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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 11
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Consumer leads way to economic recovery in U.S. By HERBERT KOSHETZ ; New York Times Service NEW YORK -- The consumer is leading the way in the nation's economic recovery. This is evident from almost all retail reports detailing sales and profits for the fourth quarter of the recent fiscal year, which for most retailers ended Jan. 31, 1976,and from sales figures for January and February- «h, am.. won.. Marti, H, »» INDEPENDENT (AM) __ PKtiytLtOR -- A - l l Tax structure Your Money's Worth Athletic scholarships: 'TM stins 15 °'?°° *- -«.«-» |-ILC n-»iimi «-» I l~«r Opportunity for girls Arthur M. Wood, chairman of Sears, Roebuck St Co., the country's largest merchandising o r g a n i z a - tion, asserted in announc- i n g t h e c o m p a n y ' s tiualcrly rcpoct that the consumer had returned to the marketplace. "The economic, r e c o v - ery is progressing, and the c o n s u m e r continues to lead the way," Wood said. "We expect t h e recent recovery in sales of major appliances and other big- ticket merchandise to continue. This is good news for the retail industry and particularly for Sears. The .year ahead should be a good one." FOR ITS F O U R T H quarter, Sears reported a sales gain of 3.8 per cent to $3.99 b i l l i o n . M o r e important for Sears, however, was the increase of more than 100 per cent in net income to $239.9 million. With few exceptions, all of the major chains and long list of smaller organ- i z a t i o n s h a v e s h o w n advances in sales volume. In January, a l i s t of more than 30 chain organ- earnings also were registered by the J. C. Penney Co., and the S. S. Kresgo Co., the second and third largest chains, during the q u a r t e r ended J a n . 31. Penney sales in the quarter were up 20 per cent, while its profit rose more than 200 per cent. Kresgc showed a 26.4 per cent in sales and a 91.7 per cent increase in earnings. The increase in consumer buying is reflected in a l a r g e measure by the growing demand for large- ticket items such as furni- t u r e , ' m a j o r appliances and carpeting. The willingness to spend also is reflected in the resurgence of automobile sales, which are running 50 per cent ahead of 1975 in terms of units and even higher in dollar terms as a result of renewed interest in larger cars. However, there are still problems hindering recovery that also tend to hold back consumer spending. Among t h e m a r e h i g h unemployment and contin- u i n g inflation. On b o t h fronts, however, progress has been reported. The Labor Department reported Friday that the Consumer Price I n d e x If you are a high school girl who has shown special athletic skills, you now have the best chance ever to gain an athletic scholarship to the college of your choice and thereby to slash your education costs. If you are the parents of this girl, you should act at once to check on your daughter's expanding opportunities. Athletic scholarships in the U.S. have traditionally been awarded to men, and for the most part they still arc. But dramatic changes are taking place under the leadership of the Washington-based Association for Intercollegiate Athletics For Women (AIAW and under the provisions of Title 9 of the Education Amendments of 1972, as implemented July 21, 1975. UNDER THIS little known federal law, colleges and universities are required to make sure that equal opportunities for men and women exist in athletic programs. Moreover, the law