Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
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r.2.. . i ; - FEATURES INDEX 1 * Amusement« ,.A-« Markets ,B-« I 'Classified ....C-4 Radio-TV B-7 I Comics A-S Slipping B-* I Death Notices .C-4 Sports C-l-4 I toitorial B-I Women B-4-J 'eat WEATHER Phont HE 5-11*1 -- CfisifeJ No. HE 2-5959 The Soulhhtml's JL Finesl Morning Newspaper :i FA6ES IONS BEACH IZ. CALIFORNIA. TUESDAY. FBRUARY 25. i?M VOL 24 -- NO. 155 Sunny today'after early morniaj cloud*. Ilijh temperature about (2. Complete Weather, P»jt A-S. *f*iag«aaaag« HOME EDITION-- lOe Tideland Hearing 'Mixed* 3 Hill, Labeleil 'Ridiculous' liy John Mausell By JIM McCAULEY I, r.1 Ucnmento lurtM SACRA-MENTO--The first talk of compromise plus a hint of manipulations by anti- Long Beach private oil interests marked the first round Monday of week-long tidelands oil hearings. The compromise reference came from a Northern senator during tte opening session of a two-day hearing of the Joint Tidelands Commit tee. City Manager John R. Mansell branded as "ridiculous and premature" three Senate tidelands fund bills which would hand over 100 percent of shoreline oil revenue! to the state treasury. SEN. Stephen Teale, D-i West Point, retorted that he felt it was perfectly proper for the state to start on one extreme side of a negotiation matter and the city on the other extreme side "even if the bills do frighten Long Beach.'* In a follow-up reference to compromise, Teale then add-! ed: "Maybe well wind op in' the middle." Half the tide-! lands oil revenues row go into a tidelands trust fund. Biggest furor in the opening Jil'KCi'ACL'LAK FKEKWAY CRASH Seven persons, including two children, were injured in a fiery four-car collision Monday night that left these three cars telescoped together on Long Beach Freeway north of Willow Street. A car driven by a San Diego woman had a fiat tire and chain-reaction crash followed. (Story on Page A-4.) McNamara Plans Halt Drug Trip to Viet Nam j Sale A het Rumford) Act Set for Vote lYlilitm (Jomil \ot Official, luil Setms Certain SACRAMENTO Ifl -- An initiative measure to nullify the Rumford Housing Act apparently qualified for I h e November ballot Monday. But a spokesman for the National Association for the; Advancement of Colored People said his group will make a second attempt to have it] ruled unconstitutional within .two or three days. ' Sacramento attorney Na- Ithaniel Colley said he would |ask the State Supreme Court to rule the measure off the ballot on grounds that it isj a waste of taxpayers money to vote on an unconstitutional measure. The NAACP f a i l e d last month in a similar effort. Records filed Monday with Secretary of State Frank M.j Jordan showed almost 120,-; 000 signatures in excess of the required number. | Jordan said it \vould mt be official until returns from all, 'counties are in, but 50 coun-j ties had certified 583,029 sig-| natures on petitions, w i t h ^463.239 required. j Midnight Monday was the: deadline for county clerks toj complete their certifications. Singer Knew of Sinatra Jr. Kidnap Plans Commissioner H. E. Ridings. from". ' WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Defense Secretary Robert .i«J L/C(ltllS McNamara will go to Saigon probably within 10 to review the South Viet Nam war, but officials ...~..*-.w.. v ~.., - · -- , Monday his trip does not mean the United States lThe government said Mondayismution to prohibit the state about to extend the conflict into the Communist)^; e "^, dru^°lilve been'er's n n" t ht to^t-fuse *o °rcnt Long Beach tidelandi contro-'north, . . , , ,. . j -; -- - - -- - -.j^^, because " i , j^, been'or sell" i (Continued Page A-3 CoJ I)' Wrlsile House offjciaU char- ing Viet Nan. h win include associated with 15 deaths, in-j The committee, backed pri- . ' .'