Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 37
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 37

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 37
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AUTOS FOR SAlf 23! AUTOS FOR SALl 23AUTOS FOR SAll 231 AUTOS FOR SAlI 23*UTOS FOE SAli 23 AUTOS FOR SAU Ml ftt Mt LINCOLN--MERCURY. 2200 E. Broadway ; SAFE-BUY USED CARS i REFRIGERATION mttti s n ·« *.-.: Mmt» »M fc W* tit 11 M! , 8J ,8 m C-E-N-I-R-A-l A-U-T-0 S-A-L-E-S U S »*» *» MS m S MI «4 nt «M tl til Ut B tl M (HUM4M UUH- Mt W ilsiiltt M » »1 Mt 8 ii ti m ft f *U M »M m" 1 * »w w »tt m Mm Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe! Bargains, bargains, whose got the bargains? There is no such thing as a bargain in a Used Car. You can get what you pay for. Providing however, you KNOW your Dealer. The Used Car you buy is only as good as the dealer behind that car. We have many GOOD buys --HERE! Come in. See our selection. No obligation to you-- of course! Prices Are Lower AUTOS POKSAIE 23 AUTOS FOR SALI 23AUTOS FOR SAL! 23 TttCtM irk urd.y^Junt i,1»«»_TujMi»s t Arl«, AUTOS PO» SALE 23 ccc ccc crrcc c ccc -«--, ccc cCCcC c ccc eeccr ccc ccc ccccc ccc ccccccc_ CCCCCCCC cccccccc,.. ccficccccce cccrrcccccc ccrncoccccc ccccc cccoc cwrr 820 S. 6th Ave. 15 W. 18th St. AUTO SALES 57 Chev. i/ 2 55 Chev. 4 Spd. i/ 2 55 Ford _/ 2 54 Chev. J/2 4-Spd. 54 Ford '/ 2 4-Spd. MO. PMT'S $34 33 30 32 32 ttS* KM MM * W HIM * MM «tt* » tm «a IM» tttt t Ml* at* nw m tt M M* MM * » tt» »* MM MM MM $ftt MM MM MM MM »M MM MMM* WHIM MMM» t» M MK to* MIJ t*» IMS *H» It* tt 3S ROLLINGS FLYitOTJTH MM St...Mtm««aMaMasMaiii»i«aaa«iai?i' PLYMOUTH - VALIANT n 88 ttJOtWIKOW $M* * *m **«*«« »»n*t tsu »«n$si$3tt*mu nmmtim tttTtttitttitnTTf HIH witttrtt Franchised-Bonded New BUY WITH CONFIDENCE OWN WITH PRIDE "SMILE" WITH GILES 4 DOOR '55 Cad. Cpe deVille $62; i Factory Air. full power, motor · ! completely renewed. 153 Ford Ranch Wag. 34 t Cyl.. xood llres. Well, head to CENTRAL AUTO SALES TODAY;54 Hudson Jet 4-dr. n f ' - - pan «ver. clear.. SOUTHERN ARIZONA BANK FINANCING 57 IRC. REFRIGERATION 59 FORD, Country Sedan $2289 Z«juipiwd ; 58 CHEV. Brookwood $1989 j F*cury Air !58 Ope! Wagon $1289 ! ZconOmy plji ;57 CHEV., 4 dr. V8 $1589 ! Immaculate 55 FORD Country Sedan Outxttndinf Tucson CARDEALERS'J 59 T-BIRD Hardtop $3989 j : Full power i 59 CHEV. Bel-Air, 4 dr.. $2189 Power ttterinc ;59FORD GalaxieH.T. $2489! J 57 FORD 500 2-dr. $I489J ;57 RAMBLER 4-dr. $1289 | J"»e«ry Air ! Bonos Buys!!! ! 