »3_yd._drl. MA. 4-1JH5 , COOi.Ens and Partfl. Pump* «7.|i5 up. Miracle Pads 15c up, cooler, motor ',-ihn IU.93 «xchancc. Laiucir atocU In Southwest. Arl'.-.ona M a i n - l t«naniT. L insn N. Oraole._MA._4-tMJ V)FKII'K afiiflfirYa"urant EoulPrnent C»la.*« itbow on^r*. · * n WHSH. oirn.n :su s sixth Car Cooler "Wright" It-volt. One y » » r olrl "i»Jft. 8«1 E. W a v r r l y . DAMAGED NTO' EVEBY WT7EK ^^M N. COUNTRY CLUP Baby Grand Piano r a t l i n , phonoxraph connolf. KA, NE\V AtrrbMATIC W A S H E R S " SALE priICE tl«a.9S NO CASH DOWN TERMS. JB.17 T. WAY . I B R A N D NEW like new, u»ed 4 month*. 30" Hoot fan with atnnd, automatic. Makr offer one or both. Sre at M7 Calif Sllvos«,_ SKXNb rltW l-eYflVeriiTtlve air conditioner (Olhion) 101190. Used re- friReratlve model* 9110 and up. Arizona MAlntonance, IDI^O N. Oracle. Open Eye*, ft Sun. MA. 4-BM1 §WlM'POOL"fliters and chemical.. Arizona Maintenance 1030 N. Or- cte ± .Open _ Eves A 13 u n. Trlr. Accessories! l)x;i«-ft. a w n l n R . trailer rtcnii (enc'l and pntlo f u r n i t u r e . 3703 N. l u l l Aycnur. | ROTARY MOWER V" Clinton and 3 hp lawn mower Like n e w . «43. AX, H-iBIM. I Recond. Rebuilt GUARANTEED From $69.95 Terms T A V I I . 2» A WEEK BEACON INSURANCE STOCK. ».T3I iliari, (Market v a l u r M). Scarma (Private party). AX · -W153. NOW ON SALE - LOW DISCOUNT NEW POOL VACUUMS - |7US UP I Shelf utility cabinet »!!.M Tan type, trallrr cooler. 123 aTOCKADK 103S W. WXTMORK »-« Electric Trains MITCHELL'S 119 W. Congress REPOSSESSED REPOSSESSION 1MO Melody home. M' 3-bdrm. 10 wide perftct rand. Monthly payment *iO. Will accept J160 for equity, if credit apotleaa. Call MA. 3-8431. _______ IBM ROADMASTEK. il'xS'. 3 b«d- rootnc. $1.710. Set at Sunaet Trailer Park. 210« Illverbell Road, Call MA. 4-03B6. TRAILER SALES '3401 S. Park MA. 3-3427 PARTS STORE Open * a.m.-t p.m. !Except S»t. and St_*i*'*_ GOLDEN State Kit. 10'xft)' lone. MA. 3-2483. Closing Out--Nashua 10 wide a low aa M.9M RAINBOW TR. SALES 494B E. 22nd St EA. (-17111 '59 Mobilhome--2 Br. »340 Equity and take over naymenta. Excellent condition throu*hout. See SWnlo. Blue Lake Trailer Court. .1434 E. Valencia. 1958 TRAILER. 271 Can be uied AS travel or permanent, llcasonable MA. 4-3731. cholc tralle 1558 MOTORS INC 1019 N. STONE PH. MA. 4-0438 1-wo 23' trailers, your ,_.. 1952 all modern 90 ft. Richardson full price »«»S 35 ft. Columbia, all mod., cooler $31)5 KM Cadillac Devllle, will trade for Trailer. CHARLIE'S TR. SALES S7S7 N. Oraclr Rd. Tucson 2010 Oracle Why Pay Rent? S1J09 balance, at *! W« will rent you a MODERN nc.i rvr.H. MOBILE HOMI for TMi.'