The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 8, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1920
Page 4
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THE . DAILY PRESS VIOTBK RD\73SEA\/ ~~ 33>s !£&&* cs name illuminated Ihe inessrooin. It was entirely empty. "You see, dear," said Donald, tarn- tag to Ida -with an embarrassed langb. Tou.have been dreaming, dear." Tea. • I suppose I have been dream- |»f," she answered. But she spoke Without .conviction. And suddenly she Was crying upon his shoulder. "Donald, you were disappointed when I came In!" she sobbed. • "Dear, you ere hysterical. In the morning It will be all right." - Ton don't love me any more, Don- Bid." , \ "Of course I love you," he responded •adly. Somehow his heart was utterly overcast; It was as If he. had looked Into the face of Immortal beauty. . "Of course I love you. "Won't you try to aleep, Ida?" he asked. "Yes," she answered, releasing' her•elf.; "But you don't love me, Donald—I know!" And slowly she withdrew into her cabin, leaving Donald a prey to intense bewilderment nnd despair. Who was she, this almost invisible beauty? Had • she followed him here, BboanJ the ship, 'or— swimming behind . .the submarine? Was she another species of the sen devils? Suddenly, for the first time since their .conversation, he recalled Mqster- man's words: . "I brought my specimen home with me. Think of that, lad! She didn't want to eat. They don't eat after they are mature, Donald." Now it came to Donald with conviction that the old captain had had reference to—this woman! And, straining his eyes through the darkness, he saw her again. But this time there was visible upon her face an expression so pitiful that It almost brought' the tears to Donald's eyes. She was watching him with a dumb yearning of inexpressible pathos. That look reminded Donald of the old legend of the mermaid \yho could obtain a soul only from some human lover. An idea came to Mm. Ee would go tip into the conning tower; in that nar- :row space he could see her better and ^understand what she was. But as he stood in the passage, at the bottom of the trapdoor, Clouts appeared before him." It occurred to •Donald afterward that he had been • there for a considerable 'time. "It's all. right, sir!" said Clouts. "You told me to call you when you was • to go on duty, and it's nil right" "What's all right?" demanded Donald. - "It's all right, sir. I understand such things," said Clouts. "Clonts, what the devil are you talk- Ing about?" "It's all right, sir," replied Clouts lor the third time, pointing before him. And in the passage, not more than a dozen feet away, Donald saw the woman's form. His anger vanished. He took the Bailor by the arm. "Clouts," he said, "do you suppose we could get her into the conning tower?" "I don't know, sir,'\ said Clouts, shaking his head. "K she's Willing to to* sir. • That's the question, sir." "Clouts"—Donald's voice sank to a whisper^—"you must understand thatr this "isn't a woman^-at least not a Iranian, one. She's—rshe's—" "Quite so, if I might say so, or thereabouts," said ClouteJ > "And ..dp you think yon could get her;there?? , Clouts' scratched hls ; head. "I suppose ; so, sir," he answered. "But she'd haye-^to, come out; again, you know." 'That's what I Intend," said Donald desperately': "Buck-.into the wateiv-^ through 'the airlock." "Push.her,In, sir?" "Lead her in, Clouts. Put on my coat and let her follow you. Then, when you've got her inside, put on the last diving dress and" see that she— that-she doesn't come'back. I don't mean you to hurt her. She can live under the water, .you know. And, while you're about it, Clouts, you might see if you can adjust the rudder." For a moment Clouts and his captain looked hard into each other's eyes. Then Clouts' grim face softened. Putting his hands' to his pocket, he drew out his mouth organ, and the soft