Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 23
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p. It** rm HUCM cmsffiE IT ITS KST Suwtt Mti'rsn Foal corrv piitrt wrvix) trOTi UO-WineCockiiiH _ Open Doty II A.M. 17: en E. SHMSJT. loftgBwA 4JM9II SUNDAY BRUNCH LUNCHEON SPECIALS EVERY FRIDAY FISH DINNER Includes golden french fries, creomy cole slaw, roll butler. This is a real catch! JANUARY IS FAMILY MONTH! SJ77 ALL YOU CAN E A T 1 D R I N K YOUR CHOICE PLUS PUDDING 1 BEVERAGE FRIED CHICKEN - FRIED CLAMS FRIED FISH BIXBY KNOLLS 4550 Atlantic Avi. REAL MEXICAN FOOD at REASONABLE PRICES MUCH DIWEH CCOM:S AISO FCOD10K) RDM muui rra rums LIVE ENTERTAINMENT THUR.,FRI., SAT. HIT and the MISS DINNERS FROM $2.00 Served 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS 6101 CHERRY AVE., North Long Beach -423-9750 (Continued from previous page) about the modem Mr. Bojangles is myth and how much is fact. He believes Mr. Bojangles was a tap dancer who was nearly always drunk and often landed in jail. He ^vas a non-conformist who became disillusioned with his life in America and may now live in Russia. Born in Maiden, Mass., a town near Boston, Ronnie showed so much singing ability as a boy that at the age of 8 he sang in an Episcopal church choir. In junior high school, he sang in choral groups and studied drums. When he was 15, he joined a high school vocal group, the Del Vardos, which sang at hops and on the radio. He didn'l graduate from high school, dropping out to pursue a career in music. About 10 years ago he went to San Francisco. After working for a time m stage management and Lighting, he taught himself io play electric bass and joined a band called The Young Men From Boston. Later it changed its name to Maze. Ronnie worked with the group for four years, becoming its leader, as well as lead vocalist. . · ' Then, abruptly, he retired from music completely . and became club manager at the Pier 11 in Costa Mesa. That was back in the late 1960s when many young musicians became caught up in the drug culture. "1 couldn't stand seeing what those drugs were doing to my friends," he recalled. "So I stayed out of music for about a year and a half." Then his love for music took him into a new direction. He taught himself to play the acoustical guitar. He learned fast. Within six months, he was good enough to start performing as a solist in Southern California restaurants and clubs. He's been at it for four years now and has enjoyed every minute of it. When I asked Ronnie to tell me why he likes the acoustical guitar so much, he quickly gave me the following reasons: 1) It's well-suited as an aid to composing the words and music for his songs. 2) It's easy to carry around and doesn't require complicated stage electronics; 3) The sound of an acoustical guitar is softer apd more beautiful than a regular guitar; 4) It's perfect for a solist, eliminating the complicatiqns of working with other people in a band; 5) It helps him bring pleasure to his audiences; 6) Playing the guitar brings him personal pleasure and happiness. Ronnie has written many songs, including about a dozen he performs regularly at the Olive Tree. Some Vivianne wears a different one every night such singalong favorites as Peg 0' My Heart, Shanty Town, Let the Rest of the World Go By, Put Your Arms Around Me, Little Brown Organist-vocalist Vivianne Crist is shown with some of the wigs she wears while performing at the Village Inn, 2099 Belfflower Blvd. She has dozens of different styles and colors. She plays many newer hits as well as Jug, Bye Bye Blackbird and scores more -Staff Photo MM (I IB .. COCKTAILS · ENTERTAINMENT NOW APPEARING THE VERSATILE TOM McAVAY FOR RESERVATIONS · 598-2514 ' I' 1600 PACIFIC COAST HWY. Stol B«eh 5ANOUE1 f ACUITIES TO 350 RESTAURANT on Guitar THURS. thru SUN. 3636 E. BROADWAY LONG BEACH 438-5345 COMPLETE DINNER SPECIALS Monday . . ROAST PRIME RIB 3.50 Tuesday .. SIRLOIN TIPS AND NOODLES ... 