Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 8
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 8

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 8
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50 More Men InDraftCal Local Draft Board No. 13 will ca *ome 50 Pima county men for pn Induction physical examinations o Nov. 13. The men will report t headquarters at 2S W. McCormic at 8:30 a.m. on that date. They are: Rudy Ybarra Acosta, 734 S. Fre rnpnt;'Travis J. Case, 1501 E. 1~ st.; Robert Lee Patterson. 2334 L 2nd St.; Milton Crane. Botkins, In dianapolis, Ind.; Orval Rex Myers Vonare, Tenn.; Harrison Fred Dal Jr., 3130 N. 1st ave.; Donald Williarr Angel, Rt. 2, Box 984; Lorne-Ceci Henry, Rt. 4, Box 129-A; Mamie Jesus A. Pena, 5Q8 Shawnee ave Key Clifford Drake, 3709 N. Lo Altos;' Charles Alden Gardner, 32 N. Martin ave.; Edward A. Girar Jr. Ahtioch, Calif. Bobbv Joe Cook, I22S E. 35th st Mathew Giles, Prescott, Ark.: An drew Bernard Greaber, 131G E, Stl St.; Joseph M. Bairn, Chicago, 111 Lloyd Victor Weyenberg, Los An geles, Ca-1 i-f.; William Edwar Adams, 525 E.-Helen St.; William D Snyder, 2S(H Glorietta: Charles War ren Beard, Allentown, Pa.; Phili' tor-man Currier,-, 4618 E. Glenn Barry -Newell 'Freeman', 1026' _ Mitchell, Robert Terence Benter 501 Thurber Rd.: Antonio Rui Cocova, Greaterville, Ariz.; Joe Ron aid Puree!!, 2145 E. 9th st. Ralph Harry' Lbpez, v 432 "E. '32n. st; Thomas Jefferson- Davis, Ridge field,,'Wash.; Selig W. -Mann, New York,-N. Y.; Edward Alan, Reine man, 41 E. Speedway; Armand Vigi Romero, Rt. .7, Box- 1046; David Georgs Hawkins,' 845 · E. 'Speedway Prevpyce .Hayes, P. 0. 'Box 644 John.Damon Kinder, 4210.E. Paseo Grande; Paul .Wesley'Bigger, Bos Bier City. La.; James -Hubert Hart 1433 S. Winmore. Transfers to Board 13 are: · Richard 'L. Block, 50 N. Tucson blvd.; Donald H. Lawrence, 1325 E Speedway; Warren D. Travis. Hop Lodge; Peter John Varcb, 1601" E 2nd st.; George^M. Caballero/ Hop Lodge. . - · · , - - · " " New registrants are: Edward f.Thurston Gibbs, 1SOS E Elm st.; Alton Brown, 553 W.-Davis Richard- .Chill,.'"Newburg, N.. D. Richard Morris. Mandell, 100 Cam Ino Miramonte..'IF' Qualifies Atomic Remarks NEW YORK, Nov. 2. £·)--Former President Herbert Hoover said last night with a big "if" that weapons of aggression -- including atomic bombs and guided missiles--should be abolished .or turned over to the United Nations. The weapons would be for the exclusive use of the U.N. . if it wished' themHfor peace-keeping pur- poses,he.saia. .. . But .Mr. Hoover added'that · he does not' believe Soviet leaders would accept-his proposal, "because peace and good will are not in their hearts." And-,that situation shatters the-dream.of immediate disarmament,, lie said." - v.-. ; The \former President spoke .at .a dinner '.of,: the.'New York com mandei3..of;-:tht : Military Order of Foreign.. Wars." He received ' the commandery's award for'outstand- ing citizenship. -.'·'· .- Mr. Hoover said -that-in the 'absence cf ah international agreement to give,up the.weapons of aggression,^; the "aggressive ambitions" q'f' tHe.iSpvjet -union can be kept-in'check only by strength. : : What isjneeded,.he said, is such great militery,;economic and moral strength'inVthe.'hahds of the non- ComnnujistX-. nations' -.-' that Russia ·would not-'ir'e to attack.. TROLLEY \SAVES SHIRTS CHICAGO. (U.PJ--A-trolley car put Joseph.',Luna, 18, in- the.hospital but;,saved : :^8, T-shirts .for -L. W. Hows.vHpwe' inanages the store from which Luna stole- the shirts. As he fled, the youth stepped into the path -:of the oncoming street- Tico Advertising State Assets new construction and for winter visitors as Two articles about Tucson and Arizona as a winter., tourist center are appearing in widely circulated publications. In the New York Times ".winter preview" travel section reaching y° u , ea ^ n -y TM e , :he newsstands here today, Ari zona is given equal prominence ;vith southern California in an aritcle. The article in the Sunday Times reviews facilities well as entertainment attractions such as rodeos at Tucson, Chandler and Phoenix, the Salad Bowl 'ootball game, and the new