... OT«e". As Low As $25 P*r mo. Jc apply \'n the rent toward the purchaa* price. How can you lone? InverUr.aU today. Choice aelertlonl DESERT TRAILERS 2125 Oracle Me 1 . MA. r.-Old? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx New 1960 10x50 2 BR with front kitchen $3995 JPIMA TRAILER SALES MA. 4-3230 utilUy trailer and hJtch. 7 E. Koralee. 59 Catalina Conv. IA1 5 R*H. AUTO TRANS. P.S. P.B. SHARP. _ _ *"" ?· j "TRADE Very nice 2 bdrm. home near U ef I A for trailer. Apache Trailer Sales, I Z»« N. Oracle. MA. 4-J242. Pay Less Trailer Sales Your Wheel-Estate Dealer FEATURING THE NEW FLAMINGO Clean USED TRAILERS at BARGAIN PRICES 37Z3 N. ORACLE RD. . . ... _ . Open Eves, till », Sun. to e xxxxxxxxxxjociicxxxxxxxx ' - '56 Chevrolet 4-door sedan. Standard trarumis- sinn. Whitewalls. Excellent condi- tirn. »750. EA. 5-1197. ! Model A Ford Pickup 8814_Koralee,_ AX._8-IS08. SACRIFICE Must sell, 195S Buick Special. J- door. Hardtop. One owner. Low mileage. Radio, healer. 5702 E. aid. '54 Pontiac Wagon $595 full price for S Pass. V«. EbcceJlent buy. Cull Finance M«r. Mr. Ste- nl MA. 3-34M, GENERAL, FULL RACE MOTOR «* xrrsmrRV 1-daor hardtop con-! SU* shift Good robber.! ONE OWNER *s« Ford Hardtop. Radio and heater. Overdrive. Power steering. Excellent condition. See or phone i after 5:30 p.m. 1800 E. Ind St.. Apt. V.BA. 7-7510. 59 Catalina Sdn. STANDARD TRANS. ONE LOCAL OWNER For trailers P O P alR Rlf'HTEP i TED WALKER, TR KTEADQTRS S Ith Avt Ph. MA 3-1135 la^a £ t^ff* rusvu. 10 X 46 feet. 2 bedroom house trailer. Can be seen at 10SO S. Wilmot. Will trade 1959 Dodge « r %oi»i*o"XtEri~bertroorn. j Stat Wgn for used trailer t-iatV. . V(*«nn1.Vi1i. ·nrl«aw4 sVjf A I ^ full bath. Reasonably priced. MA. Do It Yours«lf--Shell* We do It for you--custom* Campers a Specialty--MA. 4-BIM DE_LESTA CO., 1804 E...Mtfi.S.l TOO LATE? Nrv*r too lit* to »e« th« ncweit-- moBl pntcticl mob)]* horn* rver deolim«d. Stop by t»k* » p**k, IMA v at thi« moirt unique pl*n lc * f u l l --.L/- valuc prtct that only Am*r.c«n I cm offer. Miracle Mile Tr. Sales Tucson Sporting Supply Tucson Serv. Stat. Suppl 1 3650 S. 6th Ave. Tucson Marine Supply ·COTT-McCi/LLOCH DIMJ3I W» scrvle* Boati-Motor* Volvo Inboard Mln. Csaa Grande HUhwav CY 7-MA? rONE'STAR BOATS JOHNSON MOTORS Sales Service MND STHEET BOAT DOCK Used Coolers $10 up ,,»,, TA ,,,.»