Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 56
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 56

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 56
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1 htcMtt toftrty 1000 0 * 4 UNITS WRiGLEY N PISSl TIWE O^fERER 1 2b., J-- 1-br.i i cars. A-l court. 5759:1 dn 6 UNITS WRIGLEY t-1 Brs., 4 gars. Hie? t'ono. 8 UNTS WRIGLEY i PRICED TO SELL. 1 ID*. 2-B' , 7-l-Br., 4 oars. U yrs. old. Will trade for hoflie. 3 UNITS EASTSIDE ; *--l-Sr. units *- 2 store rentals. | Inc. S6S8 mo. loo cond. Submit dn 4 UNITS+2 BR. HOUSE CLOSE IN- Inc. MSO mo. 1i yrs. old. Corner lot. Nice conti. Submit STANLEY REALTY j 5:W v L.^iy^ OW GA-l-iObl i ^V4 pj ex -- Deluxe^!' Spanish design-Gold MeeL _ Lge. 3 BR. 2 ba, fireol. oriv vd. 3 2-BR rentals-Tenants auaranieed. . h car end. oarage Ige patirs Air cond. f all extra features. '. Open House-Saturdav Sunday. 1112 Green Ave., Los Alsniiios 423-4558 430-1134 s MM PINE AVE. I 1? SIZEABLE Units on SO'xlSO' lot, , . alley, ior obvious personal reasons l owner forced to sell. Price S59.COO. * Lloyd C. Leedom Rltr. Cl AIR LLfcDOM OE -1 SS7S 3J01 K. Amheirn GE 9-2U9 5 U BELMONT SHORE Cornir lo;. Nr. be*ch and shop*. J (urn. 1 Br. sootJess ants. 3 oar. The S7920 vrlv inc. easily raised. Owner wilt finance wreas. down. A-l REALTY SERVICE 4330103 5223 E. 2nd St. Customer parking 4 UNITS $37 500 J-2 bedroom studios. Income $370 mo. siQ'jirt be more. o«s bit-ins, ww Corpel X. drapes, only S50QO fjown. : Rex L Hodges 867-7273 ' 8 UNITS-EASTSIDE 179.500-lncome SV55 mo. Blt-ln elec. stoves-Age S vr. Lovely court on 2 lots-Seo oardens Will trade for 2 on 1 or dplx. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 Located in Bell 3--2 bdrm 5 vis old vv/w canipt, bit ins Nice A lorse 1-1 bdrm. older MBS mo. Tfke"ov'pr o net net monev'miker. LO 4-7435 3 Units-- $21,950 "" Lovrlv 2-Br. house small duclr-. j "IOP CONDITION. TOP INCOME ; Fnsv to buy! HOWARD CUTLER REALTOR ; Wf, ATLANTIC AVr. GA 3-W7B | ""HWAN'tED-- " Have client witn S30.0DO cash Need in to 12 -units. East L.B. or oilirt good locr.'ion. dill . . . Bkr 593-2115 cvr: HA 1 646'J 8-UNITS-- 549,900 ' · S5.000 dn. Assume ejnod financing. ! V.'eH-kopt units, no vacancy. In, MOORT MA 1-3-181 lo^n charge nr oay o f f ocnaltv, with 513,000 dn. on 4-2 brs. cor. id, Dotrntiat income SWD. Uniurn. Eaulty build-uo under free rent flood inc. tax shelter. HE 5-3441 BtTLMT. Ills. Fixer uriper. 9 units. rno. Inc. S70D Bevlnqtort Rex Hodges Co. 4 3 7 - 1 2 5 1 : A RARE BUY! 1A Units, Pool, ft vrs. old. i 1,450 Inc. flexible terms. Drive bv 2474 Lewis. Bv oppf. please. Cnll Mahrv Rlty GE 3-3471 GE 8-5782 OWNER MUST SELL 5 sharp stucco unlls, 1 2-bi.. 4 - br 4 oar Pr %43,500 or submit. td Grant Rpallv 598-3358 COMPARE Vain! 4 A ^ccuritv. 23 units wilh established income. Priced to sell or trade. Rl!r. 365- vSffi P -UNITS, S vrs old. Close to mat- kel A bcht'oK. No renlnl Droblcm. 