2.95 Wednesday TOP SIRLOIN STEAK 3.75 DAILY DINNER SPECIALS 14160 BEACH BLVD. WESTMINSTER Justsou*hof Garden Grove Fwv. (714) 894-7575 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY BROCHETTES OF BEEF 3.75 Thursday Friday.. Saturday Sunday. 3.25 2.95 3.25 STUFFED DEVILED CRAB BARBECUED BEEF RIBS ROAST PORK WITH DRESSING LUNCHEON FROM 1.50 BANQUET FACILITIES TO 75 EXQUISIT DINNERS BREAKFAST.LUNCHEON DOUBLE HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES SERVED SAT. 8, SUN. I o r i l , 3 . TM * , o n · B R U N C H I E N T E R T A I N M E N T SEAN TUES.-S4T. 4132 WOODRUFF IAF CARSONI'LAKEWOOO WHERE IB PJIHCHCVS NO. 3? on JUondra 1 BIk. oi Lak*«rood ORIGINALLY FROM HOLLTOALE ALL YOU CAN EAT! SERVING THE LONG BEACH AREA FOR OVER I! YEARS STEAKS · PRIME RIB SEAFOOD. FILET MIGHON .. COCKTAILS TOP SIRLOIN STEAK DINNER PRIME RIB DINNER STEAK and LDBSTER Combo UB. PORTER. HOUSE STEAK Restaurant . ANAHEIM ST. Ill Glidyll Long are intense and personal, such as one titled J-I-I. Some tell of the sadness and heartbreak that has affected Ronnie's life. Others have happier, upbeat, moods. Among them are Beautiiul Friends, Late From the Fair, Don't Be Taking Life for Granted, Sawdust and Tears, 0 Little One, Your Words, Testing Life's End and Nostalgia. . Sometimes Ronnie finds it difficult to put all the parts of a song together, because some won't fit. Other times he composes quickly and surely. "Sometimes," he said, "the ideas come so easily that I have the feeling I'm not the composer. My pencil seems to write automatically by itself without any help from me." Ronnie chats in a friendly style with his audiences, exchanging ideas and encouraging requests. He hands out printed lists containing the titles of 107 songs in'his repertoire. They reflect many moods, from old to: new, such-as The Nigfit They Drove Old Dixie ~Down,:.Puff the Magic Dragon, Country Roads, My Sweet Lord, Sunshine, Bom Free, Light My Fire, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, \ 7 ello\v Brick Road, I Believe in Music, The Most Beautiful Girl and his; own compositions (which he modestly placed at the end of the list. . REAT TO GREAT FOOD DINE ODt NOW APPEARING "" BEACH RED ONION Ht FANTASTIC LUIS MIRANDA TUES.-WED.-THURS.-FRI..SAT. '-' EASYSTREET TRIO SUNDAY MONDAY , ArK° UGH r ° THE FABULOUS OCTOBER RAIN SDNQRA STYLE MEXICAN FOOD COCKTAILS tOND UCH 1301 Atlantic Blvd. HAWTHOINE 5W.179S 11425 Hawthorne Blvd. TOIRANCE at Imperial 3330S Hawthorne Blvd. 6M-97M 378-B3S5 INGUWOOD CHBITOS 4 " 3 *· Century Blvd. 18714 Gridlev Road 673-5474 (OK South St.) IRVINE M4JMI34 '«» McArthur Blvd. I33-8MO COMING SOON · VENTURA · ANAHEIM" · FULLERTON Every Day at Howard Johnson's Los Cerritos Only · Friday M "p '"' * M '" "" J J CLAM FRY rVsL\l" ?; t Saturday K '"''" lutl " W l l h * : : l ' u ' TURKEY DINNER S£ : ^H? · Sunday ?·"" !·,»" "iJ«»«t ;-: DEEP SEA DINNER ii ! £ r ^ '·Monday B ,, S(llrd th , ilt , $-| 99 BBQ CHICKEN FRY rV^Ll"' 1 - 1 .