Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1988 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1988
Page 17
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Friday, March 25, 1988 Page 17 M«—PHAROS TRIBUNE — EM PUBLJC NOTICES «a—PHAROS-TRIBUNE — BJ PUBUC NOTICES COMMISSIONERS AND CIRCUIT COURT PAYROLL CLAIMS MARCH TERM 19M The following payroll clilm> have been tiled in the office of the County Auditor and will be presented to the Board of Commissioners In the Auditor's Office at 9:00 AM, Monday, March 28, 1966 lor payment. Also Included are those certified by the Judge of the Cut Circuit Court. L, Leitert, co rev peri »erv 4U.10 M. Carlson, same 4H.10 S. Frushour, same 427.00 J. Goltry, same 417.40 L. Roller, same 400.70 S. Canales, same 396.80 K. Musall, same 713.00 L. Price, same 396.90 S. Mayhlll, same 384.90 M. Rlolo, same 394.90 B. Eyre, same 391.10 B. Mlnglln, same 391.10 E, McCloakey, »ame 4J7.00 M. Hubenthal, same 414.10 M. Muehlhausen, same 736.30 M.Shafer, same 396.90 J, Sinee, same 396.90 G. Muehlhausen, same 391.10 C. Barbe/, same 404.50 C. Beaucriamp, same 713.00 B. Erlckson, same 409.80 H. Helms, same 391.10 B. Johnson, same 381.10 C. Gibson, same 619.90 f. Bridge, same 419.30 S. Whltcomb, same 396.80 R. Woolley, same 728.50 S. Thompson, same 701.60 D. Steel, same 685.70 D. Houser, same 678.90 J. Phillips, same 646.80 fl. Canfleld, same 673.30 T. Wallace, same 646.80 W. Erwln, same 699.00 £. Isaacs, same 599.10 J. Schnepp, same 588.50 j. Stratton, same 391.10 C. Bennett, same 413.60 M. Bechdol, same 688.80 J. ConWIn. same '.... 468.30 L. Marocco, same 215.20 M. Marocco, same 74.60 V, Bean, same 398.90 j. Nicoll, same 409,80 L. Burns, same 957.90 J. Jones, same 391.10 W. Dodl, same 643.30 C. McMlllen, same 419.30 S. McMInn, same 189.00 L. Berkshire, same 391.10 D. Thomas, same 253.45 E. Hunt, same 408.40 C. Hhoades, same 234.25 p. Maughmer, same 232.90 B. Steel, same 391.10 L. Burns Jr., same 118.40 T. Backley, same 404.00 W. Moore, same 316.10 M. Mills, same 464.70 L. Gale, same 417.40 G. Thomas, same 33.00 R. Williamson, aame 35.00 C. Slusher, same 35,00 K. Schaler, same 536.40 L. Yeakley, same 42J.30 D. Turnpauoh, same 432.80 V. Turnpauflh, same 41.60 R. Wlseley, same 278.20 H. Petrle, same 20.00 R. Bowman, same. 20.00 G. VanMeter, aame 20.00 M. Vanecek, same 20.00 T. Coleman, same 20.00 M. Ralkes, same 88.20 D, Heckard, same 88.20 S. Upton, same 263.40 R. Sims, same 88.20 R. Wolf, same 88.20 C. Klnssy, same 88.20 G. Thomas, same 254.50 R. Williamson, same 254.50 L. Blllman, same 88.20 J. Hillls, same 344.80 D. Kltchel, same 86.20 J. Hillls, same 153.20 C. Slusher, same 254.50 B. Duschene, same 461.70 P. Sllfer, same 429.10 B. Schnleb, same 377.70 R. Armstrong, same 419.50 K. Jacko, same 566.30 L. Baker, same 433.40 M. Hanfcee, same 451.10 M. Hankee, same 54.00 K. Houser, same 420.20 J. Adcock, same 418.60 K. Copenhaver, same 36.00 D. Boucher, same 416.70 B. Sommers, same 410.90 P. Stephenson, same $59.50 G. Armstrong, same 410.90 M. Day, same 27.00 R. Montgomery, same 410.90 M. Day, same 410.90 T. Canfleld, same S3S.90 B. Reynolds, same 344.80 B. Reynolds, same 335.20 A. Clary, same 254.20 M. Jacko, same 405.20 D. Foust, same 52.10 C. Hudson, same 335.20 P. Achelpohl, same 335.20 K. Weaver, same 325.80 J. Schnepp, same 609.10 0. Cox, same 249,00 G. Werloh, same 632.10 P. Guy, same 452.10 P. Richason, same 432.90 E. Hall, same 429.10 C. Reeser, same 695.40 L. Parish, same 475.00 R. Justice, aame 249.00 C. Carroll, same 450.50 D. Frey, same 591.90 T. Ryan, same 180.00 C. Heath, same 637.30 D. Hennewanz, aame 217.00 J. O'Donnell, same 361.80 M. Boonstra, same 947.10 J. Hlrschauer,same 919.50 N. Brooka, same 329.50 R. Sluber, hwy p«rs sery 666.13 S. Rose, same 414.10 J. Bridge, same 611.59 W. Brown, aame 653.88 J. Calloway, same 821.25 D. Gotshall, same 602.91 P. Hann, same 638.03 T. Noel, same 623.00 R. Reeser, t»ma 812.50 D. Strahlem, same 591.50 