31,045 Inc.-- FP S?6,OM Bkr GE 3- LOS ALTOS t units. ?-2Br. ?, 4 1 Er. Inc. S9300 vr., onlv 575,000 -owner 596-6124. Buv every Incom prop, vou can 1 U 57,000; 4 U 520,000; S500 Int.. 530,000. Shapiro 829 DAISY OCEAN BLVD. 15 units, best location. 5145,000 « UNITS. Mod. 1-br. Furn. E. 7th St. i4300 Income. 53500 down. Retired Realtor -- owner will carrv 2nd TO. FP 532,500. 430-5W5 W6.SOO, SSOOO dn., no lo^n cost. Pine nr. Pac. Cst. Hwv. 435-7837 Own Your Own 1010 Apartments VILLA RIVIERA FABULOUS VIEW. Elcoancs n decor, creates one ol In* most de sir-hie aots. L.B. 2 Br. or (1 ft denl + studv, 2 baths, blt-ln Kit. Air conditioned, loe wardrobes. GF 4-7407 GE 7-3902 DON'T MAKE AN OFFER Or vou'll BUY this coiv unit. ASKING $5500. Best L.B. loc. OR 1-BR OCEAN AVE. STEAL! RAY HAZLET, Rllr. 593-3309 3CU2 E. 3rd St., Apt. 10. Gardoe. -.17,900. 2-Br. LtJe. private rafio. W33 E. 3rd St.. Act. 1A. Submit. immaculate front 2-br., 2-ba. OPEN THURS. AFTERNOON 1250 E. Ocean "D Dorado," 2-br., H'7-balh, many extras, verv nice. $22,500. .139-1443, 434-9007. MORRISEY CO. WITH OCCAN BEACH A real buv at S19,500. For appt. Call Soeier 437-1251: 434-0666 FULL PRICE $4200 I'.t St nr Bixbv Pk. OWEN R E X H O D G E S . C P 3 -H«! OWNER -- comp. furn. 1 br. elec. kilch., ww crot., 9»r at nil t. Isl ^20 J32-47U or 432.JB02. NEAR markets t, town. Lower 1-br. A wardrobes. Onlv 513.400. TJppR front 1-br., new cm . mint. Sootloss! Onlv 15500. WILl MORE -- Single. Bv ov/ncr. · S6900. GA 4-11.16 or 437-6655. EMAIE SALE. 2-BR. ELECT Gar -.12,900. WAGNER 437 j925 WANT orean view, ocean fronl. HE 7-6186 SIMMONS J37-3610 S1KGLE. Nice furn. close in. M.M. Terrm. Bkr. HE 5-744? Condominiums 1020 SPARKLING NEW 1 2 BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM HOMES In beautiful 30 unit CONTINENTAL TERRACE 2500 E. 2nd St. From $17,350 : Bank financing With Carpets, Drapes, Garage (ONLY 7 LEFT) Security building, Sound proofed. 2 Blocks from Ocean East of Bixby Park Open every day till 5: TOBIN CONSTRUCTION CO. .i 434-7991; HE 5-2535 "CHATEAU LISA" Long BeflCh'5 NEWE.ST Condominium! · 2101 E. 2nd St. (AT Junioorol Mclno beautiful Bixbv Park .; OPEN DAILY 1-5 1 HURRY1 Excellent selection sli ; ""MEDIATE OCCUPANCY '·'; ALL 7-BDRMS., 1 BATHS. GOU MEDALLION award lor tola electrical excellence. !:, "SSIriS^ 1 LAFAYETTE ft 110 LINDEN 5 43S-5HB1 ..S . CONDOMINIU* ft APARTMFNT ; M A TMTOS25,50 if DupUxM for Srtt '" 2! «pl*(«fwM« 102$ EW MEDALLION 3-BR. t renled i300 nio. Lower vacant. SSJ.9SO - Call . . . REAL ESTA'TE STORE -NO. 3" 531J E. 2nd St. 434-5731 NEW LISTING 1-BDRM. each, side bv side. Excellent cond. trtruout. Tiled bath. Easlside. R-4, 40x150 lot. Income $200 mo. Sell or trade ior North L.B. home. Trv 52.000 dn. BEST BUY Foreclosure s-'e. 2 r-iel on lot. Live in this 2-8r. 'or only Sin. 1 BR hse oavs rest. C'ean, modern stucco. XJnt srms AGNON CO. 435JS68 ~3 UNJTS $l5~9b6"" WRIGLHY S225. Inc. GE 9»!29 3"UNfTS J 15,900 WRIGLEY «25. Inc. GE ?