Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 10
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A.|Q-NDEPENDENT(AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Loin BeacH, Calil., Moo., March M. l»i Confidence in establishment said at 10-year low By LOUIS HARRIS P u b l i c confidence in major U.S. institutions is at its lowest point since the Harris Survey began m a k i n g such measurements 10 years ago. At the bottom of (he list is Congress, with only 9 per cent of the American people expressing a great deal of confidence in congressmen. executive branch of the federal government, with a confidence rating of 11 per ccnl. But the private sector docs not fare much better, as a Harris survey of 1312 adults taken at the beginning of March shows: --Great confidence in the people running major companies has plummeted to 16 per cent, down from 19 per cent lasl year and from a high of 55 per cent 10 years ago. --Doctors gel a 42 per cent rating, down from 73 per cent in 1966. -- L e a d e r s of h i g h e r education have dropped to 31 per cent on the confidence scale. They rated 61 per cent a decade ago. --People running organized religion are at a 10- year low with a 24 per cent rating, down from a --Military leaders stir great confidence in 23 per cent of the public, a sharp fall-off from 82 per cent in 1966. -- C o n f i d e n c e in Ihe media has also trailed off after three years of rising ratings. The press now receives a 20 per cent mark, compared to 26 per cent a year ago and 30 per cent in 1973. The all-time low for Ihe press was recorded back in 1971 at 18 per cent. The people running television news inspire a great deal of confidence in 28 per cent of the public, down from 35 per cent a year ago and from an even higher 41 per cent in 1973, when the Watergate hearings were carried on TV. The s t a t u s of government seems to have suffered the most. This has a particular significance in v i e w of the upcoming presidential election. The inability of political leaders to inspire confidence is the key reason why turnout at the polls has been declining in recent years. A substantial 55 per cent of the people surveyed said that the caliber of l e a d e r s h i p had grown "worse," 9 per cent said "better" and 31 per cent thought it had remained "about the same." Associated with this decline in confidence is the finding that a plurality of 45 per cent believes t h a t the quality of life in the country has "grown worse" over the past decade, compared to 31 per cent who feel it has "improved." A high of 67 per cent of the people say that "the trouble with most leaders is thai they don't understand people want better quality of almost everything t h e y h a v e rather than more quantity."" · These findings show that there is a relationship between the public's confi- d e n c e in national leadership and its feelings about the quality of life. It would seem that unless the leadership of the country, in and out of government, begins to show that it is capable of improving the quality of life, it is going to be in deep trouble with the public. " PUBLIC NOTICE 7MM1 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The fallowing perua !l doing builiws* ai: PACIFIC ANSWERING SKHVICK 31 2M Undra Avc., Ur.g [kith, Caltf. wsm Salameh K. Salanfh, 2M Linden Avc Long Bea t h. fa 1 J SOW. This business Is conducted by ;n individual. 5AUHXKK. SAUHEH This slalrmenl was 'ikd with the County Clerk ol Los Angelas C«LJUy on feo.-uary2S.l4IC. Fob. Mar. 8, li, 22. 23, 1976 Hl LBI :«-?» FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following jwmi Is dslcg business 'SIC.NAI. niKSEI. INJFCTOK * KOZ ZEL SERVICE 11 5316 Iivtalrj Drive. S foal Hill. California OOHB. Dofolhy T. Yo-jceer, 1247 Haney Way Long Beach. Cllllrvnfa WO*. ThJj business Is ctwiacled by an Ind}lid nil. DOROTHY T YOllNfiF.R This slatenwnl was filed wilb the Counly Clerk ol Los Angeles County on Mnuarytt. l««. 22, a, 1376 111) Lll] ;euu nc-rnws BUSINESS PUBLIC NOTICE 7WIU FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The follow- Ijig person U doing business TflE I.AWN DEVELOPERS al 2726 t lih Si . Long Beach. CalilotrJa 908H Larry EIKOC, 2726 E. 7lh St.. LoDf Beard. Caliron-.UKBOl l-hls buir-rii Is conducted b* an ir.rii iliual. LARRY ENCOB Th!s ilalerr.cDt was fikd with the County Clerk cj lx» Angeki County on Marck 2, IKS Pub Mar. IV 22, 29. Apr. S. 1K6 HI) I. HI 76-S5W FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The [ perron is daljie! V1STAMAC at 12022-11 Cenlralia Si.. Hawaiian Gardfrj. California WI16. llrran DA»trj. 2212 Kneirillr Avc. LonR Beach, California M81S. This business is conducted by an Individual BRIAN DOBSON This S1.itemer.l was filfd with (he rTM.nly Clerk cl I/js Angeles County on Mirth 1 19TS I'.b. Mar. 22. ». Apr. 5. 12. lJ7i(«l Llll It 51U FICTITIOIIS BURINKSS NAME STATEMENT Tbe following person is dob* business PUBLIC NOTICE lt-5994 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The folloviAg person is doing business SIGNS* nECAI-S at S7S7 Daisy Aye- rHK.Uag Beach. Calilornia 30305 Clarence Kelvin Wells. 5737 Dairy Atcnne, Ung Beach. California W#. This business is conducted hy an indi- CLARENCE SI. WEU.S This statement »-as filed wiih the County Clerk of Los An^r-lrs on February 13. 1W6. Pub. Mar. S, 15. 22. 23. 1976 Mil 1.B1 7SSM2 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The foUov/xg person is doing business BONANZA COFFEE SHOP at HIOW. WlHo»,U,r.g Beach. Calil 50810 Larry Roth Van Anda, KH Elm. H. Long Reach, Calil. 90806. This business Is conducted by an indl- vidaal. LARRY ROTH VAN ANDA This statement was Tiled with the Coanty Clerk of \*n Angeles County on February 13. \Tit. Pub Mar. 8. 