_ tcterized McNamara's mis- officialj cf the State and De-' ( eluding 6 in this country. 'marily by the California Real ( *ion--announced Monday--as fense Departments, Central' The Food and Drug Admin- Estate Association and t h e ( one of a series of inspection- ... . ' , r ..,istration said sales of the California Apartment Owners trips he has made to get I n t e l l l g *" c e A ' ency / l - lA; drug--called Pamate -- were'Association. said Feb. 4 that 'progress reports first hand JTM Y\ Informa " on A S* nc " halted voluntarily by Smith,'petitions bearing 650,000 to 1 from U.S. military nien andO-SIA). Kline and French Labora--700,000 signatures had been! diplomats involved in the war; A highly competent source 1 tones after the firm was told filed. i SOYNY Liston defends [against the Communist Viet downgraded reports that the'^g government planned to' T h e committee h a s at-' title against Cassius Clay Cong guerrillas. ,United States might extend take action to force the prod-!tacked the Rumford act as 1 tonight- Page C-l. The State D e p a r t m e n t the conflict by such means as uct off the market. "unfair housing." j · ' meanwhile announced f orma-1 a r g e - s cale guerrilla incur-| jfcj drug had been distrjb-1 « . . . BRFTISH pick up 9 of the tion of a high-level inter-'sions or an air-sea.blockade u ted by Smith, Kline andj 20 Academy Award acting 'agency to v coordinate VS. to cut North Viet N'am's ' | THE RUMFORD Act pro- ! hibits racial discrimination in; 'the sale or rental of about '0 percent of the Ivxisin- in California. The initiative measure, if a p p r o v e d by the voters.: -- 1 would amend the State Con-,ROCK *X ROLL singer Dean Torrence, contradicting his own testimony in the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnap trial in Los Angeles, Monday testified that defendent Barry Keenan told him last Jc- tober about plans for the alleged abduction. Refutes First Story I.OS ANGELES U--Rocfc 'n' roll singer Dean Torrente. contradicting his own testimony and rocking the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnap trial, testified Monday that defendant Bairy Keenan told him Ust October abuur plans for the alleged abduction. He said Keenan give him atiout $25.000 of the ransom. but he Rave it Kick. Torrence testified for the p r o s e c u t i o n that he was Keenm's best friend and had lent him money, but denied that he helped finance or knew about a kidrup plot. Asst. U.S. Attorney Thomas Sheridan recalled him to the witness stand and said, "I understand you want to make an amendment to your testi* nvinv." Working Mother Third Ruby Juror TORRE-N'CE. in his early 20s and known for his hit _ record "Surf City.TM said he did, tdding: "I'm afraid I made up some stories. 1 did knew about the soalled kid- naping and 1 did get some money and 1 gave it back." ; Federal Judge William East commented: "I'm conscious of nominations. Page A-6. 'policy and operations regard- ply lines. Across the Nation Lost Boy, 9, Found on Ridge PRESCOTT, Ariz. Cfl -- A plucky 9-year-old boy was found unharmed Monday after spending about 30 hours alone in frigid, rugged country near mile-high Prescott. Third-grader Dennis Hargus told his rescuers, "I sure ara tired." There were no tears until he was returned to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Hjrgus of Mesa, Ariz. Two horse riders. Jack Orr and Virgil Maiwell. both of Prescott, found the lad as he walked roar the top of Maverick Ridge, a nigged 7.100-foot escarpment that some call a mountain. Orr q u o t e d the joungster as saying te followed n u m e r o u s trails, but when dark- nesi neared and be had found no telp. he decided to go to sleep. He built himself a crude shelter of tree branches and brush. puHed hif sweatshirt hood over hii head, curled tip and went to sleep- In addition to his sweatshirt, the boy wore only blue jeans and lowcut shoes. During the Right, temperatures skidded to 13 degrees. Three airplanes, tao helicopters and an estimated 300 men. including the sheriffs of Yavapai, M o h t v e and CoconiiX) counties, took part in the mammoth hunt. _ LBJ, Wirtz Confer WASHINGTON (.