56 PLYMOUTH H.T. - $989 See it today 155 BUICK 4 dr. Save $$$$ $789 ; .S*v* attt 55 CHEV. 4 dr. Std. trans. Std. Ttan». :55 RAMBLER H.T. I Itconomy Value '54 CHEV. 4 dr. Extra Nice Terms to fit your budget because We do our own financing Many Ofher Excellent Buys Phone MA. 2-6781 OPEN EVENINGS Til 9 Tucson CAR DEALERS' Bood aecond car--185! Dod« Club Coupe. *2SO but will barcatn. Phone '51 HUfiSON 4 topr. Good condition. MA. 3-SOM It PLYMOUTH Wa«on. Overdrive: radio, heater. New tirei. »610. AX. Broadway Ford E. Open eves 'til 9 -- M A . 4-S654 The Southwest's Largest Ford Dealer Thu.-Frl--.Vt. Slll. ^ORD, , condition. 4 door. Good runninc *7»JLJtno- Tbp condition. Two-tone lalnt. A*- gome iMtyrnents. ;EA. Used Car Salesman We'rt rolling, our lot la being loaded with late model cars. If you hive ambition, steady and reliable, Tucson's mon ap£rc5sive used car lot has a job for you. GILES 711 N. STONE " SANSPORTA'RbN CARS «9 UP 38TH CRAYCgOrr ·TCHEV. J10 4 dr. (6) RAH. Take over payments. S34 a mo. 26th to. Cray croft. Fail-lane convertible Real nice carl JI.79S. Cl N. Book. 'S5 CORVtrrrifHardtop (removable makes Into convert too), v-s. New ·Urei, * real cherry SIMS. MACK McGINNIS. 1133 S. «th. Open Sundays. ·»1 NASH~Sambler wason. HidTo. heater. S502 E. Silver St. r i8 9SWHrr£ OLfiS. One owner! Factory air. power steering, windows--brakes. All in excellent condition. Call EA. 5-3888. VALIANT. 4-door sedan. Never been titled. Heater, whitewall tires. S18M. Catalina Marina 20 milc North of Tuoon, on Oracle Koad. Open 8 to 9. ·M CADILLAC coupe type Dcvlllc Full power, air. 2 tone blue. real sharp cur. S1.395. MACK McGIN- NIS. 1133 S. «ih (10 Cadillacs to choose from). Open Sundnvs._ ImmaculaW inside out. Oracle Rd. 'MA. 2-43Z1. Will finance. Will lake trade. PRECISON Sport Car Trade Ins 53 Merc. H.T. $445| V-8 Auto trans. TtiH. WSW.j Pearl Grey, Blade Top. In beau- | tlftil condition. | 53 Chev. Convert. $345: Pou'crgJtde, radio, brand n e w . cream pnint. A really ?weet I Jittle hugcv. , 53 Ford Convert $395' V-H. SiralRht SticK. cream oalnt '· PRECISION MOTORS 3500 E. Speedway and let one of our salesmen show you one these really good buys to help make that va tion the very best yet 55 Cadillac Cpe., All power, */e 52 Cadillac Cpe. All power, i/e 57 Ford 4 Dr. Sed., AUK 51 Ford Sedan 56 Ford Country Sedan 57 Ford Cost. 2 Dr., std. 55 Ford Pickup 59 Ford FL500 Sed., like- new 59 Ford 300,6 cyl., std. 58 Chevrolet BAJ.H, PS, PG 56 Chevrolet Station "Wagon 53 Chevrolet Sedan 57 Ford FL500 Sed., PS, A! 59 Chevrolet BA 4 Dr., PS AI 53 Buick Sed., a/c 51 Buick Riv. Cpe., like m 58 Edsel Cit. 2 Dr. HI Fully equipped 55 Lincoln Sedan 54 Mercury HT Cpe. 98 Hoi. Cpe. Sup. Hoi. Cpe. Bev. HI, . . . I. »/e 51 Plymouth 2 Dr. 56 Pontiac Cat. Cpe. 59 Volkswagen 2 Dr. 51 Nash Utility Wagon 51 Cad. 62 4-dr. 50 Cad £dr7' ;50 Olds 6 Cyl. ! Sedan, nice. 52 Olds 2-dr. 29 New Toyopefr Station Wagon 3] J2 58 T-Bird 10 4 days only $1998 full price Hel sharp with full power NO CASH NEEDED ON MOST CARS 1351 S. 6th Ave. 58 Olds' 98 Convertible, 17.000 , actual miles, lull power A f»ct air- conditioning. 