Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1969
Page 18
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II · NMthwHt Aricflinm TIMIS, Thurs. f AH H 1H9 (QONTISUKI) FROM PAGE 17) rHl and j*r*on*l property in the District, nccordi'.ij to Ihe 19S8 uMiimi-nl. Hie purchattr may name the Irustee *iid paylnc agent. All expenses tit UK iMue, inrludlnf the print! nf and trustee- in* of the bonds and the fee of Smilh, WilUltniil, Friday A Bowc-n, Bond Coun- ·el. Little nock, Arkansas, upon whp»e ·pprovlnf opinion the bonds will be is- Rued will he .'Mid by T. J. Kaney A- sons, UtU* Rock, Arkansas, the District's lis- cal agent. Supplemental and dual coupon* will not be permitted, but the bonds may be -on- terted to in issue bearing a lower rate or rates of interest with any conversion to be in accordance with the Universal Bond Value* Tables and upon such terms that the District receive no less and pa no more than it would receive and pa If the bonds wert not converted, and the cnnversion shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the District and of the nommissioner or Edu ration of the state of Arkansas, and with any con version to be subject to the following conditions: in That the average maturities can not h» ihortened by more than six months: · 2) That the converted schedule contain not more Uian four ratrs of mterpM *not counting the same rate nf interest that is repeated for different maturities) 1.1) That the difference between the liwest and hifihefit rate of Inteiest in the converted schedule must not be Rreatei than a; of 1 per rent: and i d That the difference between the »\ria;jr rate of intrrest in the converted schedule and the rate bid must not be nrr-mer than ·% of 1 per rent. The bonds will be callable for pa: mcnt prior to maturity, at the option o th* pistricl. in whole or in pan. in in v*r.w niimeriral ordrr at par and ar .rrudl interest m follows: from surplu 'proceed! of said hulltim): fund tax on an -.mere 11 ! paying date: from f u n d s from an\- source" on any interest paying datr 'rni and otter Kebruarv 1. 1574. yn bid of less than par and arc-run ; i»io:T^t w i l l be entertained. Only one r«1i nf interest shall he bid. and the awaid ·f made, will he made to the bidder W b'd* HIP Imveit rate of intcreM. '!'::(? bonds "ill br* sold Upon auction h-tii at 7:"0 o'clock p m. on the 13 day M.T-. 1W. in the office of the Superin trr.firni or Schools in Klkins. Arkansas Kar'i bidder wm be requiied to filr a rTnhrr) or cashier's check in the amoun nf W.fisn on it bajifc that is n member o th« Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora l-on, payable to the District, to be kep' n* liquidated tlanwEcs if the bidder i: swarrtfd the sale of the bonds and Tail to frtTiiplcte the purchase. Checks of nn sun-fisful bidders will lw promptly re turned and the District will not pay in tere*t on ^ood faith checks. The Dirtrir rs'irves the right to reject finy anfl aJ F"or further information address th linrirrpipned. or T. J. Haney A Eons, 1*1 tie Rock. Arkansas. GIVEN this Joth day of April. T-%3. Board of Directors of Ktkins School District No. 10 ot ^' asn injlton County, Arkansas Fy GLEN 1-1ATON. President Stanley Swope, Secretary 1 W 17-24-May I ? NEED MONEY ? lee Ui We Buj . . Sell . . . Trade for Most Anything ! will buy your diamonds, watche*. runs or anything ot value and glvi yog " 1 --Announcement*AUCTION sMIS-Monday and Ttiff Jay at 7 p.m. in Auction House, Highway 71 M., Sprincdale. 