demands that women be given equal opportunities for athletic scholarships. Reluctant institutions have until July 1978 to meet the full requirements of the law. But many are not waiting (or the deadline, are pressing forward with athletic scholarship programs for women -- and actually are searching (or the girls with the qualifications. The progress is truly encouraging. -- At the University of Miami, which began offering scholarships o n l y three years a g o , t h e women's swimming team has improved its standing from 19th to first place in the A I A W national championships. -- At Stanford University, scholarships were recently awarded to nine women in the swimming, golf and tennis teams totaling $32,1-17. At UCLA, $57,000 in scholarship assistance is being awarded to -19 women in nine sports. At Penn State, scholarships for women athletes h a v e been raised from 18 a year ago to 30. -- Of college respondents to an AIAW survey, 173 institutions (the largest number! give financial assistance in basketball, 132 give aid in volleyball, 125 in tennis, 82 in swimming and diving, 74 in track and field, G5 in gymnastics, 49 in Softball, 45 in field hockey, 38 In golf, and M in badminton. By SYLVIA PORTER -- Some Institutions also offer scholarships to women in fencing, lacrosse, bowling, skiing, archery, riflery and crew. Cross country anil soccer are being considered. -- And at Us third Delegate Assembly in Scolts- dale, Ariz., this year, the AIAW (which has 713 active member colleges, not all offering scholarships) worked on a restructuring plan called "Women's Athletics -- A Search (or Sanity," which would treat intercollegiate athletics as an educational activity subject (p the same standards as other college-sponsored activities. The assembly also adopted a resolution calling on other male dominated athletic groups governing intercollegiate athletics to join t h e A I A W in limiting scholarships to tuition and fees and eliminating free room, board and books. JUST LISTING colleges now offering athletic scholarships for academically qualified women and the sports areas in which help is available would consume too much space. But the cross-section runs from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks (basketball, riflery, soccer) to the University of Florida (golf, gym, swimming, tennis, track). II covers the small schools such as bade Community (basketball, Softball, tennis, volleyball) and the big universities such as Ohio University (basketball, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, Softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball). jobs annually' Assoclilfd Press Son. Frank Church, D-ldalw, Snminy said t h e United States should revise tax provisions which have prompted U.S. companies to shift production to foreign suhsiiliaries, costing this country 150,000 jobs a year. Church, a newly announced candidate for t h e Democratic presidential nomination, said such a move could hell) attack the basic causes of the nation's unemployment situation. ' This shift of capital overseas "is costing us 150.000 jobs a year in this country, and it is cumulative," In- said. The Idaho senator said he supports a bill sponsored by Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D-Minn., to aim for full employment by making the federal government the "employer of last resort" for all Americans. Hut Church, chairman of a Senate subcommittee on multinational corporations, said federally funded jobs sliouldn'l be relied upon fully because they won't deal with the root causes of unemployment. "The current tax laws give