57 Chev. Wg. $1595 Heater Powerctide. Real nice. MA. 4-6893 57 Olds $2995 56 Ford Wag. $995 -~-"V* ·.. 55 Ponh wag. $995 4 57 Chev. 4 Dr. $1295 " 55 Chrysler ' $795 57 Ford Wag. $1195 58 Imp'la Con. $1995 57 Bel Air H-T $1695 $1895 Air Conditioned for summer driving 56 Chev. 4-dr. HT $1545 ' 56 Bel Air. V-l eniine. radio, heit- tr. »uto. trim., law. low miles. One owner «nd AM CONDITIONED. Ford Wagon $1295 2-Dr. !Rftnch Waion. Kn heiMr. Automatic Tr»n. «nd AIR CONDITION. for Beffer Used Imports See SM 4 dr. Holiday Sedan. Local n«w car trade-in. A Truly beautUul car. Completely equipped including factory air. Lots of Standard Shifts with Overdrive Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. 57 Ford Wag. $1195 .Day Sell-out Fri., Sat, Sun., Mon. SUN. 12-6 PM All cars have been carefully c h e c k e d and are ready for your vacation. 1 Year Guarantee Parts and Labor 55 Chev. 4 Dr. A little Xdfie. M7. ·ood. V3 standard condition. ihift. Perfect 59 Volvo 58 Volkswagen 3-dr. Deluxe 58 Borgward 3-dr. 4-speed. 58 Simca 4-dr. "Elysee" 58 Borgward $1995 $1295 $1595 $1095 58 Ford Wag. drs. 59 Chev. Wagons 59 Chev. Impalas 59 Chev. BelAir 4 59 Chev. "6" "8" cyls 59 Chev. Convertibles $995 $595 Hun* $695 $595 57 Sunbeam Kapler, hard top. $1695; $1295 55 Ford Conv. I Buns real good. Station Wagons Mt*M**ttt*w*»» Hardtops MX 2-Drs. FRANK DAWSON Motor Co. Quality Imports 406 N. 6th Ave. MA. 2-2836 $595 Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. 175 Cars to choose from MA. 3-3411 16 Years in Tucson MA. 3-3412 '56 Chev. 4. Dr. 54 Chev. 2 Dr. « S355. Heal nice. 54FordWag. $595 tm. Wafon. A real barjtin 54 Ford 2 Dr. $595 r»15. Radio, heater. O'drive. 54 Chev. 4 Dr. '$595 *M3-B. 4 dr. Worth the money Large Selection of */£ ton Pick-ups 3 and 4 speeds MA. 3-3413 MUST SELL / 1 '51 Chrysler, New Yorker atation j wagon. Perfect condition. Mil E. I . STBL.Strtet. i ll"2 GOOD CARS! | 1851 ChtvJwUt. 19S| Tord. AIM :3-wh«el motor acootej, $S5. 730J E. Beverly. SAFETY 1ESIED for your PEACE OP *o,uipp*d, 100 more from 1960 and older. Come in and seei us today and Sundays 10-5. no reasonable offer refused. Open; '47 PLYMOUTH B«daji. Fine condition. XA. «-*811. 4407 LaJolla Circle. I*M BUICK SUPER. 4-door hardtop. Completely e q u i p p e d including and air condmoninc. Must ~ " ^^-0822. "«. white. 