_,; . bt . M .ho,.ny 1020 N, Ortcl* ""*l rruipl* flnltih, T»tc«llfni condl- ^ - lion. »atV, Phon* T.A, B-7210 C,m D ,n.^,^,!e N m S , ! cn,n. ,«J, D I A M O N D SALE operat«3l. ilia N, IHh Av«pu |B«nkrtnl stock and pawnbroker* '~ " ' atock for ladlr*' and men'* d i n - r-v r^ i t i /^ |mond rin** far hrlow wholrsalr I I \J I I V^ ! prlPfn. sKKinO rln« arl» only IW.O'i L / | \ | l _ L _ O :$J!0.00 voluf* for rml, $IOOOO-.Se1» j worth tun Inr only SWO.OO. M«n Thnuawndi of hlirh «perd drill hlt»' large ti«mond« also. Psiy only tS up to .1/10. lOr each. Extra l o n g ' d o w n , drill hil*. J»c each. Tapn up tn ';. lincjBRS JBWia.BY, 37 W. ConFQ* Xf. each, llandv-hook pet hoarrtl'r'XPJK ovn' pBi'rnVnU on 21" TV rixturra. no* oH. i radio-phono combination, only M.* FT. LOWELL MACHINE^'. TM»'" w *· ' roffe* table, lamp*, ocean, tlal. due \'M,l at IA no per MA. 3-2M2 »1 W. ft, ORARY hlonde oak Lan« hop* chMt; Wrisht car cooler. EA. Tools Hardware 410 E. rt. Lowell Rd. Air Conditioner , Ton Phliro. Good worklnf _MA. 3-0607 WILL Mil eoulty In 10S4 3fi ft. trailer. Small CQUlty and aavume Ity i IM.M per month. Good, condition. 1711 w. Prince Road after C:30 Tueiday-Saturday. All day Sunday-Monday, Will trade 1957 Chevrolet Stat Wgn for used trailer PIMA TRAILER SALES M10 Oracle MA. 4-3230 Ooen Eves, till H Sun. to 8 xxicxxxxxxxxxicxxxxxxxx LEISUREHOME. 3 E. Benson bedroom! 4«5 UP DEWEYS TJESERT OUTDOARDS 13d T.. Wetmor« Rd. (I til II 703 E. .16th MA. 4-13.19 SPORTING GOODS 31 FISHWORMS 4111 K. Lou Robin EA. K-OMB Fishing Tackle . Lures! LARGE STOCK OF SHAKFSPEAR-- PENN - GARCIA- I=*NGLEY AND ALL MAKES or REELS. POLES $1.95 UP FISHING LICENSES ISSUED Tucson Sporting Supply ! Typewriter . (_ase Electric Smith-Corona portable. I L I k c new. 1120. MA. 4-37«2. IV75Lni choice $Ts. i year ifuaran- tee on any uaed vacuum. Electro- lux, Hoovtr. etc. Upright* for q u i r k i- nl* clean UP. 17.60. 3»«4 E. M. ' _VliJa Dr._(northildr). " BARGAINS! CLOTHING FOR SALE J2A I1AHGATN CotUgeT Re«iile""aliallty ... ololhlnK. U»0 E. Plma. EA... fl-77IJ,l lonrqin. FOAM RUUBEa Several clzra^-many use* W e r k d a v s II;.10-11:30--Sun. ll)-« _ " '" MUST"SELL! " T V . w«Jihrr. davenport »nd okiir. vouUi brd. A X . fl-B747 _ H')I*rDAY HOUM dinette. wtilU for- Tnic* I ii'il*. · uThoI.rter,wl coral chair*, n U r k rruirbl*j7.erf cockUU Oh I If] 1 * pool, 4xfl MlffCel- -,. - - - . After JO. EA, B-SOfl._ Ver'dc fU-iut.ff clothing for e n - j t r S K D »·* r«n8*»"frorn WO.flfl. GUJI- rant, KA. fl-Wfll | ·nt"rf Smith A: Wnldmin. 3RM Ure fanUly. 