Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 27
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Page C-12--INDEPENDENT Un « '" ch ' «·"!·· ««"., Ftb. j, Television Log KNXt tnami.l J KRCA Chonn.l 4 KH» Ch.nn.l $ KAIC Cn«nn«l 7 KHJ Chonnil · KIIV Chonn.l I I KCOf Cnimn.l 13 Tn» fndfpenrfoitr a»vm«t no rciponilbmty for chon v »» mod* by ttmllomi. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1960 6:00 A.M. 4--Continental Classroom (repeat): "Physics" 6:30 4--(Color) Continental Classroom: "Chemistry" 6:45 2--Austin Green 7:00 A.M. 2--Captaii; Kangaroo 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A.M. 2--Vagabond: "Catalina" 8:30 2--Amos 'n' Andy 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 9:00 A.M. 2--The Red Rowe Show 4--Dough-Re-Mi, G. Rayburn 5--Larry Finley, Cartoons 7--Chef Milani . 11--Ramar of the Jungle 9:30 2--On the Go, J. Linkletter 4--Play Y'r Hunch, M. Griffin 7--Mama, Peggy Wood 11--The Jack LaLanne Show 10:00 A.M. 2--I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4--(Color) The Price Is Right, Robt. Q. Lewis 7--Chucko's Cartoons 11--Movie: "Piccadilly Jim," Robert Montgomery 10:30 2--December Bride 4--Concentration, H. Downs 5--Ding Dong School 11:00 A.M. 2--Love of Life 4--Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 5--Romper Room, Miss Mary 7--I Married Joan, Joan Davis 11:15 9--Know Your Taxes 13--Industry on Parade 11:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--(Color) It Could Be You 7--Navy Log 9--Roy Rogers Movie: "Ridin 1 Down the Canyon" 13--Lloyd Thaxton Red. Shop 11:45 2--The Guiding Light 12 NOON 2--News; Movie (12:05): "Ginger," Jiine Withers 6:00 P.M. Top Viewing Today 7:30 p.m. COLOR-- Hall of Fame" (4). Details below. 9 p.m. COLOR--"Perry Como Show" (4). Four women will be the guests of Perry, Birgit Nilsson, opera star; comedienne Kaye Ballard, popular singer Jaye P. Morgan and dancer Carol Haney. 10 p.m.--"Circle Theater" (2). Details under time listing. -' *" 4--(Color) News and Sports $ n P-m--"Mike Wallace Show" (5). Betty Furness, 5--Bozo the Clown 1? TV's best saleswoman, discusses her job and how much 7--Hemingway; Weather *" """ 9--Cartoon Express 13--Baxter Ward, News 11--Jim Bowie (6:10) 6:15 4--Huntley-Brinkley Report 7--John Daly and the News 13--Goodwin J. Knight; Cal . Tinney Sees (6:20) 6:30 4--(Color) Curt Massey Show 5--Clete Roberts Reports 7--Men of Annapolis 13--People's Court of Small Claims, Orrin B. Evans 6:45 4--(Color) Jack Latham, nws 5--The Big Three (News) 11--George Putnam, News 2--Weather Vane (6:55) 7:00 P.M. 2--7 o'clock Report (News) 4--The Four Just Men, Vittorio De Sica 5--Youth Court, R. Lane 7--Wed. Nile Fights: Wilfie Greaves vs. 'Tiger' Jones 9--The Little Rascals 11--Pony Express, G. Sullivan 13--Expedition: "The Vanished People" (Bushmen) 7:15 2--Douglas Edwards, News 7:30 2--Be Our Guest, George deWitt, Rocky Graziano 4--(Color) Hall of Fame: "The Tempest," Maurice Evans, Richard Burton, Roddy McDowall, Lee Remick, Tom Poston 5--Crossroads: "Convict 1321, Age 12," Stephen McNally 9--Crusade in the Pacific 11--The Three Stooges 13--Wonders of the World: "Trinidad" 7:45 TERRY VERNON 4--Queen for Day, J. Bailey 5--Uncle Luther (cartoons) 7--Restless Gun, John Payne 11--Sheriff John, John Rovick 12:30 4--Thin Man, Peter Lawford 7--Love That