-04» HOMES. 1 lot, $.6000 dn. F.P. S19.500. built 1953. PAGE 5\ CUNNINGHAM GA481I3 200 DN. Onlv SSvOO. Home or Inc. ' GA 0 457S. GA 3-2(28 eves. ELSHORE. ocean view, 2 bdrms furnished. S39.000 431-3652 ots for Sale 1030 R-l Will subordinate Owner- Investor v/ill subordin«lfr Purchase of 4-25' fi. lots to quali- iied party. Color Ado Ultimo are.i. Long Beach. Call Topar 1-6877 or 92?-2?L» Choice Ocean View Lot owner R2-A2V2 x US'-- S. allev. 42?7 Livingston Or. - 433-66M lake 27 units. Bolss Chica Rd frontage overlookmg H- Harbour HAVE plans for Apts. or homes. Will build on vour lot. Financino Available. Reasonable. 639-1323 CHOICF r«ldpntl»l lots In center of Lkwd. Bv owner. 6630-36 Loom- Is. ME 3-1491; HA 5-0457. Al. AMI TUB Hots nr snopplnfl i oolt cou it 50x130' corner S22.500. 714- 0x156 ATLANTIC Ave. Nr. St. Marv's hosp. Stegoall HE 6-7002 204S"GALE, foY«'xl30' to allCV. F.P. U.SOO Jerri/Alex 591-5674 R-4 LOTS FOR BUILDFRS Heights aiea. Bkr 597-54S1 Ranches Acreage 1045 ATTENTION INVESTORS. Last chance for larce profits in Los Anodes Cour-ty land using ievcrfloe factor with small commitment. Crt nfter 6 PM. 433-3574 YUCCA "vallcv, in town ranch, 10 ac. ilone hse.. plus duplex. Hwv. rn . 570.000. ALSO 60 acres on Mesa, a sleal S725 per ac. FREE large may of Sttn Diego founlv R. larid brochure. Garden Real Eslate, corner Hwy. 395 5. 76, brook. CHICKL'N Ranch-- 6 ricres, 20,000 ca picitv, iullv equippod, new house, (714) 726-1B53 160 ACRES with new 4 BR house. Northern Cnlif. 865-0553, 860-6796 TAKE Over I, acres. Ho dn. S20 nio. Ptnr trres County Rood. Utilities. (213) 781-3473 Mountain Desert 1050 (FOR SALE) LAKE ISABELLA Own your own mobile tiomc lot, also home sites, 500 vets from lake. Close to shopping cenier. Stale A County apuroved. Lots on h nh side ot volley which gives ticsut - u view of Kern Counly Valley For information mops write P.O. Box 58, Isabella, Calif. 9^j"0 or coll (714) 379-26-15 BIG HEAR LAKE-- 4 Br. home 519,500! rnotdetfe on lake. Rentals Lois 3875 un. Cobins S4.CCO up List A man. CAROLYN COOKE (213) 691-3743; (714) fttt.2484 or write Box 275, Bin Bear t akc. N CE 3 BR, 110,500 term-;. Victor C. Wood, Rltor. 32750 hwy 18. Uu- 20 ACRES Colo River, lake view wilderness $9500, $80 mo. P.O. Box 2606 Fullcrton (or map picture. 3000' P!., water, deer, quail S5500, S55 dn 714-633-7710 agt 8-10 a.m. HIGH desert Hesperia, 2 acres. PERRIS Valley lot, mobile horn* cabana, util. (n. 866-5670 Freemont Road. S3000 4218096 Qut-of-State 1065 LOT, Freemoni National Forrest, MJJ.££ Fin u.£ All Areas 1070 $16,500-- Gov. Appraised $100 DOWN or no down to Gl. Fost possess on on aporuval of credit - 2 SPSC ous brdrcoms - Be.iutiful family kitchen - Built in BBQ - Huge 2 car oa- rage - Call 596-4493. WALKER LEE Inc. OLDtR FOLKS The convenience cleanliness of this 2 Bdrm 8. family rm home will aopeal to you. Short walk to shopping, bus post office. Cheerful kitchen, remori. hath, nice din- no rm, fireplace In family rrn. John Read Rlty HA 5-6416 LOW INTEREST SMALL EQUITY 2 baths fancy ones too plui 3 bedrooms, large covered oatio 5. clean as a pin. Aboul WOOO down lo low inlcrest FHA loan at 5V*% Call 42?