The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 8, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS L»ocal [News M. J. Quigley of Swan-wick spent Sunday with his family here. . .-•• Miss Pearl Wilkinson visited friends in Johnston City yesterday. Mesdames Ella Murphy and Besse Moake were Murphysboro visitors Sat- .urday afternoon. Miss^Estlher FreidmaD of Johnston Oity is visiting Miss Eva Moake. Rev. A. C. Geyer, pastor of the First Methodist church, and Rev. J. W. Smith went to Chicago last night, •where they will latltend am annual Methodist Conference which will be in session three days, beginning today; Miss Julia Mayhew of Centralia spent the week end. with her Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mayhew. . , Mrs. Fred Bouchier and children ot Murphysboro are" visiting her mother, Mrs. Geo. O. Smith. Earl Garrett has gone to Rockford for a visit with his uncle, Dave Bell, and family. Frank Sumners 'has returned from Centralia 'where he has been' for treatment' for his eyes at Haley's Eye Infirmary. Mrs R_achel Gunra of! Cobden is spending several days here on business. . (' Misses Florence .and Beatrice Sill were St. Louis visitors today. Mrs, John Bowman, returned yesterday fro-Dj"a visit with, her daughter; Mrs. A .E." Damon, .In Goloonda. Clarence Bouchier of St. Louis visited his parents, Mr.' and Mrs; John .Bouchier yesterday. Dr. H. C. Moss .made a business trip to Brookport yesterday. Mrs. Gertrude Cox returned yesterday from Cartervllle, where she spent last week because of the Illness of relatives. Fred Pabst and Donald Carter of the Chicago I. C. offices, spent the week end at their homes here. Judge and Mrs. D. W. Martin and Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Proctor yisdted friends in Murphysboto yesterday. W. H. Ashley of Hurst spent yesterday with Mrs. Ashley; who is residing with the former's mother since the death of Wi H. Ashley,' Sr. son, Russell, and Miss Helen Parker j of. Mound Cfllty, were Sunday guests of Attorney and Mrs.'T. B. F. Smitih. Robert Brown of UUta; brotuter to- Mrs. Wm, Kayser, is here because of the death of Mr. Kayser. Miss Grace Boyd, teacher in the Galatia schools, has teen home the past week because of illness. Prof. G. D. Wham of the Normal taeulty, delivered a. lecture before the teachers at the County Teachers Institute Saturdoy at Edwardsville, Saturday,; Elmer Clyburn of " Murphysboro spent last evening with friends .here. Ted McDauiel .has returned to St. Louis after a. visit with his mother, Mrs. J. W. McDaniel. Mrs. J. C. Wlilson has returned from St. Louis where she has been visiting her daughter, Miss'Cecil Wilson. Miss Wilson, whojhas been studying music in the University of 111. at Champaign, is now under a private teacher in St. Louis. NOTICE Get your state automobile license at the city hall. The cop may get you if you don't.—Advertisement. . GOOD ATTENDANCE GREETS MEETING i (Rev. J. W. Merrill.) Yesterday was a great day at the. Baptist church wihere the revival meetings under the leadership of Song Evangelist Deal, are -now in progress. Full houses morning and evening and at.Sunday school notwithstanding the cold in the morning are some indication of the interest in the meetings. The decision day in tlhe- Sunday school resulted in iseveral decisions for Christ. At the morning worship •the pastor preached upon "A Question of Advantage and Front'," calling attention to the advantages of church membership. Three united with the church. The afternoon' meeting for young people was full of [interest and there were 1 several decisions. The great meeting was In the evening. There were six decisions at that .meeting. "Getting Right with. Sod." was the •tiheme of the eveiillig. -• The singing all day was inspHiring. Deal stuns his hyprocrite song at the evening servfce.