P. Waggoner, same 602.00 J. Weaver, same 808.13 T. Hood, same 564.00 M. Long, same 621.08 K. Packard, same 568.00 D. Warpenburg, same 572.00 W. Gerrard, same 613.34 B. Davis, same 402.60 H. Johnston, same 803.75 R. Nead, same 688.70 S. Guy, same 576.00 D. Appleton, same 589.10 L. Popejoy, same 804.51 S. Shafer, same 604.51 J. Zagajewskl, same 638.03 C. Osborn, same 614.79 C. Downhour, tame 605.20 G. Paschen, aame 595.00 J. Kobe, same 544.00 C. Chapman, same 605.20 P. Weaver, same 554.20 R. Waymlre, same 595.00 H. Schrader, same 607.70 J. Buetlner, same 610.30 L. Murphy, same 595.00 E. Crist, same 286.00 F. Hillls, hllh pera serv 248.60 D. Foust, same 558.30 E. Norlln, same 474.80 L. Bruce, same 452.BO M. Bruce, same 476.30 E. Mark, same 396.90 M. Thompson, reg pera serv 391.10 K. Bennett, parka rec persserv 638.10 B. Smith, same 61.70 R. Gaddls, same 430.60 C. Elpers, same 417.60 W. Elpers, same 383,10 J. Sharp, same 391.30 M. Sumner, same . 391.30 J. Porter, reassess pera serv 78.00 D. Deltrlcti, aame 126.00 R. Early, same 63.00 N. Stoops, same 270.00 D. Thomas, aame .., 882.00 R. Hornbeck, aame .; , 294.00 K. Hunt, same 294.00 R, Hornbeck, same 139.00 A, Braaaard, same 330.00 D. Wlnn. aame 42.00 E. Wlnn, aam* 42.00 J. Wlreman, aame M.OO M. Carver, earn* ;.... 420.00 C. Jackson, aame , 420.00 P, Carver, aame. i i... 416.00 H. Schrader, same 65.00 A. Schmidt Jr., »ame /.,....,... 63.00 R. Wlnlnf a Jr., same 196.00 B. Winlngs, same , : •... 105,00 P. Glasiburn, same 221.00 S. Bowyer, Mm« .-,..,..,./. 273.00 NOTICE TO BIDDERS FOR SCHOOL BUSES The Board of School Trustees of Pioneer Regional School Corporation will receive sealed bids, until 11:00 a.m., local lime, In the Superintendent's Office, 115 S. Chicago Street, Royal Center, Indiana 46978, an April 15,1968, for the purchase of two (2), sixty-six (66) passenger conventional school buses. Bids will be accepted for the complete unit and;or body am) chassis. All bids shall be submitted on State Board of Accounts Form 95 In accordance with laws of the State of Indiana and must be accompanied by an acceptable bidder's bond or certified check In the amount equal to five percent of the total bid. All equipment furnished must meet the Indiana School Bus standards and specifications In effect for the 1967-88 school year and all Federal requirements and specifications. Specifications and Wd forms required by the Board of School Trustees are on We In the office of !ne Superintendent, 115 S. Chicago Street, Royal Center, Indiana 46978. The Board of School Trustees reserves the right to refect any or all bids, to accept and award a contract to the best bid, not necessarily the low bid. Charles E. Pettlt Superintendent Pioneer Regional School Corp. Board of School Trustee* of Ihe Pioneer Regional School Corp, Sarah J. Crimmlns, President Frederick E. Henry, Vice President Arthalyn Blank, Secretary John E. Campbell, Ass'l. Secretary Gregory E. Lawson, Member NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CASS COUNTY BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS Notice Is hereby given that the Hearing Officer for Ihe Cass County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing starting at 3:OOPM on Monday, April 4, 1968, in Ihe Commissioners' Hearing Room, Fourth Floor, County Government Building, 200 Court Park, Logansport, Indiana. During this hearing, the Hearing Officer will consider Ihe petition of William and Kathleen King, U.S. Highway 139 North, Walton, Indiana, requesting, a Special Exception to expand a non-conforming use and to place a building with less than the required front yard set-back, both in connection with the construction of a minl- warehojsealong U.S. Highway 35. The property, which Is zoned AG Agricultural, is more fully described as the Southeast Quarter of Section 25, Township 26 North, Range 2 East, described as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a point on the East right of way of U.S. 