all kinds of preferences to profits earned abroad," Church said on AllC's "Issues and Answers" program. He also said Hie shift of jobs to overseas subsidiaries has been encouraged by an insurance program heavily subsidized by the government. "Big companies can make profits in this country," he contended. "There's no reason to make it more advantageous for them to make profits abroad." Church did not go into further detail on his plan for easing unemployment. He also did not say how much extra cost there would lx- to the government from cither UK- H u m p h r e y hill or his proposals. lj lllilrui I'^pilimun la MILJ LU ITJILH. -- an lline nears for complete compliance on mities for scholarships. With the AIAW role, as one women s athletic director AND THE major expansion is slill to come -the 1978 deadline equal opportunities playing the role, as one noted, "of tlie locomotive in.stead of the caboose," you may be confident tlie law will be enforced. For full information on schools, eligibility, and requirements, write the American Alliance for Health, Physical-Education, and Recreation, 1201 Sixteenth S t . , N . W . , Washington, D.C. 20036. For the AIAW Handbook Directory, 1D75-7G, scad $6 to Publications Sales Depl., same address. Ask lor Stock No. 2.I3-25788. Unions said obstacle to unemployed blacks Las Vegas strike may spread S A C R A M E N T O (Al) An NAACP o f f i c i a l says blacks have more trouble finding jobs in han! times because lalxjr unions insist that the last workers hired be the first fired. And in m a n y cases, blacks are hired later t h a n whites, said Oliver Jones, legislative assistant (or the regional office of the National Association (or p l e n t i f u l . But, he said, as the number of jobs decline, resistance to keeping minorities on payrolls stiffens. He said that when the j o b s of w h i t e s arc encroached upon, t h e f a i r weather advocates of ethnic minorities j u m p to the oilier side of the fence. One leading fence-jumper is organized l a b o r , zations rcponea a gain 01 IA 7 per cent over the previ- ro His January, the largest F 'car-to-year g a i n in al- ac nost t h r e e y e a r s . In c. r c b r u a r y , c h a i n - s t o r e ' ai s a l e s are estimated to lave risen at least 11 or 12 cr cent. II L a r g e d e p a r t m e n t c stores in the major cities o all reported substantial e gains in sales and profits c 'or the fourth quarter. In p Mew Y o r k , Alexander's o earnings j u m p e d m o r e w than 65 per cent in the quarter ended Jan. 31 , and s sales were up 12.9 per f cent. c Marshall Field * Co., n the Chicago department · t store, reported a profit in- \ crease of 11.6 per cent on n a sales rise of about 10 per t cent. r In Washington, D.C., the c organization t h a t r u n s I Garfinckel's, Brooks Bros, and Miller Rhodes re- [ ported a gain of 32.7 per cent in earnings and a gain of 16 p e r cent in sales. RECORD SALES AND Doctors 1 favor Me By C. C. Mel CHICAGO (APV-Morc than half of the doctors polled by the American Medical Association say they favor continuation of the federal Medicaid program for financing medical care for the needy. However, m o r e t h a n three-fourths said the program should be modified. The poll, published in the March 22 issue of the AMA's weekly newspaper, American Medical News, found the physicians' biggest o b j e c t i o n to t h e program was the low fees paid doctors. The opinion survey was a scientific sample of a 'cross-section of 500 physicians selected to represent v a r i o u s s p e c i a l t i e s , r e - gions and age groups. ASKED whether