Bob! 13--UCLA Course: "Matrix Methods in Engineering" 12:45 9--Movie: "In Name Only," · Carole Lombard, Cary Grant ('39) 1:00 P.M. 4--Young Dr. Mnlone 5--Movie: "Only Aiv.cls Have Wings," Cary Grant, Jean Arthur ('38) 7--About Faces, B.Alexander U--Abbott and Costello 13--Assignment Education 1:30 2--As the World Turns 4--From These Roots 7--The Ray Milland Show 11--Dial 999, Robert Beatty 13--The Big Picture 2:00 P.M. 2--For Better or Worse, Dr. James A. Peterson 4--House on High Street 7--Day in Court, H. Simms 11--The Paul Coates Show 13--Movie: "That Night in Rio," Alice Faye, Don Ameche 2:30 2--Art Linkletter House P'ty 4--Split Personality, Tom Poston 7--The Gale Storm Show 9--Mr. and Mrs. North 11--Check It w i t h Chambers 3:00 P.M. 2--The Millionaire. 4--Movie: "Appointment in Berlin," George Sanders 7--Beat the Clock, B. Collyer 9--Movie: "Lucky Partners," Ginger Rogers, Ronald Colman ('40) 11--Steve Martin's Club 3:30 2--The Verdict Is Yours 7--Who Do You Trust? 13--Teachers Institute 4:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7--American Bandstand 31--Clutch Cargo; Linkletter and the Kids (4:05) 13--Webster Webf t Cartoons 4:15 2--The Secret Storm 4:30 2--The Edge of Night 11--TV Readers Digest 4-7-Lee Giroux Show (4:40) 5:00 P.M. 2--Burns and Allen 9--Teleplay: "Debt of Honor," Edmond O'Brien 11--Susie, Ann Sothern (5:05) 5:30 2--Movie: "Thunderhead, Son of Flicka," Roddy McDowall 5--Popeye, Tom Hatten 7--My F'riend Flicka 0--Criswell Predicts 13--Robin Hood, R. Greene 11--People's Choice (5:35) 5:45 9--John Willis and the News 4--News Almanac (5:55) 7--Fight Night Final, Frank Hemingway 8:00 P.M. 5--Championship Wrestling: Mahalik vs. Carpentier 7--Charley Weaver Show 9--Crusader, Brian Keith II--Citizen Soldier 13--Danger Zone, Col. 'Pappy' Boyington 8:30 2--Men Into Space, William Lundigan 7--Ozzie and Harriet 9--Open Road: Squaw Valle il--Trackdown, Robert Gulp .3--Movie: "Ivory Hunter," Anthony Steel (Br.) 9:00 P.M. 2--Millionaire, M. Miller 4--(Color) Perry Como Show with Birgit Nilsson, Kay Ballard, Jaye P. Morgan Carol Haney 7--Hawaiian Eye, Anthony Eisley, Bob Conrad 9--Movie: "Blood on the Moon," Robt. Mitchum, Barbara Bel Geddes 11--U.S. Marshal, J. Bromfiel 9:30 2--I've Got a Secret, Betsy Palmer 11--Bishop Sheen Program: "Nuclear Warfare" 10:00 P.M. 2--Circle Theatre: "Ghost Bomber: The Lady Be Good," Douglas Edward narrates 4--This Is Your Life, Ralph Edwards 7--Not for Hire, R. Meeker 11--George Putnam, News 13--Baxter Ward, News 10:15 II--Paul Coates File 13--Roy Storey's Sports; Cal Tinney Sees (10:20) 10:30 4--Wichita Town, J. McCrea 5--Big Three Final (News) 7--The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason 13--The Tom Duggan Show 10:45 9--John Willis and the News 11--Sports, J. Wheeler (10:50) 11:00 P.M. 2--11 o'Clock Report: Fleming, Stout, Stratton 4--(Color) Jack Latham, nws 5--The Mike Wallace Show with Betty Furness 7--Lew Irwin Reports 9--Martin's Playhouse After weeks of work the cast of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" finally began the taping of the dramatic comedy in July. Tonight we see the results on the COLORcast of the "Hall of Fame" (4) at 7:30. This will sidetrack the 'Wagon Train" and cancel out the "Price Is Right" for tonight. Stars for "The Tempest are Maurice Evans, Richar 