strains of "Annie Eooney" went up into the nir. Clouts played it through with quiet resolution. "Ill do it, sir," he said. Donald turned and saw that the woman of "the sea stood exactly where ehe had been throughout that interview. .She had not stirred. • ' ' He waited while Clouts found the .last diving suit in the storeroom, and .then tlie two went back toto the mess- room. Presently Clouts emerged, en, eased In his cylinder, and holding the glass mask in his hand. About his -jiboulders he wore" Donald's coat. Donald waited within. He heard the conning tower trap- floor close, and after that he could hear nothing. He waited an indefinite Ume. Suddenly a soft splashing of water told him tilat. the. lower levels of fte sea wepe"bein^';kgltatea by the; •KQdenced oxygen in tne airlock. There '^ ".i. i • '" .-'^ T " '. .-'-TT; r-— . : . rr-:o—--. CTTOUCT;. -me sounds were, j cut off abruptly, and for a long time i Donald waited. His nerves were so tense that when Clouts opened the door he started violently. He peered Into the sailor's tace. "Tve done It, sir," said Clouts. "She followed me like—like a dog, sir. And I saw her eyes when I pushed her Into the water, and I don't want to see a look like that again. It felt like murder, sir." '• VNonsense I" exclaimed Donald angrily. "You know perfectly well. Clouts, that she wasn't on board when we. started. Therefore, she must have come in with us from the sea bottom." "1 know, "sir," said Clouts, shaking ills head"moumfully. Then, unable to control himself, he clapped his hand to his mouth organ. And Donald waited alone, sleepless, while the dreary night wore on. .. .., CHAPTER XII. ' Afloat and Ashore. He must have fallen Into alight doze at last, for he awakened to find Davies it his side. . The middy's voice cleft the thick darkness like a knife. "We're done for, old man'!"-he whispered. "We'd better not awaken her. Listen!" -Heretofore no sound from without had penetrated the-thin plates of the submarine, but'now Donald distinctly heard' a cracking' noise, as if 'some pressure were being exerted against the sides of the • vessel. "We're breaking up, sir.""You mean—?" "It's that gang of devils, Donald. Do pou mind letting me grip ycrar arm a minute,.sir? It's in a way disturbing." The 1 sounds grew louder. The plates were groaning under pressure, and it seemed every instant that the rivets would start and the water rush In. "It's tlie weight of the ocean over as, Dnvies," said Donald, without the Eaintest faith in this diagnosis. . . "But this pressure is horizontal, not eertical, Donald. And water has no norjzqnfnl Dress.ure. at alL." (To be continued.) DRIVERS STAY ON Chicago Expressmen Vote "No" on Strike Proposition." Does Not Mean End of the Express Tieup—Msy.Be Beginning of End. ..Chicago, March S.—Chicago's 2,200- express drivers refused to go on" 'strike. After a ~f>ng meeting at \their heud- quarters, .at which H. E. .Shepherd, seceding "general chairman of the Chicago district; of the Brotherhood, of Hallway Clerks, and organizer of the strike, urged the drivers to. Join the j walkout, the latter took the advice of their own officials and the ollicials of the express company and unanimously voted to remain at work. While this action does not affect the general strike, iind Chicago is still confronted with a shortage -of foodstuffs because of their continued riohsliip- fflent, the -action o£ the drivers is looked upon as a beginning of the end of the strike. ' . ,-Ho.wever, it Is said that Adoes..'not necessarily mean a speedy- termination of-the strike, nor does if mean express can'be handled in Chicago without 'difficulty. i . ' ' . STRIKE CURE FOR HIGH RENTS New York Ceritrnl Federated Union Plans General Walkout to Bring •• Down Prices. , New York, March S.