-5924, open eves. WALKER LEE Inc. PURSE PLEASER SI6.900 FULL PRICE Baths. Just SjO.OO Moves You n i you are a qualified Gl. MOULD REALTY HA S-7M SUPEFDUPER" Custom 3 Bdrm., 2 bath, immacu l,i to condition, xv-w cnroet thruout dr,i;rs. !:lt-in rnngc-ovcn, cov. pa Iio - S150 mo. inc.. John Read Rlty. HA 1-1761 4315 SPRING OPEN EVES S37 SO FOR G 1 moves vou in lo this 3-BR.. l'/j bdlil. 2 car oar. Cov. nalio BBB. Ranoc/ovm. Big lencod vnrd. Block wall. 1 blk to Knotts Berry F-arm. 15 mm. to HAZEL'S R E A L T Y 666a36 AVAILABLE 24 HOURS LESS THAN $6,000 INC We can hclD vou aualilv lo own vour own home. FHA will help vou with the pavmts. Foi inlo . . John Read Rliy HA 5-6416 VA REPOSSESSIONS 3 4 Br. homes. All areas low d No loan fees. Anyone qualifies bu priority to Vietnam Vets. LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP- 421-8876 5464 Del Amo 866-373. Br , 2 bath. 8io rec room. Draped rarncted. Central vacuum system 15 min. to L.B. Also 3-Br.w/pao Buv euuity A take over Gl loan. HAZEL'S REALTY U - M » M 3 TRY S2600 DN or Gl NO DN. Professionally landscaped. 3 a fam-rm. 2 lo. baths, crpts, dms frpl. Built-lns. Fountain. Covcre RENT PURCHASE PROGRAM Use rent as down Dnvment y Homes-- Lakewond-Sfin Gnbrle e O.-.inoe Co. V A T 7 S 9i.iw5.2«L;__"_ _'»^3Z-s« For No Dn. Rent to Bu- iSiofW ""NRTIONG BEACH FREEWAY 3 brs.. Pi baths, guest Use., tire, w-w, FHA or VA ..,,,«. 1 ISTER Rlty, anvlime 425-6..B hOR £ou s ftY "BROKERS 1046 RedMdo ReailQri 434-673 Lakcwood Plan* 3 bedroom beautiful lame covered natl fenced backyard. 6108 Roseba SUBMIT ALL OFFERS. 3-Br. t Rr rl'iplf » over 4 ga--. nr. 10th Oranne. Owner v/i'i carry. Bkr. ? ON 1 -- HOMb 8. INCOME, , i2l,950 OWNER MAY CARRY A inrhnrRltv 434-9302439-764 " L e«y»5't in« than rent. 438-07^ i Wi£!«? P OM- AtlintlC Avt. 4M44- I WRIGLEY EJtdt* -5 0 '"' 2*J* r ^' i luentvptui Jfl41Si for ·PPI HOMES FOR SALE IN ATMS 1070 C $21.300 $128 PYMT. Assuror «xlsiira In. jirtd MY onlv 5V:% interest. Best of *ll you 6ft not have to be A Gl. 3 large twd- rooniSi 2 baths, rich oAnelllng, nice cartxis, huse family kitchen, 2 car gtragt. covered patio, if YOU refinance try 11(100 down FHA or no down If you are a Veteran. If vou used your Vet lo*n pay only 1500 dn. Dose fo Long Beach. Call 430-75M, open ev«. WALKER LEE Inc. HOME HUNGRY?? HERE'S A REAL TASTE PLEASER-- A TERRIFIC HOME IN A FINE LOCATION WHERE YOU'LL LOVE TO RAISE YOUR FAMILY. 