2--Coming Events-AUCTION · FRIDAY, SATURDAY NIGHTS 7:30 P.M. 207 Southeast 6th St. BENTONVILLE, ARK. Furniture, appliances, antique* " 1961 CMC pickup with campc lone wide bed. Farmall A tracto mid plow. 3 bedroom riome o · nearly new furniture and appl . BTICCS including a roppertonc i ' ft. refriRerator-freezer comnina tion. Coppertone rWT gas rang Coppertone automatic w a « h c FarJy American maple 22' T\ Brass bed. Two mantel clock Overhead f a n . Highboy. Vanit with wing mirrors. Glass and ch na. Many items. C. J. HENSON. Auctioneer Phone CR 3-M56 U.C.T. FREE DUTCH LUNCH LEGION HUT Saturday, April 26. I%9 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Members Only Come and get it! RUMMAGE ?ale, Saturday, 12]ft Sou Dimn. HAR.\(;E FalP. W9 West 6th, ?alurda April 2fi. 8:00-5:00. FATL'RDAY "Sell-In. 1 ' April 'JR. l^Hf Trailer Park, Winslow. Come bu r'/tmc sell; A net inn at 4:0(1. 4--Personals* HAVE peace -- free counseling f trouhled ones anytime. 643-1464 or R C. Gortam. ElMns, Art 72727. 6--Instructions-- VOICK-Piano Instruction Reasonable Rates Piione 442-2344 ANNOUNCING Traininf on IBM Keypunch m rhm*. Limited enrollment -- nic i In^se*. Prerequisite, aptitude te Ozark Data Processing 108 W. Center 443-3361 Fayettevillc, Arkansas 3-Lost and Found-- :'ni;xn. rrM Mn»- female houn-t. F I.a-T-- White Miniatu r-ars n!r|. rinld's r i-ri trimmrd. lJst S . * | iafrcy ha* I aicnind cnrnp It MOTORCYrtK FRANCHISE wardinf opportunity to operate your it Mlex and nervier franchise (or B?A toreyclfi, one of the nttkmul leaders a booming market. Your inventment n yield bij return* fcr qualttied. reli- k! perBon. For details write Hairy 11 pi in, BKA Inc. 639 Pasraic Avenue, utlcy, N.J. 07110. R-1K. Two wii'dow walk up. Doirf ooj year around buninen. Plenty park- g. For more information call 423-2123, i 1 Slip, Arkansas. AVON :KD MONBT to help your family tied? AVON needs you to icrve cus- mrrs. Cnll 442-737? alternoont and ask r Mn. Mi-Clenion. OTTON candy. Mo-cone ft popcorn uipment, conceitioa trailer, $950. B*E ir-B-Q. NOW INTERVIEWING esponsible pernona M dealer for ewly constructed DX cottag*- ype aervice station adjoining rge apartment complex within blocks of university. Phone Fay- teville, 442-8711--ROBtri, 638-6733 PPLICAT10NS now being taken for ewspaper carrier boyi 12 years or older pply ctrculatton dtpartroent Nortbwti rkansas TIMES. 4-Money To loon- AGCNCY OP FAYETTEVILIE INC. PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS No. Oolkfe 321-3434 OFFICES OOABT TO COAST ICRETAIUES W/typin* * some SH.. maturity and «p. preferred, KxLTllent «pp. . . - WQO-ISoO BY PUNCH Need young lady with training- and/or txp. to work with ·Ktatdliilwl co. . . . 12HO-I325 OOKKKEPRR Young woman with typing and tmoickMplnX exp. to work with jrowing business con- e-em XSOO-W50 LKGMj SECRETARY Woman with exp. in lecal field. Preferably with MTST. . . . . QUIPMBNT MAINTENANCE MAN Kxp. on electrical ft metal working mat-bines. Good Co. Liberal benefits. . . RUCK MACHINIST Retail *alf«. Good local Co., excellent benefits .. MOO 001, A TUB MAN Gen'l tool * die -analyze spec** set up ft operate. Ooort Co. with liberal benefits *j UXTOR COST ACCOUNTANT Ko, '2 man in acctK. dftpt of large Co.--manager trainw--responsible for all airctg. Good opportunity .. 16500 RonucnoN CONTROL Man. Must be able in tietrrniine machine load requirements. Set up same- he versed in feed speed control · «0,000 TANUFACTURINO KNGINEER Rrsponsibte for tooling and manurac- turinR related to small mechanism and metal fabrication IID.OOO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP 123 W. Mountain M3-4T01 8-Help Wanted-Mate- \\VYKH to hcrome asswriated with rni continuously in practice since 1330 ulsry or commfoMon or both. stefld\ o.sition. Call, write or »,pe Bom M ourtncy of Bom McCartney and Associ :cs. Attoracy, 411! East Washin tnc^boro, Arkansas. Phone 932-811i« ...3DIATJ3 