t h e y supported continuation of Medicaid, 56.8 per cent of those polled said yes, 38 5 per cent said no and 4.7 per cent offered no opinion. Of those who opposed continuation, 46.4 per cent listed low fees as their main objection, 286 per c e n t o b j e c t e d philosophically to the Medicaid concept, 17.9 per cent said they disliked the- red tape, and 7.1 per cent complained of political boondoggling in the program. Asked w h a t should be se only 0.1 per cent in By MICHAEL MITCHELL tions on a new contract, Culinary workers, bar- the weekend a n d 1 n o n e t 'bruary on a seasonally replacing one that will ex- tenders and stagehands were scheduled Monday. ( justed basis the small- LAS VEGAS, Nov. (AP) pire April 1. went on strike against the t increase since Fcbru- -- The prospect of further Cooks, waiters, bartend- 15 clubs March 11, one day On Saturday, t h e How,, j j y j labor problems for this c r s , busboys and other after musicians walked off ard Hughes' Summa Corp. gambling mecca loomed service employes m a k e their jobs. reopened its Silver Slipper OF P A R T I C U L A R over Las Vegas Sunday as slightly more in downtown The union has been de- Casino, which had shut v'TEREST was the de- " lc 10-day-old strike that clubs t h a n their counter- manding a raise of $1.35 down a week earlier in (he ine in retail food prices n a s crippled 15 m a j o r parts on the more luxuri- an hour over three years, wake of the strike. Three I 5 per cent. If consum- hotels on the Strip threat- ous S t r i p because t i p s w h i l e the Slrip resorts other struck clubs -- Cac- rs socnd less for food it cnec ' '° SP'" 03 '' lo so-far- downtown generally are have offered an increase sars Palace, the Dunes in be assumed that their unaffected clubs. less. ' of $1.50 an hour over four ami Circus Circus -- hnvc irchases of clothing and No negotiations w e r e Don A s b w o r t h , p r e s i - years. However, the major remained open throughout her items and services nc 'd during the weekend dent of the downtown re- issue in the Strip strike is the strike. i H r j s c ' between striking service sort owners group, said not money, hut a contro- Five clubs on the Slrip The Conference Board employe union reprcscnta- last week he believed the versial "lockout" clause arc n o t b e i n g s t r u c k , ays its latest poll of 10000 lives and members of the c l u b o w n e r s p r o b a b l y under which hotel owners Those are the Stardust, imilies throughout t h e N e v a d a R e s o r t Associa- would accept a strike ralh- may l o c k out t h e i r em- t h e Hacienda, the M a r i n a , luntry indicates that all i o n (NRA). Meanwhile, cr than give in to the wage ployes if one of them re- the Riviera and the Alad- lost one out of 10 intends t a l k s aimed a t heading off d e m a n d s the culinary fuses to cross a picket line d i n . o buy a new or used car a slr '^ c against most of workers and bartenders setup by another union. The clubs being struck ( · i t h i n the n e x t six the remaining dubs in this union have made on Slrip ' are Caesars Palace, MOM nonths About one out of gambling capital were set resorts. Oov. M i k e O'Callaghan Grand, Tropicana, Circus irce families plans to buy to begin. Ashworth said the down- ordered both sides in the Circus, the Dunes, Saharn, laior appliances and one ' O n Tuesday, representa- (own owners were "fully dispute to resume talks Uis Vegas Hilton. Flamin- ut of 25 families' plans to lives for service employe behind" members of the T h u r s d a y n i g h t and go H i l t o n , Thundcrbird, uy a home - groups and