3 of the largest bedrooms you'v* ever seen. Huite family room, Pi boi^s. fireplace all those Other deluxe extras YOU could want. It's vacant ready to bt sacrificed for iust 524.950 on the best terms a v a i i a D l e anyunere. YOU Service GE 0-10S9 or rw 2-0537 , 1 1 A 7nn $108 PYMT. Yes, this Is vour chance to own your own 3 bedroom home. Assume 5*4 FHA loan with pmts. \ on v S103, Includes taxes. If you are a veteran refinance with no down pnit. Ntrds a little paint, but what a buy. Call for more Information, 430- /544, ooen eves, WALKER LEE Inc. MR "GO GETTER"!! only vou will 3t' this one -- this lovely 3 br., I- 1 ! bath, sniny hdwd. iloor:,. bli-in R 0, util. rm. for washer dryer in fhii lovely "STARDUST" home. VA no dn. paymi-- FHA pood lerms-- pavmti. es than rent, too nrir* t21,900, so Mr. . . . «o GET 'EMU DIAMOND REALTY (213) 598-2314 (714) i35-53*4 Alamites Bay, 1075 Naples Islands 1 -- New Listing Studio Duplex. 2 Bdrm. each. 2--60' Open Water Gorgeous comfortable 4 Br. guest. 4'/3 baths, dock. Reduction 118,000. MUNTZ REALTY 553* E. 2nd St. GE 9-214 Bit-ins! Clean! (26.900. Owen REX HODGES CO. 43M2.51 Artesio 1085 NEW LISTING 3BR. P* BA, fidwd floors, carpets, draper; Ige rear 11^ ftm. sliding class doors to patio. 121,900. Assumt 5% loan. CUTE Cory 1-BR. on big Ml lot. Owner will finance at S7S Mo. 517.500 FP SEEKING QUALITY Set this cu*!om bll Ranch sly t home in choice Artesia location. Priced In stll «t 535, MB. Artesia-Cerritos Realty 865-9566 SEE THIS ONE! Beautiful Artesia loc. 3 bedroonii l-j ba., full 1 / air conditioned home. Newlv painted Inside, all bit-ins, incl. dishwasher, new carpet drapes thruout! Swedish brick fireplace, nice covered 13x18 patio. Owner will sacrifice far «4,500 -- FHA or Gl. COGBURN RLTY. CO. 1001 Arlcsia Blvd., Bellflower Phone 925-5005 Be!lf lower 1090 Bclltlower StO,700. Own. 865-5860. Belmont Heights 1095 JEW Listing! Beautiful spac. 3 br. duplex, w/frplc, 4 gar, -f 1 br lurn apt, owner carry 1st TD, 53B.COO. GE 9-J255 Bkr. block to ocean 1 blk to bav. MADEIRA REALTY GE 4-0935 2-BEDRM. small lot onlv S13-500. Nr. bus, school, church market. HOME 1 3 ARTS $40,000 OWNER will «rrv lonn Anchor Rltv 434-0302 439-7*43 ANDREWS REALTY' D 43!-W34 HOME 8. Income, owner. 9 AM to 5 BEL. HFIGHTS. 2 den. 60x135 R-4 for Inc. TD's. Land. HE 2-8427 arf 517,750 Ruvs good 2-BR. stucco 315 Araonne Avc. 439-3783 NICE older 2 BR 1 ba. home R-4 cor. lot, Bv owner. 2701 E. 3rd. Belmont Park 1100 TOM STEVFNS RLTY GE 8-1177 2 Storv, 3 Br.. 2 baths, lircnl BARTHOLOMEW Realty «8-9«8 Belmont Shore 1105 BY OWNFR. Beautifully remodel. 2- br., bit-in kilch. natural cabinet, diso.. ww crot- dros., loc. rms., enclosed patio. 437-8898 NEAR OCEAN BAY Remod. 2-Br. 524,900. Trv S2,000dn. RENE REALTY GE J-IBOa ?-BR. NR. BEACH, 523,750. Isabel Patterson, Rllr. GE 9-0419 Bixby Area 1110 3 DEN-- NICE Lovelv ham* 1 . I 3 .'' bath. Nicest den vou'll find. Fireol. Carpet, draoes. More! Lels u* tell you mare HOWARD BUTLER, REALTOR 6176 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 3-H7B 3-BR. FAMILY RM. 18x23, 1 baths. Htn. rm. Caroetcd. Flrepl. 10C6 Jurav. 4324 BOYAR Lovelv 3 Br. Real f re- pi, nice yd. Gl or FHA orCal Vet 4735 GUNDRY 2 BR w-w cro , "Fruit trees." 