1957 BUICK Caballero station waiton. Power steerinc and brakes, plus {artorv air. N. A. D A. price. SI.92S. OUR PRICE J1.58S. Kotler's. 1030 S. 6th. |MA. s-r-- u ' - - i . TORO Convertible. *4M. 35 "58 Renault Dauphine town. Auume JI monthly MyroenU. of H3 per month, and the ear is yours. No rnonev needed. OT1 AX. g-8478. HAVE TO SELL UH Cadfllac 4-door. Power and Xxcellent condition. Privale. your choice so . _ .jw priced cars. WE ! CAKRY OUR OWN CO!*TRACTS BRANDON MTRS. I'OO S 4th Aye ft OVERHAUliD CNCilNCS overheads Also all kinds id parts. Terms Shou?« Bodv 1941 FORD Ori«ir.5i squiprr.er.t. TEun?: foc^ Good tire*, body. New battery. 1135. AX-_8-2482 after t:30 p m. ·54 P6NTIAC. 4 door sedan. MOO J. V-S stick. TK'e' new con-'!SACRrriCE --\K» Dodge wagon, One owner. Guaranteed over *ol power, air. Radio, heater. It mfles per gallan. ^rwain. Tmrie. AX. 8-7G31. __^^ IA. SrM'7- LOOK AT THESE PRICES~~ clean "» CAAs.' ' ss Chevy »A hardtop, atlek V-» s«95 owner Has recent paint. H? Ford Viet. V-« »»:, ».4(11 . . . ·hock. Penton headers. AX.! S* »*««· hardtop stock »hft i 53 Nash 4 dr. Nice A clean «395 t295 1957 BUICK Century convertible. I Full power equipped. Immaculate condition. 41.45. AX. 6-1303. _ ·59"RAMBLER Custom 4-door station wagon. Low mileage. Priced ' for aulcU «ale. 12385. Call MA. 4-8C21 from 8-5 p.m. Anytime after 5 p.m., MA. 2-500". 57 Custom 2 Dr. Ford ; V8 Stick ONLY $797 : Take over payments *3d.44 * mo. No down, SSth __Cri;ycrpfi. ^ i ^ '49 Plymouth" $35. Good engine. Needs tire.l. 11JT 53 PACKARD 2 dr. Straight stick. I RJcM 1 owner. Like new. J.W5. Can ( finance full amount SI3 m. MA a-4.125. ;»31 N. Oracle Rd. TOP CONDITION J1955 Old! S!. Power steering and 1 brakcy Hyflrammlf. AX. S-^"?. : Open Sunday from 10 AM til 5 PM C E N T R A L CENIRAL Auto Sales Auto Sales Division Division Frontier Motors, Inc. Frontier Motors, Inc. 820 S. 6th Ave. 820 S. 6th Ave. « BUICX Century. Conven!ble. ; 56 Buick Riviera Tim. fl.iOO. Both one own-' «r care. EA. 7-3552. | .BT'lfflKtullV Moritcliir" convert- fl»le. roll power $«93. 4O46 Z. | Jlarier. ZA. 1-OtS. '55 Rambler Wagon |r-con4. Muit e'apot rf ».is " "" re»KmaDle^ of fer 812. *' *""' """ *' FORD. hardtop. Air_, radio, heater. *895. · _A»er ' pjn., phone EA. S-3775. ;EXCElXfeJT -M Cadfflac coupe de EXCELLENT t^^i v-tJi-*»_itiii j. jo wvuiijai; tuupc 01 VfUc. Full pow«r, factory air. beau tifol it^ht gre«n »T«! wWt«. looks A rri3 w fVea like m *v. Ijfrw uofik J1.6M. Our price J1.S95. MACK \*,~j*-T+£-\Tr*z **"* ^ *v ·«---- If..*. d ay?.. _(jft u _C^njjtC!i^ tojihooglL. frfi^L AaMr. lf*vrty new tires, 3t,660 S£jm,3li*mTi. CV. ' - Sivoy. 