the Downtown N R A , the group represent- Friday, but no progress Sands, Castaways, Silver Consumers now have a C a s i n o Association are jng t h e 15 struck Strip has been reported. There Slipper, Desert I n n , Fron- ood savings base for pur- scheduled to start ncgotia- clubs. were no t a l k s held during tier and landmark. bases. In 1975, personal ncome rose to a record of n o r e than $1.2 trillion, and consumers managed o save more than $90 bil- ion during the year. argely die aid 3ANTEL done about Medicaid, 15.1 5er cent of those polled aid scrap the program, indicating t h a t n o t a l l those who oppose the program want lo do away with it. Another 7.2 per cent said continue it as is and 77.7 p e r cent said' modify it. U N L E S S M e d i c a i d reimbursement levels arc increased this year, 303 per cent of the doctors said they would start seeing f e w e r Medicaid patients. Physicians are not reimbursed by the government at the same rate they charge their other patients. Among the physicians polled, 52.5 per cent said Medicaid patients accounted for less than 10 per cent of their practice load, 30 per cent had 11 to 15 per cent, 10.6 per cent had 26 lo 50 per cent. 38 per cent had 51 to 75 per cent and 3.1 per cent had more than 75 per cent. PVBI.IC NOTICE 7HIW4 Fin-mots simim SAME STATE MEM TN Wkm*| r*TKa it doir.f ^iw " JIMMY'S TRAILER I fUJUPXEV R E N T A I J i l l f 9 » South Si. \',n Beath CalJc.rr.iaWW itf c«ri siut«. »n N r«ix. Ave . \jf.t Beaeh. Calrforr-ia SO"'* Ttii bcimm u coasted Vy aa r^ \du»i JOE CARL SKASir T.a ilaiener.l »ii MeS «i:h I: Clerk of Loa Aacffci fo'jr.t) o Martin: \r.'. pjb X i r 2 3. Apr S i: Itfi (1-1-2 PUBLIC NOTICE 7C-1U7I picrmofs BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The folio* lug person ii doing ATTAIN PARKING MAINTENANCE \ 919 N. Sacu PC. Campion. Calilorr.ta W22I. IWr-ald WUion. 1919 N. Santa Fe A»f , 'amp lor.. California SQ22I Tn:i beilness li conducted by in Indi Mul. DONALD WILSON Tim sljlemert »n fjed w-jh the fount)- Cli'rk of 1«s Anj-dfi on Mircb 15. L9TH I'U Mir. a, a. Apr. S. I!, 17T6 'In IJH Ti-K17S nnrmoia BUSINESS SAME STATEMENT The totlowlxi perton 11 Aoctf bcilntll PETROI.HJM UANAfiF.MK.ST fOVI'ANV II (OH f, Orio Blvii . I ·* tar.l Bfath riliornLi Ww! Philip MrPhirlin. Wt SenHf K»!k. l/,r( Beach, falilonu* VMl This buunrt* 1.1 co^txlH l*y 13 irxfj w!.ul PHILIP M c P H A R U S Th:f tutrmerl *n fijed vilh Ux Cocnly rVrk of Lo* Angrifi Counly on X l / ( b I S . [ f t Pub M i r . 22. , Apr. 1. 17. i/ri Mil I.BI ;i]S!H nrrmouii HCSIIFAS N A M K RTATT.WJIVT TV Io0ftiryi|t f*rvB u OV.r.( b*u:r.*M ADVEVTURKS IN BEAUTY af SUS Ai:ictir A v r . l^ng Bearh. r a l j r n u rut J«if IK. Uinilar,. V.'/, Rjytr An Url Beifh. Cil^ofr.i* y*M ffca fjukirsti u cnr^tfj by JR Int! vriu! JOSIEM I.UMARA. Ttut luvmr.l v a j IJH vdh d C«x1 Clerl tA I/i Ad[r!ei Cwr.ty X . r t J K irt Pur. Kir n S. Afr V :], : K t - u I.K *t-ISl]S nrrmoL-j N:8rsTOt NAKF. STATF.MErYr TSr fofevxi pert4A a faxt bcine OVERALL MAINTENANCE. l» » Dickered St . Ixx-.g Bexfc. fjMon 4*06 Ii.iki c. P^nui Jr . IU W. Dimtn* SI l A P i r V i r k CMt,:ta Vf-f, Tr.n t*air.«« u HfS.-~r'-*l t) *r \» »i«J DAVIDS BF.RNAS; Tlut lUlemfd *li fiW : Cleri (A \s\ Aaffffl Cwtty X a r c h : if, I-jh Mar a 5 Apr i U i r - 4 n t P ;VUH FKTmotS IliniTJU NAXHTTATEXENT TV MVi^lrc perMK a '.ysi bt-ir./ r " THE HAIR EXPSttt a! WA l i r n l c w M^S . r*»l»r. tiMor- ' KM A ft' Plar.i'il U« i: R'.rr.a P Ri-rri.raliVcuW/ Ui fc;nr,M* u rr.