35, said point being North 11 degrees West 50 feet from the northwest corner of above said Lot 120; thence Northerly on and along said right of way Two Hundred Sixty One feet (261) feel; thence North 79 degrees East 153.45 feet to the west right of way of the Pennsylvania Railroad; thence South 28 degrees West, on and along said right of way, 433.30 feet; thence South 62 degrees west 181.2 feet to the right of way of a public street; thence northerly, on and along said right of way 96.45 feet; thence Northwesterly, on and along said right of way 191.59 feet lo the point of beginning, containing 1.82 Acres, more or less, subject to all legal highways. Laying and being in the town of Walton and Tlpton Township, Cass County, Indiana. Interested persons desiring to express their views on this petition, either orally, or In writing, will be given the opportunity at the above lime and place. Mark Mills, Hearing Officer Caas County Board of Zoning Appeals LEGAL NOTICE Notice Is hereby given by the Board of Commissioners of Cass County, Indiana, that sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Auditor of Cass County, Indiana, Cass County Government Building, until the hour of 9:00 a.m. EST, April 4, 1988, for general repair to the exterior of the Government Building including the following: 1. Remove old caulking & packing from joints; clean & prepare joints for new sealant. 2. Apply bonding materials to clean joints. 3. Repack using foam rubber rope. 4. Recaulk using an elastomeric sealant. 5. Repair all cracks In panels S. pressure wash panels. 6. Weatherproof all exterior surfaces of building. 7. Clean windows. 8. Clean up after completion A remove debris. All bids shall be submitted on forms pescrlbed by the State Board of Accounts & accompanied by the bidders good faith, certified check, or bid bond In the amount of ten (10) percent of the bid submitted together with warranties and representations offered by the bidder. Bid prices are to be guaranteed fornlnetydaya. Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits at his expense before proceeding with the work. Contractor shall furnish 100% performance, material and labor bonds for all of work, unless written approval of an alternative Is received from the Commissioners. Evidence of Insurability to be presented. Complete specifications are on file in the Auditor's office and can be had on requests. Commissioners reserve trie right to refuse any i all bids. Cass County Board of Commissioner* Gilbert W. Thomas, President Roberts. Wllllamaon Corwln Slusher ATTEST: Mary M. Muehlhauseri Auditor, Caae County NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of Caas County, Indiana, that the Counly Council of Cass will meet In special session at the Commissioners' Hearing Room in the Cass County Government Building in the City of Loganspon, at 9:00 a.m. EST on April 8, 1968, to consider additional appropriations not Included In the regular budgets of 1988 and to transfer appropriations to other accounts where the need has arisen: COUNTY REVENUE Commissioners Care of Inmates 60,000.00 Lawsuit Expense 8,000.00 IV County Mental Health 10,000.00 Clerk Extra Help 1,080.00 Superior Court Psychiatric Services 1,000.00 Pauper Attorney 3,000.00 Sheriff Vehicle 15,000.00 Jail Washing Machine 475.00 Prosecuting Attorney Extra Help 2,420.00 TOTAL COUNTY REVENUE REQUESTS .. 100,975 00 ELECTION 4 REGISTRATION Clerical Assistant 308.00 Absent Voter Board 61600 TOTAL ELECTION 8 REGISTRATION REQUESTS 924.00 SHERIFF'S CONTINUING EDUCATION FUND School 308 00 TOTAL CONTINUING EDUCATION FUND REQUEST 308.00 HEALTH MAINTENANCE REQUESTS Research 3,000.00 Health Needs Assessment 5,000.00 Computer 5,500.00 Computer Equipment 1,500.00 TOTAL HEALTH MAINTENANCE REQUESTS 15,000.00 JUVENILE PROBATION SERVICES CIRCUITCT. Medical & Hospital 74.00 Special Programs 830.00 TOTAL JUVENILE PROBATION REQUESTS... 