4- WILL TRADE In lW Chevrolet station ,»«__£, SQyM_L4dce_|S»d.'"' **"'"' SELL This weeK. 5fi Ford Fairlane V8: · four-door, radio, heater. Fordomatic,: i power uteering. I7S5. '55 Chev- VS. ; 4-door. P. G. J69S. '3 BuicV Speci«l' i2-ttoor. Drn«flow. je5. No trade-! 'ins. »M S. Plumer North e* Grant 1 iRd. DESPERATE 1 Private owner. 1954 Ttambler. 4 floor. Radio, heater. Conthwnul Itit- Onsirial throuRlxnjt. Same body ie- win as a 1960 Humbler American. AX. 8-5«07. 5743 E. Texas. 1.11 _ -- J L i "V ,' '53 Chevy-210 xmi '58 Pontiac Chieftain -- prices NO CREDIT NEEDED NO CO-SIGNER NTSEDED NO FINANCE CO. NTO WAITING Because we carry our own contracts. run Price Full Price '«" Buick 4-dr. stick 'SI K»l.«er J-dr. good trans. '52 Siude 3-dr. stick '5o Buick 4-rir. runs good 'SO Ponuac A-lr. real nice ·51 Henry J :-dr. Stick shift '47 Ply Coupe . '50 Chew J-dr. stick . "4* International 'aT ·50 Merc 2-dr. stick '« Ford -dr. rnal clean ·4« Pack 4-dr. like new '41 Hudson 4-dr. ·in Chev hardtOD stick 'S3 Chevy, choice of 3 ·si Dodge 4-d. nici; shift ·SI Plv 4-dr. extra nice . S1W 72 Nash 4-dr.. makes » bed 1B: 51 EJU-IC 1-dr. itick . 52:5 '.2 Ford 2-dr. stick $295 50 OTHERS TO CHOOTE TROM MACK McGINNIS 1133 S. 6TH Open Sur * BS S :»· S Si I M J1J3 1 J I M , S129I PERSONAL CARS "57 Tord. V-8. Automaur transmlulon. Radi* and Heater, very clear*--custom 300. near new Tires. 1950 '53 Chev.. Radio and Healer. Standard Transmission. 4- door. Hfht blue, new tires. 1490 CALL MA. 4-2481 Enjoy your vacation in a late model safety tested used car selected from our recent Cadillac-Oldsmobile Trade-ins. A FEW SHINING EXAMPLES 60 OLDS 98 Hoi. Cpe. Save $900 59 CADILLAC 62 Sedan Air $4995 59 CORVETTE HT 4 Speed. $3345 58 CADILLAC 62 Cpe. Power $3675 58 IMPERIAL HT Sedan Air $3145 57 CADILLAC 60 Special Air $2995 58 OLDS 98 Hoi Sed. Power $2345 56 CADILLAC Sed DeVille Air $2245 57 CHRYS. Saratoga HT Air $1845 56 CAD. 62 Coupe Power $1945 57 OLDS 88 Hoi Sed. Power $1645 57 CHEV. Belair Conv. Pr. $1645 55 CAD. 62 Sed. Power $1645 56 MERCURY Monr. HT P. $1195 15 other Guaranteed Automobiles XLL UNDER $1000. that you will be proud to own 888S' "Home of Repeat Business" We Have To Sell No Dealers Please «oor Hardtop, Radio. VI. heater, auto, trans. VI. heater, automatic trans. Has real nice tirei 57 Chevy BelAir 4 dr. WRITTEN WARRANTY 54 FORD WAG. 699 1 Dr. V-. automatic, radio, beater. Don't aim It. 56 PACK. 899 HT. Automatic, radio, torsion rid* level, heater. A. luxury oar at low prict. 55CHRY5. 999 HT. J-EB-. Newport. Automatic, radlD and heater. 