344« E, Gr I.KE'S neaa'le. . M«-n'a-Wom«n'» (.Till- _ N _ i _ _ , rtren'e»pr1ng clothing. JWJI E. G r u n t : J I O flSV/AT^t) If you can beat mv " Shop "i«3a 1J:30 to 1:30. mnnt. Open 3-1157. SKLKCT d r f n ' a , Alterations, and MA. leii''-i:hll- 337fl K. Or»nt. tA. 1-fllOI. 52 I RENT Typewriter 3 month*. Apol.v rrnUl on jurohajn, MA. j-7ti5. LET'S SWAP 53 Country ClulTTrailer Resort. 'iTuCSOn SerV. Sta. S U D p l V I itm T.rmrwrv Ai'vn- r«» v.»rti.ftrtm i _ r '. j F u r n l t u r e and appliance*. Radios. TV*, living room sets, maple dlnlne STAN'S Swap Shop Uuy. aetl. trade room ael with nuifat. Iron anrl| Ryp. iruns tools antlquen. 4X3 N. 41h hrflss beds, t n w n awinm anrt /uml- "_.'-.-_., ..l/.^VT'^^Jl.. '-'- ''"*,'i* .~ ture. Clothlnl (or thr f a m i l y , a n i l - CLOTHESLINE POLES 53A nue*. Terms. Hour» in to 1. HOI7SK -- --.- . .----?£_ l?5i7? EB1 " s ' Wit5 8 1 J t h ' M A '' ^ 16 Installed Comp. '^ Auto^ReM^eratk.n""^ cln ^r ln EA S To^° EA"V^' C " C l o t h f i l l n r 1037 LIBERTY «'*«·. One excellent condition. Weber, ,125' Flowing Well; - N l . WILL TAKE 12»0 for equity in IMS "*- Rollahome Dreamhome 41', Mod- rrn. 3tm N. Oracle. Sun Valley, Sanford. .--.--. $400 fc£5U^rFV or easft for 3Sx8 one- bedroom Travellte trailer. Good condition, with cooler. We E. Zhld. lot 11. CAMPER--SLEEPS 6 Butane vtovt. Icebox. Llffht*. $350. »- «-lW*J3. .--..j. itC4ii iy nr.w. "M" fTs T E M 30 FOOl 1 ! boat. 14.1 Ha., used once. Reason prir-m in Tucson on brand new inr/f) RTA Victor and Zenith TVs. atrrro h i - f i « and radio*. All hrana IIMV anrl «uaranteert durlnff our M t h anniversary. Kurt. »»» E. Soeedway. and Campbell Plara Shopping ^Center. ._ _ Coins Wanted Coins WILL BUY--ALL U. S. COINS AND BrU-S-MlNT AND PROOF fiKTS. BANK ROLLS, TOR- OGN CROWNS. CANADIAN ' AND MEXICAN MONTY, CALL, EA, 7-163^ CASH TALKS Nrw plAttte lop aftud^nt deiV, 110 f(S; Ij'irecl pliitform rockrr, $fl.M; n n w pUntlr OCCAJI. rhalr, IO..VS; nrw md «nd roffrv tablei, $1 and up: n r w unpiilnted bookcic«, $0.63; iitwd floor Inmpi. »3 UP: new 4 pc. pintle ' tnp brrtroom »rt, MS; usw-d refrifer- ftt/ir, t?5; ni»w 2 pc. rebuilt «of« b«-d net, *5f»; n«ed bed complete, . _, 15: used nutomiUc w»»hfr, $2S; j n e w Jlnoleurn, C.1-9S; uved apt. elec- , mattress"W.M; Mess kits'S9c. Mlno ^ l u J - .^'' c ' 1 J '""· "'""·'· I\GINIVIUKt, K A J N U t i Ifi'ichen'Thalr,! 