openings now available to 11 time inside help. Evening shift bove average earnings and convenien ours. Person must be a willing worke nd seeking a permanent position. Pai acation. Apply In person Vic-Mon ·ive In. ET,P wanted, first crlass draftsman fo nnlal fabricating plant, starting pa 600 por month. Send resume to D. Jack win, P.O. Box 790, Hot Springe, Arkinsa 1M1. OPENING *or wash and clean-up man. Apply 1 Tpri-on. Whiifield Motor Company. ·^TION Summer Studenls: Par me help needed! Apply in person linute Man. VANT elderly man in good health t ic business attendants. Rood locial irily supplement. No labor involved Vriie P. 0. Box 781. FayetleviUe. Ar ;nnsn«;. Hive backpround and phon lumbor. BOYS, 1« up. mcnt manngrr. lolcomb, Pprii to assist order depar Apply :00 to 6:00. 10 APFLICATIONS now being taken for Bpaper carrier boya 13 years or old Apply circulation department Kortb- we*t Arkansai TIMEE. 19-Help Wanted-Ftmott- Pennyrich Consultants Ve need * lady to soli our famous bra and other merchnndlsf. Full 01 p ;imf. Ilieh eaminjfs. fabulous vacate IPW car furnished if you iu«llfy. I.ibei rot irr mpnt plan, p'or a ppointmf nt ca ·\1ai7- OrosslJinrl *t th^ RprinRdalf! llo Inn. Kriday ex-fninR or Faturrta niMR IT, fi-BlOl. VAITRKSS wanted, nij{M s-Iiif!. J: p.m. Must be experienc-ed H: mve neat, clean appearance, Immedia ipemna. Apply in person Town House MATURT5 lady npeded in habysit even Sunday evening 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. Phoi 442-531-1. 3EAUTiriANS -- Expenence pretcrre Phone 5:i-ir»3. AVON 'ORTUN1TY CALLING . . . Cash nn the steady demand for T.V. advcrti AVON covmrtics. Territories now ilnlile. Call 44'J-7377 nfternoons an for Mrs. McTlernnn. 20-Help Wanted-Mafe-Femat "·ROnU'.TTION marhine operators: M ·!iini.«l trainees: prcssmrn trainees; M cnnl handlers: Poultry processing ! mieis: Feed mill laborers: Spray pai set up man. Auto body repairman; Au' mobile mechanic; Relief heavy tni Iriver; Backhw operator; Carpenter Coni-trnetion laborers; Fheet metal wor Warehousemen. Warehmisc For ; ; Ilesign draftsman; Meter rcadei StcTetHriei. Stenographers. General rierks. Clerk-T-pists: MHT clerk; Key Punch operator: Sewing m e operator?,; Waitresses, CooVj Kilehon helpers; Live-out housekeeper k in Rogers. 5-day week, SRO: Cliai hprmnids and numerous otlwr opening ly KMPI/)YMENT FKf'URITY D vis-ION, 218 North Cliurrh Street. HELP WANTED Opportunities With Pcnnyrich International 1. Own ynur own business: '.'. Mnltip finr-;rlf: ". Unlimited incomr: 4. K' Rnirk fnrnisiinl if qtialififd: T. I-'abutc varation; fi. Pmril-!(ti«rin(( pl«n-;: 7. Fi Vnr mlonrinlion. Ca\\ 441-37ft( or \Vr i inrf)th Morton. Dirwtnr, 9()0 Ijrver Slic"t, Apt. ."iir.. Fa.vctteville, Arknns N K K M broilrr rook Rni JtssiManl mni Kr-r comhmation. also need kitchpn hi *.!t nr nvpr. Apply at CoachllKht, 3G05 14-frr 19M CHKVflOLCT lw* 4uor. v-8. Automatic. Cheap. Phone 521-8190. 1962 BEL-AIR, air *-ondltionel, automatic trtnsmiiKlon, power itc-erin*, V-8 en- fin*. 70,000 miles. Call "" """ 'AITKESS wanted. 12:00-9:00. Dish ashpr 8:00-3:00, automatic dishwashf 'ovided: night cook. Apply Hiway Inn. ·x'SinR work or car hop. Apply in per on, no phone calls. Dain'land Drive In. ONK ApfXloou italUon. lv« wn «M. tl» or would trade for flaUm k«t mt motor. PIMM KS-SSM. Un«*n. 1962 FORD, power stecrimi. automatic transmission, air conditioning. Call early or after 3:00 p.m. 1963 CORVAIF, white two door hardtop, black Interior, bucket icats, four speed, $200. Kce at Northwest corner Wi'st llth and Duncan, Space 17 after 5:00. 1965 MUSTANG, 26(1 enelne. power steering and brakes, air conditioned. Phone 442-4240. 