11.22, 25. 1*76 140 LBI 7I4.W5 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The lollowinji person is doing business II. A. SIMMONS SERVICES al «1» 76-OI5 FICT1TIOL-S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The foliowuig person is doing h-jsmess PENNY'S PERCEPTION al 3S25 Long Beach Bhd , Long Beach, Ca. Ml/1. Wcliasi E. Boucher, 3115 Lemon Ave Ur.g Beach. California S#07. Tols business ii conducted by an irwi- vidjal. Wll LIA.M E. BOUCHER This statement vas lUcti with the County Clerk of I.OS Angeles Cour.Ly on March4. 1»7S. Pub Slar. 22. 23. Apr. 5. 12. 1976 Mil LBI 7C-912I FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person Is rfoirg business as. RICK'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE al 22S28 S rVormandic. Are.,, Calil MWZ Thnmas Jormiah Cro*ley. 22209 ilar- Ixlla As-e . Carsoei. CaU. 9W«. This business is conducted by an individual. TIIOMASJ. CROWLEY This statement was tiled wlih the County Oerk cl l.os Angelei County oa March S. 1976 Puh Mar. 22. 21, Apr 5. 12. I17fi 111) I.R] it-mv, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is domg irjsiness 76-13970 PICTITIOLIS BUSINESS NAME STATEMF.NT The folio* irg persom are doing fciui- TIMBEBI.INE MFG. COMPANY at SMO Shull Si.. Ural X. Bellgardens, Call- Icrnla K201. Timolhy T. Whilixy. 80! Elm Ave . Una Beaeh. California 90S13. Larry E. Crane. *WO Roscrr.ead Blsd.. San (iabriel. California 9I77S. This busicess is conductetl by a ;eaeral partners hup. TIMOTHY T. WHITNEY This staLemer.t was [lied with Uve County Clerk of Loi Angeles County on liar. 12, mi Pab. Mar. 2!, 29. Apr. S. 12, 1»76 Mil IJil 7C-I32H FICTITIOUS BL'SINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persons are doing busl- JBS JIFFY MABT 4 LIQUOR at S2M Orange Aie., Lc«e Beach. Calilor- nia 90S05. William M Kuon. 2X22 Sill er»-ood. Us Alamllos. California 90720. Che, K»on, J«3 Sil*en«ood. Lot Alanitos, California 9C724. This business is conducted by an individual tk-jsband and «ife). WIU.iAM y. KWON This slalement was filed with the Counly Clerk of Los Angeles County en March II. 1976. Pub. Mar. 23, 29. Apr. S. 12. 1916 Mil LBI 7M7M FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following peroa is doin^ business l) BAROQUE MUSICAL ENTER. PRISES; 2) BAROQUE PRODUCTIONS: Ol BAROQUE MUSIC; (0 BAROQUE RECORDS: 15) BAROQUE ri-DLISIIING al ZH1 E Anaheim Si. [.jar Beach. California ?OWI. Char Lemoyne Ujoie, 121 (:h St., Seal Beach. Cal:f. 907U This business is conducted hy an individual. CHAR LEHOYNE LAJ01E Tnis slaveinenl was fded with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County ra March 3. 1976. Pun Mar. 15. 22, 29. Apr. 5, 1CT6 Ml) LBI (MM NOTICE 0V SALE OF REAL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE Na. SO P 1M3* I* the Superior Court of the Stale of Calricmla. for Ihe Counly of Us!es. In the Matur of the Estate of STELLA U. IIILBUKN, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will sell at Private sale, to the rJgrwsl and bell bidder, subject to confirmation of said Suxwrlor Court, on or after the 5Mi day of April, ait. al Ihe office of Waller J. Desmond. Attorney. 19 Pine Avenue, Suib? IH. Locg Beach. Counly of Us Ar.geles, Stale ol California. aD the rfcht. title and ir.leresl of said deceased al Ihe tine cf death and all the 7«-l3XI FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persons are douig business as: SIGNAL SCREW PRODUCTS al 27SJ Gundry Ave.. Signal Hil. California S050S. Bruce M. Wadsworth. lltt E. Ocean Blvd., Ur.g Beach. California 9UW2. laid B Wadswoith, 26213 Via Hoble Mission Vi«)o. Califoroia. This b'jsiness is rondncled by a general partnersK!p. BRUCE M. WADSWORTH This stabrmecl was filed with the Clerk of Lot Angeles County en March 12. 1976. Pnb Mar. 22. 29, Apr. S. 12. IKS lit) LBI 7C-1B49 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persons are doing bus! WESTWIND EXPRESS al 2667 E 28th 51.. Suite 502, Signal Illll. California 9C«t«. Thomas E. Johnson III, 2«l Ray mond, Signal Hill. California 3ft. John J. Deeler. 6201 Atlantic. Apt. ) long Beach, California Stfi. This business is conducted by a general partnership. THOMAS E. JOHNSON II This statement was filed with t. Clerk el Los Angeles County CH March I], I97f . Pub yar. 22, 3. Apr 5. 12. 1976 UH I.BI PLTJUC NOTICE NOTICE OK HEARING OF , PETITION FOR VROBATE Ca$*NiaberSOP2niS Superior Court of California, Count) 'Loi Angeles. . Notkc u Ivrrty g^eo that Fjrrrers k yerthaits Trusl Company ol IXMIE Btichhai Eiltd i pcliuon lor: P total e o! »-JJ an! \or leHen ifsUmetUai)'; Au- ihoriijtion to admiruiter under \ndt- pcndpnt Adrnifiutratkmoi Eilat*s Act. A hcarmg en tho atiose petition is Ml hr March M, 19JI. at »·» a . m . LIT Uept B. Room No. 2, Sotth Dbtricl Conn, -SIS W. Ocean Blvd.. Long Beach. Dal«J:Marcb5. 19T6. C L A R E N C E K.CABELL. County Clerk B y M . L SIF.DKr,,npp'jly ' UwOfflc* J«!Iai W. Ff rdmao, Ice. Atterwy i t U w i?aSi. Aoirc»i Dr. . filtf. W W Mar 15. t6. 7J, NAMESTATEMENT The following pcrscns are *W . B],TJ.,Wi!minj'(oi., C a . W t f H Jim Rasati-;, 967 Tark Circle, l-ons B C J t h . C a W - Elfftcrios Akrails. UL Bosbnl Vil \t? Wmantcin Canada. This buMpes* is co»dccterl hy a .eneralparu-.ershin. This stnlenwrj was liled with Ite Couaty Clerk of la-. Angeleb County on February 23. int. I'ub Mar. 1.0. IS. 22. 1SJ6 (411 I.BI nCTITfOL'S BUSINKSS SAMESTATKMENT The follnwini; persons are ilobK bjsl COLORKLOW SCREEN PRINTERS .. ,---Q Alcxnn.f-r Soul* (,a.!e. I'a. ^^-,. Robert J. Uriinuyer. 12) E. Aright. Hcalerey Park. Ca 9HS1 Mlrhae] Wolslewr, (0*2 Sac YsMro. hy a PHARMACY at !SW East Carsoci. ljkewi«l. Ca. 50712. Steven Chnrks Felrfman. 