Tucson festival of arts in April. Space is also given to the ski runs near Flagstaff. In the November issue of Sunset magazine appears a sc-ction devoted to.guest ranches near Tucson. The .article says in ..part: : "'From a winter' vacation headquarters, at a ranch or resort in the Tucson area,-you can drive in one hour to snow in/the Santa ;atalina nwuntains, to a forest .of jiaht sahua'ros in the SalVuaro" national monument, to old 'mining owns such as Tombstone -or Bis- TeminineVIs Greek To Brooklynites By E. V. DUF.LING .Two things are wanted by the true, man: Danger and play. Therefore, he seeke'th woman As the most dangerous toy. --Nietzsche. How about the spending power of your dollars? I mean the dollars manly brow? Do you give thought to what .Confucius said: "Before you buy, try three places?" It you lave a desire to develop the spending power of your dollar you could start by staging a contest with-six friends. Make a list of things and see who could buy them all for the least money. It is -surprising to find how often the same thing sells for less in one place than another. Only today I bought a standard] brand product for 57.50 that sells' for $8 in a place on the next block. A half a' buck saved is a half a :mek earned. And there.is no income tax on that type of earnings,! X»IPLAIXT 'Your use of the word female causes confusion at times," writes a SrooMynite. "It is difficult to enow whether you are referring to a cow, mare, sow, filly, heifer, hen or a were woman. Some of discussing this tfie in boys Mulqueeny's poolroom last night. If ,you do not like 'the word woman bee, or to the twin border townsl w jn vou So 70 ur Brooklyn readers -' »·--'-- Ariz., and- ..Nogales - '"-in the Sunset article were Ranclio · Linda Vista near 5racle, the Wild-Horse'ranch on Silver Bell road and El Dorado ,6dge'on Wilmot' road'as'typica )f .Nogales, Sonora." Mentioned of "accommodations Tucson. available in ECimball On River Recreation Group BOULDER CITY, Nev.," Nov. 2 ?)--A subcommittee of. the "Col rado river great basin field com mittee will study best recreationa" ises of land along the lower river The full committee, with Cliff H Wilson of the interior department is chairman, continues its sessions oday. The subcommittee named yester- lay to make studies and field surveys of the south end of Lake" Mead nd the area for 250 miles south- vard to the Gulf of California includes: Milton McComb, head of lands nd planning, region 2, national ark service, Santa Fe, N. M. : hairman; Morris Surge, field commissioner, bureau of Indian affairs, nd Tom' Kimball,. director-.of the Arizona fish and-game commissloa. The national park service -sug- ested that the. three states in- olved, Nevada, Arizona and Call- ornia, rather than the Interior de- can-understand, you, use one of the following: Broad, skirt, moll, ball and chain, cackler, dame, twist?" , ALMOST CONFIDENTIAL William Marston once observed "brunettes are the natural man conquerors" . . . The funniest song Fanny Brice ever sung was "Sadie Salome Go Home '. . ·" Greatness as a writer cannot be achieved by a jefsdn who uses long sentences. That's what an · advice-to-authors expert claims. -It isn't necessarily so. Charles Dickens used many ong sentences: The first sentence n- Pickwick --L-,-- TM words. · PASSING BY Irene 'Dunne. The Kentucky duse. About eight years, ago she nfited me to be present at her silver wedding. "Do 'I get to kiss he bride?" I asked. "Certainly," aid she. Now in only two years, n 1952,, Irene' will celebrate her diver wedding-. I can hardly wait. . Ted Shawn. Dancer. - When he was 19 years of age and a student at the University of Denver artment, he area. could better administer 17. S. Expels 1,404 Aliens Through N.ogales NOGALES, N'ov. 2. (ffV-TJ. S. Immigration officials tallied up sta- istics today on the number of yol- ntary deportations during October hrough this port. · --And what, they figured was amazing. It was disclosed that 1,404 aliens vere.expelled from the U.S. dur- ng the 31 day period, with only 24 liens formally deported. Most of le-wetbacks were apprehended in !e Eloy-Casa Grande area. - MORTGAGES Low Cost -- Oulck Service Lift Insurance -money and private funds to purchase, bnild or refinance. Residential and com mercial, Conventional .or IMLA loans. . Metropolitan Realty Co, Ask for Mr. Grady 2325 E. Broadtvaj Dial S-KB Papers, contains 90 an illness left him temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. When he improved a little his doctor advised him to take up dancing. That was a start of a successful dancing career that lasted 40 years. BRIEFLY Am reliably informed a woman reading character by analysis of handwriting, at a charge of 10 cents a reading; took in $33 · in one day on the Atlantic City (N.J.) boardwalk. . . . Am asked what actress was the 'first to be called "the girl" with -the million dollar legs." It was Frankle Bailey. . . . "In your ; opinion what is Shakespeare's best 'play?" Asks a Bos- Ionian. 'I would say it is "Othello." Have you an inscription on yo'ur wedding ring, lady? .If not, you should have one. Something (like "esta perpetua" which means ·'may it last forever." ASIDES Said Lady Chesterfield to her daughter: ."My child, anything that is ' worth doing is worth doing well. If you decide to let a man kiss you respond with 'enthusiasm. Nobody likes 'to kiss a rock" . .- . Arizona, New' Mexico Timber Nets $369,486 WASHINGTON. N 0 v. "2,; ·(#) -During July, August and September, there were- 74,068,000 board feet^of ii*.u~u»s*t rtn*- Ci*nm- +lin naHnTlsi 1 ·frt*** Say, young fellow, have you received any letters lately from young women written., in green ink? It is said the message conveyed by the use of green ink is "love everlasting." I don't know what the message of red ink is, but I'll have our Horses £ Women experts check on it. ASKING, Queries from clients. ,Q. There have been several films with many men and only -one ·woman in. the cast. Has there ever been a picture with many women and only one man in it? A. There were 200 -women and one man in the cast of a 'film titled "Clnb 'des Femmes," in which Danielle Ear- rieux was starred. Q. I hear you played football at five different colleges. Is that right? A. Absolutely nothing to it, sir. I' played football at, only three different colleges. . (© 1950, King Features) Automotive News Sees 182,927 Cars ThisWeek DETROIT, Nov. .2. W-- United States auto plants will build 182,927 vehicles this -week, Automotive News said today. ' The trade paper counted 157,068' cars and 25,859 trucks in ,th'e.estl- Study Atomic Plant Plans WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (ff)--The Atornlc. Energy' Commission is considering construction by private Industry of an atomic reactor plant to .produce, both ^piutonium and power. The proposal was made by Dr. ,Q- There c. A. Thomas, vice-president' of the Monsanto .Co., St. Louis. A commission official who wou!dn"t be quoted .directly 1 said today that Thomas has estimated the plant could be built for $25,000,000 and has suggested Idaho as a "natural" spot for it. Thomas' plan', was discussed by Gordon Dean, commission chairman, at a news conference. Dean said, "We are-taking a good hard look at it--we are not treating It lightly." Under the proposal, private Industry would finance the plant, The government would provide uranium for the plant, which would 'Serve the equal purpose of ^-···MMM--MHB^^M^SI * PRESCRIPTIONS * SUNDRIES * DRUGS producing both power .and fissionable materials. The plutonlum produced would be sold.tq^the government- Thomas was said to have explained such a reactor plant would be particularly' valuable in a ship in coal. Dean said there have been conferences on the subject and that it is still under study. He expressed belief it -would be nece sary to get, congressional consent before the commission could enter farmra fallif which "needs power and where it would be expensive to region ThuriJty Ev«nlrn; ; Nov.' t 1MT' nto such an arrangement-wlth--* irivate firm. . · .-' : DR. R. H. FEDERHAR: . . . OptomelrUt . . . 744 N. Country Club f Ri!.\ J PHONE 5-2130 ^Oriental Lizard ests in Arizona 'and New Mexlcojmate. Last week 153,350 cars and it was announced here. During.the quarterly perlod.'near ly a billion and a half board feet were cut from the national forests throughout the nation. Almost half came from the forests in Washington and Oregon. . . ' The government' collected $13,313,193 for-the forest timber:.