Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 25, 1964
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P«gt A-2--JNDE?ENDENT --L.A.C, SAYS:- I'EOPLE IN T1IK NEWS CDC Has iVot Changed Spell It/Luci,' Says LBJ's Daughter · As the CDC (California Democratic Council) ended its convention it was apparent* there had been no change from its left-wing attitude ol four years ago. The only real change was its retusal to endorse the incumbent U.S. senator for re-election. This was understandable in view of Sea Engle's health. But it was ai cruel slap at one of its most ardoit supporters. ' I S * · It was, however, equally understandable that it cfid endorse State Controller Alan Cranston. He was the founder of the CDC and has never wavered from his support of it and its policies. Last year--just before election day--Gov. Brown said he did not agree xvith all the CDC programs. Speaker Unruh openly exposed them. But Cranston never wavered. He was repaid for this loyalty by endorsement for the U.S. Senate scat held by Engle. · Long Beach received a good impression of how these Democratic delegates from our state feel about our tideland oil controversy. They passed a resolution calling for the state to take over control of our entire tideland properties--thus depriving Long Beach of its rights to the tidelinds it has developed for the city and state with fabulous returns--high above any the state has received from any oil developments under its management. The CDC resolution would take away from Long Beach its 50 percent of these revenues. * 6 * The convention made it a point to call for abolition ({ the Un-American Activities Committee of Congress. This long-standing attitude has grven great comfort to the Communists whose activities have been so well documented by that committee over many years. Two "heroes" of the convention were Cranston and Jimmy Roosevelt. !n the endorsement for VS. Senate it gave Cranston a majority of 1197 votes--Roosevelt 777 and Engle 281. · It could be -the kiss of death" to either of these leading candidates. Cranston's record of full support of CDC programs will solidify both Democratic and Republican votes against him by those individuals who are opposed to the ultra-left-wing programs of that organization. The long left-wing record of Jimmy Roosevelt and his record of business dealings while his father was in office is well remembered But Roose- \tlt has announced he would not be a candidate and thereby oppose the CDC. -. * * * The endorsement will very likely mean Cranston will receive the nomination in the June primary electron. But it will give the Republican candidate issues (« which he can carry on a constructive fight to gain t|ie voters of conservative Democrats and Republicans ii the November election. If Cranston bter repudiates the CDC program, he will lose even their support If he does not, he will have to answer for the programs which will be his greatest weakness. ·: It is charged that Democrat Unruh--Speaker of the House--advised President Johnson not to appear al the convention. This was a direct ibp at the CDC when the President was less than an hour away. This ii especially significant when it is realized how important California is to the President in this year's election. But the mastermind Unruh apparently felt it would be more a liability than an asset Cranston may find this true as concerns his own candidacy. But few observers expected anything different than what happened at the CDC convention.