1525 Mesa Verde tlr. Easl. CnMa Slesa, Ca. 92626. This business is eonducletl by an ir.di- tidua! STEVEN CHARLES FEU1MAN Thli statement Kas fiki] with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County fln H a r e h S . W76 Pub Mar. 22. 29. Apr. 5. I!. 1716 (til LBI llLntfivford St.. LaVewood. Ca. 1*0712. HnhCTl Anthony Simmons, ttB Hun- prfardSl. Lakcwoo'l, Ca «?I2 This business H condufln, hy .in indl- 4.tal. ROB.EKTA. SIMMOSS This jtaltnunf was (tied with the Ccunly Clerk of Los Ar.gelis County en February 13, l?T6. Pub. Mar. 1.8.15,22, 19TS HI) I.B1 Buerj I ' a r k , C . Tliis bLSiorss is conducted general pailnorsh'. 76-133M FICTITIOL'S BL'SINESS NAME STATEMENT The followint; person b rtoinft busir.ess at [NGEBOItf: at 31I» E. 41h St . Ixing Beach. Caldornla 90S14. In^elxirii l^rson, HE Tark, txing Beach. Californb 90S01 This business is coii-lurled by an Individual. INCF.BORC, 1ARSON Tliis statement was filed w i t h the County Clerk of Ixis Ar.geles County oa M : i r r h l 2 , 1J76 I'cli llnr. 22, 23. Apr. S. 12, IS7S nil I.BI RVli?ERT J. L I N H M A Y K R This statemenl a a s filed v,ilh Ihe County Clerk of Los Angeles County on February 2.1. 1976. Fib. Mar. 1,8. IS. 22, l»7i »ll LBI FICTITI011S RllSINEtiS NAME STATEMENT Thj: following persons are totag busi- J 4~ B TOOl.lNn al ISI3S Do*rey Avecue, Paramo lint, 9072.1 Jimraie Chlvas. 21W ri[ipy St . long Bearti, California 90S05 Barbara Chival, 2AW Poppy St , Lorg Beach. California SOH6. This business is coaducled by a limited partnership. J l i l M l E C I I I V A S This slalcmer.t was filed with Ihe Coijnly ClcrV of Us Angeles Ce.unly on February 23. 197t. Peb Mar. 1.8, 15,22.197S illH.BI FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The follo*bg person is doing business CAMPBELL'S COFFEE SHOP al 111 E. 1st Street. lone Beach. Ca. 5ff*2. Samir M. Kho-jry. lOBXI Imperial ll«y.. IB20J). IViwney. Ca 50241 This business is conducted by an litdi Yldual. S A M I H M . KHOL'RY This slaternenl was filcil wllh Ihe Counly Clerk of Los Angeles County on February 20. I'JW. Pcb 1.4. 10.22. 1976(4111.111 P A R K E R S PORTA-WASil al 421 AI- mond Ave.. l/xi S Bi'ach. Calif. MUM. Harry 1.. Nichols. 421 Almond Ave . Lnne Beach, Calil. 50W2. This business Is concluclti] by an ir.dl- vidual. I I A r l R Y I . NIC)IOI.i This slatcmecl was filed witb the Couniy Cleik of Los Ar.geles County on March!. 1375 Pali. Mar. 15, 22,29. Apr. S, 1976 Itll LBI FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N A M E STATEMENT The folkiwlr.g persons are dclr.g busi- VlUJtiE SANDWICH SHOPFE at UK \t\me Road. LociK Beach. CaliJ. WW. I.. Pairlck Coakky. 76) A u t r y Ave . LOIJ; Beach. CaM. ««OS. Sharon I f t Coakley. Ji6t A u l r y Avc.. LnngBearh. Calif. »OSffl. This business is condjclcd by a genera! partnership. SHARON I. COAKI.EV This slalemer.l was fried with Ifcr Clerk of Us Angeles Counly on March 10, 197S I'ub. M a r . 15. 22, 29. Ape. 5, 1TOHII I.BI 7HS42 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N A M E STATEMENT The fdloftiag (ttrscn Is ilofnL business C, L l l INTERNATIONAL CHARTER LINES al 103 North Vi t nes. Los Ane!es. Ca 900IZ H [. 1 Tears fa California corporation). 189 Noith Vigncs Street, Us An gele5.Ca.MI2. This business ts conducted b a corj 10 ration G L IITOUIIS ROBBIE T. LEWIS. Pres. This statement was filed with Ihe Comly Clerk of Ixis Angeles County on February II, 1976. Puh. Mar. I . I . 15. 22, mm Kll IJI 7H8136 FK-rnious BLISLVESS N A M E STATEMENT The lol lowing person is rkNng business SI'EEDEES FOOD SUI'EBB at 923 E. Anaheim Si , [.on* Reach. Calif. J l n m i e E Swan. 1*15 Union Aw., LoBjt Beach, Calil. 90*05 This business is cowl uc led by an individual. J I S I M 1 E E SWAN' This slalemenl was filed with the County C l e r k of Los Angeles County en Kirch*. 1976 I'ub. alar 15. 22. 2J. Apr. 5. 1976lltl LEM ncrmots susiNt^s N A M E STATEMENT The Icllowing persons are uoing busi- RELIABLE AUTOMOTIVE P U M P EXCHANGE al 1136 W. IHh SI . Lone Beach. Calil. 90R1J. James J. O'Connor. 1711 folnielta, [«nf; Beaeh, Calif. 90305. Dorothy L O'Connor. Ill] Peinsetta. Long Beach, CalU. 90S05. Terry J. O'Conoof, 1902.1 Weisma S t , Cerritoi.Calif. This business is conducted by a fter.oral partnership J A M E S J . O'CONNOR This statement was fifed w i t h the Counly Clerk of Us Angeles Counly on February ». I9W. Pub. Mar. 8, IS, 22. 29.1976141) LBI 7I-W11, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person is rioing business MED1COUNT. INC. al 2115 Jirnipcro Avr #110,1-or-c Beach, Ca. 9(yoG. Fcrrin-Owen. Inc.. la California corporation). 5031 Dartmouth. H'eslaliiislcr. Ca )2«3 Ihls business Is rondc.clod by a corporation V E R K I N OWEN, INC E E. OWES. Vice Pres. This slalemer.l » a s filed w i t h Ihe Counly Clerk of Us Angeles CounLy on Febrtaryil. 1976 Pub Mar. I. «, 15. 22. H761411 I.BI 7HST16 r-ICTtnOUS BfSINESS NAME STATE ME NT The [ollowing person is doing business LOS CERRITOS MARKET at 3923 l«r.g Re.wh Blvd , \e*i(. Vexti. Califnr- ru'a*M7. rhnng Ja nouglas. IC4 E. 234lh St . Carson. California WJ45. This buslrK-ss is conducted by aa indl- v l d a a l C H U K K J A D O U C I - V S This slalemrnl was Ivied with the Cejr.ty ClerV ol Us Angeles Ccvutty on March 12, I'm 1'uh Mar. 23. 29. Apr 5,13. 1076 IM.) I.BI 7MSI7 FlfTITIOL'S BUSINESS NAME STATF.MENT The- fclbwing ptrsons are cVvinr, h °"pELEN ENGINEERING al 222S E aihSl.. Suite 5B. Signal Hill. Ca 90-06 Ftlrr llryanl, 21301 Talisman SI Torrance. Ca *»» Brsan Currier. ITM IMS A v e . T.B ranee. Ca.SOSW This b-j-vircsv is v-onilcclcd by cereral partnership UK VAN CUK11IER This slalcmer.t was filed with [h Crumly Clerk ef I n v Angeles CounLy February a. 17« Pub Mar. 1 , » . l i . 