« -- President Johnson conferred with Secretary of Labor W, WiUird Wirtz Monday in an attempt to dear the way for shipment of American wheat to Communist nations. The White Hwse made ro statement after Johnson talked with Wirtz, but earlier it said Johnson *lias a plan of action" to deal with a maritime union boycott against loading ships with wheat sold to Russia and its satellite nations. However, Assistant DENNIS tPPING, NIL «V-Nearly 100 persons searched in vain Monday for a clergyman's 8-year-old retarded son. ·ato has been missing since Saturday. The hunt for John Pennington was concentrated in the area of the Lamprey River, on the theory the young- 1.1 er nay have broken throujh the ice »nJ drowned. Press S e c r e t a r y Malcolm KC wouldn't indicate the nature of the plan. Hussein Meeliiig Scl WASHINGTON (UPI) -- President Johnson win receive King Hussein of Jordan for an "Informal' meeting April H, the White House announced Monday. King Hussein, who has been to the United States twice before. wiG be the first Middle East statesman to meet with Johnson. The current controversy between the Arab states and Israel over Jordan River water is expected to be the maia topic for the meetmg. Negroes in March PRINCESS ANNE. Md- (UPI) -Negro students marched on this racially tense town again Monday, straggled with the owner of an all-white restaurant, then retreated to their campus and flung themselves in front of state police cars to prevent two dcmonstn- tori from being arrested. Several hours Urer the jtudenu i;reed to a 4f-hour truce with town crffkial*. March 1961. has opposed the initiative. i » « « » predicting the campaign will THE FDA said there have iouch off racial strife, been about 400 reports of Broun and civil r i g h t s 1 *high blood pressure among groups have questioned the 'users of the drug throughout | constitutionality of the ini- the world. Reactions of these^tiative measure; but the legis- patients ranged from severe'lative counsel said it was headaches to strokes and constitutional in his death, the FDA said. [ It said about 50 cases re-; M j » i | ( ' ^ S('4 suited in cerebral vascular] accidents, a form of stroke. ] l x ' U ' t l l of T Philadelphia estimated about 3 1 , i million have used the drug ...,TM^, out tie world. ballistic miss;Ies j The FDA said it had con-i sk " ward - TM lhln a the fact that I've had perjury DALLAS i/O -- A working mother of six childrenj?' mm ; t A etl __' : '.^ J . t chosen Monday as the third juror at the Jack Ruby!' ta ^ -iave to be dealt with." fused to bar television viewers of the slaying a* panel, Keenan. 21. Joseph Clyde members. 'Arasltr. ij, and John Irwin, ' The first woman siiected''. *re charged with kidnap- for the jury was Mrs Mildred irS the 20-year-old iinger McCullum. 40. a secretary Dec 8 from Lake Tahoe and and the wife of a machinist Releasing him here later after She cx/uld have claimed ex-.receiving $240.000 ransom emption because of her chil-i'rum the elder Sinatra. The dren but those instead to.deft-nse has contended it w a s ANNAPOLIS, Md. W--Txvo remaln " n ^ f panel. She a publicity huv policemen chased a motorist joined t«-. men jrevioiiay| . . . . at speeds up to 80 miles an selected. TORRf-VCF, blond and soft- hour Monday before stopping ln »"· l ?"