—While Governor Smith was telling a large audience that the only effective antidote for exorbitant rents ,wns tlie erection of more houses 'and that little .relief might be STI NG J B'RASSIEBES fi ASK YOUR DEALER FOR THEM ' JH EY HI AS YOU rASTtN *- PERFECTLY AND WITHOUT . ALTERATION- dealer 'doesnH ''.. panj '[ id money atid^liuflt erd£& y '&& vAU sentf £ou' one • for trial; • Postage 'prepaid. MEMO H^t«k^;niC?FAStikON "•u'fSTn expected' through-legislfTfion,' the Cen- .tral ! Fe'demted union . of • New York city, decided • to advise' the 350,000 .workers/It represents to refuse to'com- ply with the demands q£ rent profiteers; to defy'ejection und, if the city or the state does not take summary •measures, to break all trade 'agreements and begin a general 'strike. . 'After the strike vote, the approval of the A. P. of L. will he asked if the strike is decided on; CiTTER PILL FOR SiCK MAN | Allies to Force It Down if the Sultan I Hesitates—Moslem Europe I Narrowed. London. March S.—The imlcluid a note to Hie Turkish pivoni- lawit. It is iiniU'i-sliuiil UK- u-niis dra.stii; :iln! will hi; fi>!iimvL hy tiraslic action, sho'.ild the :u".-i'ssiry a:There is llla'lilii n:l (!i;ii ;in' < \vhsit llie'tiViity dl' pcai-i.' wniilc! wise luiv<! K>!'t her. afronliii!: pressifuis Iii-iinl in iunci- cii-c Whitehall. \vliur« allied HII-I>:L':I ti'i-s (.'omimiL-'fraiuii!!: the T\ir!;i tlemt'iif. The pruposod wosioni from Kmts. on flic A<-_'r; Vidin, on UK? Black sra, may ho iiban- ilonjKl and the .line may bo drawn much fjuther east. Tlu> would limit Turkish possessions in Europe to the narrow peninsula north of the; Sea of Marmora. - U. S. SAVING RUSS REFUGEES Faces Big Task of Succoring Vast Army Fleeing From Russia on Protl Island. Constantinople, March S.—The tnsl; of succoring tlie vnst army of refugees fleeing from Kussia, on the Island of I'roti, one of the Princess group, a .short ride by boat from -Constantinople, is being carried on by the American Reel Cross wfth tlie co-operation of the United States navy. Three hospitals, a number of refugee homos and .scores of soup kitchens have been established by the Red Cross to care for the hordes of terrorized and Russians arriving aboard warships. Two large warehouses of 8,000 tons capacity have opened' to handle supplies which are being rushed by Arner- Ic.'in submarine -chasers, beaded by the Scorpion. You little rascal-^lnye'd aloTiK the way, didn't vou? Ke;;t granumiwaiticE! Oh well, it'-iall- lich't. 'Ee'cauEO BAKING ••POWDER is always right. It's worth wailing for. Always welcome; Never shirks' its work. Never fails. Never '' . . wastes minutes or materials and I fatctv'it's pure and holesome, cs Calrmet contains only such ingredients s have been approved officially by the U. S. Food Authorities." You save when yott bity it — yon" save whr.ti. yoie'itsc it. HIGHEST 2SSS IT 20 YEARS Lydia E. Pmkham's Vegetable Compound Has Been This Woman's Safeguard ''" ' ' Oir;ahaj,Nelx— "I have used Lydis fe. Pink ham' s Vegetable Compound for over "" - ' - * - ; twenty years for t & male troubles and ; it haa helped me very much, t have also U»ea Lydia: E. Pinkham's S amative Wuh with good resuits: I always have •bottleofVegetable Compound ia the ihboM is a gxxtd remedy, in time of need. Y'o n can publish my testimonial &s every statement J have. •naade'-iiBrpierfecJly-jtnje.;'— Mrs.: J-. O. ELMQUIST, 2424 S. 20th Street, Omaha, Nebraska: J ''-'"• " ' ' ....... " . . yTpmen.