Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 16, 1967 · Page 8
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 8

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1967
Page 8
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY. MAY 16. I96r1 r"TUESDAY. MAY 16. 1967 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE Platinum Fraud Brings 3-Year Term A Nogalcs, Son., resident, convicted of defrauding a New Jersey man by selling him lead passed off as platimun, has recieved a three-year prison term in federal court. The sentence was imposed on Melvin (Jack) Lute, 63, by U.S. Dist. Court Judge James A. Walsh. Lute, convicted on a charge of fraud by wire, had been accused of arranging with Morris Seifer of East Orange, by telephone, to sell Mexican platinum at $60 an ounce and then turning over two 60-pound bars of lead. Seifer claimed during Lute's recent trial that he made a $52,000 down payment on the bars early last year. Two five-year prison terms were handed John E. Wilhelm Jr., 33, of Pacatello, Idaho, and Lloyd M. Kenneady, 50, of Rigby, Idaho, on drug convictions. The two terms are to run concurrently. Wilhelm and Kenneady were convicted of smuggling 14% pounds of marijuana and 10.7 grams of heroin into the country through Nogales on Feb. 6. Rogers Gets Top Jaycee Keller Award Malcolm E. Rogers Jr., outgoing president of the Pima Junior Chamber of Commerce, has been presented the Dick Keller Award for "vital contributions to the Pima Jaycees." It is the top annual award of the organization. Other recognition Saturday night at the Pima Jaycees' annual awards dinner went to William Ellis, Gene Craig and Robert E. Hartley Jr. for key contributions in club projects. Mort Sadowsky was recognized for directing the "Speak Up Jaycee" speech class and Jerome Lawyer for heading the "Lam-Kit Chung" heart fund drive Steve Vigileos received t h e SPOKE award, recognition for the most active first year member and Ernest Garfield was presented the Spark Plug Award. Male students! You may save 25% OIL car insurance with Farmers Good Student Discount. FARMERS ^ INSURANCE GROUP AMPH! PLAZA Ft. Lowell at 1st Ave. Ph. 624-3095 GROVER CONRAD PIMA ALVERNON 3907 E. Pima Ph. 327-5609 FRANK PICKART VERLEY HANSEN JACK SHARKEY HERB REYHER BERKSHIRE VILLAGE 8646 E. Broadway Ph. 296-6143 JOHN AHLERS BOB RIACH STAN SMITH UNIVERSITY 1077 N. Campbell Ph. 795-2222 LEE SACKS BYRON "Whitey" DAVIS WILMOT PLAZA Ph. 296-6213 HOWARD MAINS JAMES HALL JAMES BOYD MID-TOWN 3845 E. Broadway Ph. 327-4905 DICK CARRITHERS MILT SILVERMAN ED HEATH NORTH FIRST AVE. 2670 N. 1st Ave. Ph. 792-1323 JOE YOUNG MISSION MANOR 555 W. V.knci* ReL Ph. 294-4262 DOYLE DAVIS CHARLES GORDEN FARMERS INS1IRJUIGE GROUP f .*sr i~:3 i»sn« fitt«9tt° ttlW* .ttMiOfct k" £ ?s ;' f#/f aBandit KoldJeal MEATS a*ond^ ld Seal MEATS IllUuuk^ Gold leal MEATJ .3~Taa-I=r.. : £i!i -t.n53^ii f-^^3 jpJ^Sar:?"^ ST ~-= -~ ^^ ii -nai^- ^f^"~ "- 'ji«, '*# VP'V^ ,^,5S! ' WA $%*** 'C/Zti-*!,' -:/^^v^"/*WS*£\ "'^-"'-^;.-''- ;'- '^'^''^fcg'^^JAjS' "·***£? *^S^i--v' - ;:;uxi\;. ; l. ·«^;S;3,.'?j.X;:. .;;;· / -^-^-V. jfciT.H^ V-.'V s ^%-A: - ^;£ ^ \' : *,s3V i-v? Fresh v iT^ 7 U/, '#,*. *^«4%S,* NOW AT ... EL RANCHO THE PH*o**frT-r or AMO titxD «r THC RfUil Oak* Iatmutk»al AsiodakK Look for the RCIA Union Store Card when you shop . AND ARE WE GLAD! Our wives as well as everybody else's wives have been asking for it! Did you know that the S H Idea book is America's most popular book? Over 30 times as many people read it last year as the best selling fiction non-fiction books combined. The great gifts are why! Come in and get your free copy today! Frozen foods Mayfresh - 8 oz. Meat Pies i Assorted Variety! A Quick Meal for Busy People! Booth - 1 lb. Dvwrn - i IP. ^^ ^BK Perch Fillets: 29' _. · HP · Ore-Ida - 2-lb. Regular *%·*% French Fries. ?..££?.!£ ......39 T.V. Dinners. i;..«!^?.sft 45 C Grape Juice.-..^.^.:..*.-........6i H MBK _ Morton - Sugar Spice Powdered 4^ ^HkC Donuts .....v;.-.?.?.-..!??. 29 EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! El Rancho Liquor n · Jim Beam - 86 pr. Fifth 6 m QC Bourbon ( . c « e .p. r . ke ..^ 3 :^. ) .7.4 MM _·· Mule - 80.2 pr. - Fifth ftt^fe TO Vodka ............ i^.r^f"?:^ ............ *2 79 Royal Occasion - 80 pr. - Fifth (Case $35 ' 76) ^ __ _ · _ · SlCOtCn.. ^^··B t Gil bey s Royal Occasion - 86 pr. - Fifth (Ca ** Pr{c * Burgle 6 Pack · Draft 12 ox. No R»t«ni !!·»· I' ·OTTtVI »f 24 - $4.24) EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! Broilers Fresh Fryer Breasts . ^ I Split For B-B-Q! All White Meat! NH S lb. EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ',, "S. V* P?^]j KREY - Smoked HAMS \ __ -·^xasff- ^^ Fryer - Legs Shank portion All Dark Meat! lb. Fryer Wings....±±11?± 29c lb Chuck Steak % . , 49c Fryer Backs Necks±!