--LAC. President Johnson's 16- year-old daughter is now insisting on spelling her name 'LucT*. not Lacy. One of the first official examples of the effect of her campaign came in a press release Monday from t h e National Symphony Orchestra naming "Luci" honorary student chairman for it's "Music for Ycrung Americans." an a n n u a l series of free concerts few- high school students visiting the capital April 17- May 21. A footnote e x p l a i n e d "Miss Johnson prefers this spelling of her name." When did the name-spelling campaign begin? "It happens when you become a teen-ager." (juipped Mrs. Johnson's press secretary. Elizabeth Carpenter. She said Mrs. Johnson has taken Luci's latest fad with the attitude that "this too wilj pass." Will White House official press releases now use the "Luci" spelling instead of "Luc/7 "I guess if I want to pet along with Luci Fd better," said Mrs. Carpenter. STRICKES Queen Frederika w a s stricken with pneumonia Monday in Athens. Her husband. King Paul, is recovering from a stomach uker operation. A medical bulletin issued by the royal palace said the 45-year-old queen had "a high fever with advanced QL'E£N FREDERIKA shivering and pain in the chest area." It said she was suffering from "pulmonary localization." A bulletin on the 62-year- old king said he was in good condition. Paul underwent surgery Friday. Ull'ORCEU Yacht skipper Lee Quinn. who takes sea voyages with all-fir! crews, was divorced in San Jose Monday by his wife. Miry Ann. She said he fell in love with one of his comely crew members. Tht judge awarded Quinn the ketch on which his all- prl crews have taken him to Hawaii and Tahiti Mrs. Quinn received the couple's home in Los Gitos. Quinn, 37, has said he intends to wed Mrs. Bernlce Eerkson, one of his crew girls who has filed suit for divorce from wealthy Johnson Berks on of San Diego. She was a member of Quinn's crew on a Honolulu to Tahiti voyage of the 45- foot kttch Neophyte. DIES The nan who s e r v e d President John F. Kennedy his last meal--breakfast on Nov. 22, 1963--died early Sunday in FL Worth. He was Georje E. Jackson, 60. room service captain at Hotel Texas. Jackson, who also served many governors of Texas. two vice presidents, and any celebrity who was q u a r t e r e d in the Will Rogers suite, joined the hotel in 1946. RITTES OFF Patrolman Richard Hancock was reported in fair condition in a hospital Monday after uridergoing sur- yery in an attempt to restore his right ear, bittea off by a K9 Corps dog during a scuffle in the police station at Carnegie. Pa. At Saint Clair Memorial Hospital, surgeons said it was too s o o n to tell whether the operation to save the police officer's ear had been successful. HAMED Daniel M. Lcevano, a California state official, will be named as assistant secretary of the Army by President Johnson. The selection of Luevano, deputy director of the Calif o r n s a Department of F i n a n c e , was confirmed Monday by White House sources. He win b« the first M e x i c a n - American appointed to a post. SAMUEL SHEPPARD HELP S a m u e l 1L Sheppard, Cleveland osteopath con- v i c t e d in 1954 of the Kudgeon-slaying of h i s pregnant wife, got some unexpected aid toward freedom Monday from an official who helped put him behind bars. It came in the fora of a letter from the coroner cf Cuyahoga County (Cleveland area). Dr. Samuel R. Gerter, a prominent prosecution witness. He suggested it's time to consider paroling Sheppard front Ohio Penitentiary. Sheppard has been in the penitentiary s i n c e July 1S55. He was convicted of second-degree murder, so is eligible for parole consideration after 10 years. Gerber's letter came to Ohio's attorney general. William B. Saxbe, who said he is forwarding it to the pardon and parole "Steer JeAnjoit, «rer befert his a Itta a wefl OBSERl'ED Playwright Arthur Miller and