904.00 WELFARE REQUESTS Medical, Dental, Burial of Wards 15,000.00 TOTAL WELFARE REQUESTS 15,000.00 TOTAL ALL REQUESTS 133,111.00 Taxpayers appearing at sucH meeting shall have a right to be heard thereon. The additional appropriations as finally made will be automatically referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Commission will hold a f jrlher hearing within fifteen days at the County Auditor's office in the Cass Government Building, Logansport, Indiana, or al such other place as may be designated. At such hearing, taxpayers objecting lo any of such additional appropriations may be heard and interested taxpayers may Inquire of the County Auditor when and where such hearing will be held. Mary M. Muehlhausen Auditor, Caas County L. Berkshire, same 94,50 M. Dodl, same 162.00 W. Dodt, aame , , 336.00 M. Gallahue, same 270.00 C. McMlllen, same 121.50 H. Turnpau||h, same 270.00 C. Reeser, Drg « alch pers serv 250.00 I, Mary M. Muehlnausen, Auditor of Caas County, Indiana, do hereby certify that the above la a true and complete Hat of payroll claims filed, to be presented to Hi* Board of Commissioners of Cut County, Indiana, at 9:00 AM In the Auditor's Office. Alto Included are those certified by the Judge of Ihe Ciss County Circuit Courl. Mary M. Muehlhausen Auditor of Cast Counly, Indiana Boxcar Illegals Rescued HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) - A special sweep of railroad traffic is credited with rescuing illegal aliens from possible suffocation in airtight boxcars, Border Patrol agents say. "We feel that at least some of them would not have made it to Houston," Silvestre Reyes 1 , chief of the Border Patrol's McAllen Sector, said Thursday. The 46 aliens, some of them dehydrated, had been crouched in a four-foot-high space in the boxcar about seven hours when discovered with the aid of dogs, Reyes said. "Many of them were happy that, they were finally out of that place, and said they were concerned that they were going to die in there," he said. Agents this week have been searching nearly every train car at a stop about six miles north of Harlingen. By Thursday the crackdown had netted 370 undocumented aliens and 120 pounds of marijuana, the patrol said. "We identified three particular (smuggling) organizations out of this," Reyes said. FDA Slow On Elderly Drug Labels WASHINGTON (AP) - The Food and Drug Administration has moved too slowly on guidelines for drug testing and labeling designed to prevent a growing misuse of drugs by the elderly, a Senate panel was told today. On June 28, 1983, an FDA deputy commissioner told the Senate Committee on Aging that the agency was developing standards to make sure elderly patients were included in tests of new drugs used for ailments common in elderly people. But the guidelines remained unpublished, witnesses told the same panel in prepared testimony today. "Although the FDA has been discussing the possibility of guidelines for including the elderly in pre-marketing tests for years, no requirement has yet been promulgated," said physician Jerry Avorn of the Harvard Medical School. Without the standards, he said there has been "great variabiity in the eagerness with which drug companies have sought out the elderly in the investigational stages of a new drug." Drug Helping Burn Victims With Grafts SEATTLE (AP) - A potent anti-rejection drug can safely be administered orally to severe burn patients, and appears to help skin grafts from cadavers last longer, says a leading burn specialist. "I think it's a good first step, but it needs a lot more work," Dr. A. Richard Grossman, who used the immunosuppressant drug cyclosporine on 13 patients, said in an interview Thursday. Grossman, a plastic surgeon and director of the Southern California Burn Center at Sherman Oaks Community Hospital in Los Angeles, was to report his findings today at the American Burn Association's annual meeting here. Cyclosporine has been used in injection and oral form to prevent rejection by