591-7308 after 4 weekdays A LEAI ^ F ^ N! ^ LG _^ NRl ^ l f T ^ E J24 852 E 3 Bixby Knolls 1115 Spacious 3-BR. 4- family rm. 2 lircolcs. ? baths. Hugp Inf. Flo Baker 426-887? Large 2-Bedrm -f dcn o'looks oatio. Rm. (or faaat. Nr. mkts. Flo Raker 426-8379 1 «rof 3-BR. 2 bath. Unit heat CarrJet. Nr. everything. Musi te 1. 1701 Marshall PI. Spacious 2-BR. Bit-in elect kitch fn Fireol. It's nice. 427-33*6 Near Park Verv liveable 2-Br. den ? batti* Must see. Mrs. Hammond -12^-1-457 HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 NEW LISTING 2 STORY COLONIAL Laroe living rm, large «p«r«!e dining rm, 3 BR's, 2 baths, larg lot. Be the tint to see! Bixby Knolls RltyGA 4-852: home, 2500 sa. It. fireplace, fit Ins, fenced huge back yard. Ph FOR BEST RESULTS REG DUPUY REALTY t California Heights 112( 4 Fixer-upper Big 3-BR. Nr. schools. Low dowr Mrs. Hammon 424-1457. All fixed up Gorqcous 5-3r., den or 3-Br Drc»m kitch. Flo BaKer llt-ttv. Xlnt duplex value 2-BR. each. Verv private. How onl «l,910. Mr. Whllfimon 427-I4B9. HUNTER Assoc. 426-657 s ROCK OF GIBRALTAR HXER UPPER 17-YR. OLD CONC. BLOCK 3-Bf 2 BATH 2000 SO. FT. HOME 0 BIG R-2 LOI. 3 CAR GARAGI ? READY FOR APT. TO BE ADC ED OVER. VACANT il READ TO GO FOR 10°. DOWN. 3 Sparow Realty HA 1-947 "A IIEST FOR EVERY BIRD r " $2500 TOTAL DOWN -, Slwo custom built, cornsr. - 3 Bdrm., 1-i bflth, carcetino, dr* oerics, sprinklers, 1500 sa. K. Bkr. HA 5-1351 6 ! Carson Part 112 VACANT Quick possession. Onlv Wl.900 , Bedrm "H" model. 1700 sa. -! Cflrocts- dr.ipcs, lowest price 1- home in the ares. Hurrv '; MULLEN REALTY ' C PRICE REDUCED $750 9 ? Br. "A Model" enlaed bath nc ww, Ige cov. oatfo, FHA oan c S17.000 may be assucd at 5 3 i% ' WARREN Rlty. GEO-103 " Ctrrlres 112 3 SACRIFICE-6% FHA j gant" 2 story, -1 bt. family rn - home, 2500 sa. tt. of tuxurvl - bnthi, ccmpl carpeted, draped, H vr. old. Underortcerj, ASSUPI HOMES FOR SALE ItfriMt 1127 1 NO PAYMENTS ', FOR 60 DAYS 3. *. i. SR. HOMES HEATHERBRAE lUrd St. Carmen*ia. Ce-rltot Area cod* ?13 »AO-?ll2 Builders Repossession L Mammoth ? stcry home with cs- tr^drat cedinc;. Ttiis tvoji hu 33CO sq. tt. living are* with car- Hi-, draws, oalio, fencing, lots ot rJtcorsicr wallpaper, net bar and too many etti^r extras to meniion. Kever lived in. Located in City of Cerritoi. S^iown DV aoDoinlmfnl onlv. Call Mr. Dun loo ;i4-S42-2)?l. :ircl«Areo 11 21 BARGAIN PRICED Owner will finance. Ma toan coil. No qualifying. 3 Br. corner. Bonui room S19.750 make offer. WARREN Rlty GE 0-1 033 2361 ROSWELL 2-BR A beauty! ANDREWS REALTY 43B-9934 City Coll*** Arta 1130 "FIXER UPPER" Have you tver been lucky enough TO get trier* first? WHt below market value -- 3 hlnoilie bedrooms 2 baths · fireplace - coy. patio · On large lot to an alley - Just A Unit paint Is all 11 needs. Call 596-4493. WALKER LEE Inc. CONTRACTOR'S HOME Spacious 3-Bedrm. Entry way. El-c. kitchen with beautiful ash paneling. 