^ The music Is the special feature of these meetings. The meetings will continue each .night during the coming week. Short sermons iby the pastor, spirited song services by Evangelist Deal and a stirring appeal to -accept Christ. This is the last week of the meetings. SOCIAL EVENT AT ARMORY FORMER LOCAL RAILROAD MAN PROMOTED . Mrs. J. W. Williams spent yesterday in DuQuoin. Mrs. Williams, who was formerly Miss Mary Wilson, is visiting j here during the absence' of Mr. Wil-, liams, who is on a business trip to Cuba. They reside in FaSrneld. jf*y *T i •-.. Edwin McNeal of Centralia spent Sunday here with Harvey Eubanks. Harry C. AtheKton, formerly employed in the" Superintendent's office of the Illinois Central at Carbondale, who j went Ito Chicago In 1917 to become Secretary to the General Superintendent o£ Transportation", since which time he became Secretary to the As- i sistant Federal Manager, has now been j promoted, to the position of Secretary j- to C. M. Kittle, Senior Vice President' of the Illinois Central at Chicago. es, appetites / /W- and digestions. /'"'«, Ets benefits are as as its cost is If satisfies the desire for sweets, and is beneficial.' too-, "After Every The Flavor Lasts A12 McCowan's Syncopated Jazz'Band, scored the Ihit-pf the season at the successful dance given iin the Armory Hall Saturday night to a large audience of modern dance enthusiasts, who really appreciated good jazz music. This excellent crowd of young folks of Southern Illinois enjoyed an evening of good order, dancing, music and congeniality. This musical organization without a doubt is second to none who have previously appeared in Carbon-dale, and is wonderful -from a true jazz dance musical view and more than delighted to please the large crowd that attended the iance. Mr. Reid,, the Xylaphone artist, is a scream and from general opinion of many who heard him ,is a marvel and ranks among the best, and Evam Handy's New York Xylaphone artist has nothing on Reid. Paul Black, the trap man, with his huge trunk full of traps, from a- bird siren to steam boat whistle ,-bells, chimes., torn toms, Chinese drums, piccolo blocks, chop sticks, Chinese crash, cymbal and many other novelties too numerous to mention" demonstrated himself to be a sensation of the Jazz dance, ;and kept the dancers thinking what's next. McCowan/the leader and saxophonist, , is equally in -the above class and reigns supreme -with his beautiiful rounid and full tones of !his saxophone and has complete control of his bunch oE jazz artists every moment, of their engagement. The violinist,clarin-ettist, also pianist are all on the job to entertain ana the dancing public of Carbondale, Murphysboro, Marion, -Centralia, Carter- vslle and other adjoining cities were delighted with their wonderful' time and music. This musical organization is white musicians 1 and all members of the musicians . union. Tthrough requests of many who 'heard -this famous band, the management has secured .a return date'and they will appear at the Armory Saturday night, March 20. Don't'miss this treat.—Advertisement. Miss Helen Brown of Anna was the guest of Miss M-ary ^Matthews yesterday. Fruit Trees on City Lots. The planting of dwarf fruit trees. Including a species of pear tree which may be trained fnn-shnpe on a trellis Hnd a peach tree which \vill bear fruit next year in the demonstration gardens In mnny states, ouprht to awaken householders-generally where detacti- ed dwellings are. the. rulu to the importance of'ranking their yards- productive.-Fruit trees \yill thrive in any Kood soil. They flo not require inucii utrcntion beyond pruning an: 1 . spray- Ing. In France fniir trers have been sroiviiitr nlon.c tli« highways for cen- rarics. They serve the double purpose 01' shade and proliv. Charles- Lnthrop Pack, president of Ihe American Forestry association. sn.vK that]. If city dwellers were to nive IK; lu.uch atten- ' clou to the pluming of fruit trees as some of them have jriven to bnck-ynnl vegetable gardens rimy would soon he j proflncin.2: a Inr.^p jmionn* ^ fruit "f, i>. b. the kitchen." j __mANO WEYLER / f *T*+ir** • h s><r*'t<++<~± *&&^^^€%(^% r Bryant -. -. •••IN-. -.-... , • "PUTTING IT OVER" A regular devil-may-care cuss whotears up the town 1 SS s Daggering 1 ock at night • , so is SHE I r p ' °mes Daggering e Cream J>arlors at 1 0:00 o'clock at night • , n everytmng. He is some „„,„„„,«« v *•'" * dlW «ent way, so is this picture H You d never forgive yourself for missing-ii you did I THE LITERARY DIGEST 1 The snappiest news from the worlds leading 1 news paper9 "I Also FOX NEWS \ 11 and 22 I Music fr45 Curtain at 7 1 " . / ^*M* lain fi\ / • ft - J TUESDAY' CONSTANCE BINNEY in "THE STOLEN KISS" A clever star in a clever story -• m™ «. Lrt the^act h. 8, f^^^-ii-^^^.