2 2 . m t l l t l l . n l 706993 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAMF. STATEMENT Tbe folla»ing persons are doing business as: OISTEN n.YINR SERVICE al »1 Bay Shore Ave . Ur.g Reach. Cald 90S03. Clifforii 0 Olslen. 333 Bay Shore Ave.. Lor,2 Bearb, Calil. 90*03. M a r y n. Olilen. iU Bay Shore Ave.. lent Bead. Calif 90803 This bcsiness is ronlucleil by an individual CLIFFORD 0. OI.STCN This statement was filed ftilh the Counly Clerk of Us Angeles Cou.ity oa February 13. UTS F«h Mar 8, 15. 22. 29, Ig76 (111 LBI FICimOL'S UUSINKSS NAMESTATKMKXT 7hf fciloviLng ptrsei is doing huune** 1. FLAGGS SALES; 2. FIJ.r,C,S AUTO SALES; 3 FLAfjfiS USED CARS; 1. FLAC.OS LIQUIDATORS al TO i-jVirwucxi Blvd.. Paramount, California Mrtn A. S«,eel, 1216 Meadowbrook Rd.. Allatiena. California 9LOC1. This business U conducted by an bid: \idiul M I I . O A SWEET This, slalemval was filed wiih Lbe CaHTiiy C l r r k of t.os Angeles County oc February 19, I97fi. P u b M»r 1 3 15. M. 1976 (10 LRI 76-73AI FicrmnL-s BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The follcv.u-.g perscrj are doing basi- (11 SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEMS. I2i SOLTEK SYSTEMS al i3S Urea Vista. Ucg Beach. CalH. 9091S. Rclf Vlcsman. 738 Urna Vista. Lcni; Beach, CalJ. 90=13. I^Ciijk Adolf Misero. 320S EslalK Ave.,Pinde. Call'.94i64. Johan Louis Uetman. G1CT7 Stanley Ave Carnicrucl, Cain". !55C«. Tliis business is coecucled by a eeMral parlnership. ROLF HESMAN This statement was filed w i t h the County Clerk of Us Angles Counly en February 25.19T6. Pub. Mar. 8.15,22,29. 19761411 I.BI . n ..,, Utle and Ir.tereit that the (Jtate of uid deceased has a«iuirvd by operation o/ law or otherwise other than or in addition to that of said deceased, at the tint of death, in and to itt Oie certain real property illuated In iSe City of Lcr.e Beacn, County of I-oi Angeles, Slale of California, particularly described ai follows, to w i t : 1/vi 9. Block 7. Tract *Jfc, City cf Long Beach, Counly of Ui Angeles. State of California, at per map recorded hi Book 135. Pages M to 22 laUltuive ol Haps. Records of Los Angeln County Recorder. Ho/* « mm Drily known is: 2-U! San Francisco A\er,ce, Long Beach. California. Tercu of sale cash in lawfd money of tbe United SUtei oa ccnfiTmalipn of si!e. or part cask and balance evidence by note secured by Mortgage cr Trust it of The folk* ness as: 1113*52 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT ing person are doing bus! 76SUI FICTITIOVS BUSINESS SAME STATEMENT The following person is ilolng iHisla THE SIEAT SHOP al US W Broad- ay l4iag Beach. California 90H32. Esnerania AWerele. S« llaiiw A v r . Unj; Beach, Calilnrala 9(lvrt2. This business is conducted hy an mil vidual ESPERANZA Al.DERETE This statement was filed w i t h the Cnuity Clcik of Los Ar.gelei Counly oo F f b r u a r y f f l . 1976 Pnti 1,11. IS. C. l C T l l l l l . m 7S-1JK7 FICTITIOUS BUSINF.SS NAME STATEMENT Thr lonowing person K doing hv,s'.nes. IIKATOS'S PLUMBING al KB3 Vear- liE. Ijkcvioc.1. California OTI3 Flivd K lleatiin, 6CXB Yearling. Lake- won'l.Cal'.frvrnia 9071.1 This business is condnclrd by an in:M vldual FLOYD K HEATON ThJs statcracnl was filed with the Cflunty Clerk of I.OS Angeles County en Var. 12. 1976 Pub 2'.». Apr S. 12. 1J7S f t l l l.H] FICTITIOUS BUSINESS N A M E STATEMENT The loll owing person is doing business MOPF.BN CARPET i UPHOI. STERV C L E A N E R S at 1015 Vina Avc., I.OTI; Beach. California 90813. Tre.vki Inc. li California corporationl. 1075 Vina Ave , I/rag Beach, Caliloinia ll This business U condiKted b a corpo ration TRF.SKI INC. f.ARV I, ZIEI.INSK1. ITes This statement was filed wilh Ihe Comly Clerk of Us Angeks Connly on Frh. W, 1076 Pub M a r . I.*. 15.22. I T O I I n l Rl 16-13961 FICTITIOLS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The [ollowtng persons are doing busi- ""sAIIARA RESTAURANT, at 5333 E. 2nd. Belmonl Shore. California. George Abouriali, 15359 Woodruff Place. No. 93, Bellflowfr, California K1K George Milri, IIS62 F 164th St.. Nor- walLCaliformla 90550. This business is conducted hy a general partnership. GEORGE ABOURIALI This statement was ided with the County Clerk ol Los Ar.geles Counly on March 12. I97S. Pub. Mar. 22. 25. Apr. 5. 12. 1976 (411 I.BI It-IH* FICTITIOUS BllSWESS · · N A M E STATEMENT ' . TV foilowLig pcrsori are doing boil- BACKSTREET E M P O R I U M ·! 191 La Verne. Long Beach. Califcrp.ia !»'"! Rnhard Fife. JM Pomona. Long Bfach.Califcnua9(K«. . Greg Br«\s. 1334 Stevely. Long Beach, Califorr.ia 9tfl5. ' Jtjdy Walsh. IMS Ung Reach Bhd.. Long Beach, California 9uxK. Arl Horu-iU. 191 La Verne, Long tfcach, Califon-aa 90*53. Wayce S»:li. 131 U VerM, Lorg Beach, CaMornu 90HO. Thii buibm is conducted by a general partnership. GREG BROOKS This statecnent *as filed w i t h lh« County Clerk of Li Angles County on February %. 197S Pub Mar. 8, 15. n.«, 1K6 Hfl L R T note secured by Mortgage cr Trust Dei on the property so sold. Teo per eenl amount bid to DC crposlted with hid. Rklscr offers to De in writing and will be received at Ihe aforesaid office at any Her the first publk-at^cn hereof and before cate of sale. Dated tkls 12th day of March, 1976. CIIARLESC. CROW Executor of Ihe will of said Decedent Walter J. Desn»iJ. AUamey HPI«e Ave«ie,S«lte«l4 Uni Beack, Calsftnla MM2 Pub. Mar. 22.23.38, 1978131) LBI C E N T E N N I A L WELDING 4 FABR1 CATION C O M P A N Y al 2315 Lewis A v e . tang Beach, California. Barbara J City, 14792 Yucca Ave. Irvine. California S27H. Tnomas L. Davis. 