3urton, R o d d y McDowal Tom Poston, Liam Redmom and Lee Remick. Story of th exiled Duke of Milan and hi daughter who live on an en chanted island. The only othe nhabitants are the savage deformed Caliban and a sprite lamed Ariel who had .been reed from imprisonment in a tree. FM STATIONS KLON KXLU KPFK KUSC ' KFAC ' KNX K.POL KRHM KABC KRKO KWIZ KFMU 88.1 KDUO _ 57.5 88.7 KNOB 979 90.7 KCBH " 9 11--Movie: "Blossoms in the Dust," Greer Garson, Walter Pidgcon 11:15 2--Movie: "Naked Street," Farley Granger 4--The Jack Paar Show 7--Let's Dance, Al Jarvis 11:30 5--American Legend: "In This Crisis" 12 MIDNIGHT 5--Del Moore's Hangout 9--Movie: "Room Service," Marx Brothers 13--Movie: "Countess of Monte Cristo," Sonja Henie 12:15 7--Movie: "Lady, Let's Dance," Belita 1:00 A.M.- 2--David Niven Teleplay: "Here Comes the Suit" 4--News; Teleplay (1:05): 4 TRACK STEREO TAPE · Records · Decks · Pre-Recorded Topes · Speakers, Amplifiers · 4 Track Conversions L. M. BARCUS--Tape Headquarters 5782 E. 2nd St. GE 9-7785 91.i KHOF 92.3 KMLA ' 100 3 93.1 KHJ _n_ 101 : 93.9 KUTE r 101.1 11.7 KFOX 102.3 95.S KGLA _ _" 103 5 94.3 KBIQ " _ " 1043 96.7 KCBA T 10S.7 9 7 1 KBMS " 1059 FM HIGHLIGHTS salute to Fats Walle highlights "Dixieland" on KNOB at 10 a. m. with Ralph Sutton as the pianist . . . The second segment of the "Billie Holliday Story" is musically told on KNOB at 11 a. m. . Lena Home and "The Sounc of Broadway" at 11 on KRHM . . . Julie London, Mavis Rivers and Barbara Lea are heard from 1 to 5 p. m. on KRHM . . . "The War of the Worlds" on KPFK at 2 p. m. as the H. G. Wells' concep- :ion is o v e r s h a d o w e d by Orson Welles' 1938 radio drama . . . Frank DeVol's al- ium of "Fabulous Hollywood" on KBIQ at 2 p. m. and at 3 I'll be "Tommy Dorsey on Tour" . . . Pianist Vladimir Horowitz is featured on KFAC at 4 p. m., playing Beeth- iven's "Piano Sonata No. 7" . . Actor Ed Begley reads 'rom the works of "Walt Whitman" at 5:30 on KPFK . . Organist Shirley Scott plays for KNOB at 6 p. m. . On -KPOL at 'Flower Drum 'at Suzuki One day the duke sees a ship at sea, calls up a tempest to wreck it, and brings the survivors ashore to find they are relatives. He decides to get revenge on his brother who had helped the King of N a p l e s usurp the duke's throne and this sets the stage for a great lecture. There's also a love affair and everything ends happily. 7 P.M. C a n a d i a n middleweight champion Wilfie G r e a v e s takes on Ralph (Tiger) Jones in the 10-round battle on (7) "Fights." It is the turn of Vittorio de Sica to star in the "Four Just Men" (4) and he stumble:, upon a highly organized slave market run by ruthless Arab racketeers. He also saves an A m e r i c a n newspaperman from imprisonment When a "Pony Express" (11) rider is shot down in cold blood, the division agent sets out to find the killer and runs into unexpected d i f f i c u 1 ty from a pretty haif-breed and her dissipated admirer. 7:30 P.M. Rocky Graziano, who plays one selection on the harmonica, will play it for "Be Our Guest" (2) as he makes his Radio Programs K1AC ......... 970 KH ---------- MO KMK ------- 710 KAiC ......... 7*0 KHJ ........... fjo KfWI ------- VlO KNX .......... 