2-baths. Anthony POOL. Corner loi, nr schools shOPpine. A pleasure to show) Fred Rose Rlty 597-2481 OPEN TIL SOLD 57W KILI.DEE ST. Corner 3 Br 4 14x20 den, spacious S. lelsur, living. Cill . . . Frank Saribay 421-5862 John Read Rlty HA 1-1761 NO DOWN Gl 3 Bdrm. Pi bath, forctd nir hpnt. double onrage, new listing. HURRY ON THIS! JOHN READ Rlty Gl OR FHA-- Must Sell Remodeled 3-BR., blt-ln kitchen. - SUBMIT!!! -' MOORE HA 1-84S1 )ominguez 1140 OWNER Says SMI Under Market! in Carson. Beaut. 4 Brtrm, 2 bu.. w-w, drapes, sunken Hv rm, huilt- ins. PROVINCIAL 2-Bedrm, 2-car oa- rage. Near school 8. market. Gl Ho down. S16.500 -- R.E. Store, 597-3391. IN Carson-Beaut. 4-BR., fireol. 2 1 '* ba., bit-Ins. Carpet, drape*. moOO. ttOOO dn. BBB GA 3-0965 Downtown 1150 Just listed 4-Br. NO DOWN TO VETS EASY-CARE LOT. Split level. 1 BATHS. F.P. ONLY $19,500. 2 blks. to beach. CALL TODAY! D Van Linen Rlty 591-1361 21/0 PACIFIC AVE. HAVE TO SELL YOURS? CASH ADVANCED TRADT-IN PLAN Eastside 1155 It's Clean Convenient \ You can walk to Post Office, bus 8, Anaheim-Rcdondo Snooping Ccn- tcr irum this gem. Very neat home 8, yard 50x130 with alley building potential. 122,000 -- flex, tcrmi. NEW LISTING 3 Brs., S1B.950 777 Cherry. Lara* homt In excellent condition, on lull 48'xi30' R-4 lot. Close to shoos, buses, schooli. Excellent terrm. HANBERY NEAR RECREATION Park on Park Avc. Ige 3 Br. stucco home. New k tchen, bit-In oven, ranoe, refrio, washer S, dryer, tile bath with stall shower, D«neled wnlls. Owner will finance. Submit offer Drive by 932 Stanley A 2-Bedrm. w/remod. kitch- R-4 tot. Nr bus., schools shoos Lav; down. Submit. Krisher HA 9-7057 Rex L Hodges GE 9-219 1 6 DOWN TO ANYONE 2 br. onlv 414,500. Pvniti SIM mo. p 1. Nr. shoppino- MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-3727 2924 E. 5th St. By Appt! 5 BR l Big Gar. EZ Terms. Owen Rex Hodges Co. 437- 1251 BEST Buy-- Good loc. Lot 50x137.5-- «70 inc. 5-turn units. ,- MOORE S9M35* 4139 F. MTU SI. Corner 2-BR. Fireol. FA heat. P.P. 114,750 JW.AA11 Rssmussen Rltr. 43B-M4I Louis Ave. Owner 43B-7640. 2 ON i, inc. 5215 mo. Oul of town owner. Jerri/Alex 591-5674. S19,500. Owner 434-4435; J3J-5952 El Dorado Park 1160 NEED MORE ROOM? Price lust reduced on A Bdrm.. 3 bath, dining room, cov. putio, loads of extras. Don't Wait! JOHN READ Rlty fiTJS Snrino Ooen Eves HA 1-1751 OVERSIZED CORNER LOT 3 Br., pool. F«tino area in kitcn. SPO dining rm. Detach. Gar. SEE 7930 RING-RARE FIND AL WALSH BKR. OE -1-0200 Bd'tn h^mc, luxury fa-lmei S25.900. Nr. Eldorado_430_-3939._ Gardena 1165 7 Sn. - 1 Bflth · covered Dntio deep ww csroetln?- , A . l Orr Realty anytime 425-Mfli 1 nk*uraad Area 1175 WALK SHOP Loe 3 br. in ba., at South «, Pa o Verde. Close to new shopping Cen t?r. 0 dn. Gl or FHA terms. Priced MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-3727 SHARP 2BR. 4EW6 CONQUIS7A Prited to sell- Owner purchased new home, f-or into coll Security Rity. Investors 430-3523 or 43M456 NEW LISTING ? br. (am. rm. 1550 sq ft. ? ba remod. kitch. Indirect latino STOP LOOK! nt this sharp 3 br. 4 huae oar- close to Mav Co. I Douglas. Onl\ 521,500. 