^Crtl b it ^ vvljji ^ PAT PU-NKE '. T\:i ila:rn«t '»ji (.M ».' : . « j r i ) (lirl it LM A r j f l n O*n, F«Dr.uri :, '.f, Pit M a : 1 I S £ \r.', l! l.f.l PUBLIC NOTICE it-iisa ncrmocs BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The [onowLr.K periol lidobil butr.til CAMPBELL M E A T COKPA.VY al UA Tlroadujy. I^r.| Bearh. Califarr.u XfM Ian Carr.ptvll. 217 Ctfllra] Ave.. Sfal Rtlth, Colder nil 9J1« UnirK-tt Is ccodjclrd by an Ml vtdml. [ A N r A M I ' R C U . This UJlrnvr.! wai lid w;ifc the (Vjr.l ClfrV of Lrtl Aigrlrt Cwtn oa i r r h l ! . 1CT ub M i r n. J/.Apr i. 12. I J i t H H IJll ;mn nCTmotii BtKLvEHa NAME STATEMENT TV foJkr«L£g pruu ale dclr{ tail- TAII1TI HUT al W T, 7ft Si . Ur.| Beach. Ca W* Suraixyic p*d Vlcbeirrjt. ItV) E I I I Si .No 3. Ur,( IVKh f j J'iVfl S»^jv«:ee Sue Vifr^crnt. IOT T. UU No S. l/*|! Bearb. fa Vfm TKU bbjfMU b condxlrd by an avll- tdui! ftmbatyl t »d(i .SL'RAPONO P A U L VKHKIVRI.T ThJi ifalemrrr « a i !Jei] «j'.n cfce 'cur.lj Gerk et \f* C4uaty 6e. i r t b V Yn PA Mir n, 39, Apr 5. 1!, 1KI fill I.BI Ti-irrn FK-rrnOITiBllilNFAS NAMEITATEHKST TV l'Jir.»ir.( [r:vr. ii dotrc b-Jiift«i HARINF. roNSTRf'cnoN ros S1.1.TANT at ]W W. 7lh St. Lcn^ BeaN.r«!ii Yt.\\ Jamet S-I.TIOT] \ft\. 'jV3 Campo »alk. Lor.£ brarh CalJ »v^ TkJl buiir^ll u cor]kr[*4 by la md- m!al J A K f i S UtS T.n » a i l.d » l l h tr* ' CVrk nt lxt Aareki OyjAly t/e Virtil.'.r.l Pi* Vai IS. 22. ». ABT S :r.t tn IJll it-ioi nrrmoii! BISINTM NAUT. BTATEMTNT TV foHo^ir.c perKO » doiaf batinet " EXHA-S BFAITY SAl/)N II IMI Pararaoa-.l BK^ . ?irany/mt, CaJa* KTO Barbara \iti* OriyteM. CO} Cd A r . 1 / r j P ^ a c h Caf.! »W T/hii Uu^eeif u cr^d-xl^ by la yA s^ua! B A R B A R A ORAYBEHI TT..I \'t'.trr*r.i v a i :;M ;lh tfx C«irJ7 deck at \M AArrlei C^vty IA X a r r b l l . in fj, K a r » a. Ape. i. I t . Ift'iutM 7I-1O4* , f KTTTIO13 Blll.srjS · SAKE STATEMENT Trx l ^ k ^ , r f \*:\t* l\Att buMijrs THE rvrrrso ROOM ai » B A fjffif A*e . \/:Tf Bejra, Cjlrfony 'ft/A Darxy Ba'f.. :21S XmeM Aft. \tf.l Beafh. f ild',17.1 Vt.'A Thil bgiaxi* u cosdvlrt by *a Birf t r f u l rAN\Y BACH Tr.^ t'jl'rr.'r.' *ai li'.'l »:lh tf fftorly f r k if \s* A l j r k i Cvjnty e« M a / ( » i ; i :r fj Xar n X Aw ! !! irt ti. LB PUBLIC. NOTICE l*n NOTTIO: TO CREniTORS N Klf 1IU4 Su(*rtw Court ol the Sute at Callfor- a. [or [fie of lot Angelei la the Mailer cf the EJUile oT r,OD. R F Y SASiUEI. YOF.U. ll» C O D F R K Y YOKI.L III GOriFHEY YOEU. )ecea*el Notice b berety pvea lo crHllcrt kx\1r{ (lalnt ataiaat Lhe laid detedeiU [Lie nkl cJalmi Lt\ the ofljce tA Ibe erk of the aforriaid raurl or ID prrleRl «m to the QGdenltned it (he oflxe ol 4* Oi'.xtt-- Ted Sulllria. Wf, Carion .. 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It 271 Corona A\e . ly.r.i, Vfttl fireiL I 1 Gllwn. 1^11 Icn. Mi-aUnt lonRearh.Cll'"rni»*!M7. Jamei «. Kr.lcH, 110 Cenlral. Seal Beich, CllrfofUl »«« Georrca UrAndrew. 227 Corc.u « , lift Heath. CiWtrrJa *·«!. Mic bar! Kalhlt. lit t. r/th Si . I'*I Be»rh.fal|li,rla "4 Hell) Ororre Haaiwill. Jr . 77!! F. LSI , I'.r£ Keith, falrfordj M01 titrt'X) fhriMopf'r Cairoll. 27, am SI -a lleaeh. CalUmrja W!«o l^iilneii 11 rondurlerl bf a eneri! parir^rchjp. C R E C O H Y f CARROU. lilircri P OIBSON Thu ttafrmrr.1 *ai \\.f\ k i ' h [be o^ly f lerk il \*A Actele* founly nf; M i r r b l . mi, uh K a r 11. 22. T. Apr i. Vft, cm I.BI NOTICK or MLF: la adordawe »:lh l^ prrAi^.r.* A ·f TaLifr^nia l.rifwm Commerrial fr-le. Ihere Uir.rdix ai*1 uapatd il'.ra*e loe 11* TRANS WOXUl VAN LINES II er.t.tled lr» Ivo at Waieh/.uie men en the r/«di hereinafter deirribed irA due ry/lxe bavlrl Ixeo rier, to artKt IJXIVB lo r]i:n aa Lr.tereil i^/e- · ityl \\* Ijme ipeeillfi in ILKA ry/rice fr paynent of Iwh hl*1r.