the body's immune system of newly transplanted hearts and other organs. GLeui PHAROS-THIBUME — UC NOTICES STATE OF INDIANA ) 188: COUNTY OF CASS ) IN THE CASS SUPERIOR COURT 19M TERM C«u«» Number MD01-8WJ-ES-OOM1 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Nolle* la hereby given ln»l The First National Bank of Logansport was, on the 22nd day of March, 1868, appointed Executor ol Ihe Estate ol Merlbah R. ponemon, deceased. All p»r«ons having clalma agalnit aald estate, whether or not now due, muat file the aame In aald court within live (9) montha from the date of the first publication ol IMa notice or MM claim! will be forever barred. Dated at Logansporl, Indiana, this 22nd day of March, 1BN. 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We reserve the right to edit, classify, reject or discontinue any advertisement. ANNOUNCEMENTS 10. Special Notices DIESEL TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL Hwy 151 , Sun Prairie, Wl 53590, ACC»009 CaMjorjnrp^al 1-800-332-SEML INDIVIDUAL MARRIAGE" & FAMILY THERAPY For appointment: 219-583-4526 STARTING APRIL 2 PAT FRY, 753-6420 13. Personals Christian female, age 35, * shes to meet white male, age 30-40. Must be a non-drinker, have a pleasant personality and like the country. Honesty and sincerity more important than looks. Send reply lo Box »A-492 c/o Pharos Tribune. Give yourself the gift of love. Call Matchmaker International, 317-497-DATE. WANTED: Female renter for room & board. References & interview required. J200/mo. 21M26-2768. FOR HOME DELIVERY of The Pharos-Tribune CALL 722-5000 16. Lost and Found LOST: Vicinity 20th & North. Small white poodle. Answers to " Midgy". 735-0446 alter 4pm. RENTALS 23. Business Property "EXCELLENT DOW NTOW N~ Retail or Office space. RETAIL/OFFICE Space Available. Good downtown location. 722-1518,722-3993. 28. Mobile Homes FOR RENT "osAENo pets! 10x60 Sabre 1 bedroom and utility. Newly remodeled. 722- 6914after5pm. ______ _ FOR RENT: 2 bedroom mobile home, t200 month. 763-0346. _ 2 bedroom trailer for rent In Burnettsville, across from Coffee Cup Cafe. Write to: G.B. Redmon, P.O. Box 105, Idaville, 35. Resort Properly MOVE IN TOOAVTsharp 2 BR on river in Monticello. Deck, dock, garage. Year around. 38. Houses Available in April, 1/2 double, 3 bedrooms, washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, fenced yard. References, $250 month plus utilities. 735-2703. __ Excellent eastend location. Brick 3 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 car attached garage. C/A. No pets. $575/rnonth. 722-1518, 722-3993. HOUSfTOR RENT "OFTCON- THACT SALE: 3 bedrooms, utility hook-up. J190 monthly, J150 damage deposit. 753-4351. _ HOUSE~FOR~RENtTTowe7'~l bedroom. New windows, paint. Carport. J250/mo. 753-2541. 41. Unfurnished Apart. A~V A ill A BLE : "Nice, ..... clean , apartment. Stove, refrigerator, heat, water, sewage furnished. No pets^m-MOtr Clean 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Appliances, water furnished, 426 & 428 Helm Street; $150 & $175. 753-4366 or 826-2280 __ Deluxe 1 bedroom apt., High St. & Nottingham Way. Appliances, CA, gas heal, laundry facilities and pool. 722-4380, evenings 753-2481. EXTRA NICE 4 rooms and bath. Stove, refrigerator, water and sewage furnished. Off-street parking. Adults, no pets. 7537358; after 4pm 753-6127; ____ IN LOGANSPOn'f 1 bedroom, downstairs, unfurnished apartment. 219j643-2915. ___ Large, 5 room lower apartment near downtown. All utilities furnished except electric, $250. 219-2j[B-7087._ __ _ NOWLEASING 1-2 Bedroom Apts. ROYAL CENTER APARTMENTS S.R.I6W. Phone 643-8332 Deposit Required. JEqual HqusjngJ3pportunity Small 2 bedroom upper. Carpeted, stove and refrigerator furnished. Garage. 722-T580. Upper, 2 bedroom, all utilities furnished. Hud approved, EEI River Ave., J325 month. 