56 DODGE 999 4 Door Hardtop. Automatic. radio, heater, power steerinr, tutone paint. A real (teal. 55 Dodge 1099 Waxon. 4 door. Automatic, Kadio, Heater, Canary A White paint. 55 FORD 1199 'Wagon. Air conditioned; au» torn* tic. powvr ateerint, radi* and heater. Clean. 5$ Buick Htf 199 Automatic. Radio, heater, power jrteerinjf. exception* »Hy clean c»r. 55 IMPERIAL 1299 2 Boor Newport, hardtop, automatic, radio, heater, power ft«rinr, brakes, window and power teat. 57PLYM. 1399 2 dr. Hardtop, power steering automatic, radio, heater. 57 OLDS 1599 4 door. Automatic. Power Steerinf. Brakei. Power Seat Window*. Kadio. Heater. Bronze * .White, low mileage. 57MGA 1699 Radio, hater, ill white, low ' mileage. A top value. 58 PLYM. 1699 J-Door Hardtop. V-g, automatic, radio, heater. 56T-BIRD 1999 Automatic. KH. low Mileage, Very clean. 1 Door Hardtop. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XX TUCSON XX X NEW CAR DEALERS' X XX . XX XXX ASSOCIATION XXX xxxx . xxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX M YIAB5 IN TUCSON PLYMOUTH--DeSOTO--VALIANT 901 Broadway '58 Chev. Impala -e. HT. Local C«r -- Drive ttito TM£srz%S8£«c$i ^K--W. MV »-»«. GW* MUST SELL GOOD CAR 1955 FORD SEDAN Air. Conditioned, Heater. Straight i-iva** Tem "- 8M *· 36rln '54 Plymouth--$400 condition. Ntw tire.. J«vat«, ___ VOLVO Privat. 1958 Hunt aell. EA. '55 Cadillac Sed. Factory Air-cond. neal Sana In Mint a«ll »t once. Will tr«d, _ No ·cath neceisary. MA 3-34M. atk *or John_ Malanga. eg ^^ PRIVATE OWNER 1957 BUICK Immaculate 4-door hardtop lull "- " AWARD WINNER"!! IKS* JOERCUSY Customlwd J-door. Naunahyde interior and HOOT «r- pebng. IA. 5-1463. '58 Chev. Conv. CpeT" New ArrivaJ. Com* down ae* thi» one--ifa out of this world. No eysh needed. Call MA 3»34M. GENniAL. 2a» S. Sedan. TUdio. heater. One owner auto, trans. Original upholstery Sacrifice'for Cash 1957 Buick Special, 4 door. Automatic transmission. Tinted glaan. AJr-condttioned. 3JSS N. Ander»n paint. 56 Chevy 210 Standard VI. Radio 4 heater. Excellent tires, ont owner. 56 Chevy 150 4 door V8 Heater, standard, New Paint. Good tires 53 Plym 4 dr. Cranbrook Radio, heater, real clean A will Jive food mileage. 152 Chevy 2 door 1959 OLDS Power br inte. AX. '58 Dodge i door. Power brakes and steering. Immaculate. AX. »-MU. !* you want a DODGE then eom» naht down and see this iharpert on« in town. Call MA 3-34M. »* far Roirer. a» S. Stone, , '54 Ford Coupfi $300 v ' ^ * Winder*, conventional shift. Good condition. Good Wr«*. 1Z02 W. Roger. 1957 FORD V8 " Automatic tmnamisrion. Jtadie heater. Blue-white. MA. 3-2100 10,11 E. Waverly. Tfnv YV NEW CARDEALERS' YVY . . Association - vYTLYyyyyy i Like new. Must *e« to 152 Chevy 4 to i Needs everhflul. clean body, ! 