his wife attended Monday's session of the war crimes trial of 22 former g u a r d s and officials at Auschwitz concentration ramp. He said he "just wanted to see this trial." in Frankfurt. Germany, and disclaimed any intention to dramatize it Cats Blamed for 3 Perishing in Fire Fear A-Wnr in Middle Easl LONDO.V «V-Philosopher Bertrand Russell and a group of other eminent inea warned today that nuclear war is possible in the Middle East The statement appealed to the Arab states and Israel to accept international supervision of nuclear and rocket weapons. It was signed by, among others. Albert Schweitzer. lencan ap- paraon ana paro.e comma, husband and wife and the*"TM* Paulills and Jtaafml sub-cabinet sion at the recommendation llS-year-old son were found aamc of Gov. James A. Rhodes. '--' ··---·-- ; - - --- ··"-·· Chicago Sci lor School Boycott Try Judge Clears the Way for Hoffa's Testimony CHATTANOOGA, T e n n / o u t attack by Hoffa's at (UPJ) -- A f e d e r a l judge .torneys against a key govern- Integration by Transfer Backfires LOS ANGELES Ifh-Segre- | gation in schools is increas- jdead Monday in a gas-filled apartment, and police blamed 'the family's two cats. | Police said the cats, play- jing ia the kitchen during the, night, apparently detached !the rubber gas tube from the, 'stove. I 248 E. Broadwty LONG BEACH HI 6-5654 · CHICAGO (UP1-- Authori- Monday ordered James R.'ment witness and told them e ______ M ,,.-««,» » *.w t a a - , ties Monday night threatened Hoffa's attorneys to halt "ir-;the main issues were the ing as a result cf transfer to counter today's scheduled 'relevant testimony" and set charges against Hoffa and policies aimed at desegrega- public school boycott with the stage for the Teamsters fi\ e codefendants. Ition, the Los Angeles Board ' arrests. Union president to testify in' Wilson told the defense 1 o f Education said today Cook County State's Atty.;^ 1 J^ briber y tri;l1 Dan Ward said, "There will' U.S. District Co-art , , be prosecution by this office , rr ' nk Wl 'so" halted a drawn quent witnesses to end the board noted that 29 cf the ,Iawy E rs to file briefs concern- Judge ing the testimony of subse i n a ^p^ on the transfer program, the . oT persons who would seek to ban, block or intimidate chiMren from attending school." He declined to say whether he would file charges against boycott leaders or parents who keep children out classes, but added, *Tm tainly not intending to Flaines Ituvagc Hold, Several Feared Dead of | KANKAKEE, III. (UPI)--A rupt jurors in Hoffa's 1962 lengthy testimony. The order: 36 stu dents who transferred cleared the way for Hoffa to f rora predominantly Negro'I take the witness stand today. Fremont High School The trial is ia its sixth week. Caucasian. At Jordan High I The union leader and his's-j^ three ^ of sevw ,i codefendants are charged with student, wfco transferred mt '\ attempting to bnbe and cor-; were Caucasian. :_ f * i ntf*v . _ - f i r e , . . through the open-transfer policy. .TM C l nS 5 ira 2 r C v^!l" ,*f '^signed to allow Negroes to| to predominantly. eight POLICE Supt. Orlando \Vil-'" the TM*blc. son said officers will be /even hotel assigned to most schools , u . . tu a · oat o{ prinari ] y N e g r o ' -' which might be affected by, , , of th « m : (LA.C. cs t'Dre-.^c^ cf ff t q»'«d c p ' n ' c n c t L, A. C p si *"i COMIMJ;TI: WKATHKK r^vvrtf't *x»L . nl'iM Artn: f«rtlv clowtiv w t+rryr »oy'*»* r d t.