51 M.flS;" uieTublt huckets «lc. GI sleeplnt haw, rTASH FOR OLD GOLD .Icwelry- | 1(159 electric, «73; brcakfa.t w t l model TV. IK); new rebuilt trailer comp. M.50. Ice cncsls, picnic j f4(nmr«rtF watrh'-f--TV'* Radlon p with 4 ctialr* $20 Both In excel- 1 couch. $28: used S pc. oak dinette. luRs. fishlnx tackle, boat cushions,] THJ; GOLD SPOT. 2010 8. C r a v - ; l c n t conrlltlori._ MA._JU3761. !»»: us-d lar»e office desk. IX. BpI:"^ y '_SlN*c^mrv'°guh; "" FISfiTNfG"TACKLE ~ ! ^^^^.^Mn^^-i-UM. i 3650 S. 6th AVC. LUGGAGE RACK $7.95, canteen* l»c. 9x» umbrella tent $19-50. GI air Now vou can iret a f u l l ai/^ NOVI UNIT INSTALLED fi fiUAft-' ,, AU.HtD STTRPI ITS ANTTED for SJB5 with Puo K(iulrrcl ""?." ^ '" *"*· ._ MA caffe blowers for q u i e t operation. _? A .7;«J11!we service Hi repair all model*. Boh'* Nnvl A u t o R f / r l « e r a t l n n 1110 S. Cherry MA. 2-2322 J-(K)H HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 KENMORE RANGE OPEN SUNDAYS 195(1 "M" S 1 S T ISM » FOOT I .TRAILER. One bedroom. Mod'm. nhle. AX 8-7V7 - . . like new. $1.793 (Reynolds) EA, ":-:' · * - ·"_°-'-;' VST^TTtTi.""'*»"«»' ok tube tenter, model I3C. w;; BUILDINr; MATERIALS 50! H "* ok V.T.V.M. model 200 A . _. ALL MODERN trailer for lairwTtti, yTTvr /S~iTT rrrfrF cooler. Cheap. MA. 4-78«t. 4020 N.! PAY CASH--SAVE |LAWN~M5W5Enreie'ctrlc" $'lS;lllcl- j DON'T" sell your" furniture "and" ap- pll;.nce* for peanuts Cull GRANT- WAY FURNITURE. EA. S-30P8 and 2V lier TRAILER IKAii^CK !»'· Oracle Oracle. Sleeps -.,,,,» ,, ,. j^^ 4.3230 . ctrjc i xxxxx:re{xxxxxxxxxxjbc?:x frl t rerator L _hot water' tank. Sleeps ?.-F.« lrrn ° u 5t- H)ck !th. condition. 3)35 £.- . . . _, _ ,,, ,, _ ' - . Alum. Screen Drs. . .11.95j «-» voit model with high voltaae probe. *3B; prr. i reoelye ALL CASH todav ci.ilon frfffnal ftr.nerator serie* Jl-\~" 200-C. $30; Mallor.' power «upplv j , $1J6. HOLDS ' - . - - - - . - - . . EA. «-7OTI ADMIRAL refrigerator, used. like new. Pujth button defrost, 13 . Cu, Ft. »180. Smith Jc Waldman. 2SJO N._Campbell.__ »». REPOSSESSIONS . . . 110 Wide. 3 Br. $M.4« Mo. | « Wide. ] Br. $7.1.73 Mo. ! Pick Up Payment* DESERT TRAILERS 2125 N, Oracle MA. 3-5777 Looking For Quality? ROD REEL Desert Trailer Sales 312.) N. OR A CUE location. On" vacation trailer.IWOOd SCTCCn OTS BOB HALL TRAILER SALES l . 1n ,,, . . RENTAL. 211S S. 4th Avenue. MA.11X12 Shelving ... 3 : gao. i , 0 _, , . TRAILERS WANTErr~25A {l^ 8 Sh.eathing .. TWO-V/HEKL fnctory-made lut««] DOUg. FlT Dim. trailer with strais^it axle and tor-^ , «.J34fl I f ' i i rubic r ^ i r l R e r a t o i , -with , DrS.. . 4.84 pATRY-bir^auipmentrEverrVthln,! ''·!'