£ eiplre^. v uee H hereby clven (Sal Iheie r/d\ *~ U uM a I pubfir aiKlion II IS2^ W Ul. St Cny of \f.e Bearh. Cfiur,ly of l/^ A««»le«, Sun o( Oliforrda. if, Ihe Vttt tlt* K a r c h . \'f.l, H 1C «o'l«l A M The IMffif't la 1 M J r*h*f deteri? twxi of Lbepn^erty (O te. loW. neierkiMB awar Lot N* : ffmtft: Aan Il9f. Vfi O l i i A b r a m i VtVt 4V,i t i r l P drake CJ) To [lated at I'.rt Death. Cajrf X a r r t II. IK! BORIS X PKTMOT I'nb M i r li. 22. IX t i!IJ l.f.l :at Ficrmfurn BUHINKS.I SAKE STATEMENT TV foO^vmK pertol la do-Ji( tyjixei " C K N T T X Y J l S H E I . n r N X r A l . T Y a lie 1 . F. Cark,» St . SMW iEi. Ijk/-*c/yl Ci WT1S fc/.r.i!4 E'JK'M Brty^T. 211 AlvVTI'^ Ae . MirJiillia Flearh. Call* M2M T..i l^iir^ii u eood-xtM by IB iff 1 . rtt'jal RONAIJ) KC.r.'NK P.ROV, Thu lLalerneel wai fi«J »jfl Ifrf rs.rl f O e r k c/ !/* ArcHet C«.r,ty fc Feboiry 11. r, Pab kfar 1 ' 1$ 22 f/74 r{l; 1^.] -tun FVfTmOLU BtSIWJU MME STATEMENT TM ',i£.n*i-i p*r»oa u tfwy buj* puvcRArr [NM.'rritiES LTD '.2I A-Jar.'it f.*r . I/.r.| Iach Tal.f'. tia t»r, pi'- [.ar.^Ait Vr21 Aflar.i.e Ai* Iff-ltff.t. d'.t VUt. T\n f/-i,H^n u (o'/ix'H by an :tf rf! PALI. INOU Tr^t I'^vmerj »»i tiled w.l]) It /.at/ r l e r k fit \/i\ Ar.{e!ei f v.r.iy Fe Friar/ Z! :K« t-^, «.: i ·. r. a :r«. -ii.i.f.1 he A d v a n c e m e n t of which Is loo committed to Colored 1'eople. job protection of members Al the NAACP's annual with seniority, Jones suiil. eyislatlvc I s s u e s confer- "If we arc not viglhnl cncc ovdr t h e weekend, in the a r e a uf e m p l o y Jones snid affirmative nc- m e n t , It is conceivable ion was easy lor whites lo that we will miike no fur- swallow when j o b s arc thcr K.iins," lie added. Low Russ crops seen M O S C O W ( A P ) -- fiian Communist p a r t y , U n u s u a l l y h a r s h winter Rave Ihc bleak assessment frosts Ihrcatcn the grain, i» n report that reached vegetable and f r u i l l i a r - Moscow Ihis weekend, v e s t s i n t h e Georgian H e a v y s n o w f a l l a n d llcpiihlic, the top Cnmmu- frcczlnc temperature* also nisi o f f i c i a l there has a n - s i g n i f i c a n t l y hampered the nounccd. sowing of warm weather I'arlic'ubrly h a r d h i t crops, Shcvardnaite said, were grape vineyards in He rcporlcd the sowing Ihe soutliern repnblii- that «' summer grains by the is k n o w n for producing first week in M a r c h was some of Ihe (inesl Russian only 22 per ccnl of the table wines, according to level achieved nl the same Hit o f f i c i a l ' s report. t i m e l a s t y e a r . F o r vegetables, o n l y 20 p e r The report said t h a t in cent of lasl year's sowing ne 55,000-acre area, 70 level had been reached, per cent lo 100 per cent of his report said, he vines were killed. Thai F o d d e r reserves, c r u - w o u l d represent a b o u l cial to m a i n t a i n i n g Ihe dc- one-fifth of Ihe republic's sired number of livestock, grape production. were only 77 per cent of Kduard Shevardnadze, the previous y e a r , the re- irsl secretary of the Gcor- port declared. I'Uni.lC IVOTHT. 1X71 sono: TO nwniTfiKK N M I P 2 I U 4 Superior Coi.rl of Ihe Slate o! Caltfor- t for II* cf Ul AB|rlt1. fg the Miller of ti* ElUte of Wll, 1AM S|.