^^^,^^1 Gen. Valeriano Weyler, who at the, age of ninety has been appointed captain general of Barcelona, Spain. He j is remarkably active for his age, and . at .critical times is always called by | King Alfonso. j FIGHT GOES TO FINISH President Said to Be Willing to Ao.. .'. cipt the .Reservation on Ar- .... -. , .'.7'. :. ticl« Ten. ' •'-.-. • -..:•• Washington, March 8.—President Wilson" ; regards as unnecessary, any further discussion of the treaty reservations with Democratic senators. Inasmuch as he made his position clear to Senator Glass at the White House two weeks ago. . This was disclosed at the White House, and was the only response to Senator Hitchcock's letter suggesting that the president receive -Senator Simmons and discuss with him the whole treaty situation as, the rank and file of senate Democrats saw it. Democratic senators said that the president clearly intends to s»ind to the finish upon the position he has •assumed, but they disclosed the fact that Senator Glass reported to them ou his return from his recent conference with the president that he believed Mr. Wilson would accept the reservation on article X which was considered in the bipartisan conferences, and would deposit ratification containing that reservation. This was new light on the president's attitude, but in the oplu'.ub of senators it did not make the situation as -to ratification any more hopeful. It did. open, a way, they thought, to putting" all the responsibility for defeat of the treaty upon Senator Lodge, his supporters, and the Borah irre- concilables. YANKS BUY BIG IRON WORKS THE PEOPLE'S COtUMN C**h In Advene*. One month, per word ... 1f One week, per word "j» One insertion, per word ;...01 Three insertions, per word ,OJ WANTED. . WANTED—To trim trees. Experienced. William-O'Neill, 611 North Washington. • WANTED—To rent house with five or more rooms. Permanent renter. No small children. Phone 128. WANTED—To rent or buy, small or large farm near Oarbondale. Not farther than 5% miles from town. Farm improved. Ralph V. Dickey, Wayne City, 111. H. R..No. 3. LOST-Pair nose glasses -ro Illinois Central division office and d pot about 5:00 p. m. March 6.—Return to Free Press. LOST—Pair of nose glasses to case Reward Hit returned to "W." at Free Press. LOST—Gentleman's pocket book, con- •tainiing forty dollars in b'ills,silver and. receiipt from Hardy's grocery to owner. Leave at Free Press and receive liberal reward. WANTED—To rent modern house by May 1st. Address -''A," care Free Press, FOB KENT. . . FOR; -RENT—Two iront room* OT«J Style Shop, for office or sleeping room*. Apply Mlsr Rieth, Normal and Uonro* St. FOR RENT—Storage tor hotuehoU goods, in the one story brick building, cement floor*, en alley back of mew Barth Theatn.' Apply MlsB Rieth. Vienna Reports Purchase by Amerl- cans of Mills at Ternltz and Nuerszuichlag. •' Vienna, March 8.—The Neus Journal of Vienna reports the acquisition of a controlling Interest in Schoeller's Iron works at Ternitz and Bleckraann's jSteel works at Nuerszuichlag by on American syndicate. Another American group is said to be negotiating for the acquisition of the Important Brevil- Uer and "Urban works. ' * SAVANNAH STRIKERS IN RIOT Longshoremen Start Trouble When Attempt Made to Persuade Workers to Walk Out. . Savannah, ..Ga., March 8. —A strike of longshoremen at'teh terminals of the Ocean Steamship company was followed by rioting when the strikers attempted to persuade the workers at tl-.e Merchants and Miners' Transpor- tanon company's docks to join them. Wage questions were said to bav« caused tr-» strike. ' • • Strike Over Price of Blood. New York.-^Men who sell their blood for transfusion -in operations struck for more money at the Flower ao.epitol. . They demanded $55 for a pint of blood, $30 more than they received two weeks ago, since . which time the price has increased to 1540. Student nurses responded as strikebreakers. Ten minutes after the strike started one nurse was" on the operating table as a surgeon performed 9 transfusion operation and the- hospital received a pint of blood free. Two hours later tlie nurse was attending a clinic. The strike was broken. Professional blood donors were'on the |ob next day at the old wage. Swiss Vote May 16 on League. Berne, March S.