-- fr '-*-«':-_AX,_e,!375._KJM Ell Dr. , ,- ,,- that is needed to BO Into burlnesn R A N K R PPD^^pC.C.Fn ITS. .. 5.95 Cheap. H302 No»ali-s Mwv. : ""'"*^ i^i^r\JJJI^JJI^LJ "' 174 Excellent Friqidalre i REFRIGERATOR $35 . . . ^ . . I ir* ".iVUT EA. 7-0047 1n [HOUSE full nf furniture. Larsr .. \ ZC\ freezer, G. E. refriieratfd cooler, *rrf «*· I almost new check writer. EA $75 M. ! S-5KM. _ COLD SPOT »J-ton air conditioner. Excellent $75. Custom hl-fl. with Heath oom-ponrntn. AX. 8-BIJU it 172, 173 =RE INVENTORY SALE of new 4 used refrijceratorn clashed to rock bottom for Quick *ale. Wheeler's. M33 E. Broadway. · Livin? Room Sets ' ·· - _ · Dinette S"tji : · Bedroom Setr PRE INVENTORY SALB of new a, 't have .1 complete hrmjiehold i u«ed washers Reduced prices, bank repospes^^d f u r n i t u r e that h a r j WHEELER'S TV, 3635 E. Brdwy. '56 Ford Tudor JLosidedl PhOTMLjEA. 6-9BS 'Cft t?f\**A f**/\v\1T /^T 59 Ford Conv, Cpe. G»laxw Model -- Full nwr. -- 10.000 mile» a-tonl. If you w»nt · fin« auto ·» MA J-34S4. ask for Manny. ·») s. stone. Central. Open Sun. SACRIFICE . Pmts. low as $39 with Qualified rating. No money ne*d*d. Call MA 3-3454. ask for Manny. J90 S. Stone. GENERAL. Open Sun ., _ _____ OUK daughter wishe*~t0 sell her red and whit* 1955 Ford conven- fble for VJK. 4011 E. Whittler. '53 CHEV. coupe. R/H. Sharp. Shell Station. 32nd. Swan. I 12 WIDE 56' 2 Bedroom ONLY $6995 1 1 National Tr. Sales 967 Cut* Grande Hwy. "Serving Tucson Since 1941" AlR-CONOTnOKET) FOK YOUR COMFORT Vacation Trlr. ALMOST ^, W ciStHc" ^wm,,-^! ^ ^ nr , moved Out "' °" r w » r ""'""'· Mv ^ A . CTM -= =--v.-., ! chine. *3i. EnKllsh hlcyclc. f!0.; v° n hi- rw,._ ./..,.^ BABY BASSTNET a.^d Car Bed. M.; Double bed. complete. Lamps. Etc. i'/z" . · N o fi e ,, on , b |. O f f e r R r f u s r d F , l r n l t u r , c , n h , ,| n , rnced ., our ' - plVW llV?CiR7IEEM room air conlVtioncr:'"SX41 r J ',, \ Halllcrafter radio. $100 each. MA. Itor"* WANTED 14 or ]«-ft. Modern.!' Must be reasonable. 122S Z. Water.,X'" plyWOOd Trade $3,000 Equity :8' aluminum Rfg. . .2.47J^^^m$c Ut WTM"f". '^'ed 1 " T i i j ,...,, .- --' months. tlOO: Sunbeam automati i l n 2-bcdroom furnished houie for 8-16 DOX nailS 100 lb. 10.951 fryinu jan, " ' ! clcar 2-bedroom trailer. $71 N. J e r - | _ _ .. _ _ _ _ l Strav. $75.1 $10 24JB S. Holly BARGAIN CENTER FURNITURE 22nd at Swan LGE. BABY CRIB COMB. $16.50 draw waterfall chest $14.CS Large wr iron dine, set $27.50 Marble top coffee table 120 Set 4 chrome chairs $10.95 4A" rock maple cedar chest $W STOCKADE 10S5_W.