± 19c ,,,. Krey Ham ±^!.!?.!:±.. ...59c II RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAtl B b EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL Stew Beef. Fryer Quarters 79c ». Sausage. ....... .^S..tfcM....;.....49c ,, lb Smokie Links ° ! "^r l ?" p ^59c ,,, POU0LE GREEN S A M P S ^^^^^^^^^^^^^HH^v ^^^H^^IIIIH|^HBB ^^^^^^I^^^I^^H ·^^^^^^^^M EBI 11ST. Cut-Up HI! I E AUI TRAY PACK CORN - KING FOWL Honeysuckle Sliced 14 oz. pkg. U.S.D.A. Grade With Giblet Gravy! ea. EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! Franks Deluxe Sliced ^mm . Cheese Chunk Style All Meat Bologna Mayfair Bathroom TISSUES Softwins 2 pack Ass't. Kraft Miracle Margarine \- lb. ctri. Jell-O Pudding Pie Fillings 6 oz. Size (Reg. 2-33c) *·* ~ ZEST Deodorant Bar Soap Reg. Size 1 c Libby's Garden Sweet PEAS 303 Can! White King "D" Detergent Giant Size! 39 c Pilfibury Choc. Chip or Sugar - 18 oz. WflV Freewax (Killi Bugs) Reg. $1.09 - 26 ox. Beef Rice-A-Roni Gol ±±? e :: R :i !.'l29c Dog Burgers..... 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South dealer North-South vulnerable iNORTH * 5 4 2 V 4 O A 1 0 9 8 4 A 1 0 7 6 3 EAST 4 Q J 9 8 S Q 1 0 9 7 4 2 V O 4 54. Mayfresh It's Iced Tea Time! Tea Bags 48 ct. 39 El RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! Chefs Delight (Spreads easy) Cheese 2 lb. Loaf 49 EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! Hill's Bros. All Grinds Coffee Try Hills New Ei'eetfie Perk! (Per Pound) EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! Mayfresh - 3 lb. Jar Creamy Crunchy Peanut Butter 99 EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! WEST * K 10 P K 8 2 O Q65 4» K Q J 9 8 SOUTH 4 A 7 3 O A J 6 5 3 O K J 7 3 + 2 South West North East 1 C ? 2 * Double 2 * Pass Pass 3 Jb Pass 3 O Pass ' 4 Pass 5 0 All Pass Opening lead -- 4 K North should double two spades for lack of a better call. If the defense is at all workmanlike, North should ruff two hearts and South should ruff a club. These tricks, the four aces and the king of diamonds should net North-South a penalty of 500 points. Actually, North made a mysterious bid of three clubs, and South eventually reached an unsound contract of five diamonds. Wipe your tears away if you are a sensitive soul; South made his unsound contract. No Problem West's spade opening lead eave South no problem. He took the ace of spades, led a club to the ace, ruffed a club and then switched to the ace of hearts and a heart ruff. Declarer went on with this crossruff, making his eight trumps separately, together with the three side aces, for a total of eleven easy tricks. West was afraid that a trump opening lead would cost him his queen of trumps. West "should have realized that declarer would stage a crossruff and that every trump lead would save a trick. At worst, West would break even if he lost his queen of trumps. Actually, West would save a trick and still get his queen of trumps. If West opens a trump, South must still execute a crossruff, winding up with ten tricks instead of eleven. West eventually gets his queen of trumps and two other tricks, defeating the contract. Dally Question Dealer, at your right, opens with one club. You are next, holding: S-5 4 2 H-4 D- A 10 9 8 C- A 10 7 6 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Pass. You can afford to double if partner opens with one heart and the next player bids the clubs, but you can only pass if the opponent bids clubs with your partner still unheard from. Arden - Viz Gal. I mat. Assorted Ice Milk Wonderful For Milk Shakes 29 Fresh Produce Buys Strawberries Red Ripe! Full 12 oz. Box Large Juicy Berries! A Toss Salad Must! 229 , Top Your Favorite FIRM SALAD Tomatoes Fresh Brown Mushrooms Golden Bananas ^±'*TM±Z'. q ±': 6, b ,$1 Large Avocados .^v:.TM?.. 5 . 1 ?.". 2 I 29c f I * M I Full of Juice eind Vitamin C . v rf^ -Sunkist Lemons Ivc ib Winners At Bridge Winners in the Student Union duplicate bridge game Friday night were: North -- South: 1 -- Mrs. Peral Reynolds and Mrs. Ethel Allen; 2 -- Mrs. Frances Hyman and Mrs. Jo Gieckler; 3 -Mrs. Barbara Downey and Charles Payne. East -- West: 1 - Mrs. Lee Ertz and Mrs. Pauline Frehse; 2 -- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eagan; 3 -- Jack Stark and Edward Blackmore. Duplicate bridge events this week at the Jewish Community Center include a: regular game. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, and a special master point game at 1 p.m. Thursday. A master point game is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Student Union, University of Arizona campus. Coo/ri«m 1967 EL RANCHO 7 DAY ADVERTISED SPECIAL ! REPAIRS OR A NEW ROOF CALL CORBETT ROOFING Johm-Manville Applicator PH. 622-2123 1880 W. GRANT O«n«d Op«ral«d by JIMCOR8EIT Sine. 1390

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