1338 MG. Pbone 442-R97X 196G INTERNATIONAL pickup track, 28,000 miles, one owner, sood condition, $1100. Pnone 521-1474. .... i OPEL Kallye, one owner, radio, and air condition*]. (150 and take up payment! of $G0.7i) per month. PL 1-8107, llfltt W. Huntoville, Sprlngdalr. 1967 Camaro, V-8. $1895. Consider mobile home in trade. Phone B*B Bar B-(J. 1968 MERCURY Cougar, power, factory air. leather top. Very low mileage. One owner. Must tell-some overseas. Phone 121-4444 days, 44ia44:t evening!;. FOR itale IftKJ Ford ronvertible, 35i au tomatic, new tires. Cal! 53-1491. tt-fer FRKUDAMK «lr «t»«Hle»er. ««*«« feluw, aim BTU, MM rarr little, fl* PhM 442-TVr. LOOKINO for a better place W keep your hone, fine future, pond. Mi t room to ride? Phone 44J4821. PORTABLE O.K. eamwMher. Ml. Re- diner chair, 111. Call alter I p.m. 442- FOR tale: 34 head of Hereford cattle, one Ansui and call. Phont +.2-79W after «:OD. FOUR YEAR old Quarter Horn, gentle, well broke. Make me an otter. Phone 412-4691. KEOISTERED Tennessee Walking Hortt Mrvicf. If you want a pleature horM bred to Giles Hot Toddy, son of World Champion, RoEers Perfection, also registered in I-DX Trotting Association. 3 miles southwest ot Fannington, Ark. Phone M6-M91, Glen CilM. ftUQ« · men? Clean lor tew *ilh Blue Luitrt! Rent eltctrJc shampooer, 11. icwif Broi., South Cide Square, Tay- etteville. THRER fine quality Kaxhan Penlan rttgi 92IS · *MO. for appointment write Box 1601, U of Ark. AT STUD. Poco Balm 98005, grandson of Poco Fuena, the greatest family of using horses in the quarter horse association, one mile east of Elm Springi. Phone 248-7368. Billy * Bob Fields. REGISTERED Tennessee Walking Horse sen-ice, standing at Klkins. Phone 643-1842 or 443-5978. Also horM lor sale. WAMPUS Ban Jr, AQHA, No. 335601, at Stud. Grandson of Three Bars. Phone 442-3919. TWO registered Hereford cows, Phone Jim Selby. 442-2157. CAVE Springs P.ccappor having a tire «alr. Special. 750/14. 800/K whltewalls, $11.50, mounting and balancing free. Located at North end of Cava Springs. Phone !33-2663 or 235-2836. REGISTERED QUARTER HORSE) SERVICE STANDING: SPAVINAW BAR. BY: DIAMOND BR OZARK BOMB Grade Mares: $50,00, Regwtere Marcs: $75.00. Contact: W. R. Lively. Spavinaw Creek Ranch* Call for appointment- Area Code: 918 253-4744 Offict 253-4772 Residence At Stud. AQHA Copper Vandy, 226120, Grand Champion at Halter. Sire of Copper Minx, winner of Claremore Futurity. Phone Clyde Weems. 442-9084. CAR INSURANCE RALSTON PURINA CO. Springdale Turkey Plant NOW HIRING Production Workers ermanent openings for men nd women over 1 8 years of ige starting April 29, 1969. iase wage a $1.75 going to .1.82 July 1, 1969. Excellent working conditions. No Experience Necessary WE WILL TRAIN YOU Apply in Person to: Rafston Purina Turkey Processing Plant Wobe lane Springdale, Ark. ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BMPLOYER URBAN HOLLAND 2M N. Btock FIWIW 442-I5M REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE COME ie« what we h»v« to otter out of this outstanding herd. Bulli. heifers and cows. Farm located 3 miles East Highway 45 - % mile North. Phone Homer Fry. 443-2529 FRY ANGUS FARM VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR Rebuilt enpines. new A used parts at discount prices. Ozark Tcxacft So, 71 4 Cato Springs Road. 521-954a. 26A-Dog», Cats, Pet»- FOR sal*. Ihree mate Siamese kittens, weeks old. ?10 each. Phone 443-3513. 24A-Boqt* * Marine SuppHet FOR SALE, 40' drill or cruise houseboat, outboard power. Wnltfield Motor Company, Fnyelteviile, Arkansas. Beautiful blond Cocker puppies nnd Tos tfF. AKC registered. Paul Clifford. Canehill, Arkansus. HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South REGISTERED TOY Poodle puppies Vhite and champagne. $40 and 150, Phone «3S862. 