^wrTMOR£_S-i BABY furniture. Crib, hiih chafr.' .lay pen car bed, nroller, train- '55 Buick Cpe. JUr-«ond. Secftf Model--Real Buy. wm accept trad*. »44 Mo. No mon- ev nwded. Call MA. 3-34S4. ask (or Mr Stephens. 290 S. Stora. Open ,,.. J1953 CHEV. 2 door. Good eoadi- tion. Also 14* Pan American 2S' 1 Semi Modern trailer and cabana. 3235 N. TTanwlIl Blvd. in rear. *·*» *i^r PRIVATE owner wHl trade for Volkswagen, sell, or finance. 'S2 Nash Statesman Deluxe, radio, heater. Nice all over. (2SO. EA. 5-6890. IW2 enjrin*. MA, 3-1883, chew. G o o d work. Cheap Transportation Easy starting 11 jvasri Statesman. '56 Ford Victoria $995 ull price--J-tone - AT - Radio. Htr. Sharp cond. 1am an txs mo. on the no mon«y down p-lact. Call MA. 3-3454. «k for Mr. Malann " Stcoce. GENERAL. ! 113S N. ORACLE ' MA. 3-S777 ; T S8 BUDDY IfrxSO'. Two bedroom.! ; full bath, front kitchen. 30"xlO': j aluminum awning. NICE! Musi see I I Sscriflcel 31» Romero Rd,. Space ! UTILITY TRAILER I I-Wheeled. Very food eonditlon.' J M A . 3-2878.. . Roof Cooler Specials KENYON MOBILE HOME *. Oracle Phone MA. TRAILER BUYS REMEMBER If you can't trade here You just can't trade '55 Chev. Cpe. $500 fuB price--»sV for Joe at MA. 3-J4M. No cash necessary if vou have good credit. GENERAL. JM S. Stone. . STOP AT OK TRAILDt SALES 50 Ft.--10 WIDE AS LOW AS S3995 3901 N. ORACLE New 1MO-- *tert« * BR tt.TM. listD 14 W $ in WILII. Some sold on rents! eureka** olar Henderson Tr. Sales ·2* N ORACLE AT t»H MA -M«S Homart. for window or roof. MA.J-2391 CLOSE-OUT SALE f AKF~~YOIJR PICK New ^ alv - * black P'P e lAlVt I U U K riUft. UNDER WHOLESALE rLd^fSSffim,**^ 7'M.7 A11Sl * U 'i W i^irrri u S*CTn" e To" l iir. ?l ' ! ^L,lja^-VJU J KA^C, lesi. One arm'chairi^'slde chalr.t, lyOpO COTtulIiOT). «»A. TM"*447.____ I^IPtTJCLS C*' l TO !il/,¥ , . I nK/itei*'r*^ f~ *.*** J*A..*t4*(.tn VTA JIM~OTT~MOT75RCYCtS7-NTw;i' r.nce Port* $1 141On Wright room cooler, window! ?!*$*"*· Good condition. MA USET3. TRrrJMFH-ARnEL-BMW i Jenu Tarpi * clothes Line Poles ylew modeK At very larye aav-i_iJ«L.-. _ SAUES--SERVICE--PARTS i He»v.v duty tarbsne cans, mamessej 'LnjK._JlM Notalei!_Hwv., MA.J-90J31 A ,,*;_...- C^«,v| D«J 171« S. Sth Ave^ MA^l^sSS Alr-tite V waterproof Keel hove* LIKE NEW . A n T i q U C OpOOl 060 ocr month 4!Mi4 B S p t e d w a y excellent condition. 