^b's. suffer JTOIO .those dis- tressirie ills peculiar to' their sex should be convmce^y, the 'many: genuine and truthf ul (testimonials w,e, are constantly publishing in the newspapers of the ability of Lydia. E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound-to restore- their health. '•ToiknowiwhetherLydia'EfPihkham's Vegetable Gojnppund will help you, try it! For advice, write, jto, LxdjaE. .Pinkham Medicitae Co'.' '(confidential), Lynn, Mass. Your letter will-be opened, read and answered' by a woman; and held in strict confidence. LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATK1C PHYSICIAN Chronic DVseaie* • Specialty Offlc* In UaucUr-Nlchol* Bid*. W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MXCKEY, COAL OFPICC • • ' Phon* 204 I Vlrfllnli bu<Id!n« DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUICDIN* • to 11 A. M. and 8 to • ~*. ' ... PHON1 SS ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. Washed Nut, Egg •nd Phone 1« K. HENRYBAIN TRAN8PHR GET OUR PRICE* :. .Rhone 342,K-...,., SIR ALFRED BOOTH • Sir Alfred ISootli, ciiainmm ot the board of directors of the Cuuai-d line, who -hns been visiting iu tlie United States.' • ' • ' ' TWO DIE IN VIRGINIA FIGHT Third Member of Family 'Near Kentucky Border Is Wounded During Battle. Ashland, Ky., March 8.—Milforrf Hubbarcl and a brother-in-law, Jerry Hubbarfl, were killed, and Willnrd Hubbnrcl, brother of Milford. was seriously wounded in a gun figllt between the three at Pounce,; Va.. on the'Ken- tucky-Virginia border: Milford engaged in a rifle duel, with Jerry and killed him. WHIard and Milford then exchanged shots, Milford falling to the ground with two bullets in his body. Milford, just before dying, fired two: Bhots from his pistol, seriously wound-j Ing \yillard.' H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL. AND POULTRY • : SUPPLIES' Phone 23$ . W. A. BRANDOW, M. D., GENERAL PRACTICE AND THE :/ ' '. J EYE Ey«a Tested' Gl»a»«i Pltteti Virginia Bld a . . Oarboiictata, Hti P. L. LINGLE, M. D. General p?ac*l«« . Special attention to ; Eye, Ear, and ThrMt. ' QlaM«a intted Phoney Reald.ence 33IW, Offle. .»'.,<"thout. quratios HUNT'S 'Salve fails in'- th. treatment of ITCHiECZEMA RINGWORM. TETTER Si ether itching shin diseasa: TV« - - - ° 75 cent box at our risk. HEWITT'S DKOa 8TORF DR. H; H. ROTH Practice limited to Diseases of EYE, NOSE; EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, Murphysboro, III. HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney! at Law Phone 252 K Suit* 112-11B New Hamilton Building' DELIA CALDWE.U,, M. D; McANALLY BIKLD.-JY3 211 We«t Math Btr«*i • Office Houru — 8 to 1U A.M.; 2 to ^ P. W, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN ' Home Made Candle* and ico . .' Telephon* S44 Y CHICHESTER S PILLS ^^__*rr*^ : THE 2>IAUOND BRA-NIK A I>*dlcat'Aakyo Cbl-chciutcr.r Fl)l« In Red and Gold mct&llicV boj;ts, sealed with Blue Take •* other, >ND «RAND L , yearsknownMEest,Safcst,AlwtysRellable " SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVFRWHERF Mr. Glancy • •'. -of • '• Th.e MARQUETTE 18th St. and WaslUnglon Ave. St. Louis A-Refined Hotel for Your Mother, "Wife and Sister Single Room -with Private Bath ?2.00, ' $2.50 ••••$3.80-Double $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 Room without bath, sincle, ^I.ijO Room-without bath. doublc,?2.CO, $2.50 SKort BlocKa from Union Ci^tion GetDr. Edwards'Olive Tablets That is the joyful ay of tbousan<te since Dr. Edwatds produced Olive Tablets, the substitute, for calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for.. 17 years and calomers old-time enemy, discovered the formula for Olive Tablets -while'• treating.; patients for chronic constipation and torpid livers. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, but a healing, soothing, vegetable laoaSve. . .. No griping is.the "keynote" of these flttte sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets. They cause the bowels and liver to- act normally. They never,, force them to unnatural action. If you have a "dark brown mouth"-— bad breath—a dull, tired feeling—sick headache—torpid liver^—conrtipation, you'll find quick, sure, and pleasant results from one or two of Dr. Edwards' OEve Tablets at bedtime. Thousands take them every night j ust to keep right.. Try them. lOc and 25c. Raising the Family- NNONT 6,OFXC*C> ^J FOB. Ps SPElJi-- I

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