Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 1, 1963 · Page 40
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 40

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 40
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PAGE 42 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY I, 1963 Ghezzi Urges PGA Drop Colonial Despite Compromise By OSCAR FRALEY NEW YORK--UPI--An irate Vic Ghezzi today faulted the professional Golf Association Tournament Committee for letting Fort Worth's Colonial Country Club "off the hook" in the Don January squabble. January was not invited to play in next week's Colonial National Invitation--al- though qualified--and fellow pros met to discuss a boycott. The tournament committee said no retributive action would be taken against those who withdrew and a half dozen announced their intention not to appear. Apparently all became milk and honey when the club announced it would leave it up to the pros whether January should play, and stopped the situation by raising the prize money by $10,000, But it didn't smooth Ghezzi's ruffled feathers. "January is a quiet, unassuming gentleman," said the 1941 PGA champion. "He was barred because, as chairman of the tournament committee last year, he told a Colonial official that he thought the club should be giving its professional the pro shop concessions." The players.still should boycott the tournament by direct order of the tournament committee, Ghezzi held, and the Colonial should be stripped of future dates. "January was barred strictly for one man's personal reasons and merely because he expressed himself," Ghezzi charged. "It's time, if the PGA is going to assume its rightful place as the top governing body in golf, which it should be, that it finally took a solid stand in such a case. "It was an out-and-out insult for Colonial, in passing the buck on January to the players, to say that in the future it would submit the names of any unwanted player in confidence to the tournament committee," Ghezzi glowered. 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Wllmrt riin LOIS, BERK INSKEEP Drill for Trek RECREATION LEAGUES BASEBALL City Leagues Eddie Camacho threw a no- hitter, striking out 16 batters in a seven-inning game last night as the L. A. Cubs downed Los Diablos in a City League game at Hi Corbett Field. HI CORBETT L.A. CUSS 0023101--7 6 1 LOS DIABLOS 0000010--1 0 3 Camacho and Jez; Brady and Hernandez. UNTOUCHABLES 01000--1 3 2 ROMINE R E A L T Y 00100--1 2 4 Green and O f f ; SwarU and Holland. ESTEVAN FIELD AMERICAN MEAT . . . . 211 200 0--» 10 2 RAIDERS 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 -- 2 4 ) Robtes and Pesqulera, Garcia (4); Terry and Gerhart. BENEFIT SPORTS 134 50--13 13 5 IRON POTS 0 0 0 1 1 -- 2 3 2 Salaz, Wilson (4) and Fuenfts, Valen- luela; Canalt, Rlchman (3), King (4) and Bermudez. DAVtS-MONTHAN FIELD AGGIES Oil 10--3 5 4 GOLDEN EAGLES 115 00--7 4 3 Asullar «nct Aoullar; Garcia and Walker. JAMESON 0 4 0 2 0 4 0 -- 1 0 1 1 3 DAVIS-MONTH AN . . . . 0 3 0 0 0 0 2 -- 5 4 4 Gll« and Mtazej Hunda, Rlvercamp (4) and Meeker, Pound (3). SOFTBALL MENLO PARK GEMS 00000--0 1 1 INDEPENDENTS 001 07--8 4 0 Diaz and Diaz; Salcldo and Ethrldge. ELECT. UNION , 2000000--1 5 1 LOS 4 0000100--1 4 2 Wlesold «rxj Tornblero) Donaldson and Stevens. RIGGS 201 004--7 4 2 PAN AM 040000--4 4 4 Parrlsh and Oyle; Hszlett and Lanik. OUHY PARK HAWKS 0 2 1 0 -- 3 5 1 MT. VIEW CENTRAL . . 