1070 KXLA KIIY XfOX Z KHC " 1110 KOII ..11CO KWKW L..1MO KWII ".l"o "oAT ." WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, I960 7:00 A.M. FI--p«l Bishop, News ABC-- Frank Hemlnawav HJ--wink Martlndili KNX--World News R'ndup XJER--Christ ralth Mission FI-HII thi' Road KABC--News; John Troller KNX-Bob Cruno Show KGER--Aubrey Lee KNX--Fr»nk 7 'Gosj KFI-Nows; Southland (NX-Bob Crane Show CGER--W. B. Retold. KABC--Paul Harvey (7:55) 8:00 A.M. KFI--News. HII lite (ABC-- Cllll Enole, News CNX-- Huoh McCoy; Soorls KGER-- Wilbur Nelson KABC-John 8 'Trotler ;NX-- Bob Crane Show :MPC-- Bob Keilov (6-251 CFI-- Pat Bls'hoD Reoorts KGER-Volce of China CFI-- Andy and Virginia CGER-- Percy Crawford KABC-- Wendell Noble. 8:50 9:00 A.M. KABC-- Breakfast Club -- CHJ-- Frank Carroll, to CNX-Hugh McCoy, Ne KGER-- Lutheran Hour 9:15 KNX-- Bob Crane Show 9:30 CGER -- John Brown Hour 10:00 A.M. CFI-- News; Swlngln' Years CABC-- John Holbrook news KNX-- News; Rloht to Happiness (10:05) KPER-Rcscue Mission 10:15 ;ABC-- Tcllo-Tcst CNX-- Second Mrs. Burlon 10:30 KAHC-- Jim Ameche (to 1) ^NX-- Young Dr. Malone KGER-- Overcoming Life 10-45 KNX-Ma Perkins KGER-- Rev. LcRoy KOPD . -- of Low (4:55) 5:00 P.M. KFI--It's Music Time ;NX-- Lowell Thomas; Phil Rlzrulo (5:10) KGER--Aubrcv Lcc 5:13 iFl--News; Wenther KNX--Carroll Alcott KABC--Judilh l.awton (5:25) 5:30 KR-- Sid Fuller,, News KABC-Wllllam Winter CNX--Tom Harmon KGER--Builders of Falfh KFI--Dave Shaw, News ABC-Orvol Anderson KNX--Frank Goss; News 6:00 P.M. FI-Fc,lture Wire ·APC--Bob Kelloy, Snort! . iBC-- Edward P. Moroan KHJ -Paul Comoton llo 8) IKMX--^po-fs ^f? r cv · ~. w u.un. I KGER--Back to the Bible KABC--Jim Ameche Show IKFI-- Scullv-Hlrlth, Soorls KFI-Emnha'sl! (10:55) 11:00 A.M. KFI-Ncws KHJ--W.nk Martlndale KNX-Neivs KG£R--Dr. Louis Talbot 11-05 KFI--The Swlngln' Years KNX-Whl!0?riSg Streets KNX- KNX-- Helen" Vrcnt KGLR--Sunihfne Mission KFI--Emphasis (11:40) """^fu'sP'Inier "l"TM R r2 a NOON · KFI--News; Farm Reoorler KAF1C-- Paul Harvey KNX-Huoh Mrfov. Nrws KHER--Through the Bible 1 Couple Next Door 11:30 KGER-Dr.TMofrT Bible KFI-Ed Hart Show (12:35] 1:00 P.M. KFI--News; Andy Monjfleli KABC--Mv True Slorv KHJ--Paul Comoton (to 3] KNX--A. Jackson, News; Arthur Godfrey (1:05) KGER--Airmail from God KGER--Christian-Jew Hour KGER-- Heaven Home Hr KGER--Health Talk KFI--Emphasis (1:55) 2:00 P.M. KFI--Are Vou LIslcnIn 1 ? KABC--Don MacKinnon KNX--News; Arl Llnklclter KGER--Lono Beach Band ;NX--Philip 'Norman IGER-Georoo McLaln KGER--Storv' Book Time 3:00 P.M. CFI--News; Mary Hlckox KHJ--Prank Carroll (to 6) CNX--News KGER--Good News, Music KNX--Condyfls and Grant KGER--Don Pike Show 3:30 -Dick Sinclair Tim* CABC--Evdie Gorme; Don MacKinnon (3:35) CABC--Business Final KFI--Cmnnnsls (3-55) 4:00 P.M. CFI--News; Dave Shaw KARC--Don MacKinnon KNX-News 4:15 .. . -It's Music Time KNX--Condvlls Grant KGER-Gllbc'rl Bellshaw £GER--Charlie Turner CNX- KNX-Tl!S h w£fj V foniSnt ffI--News; have Shaw KABC--Vlroll Plnkley KNX-Braven Dyer Show lasters of Melody (6:3j ER--Rev. Al Harlan ^AB-cSpffy 1 ]" Financial Final (6:50) 7:00 P.M. KFI-Ncws KABC-John ,,. ,, KIX.-rR'.Shard c. Holtelet t--Fonilty W. Vanderc 1 . rutnurd C. Hottelel KGER--Family Bible Hoi! i 1 . 