52 Chevy BelAir 2 Needs evcrhauX clean body, rsdla tt heat, standard S12B S1JS »H9 WANTED. 1*M Olds. J1S? Gftod eono'fUon. Cash. '57 Buick Wagon Cost tSOOO. »ellin* fnr a fra«ion «J N'" w c * r Price, save WUTTB C*n i 'MA. 3-34J4. ask tor J«« Meia. JW SIS tM 5s m «? sss w$ its »? o» g? sw Radio Jc heater. Nie* Will trade at above PRICES **» tt*_ ***** yvvvYYyjv JQfVYYYYYV^ Tucson oou ss; PRIVATE OWNER " 1858 OLDS Factory refrigeration. 4-door .Holiday Hardtop. Automatie tnmsjni»lon. Radio, heater, completely power equipped. Coit S5.IOO new. wcrifice price. Cim Accept trade. MA. 1-OSOT, ^S^AX. H-MM. '58 Ford Victoria CpeTM Radio, Htr.. AT - Z-tooe - fs . rm ' IQUQL gyyvyvv^y 1MVV fvvVYl ·* jm^AmJtff^fmm BEST OFFER 'W Wymeufh Station cellfnt condfrien. SMS .j*y* i »" CMfn«c«" to~cJK»« 1 Dr. KM.. Rtr. AT-Fine trmn»r- t»txm at tew. low price Us* your »ood naime. No money ne«i«).'7m- medme delivery. Special attention to Otrt at Town Bayers Can MA 3-S4J4. ** fov John Sirrhcns. 2W 1 'Est- ! Xelvtn \ Resale Drive-in 2121 E. Broadway _Q_xxxyxxX__ __ TAKE YOUR PICK ·M Cheyy Be7 Air «-door; 'M Chevy Bel Air 4-door Hardtop. Dim. PhilP. M£ 4-o«l weekday,; after '53~Buick Special 4-dr. sedan. Very clean. «»;c«llent condition._SS34 E. L««ttr, AX. t-»M '57 Olds. Coupe Air-cond. The trarici. If you Want a nice buy call MA. 3-MM ask for Ttowr Maniull. M) S. stoi^. GEN- CTAL. Open Sun. RAMBLER- ··a afn . s Auni m(J loeks like new: M.OCO »«ual miles. JfJJ* *·=« ««*«. Can be s*en at _H3_N._Bryant._A5t_C. RED 1956 FORD 4-door Sedan. White sidcwalK Automatic transmission. Radio Heater. Excellent condition. Oricl- nal owner; Priced to «ell FAST 4jOjE._41h Street. MA. 2-7174 '58 Volvo Wagon " "The hanS-to-find" MixJ. (I T»aw U! KU corditHvn. "L**'* i^s^* XT^ cash needed. Low. low "Prnls." lrw nit Mo mo. Call John M»iTMr» u. 57 CHEV. heater , ITUS IJQI 57 CrTEV. 4-dr. H-top Be-1 i Air. H*H. P.G. 17*5 1«H ;5« CTTEV. 4-dr «: Kick. Very » PACKARD 5-dr. H-top "" *** ONE OWNER v^Jc. VTtril^n. '« Srodet-aker, Good 5808 JE. Let, Apt. A. clean C«T. _HjiTfieM. '55 Olds. Hoi. Seda¥ OcSOTO--mttft very jfoog jm fe tt! «S3 w. Ural !»T(!»rn W y»o bw th* - roll firirr *B75. ·*! T»?h retrain* rlT this C*T *T tyro *5 S3» Mft. C»n MA. 3-343 *sv rt«rr «SS "Of. fnr M«wi-». aw S. Storre Geniera! Snn. Your authorized Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Renault ; te*ler for Tucson and Vicinity, Open Evenings--Cloued Sundays MA. 4-04S3 Home of Repeat Business 847 N. Stone 847 N. Stone ! TODAY'S SPECIAL 'SI CtteV.toKt**, twnv. B*H. :MA TOCSoTV

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