Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 21
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 21
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Ship Arrivals, Departures (Compiled by Msrlr.i E«lang« ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Berth Operator Ou« to Sail F« YkiSV-----""-^^^.-I-B"* wt ll "'chii l ibtfta* l n"!...j"i» l'i 8 .' Cr°MC.cTiv (Nor) 1.13..;? H Atoel Olsen Co JuiY ?3. Tokyo *r«Man Rtelcr LO-20 ftuYlnm un? JiVl4.RoittrrJ.a-n P e e " * :.* r !V · 107 Pcitodares UrJcJoi, S A. . IrtOcl. Bclnai INOI) ._ L B 5 Fred o;!en L'w July 16, San Fran Coelan M nal ILeb) Ant United TkIS Corp. _.._julv IS, Yokohama CaB'an Mar ner r«3 Marcoj e. sw.i .. -July li, Ka«a»k. Cciare dArpco lltl) ..__ L B 4 D'Anllco S3C D] Nay.. July 16, Cartagena Crirlillns (Llrj-Tkr) 119 [£,,,, Tankers Inc. . . July 17 ArUKi G. (Grk) . ._. 07 rjricn S^.Dg. A T r a d . J-jlv 16, buciavenlura FA'rrort . ... Ml v/jlern-j-i Lire . ... J*jl* 15. YolKOt'ajr.a lyrK) . . ..... Anc Lurla Uroi _ tndct. Hoe'ian Maru UaPl 2»D f.Vtsul Line __.. July 17, London lcii;n Chailenuer (Lib T k r ) . Anc Universal sea Car. indef. j j a I (Bse! in; Hammond Ltinicer ..July 19, C res c. City KC'rn Maru (Jao) A-K D.iido Line . . Ir.OI. XKIf- Waru[ (Jao) Anc Daldo Line Iniicl. KHonary Warn (Jac) . LB-13 smnnihcn Line July If. Tampa A'srmac and _.. 332-A Moore A'.cCorrnack ^ulv 16, S3n Fran i.^-mTcisle ,---·· · 33? B ^^are fAcCormock July 16. QalDoa L. H ^ af ??,,, tell"!,-, 130 "·«'£« fetroltun, _J u ly IS/Sallna Crui 100-YEAR-OLD IDEA . Smith ' ...Ir.del. ' . ____ . . . . . Shlca'rg ___ Ju'.y 15, Ch'ba French Recall Birth of Bike KkcJaos G. Kulukvnd* (Grk) _.:!" 187 pS,l X N-eais Pioneer (N'cr) _,, Anc Naess ' orcwn Mary (Jaa) . LB !1 "K" i.iH." r..iy'i«. rrMr.h« Pi:r.e«r Main ,, 172 Anier. Pior.eer July 15, Me* York pmldenl Jelf«rsc.n .153 Amer Prei July 16. New York Pc-'cs (Grk) 23? T.lion Sh'pDlng _ July 16, San Juan Pelros (Grk) . LB-30 Qrlcn Shoo. Trad. ..July 16 Yokohama Sara-.gan (Oyt) 228U Ned-.iovd Line ._ July 17. San Fran Sc-Viyiklll ITkr) 19 Marine Tranicl. -_ Inflef. Ses^arse (Ncr) -- LB-1 Crown z«llerbacri _.. July is. Ocean Fa!ls Tai Pino (Nor) 725-D BDiber Line . Ju!y 15. New Ycrk Tra'Jrtsen *,or) LB-7J Crown Zclie.-rjacti _ July 15, Duncan Bay lo'MUor (Nor) . m-O B.irber Li.-.e July 15, San l-ran V, - ater!OA-n _,. 38 Wilita-y Scd Triot. .-,, July 15, HL-ereme \Vollinrj IBrl . . LB W C.ind da 5n'rrno July 14. Yckoha.- Weish City (Br) . .... 211 w. R. Sm'lh 8, _ Indel. Yo'KOhaT-a Maru (Jao) _. .. isa N.Y.K. Line ^jly 15, Balboa VESSELS DUE SATURDAY Fram Operator Bfflh Due to Sail For NIchiwa W?ru (Jaa) L.B-30 --Sa.n D ctn Hitlo Lint _ JUv 14. YoV;o?iania C«wcoo ReliMice.aib) Anc -- Tcbala /.v.aivin S/S Corn. _ July 14. S?nJu0nBnv Vr'edsteln (Gen LB-13 San Frari N. German Llovd . July I?, Antwerp Zcphvroi tLeb) Aic . Caiba'ien Transmarin* Shog. __.Julv 16 Yckofia.-na Vessel Berth Archarax Lib) Ifl Ahrenstwro (Ger) 140 - -. VESSELS DUE TODAY From Operator Vancouver o. M Llvarps Bclivar standard Fruit * Dve lo Sail Fcr .. July 16. Lor.dcn jL-ly 17, San Fran Ccas Bay LB-81 _ Coos Bay Al Pclrce Lumber __._July 18, Coos Bay Epldavros (Grk) 173 Norfolk Soylhern Star Shpa. lulv T6, Yckoha-na Ffcrrar LB-35 Crlsioba! Line . . . July 17. San Fran Gclden Bear L8-101 Stocleton Ta- Enst Juty 19. San Gloria Maru (Jao) LB-101 .--,._.Norlolt Milsubislil Line Juty IS. Yoke - Kokusal Maru (Jaa) 179 San Fran Nltlo Line July 21, San D ego Maryland (Fr) »2 . San Jose French Line ... lury 18, S3n Fran Matsonla 195 Hcnoluru Matscn Kav. Co. tnly 17, Hcno'ulu Wormaclucl (Tkr) LB-77 Slocklon //.core fAcCorrr.^ck July 17, AdaV Nkcllne Matrtk (Dan) 17fi pr.senada A^aersk LIr.c luly 17, San Fra.n . Ohrr.lnEJan Mam (JaTkr 163 ,, Port Sin Luts Mitsui Semoaki; . Orlzla (III) Anc Nuevllas D'Amico Sec. D. POrjil 1 .Arena (Tkr) L9-74 _,__,,.San Fra:i Pac- Co^il Trsot. Prosftfrnt Buchanan 1H . San Fran Amer. Pies. Lire Pinto! [GriO Anc . ... _. Sa^ Fran Lurla Bros TkrJ 173 _. Estro Bay Texaco Inc. i El Scwndo Standard Oil lulv 17, Yof:cbama July 16, YoVoham, Tuly 17. r.'