1 !tr/Morlsis' Melodies CFI--Motorists' Melod ^ABC-Sidney Walton KNX--Amos V Andv CFI--Senator's Report KABC-W'td Tomor'w (7:25 Etr'teH S* lf ie World NX--D/bl Your Pleasure ..Andy Griffith; Burns-Allen KGER-Rev. Victor Glenn f M v ~ Q ^i 10 " 1 "' Spls. KNX--Bob and Ray 8:00 P.M. KFI--Frost; Emphasis; Milestones in Melody, 8:10 KABC--People In the News Lee Zlmmer (8:05)- CHJ--Mike Sccrcsl (to 11) KNX--City Editor's Report KGER-Volce ol China NX--This iVY. A. KGER--A. u. micheison KABC--Youno Hollywood; Zlmmer (to 12) CGER--Airmail from God 8:45 KGER--Dan Gilbert KNX--Frost Warn. (8:55) 9:00 P.M. KFI--News; Emphasis; Dove O'Dcll (9:10) NX-Ncws; opinion Please KGER--Rev. Lee Shelley KGER--Dr. Orr. Bible 10:00 P.M. :FI--News; The West KNX-Rlchfleld Rtoorter KGER--Wilbur Nelson 10:15 KFI--Myron J. Bennett KNX--Tom Hanlon, Sports 10:30 CFI--Thing Called Lift KNX--Phlllo Norman KGER--Clarence Welch 10:45 KFI-Art Baker Notebook 11:00 P.M. FI--News; Sporfs Final CHJ--The News-Wheel NX--Newv Mcrry-Go- Round (11:10) Fl--Chanolno Times 11:30 . . -Conversation Please NX--Music 'III Dawn 12 MIDNIGHT Fl--Ben Hunter (to 5) NX-Mus(c 'III Dawn GER--Texas Tiny (to 5) only to learn the two men , vMMjr iu i^ciiii LIIU LWU in en second appearance on the solight t h e old man SQ Qne f new series. Henrnp HpWitt it .1 i . . . . . . . new series. George deWitt the host-emcee and other guests are The Brothers Four, Avitavile, singing barkeep, the ^few York Knickerbockers' jro basketball team, and Lou Goldstein. 8 P.M. Life and death in the besieged city of Leningrad, work of a high-wire artist and of a rapeze performer, plus films of the first groups to attempt o fly over the North Pole, are all on "Danger Zone" (13). 8:30 P.M. When Ozzie is called upon o make a speecli al a wom- m's club, he unleashes some f his pel theories on subjects anging from English litcra- ure to rock 'n' roll singers during "Ozzie and Harriet" 7). while Garry Moore takes a wild are bent on avenging the vacation. Panelists are Henry;death of their brother and the Kirby and Carol Bur- w i t h Jean Pierre Au- Morgan, Bess Myerson, Outward nett, mont the special guest. "Bishop Fulton J. Sheen" '11) asks and answers ques- :ions about war. . "Standarc School Broadcast" on KUSC at 6:30 visits Hot Springs and D latte parks in music . . . Dr. Edward Borgers of the depart- nent of telecommunications at USC, will interview one of he overseas educalors visit- ng in this country on KUSC at 7 p. m. ... Robert Woods nd Jo Sullivan sing "Most Happy Fella" tunes on KDUO at 7 ... Songs by Charles L. . Davis on KPOL at 7:30 . . . Swing Fever" by Si Zentner's and on KBIQ at 8 p. m. . . . TEREO on KPOL at 8:05 has he Boston Pops Orchestra nd "Boston Tea party" . . . \n evening with Danny Kaye s billed for KRHM at 9 p. m . . The 10:30 session on NOB is devoted to Ella Fitz erald with Gershwin tune. Julian Adderly takes harge of the music for KNOB t midnight with "Just a Little azz." "Open Road" (9) leads us , o Squaw Valley to see the b, you get| S it e of lhe Olympic Games Cnrtn" *..:«!. . . . . side trips to Virginia Song" City, Lake Tahoe and Reno. 9 P.M. A female attorney faces the them could kill him. Betsy 9:30 P.M. Palmer deserts the panel of "I've Got a Secret" (2) to become the femmecce murder and finds himself in a tight spot with too many suspects. 10:30 P.M. Joel McCrea, star of "Wichita Town" (4) as the marshal, is kidnaped by three brothers Self-inflicted Shot Fatal to L.B. Man William J. Stevenson, 49, of 607 E. 59th St., died Monday night in a local hospital right temple. Police, who said friends informed them Stevenson was despondent, filed * 1 after shooting himself in the a suicide report. Expert TELEVISION and RADIO Repair · ··" A AAAB* "·!