—The Swiss people will vote on Sunday, Hifcy 10, on tne < question of whether Switzerland shall i join the League of Nations, it was der 'sided. , The extra session of parlia-1 ment; which approved 'Switzerland's entry Into- the league, --subject to a i Plebiscite, hns been adjourned until ! Aprll-12. '-'-,, i Backbone of Blizzard Broken. Denver, Colo., March 8.—Light snow was failing here, but the local weather bureau declared the storm In Colo- -rado was practically over and predicted fair weather and higher tempera* rare.---'The lowest 'temperattirej here was three degrees below zero, the'low- «st for March since 1906. it ' FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 216 West Walnut. Phone 370 L. FOR RENT—Furnished room, modern. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospital .Drive. Telephone .69. , .FOR RENT—Furnished room. Phone 414 X. FOR RENT—Two,, rooms for light housekeeping. 402 W. Pecan. FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Five room house and large lot, close to'town, $1500. Call at -305 East Main St (OFFICIAL PUBLICATION.) ' REPORT OF THE CONDITION Of Carbondale Trust and Savings Bank located at Carbondale, State of Illinois, at the closa ot business on the 28th day of February -, 1920, as made to the Auditor of Public Accounts of the State of Illinois, pursuant to lawRESOURCES: , Loans and discounts $233,358 05 : Overdrafts 1,74315 Liberty Loan Bonds ..:... 24*991 0» ' Other Bonds and Stocks .. 29.'950 09 Bauking' an'd fixtures ......'.. 85800' Due from banks 16-73547' ; . Casa 10,508'.36 Total resources $sig 144 03. LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid In S 60,00000 Surplus fund , loloooloo Undivided profits (net) .... 7 292*32 ^Deposits ,.. 260,'66l!71 • Dividends unpaid ..., 300.00 .Total liabilities $318,14*.03 I, Wm. Hays, cashier of the Carbondale Trust and Savings. Bank; do solemnly , swear that the abovo statement is tme to the best of my know. ledge and belief. - . Wm. Bays, CashleiC State of Illinois, County of Jackson.SB Subscribed and swora to be fore me this 4th day of March, 1920'. John H. Searing, Notary Public. FOR SALE—Four room house in good condition. "Water, lights and gas. 407- West Elm. FOR SALE—Fire room cottaige on West Sycamore St. All conveniences except heat. Lot 60x230 feet. Has good barn also. Phone 247 K, at 412 West. Jackson St. . EOR SALE—Underwood No. 4 writer. and in good repair. See O.'-1. Underwood, at the Mill. • FOR SALE—Columbia 'Grafanola, at a bargain-. Phone 435 L. FOR SALE—-"Folding organ, Ainber- ola Edison., parlor '.electric light, Bennett - typewriter -. and' projecting lantern. Phone 414 X. • "- Phone 159 JESSE HAYES All Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work. FOR SALE—2 Ford touring cars, 1 Metz Roadster'and one Baby Overland. Phone 414 X. ' - LOC7 LOST—Wrist watch between my home and postofflce. Call at division office and receive Terwaru 1 . Miss Susie McGhee. LOST—Child's unfinished pink plaid gingham watet on Normal Are., near the Normal..' Betura to Mtifc J. M. Etherton and receive- r»wmrl.--• -_', . Blt,,,.e Dead Engineer for _Wreck. > Elizabeth. ,N. .1"., March 'S.—Respon- sibilitj- for the'wreck on the Central Railroad of New Jersey at Elizabethport, in which four persons lost their lives, wlieu the Hampton express crasher! Into a. \vork train, was'placed on William Sells, tlie'dead engineer of the express, by Prosecutor Walter L. Hctfield. Balancing Rock on Mountain: Fltcliburg, Mass.—On the westem slope-of Waelui--" 1 ',mountain n fialane- "ing rock hns lnwi discovered. The rock, wllicli n i:!:'.n found while blue-, berrying, is six feet,-high and hao three points-of contact with the toek beneath. It cm) lie rocked perceptibly in one direction ' without being dis- lodscil from its position on the natural. .platform. . Under Same Name -1,000 Years. London.—In preparing'' the papers for n transfer- of rhe license of the "Kins andJTinker" at Bnfleld,, search : of: the records: showed that tbte place" had hgpn run under the same'name a» a 'public house -tor more than. 1,000 years, making It perhaps the old- 1 ost inn In'England..' :._ _._.. '..

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