The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 6
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f ••Iced Bt«f Ring JfhnM* budgi t> ba1>nc*n are finding that ground be«! M of (H* bfflt beigalni la iprlnj feed iaihiona. to H ohvic*- Flwta MM! Leaf 3 poundt ground beet 1 pound ground pork t cup minced onion J cup prepared horseradish 1 teaspoon prepared mustard >M* H i wotaa'i mind. It'l i •ll«n(* far t wom- pu« and plan vsr- (• t» i«tf aa* umitiMl nunus. OM <f MM meat*. frett»<4 beef, can!2 eggs, slightly beaten *w elegance with just : 2 teaspoons salt pinch at imagination. |j teaspoon pepper j cup catchup 5 cup chopped green pepper, bank menus are actually what you make of them and ground beef can provide anything from a hamburger to I if desired an artistic Fiesta Mt;at Loaf. ; Combine all ingredients and R*ba Staggs, meat expert, mix thoroughly. Pack into a comments that ground beef is '5 x 9-inch loaf pan or a 2-quart versatile i nthat it can be pan- jring mold. Bake in a moderate fried, panbroiled, broiled, baked I oven (350 degrees F.) 1J to 2 or barbecued. 'hours. Yield: 10 to 12 servings. Salary Of Wife May Not Aid In Purchase Of Home BT ROBERT r. COLL UP Staff Correipondeni WASHIVrjTON, June 15 — A home loan is made on the bais of ability to pay. The sudden withdrawal of th« wife's In buying a home, two pay , checks in the family are often P a y ch «* could cause a family no better than one. i financial crisis that could cost Working wives, p^ticularly the couple the house, in the younger age groups, us- r n 0»n0rnl it i« n» in th« ually find that leders will write K . g . '." . P W . . off all or part of their share ! banker to declde h °w much of of the family income in consid- tne wife's income can b« flg- ering a mortgage. tired in when drawing up a When a wife reaches her late inote. 30's, the chances aru better that VA Hat Veto bankers will figure in 25 to 50 But tne V A, through iU re- per cent of her pay check when giona i offices, has a veto over weighing the couple's ability to the loan if it believes the vet- meet home mortgage payments. cran ls getting over his head Situation! Varr on his payments. And, in some cases where the A VA" spokesman said that wife is a professional woman of , lending policies on working 35 or over, some lending insti-, wives often differ among the tutions may figure in her total: institutions in a single city with income. .some more lenient than others But the young couple that in figuring in the wife 1 pay is shopping for a house based check *hir mbil j ed m ^°? e wi " prob "' He said her income "may be ably be turned down by the' ignored, figured in part or in lender unless they scale down j its entirety" by a bank. But «flfarv Pr ' ° '".'band's based on reports from regional T£ Tr . 'offices, cases where the wife's .v, it Veter ? ns Administration sa lary was figured on a par that back, the 01 home loans, ! wit h the husband's depended has made no rules on how much ^largely on her age and profes- of the wife's Income to consid- isional status " A^ e 1i, bU>Ting " home ' ' Another consideration of »=« i. i are "2 hard and i ''ankers in appraising a wife's *«" rules among bankers on contribution to the family income is her length of service - 'on the job. The longer she has 01 a working wife been working the better her fn V '^ n"r " er -2 ? r children chances of being considered a in granting wider latitude to permanent contribution to the th* subject, although they ob- vioouly are concerec-d about th ' older woman. family income. DIAMONDS $17.95 — $2,000.00 ZC48YTTRM8 1*» OARRYma CIIARQBS McSPADDEN J1 WILEY •OKWBIT JKWELEK8" TEXAS Nostalgia Influences [Tastes In Applesauce MADISON, Wis. —(ITU- Like i most other food, the best apple: sauce is apparently the kind i mother used to make. At least that's the conclusion of consumer! tested by University of Wisconsin food ex- purt«. People were offered every kind of apple-»auc« to choose from, ranging from the coarsest to smoothest textures anrl from very tart to sweet. There wa« no consisent preference, the researches reported — except that people tend to pick the appl«-sau« moit like that their mothers used to make. The Community Calendar JCNK 2* 1:*» pm.