27-For Sale-Hpm* Needs- BOAT INSURANCE HAVE a storapp space problem? Solve t with a Morcan Built Portable Building I O^ark portable Buildini Co., 2789 N ColleKe. 23-S0rvicts Offered-- jidy with on* child seeks ironing, hnuse I'orlt, or babysitting Phone Wfi-MTO. PATKTING, Taper wall covering, Vinyl, carpentry, rooftnR, Mieetrock finish, General rmnd.vman. Phone S21-3(56. WII.T, HO ironings. Phon* after 5:00 p.m BABY.«ITTINf» in my home, day or t, five dnys a week. Phone 44227Kx For Professional PEST PROTECTION 9e* or Call Inspection HOUSEHOLD Apniianc* service All tj-pcs Repair Scr. m Appliancet Phone 443-2145 or 736-3173 House PaintinR. Reasonable natet, Phon* 443-HS8. SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE Carpet Shampooing Jack Curtsinger X42-7062 or 442-5503 Hnffclilrr Brothers carpenter, lahor remonclml? or general contracting. Plioii 44-j.tsni. rarpcntpr work, room additions, found. tinns, rooflne wirt home impmvomcnts Fiw etimntr;, ifttisftction Bunrantecd Thonc 521-I3B6. URIAH HOLLAND 224 N. BlMk 441-1512 24B-Motorcyele»- SEVEN drawer drwing Iflble with mir or. ISO. B»rrd i-hair. ?10. Oat ranlt th arcow:, $75. Call 44MorjO. HONPA 350. S600. T/)wc mileace. Owner in Vietnam, sprincdnle. FO 1-C284. r«r, 3»r. Honda, windshield, safety inspected, two helmets. J395. Thone ?671515. CYCLES sell in spring; Advertise motorcycles A bikes with a classified ad. Phone 442-GZ13. 25-For Sole-Mobil* Hom« TRAVEL TRAILERS 14' J1070. 16' Klf-contained ?1495 MOBILE HOME WHOLESALE PRICE3 12'x5fl' 2 bed. SM35 12'x38' 2 bed. 12895 12'X45' $3450 Located At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Rogers, Ark. AND Roberts Implement Co. Westville, Okla. PA 3-4333 8 X S? ^ bpriroom. J'or information cal 413-3MO nt Western Hills Trailer Park Space A-15. Trailer Towing Call Chandler Trailer Convoy, Ine Phone 442-8871 Eugene H. Hinton 26-For Sale--livestock- nH bred reKisteiett AIIRU nths old. mono H2-7340. TOP SOIL delivered, yard worlt Phmt nnsCELLANB»nS hanlins any time. Interior nainting. Bill 442-7938 or 5213385. UPHOLSTKRT work vantpd. Phone 443-S527. r.KAVKI.. Tor son,. m.T, nmr. Phone riTt-UjSfi davi Paint. Repair, I.iflii HmUlnf. Day or NUM. U2-WT8 LEWIS BROS. OUTLET STORE on the South Side of the Square Phone HI 2-9111 NEW and USED FURNITURE and APPLIANCES Srxr.ral l'5rd Rnckorn anrl Ort-aMnnal Chairs w i t h Rnod frmnr.s. need rern\-crinp, NOW V 00 carh Thr« wrlnsor wmhcrs. PRICED FROM $32.30 New «-tliT room nlwlf. H»R. »I4.»S NOW .tlO.»S Several new and used f u l l ai/e mnttrea-ie*. Priced from ........ $10.00 H«v# 2 nice uaert dinlnp room tnhlc^. Prlt-ed from . . tz 1 Ff»l nice Early American eniich. Was S85.9S NOW J72.S5 H/tur.d Coffee Tnhles. I'rit-ed from . . $12.flrt 1 R»«l nice GE automatic washer. NOW SS3.M New ,1 piece livinp room suite, includes couch, club chair, and platform rocker. Ren. SZOSM NOW S177.»S We now have, new unfinished china closeu and nun cahlnel* with (laM door,. We have the heal priem around cm quality Spnmah living room furnl- ture. See ui before you huyl We Buy-Sel l-Trade - Terms or Cash RACKHOE, dozer, crane, rlraffline. plowing. Custom work by hour or contract. Kor clrarmff. ditfliinc, pond clcanine, roart«:. pnds. etc. Licenser], inMired. grvrt ^qiitpnrn-nt at reasonable rates. Oil Chris, 4in-:3r;2 dnys or MB 6-5429. Ro«- crs, niRlit^. 23A-Machinery ft TooU- 1.T JOHN IVrr halor, J600 or would trad* 1 (or fishinK boat and motor. Phonf 24-For Satt-Autometiv*-- RV OWNRR, r«5 Pnnliac r.TO. nfv tur-;. hinkcs. Jir»nO. Phnnt -143-^.7.1. 1WW P.MRLANK GT; ird with Wacfc In- Iriinr, ."PO niltio Inrli 115 h.p. fnamt 1 . 