· *'·" "'"» ff Afie HE 6-9897 1 Clli 2 36 years at same location '"""'"" """· BANKAMERICARD. RELIABLE RADIO -TV CO. «02 UST ro u R TH°S P T E R N E £F T R1DAYN " HT ' T1 A. HOWE.U . me .,,_ Scrv ' e '"S ""» Following «reqs . un?Tu ALTOS * "KEWOOD · IEIMONT SHORE · NORTH IONS IEACH · DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH VISIT OUR SALES DEPT. Bn . ,...___ H"? Feature RCA VICTOR · ZENITH · PACKARO-BELl ----- CUT OUT AND PASTE ON BACK OF YOUR TV SET ,__. RENT A TV RENT WILL APPLY HE 6-3248 HIGH TRADE-INS Emerson PORTABLE TV TERMS ONLY $2.50 A WEEK """« «' Bargain* OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL 9 715 L.B. Blvd. 'DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOtlR SET TO THE SHOP" -·*'r?y, -v. . . *,... , . 'e^c^^ ;CALL US EARLY OR LATE--WE'LL FIX IT RITE AT YOUR GATE" /ton charge H-- vlo Bonkomer/carcf or /nfcrnarlonal Charge-It ATOMIC 5634 A T L A N T I C (LVD, ·ill Til 0 1 U · · SERVICE CALL S R.I. 55.00 H 10 P.M. in 1943 that the crippling of their father. SPINNING THE DIAL JACK PAAR, who recently starred in his own production of a one-hour show, has, signed for another such airing I set for April 26. In his first | try at hcing host-star-producer-writer, the only thing that was clever was the opening gambit when the letters of the alphabet played crazy "Lady Be Good," a B24 bomber of the U. S. Air Force left the Solach Airfield in Libya.... ..., _ ,,.,,_, v%4 vl(1 ,,, . for a foray on Italy . . . and games. . . . PHILIP ABBOTT I iust disappeared. Search f o r j h a s been signed for the role! FAST · · FAST · · EFFICIENT GA 2-0037 ALL P A R T S AND LABOR G U A R A N T E E D IN WRITING. Q.Q 8-3 I AH Arm , tipi,|, ne , the missing plane and its crew was abandoned in 19*18 and now, 16 years after take-off the "ghost bomber" is found, on the Libyan desert. The; documentary of the plane's short career and long disappearance is on "Circle The ater" (2) with Douglas Ed dilemma of whether or not to wards narrating the film clips, reopen a murder case which · - · would implicate her fiance in a city government scandal during "The Millionaire" (2). She is able to uncover evidence which could clear her convicted client but which threatens the career of her boy friend. "Hawaiian Eye" (7) has the detective finding an elderly man for two Japanese visitors A tough young hoodlum joins the Army after giving damaging testimony against the leader of his neighborhood gang and receives a death threat while in basic training. The sleuth of "Not for Hire" (7) is assigned to prevent the of the castoff fiance in the "Sunday Showcase" production of "After Hours" set for next Sunday night. SALLY ANN HOWES and CR1STO- PIIER PLUMMER are the costars in featured roles of the comedy by TONY WEBSTER. . . . " Y O U N G PEOPLE'S CONCERTS" with LEONARD BERNSTEIN and the New York Philharmonic will start on Channel 2 Sunday at 1 p.m and that is indeed good news "Ring of Protettion" Around PACIFIC COAST HWY 0 HE 2-5677, TVSERVI-ZONE 1 1401 E. 10th Street 5 Formerly of 402 Almond ? Wrlglcv-Delmont Short »3.