^rro Ba July 10, San rMeci lnd«l. lulv 17, Rlch-ncru luly 16, Honolulu REMEMBER, SWINGS received Phone HEmlock 7-1201 Freo Customer Parting Al 345 Elm Avenue Municipal Band Concert Program TODAY, 3 f.M , LINCOLN PARK CHARLES J. PAYNE. Dirtclor ALBHRT W. LILLIEHOORN, Atllla^t rrjr^ "The Wanderer'! Hope"..Suppe cralo and Fugue" . . BncTi Clorrr.el So:o, "valse, OPJI M tto. 3" Chooln t.V. v;alter ThBlin, Sololll. "Waggery lor WoodMinril" w.iltfrs "Tfia Last Spring" _ Grieg Irish Syife . Aiderion . "Irliti v/aihErwaman" "Rnkes cl Mollow" -. "The Girl I Lell Behind Me' r Suile de Ballet from "Cospella" Dcl:b« "Fanfare e! Marche d« la Clixha" "VaKe clci Heurei" ^'Musl^ue de Automate^' "Mace Vlllefleolse" ll lntraojctiDn ct Valst cfe la PnuDee J/ 'VAarche des Guerrierej" "Ciardai" "Largo" Ka.-.det ^'Amcretten Tanrc, Walli"TM Gung'l March "Boilon commareerv" ^_carter By PETER D. ROBINSON PARIS (UP!)-- Just 100 years ago, an inventive Frenchman and his lazy son made the world a more exhilarating place in which to live. This has nothing to do with love, or the night they invented champagne. This story concerns Pierre Michaux, his son Ernest, and how the bicycle came to be. For the French claim that in 1861, Michaux Pere et Fils made the first real bicycle and pedalled into history. America was fighting the Civil War that day in 1861 when a Parisian named De Brunei brought his volicifere into the Paris coachworks run by the family Michaux. * * * THE VOLICIFERE was a sort of amputated bicycle, a two-wheeled wooden contraption without pedals, little more than a scooter with a seat. De Brunei's colicifere wasn't working right. The annals of cyclism don't say what was wrong, but De Brunei asked papa Michaux to fix it. Pierre set to work and soon had the colicifere repaired. He sent Ernest out on a test spin. "Ah! il marche," Ernest said when he returned. "Mais alores, Daddy, one tires of holding one's legs aloft when one proceeds downhill." * * * "HMMM," said Michaux pere, and straight away fixed a footrest on each side of the front wheel. Then he thought a while, and stared at the volicifere, and suddenly he had an idea. "Tiens!" he exclaimed as he invented the bicycle. For papa Michaux had thought of pedals and a chain. Pierres sent his son out for another spin. Ernest was pedalling around the Place de Ja Concorde when who should happen by in a coach and four but the Emperor Napoleon III, who stopped right in the middle of the place to marvel at the newborn bike. Later on he even took cycling lessons. Unfortunately for the Michaux family fortune, papa was not as bright as Ernest was energetic. Pierre Mi chaux neglected to patent his invention. * * * THE MICHAUXS built and sold bicycles for a while But pretty soon along came a bunch of sharpies with a few francs. They founded the "Compagnie Parisienne de Velocipedes," and by 1869 were making money hand ove fist through three factories and 800 employes. The last good market was lost when Pierre Lallement a Michaux employe, quit his job, caught a boat, and intro duced the bicycle into the Foreign Fiction Art on Display Foreign countries produce books as well as bcauti- Russ Push Tourism LONDON, July 15 (AP) -- Tlie Soviet travel agency In- tourist reports new hotels, motels and gas stations are springing up across Russia to lure foreign tourists. Sample prices: gas, reduced from 4S to 24 cents a gallon; camping sites, $2.10 per day per person without food; hotel, $15 per day per person with food. United States, where little boys and college professors use it to this day. And that is how the bicycle was born and why cycling is still the hottest sport in France. L1VE MODERN in a beautiful mobile home with every ease and convenience. Read a b o u t t h e m i n " M o b i l e Homes" in Classified. 50 years in the service of others ... how to mnlce things easier for the family with the beauty, dignity and reverence of a fitting memorial service... how to provide nil this at a cost within everyone's means... how to make all this available in what is surely the most superb setting in this area. MorrELT.'s Pr.KK MORTUARIES arc managed today, as in years past, by the same qualified staff--unparalleled experience in the service of Long Beach families. 