—VaUoco B * P\V Clt*. Veliwco Community •OUM 1U> p.m.- K of P Lodge No in, K. at f HaU, Freeport -—<*Untan« District Oommia- M«0ngs, B°7 *»ut Hut,, West Col- lunbla t:» p.n».—Braaotport Couo»n B*nd Jfeh^tn*!, Dow Pint* B Oofoterts ^ : *» PJ«« Frwspoo B dt PW dttk, •onU Room, Dow . Jayoo* Oiut*iou« ¥*ee- •!*• »^k No. &»)•* JMteto* •f • t, JIJW* I o« OcJ- iptak, K ia, Angleton l««lon Hall MONDAf, JUNE U 12:li pm- Freeport Sorop- ttnu»t Club. Dnw Hotel 1:00 pin— Opti-Mra, Do, v 1:30 p.m. — Lslte Jackson Jaynees, Jaycee Clubhouw, 1:30 p.m — Brazo&port VFW Aux 3S78. Velasco Community Houae 1:30 p.m.— Wen Columbia Jkycctfc. Fire House, West Columbia 1:4» p.m.— Flight D, No. i«a« Air JUsene Squadron Met'lrig, Agriculturr Room Snuosport Senior High 8:00 pjn.— Frteport Odtltei- low« Uxige Nc »f.l, IOOF Building, Frt«port 3:09 p.m— Velasco EauLeru Star Meeting, Fr*epon 8:00 pju —^raternaj Order ot BagiM Aux. 3111. FOE Homt, Highway 1M 8 .0* pja — Lulu Jacfctoii AJo. Tirana Aaonyruous, for o< mtetmc call 7- hr tt * ivrvio* by Thi Diw Cht«le»! ConpaRy THE FACTS Brft80«port and Braxorla County, fhuraday. June 20, 198t June 20, 1967 THE PACTS MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS VALUES TO $3.98 BACH $|59 2 FOR »3°° SALE MENS BELTS SALE STARTS FRIDAY MORNING 9 AM. USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT FORMERLY UP TO $3.50 88 C SALE FAMOUS WEMBLEY ft ARROW TES MENS TIES FORMERLY $1.50 ft $2.50 $100 1 SALE MENS STRAWS FAMOUS LABEL HAT! ENTIRE STOCK ON SALE Summer Cottons priceless youna fashions CONTINUES THROUGH SATURDAY, JUNE 29 BUY ON EASY TERMS Regularly $10,95 % Broadcloths • Piques • Everglaze % Drip 'N Drys Sizes: 5 to 15 CHILDRENS PLAYSUITS i n*/\ o-» ' ^^^ * ^^^ 8IZE8 1 TO 3z. 8TYL1D BT LITTLECEAFT SAVE 2tf% A BIO SELECTION 07 THESE WERE $1.98 2.9S 3.98 5 HATS FOR 3 $*loo »7 5 ° HATS FOR »5°° ONE GROUP MEN'S LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS WHITE AND PASTELS REGULARLY $3.98 NOW $188 1 NOW $1.49 2.19 2.99 FAMOUS COTTONS WAMSUTTAS CELLING EEGULAELY UP TO $1.79 YAED 2 Yords^l 00 SALE Childrens Dresses ««1 N J IBE STOC K OF CHILDRENS DKESSES INCLUDED IN THIS SALE ! SIZES 1 TO 14 WERE $2.98 TO $9.95 49 NOW To »7 SALE BATH TOWELS BIG SIZE 22x44 FIRST QUALITY EXTRA HEAVY REGULARLY fl EACH NOW 68 PASTEL COLORS FAMOUS LABEL BRASSIERES PETER PAN REGULARLY $4.95 TO $5 $|88 NOW Some Modern, some Danish, some traditional, Some Bro- vinchal, some Foam, some Spring. Some Regularly $80, some regularly $90, some Regularly $100. $ ALL 58 88 Mismatched sets. Som« dirty, norne floor samples etc. Value to $59.50 si 088 NOW 18 Rectangular coffee tables, Round coffee tables. Corner tables. Values to $19.95 $088 NOW f i BABY BEDS | DOUBLE DROP SIDES, TEATHING RAILS, I 5 PLACE ADJUSTABLE SPiM^OS. | FINISHED BIRCH. $39.95 C VALUE 24 95 BABY BED MATTRESSES HEAVY COIL SPEING, POSTURE BOARD. PINK OR BLUE. DECORATED PLASTIC. sO88 RE.G. $14.95 NOW 8 VI WROUGHT IRON DINETTE CHAIRS TOURQUOISE, BEIGE, TAN, GRAY, ETC BUY ONE, SET OF 4 OR SET OF 6. VALUES TO $15, NOW 6 LARGE GROUP Summer Bags MISSES AND LADIES PURSES SELLING REGULARLY TO $4.98 EACH $|00 UNFINISHED DINETTE CHAIRS 3 DIFFERENT STYLSS. $3.00 VALUES $*)88 2 HIGH CHAIRS JUNIOR SIZE. PITH M RED BIRCH NOW 9 NOW WOMEN'S AND MENS BELTS VALUES TO 11.98 NOW 50. SCOOP CHAIRS HEAVY REINFORCED PLASTIC. CHOICE OF COLORS. USE THEM IN THI DEN OR BEDROOM OR LIVINGROOM. REG. 39.95 NOW ACCORDIAN DOORS INSTALL IN MINUTES. HEAVY VINYL PLASTIC WITH WEIGHTS. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO INSTALL COMES WITH IT. A VALUE ANYWHERE $Q95 ONE BIG GROUP. BLOUSES, PLAY CLOTHES REDUCED 1 AT 8 BRAZORIA'S NEW Melhodiit minister, R.». Clar.nce Dtakini, left, chatted with Her. J, C. Wilson on the step* cf the Braioria Fitit Methcdif Church Sunday eier Hey. Dtakini had preached hii firit lermon at hisn.w loci- tion. A native Texan, Her. D.skim wa> transferred from Hook!, Tex. A/vin Prepares Welcome Mat For Rodeo Visitors The City of Alvin this week parade of Rodeo Queen en- started preparing its "welcome I trrmts, and specialty events mat" for visito.-s throujhotr. <.vi;i be presented at all three tne Texas Gulf Coast area as "r.-formancos. Night peiform- prolim-nary plans for the 33t i >nccs will start at 8 pm and annual American Legion rod- ic matincss performance July were announced. t wi n be at 2:30 p.m. The Alvin Rodeo — a two- A big Western parade in icicn cvr - _ lias downlown Alvin at 10:31 r in. nmtrn. \le and iTluirsday will open the Fiv.rth ? a if.-. . although !<>( July celcbiation at ('•" AI. d 3."i yc. .; a.t'o byi^in Rod?o, nnd barbecm will ;t Xo. 12.!.. Amcr-|be served all day at the Rodeo mil still is spoil-jGrounds. Thr specialty acts to be pre. •sntcd are thp Pasadena Horse, back Sauarc Dance T < i am and a comody a fi ind cu' -'"" ^nise exhibition r' Mr. and M.---. nil] Simon of 7'-.',i;;ton. The quern of thp ro ' :11 '>n rrown'H at the f '•irTipnce Thursday n v '. Rules con'-crning cr; ;n '••-• securer] from Mrs. .V!?n "vainer at Alvin. The ro-lcb events, which 'lave brcn apnrovrd by (he o>;»rt w il be h.-ld 'Wcdncs- j ?,„!!""",,'"'," r^'l" ,^° r ^day. Juno 2P, at the K.ecport |'',""' wl ' h<? h ^ b ^ I day s'- t>?;ome a co an are;t--> ;.i it wa = :-;,: the ASvin r ican I,c,:'o:i. sored by I!.? service velera A nii'.lit r-crformance Wednesday, .July 3, will o.' cially open the Alvin Re , and a cnmplcie F'IO-.V, {<• •• ms: five standard i •• > <• ii - is^al Meet Set -Tosport JA T h annual meeting of of Bra;-- nc Community House, 7:30 p.m., it wns annnunri'd today by JT. k W:dtii;i, president of the .d :;i an 1 J for JA '•.'> have inv^ Acllluvc:iK-lit inu\- 'hi nit; infuinn-d ol IL', Waltnp said, ^icl^nt's annual re- t:n:r. Smiltie Ne! ;on Ca:.hen, outstaiulir tins past year \vi\. ii.^s ,i;!cro<ting piiasi'S (J.' ]iro:,:irn. This vlll*l:L> fol- :'d hy tli-c-tion of the JA -d of directors and otficers the 1!J.",7-S?. program year. Coffee-Coated Pecans For Party Nibbling Yni'.K — W— Coffee,. I'ii!^ help S-UlVL' ti.e of ^ hot to >!:rve .:- agi? ai'fomp.'inimt-iU at . To i".:.»ki?, coriiliine 1 cnp rif susar. i cup <•! water and 1 tabicspi-on of instant coffee in a ^aiict'pa.'i. Cori!-; over lo v h'-ar, sMi'rini; C'''i:^:;itu!y until ihc i-.s to a t:oM Con- n'dinj, r~ir tiedown, F > ; bronc ridin?, sti-er wr.-. 1 ' f md bull riding. A lacl>-' p-"-. ''•1 raci- n!so v.-ill hp ;ir. n'.-d 'at all thn'p prrfc-r.-nnnr'' • ; Rooks for ro-lro r.mti"-:-,"ts ( ivill oncn fit H a.m. July .1 and rl"sp at 12 noon. The liook- ^ keeper, Mrs. H.izel Tl'vi»r, "an be reached at the Alvm Hotel, telephone OLdfir' ' :1- .r:;2. P:.-to M-Kenx'n v: ' ( he th' 1 announcer Tk'kf' 1 -. for the Alvin Hn 'PO oan be secured from Mrs. Ei- rli-••!• at The Fira -nc-ir-^( Farts ' business office. Nancy Nell Debuts Nancy Nell is the name Mr. and Mr.-;. Archie Morrow hav« chosen 'or their daughter, who •weighed in at the Anglcton Husoital at stvfii pounds and ei.uht ounces. He rbirth i^ate was June 9, at 4:-UI p.m. Tlia Morrows are Danhury residenls. r.iMuro tin".e cO', a tiall iu-n dropped in cold WaUrl". P'V.:.- !he hot ^>.-un ilow- ly on the contends of 2 cans tl c-;p .-!7- - ptv.-ins a.'u' Mir until the n'.;;s are coated evenl> . PUc-- ' •-, a rack to dry. Ynur R. C. A. WhifltXHil dealer in Brazosport JIM VOORHTES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES n Circle W»y. L-«ke lackson Phono "-Z578 or 1-7775 \Velcunus you ou doritliavetQ wlien you use -die i

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