7221538. NEW LOGANSPORT APARTMENTS 1-2 Bedroom 1-Bedroom Handicap Available Equal Housing Opportunity STARTING $196/Mo 722-5439 J Upper 4 rooms and bath. Stove, refrigerator, water and sewage furnished. No pets! Adults. $175/mo., J100 deposit. Call 753-022<after_5pm. Very nice, 1 bedroom lower, appliances, AC, water & sewage included. 753-5533 or leave message. 1 & 2 BEDROOM & EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS MEADOWOOD APTS. IN WALTON: Furnished house, 3 rooms, new carpet, new paint. No pets. Utilities extra. 1200 per month plus $100 deposit. 219626-2|63. Insulated, 1 bedroom, $150 plus utilities, NICE, 1 story, 3 bedrooms, East, np_pets.&i|l753-3_732. (2) redecorated, 2 bedroom houses. One Hud inspected. 1014 & 1016 North 6th Street. 753-4366 or 626-2260 evenings & weekends. 3 bedroom, 2 story, hardwood doors, 1 ofl-streel parking space. No yard. Close downtown location, on Broadway. Prefer no children. No pets. References required. $200/rnpnth.J22-151B, 722-3993. 7 room duplex, 1 Vz baths, deposit required, no pete. 722-1123 or 735-2871. 41. Unfurnished Apart. Air. Carpet Appliances. Heal S water furnished, 4 room upper. 722-4946. Applications now being taken for beautiful 1 bedroom apartments. Fully carpeted. Central air. Gas heat furnished. Call 753-5724 for information. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY. PINECREST MANOR APARTMENTS. 601 PINE COURT, LOGANSPORT, IN. AVAILABLe" IMMEDWTELy- 2 bedroom upper, LR, garage. M85/mo. plus utilities. References & deposit required. 722-4560, between 9am-5pm. 1 & 2 bedroom upstairs apartments available. Heat, water & sewage furnished. 722-t518 or 722-3993. ___ 1 bedroom efficiency, all utilities except electric, J200 month. 219-643J-6195. _ ___ 2 bedroom apartment in Walton Woods, close to schools. J19Q/mo. plus $100 damage deposit. 21 9-626-2715. ________ 2 bedroom upper, $200 monthly, heat, water, sewage included, $150_dejjpslt. 722-1820. __ 4'A rooms, upper; adults, no pets. 1108 E. Broadway. 44. Furnished Apart. Bachelor, efficiency apartmeni, private entrance, garage, carpeted. Heat, water furnished only. No pets. Eastend. Deposit. Call 753-6623 after 3:15pm. weekdays. Carleton Apts. $45 week. 7221538. Nice, 2 bedroom lower, clean, deposit, no pets, 753-3732 after 6pm. Nice 3 room upper, all utilities except electric furnished. No pets_753-80J5, VERY NiCE, 1 or 2 bedroom lower, ideal location. Appliances, water and sewage furnished. Deposit, no pels. 753-3732. _ ___ • 1 bedroom upper, carpeted, utilities furnished. Off street partting. 722-1 580, 1 bedroom upper or lower apartments available. Heat, water & sewage furnished. 722-1518 or_722-3993. _ 1 bedroom, stove & refrigerator, $175 plus utilities, $100 deposit. 753-2818. _ __ 2 room apartment. Air conditioning, cable, utilities furnished. $225/month. Deposit & lease required. Call 753-2367 before 2pm. 3 room apartment, private entrance, heat, water, sewage, cable furnished. Newly redecorated, queen size bed. 722-6786. 3 rooms, bath, utilities paid. RAYL, 631 Race. 753-5719. 47. Rooms For Rent Large, fully carpeted, warm, comfortable bedroom, reasonable. 709 North St._ Room & board in Walton for female renter. References 4 interview required. $200/mo. 219-626-2766. _..^^ = .._ 50. Wanted To Rent HEAL ESTATE All real estate advertised in the Pharos-Tribune is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1988 which makes it Illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin or an intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination. The Pharos-Tribune will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which Is In violation of the law. Our readers »r» hereby Informed that all dwellings advertised In (his newspaper ire available en an tqual opportunity oasis. 58. Business Property RESTAURANT FOR SALE OR LEASE Florida style, 225 seat restaurant & bar w/nautlcil decor. overlooking like. Being operited seasonally with av«r«ge monthly gross Increasing each year, Wintering In Florid!' Gall813-54MJ47.

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