1 girls. With the international spot- glil on Long Beach for the tcrnational ISeauty Congress e Long Beach Public Li- rary is stressing f o r e i g n ooks. A poster of a book-shapcc rl, with long eyelashes and banner that says "Imported" anrjs outside the office door n the main floor of the main brary. The poster calls alien- on to a display of fiction by oreign authors. Here's the st, by countries: Auslralia -- "Sundowners," on Cleary. Denmark -- "Best of All Vorlds," H a n s Lembourn; Stars Grow Pale," Karl Bjarn- of; "Kingdom Come," Vir- ,inia Sorensen. * * * + ENGLAND -- "Cruel Sea,' Nicolas jMonsarrat; " L o v e c One," Evelyn Waugh; "Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot," Angus Wilson; "Pomp and Circum stance," Noel Coward; "Roorr al Hie Top," John Eraine 'Something Light," Margerj Sharp. France -- "Bonjour Trisles se," Francoise Sagan; "I Am a Village," Arthur Conte; "Im riostcr," Jean Cocleau; "Rip ening Seed," Sidonie G. Col ctle; "Stranger," Albert Cam us; "Zazie," Raymond Quen eon. INDIA--"Flame of the For est," Sudhindra N. Chose; "H Who Rides a Tiger," Bhaban Bhaltacharya; "House at Ac ampur," Anand Lall; "Silenc of Desire," Kamala Markan duii. i Ireland -- "Feast of Luper- cal," Brian Moore; "Saint Dingan's Bones," Julian Calender; "Terrible Beauty," Ar Ihur J. Roth; "Flying Swans," Padraic Cokmi. Ilaly--"Fox and the Camcl- ias," Ignazio Silone; "Leopard," Giuseppe di Lampcdusa; "Little World of Don Cnmil- lo," Giovanni Guareschi; "Se cret," Albade C e s p e d c s "Squarcio t h e Fisherman,' Franco Solinas; "Woman ol Rome," Alberto Pincherle. INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-B-5 Lono Beach. Calif., Sunday, July It, lUt 9x12 Axminster Rug Cleaned, Sized i- COLOR BRIGHTENING METHODS USED V W A 1.1 .-TO-WALL, CAKPCT C I . K A N K D IN THE HOME V NO SHRINKAGI-: ^ UPHOLSTERY CLHANKD V HOOKKD AND BRA1DKD RUGS OUU SPECIALTY \* KIIKE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Save 2j'.r Cash and Carry. Snme Owner 20 Years Dutch Rug Upholst. Cleaners I'lnnt: 2SIO Harding. X.I..B. --Phono GArdclrl 2-48S2 Office: 43S1 Hnzelbraok. Ijikcivnod -- I'hono JIA 6-1085 634 Pine Ave,, Long Beach DC OTHER STORE IOCATIONS CC ttis Pitiite, Kiiiiniii rjri iirueir nnnnr l! t., lei A. t ll« WHtN DlJljRS till 1. Virant, L» A.j.l.. HllLH t/UUHJ ladies' 2-Piece WASHABLE COTTON PLAYSUITS ·ASSORTED PRINTS POLKA DOTS ·SIZES 10-16, 16'/j.22'/J GARMENT HRST QUAUTY It'a their first ride together in their first Cadillac--and we've seen it happen so many times we can tell you in advance what it's going lo be like. First, there will be that wonderful sense of comfort and contentment as they settle back into those deep cushions and stretch out in the luxury of space around them. Indeed, it's quite a thrill to take your place in *.he "car of cars"--and ride where the world's renowned families ride. And then, of course, they will discover the magic of a Cadillac in motion! Smooth, soundless and substantial--it takes the road like nothing else on wheels. The car 13 so flawless in operation and so silent in motion that they can whisper if they wish. And they will ride secure in the knowledge that they are accompanied by every proven safeguard. And through it all, the man at the wheel will enjoy a very special satisfaction. For he knows that he has introduced hia family to the myriad joys of Cadillac ownership at the moat advantageous moment of all. A Cadillac's purchase price is surprisingly modest. The cost of operating it and maintaining it is also rewardingly low. And Cadillac's resale value continues to occupy the summit position. So if you're a man with a practical bent --and a family you delight in providing the best--come see us soon. PE M O R T U A R I E S THIRD AND ALAMITOS AVE. · LONG BEACH · HEmlock 6-2284 VISIT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER RIDINGS MOTORS 1501 Long Beach Blvd. -- Long Beach

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