3.MO Josie Ave.. Leng Beach. California 9ttoj. This business is conducted by a general partnership. B A R B A R A J CUV By: DOUGLAS I, CI.AY This statement was (tied with the County Clerk of Los Angeles Counly on Uaich 12. :'« Pub Mar. 22, 29, Apr, i, 12. 1976 1411 LBI FICTTtlOl'S BUSINESS NAMESTATEMENT The following persons are doing fcuvi- 11KACI! CITY SERVICE at 3712 Eall anlK Coast Highway. Ung Beach. iRl v r l j , Ti-TiM FK-riTIOtlS Bl'SINF.iS NAMESTAWMENT The followiag pet son is dr-Jnj; bus-jicss niAfiNOSTIf ULTRA SOUND ASI) N E U R O S I A N A G E M U C T SERVICE al ZM5 Pacific Ave . Siille n. Ung Beach. California 9CbC«. Elvln 0 Smo)-er. ICH.1 Slonebrn Drive HarbnrCily. Calilomia W10 This business is conducted by an individual. F.LVTNG SVOYER This statement was filed with the County C l e r k of Us Angeles Count) on February 2«, 1371 Pab Mar. 22. 23, Apr i. 12. 197( I HI I . B I FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person isdoint: husinefr s STAR BORN RECORDS at 1113 Gladys Avc., long Beach. Calil »*04 James E. Uwis, I H O Gladys Ave.. lonf Beach. Calil SiKOl This business is coivluclcd by an individual J A V E S E LEWIS This slatcmrnl was died v i n h [I* C l e r k of I.OS Angeles County rn Fcb 2.1. U76 Pjh. Mir. l . S . li.22. I K e t l t l l . R I FItTITIOl'S BUSINESS NAMESTATEMENT The [ollowing person is ,Wng buMness SOITHERN CA1.IFORNH M E D I CA1. TRANCR1PTION SERVICE al 2J63 Pacific Ave.. Unc Bearh. California 9030S Elvin G Snojer 1043 Strwbon Drive. llMborClly. CaW3rnu9ii;iJ This business is conducted by an individual. ELVIN G S M O V E R This statement was filed with Ihe County Clerk of Us Angeles on February*. l?7i. Pub Mar 22. S. Apr, i. 12, l«7« iln I.HI ^su Ficrmovs BUSINESS NAME ST An: ME NT Tbr following person is fcusi SPA NO'S BEACH IIUTT at L9 Mlh Place. \tt.t Beach. Cal-foriia ftWB Jowph Scvano, 1\\ Xirr.eno. I-MJ Boch.OWwrjjiMSW This business is conducted by an indi iidiul. JOSEPH SPANO This statement was Ided aitti Ihe Ccur.iy ClrrV o( 1.os Ar.gcles County on February K. 1976 Tub M a t MS. U.Z). f j T 6 l 1 H l . R [ FICTITIOVS IU3INKSS NAME STATEMENT Toe following person is .iwng ti-jvmess a s . S C T t M l l . I DIK al 112WS Alamnla St.. l.jnwood. Ca. 90.VJ Strvi- CriraLi. 3^i7 charlpmjirre. Ung Hea,-h. Ca 9fl-iH Tbs l-us;tH'ss is ccnd-icli-d by an indl vliul I.UCIH.EV C7IR.VKI This s t a l c m e n l w a s (Jed w i i h (he Ccur.t llerV of Us Anceles C(H,nly on Starch 12.1976 Pub Mar n. S. Apr 5. 12, 1978 HU IJH Firrmors BUJINESS N A M E S T A T E M E N T The follow irg person n doing business MR FOTO at 2000 Pacific Ave . Ung Beach. Cahlornia R Suarei. 2403 227th Si , Tor- ranee, California 9ff.0l This business is conducted by an aidi VKluj! CAESAR R. SHARE: This s l a l e m e n l was filed w i t h Ihr County Clerk of Los Angek-s County on March 12. I97t 'uh Mar 22. 29. Apr. S. li. 1976 (111 I.BI Arlyn James Otioci, I2ftl Sle Loni Beach, Ca WU Jerry Lee Decker. 2?W Ximeno. Lonjj Bcorh. Ca 9ffilS This bu*|rc-*. u conducred by a R c m c a L |urtnfnh.!t.. A R I . Y N JAWV-SOI.SON This stalemer.l »as h!ed *nh iSr Co:miy Clerk c\{ los Angeles on Februjry il. .976. I'Lb M a r , t. S. U. K. 1976 UlH.RI 7C-TM5 FKTlTtOlSBl'SINF.W N A M F S T A T K M K NT TN" frvllov.:nK pcnoTO are doir.,; bt-si . [ A R I S E SPECIALTIES al £2 K. Aruheim. Wilmuintoii. CjlJorrjj Rorjl.l H Taner. 1^13 Edmh-jrRh Hr .Weiimirjiier. Ca!Jom:a 26M James M a i l . 11+0 E. OreaB. LJI 117. Beach. California *-SC2 Us bcsWien is comlucted by a :3lparlrw [ibp. lt-5991 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The Following persons are deing busi B U R MAINTENANCE al 11911 E 20!h St. I jkewood. CalJornia 90715 Reuben Baca, 11946 E. 209th St. Lakewood. California 99715. Raymond Bclisfl. )6ti06 .i Stern Vista.Cernlns. CalifwrJa 907SI. James [. Moorman, 1312 E. Rose- erarK.focnplon, California. This business is conducted by a general partnership. R E U B E N BACA This statement was fued wiih the County Clerk of Us Angeles County on February 13.1976 Pub Mar «. 15. 22. 23. l»7t 1411 LBI NAHKSTATCMF.ST Th [ollo*irii persorj arc £o-j\g biui R 4 J AUTOMOTIVE at L+41 K 1lb Si . l/vot Bt-arh. Ca.Uomia S0602 Cf raid R Kton. W tf. Oiir.^rwiRJi. No i'6. Thoiisi^l Oab.Ca 51360. Robert Kron, 1W.Q RfdwooJ St.. · 1173)1 NOTICE OF MARSHAL'S SALE NV 1KU7 PAYCO. Plair.tiJf, vs. LEVEBNE, De fcr^ant. By virtue of aet executJon Issued on January n. .976 bv the Uminpal Court. \ar.g Beach Judicial District. County of Los Angeles, Slate cf California, upon a judgment rtiered in favor of PAYCO OF CALIFORMA, INC., a rorporalion dba COAST/RMCA aj judgment creditor and against HOBEHT H. LEVERNE n judr raer.t!eti.or. 1 have levied upom aU Ihe. right, title irvrl interest of laid judgment debtor in tSe properly in the County if Los AiV erlej, Stale o( Califcroia, iirscribed as Tollo«i. Lot M, Tract 11367, map book TW. pates US. Street addreiJ u purpoit- ed to be: £470 Saddle Drive. f«ng Beach. Thii sale Is belnj; coodacted by virtue of a writ cl execution Issuxxi on J a n u a r y B. 1916 iho*rae j net baEar.ce of 12706.43 r NOTICE IS ElERt.BY GIVEN that on Ma U. 1976 at 11 00 o'clock A U. al Los Angeles Counly Cocrthome. 110 K Grand Ave. -- Grand Ave. Entrance. City of Los Acgelea. Count]) ol l-o* An Cftfs. Stale of CaliCocaia. I K i l l sell al pLhJic auction to the highest bidder, fm rash in lawful -mow* of the l-'nitct .'.lates, at] tSe rii-hl, title and imtereit ol laid judgment debtor in the »bo\e d iciibed property, or so much thereof ; HI ay be oecessan' (o jatJJ/y said execution, with accrued HitrTrtl and coitx. Hated at loi Angeles. California, February 3S, 1976, J O I I N F . UAIIOK JR. MgrjcinaL Cottti. Ios Angelet County B y l , II K R A M E R . Sgl. Depmy Orei i * Sle tti ,t* tW 76-13337 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The foUowuig persons are doing busi CHASE LEASING CO. al 17509 Lori Ann Une, Cemtos, Cald. 90701 (P.O Bin17l, Cerritos, CalJ. S0701 ) Michael E. Maddock. 