432 X--11 8 2 Matas and Torrw; Cochnn and Prof fin, ANTI-LITTERBUG 00000--0 4 2 COCIO-ESTRADA 004 4x--t 5 1 Borquez and Soza; Corrales and Yslas. MORRISON PRINT.. OH 000 0--2 5 1 TEAM X 000 401 x--7 ft 0 Walton «nd Pierce; Alexander and Rivera. MANZO FIELD SUNNYSIDE 321 2-1 4 S P R I N C E S S E S 321 1--7 4 3 Laguna and Soderj Tapla and Tapla. RAIN DROPS 210 12--4 5 3 BLUE ANGELS 20100--3 4 5 Gutierrez and Gutierrez! Flmbrea anJ Ochoa. FLINTSTON6S 3 4 ( 1 0 ) 0 0 -- 1 9 1 2 2 Bowhunters Slate Meet For Weekend The T u c s o n Bowhunters vill be host to the first an- iual Desert Trek Saturday nd Sunday at their range on ipeline Rd., off the Hughes igned to replace the Safari hoot which proved so popu- ar with the state's archers uring the past five years. The tournament consists of '6 animal targets, from rattle- nakes to b i g h o r n sheep Tiere will be four separate 4-target rounds. Registration will be at the ange from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, and from 8 a.m. to 0 a.m. Sunday. H EAGLES 001 00--1 3 Rivera and Corrales) Moreno and ROM J E T S Jio 30-- 6 7 ', (3UEBEDEAUX (10)53 Ox--II » ' Gradlllw and Parr; Ander »nd Neuner. SANTA RITA PARK AIR NAT'L GUARD . . . . 001 011--3 t NCO CLUB 002 21 x--5 S 0 West and Nelseln; C*stano and Woody HL DRIVE INN 000 300--3 4 1 JACK ELLIS 340 OOx-9 5 T Flske and Cordova; Zoiixta «nd Mar llnei. FALSTAFF 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 -- 4 5 0 CACTUS BOWL CM 000 0--2 4 3 Williams and Roman) Tellei and Larv aonl. Little League Parents interested in form ing a baseball league for boys between 13 and 15 will mee tonight at 7:30 at Holloway School. The league would be for boys in the Catalina, Am phitheater, National and Con tinental Little League dis tricts. SUMMER HEAT DISCOMFORTS! SEE US FOR AUTO AIR CONDITIONING SALES SERVICE B A U M A D A M S O N MA 2-4861 m N. SI»M Pirk it iKKwir llrt* it Alvirntn C. «rh ind Tucson BNt, 14] I. CimpBcll Access Rd. This shoot has been de- \ T ew York Jets Sign Clive Rush NEW YORK -- ()-- The New York Jets of the Amer can Football League have igned Clive Rush, former head coach of the University )f Toledo, as offensive coach or 1963. «M cjr c«r HUt BUDGET. KCNT-A-CAR SYSTEM 2901 Miracle Mile Strip, MA 3-9933 PHOENIX ISSUE RAISED Tucson's Bowling Moguls May Abandon 'National' By BOB CRAWFORD Tucson bowling-house owners could learn tomorrow whether or not they will be jermitted to form a Southern Arizona chapter of the Bowing Proprietors Association of America. If the answer is negative, they may decide to pull out of the BPAA altogether. The man who will be asked s Stan Commons, a BPAA 'ield representative with headquarters in Denver. He will meet here with members of the Tucson BPA in an attempt :o settle differences between the Tucson and state groups. Money, as might be expected, is the crux of the matter. Tucson h o u s e s have re- aelled against the idea of paying the Arizona BPA some $15 per alley-bed per year toward :he salary and expenses of recently-hired Executive Secretary Lynn Gano. THE GENERAL feeling is that Gano, based in Phoenix, won't be able to do enough service for Tucsonians to make the additional outlay worthwhile. There are three possible solutions. 1. The BPAA will authorize a Southern Arizona chapter, including Tucson and the surrounding area. 2. Pressure will be brought on the state association to ditch the executive-secretary. 