3240 N. Gernn- DIN1NG RSSSTtAgQ:. fijht color.: Imo. ^_ ·olid J7i«hoirany. «0x40, extension WOOL rus i"2xl5. Beige-brown. Street. OK. Leaf 1(38 K. lrn. tnt Lambretta Scooter AX. B-07M 1*5? IMPERIAL I Hardtop. All power. Air-«ondltloti- · j~r*' MA. 3-135* TOO used trailers Like New Condition NEW STEEL CHANNELS-ANGLES-RF-BARS Lintels cut to size. MA 4ih Av* ~t^f'o'T'~AT^T-'-r-T»~'T' · 'fr-rVi" BEST OFFER TAKES! AX. 8-4993. , compTcter f-l coffee and end -- -~y.-*s- iiv BEST OP5'£R. ^XQv'l^fte custom! maac B' quilted couch. 3 months j oin. AX. S-6W. i REFRIGERATOR $45 G._E. Runs eood. JUS N. Madelyn GE STOVE WestimthOuse TV, Excellent ron- ! d i t i o n . MA/4-7S53. 51* N. Tvnrtnll. IMS AHsttt* motorcycl*. 1* h p.. «JEW PIPE BELOW WHOLESALE tfr\£"b ' T ATirM \Hf\WC13 ...... -- . .. -- -- ,, , - _ . . dual mufflers-, chrome hydraulic Ijirte stock of u*eI oior A -.te e I K 1 Ur K L/AW1N IVHJWE.K K I M A I K A l L - t - K SAL)b.S:Shocys front and rear, windshield. 'Electric, model J3«3 with switch J9? and^wlrint:, jlOO. AX. «-134j. Real Bargains! 1651. model HI. cleim Insid* «Td »ut. New paint. *533. Will tr»d*. Hay's Union Service, corner Grwnt- AJvernon. .-,-.J - JJ . u ... 'STChev. Wagon · P»sa. Vs--Tjocal Car--TMt one Is .c- TWnsrrrnv rywiw.-^i^i.--y--' v ' naromp. JMI power. Air-tonoimm- . ir*r--r~i · -^·» i . r- Ubtu i TIME ' *;,-. C,f.f,~ Oo«rt Eves- to -- Sun. to Allied Surplus Pipe Steel Co. Linden. ·55 MKRCURY Montclair. StsmdanJ tmuminlon. Radio. h«rter. Motor «»mTJetely r*cor»ditioT»d. Nifu^a- " " interior. Lflce new tires. Fir»t MA 3-MM. '53 Buick Special 4 etocr. Very cle*m. $3*5 er best offer. 4306 I. WhtrtieT Place. cr Bob's Trailer Sales I7» JJ. STOSTE . v. MA. - MA. -56 Bmck Spt. Cpe. :£ ^^ com«-r«tJf OTertnrsVd. Tfrw Tsr-lccs, One svwer. ' . * 133 . t m, '5* Plytnooth Sedan -, .,,, r ,, to ^.._,. _, _»· -. ^ . . . , -- r- _.,,. ·* Js ISO? tyerreTal a KT. full nrtjl ^^96; :, TBOiW-wtTftfte real Taw « com«-r«tlr OTertnrsVd. nrw Tsra-lccs, OWc ;wrfer. nww nfr tr»9e. Perfect ST 7M« Rfncnrfx. CacHtr * i JWXT two ftrys. -CwTi MA. 3-WM. j S1.2SS. C»n *· ftrwrrcw} xctih jrrarrl |-mnrffttm. Wrm trtl t ^«!TC*. No: A-wnrny sfI,aW! ·. 2^10 S. Slfffff. !3n T9SS AT^^eYWft, A liKWCitt · sH.WM SPECIAL SALE 50x10 2-Br. Universal, $5,910 Sew Circle Center Xftchen StoclO 1-Br. XfteJwn. · 'XS AJ"S S«0 cc. All chrome except Irvmt Excenent condition. 1275. MA. 3-5085. JOJ" _N 51-M KT as is 11 Vi ,,__,__ 4»« Cres«Tit Kiane i I tfcL Sinitie. IKKS*. Call ,,, . HI Ave 1852 AJS--9W cc i KA. s-am. ISOYS W Perfect condition Like new. 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