17509 Ian Ann Lane, Cemtos, CalJ. SOT01. Gary' G. Gileno, ITtlt Aloandra Cir, Cerrilos. Calil. 90701. This business is road'jcted by a general partnership. MICIIAELE. SIADDOCK This statement was fned w i t h the County Clerk of Los Angeles on March 12. I97S. Pub. Mar. 22. 29. Apr. 5. 12. 1976 (40 LBI 1Z015 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.S, N.. ItH On April 12. 1976. at 11 00 A «.. 7M357 FrCTTTIOL-S BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT Tbe following persons »re iloitg buy- MS KAR.XES OFFICE F U R K I T U R E MANUFACTURING al 2010 E. 44th St., Venon.CalifoiT.ia9fflB. James Kcsrerson. I360I Cftadrtvo Ave.. Ha»lWne. Califomia-OlfflB Harci I. Keslerson. I36M CludroB Avr . llawlKorne. Califortja 9y25fl. Saul Ar-iUd*s Monje. 262 Pleas- antbcrne Dr. La Calilocnia 91744. This business is ccnducled by a general partnership. MARC1 L. KESTERSOS This 'talerr^rl was filed w i t h the Ceumy Clerk of Us Angeles Counly en February 19.1976. Pub. Mar. l . S . 15.22. ICTI4I1 I.BI A p j ONI . . Ptb M a r . 15. n 23. Apr, y HErj H t i I.BI · This jtatrrrKTU »31 filed ^ n h Counly C l e r k ftf Ixis An,eks County oa f j h'iy'?3.». 1976 UI LBI NAMK.STATKMF.NT iK prrs«B Li do'Jijj ( I t ACE i2. A M E R I C A N CAHPFT ENGTNEERINC; *t 36i. K En her 5. . Long Bfack. Califprnsa 9fRM AltVrt Aalrr » Alasky. Jr . *~1\ Ano sU . ATX 22, Bi-lllTowrr. Citrf.xma MT!06. This huiiMis is conr!.x;rd by n ir.^i vicJujl ALBERT A N D R E W AUSKY JR T,,i s.a!frr.rr,l »as (ilfd wiih The County Cletk ol Loi ARel*i County OB February J.. l^fi Pu*. M a r . S. IS, 22, M. 1 9 T 6 M H L B I 7 I 7 K 4 INESS NAME STATF.MK.VT Th*r loJIow rag person is done busiryss *' FORREST I-ASCE S K R V I C E a( A%e . Arteiia, Ca W701. Forrf^l l-ingr, Udl Sumnvr. Arte- »;oi Thu hu^KK-si n co!viV(?d by an r.dr- wiujl F O R R K S T U N O E TVis f ( j ( e m r n l » J i fi.eJ *nb (br Cn-jnly CtfrX of tatw An^ek 1 ! CoaWy on K f h n u r y l T . 1976 ruh M j r H. 15.12. ». I S T i l K l I.R1 ItlitT? FKTTTIOUS BniStJW VAME.tTATi!MF-\T The Wicwjij; pcnon is r^.n^ ^-.irry S E A F A 1 R E at MI4-R E Pacifie Cwrt }|w*.,LMJ2 Beach. C*.«803 J a t n p i C TiterKifk, J» AT^TUW A'.T . Ion.; Borh. Cali/o«nia 90(*03 TTuj tni!irws! ii foo^iK(«3 by an indi- CTTF.RBACK ThK slaletnenl wat [Ued «;(h IV Clerk of Los Ar.gflfs Count) on Harch IS. 1976 Pub ilar n a. Apr._i. 12. 1T6 tjp LBi 71-TWJ FICTlTIOl-SHl'SINTSS NAHT STATEMENT r.g person t* itoing IM "HED:-HART at f-w Fa$i s^nni Street Suite 390. l-or.fl Beach. Caltfcvrruj 90S1S Morunc* MiTtm Pir.ftlj. 1«"1 r^rn* «] Une. Hualir.slon Bach. C^ilornu 92W9 Thu bujiMiS 3S roodacted by an in- MOKIQUF. MARTIN' P I N E D A Thu itatement was died wilt ft* Co.air.ty Clerk ol Los AHjif.cs Count oa February?!, 191*. Pub U a r 8 . I S . 2 2 . 2 9 . l?i6(«JLBI NAMESTATEMENT The dJk^'Jig pfrioa u ikir.f; huiivw JOHNSON'S T K X A f O at 3.W l« Coj^.rs IhjpjTijI. \a*f. Bearh. Ca 9»» R i f t u n l N J,hnvT\ ilSl BnlUia. Irr£ Beach. CaWorr.u WWR Th'.i busi MM u cvnduetfd by an inii* RICHARD N. JOHNSON Ha(emen1 was liVed with [he COUP!) Clerk ol Loi P!) 77. 1»7S ^b M a r S. 15. 22. B. 197f Hit I.R1 Cur,:)- cm The 's BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT n» -j.jj perKn is t\*r?.£ INTERTECH. Mil E 7th Si. U-r-j Beach, faWjma AtiL, Awad FajyjKi. lISS l*;un \\t , Apt 6. lor.* iVarV i'aliforma *MX This business u »-oni]ic:eJ by an :Mi , . Counly Clerk of lxs An^iej Counly en February*. 1 . l?Ift Pub M a r - 8 . 15. 22. 29.19:.;.lit LBI NAME .STATEMENT The foflowiriji person is iln-nibusiaeii * W1U-OW P H A R M A C Y al W56 W. Wil- Rcberl O. Cullner. ill W. Betvnen. TAII BUJUX^S Is condiKled by an bdi- R O B E R T G . CULUVER Ttts was filed with Q\e Clerk of Los An^elei Cc-jr.ty on March ;«. \*~ Pub M a r 73 ». Apr S 12.1*76 HH I.BT J.imti C Vecitira. Ca , (ft Pajaro \\e , forkliK-lfd by · ctrKril partrf nhip. GKRAl.D R KRON Thli ilittnwcl «n ftkd with (be Counly Clerk of Los Aflfdt* Coucly oa . Tab Mar l . S , IS. d) I.HI Tt-TM FICTTTIOIS RV5TKKKS NAME STATEMENT ·j-C ptrsoas act doirg bur SKVES SEAS U A R I N E LINES LTP 1M F fVean RK-d . Suiie Vt. Urx Cant. Sarvly W. DoN)i. l^a Carru-o e . Nor*ilk, California ·) Ma*ao l l a m a s u . 1*5\* Milmore A ^ e . Catw-n. California 907W This businens i* ecn.1wted hy a CAPT. SANDY W.OOBOS sla^cnrnt *a« filr.1 »',:h (he County Clerl of IAS Angeles County oa Februarj 27. L976. Pub Mar «, l!». g. 29. irs lU* I.BI TSflW NAME STATEMENT Tbe following penom are (Joint bust- I D INVESTMENTS il 321S East Anahetn Street, Locg Beach, Caitforaia 9O04 P. R Weber. J2J5 Eait Ana heim Street, I-oog Reach. Califotcia Dale A Erickicn. 77i Stanley Avenue. Tfci. busin-Ks is conduded hy a rrneral pactoership D A L E A F.RICKSOS ThJS HJteroent *ai filed wnh the Count) Clerk cf Ui Anietos Couci on FibrmarylS. IKV Pub Mar B. U. 22. 23. .gift UlUJI L W L O El craw N»- El^«6 NOTICE TO CHEDITORS (IF BU.K TRANSFER (Sen. «tll-4107U.C.C.I Notice is hereby five n lo irediti^n o tSe within named parties thai a hd transfer is »tenc!e4 to be made oa per scnal property hereiaafter iJejcnbed. The uxifi and buiiceti address a 1 blended [rituCerori an: j a c k S Rand. Diane C Rand. 2»9 Santa Fe Atetvue. Lone Beach. Califorpli 9ffllO. The cumei and business addrrsi of the irJewled transferee! are Larry Joe fiU-rll. Duiu Mane CaUlwell. F.ast Siith Street. 