4 sjwfrt with Hursl shifter in rpntrr run- snip, positrnflmn rear a\lp. Krystfuir MnaHitr wlipph. lai-liomrlfr. radio. ·H- 1 - ·ckpd ant! lirrnM iatic shlfl, air. Will tmancr. Dionf rvJl- lOfir, Tnnnir. TR-. Alft North Tallin, rimne , r ra-7T. 1!1M 7,-'X ("AMAUO, V.» enamp. fnnr sprori irnnsmis^lon for I^.'A Phonp ·M2-MH. l.',i;.' CHKVUOI.K.T six olmdcr stan^nid, 1.IK1. O«l«\lr Vlft, pn«-i. a i r ni,p ri. ISftl KORIt OalnxtP, hsrfllop. air enndl- ironed. v-B ·niomatic. ran e\cnmir*. FAKING orders now for AKC registered !BEle pups from field champion blood- ips. Four femnlcs. three males. Phone 43-2K6. days, 413-3510. nights. ·P.F.F cute, kittens. Phone «3 3379 or CLKAN carpets with ease, Elu* Lustre nakcs the job a orcew. Rent electric hampooer ?1. Ben Franlciln, 410 N. Col ecc. Fflyettevillc. JKE new Ijponard refrigerator, take up ivmcnls of ?11 month. Otasco ·JARljY American bedroom suite. LP aits Roper range, heater, hide-a-bed, re riRerator. TV antenna and mlscelltne ous- Phon* 42-6MK). . . . Hint Advtnc* *tac Co.. It* KoctS Col- IP CARPET Mul.v donn't iliow* Clean t rl«ht and watch It (loir. Uw Blue tMlre. Rent electric anajnpouer, II. Polk Furniture. W Weat Dk*iiOi;. r«j- fflttvllle. IMIlnd Bermudi CUM sprigs. Also will do iprilfinf. Ptnm (46-2592. Jtck filson, Prairie Grove. 27A-MMical MMthanrfiM- MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 2616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 HANTS, ilronf transplanted tomato, iroccoli, cauliflowfr, 4fc doifn. Pot Town Rutfer $1.00 Dozen, Big Boy and tig Early. $1.50 Dozen. Ra\*s Flowen nd Greenhouse, Highway 71 south. SPINET PIANO, must trannfer next 15 days. Will consider responsible local party only to take over payments. Tfl inspect, writ* Home Office, Joplia Piano Co., JopIIn, Mo. ^ 28-Fer Sab-MismllanMus I9«l CORVAIR, sell or trade for boat, mofor and other items. Phone 442-8815. Mayes Auto Service Inc. Corner N. Leverett Syctmon 443-4346 Authorized dealer. Sales, Part* Service for Fayettevlll* area YAZOO-The Best Thing Going for Mowing! 1*61 models. Alio leveral GOOD USED Yazoo moweM. COMPUTE piclup truck stock rack made ot pipe with top hoops, lonf whet base. Phone 442-2839. FOR sale, mower, edffer, assortment ol tools and Cub Cadet tractor with plow, mower and trailer. Phone 443-460R. 3? MAONUM I7.65ram) automatic pistol, J2D. Phone 443-3221. s a TON and one ton air conditioner for sale, J60 for both. Phone 44M173. TOMATO plants, extra nice. Big Bfl and Florodel, 11.40 per do«en. niscoun' bhoe store, HiRhway 71 Bypass. RALE! Saturday. April 26: TVs, radio cood coot stove »S. kitchen utensil:. 1959 Plymouth. 1955 Chevrolet, two windshields, clothes, heddinr, dolls, ffames puzzles, 1W books, junlr and poodies. One mile East of Oakland Baptist Church. H. P. Wood. 442.5980. TKLESCOPING TV antenna with rotor *5n. Kitht-day cookoo clock, J15. Phone 443-3ri5B. Bedding Plants and Bif B«F Tomatoes UNUSUAL ITEMS Pink Moon Vine. Candlestick. New Begonias. Coppejrleaf. Plantain. Perennials. Gold Alyssum. Joseph's Coat, Chinese Hibiscus, Flowering Maple, COMMON ITEMS Verbena. Petunia, Colous, Immortelle. Red Saec. White Moon Vine MANY OTHER ITEMS Open after 5:00 week-days, nil day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. ft West, Turn right after drive-in screen, 1st street left. Stanley Brown, 442-9044. KBBNCO automatic chicken feeder an «tor»se bin. Also hay. Phone 442-9974. SPECIAL price: Pansy plants. 