*·"* have spoken, uss asked when he V A N D E N B E R G A I R him n «r Anrupul.s bet ' n examined to try the first heard .f (he alleged B«E (UPI) - Two 1 \^«*s your hurry, lhe of- 52-year-old Ruby for the s!ay- plot. ficers asked the driver. John in 3 Nuv - 2 cf Lee llan'eyj -About October, frura Barry D-.vorek 37 of Bjltimore. had Oswald, charged with the" he said. "He said he Speeding Back to .lull. //«'s Fined ' . ready ' ej'punation: he was «"«TMfu« . of President ,.,, ^ ir , , 0 FDA supervision. UJV. Panel in Cyprus Peace Hid in the Anne K c n n w I y- Thirtef n of thetn a crime and uould like to te!I 1 was w " e 1u««» n *J Monday, and mf ib(BJt it , , et hirn t3!k . nine were excused by the ^ vMt cause such as _^ fx ^ v ^ ; t(J lWuU » *- ·- 'un.rl 1-. A ' 'VI* l ^ ' ^ " ' * » ^ ' 1 * 3 I i " J I f U T l l i i n - , . i t . ' * *t^ + _ a - » I the San Fran-end lejxe. ^'^ * * him »nd things of that sort. Cisco Bay area to the north,! Pulice E a v e hi!n an tst(jrt ' ' . . . . , -|[ e said he was goin; to 'and south to Los Angeles,.the rest of the way after B E f O R E , b , b , recesitd abduct Frank Sinatra Jr. Did Orange^ Riverside and San, charging him.with 'Ketog. h he SJ . B h w r - shfridjn ^mardmo counties, said Dworek is a live-in, work-out ^y^^ t w o more of its pre- asked think he ji.1 j-e A 4. Col. »· ; they obsen-ed a "wavy flash- prisoner convicted a being an tw^t* and the "I *^'t and weirdly shaped contrails accessory tr» i breaking and * * at the time of the first launch.'entering. (Continued Pjpe A-4. Col. 4» (Continued was supponr TO I UXITED NATIONS (t'PIh-- ,The six non-permanent mem-] ( bers of the Security Council Monday night agreed to seek', ·a solution of the Cyprus crisis 'privately despite a collapse of Secretary General Thar.t's mediation efforts. ; I Council President Carlos Alfredo Bernardes of Brazil, called the six smaller powers into a six-hour meeting after Roosevelt Out of Senate Race LOS ANGELES WV-The field in the race for Sen. Clair Fngle's VS. Senate ! seat was reduced by one Monday when Rep. James Roosevelt said he's decided to seek re election to the House. The ailing Engle. who has Thant informed him earlier' said r.e is in the race for keeps despite lack of support f r o m party leaders, had aides take out com- I iruting papers in his behalf Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Ivory in his home town tA Red Coast, Morocco, and Norwayi Bluff, ·greed to use their influence! State Controller Alan 'with Cyprus, Britain. Turkey Cranston, winner over both and Greece to break the stal; j Roosevelt and Ertgle Sun- mate centered on insistence: day in obtaining the en- by the Cypriots that the 1960 dorsementof the influential | treaty that created their coun- California D e m o c r a t i c try be *et aside. j Council, thanked Roosevelt "from lhe bottom of my heart for hi* good srxn«- manship in jivinz me his Monday that a week'j private. talks had deadlocked. j The six powers -- Bolivia,' Roosevelt, after announcing his support of Cranston. a d d e d , however: "If by May I decide he (En^le) it able to r^mpaTgn. I would support him " In council balloting \n determine who it w o u l d support for lhe Democratic senatorial nomination in California's June primary election. Cranston received 1,197 \otes, Roosevelt 777 and Engie 231. Engle is recoering from brain surgery and p a r t y leaders have expressed reservations about his ability ' lo campaign vijorously and serve effectively if elected. Fnjle says his doctor has given him a clean bill of health Roosevelt urped Engle to make full disclosure 4 hi* condition. Roosevelt, son of the Lite P r e s i d e n t Franklin D. Roosevelt. *dy* the decision to drop hii senatorial ambitions was a "result of the convention of the CDC and a careful review of the facts." He added: " W i t h iv.» certain candidates in the field and the probability of a third, it seems i fourth would be superfluous." The probable third candidate. Roosevelt said, was Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk. »V had not announced. Rl f. J \\ILS ROOSEVELT Malioj Anrcuncmenl

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