1/mg Beach. Cam Thai (he property perQsenl hereia u deicnbed 31 general ai Materials, tap plies, merchandise, eourpmenl. and n located al THF. T.ONG. .W3 Saata Fe A\rnue. Lnni Bearb. California That jaidhuilc tratufrr ti iweaded be couummated at ttv office of Cramer cy Eicrow Ccmrany, 3671 W«i Sulh Si. Los Aniclei, Califonta or aftei Apr.) Wi. 1571 So far u is known (o saw. iitendn Transferees iaxJ xtlentfi Trarjferor uied the following iddit^rul businet COMMONWEAI.T1E COMPANY, a California corporatioi. ai duly appointed Ttusiee under acd purs-j ar.t w [Wed of Tnisl dated: November 4. 1969 recorded November 24, 196», as inst. No. 918. in book T6i33, page 824. d Official Records in Iht office «T the Coun- ly Recorder of la! Anretes Stale of Caltforrua WILL SEE.L AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CAS1I (payable a I time of sa!e in la«rf'al rr-ooey of Ihe United States 1 at the rtar n1r9tve to AMstale Saving.! and Lean Aisocialicn. 50TI larkershim B l v d . Ncrlh Ho)ly«-ood, California aU rifiht. titk arJ interest conveyed to and row betd by tt under aaid Deed of Trust in the properly lUnated in iaid County and Staledescrtbed ai. \a\ 12 in Block "C" Tracl 2062. City of Icrg Beach, as per map recorded in BOOK 1] Page 1,6 of Maps, in Ihe o/ltce of the Recorder of said The street aMrtJs and other common dr.ii|;riatkitt, J any, oi the ctal prcpert) described ahovr u purported to be. 1339 Wei-tey, Lonjc Beach. California. The tu-^rrilgDec Trustee rfUclaipi any liabvhty for any incorrectness of the street address and ether common deiig- aatici., rf any. shown heieia. Said sale will be nade. but without covenant or warranty, erpren or in-.pHei.. rejcardSng tirfe. posiewion. or brar.rei, lo pay the rernainin2 sal sura of the note secured hy san el TTM,*1, lo-*Ll: »L7.-«K89, *ilh ir.teresl tbercon, as provided ir. said noie. advances, if a n ) , under the rermi oi si1 Deed of Truit, feei. charge! and eipenves of the Trustee a:^ of Ihe trustt created by laid De«d of Trul. The beneficiar}- uwJer said Deed of Truil heretofore eiecuted and delivered 10 the undersicivd a *ni(r» Declaration of Default ar»f Demaod For Sale, and a »ntten Notice of Default and Oectlcr; lo Sell. The undersigned caucd satd S'ntice of Default and KlerU-i (o St-ll lo be recrtded in the county w h e r e th^ rej! property ii located hale. Mar. IS. 3^5 COMMONUEALTIf HANACrEMENT COMPANY as laid Trustee By RONALD L WALTON Antiilant Vice Pre*ident Pur. Mar 71. B. Apr S. 177i3l I.Bf 7143(4 FICTITIOI'SRIISWFJ.S' NAME STATEMENT The following pcrsorj ire dobg busi- KONA HOTEL at WO K. Ortan Blvd., Lonfi Beach. Calif. ««7. N. N. Pilcl. 530K. Ocean Blvd.. Lcrg Beach. Calif. 90Wri. R S'. Patel. S30 E Ocean Blvd.. Ijtng Beach. Calif. 90602. D. N. Pitel. 530 E. Ocean Blvd.. Long Beach. Calif. 5CM2. T. N. l J Jtel. »0 K. Octan Blvd, Lang Beach. C a l i l . 9-V2 This buir.eis a rondueted 1 by a general partnership. N. N. TATEL This itatement »as tiled rllh th.e County Cleik af lx)s Ac^eles County cri February 19, l«6. Pub M a r c h 1J, 15, M. 1976 H» I.HI NAME STATEMF.NT The .O.IOVII.K pervons are rlcnr..; b-oji "AIR STEP SHOES i.cs ALTXIS a I1H BelltTower Rhd . Ucg Beach. Cati lornia W1S Pa\W H Traub. moONo. it Vozlttt- l o K t Seal Reach Ca!uTMia OC7a Cindy J. Trauh. JUOO N? S2 Hoaleci to Rd . Seal Beach. Calilorcia M7W This btDireu is rooducled by a general partivnhip. CINDY J TR.U'B Thii stale rr.ect »*i fik-d »nh U- Couaty Ckrk ol LOA An«lei Covcly C KmrK 137* r;h. M a r n. S. Apr S. U. 1976 tin I.BI NAME STATEMF.NT " XNAPP SHOE R E P A I R al 3K\ T. Wi. Unf Beach. Cjl JorrJj 9*01 Jrrg Ikx^n Park. 3116 Bli^'hard Si. Thi* ^JJlr,ev'i is cotkfLiMed by an in.ii- JONG HOON PARK This s u t f m e r j was filed w.lh Ike Cc'jrty CU-rk of Los Angles Ccuwly on MjKhlS. 19TS I Ptb Mar 2. 3. Apr S. «. .976 t« LBI FICTTTIOL'S BLS1NESS NAHK STATEMENT The fo.'-onnjj pervMii j:e doinjj busi WSS 31 APRIL SOfNPS ENTERPRISES a Jl^ E Slh S i . I AIR* Bearh. CaU 9OU3 ViHjr.j Woo Shin. MJ h.jur.fjm A ^ e lnh« H.TC A r r j n t . \3 V l*rf:h St Apl #3. lUrdeiu. Calif W247. This b^',re, t cwnducu'd oy general partnership. YOUNfi WOO SHIN Thii was died *-4h the Total) t^.rck of Los Aa^eies County *n Pub'Hi'r'li, 23.29. Apr 5,1976 HO LSI ovs BrsrNFjw N A M E STATEMENT TV fcJlo»EH persons ire, doa W " i 4 S FUGKT SERVICES at 4728 Wt.itrwood A v e . lor.g B*ach. Calif Anfccr Merr.1l FiTrpitrifV. fT3 Wh.tevood A \ e . Ix»{ Beach. Calrf. N*. Koward Steer.Kk. tOTCC Uardel Dr. Thii bu.iness u conducted by ' ^ARTia'a MEhRITT FITZPATRfCK Thji statemeet «ai filed with the County Clerk V Los Aagrles County 0£ February J7. 1JT6 Pub. M a r . I. li, H, ». 197HOtBI and a*5drrisf* the i I I S I 9 NOTTCEOF TRLTiTEE'SSALE . Oa April 13. 1ST 6. al I I 00 A M . RELIABLE TTTI-E COMPANY it duly jppiMdM TnniM under and ptirtuait '« D-eett of Trust recorded JtM 3, 1971. at f u t So. IZJ9. in hook T*«W. pace 306. of Oftirlil ReconJs in the otlve of the Coun ly Reconier of IAJ Ar.jfVi Cocnty. Stale of California WR.L SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH p a a N e at Cme of sale ir. lawfd won*) of the L'cuied Stages) at Hooe Street entrance on the South side of the Lot Arzelei City Central library kcited it UO Weil Uh Street. 10 the C i t y of \t \ f a n lid past: Bran Ra^. 104S So-jtt SUect. loot Beach. CaJi/onua. Di'eJ V a r c h l t h . .776 L A R R Y JOE CALDWEI.L D I A N A UARIECAIJWF.LL ItUendfy} Tra referee i Crianfity FICTIW C««yny *ll Weil SiiiiSo- «l l*i Aif rk». CaJKcnla KC9 ?\ib Mir 21. [97ifl.)L£l . jnd bterftt c . . Sraie ti Cal^onua all n(ht, (i( , jed ta tnd DOW beld try NAMESTATEMENT The {.-Mowing perwxn ire oomf, tou- ·*"·!. 1* S1ERRV C.RAPinCS It fcT7 W 14( B Si . U p i Beach. Calif **U Jrf.we F Hairhrr J r . W9 Carfax, \ct$ Beach. Calif XW» Rc^ei 1. Teierwn. 