[|-S«,I:K. aka W I I J . I A M F .11-SArlF.R. [leeeaied Nt^lre H hereby f j v r n to mdliart **\rt tlalni aeaiul ir.r laLd deeeder.l , li:t tavl rlnrr.i ir. Ihe offite of ly erk ol it* aforeuld tojrt or l« treter.1 iero la Ihe uivleriiir^ at Ibe u f i t e of nPK IMOIJENE CASE 1122 E ParllK oail Flvv . in r h e i l y of lt*i Reih, la r* AereVt C'inr\\i . »hleh lalrrr offke Ihe flue of btiiirvn iA Ihr uryleranrv ed HI all millert peiuirjrc lo laid ei la'e Kh r l a l m i * i l h the aetenary ir^chert mail be (Jed tr prrienlrd ai af'.frtaid w]ihm (o«.r iroelhi a f t e r Ll.e f j i t c,orjlf*tltn of L.Ji at.ute Hated Feb n. VfJ, UKU.ASi.if'SAnrR «pe IMIXTM Caie AtUfBey-aft-l-aw I I 2 2 K II.; Ua(Kearl.Ci. KMC 1'cb K a r 1, I!,B, B. I K t ' l f l L P . I ;ni» FKT1T10W nullNKrVI NAMF. STATEMENT TV- follow 1A£ pera/jn udoir.{ f^ixen 'rio BAII.TY Af.escv ai in» i«e.« /eatb Btxilevird. Suite ('. \i*.l Beib. Cafiforua WTi Flo H a J r y . ]r ra CafJorr.ll Corpora ty.nj. 42T4 l'*t Bearh P^vleiard. Kuile ( . \i*t K»att. Cal.linLa 'ft'fi Tbn tuilrten La tonlxled by a rorp^ ra!K* tintuwt. INC FI/jRKSCK BAII.rY JTOFA PreiMeal. TfcJi « a i fuVd wirh ifte C«wly flerk of 1/4 Aac'ki C^r.t; MI rebeuary 27. lirn CERTtFlTATIfiS 1 hereby certify Ihll tlrf It.retunt ja a r'lfiecl tiiyt of the crtir.ral tt lit n ir.yoff.te 'SF.Af.l nREWE T rAJltlJ.. v«l« f V i k By. uailKCIII. ft puljr vjti Hit t. is. n, o, am no i.fii ;-i»«i nfTITKlUI M MNEHl ·iAMF. UTATF.MEST Ttif f'xU.»,r.| firjVjf, .1 4f*ti \f f urr\ I U X K O S Y |ilA|r,NS'il-ry rx.i 223 I/."./ Beaio, CtH *»!i. »7 Gxtv. A-t i/.e. t ivaefc r,i,i yyn lu.ltH S .Meir.. t',7 f.Vilr.ol Ax l«f tVi'h. r a l f ! VfA 17..I i^.i^^n n ror^ljrVd ty aft tf v^ vir.r.KTi vm H,i M,'n,-ri .11 fi1 ..'h 1 r/.LTfJ r r k 'i I/-* Ar^eLe^ fo' V., !! :r.: \-J, M.r ?1 ri w 1 1? l / f ' l t , I.B wrrirx ir.n NOTirK TO f KEDITOIUi h» Nil' 1U4D Ruperlne Court ol Ihe Slate cf CAli/cje u kr Ihe Cexicly ^ l/.i Aagelet In the Uall/r ol the Eiule f MAV S KEU.Y aka U A V SMI71I KF.H.Y a KlrtA MAY HFI.I.Y. IVteaied Nollre la hereby a^trn tn r r e d i l r i r t a»lf| clalmi aiaLul the lak] deceiVnl U file uld claim La the offlre of uV l e r k of lh« afcrelilrl tear! or 10 fireieal them LQ IV under/lifted al Ihe- o f f i c e of UW OrFIC« · TEfl SUI.IJVAN. VM CitvM Til , Sla Vfi In Ihe Cily of lake wood, n EM Ar.fekl Oualy, *fd(h later offlee. la the plate nt Una^u o( Ibe oevlerilfned In ill maruri »eiUb~Jn( l/j aid eilate Sueh rUlmi with cl* netei try vouebert renal b IUel ar Frrwatej ai iloreuid wllale, IvtT nKAlhi aller I!* l/ll publK-auV)* tf Ihla noUtt Dlleii Feb », IVH C A H M F N k WACWN'R EhtM.I. KC.IJ.V F.iectilorl U the wlJJ of laid it^er,l I.awfmeei-Te4(r!rtia AtUr»ey a l [.a* VJt.CuutH.tu )« Ukr»4.(a Will I*!A Mar 1. «.. H. 22. 177^'HJ I.M 7(110 KKTITWM BLWNrJW SAME BTATTMEM TV 5afkvli| perf^i a i r d"3*f r^jn I I A K r / j R LEASING COVI'ANV al 'Ifi Cp**uvtJ in . i'Ai fcearh. CalA^ Ua XMI J'/tn J r r i o l ^ f c III M i n l a A t e . l/,eJ.rb rjl.ortia *»!( rjuiel B Frnlere. ^Si] fvltell A n . si i/^u. MO am Fre«»lek 0 0«^i. flfi N Ijketbife Or . Cftleato. Ill VHt, llu buajeeai b roT^utled by »» vr.J] corf"rated aiaxlalVB VSft t^n a part unhrp JOIPM Ff.iNnriir; TKII ilafmeo! w a i TJed vita Lbe Owly f V r k nf [M Aa^elel r/xir.ry on a f a r t S l . !'/!» FA Mar li 22. », Apr S, I»7I 'ID I.BI JTATf-MES-r Of AJIANTir/HMENT OF UF. OF Ftx-rmow »TMKFJ« N«K The [olV/wir( oerw** ta»e abafl /^e^i t* a* * if-' Mitnul Vun-'ll uaie TMC OICT WX;K .1 1* K in. l/.reBeack. Ca: X»S TW Ii'M'-.i V.nrrii taire rel-rr'1 In a*»»e waa fied to Ojr.ry M No* M plgrnroer f»-jrfy ;c*e*. KM Brc.v)wy.I^|B'« CaM WW lUrrr L Irarti, ll« Hatkaway lit . /.fi «Y i/.i(V«fi.rii,r VM TBII Uj^ril w a i i'^oele-1 ty eti^eral parljtenhjp ' p.oc.-wjiYJO'ir'. Tr4i ti, e.T^r.l »ai filed »nh lie- rvavly flelk of 1^ Ar.yi fv^.ty '.n U a r t S t ·/: fit, Mar l',.S 21 Jp- V i r r t M l . L B I

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