Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1972 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1972
Page 11
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· Northwest Arkanicu TIMES, Mon., Aug. 14, 1972 D.LLIU l\~..Ll. ' rAY»TTlVILt.«, AUKANtAK V " D(]DDII| UOUDIS Benefits From Chairmanship 'New Economic Policy'Of Nixon Is Year Old Aug. 15 · f i , WASHINGTON -- The follow .. ! ing news nuggets \yere gathered Si tins week by Ihe staff of on ' Washington Biiceau. f The j.Nixon Administration's . "New Economic Policy" ob serves its first birthday nc.x · .week amid a partisan politics ; debate over its effectiveness. : It was on Aug. 15, 1971 that Mr. Nixon reversed Ills previous position and stunned the nation · by announcing drastic measures - designed to stem inflation and j curb unemployment. * First lie imposed a 30-day -5 freeze on wages and prices ;'. This was followed by the !· present wage-price controls, by a devaluation of tbe dollar, anr enaclmont of tax measures which were supposed to encourage business and mudstrial expansion. Even before the one-year milestone, Democratic presidential nominee G e o r g e S. McGovern issued a "White Paper" calling Nixon economic policies a "calamity" for the average American and a "giveaway" for business and the rich. Clark MacGregor, director or Mr. Nixon's re-election campaign, promptly called a press conference to defend tbe Administration's economic policies and assail McGovern's own economic schemes. , · T o p - r a n k i n g Nixon A d ministration officials also .held a day-long briefing (or newsmen to assess results of the "New Economic Policy." It is difficull, if not impossible, to make an objective appraisal of how the policies have worked during the heat of an election campaign. The same. statistics are being used by those on opposite sides of the argument to bolster their position. The best argument advanced by Nixon supporters is that the rate of inflation has been slowed, despite some trouble spots such as food prices which keep rising. * 'The strongest argument ad' vanced by anti-Nixon forces if ^ the continued high unemployment rate, which now '-stands at 5.5 per cent and involves more than five million persons. PARTY REFORM: There's more than meets the eye in the growing debate over reforms in the Republican Party. An effort will be made during the Republican National Convention which opens Aug. 21 to institute reforms in the delegate selection process and also to change the voting strength of v a r i o u s state convention delegations. The reformers idea is give a new look to the U976 GOP Convention, similar to the opening lip of the Democratic Party which was evident at their convention held this year. But GOP conservates see it as pnrl of an early "Slop Agnew" movement to deny Ihe 1976 Republican pt'esidenlial nomination lo Ihe man who will be Mr. Nixon's running mate again this year. "No matter how high-minded the reform appeals may sound to the car, the GOP liberals are not interested in pushing their ideas to promote justice, but to control Die nominating process in 1976." charged Hie conservative publication Hunian Events this wek. HOME BUYING TIPS: C a n you afford that new house you are thinking of buying? Uncle Sam has a new booklet, entitled "Wise Home Buying," which offers some expert advice on the subject. There are two ways to determine if you can afford a new house, according to the booklet. The cost of the home should not exceed two and one half times your annual family income; or after you have made the down payment and paid closing costs, you should not spend more than 25 per cent of your annual income for mortgage payments, insurance, repairs and real estate taxes. The booklet, which can be obtained free by writing Consumer Product Information, Washington, D.C. 20407, also is full of other factual advice of value to a person considering buying a home. DUMPS: The Environmental Protection Agency has -had limited success in its campaign to encourage communites to shut down their open dumps. In the lasl two years, some 1,600 open dumps have been shut down across the country a n d . replaced with either s a n i t a r y landfills or incinerators. That is about 10 per cent of tlie estimated 16.000 open dumps in operation around the nation prior to the start of the EPA drive. ENERGY CRISIS: There was good news and bad news last week for the millions of Americans who heal their homes with ;as. The good news is that the Federal Power Commission, after a long study, has decided ;he only way to encourage more production of natural gas is to decontrol the price which producers charge for gas at the well-head. Despite the growing demand : or gas, there has been little lew exploration of gas fields ecause producers complained of low FPC prices they were allowed to charge. The'bad news is that while his move may avert a shortage of gas for home healing, it will irobably cause the price of gas o go up for the average con- umer. About 55 per cent of the 68 American housing units are now L I T T L E ' H O C K (AP) -- Dr. Wayne BnbblU said Sunday Hint- lie doubled if Arkansas would benefit from Sen. John McClelUm's chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Babbitt said that Louisiana lias! not bencfiltcd when the late Sen. Allen Ellendcr was the committee chairman. McClellan succeeded Eltendcr as chairman of tlie committee following Ellender's death. Babbitt, a Republic-mi, faces McClellan in November for the position of U.S. Senator. At a news conference, he revealed a tetter he had written