50c doz en, will bloom in two or three weeks Kay's Flowers, Highway 71 South. HELP WANTED Male-Female Production Workers Day and Night Shift · Permanent Job Openings · Excellent Benefits · Become a permanent employee of Campbell Soup Company and earn ... $1.87 to $2.36 per hour. Apply at Campbell Soup Company 1100 West 15th Street, Fayetteville Equal Opportunity Employer cunt. Co.. It* GARDEN 1KACTOM WHCIL HORSE Tractor with FREE MOWER DUNIVAN'S 8lm Ic Service Hwy. M WMt, Sprlnfdile 75S-3270 SWIMMING POOLS By Anthony WorW'f largett Builder All Typ«* and Sfcti Stasldt Pools, Springdalt, Ark. Phone 756-6543 walk-in Box comnie with unit. B * B Bar B-Q. SIMCO SADDLES and Complete line of Accessoriei. LEWIS BROS. Basement Level MID STATBMAN CAMPERS Campers All Eizfs Topper--List Price $283 Now Only ?240 t Cabovcr Camper List Price 1895 Now Only $683 ROBERTS IMPLEMENT CO. WeMville, OklS. PA MCB "iATES -- Used ft Hew. All kind! ·nd sizes. FEKKINS SAIS CO. 1(M Forest St. Carthaje, Ma Phono 358-1101 TIMES PATTERNS Tulip pockets are prize details! Use gay remanants for a charming, gift-worthy pair. Sprightly tulip applique ha instant appeal to one and all! M a k e colorful aprons for bazaars, gifts. Pattern 681: pattern pieces, transfers. Fifty cents in coins for eacli pattern -- add 15 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Northwest Arkansas Times, 450 Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N. Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. New 1969 Needlecraft Catalog -- best town- sport fashions, most new designs to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider. 3 free patterns i n s i d e , fifty cents NEW! "50 INSTANT GIFTS' make it today, give it to morrow! Marvelous fashions toys, decorator articles. Ideal or all occasions, fifty cents Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs to knit crochet, sew, weave, hook. 50 cents Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50 cents Book number 1 -- 16 Superb Quilts. 50 cents Book number 2 -- Museum Quilts - - 12 rare, outstanding quilts. 50 cents Book number 3 -- Quills foi Today's Living. 15 unique quilts 50 cents 4816 SIZES 8-18 Raciest Look on two legs -wear the classic wrap dress with or without flaring pants. For all the fashion impact, it's very easy to sew! Printed Pattern 4816: New Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. 18. Size 12 (bust 34) dress takes 3'/a yards 35-inch. Sixty-five-cents in coins Tor each pattern -- add 15 cents lor each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling; Send to Anne Adams care of Northwest Arkansas Times, 438 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St.. New Y o r k , N. Y. 10011. Print Name, Address with Zip, Sne and Style Number. Over 100 new fashions clos» as your mailbox in new Spring- Summer Pattern Catalog. Free pattern coupon. 50 cents. New! Instant Sewing Book. Save hours--cut, fit, sew modern, expert way. Over 500 pictures. Only $1. r-... SERVICE DIRECTORY , phone 443-53.U. 412-6209. 3'/i H.P. UYClE BRIGGS 4 STRATTON ENGINE · Heavy-dutypinionssynchronized with gear tread tiret give positive power. Just push handle down to disingag* forward drive for turns or quick stops. Release to star again · Grass Jet deflector/chute controls clippings · 5-Position Quick-A-Matic cutting height ad justers · ftato'type front foreasie going in high grats · Easy-Spin rewind starter · 21-inch auslem- pered steel blade · 8-inch shielded ball bearing wheels · Leaf Mul- eher included · Crass Catcher available. Only $99.95 We Also Have Riding Mowers L I N K W A Y KxperlrnCfd Formica, pulr wnyg, patios. 21M. ft rONTIA^ fmir »lw Olnlmn. S'JXi , n MOWN. voikMVRBfn. i«if iv.«iM, | Hardworc and Furniture ^rnile..,. r.r,.nd M,,f». nTM. -m-,^ ?