30W Knoisi'Je, Ion.; Reach. California WfiiH. Jan-.fs K Proctor. 232 B Ne»port A»e Uni Beach. Calif Wl* This buv.ati* tt cortdacted hy i J O H M E F HATCHER. JR This Mjiemeni was tiled with Ifce County rie:* tf Loi Anjrtej Counly ci M a r c h J.1J76. Pub Mjr li. 2. 3. Apr. 5.19?6 -4n LBi 1JW3 NOTICE TO CREDITORS N*. SOP Z4C21 Supencr Court of the Su!e erf Califor- aia. for tte Cooaty of Lo« Ai In tbe Vrtrr of Ihe Ejtale of JOHN P. TM.BERT alu JOIW PATRICK TAl BERT i*a J P TALBERT jka JACX TALBF.RT. Deceased Notice it Hertby J.«D ta i. ti^tnt cEitms axairjt tbe jaid 6cedent 1* file tavl Hauni La the office of ibe clerk of rt*« aforesaid ccart or to prr«ct them to the uodenicoed al Uw office of CAYER k JOHNSON, INC. m\ Loo« rt under UK! Deed of Trust in ;h« prc[«r- tr jihatH M laid ir,1 Stale oVscnbed af 1.M 33. Trad H i l l , r the my of .ocg Brack, at per recorded in ttxtlt KS. page S and B of raps, in ine office ol the couit recorder ti UK] courty The street addmi arxl ether romjafB detifnatioa. 4 iay, ol the rral properly deunbed above \\ puroorled (o t*~ ~E\ Weil Strtet, Uej Reach. Ca I rforcta Tbe «ndemi»eJ Tnutee duclimts any tiabtltry for any bvonrctneu of the itietM address and other rcxTimon d(s,{ aaooiv tf any. ihovn herein Said ule will be tn*it. Vut vrthwi cowaatt or warranty, eiprtsi or untied, regardant; lit!e. poiwsikm. or principal f u n of tbe nrl* serwrd by tan Deed of Trust, with mlerrsl tVreoa, u provided U UK! ttote. *d*inc«. rf jcy, o5er tie tenni ol 11 kd De«tj «f Trut. charges and eT^rvMi c4 the Bearh Blvil , Sc;te 'IBIS ta the City on Trtste* t^fol the triuU created by said Ur.c Beach, w Loi AtfHes Coixty. Deed nl Trust »hicb Utier offic* u tV place of busil TV brnefwury rarJer uid IVfd ol sens w the 'jr-demi^d f. aG aiatteril Tnat heretofore executed »r.d delivered [ u "siiJ estate Such clamsl {o Die Kvienijined a wriReD Dfdarattce Dec*i«jr oiatu after the I Jit paWurjnof; wiih filed · {t^r trwai 1hu notice Dated Harch IS. SS76 J O K N J CAVER. of laid de must ^e, Piit"Mir.rir.,9.TprVa'l9WiWL3i| Pib Max '.4."i"s. flTr^VLBI of Default and Demand (or SVe. ird J written Notice of Defadl and Electra !o SeQ The undentrped riued said Not:ce tl TVfadt and F.lfctxxi in ML to be rtwded us t!*e ct) - »Vre rhe real prncerty a located Date M a r c h 1.17*6 REUABLE TITLE COMPANY as w«l Trustee B y C H R K T K E O D O R O F r Vic* President t.ire 7.V7SI Ficrnmis BL'SINESS N A M E STATEMENT t Tte loHonini [rfrjoni are buii- « MOST1.Y UAL'l al ISM Rayraorxl N. Elane Wilcoi. i^W Rayinor.ij A«- \ cue. /B. Siena] Hill, Cal^orrJa 9XWR ·. M a r g i e J . Lwher. IBWRiymonct Ae- ' roe, /B. Sigr-al IWl. California Sffi06. ! Robert A. Law SCR, 775 Stanley Ave- i nue laong Bearh. Cali/ortia 9CSCM.' · i Dal* A F.rirksAn.TJSStanle) Atesu*. : Long 3arh. California 9tfnS. ' j Tb:s business il conducted hy » : receral prtcecihip. '· DALE A ER1CKSON This lUtemect «ii TUed with th.e County Clerk of Us Aagelrs Coucly 01 Put. Mar 3!lb,'2.29. 137EHDU1 PUBLIC NOTICE FOR O-C-P. PKNDINCr ENVIRON MEN TAL CERTIFICATIONS BY TTfE LONG B E A H i n T Y PLANNING . COMMISSION IX)Nfi BCAilLCAUFORNLti. Pcr.u.r.t ui L u ^ Isws Brarh Mur.ici Orinarrr No ('5119. the CJJorr.u KBUronmerJal Qtul'.ty Act of U'O. as aRiermfcd. and City Planning CommltKn order, notice is hereby given to all fr.ler- rsttd «rcu[H jn-i cr-jani/atwr.-. that the Cit PiarLiirf; Commit,ton vill revw*. hear r c m n ' e r . t j and certify cawlxJi^e Necauve Heclaraliorj for proposed proxci* hertir.ifter listed Said mr-eiirg »L! be held oa April 1. 17T6. at 9.00 t n. 13 the City CouncJ ChamUrs. Lccit Beach Cny Kail. ftlS *'«il Btwdftay. 1 Guy Gipior. · Vermeet Strett l U I kt wen of 4S2I* between Trerwnt arj Rocrofl Akecoej. Subdivide i 100 K 1% kit into 2 tt 1 x 126' parcels : J\ an R 3 ror«. 2 CaiTrkna - 3W-W3 arJ 3K4.VG Wilton Sireet. Contract 1 d-jpletes. 2-ilcrj, »nh S r-ulriijfl ip^c«s in an R-2 jnne. Project u within lie A!quin· Prirk Special Studies Zone J Guj r.agr.on - IS^i-IWr Lrma Avenue Cotitnjcl two "«nit. 2-iUvry ipartmerJ buiVfines, wt'Ji ] parking *pice* m jn fM ICT:C Project is »ithin the Alquit Pr»kt Special Srudtes 7s-.rt I OJ Opera'^r*. Inr - 712 PCM Baker Street Ccj.strur( 3 rK*' rrv tracce lo ai fiuitinf Waite^iter Plaoi from Wardiow Road, u *·] and R-l ton«. i JoUijm Ruby Con-.paay · 42(0 Urg Peach Bcuk^ard Df mlish in eitstirj abandcned s*r\ice ttHinn ar^a eonjtrwl a l.f0 tq ft orr- sT«ry corier..ecce food ifructarr »nh Ji parkir-c ipacei 3i a Gl rooe I. far! Karcher flat/rfraei. Tw. - Nrlheait eorrxt ol .th Sirtet jnl lafCi* Bearb Boulevard Depwiuh eii«'jne coir,mere.aL bu:,d-.e.fs and cor^yijct a?2-Kit comerjerre res* taurant. 1-story, with li park:n2 ipacej in a C 3 »««. 7. City of l:«r.* B«ach - Census i t a r t No. 5777 Ber«eeB Santa Fe. Webster. Kill *rd Wilo* Streeft fUhi- btlitatioa of embr.e residtul itriKturet. itiiirEg feietil finds iH L* D SectMft 112 and Coearvjaity Block (.rantii X Foster K5er. X55 LOTJE BeacK BouleviH. Zoned C 3 Cwjimct one itandarrl eatSs-or advcrtur.^ potur p*aI UI' i Ji i Poiter 4 KJewr. 701 Alamrtw ATP- aoe., the rxr.rthe.iit comer of Se%- eUh Street anrl A I i m i f M for^d C 1 Cr.mtrwct a Iidard oUir-r i!kerr.i;r..jtntAr pawl - I T I 75 i I* Pacific Crjiirr,r Artterrj.r.{ Compjr.j · WA Pararrxxxl BXI^- ·urt. «^ii C 3 Cwtttnwl cr.- itandarij ttiJivir »d*«ra»T.( poile/ Fut-ber rJafr.iTwi can be vcsred from I f 9 t Be»rh Cicy Plirjrr Offjn- !rerJ, Room KJl. Cit KaiJ. »ber« »kl Ne^auve Detljrai»cat are ca file an] for pcblv ir^pecDon Haled. April |. :i7.j R j order of the City Plarxirf Con- emicfl ERNEST M A Y E R J R . Cil) Ptirju£* fjtrUif Pub Var 2

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