«0 | OPEN SUN - CLOSED TUES. WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS and ACNE The best way to stop the spread of pimples is to treat them before and after they open up. So at the first | sign of i pimple . . . QUICK! Apply i CAMPMO-PHENIQUE! This soothing, antiseptic liquid forms a "ring of protection" around pimples to help prevent their spread and re-infection. Because CAMPHO-PHENIQUE doesn't stain the skin, ir can be applied right under make-up. So don't give ugly pimples a chance to spread ... prevent it with CAMPHO-PHENIQUB'S "ring of protection". Let your face heal faster, natutatly. Always keep a bottle of CAMPHO- PHENIQUE on hand ready for instant use. Get CAMPHO-PHENIQUE today! ALL IART5 AND; LABOK ' ' ' ' AMY TIME _ DON'S TV $4*00 SERVICE CALLS.... L GA 2-8731 PICTURE TUBES, 21" 525 S2.'l Elm Avc. -- Work Guaranteed $4.50 Service Gall With This Ad. Ad Good Until Feb. 1S..K4J GA 4-6794 Russ'j Radio and TV Service 1154 E. CARSON Ni» H/.M.n 4nl.nno, Now . . . 3-Yoor Warranty on Niw Dufflont Plctura Tub* A+"* TV RED. 55,95 $350 ~WITH SERVICE CALL W AD GE 4-3002^' DAT ind NIGHT I ALL PARTS AND LABOR I GUARANTEED I Cud's TV, 821 Cerrllos, Office | Parts 8, Service Guaranteed We Honor International Charge DAY HITE H O U I E DILLS E T V _ 54BI tltintlc GA 2-1080 " O L E T V BSXBY TV PICTURE TUBES CASH OR TIME Munti TV Repaired GOOD USED TV's 429 WEST WILLOW GA 7-4420 MONEY Classified. Loan" for the cash you neec CENTER, that' See "Money ti SAV-MOR S O T »** V 2 ONE- HOUR SERVICE JET TV-. 1 523 Willow Open 8 A . M . - 9 P.M. Seven Days o Week HE 6-1225 Packard Bell Dealer 1215 E. 4th Street IT'S A TIMEPIECE We con repair it!!! AUTOMATICS AUTO MANTELS CHROHODBAPHS ELECTRIC GRANDFATHERS CALENDARS KEYWIND CUCKOOS CLOCK RADIOS AND TIMERS SETH THOMAS-OIIICIal Factory Authorlied Service Station--WESTCLOX CALIFORNIA TIME SERVICE 21?4 LAKEWOOP BOULEVARD, LAKEWOOD AND STEARNS - GE 4-334J CALLS $*» EVE. SERVICE QA 2-7971 cffisX II no unitvvr ft I? C TV ,,. C ,°'L. **®" SERVICE QA 7-6585 264~ SOUTH ST. Outlylno Areas SNQMIv Higher SPECIAL mKM TV House Gall £95 Includes Parts Labor V Totn Sitiifjcllon Quirinliid, Diy-Nltfl-Sim, No Fix, No Pa\ Ofl Q HA 9-2/54 RAB1K ELECTRONIC 6535 Or»n:e See the YELLOW PAGES GA 7-5615 WE GUARANTEE to repair TV In your homi 01 absolutely NO CHARGE CAPRON TV 6353 Long Bioih Blvd. PH. GA 2-1063 TV REPAIR HEgj DAY .NIGHT-SUN. (f| GOOD HONEST SERVICE · I.C.I. CREDIT CARDS HONORED 1 Used TVs for Sale Q Ace Electronics--3403 E. 10th SI I G E 4-5720 WHEN IT COMES TO S T E R E O * We know our oil CUSTOM SOUND 37th Atlantic GA 4 - 1 ( 6 1 Hours: 10 to fi daily Thuri. Fri. 'Ill 9 Closed Sundays Retail Grocery Meats 2093 PACIFIC AVE. HE 5-4320 Hours: 7 to 9 Daily and Sun. -- Holidays 8 to P.M. Cut, Wrlpiel, M i r k i d t Quick Frexeo Fru Oilimr If you are looking for QUALITY in beef, PRIME BEEF is your answer, COMPACT CAR? Why Is the NEW 1960 HILLMAN Still the Best Buy? Look at These Features! Custom Inferiors · Large Trunk Space -Roomy Interiors · 50 Successful Years in the Compact Field · $500-$! 000 Lower Initial Investment · Great Economy -Up to 30 M.P.G. · Freeway-Powered Engine Cruising Speed 70 M.P.H. _ ,,...,,,.,, HIUMAN'S BRILLIANTLY STYLED SEDANS VlTazTphnwctras. Start at Only I /73 ,,,, | ic . bALI BROWN HIU.MAN 2440 LONG BEACH BLVD. ( . ?f eA 7-894Tr

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