to McClellan. As was done in the Democratic primary, Babbitt raised the issue of Ihe 76-year-old McClellan's age, saying lhat it was an issue "made truly difficult by my respect for your (McClellan's) past services to Arkansas, but one that ought to be faced squarely and honestly..." , "When this coming Senate term is over, you will be 83 years of age," Babbitt said in a letter to McClellan. "I am not saying that a man of 76 should always step aside for a man of 44, but you were about my age in 1942 when you first became a senator, I'm sure you will un- dersland my. desire to show what I can do in the U.S. Senate." "Certainly, there are more mportant issues to the people )f Arkansas. But I .would be ess than honest if I were not open and frank about my feelings on this one." Babbitt said in the letter that le planned to campaign on the ssues "honestly and frankly without resorting to mud-sling- 'ng and name-calling." Allsron Boyer Dies NEW YORK (AP) -- Allston Boyer, 60, who helped develop Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and other resort projects of the Rockefeller family, died Friday. For the past 17 years ic had been an associate of Laurance S. Rockefeller. He was a founding trustee of Sleepy Hollow Restorations in New York state. leated by gas. CONGRESSIONAL REFORAI: Hep. Louis C. Wyman, R-N.H., says he hasn'l much hope for a package of congressional reform, bills he has just, introduced. The bills would require every congressman lo take an annual )hysical exam with results to )e made public, would prohibit persons over the age of 75 from serving in Congress, and would r e d u c e p e n s i o n s f o r congressmen who remain in office past their 70th birthday. Commitle chairman, who have to okay Wman's bills, are all well inlo their 70's. 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Sizes 32-36 A, 32-38 B-C_ $5.00 Lingerie and Foundations, street floor SHOP flloHbAY THRU SATURDAY... 10AM TO 9PM Social Security Payments To Rise UiTI.E HOCK {AP) - HIT bcl'l Looks, I.llllo Rock soiilul security dlstdcl innnngcr, has reported that sociiil smirlly benefit piiynicnts lo Arkimsas residents will Increase by J8G million in 1073, Lmiks siild the rise wuuld he he result of 11 '20 per cent benefit Incrcnse passed by Congress mid signed by President Nixon July 1. He snlti thai In 1073, tlie first nil calendar year during which .be higher benefits will bo nnld, the beneficiaries in Arkansas would receive $507 million in Benefits. The first checks t h a t contain :he' 20 per cent increase will reach Arkansas beneficiaries on Oct. 3. Two British Soldiers Killed By Land Maines HKU''AST ( A P - Laiuh mines believed set ly tho Irlsli Uciiubllcaii Army killed two Brillsh soldiers (inlay a. Tuw hours aflur the n r m y reported ii "dramatic reduction" In terrorist violence .since Iho troops seized coiili'ol of tho IHA's strongholds two weeks ago, The two soldiers were on foul patrol It! the Konum Catholic Andcrsonstown district of Belfast when 11 trli wire scl ott tho mines. Their denllis brougtil Ihe lolal of confirmed (tenths to 508 In IhrcD years of religious strife lu Northern Ireland; 08 of Ihe dead this ycnr have been British soldiers. In Us report earlier the nrmy snid "explosions were down to half and shooting incidents less than a quarter" in the two weeks since the troops opened up the Catholic districts In Bel- fust mid Londonderry where thr guerrillas luid been in full control. U N C O V K l i U l ) Tho troops IIHVO alsc uncovered scores of rides and pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition and more t h a n 13,000 pounds of explosives. Tiie Army's Increased niobll- ily as a result of (lit upcrallmi resulted Sunday In Ihe capture of another top commander of Ihe Irish Republican Army's Provisional wing In Delfiisl. Soldiers caught prison escapee Terence Clnrke, 21, who broke out of Ihe capital's Cruni- lin Road Jail lasl year In a mass escape by IRA suspects. Despllc Ihc reduction In IRA operations, security forces fear a new bomb blitz because of a conference scheduled next month on Northern Ireland's future. Political sources believe the IHA may unleash a .new hninhlnjt cnmimlKn in an al- tempt either to lilast ils way lo the conforenco (able or lo pro- vent tho meoliiiH I n k i n g plnce, The t a l k s have been scheduled fur Sept. 28-27 by William Whllclnw. the Urlllsh administrator for Northern Ireland. Whllclaw has asked Iho modcr- ale Social Democratic and Labor Parly, Northern Ireland's only legal pro-Calhnltc parly, to represent Ihc Calhollcs. Leaders of the party said Ihey have received warnings that the IRA might try lo kill Ihem and blame the slayings on Protestant extremists, hoping lo fan the flames of sectarian bitterness. The TIMES Is Ths Best Buy For Your Advertising Dollar! Moots With Chou TOKYO ( A P ) - U.N. Sccrc- I n r y - C i a i K i r n l Kurt Wnldholm has met with P r m n l e r Chon Hti- lal In P e k i n g , according lo llsinbua, llio Chinosd nows agency. Waldhelm WHS accompanied by Ills wife: Tana MlnU-clino. Iho U.N. undersecretary (ieiicr- ul; Roberl Mullcr, director of Ihu secrclavy-genonil's o.vccn- live office; and Anlnn Pro- liaskn, personal assistant lo Iho secrelary-genenil. Chon was accompanied al the meeting Sunday by Foreign Minister Ciilao Kuau-ua. EVEREST A d E N N I N a s WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENTALS A SALES FnycUcvllIe Druff K, Sltlo Sriimie SAFEWAY You are looking at just a sample of the saving opportunities at Safeway. 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