3. Tucson houses will fail to pay their national dues on May 10 and be expelled from the BPAA altogether. The effects of that last possibility would be slight, in the opinion of most Old Pueblo proprietors. It would keep Tucsonians from bowling in the BPAA All-Star, which is of interest only to the highest-average bowlers, and that's about all. * ·*· * MEANWHILE, the Tucson BPA is in the middle of another squabble, this one on strictly a city level with Keg- lers Lanes. Although neither Keglers owner Joe Cacioppo nor TBPA officers are talking, the group is unhappy over Keglers' alleged attempts to recniit leagues from other houses. In a published statement of policy, the house has offered to purchase trophies for any league bowling there this summer and during the 196364 winter season, along %vith turkey prizes during Thanksgiving week. If Cacioppo decides to remain outside the TBPA, the result would be about the same as the other houses pulling out of the national organization. Bowlers at Keglers would become ineligible only for TBPA-sponsored events, such as the pro-am preceding this summer's Tucson open and a proposed added-money tournament just before the opening of the fall season. The 16-lane house would still have American Bowling Congress certification, with its bowlers eligible for any ABC tournament (such as the city and state championships). * ** BOB MAJESKE and Melba Howell dominated city scoring last week among scores reported by league secretaries. Majeske tossed a 278 game in the Northwest Major at Golden Pin, where he is manager. It was the high game for the period and his 676 series was the top three-line set. He also had the best four- gamer, an 880 (213, 213, 217, 237) in the Tuesday Scratch Trio at Golden Pin. Mrs. Howell put a 248 game in between a 182 and 211 for a 641 total in the McMahon All-Star at Diamond Pin. Both her game and series were high-water marks for women during the week. * * ¥ HEAD-PIN HITS: Georse Martin turned In a dutch JOO game (alternating strikes and ipares) at Copa . . . Nutrlllti won the championship of the Klngi Scratch Leasu* at Cactus, while Club 11 took horns the trophies In Lucky Strike Malor L.atua . . . Jimmy McL.ujhlln, leadolf man en the Parks Building Contractor, team In the Tucson D.tty Cltl- icn Clastic, will leave for Baltimore tomorrow after a two-week Army furlouoh. MEN'S CAMESi 269--Dan Soulvle) 244 --Charlie Turner; 262-- Bill Stoltzf 254-Ray Gollng; 243-- Bob Maleikei 24k -Bob Parsons; 245--T. L. Johnson, Alex Samsel; 244--Karl Dlltman, Fred Shrlver, Hugh Rutherford; 242--Jo* Boehler; 241 -Gene Clovls, Jesus Barker, RUSJ Owen; 240--Frank Rotolo; 239-EI Walters; 237 --BUI Fink, Hoyt Ward; 234--Jack Lyons, Bob Crawford; 235-- Chuck Braasch; 204 --BUI Bollweo; Vic Hit)) 233--Joe Mc- Clanahfin, Harold Ellsworth, P. llallano; 232-Caly Layel; 230--Harold Ellsworth. MEN'S S E R I E S : 457 -- Bob Maleske; 442--Ted Diuban, Harold Ellsworth, Wai* Gannon; 641--Joe McClanahan; 635--6« Walters; 434--Joe Boehler; 431--B. Gardner) 421--Jack Lyonsj 420--T. L. Johnson; 416-- Russ Owen; 414 -- Charlie Turner; 611 -- Bob Nelson; (01 -- Alex Samsel; 607--Jeff Mlnker. WOMEN'S GAMES; 288--Peooy Owen; 214-- Bobble Stewart; 213-- Nancy Rowan; 2IJ--Bobble Monroe; 210--Myrna Palsoli; 205-- Mary Lane; 204--June Finn; 203-Mary Ann Lekander. WOMEN'S S E R I B S i S4J--Ruby Anderson; 554-Bobble Monroe; 545--Julli Vin- over, Nancy Rowan, "«TM MERCURY AVIATION CORP. -f|p Ph. 294-3474 /ijitiiik Tucson Municipal Airport ''Mi' , I^-FAA · VA APPROVED FLIGHT I GROUND SCHOOL Authorized Cessna Dealer IS THE AIR CONDITIONER IN YOUR CAR READY FOR CAREFREE SUMMER OPERATION?? Genuine Ford Air Conditioners and other major makes to fit any car. Refrigeration experts at Holmes Tuftle offer you guaranteed service--one-day installation--experl servic* on all air conditioners. Buy a new one or get yours serviced on our budget plan with credit approval. 800 E. BROADWAY ARMSTRONG TIRES 4 FULL PLY O 5 $1 Q98* .£" I Hxc/i/sfYB Safefy Discs Grip ffoa StopSkidsAsHoOtherTireCan! LIFETIME ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE FIRST LINE NYLON TOO LEVEL TUBELESS BLACKWALL 29 SHOCK ABSORBERS INSTALLED ·S*. 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