-·Tuesday ,,,H ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, $ lj 99 SPAGHETTI SPREE :s·,{,,? ·" 1 . \Vcdnfsday · $ t 99 FISH FRY £^,Kr^;:/cr · Thursday ROAST ROUND J^-Jr OF.BEEF FEATURING DELUXE COMBINATION PLATES--ONE TO APPEAL TO EVEHY APPETITE $ 1.80to $ 2.I5 "Try one of our Tropical Wine Cocktails" Banquet facilities 20 to 60 ALL FOOD PREPARED TO GO 9122 LOHDRA 866-8600 Bellflower Open 7 Days 11:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. MOON 0AKOEN EXQUISITE CANTONESE FAMILY STYLE CUISINE FOOD TO GO Banquet Facilities OPEN 7 DAYS NOON TO 10 P.M. 1783143 UKEWOOD BLVD. BELLFLOWER 531-7777 Open Daily 11 111 2,30; 4 'III 8 Saturday 11 'til 8 Continuously Sunday 9 'til 8 Continuously Los Cerritos Only Own daiiv and Sal. 3:30 a.m. t o l O : M p . t n . Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. TASTY LUNCHEON and DINNERS' served in a SWEDISH ATMOSPHERE .LUNCH D I N N E R ! 1.75 Sunday Lunch 2.25 2.95 Closed Mondays. -' Complete Catering for All Occasions MATADOR Tired or the same dull Dinners? MEXICAN RESTAURANT Excellence in Mexican cuiiioe lor the entire lomily ALSO FOOD TOCO Open 11:30 A.M. la 10:00 P.M. DAItY ST., LB. BEIMON7 SHORE (34-4028 J AMY'S BUCK DINNERS.... IUNCH from 1.55 CHILDREN... from 1.30 Ddlkiouj Dirawo for rf» Entire M=n! OPfN USIIY ' !ow*p M tt" VISIT OUR NEW COCKTAIL LOUNGE · TAKEOUT FOOD · For TokeOut, Phone 531-1150 B A N K A M E R I C A R O . MASTER CHARGE Bixby Knolls Shopping OPCNII'tilll fRI. iSAT. li lil . COCKTAILS 5300LAKEWOOD BLVD. 11272 LOS ALAMITOS BLVD. Los Alomitos, Colif. 430-0213 U70 Coli'omio Plote Phone 423-5864 Nol Open FOOD TO SUNDAYS oo AISO A FINE PLACE TO DINE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Announcing Our New rv*^ ALL YOU CARE { TO EAT 9:00 A.M. TO 12:00 NOON EVERY SUNDAY in Our New Buffet SERVING A WIDE SELECTION: " » / ^ / S v , ,, Spanish Omelets, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Eggs, Corn Beef Hash "i* Patties, Sausage Links, Crisp Bacon, Hash Brown Potatoes, later Tots, Chipped Beef, Chicken Ala King, Homemade Biscuits, Cinnamon Streusel, Fresh Muffins, Assorted Fruits: Cantalope -- Pears -- Peaches -- Prunes LUNCH DINNER $139 NO SERVED 7 DAYS A WEEK ·* · °* r A D D V n i l T SAME LOW PRICE · ' . U . Please help yourself to as much as you care to eat. Enjoy yourseifand thank you for dining with us. Desserts and drinks extra. CHILDREN UNDER 12" YEARS OF AGE !5V PER VEAR OF AGE " LOS CERRITOS CENTER 865-2421 raikels mandates A T.OlAt QUAIITY GOURMET SANDWICH SHOP WE'VE EXPANDED Now we have twice the room to serve you our famous Munchies . . . OIW1H.M. lo9P.M. MON..S4T. 1034 LONG BEACH BLVD. Bolween 10th Anaheim 437.3761 An Elegiint Mexican Dinner House UGUNA BEACH II33 So. Coail Hiwoy 49M015 777 Sc. Main St., Oroogg lull 10 min. down (hi Coidn Orori fmy. ol 1)11 Moin $|. oll.tomp Mftn-Thut. lhJO.1000 hi i Sal MJO.11.00. Sun. 4,3I1.|0.(IO 305 No. Harbor Blvd. fulUrlon 871-9MI k,ii K -;. 4... l_.i ;: | : _., "V.-ftrt-.'J: 1 ^ 1 "* ^»ToV. . NOW 2 La Briqui FAMOUS STEAK DINNERS AND COCKTAUS - · tmltir, Choice ·"'"-·· TOP SIRLOIN $4.'45 PORTERHOUSE $5!45~ FILET MIGNON '*":'*·;' WiAm.ilvoorrnop, »9.V5 Delitious '"' PRIME RIB $4i95 Jf'C 1 *·* Autlrolian ig ,70-. LOBSTER TAIL $5.95 STIAK and IOBSTH $7.45 --WON., TUC!. « WED CHOKE TO»tltlOIN . HIITMIONON t -i-i$3.95 +A ,1 .. 9 1 *. 1 *' ti J« $4.45. ^ _ _ _ $5.45 Woodrull at Roi«ctan« ' Billllown. 92S.52U v Huntlngton Baach · 171 n aa?.MUt '^

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