\t«r writ and task force all affectedTM 11 'schools. "It anyone tries to, , prevent a child who wants to r.. attend school from going to 'class he will be subject to .JarresL- i A 'l in prison if he is co in the current trial. guests were! The prosecution has i and two tempted to link Hoffa with' Ne:ghborhood t i t s ^ both elderly menjalleged jury tampering ""school loyalty are factors' held for treatment. All,tempts through the testimony j^^ trans ' rer ^ ,-- rt i I r w M C T i n » ' . . ^ ._ _ . FOR OUTSTANDING CONTINENTAL CUISINE For cartful attention ta your slijhtest desire. For expertJy prepared entrees to satisfy the most discriminating. For wines that perfectly complement a fine dinner. Fcr an evcnirz c unforgettable dirung CA 3-2163 for reservations. You'll »jree ».fi thousands cf Southern's Alfreds for cutttandirj cortmetrtat cuisine. . . Edward Parun, a Louisiana 39, suffered smoke inhala- The blaze routed 17 sts, most of thenVment informer. Partin, in their nightclothes, testified that he was in 9-degree cold. jvilte with Hoffa while i of the hotel's per( union leader was on trial. He residents hate been said he heard Hoffa discuss the .said, adding that fewer trans-j permits are being issued ? than before the newj rule went into effect. ti«f.t f9 norm m t K . br r-l · l OrB i 40 w ,nc» ' unw F*TKnt (Ft f- trt t tori fer» n ' Iffl fcc«M A . r tn Anger* A**IO* 1 *rtl *« · Bear L«t, i'SIX» . «!»!!.· LI Crt', A bkfQ:r«'aL« A-1011J 0 v* 1 *^, IUX, MOO*. TIStJ Su"t«t. 3 i · m. . Moan-.*r: 3 a « nv ra4 *f 7.23 * m . «na 41 tort *t I O K O A Y ' l » f * T N f « ttPCITl M I fix.' Howoer, Wilson said he m ^« residents haae been said he heard Hoffa discuss' nJ V "y classified ;. had m plans to order arrest Accounted for. "but the ques-jury fixing attempts. , aJs _ f Q f reEaMe tenan , $1 i o f parents who keep their ,»»» l s ^e transients--wreth- The defense has launched fasu dia , HE 2 . 5959 ^ | 7 0 0 E A S T 4 5 T H S T R E E T . L O N G B E A C H ;, children out of school er there were any and if they repeated attacks oa Partin t ' '· ' - r i 'got out. 'character. In four and one.;! ... I t\tt I' I The hotel kept no record of half days of cross-exami: | 1.1 l.n-l im rornUK-a | trans : ent guests but it Wisr nation. defense lawjerj de- TAIPEI, Formosa tfl -- The figured there might have been'scribed him as a criminal with fishing boat Tung Lu No. llsix or eight of them in the'a history of manslaughter. capsized off northwest For- building. 'gun-smuggling and rape. j mosa Monday. Only two of .. _ _ _ . the 15 crewmen were rescued. n £~ T» *« t frt ft n Vi»mJ Kr^ti V.- 1 **^^* St. *1 J? M 30 M 41 44 31 M VPrc INDEPENDENT Pubr.ihetf duly rvcrpt SundJy *i t.itti it. «Rd Pin* A v « Y t«n' B*?c* 12. CJ (| 1. f«t»r«J ftt t«coi ct^», nJtrer Mjr. 27. 1W1, jt Long »»*».* 2. C a f i f . Atf,u4icjtcl by Si*- (jcr ** Court. 1 "« Ano**« County, Oct. ·. TMT. Decrr* No. C-1J2SO, Per Per Honolulu i^-.di *^.KX'iiv «*fm i r # t *» Vfflrt . «-.t »n -71 »i Pt li _* 7 7t :'4 IT IT X 17 71 If r S? 47 U 74 '4 IS 4 11 t 7t If n , n ?f 71 W Tr« '·f (-»., , r » u -U J* *tf a-i* * »*w O"»i"i . . . . , h** V«rB _ C*i^ofTu C^V . _ . . 6-"«^« f^iii*ft*\ttfi-» PtK^^JT .. . _ ,, f mjwr»S - _- _ ro«-r«n« . . ,, . »-n« 1*« t * * Ctv . ' ' '. ". iA*^ifff»0«' ".'", ""1 ttt n0, M^rwi. S4 P 'A M ^ 41 « 4» ^ T l 77 11 :t , 31 n 01 as .or V 3 - Lej ^ j,n«if - (Affrr1%«-^nTl .if 'Senior Citizens 5 IT e ; W e. fJttl. ' '«./! b Irnj Bcj«.h'i fun V:i\4tc T'«ICT anj tut Ojf r^teJ ^ Kfjji'-fcrcJ :%r rr^t h. Io» Nurw. o.l St, Handcraftcd QUALITY makes the Difference TRADE IN YOUR OLD SET Zenith Portable TV Prices Sfari at $138,63 Bom Stores OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 Jftr» OPEN SUN. NOON III 7 HO UQXIT OO»M IMJTiHT CJttDIT SoftNYhiskey. can do anything any other whiskey can do. It just does it softer. r.tJvnit.Kr.

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