-at prices which averaged 1 65 cents a thousand board ieet more'than pay. raents received'a'year'earlier. Re ; turn to the government:from.Ari- zona and New Mexico timber harvest was $369,486. 25,375 trucks-were"built "There is no indication of any appreciable production decline during the balance of the year," Automotive News said, "other than, at plants where model changeover; are still to be made." ' (These include ' Ford's Ford division, Chevrolet'and. others of the General-Motors group. Most of Chrysler's; new model work may not get well, under way-until after the year-end.) Aberdeen-Angus Show Features Exposition SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2. (IF) -The national show"and sale of .the American Aberdeen-Angus Breed'"association- is the feature event f the Grand National Livestock xposition at the Cow Palace today, '. Double Dandy III of the Painter Hereford ranch of Denver brought yesterday's top price of $2,000 rom Luther Johnson of Montvale arms, Healdsburg, Calif. The Here- ord bull was grand champion' of he sale cattle. Winners' in stock' Judging in luded: B e e f cattle --Wheatdale arms, Benge, Wash., reserve cham- jlon- shorthorn bull. HMM^B^BMMV^MMiMM *kUTRILITE Food Supplement HAM "KEPD1E, Agent and " Distributor tOSl E.-8th, Tncson Dial 2-0083 Broadcast Monday .through Friday 9:40 a.m. VDlal 34J0--KOPO FRESH FISH FLOWN IN SEA FOOD DAILY PHONE 2-6437 '. Downtown Store PHONE 3-3164 Pueblo. Gardens Store J O N E S Drug Company HI East Congress St, Twenty-Second St. at Cherry. J4.95 - ' Sins SU to-11 . Width! AAAA to B Open » Mode.Ch«f« Account or U«e Our W1U C«ll Si-stem SOLE Fillet SEA TROUT ^ CATFISH Fresh Clear Channel Ib. --. ·· [PIKE Fresh I'elloiv Ib. 65° MACKEREL Fresh Spanish '. .- 390 [SPECKLED BASS j^:? ib. 49 C | RED WAGON. Products MILES SCHOOL | · · I.4O* EAST .BROADWAY VISIT THE RED WAGON MARINE PROD. CO. The Largest Sea Food Dittributor in the Soutktcett 1340 E. Factory Ave. Phone 3-7493 ^yTi^iJii AN AMAZING OFFER TO WIN NEW FRIENDS BUTANE Begins . . . . . Where the Gas Main Ends DAD'S Your Thanksgiving turkey wiH fit easily into tho new Servel Gas Refrigerator. For its amazing Quick-Change Interior adjuiti in 90 seconds. But that's not aD! All year round you'll b* thankful for Sat- vd's basically different freezing system, too. It stays eilent, lasts longer becauto then'* no motor to wear, no machinery .to iroif cmiy. You lave dolltn in mar «nd npcir with the dependable Gu RdaftttJar. Com* ·M Serve! today. Cotepm i»th type« aA you'll choowtb« Gu Rtfriftntor. TEN-VIM S£«V£t GAS WATO HUTNUt Braqcites in Xowell--Haydca-Winkelman Wm.L.ENGLISH 2800 Si 6th Are, Ph. 2-2877 -**» SK-WS: *"iSj" BIG BEVERAGE BARGAIN I .. Enjoy rich and mellow Dad's Old Fisbioned Root Beer. Treat the whole family at big savings. Get a fall ju*n of creamy: topped DAD'S for only Ic with purchase of "6 botde .carton at regular price. Ask your dealer for DAD'S while thii big sale is on. UPHOLSTERED F U R N I T U R E · ' ' " " . ' · f ^ Direct from the Car--At Factory Prices DURING KOREAN WAR tMs summer we anticipated « ; shortage of upholstered furniture and bought heavily. . W e r have one car too many and no warehouse storage space. You buy right out of freight car. Open the cartons and examine your purchase. You buy at factory prices. Because . . ,of this we must charge one dollar for delivery. . Beautiful, Heavy Upholstered LIVING ROOM FURNITURE CHAlTat . .26.70 SOFATat, . .97.45 CHAIRsTt . 29.85 SECTioNALsl46.60 FOR A "LIMITED-. TIME ONLY ' Thii OfftP Qeod In Pima County Only. YOUR MONEY BACK-if you don't §jrre-0A0'S is the bat root beer you tvtr nufedT ·· 0 'Tint ii'jit Jtpmil FOLLOW THIS MAP TO SALE Sale at Freight ^ar on Siding Only Freight Car on Siding in Front of Our Warehouse OPEN NITErni 8 Freight Car * Her» MtXtjSt. 8t gllH|H S42 S. PA«K AV«. WHITE ROCK BOTTLINS COMPANY TUMON, ARIZONA;-:.-:-: PHONE -Tuaon- 50 E. Pennington St. Phone, 3-8609-

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