} ^^ f ^ ^j^ farm bnildinps--frf? uprrlHl 40' Kmdcritirten, \Rf-l ti W f f k l onditioning-- heatinc, trailer repair man-Duo-Tlierm. Mobile 2-6209. viotion-- indcr Aviation. Inc. cr Air Service sa. Oklahoma d Trips Daily fare only $12.SO ervice -- Flluht rt ruction 21-2883 Nitf« 521-1117 lldoiing- notor Rrnder work. M. PATTON 442-2(121 rpenter-- If hnilt A- house re- r free estimate 816.2744. TO PLEASE wnter. any tlz lob. , concrete walks, drive- w eillmatr Phanl 443 - UiilMlim, remod«ltni I Citlmltti. rhoM 441. -fre? fattmates. Winter barn. I19SO. Phont itioiiH. patio.1, roofinj, v , imiiM livelini. No MIKH ild Cort- rn in my )iom'-d»,v, onrly. Phone S21-22M. n my Itfltnc. Hour, day mil. 1007 Mlinon. n. aim ?«n ctnut mi tetiierini for npflfil. n veari. Opel *:3f t* ML rnoM 44]-9m --Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil-- TOPSOn^ CREEK GRAVEL, ROAD MATERIAL DELIVERED. FIT.LY GRKATHOUSB. 44J-JJ4! Cattle, train, top ion * travel. Cll'dl Ciirtln Tnicli Service. Pborw IMtt Lincoln. --Hauling-- LilM naullne, clean-up jobs, brusb «n« Uet limbs hauled away. Phone 443-1054 -Honethoeina- iior.susiioEiNr, Georoe W. Short -- M.1-318B (11AROLAISE CATn.K --Interior Decorating-- ITUOHKS Draperies. For custom made draperips. bedspreads. swaRfi, cornices, cushions, shades. Complete line of fabrics, drapery hardware. Phone 4C5320. -Janitor Service- JANITon Service, floor rlpaninK, nig cleaning, anil window clfanlnu. Free es- tlmates and 34 hr. service. Contact Pro. feislonal Janitor Service, P.O. Box 552, Kayetteville. Ark. 443-2840. -town* A Garden*-- CAPtmCK TURF NURSERY Uwn OniKi and Md. PltftM 4424M rlardrn brcaklnit 910.410 tip. T.iffht haul* Inn. CJill before 9 a.m. or after S p.m. *4:-tI14 --Point m Fapor^ Patnllnf-- interior * exterior. Rrason* ·Mi price*-- work miarantttd. Rtfar ««l. Call Taylor 4419332. FAINTINO PAPERmO V. C Mcffllllami -Parkini-Srerooe- IKnOB imrkint * nonit. tttnj, watt- IT ar monthly. AIM bail lUnfa ivilla. die. HNstoi) Taylor ParUM, 144 II. coiuit. rMM 44Mm. --Plumbing Service-- FiyettevlUe Plumblns a Heating Co. Sales. Servtee, Installatloni. Dayi 4425121. NlshU 442-6625 JA 1-2631. TO PIACT3 AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD ONLY COST JO.OO PER MONTH -- Reweaving-- EVANS Rewcavln« 2394 Junenny Terrace Ph. 442-SGO 24 Hour scrvlctt -Rock ft Stone Work- STONEWORK All t-pes. Specialize fireplaces, retaining Trails, patios, veneer. Bill Hecox US-MIL', rrairii- nrovr. Ark. Native stone fireplaces, retaining u-alls, patios. Bnr-B-Q pits. 521-2801. --Septic Tank Service- septic Tanks pumped and cleaned. Lowest Ratei. Local buslnesi. Phon* 443-32N TO PIJICB AN AD IN TH13 STACK, WOULD ONLY COST »9.00 PER MONTH --Sewing-- DRKS8MAK1NO and General 8ewipf. Phone r,a-157.1. -- Servieei Offered-- for Sale Cuttle and bor.e trallerl. Phonil 443-:74l CUSTOM tractor worn, plnwlns, dlsclne. bmihhotlinl and blade work. Phon* 44247N7 or r'Jl-?tKl POULTRY bouse cleaning. Will flrnn for Inter or fprea! on otir farm. Phone MW7M. IJr.cnln. TO PIJirTB AN AD IN TIM ·PACK WOULD ONI.T COST 1900 PCR MONTH --Tree Servic*- LEE PERRY TREE SERVICE Pruning, topping, deadwoodintr removal. 443-2807. liability insurance. RELIABLE SHRUB TREE SERVICE Complete Tree K: Shnib Car*. Free Estimate. 521 -.1756. --TV Repair- TV ANTENNAS, VHK-UHF Knlcs, Installation, nepnif. PL M406 442-Cllil --Welding Service- portable welding. Reasonable pricf-t. Hugh W. Sprindsteart, Pmp Station Road. Phone mornings or evenings. -1.13-597.1, -Wellt ft Pumpt- McNEAL PUMPS DcmminR A- Rcrtn. Snlcs ft Scrvtct 442-4018, RctjcCCft St. WELL DRILLING and FAIRBANKS-MORSE PUMPS FOR SERVICE, PHONE TUNE DRILLING CO. -- \r_ TUNE CONSTRUCTION CO. Fayetteville-442-8251 Springdale-Pl 1-2032 Well Drllllnl and Pnmp«. ftl deck our pnets )I) Win J. Srhell. Dion* (C-iTS. TO PUCH AN AD IN TIIII 1PACK WOULD ONLY COST 19.00 PER MONTH

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