0 down Gt. or FHA terms MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-372 $20,950 3 br. nr. Mav Co., ww crotv Clear shdro! FHA/Gl. NEYLAN REALTY 866-791 ,, DO YOU NEED?? a nice 2 Bdrm In Lakewood thn ' has the convenient you need ROR8INS REALTY 423-390 22x40 POOL 3 Br., den, I 3 i ba , blt-ins, din area ' * Here, rm for boat or trail*r 130,950, E65-1590 BY OWNER, immediate possession Park-like vd.. lo. shade rees Y Clean. J Br. 2 bams. Grots, fro Y dr«. Bullt-lns Patio. 34 1531 * Pool time comino 3 hdrm. v/'v.- cots, drps, 20x2 Dftol, u^^d Gl' no dn. Wms. Rltv. -121-3933, eves. 4?9-9?6 CnlH Ranch 'slvlc, needs work bu a terrific buy on new FHA or G at S?0,;00 Rltr 865-9566. 5 2 LAKEWOOD Homes nexl door each other for Sftle bv OwnC I. For Information Call ME 3-333 1- OWNER SAYS SELL. 3 SdriYi, d bMh, v/-Wi rjr.ioes, kitchen stove, A some furniture, ool oarage. 6 A REAL buy! 3-BR, 2-ba. Cots, o WOFFORD REALTY HA S-12 ,, BY Owner. 3-Br,, 1 ba. 1 car. ga t W/w crpt., Ige. cov'd patto. W:i ' to May Co. S21.700. 865-17 3 NO Dn Gl 3 den, iaj bath S23.5QO. Nr Miy Ca, Royal, «3 7 3 4 3 0 3 BR, 11300 dn, no other cos WOODY SMITH, Realtor 633-07 1. 4153 WOODRUFF (at Caruflt 3 A PIC1 3-BR, 521,500. f Eve* 598-2563; Bkr. 435-74 J STORY, 4-BR., POOL · , 165-9374 HOMES FOR SALE ·fciwMd Ar«« 1171 L REALTORS BEST LISTING LAKEWOOD'S BEST BUY IN BEST AKEWOOD LOCATION fceauiitui twner j-6edm» "f" , mooel. Ideal tor -»ddi^o large family rm. Largp iencso vard. witn do' dftach?a caraae. Contdini large rear living mi. Dig ifoara'e dining rii ~ taling area In epan- _ iivf kiichwi. Contains service oorch ceramic Ji'e oattroom. 1 Lovelv WAV carpetino ihruoui e*i^Antes entire home, ttalk irom Kin- dergardfn through High School. Near transportation i mar^fis- V^ «ppr*isa! \viih excellpnl i- 3 nancino. No down to Gl i?00 dovkti to FHA/VA Ouver',. ilSOO down to FHA hovers. Paymn lesi Ihan rent. FuM price. i $22,950 WHITE REALTY, ASSOC. 6432 S*e«rns 598-2456 424 23« ev« 43J-W53 TRI-LEVEL $20,500 Near Lakewood. You will b« fimaied at 3 huoe bedrooms, huce family den with bar, family kitcn- en with built In ranpe/oven, new wall To wall carpets, lovely drapes, hardwood floors, huge yard, immaculate throughout and \vnat a buv. No down to Vets. Call 430-7SM, oDtn eves. WALKER LEE Inc. Fabulous Family Room Customized 3 Bedroom i 15x30 amiiy room, 1 3 4 batn. corner home. Enlaroed mnster bedroom. double car garage for boat or small trailer storage. Nenr all public S, parochial schools. Ownpr v/ill sen Gl or FHA. John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 A REAL JEWEL 3 bedrm. arge family room, real clean. Custom dropes, nice c - - o " t tn.'ucui. i j « ba. Remodeled kitchen, new Targonil ffloor, lor eitino nrLn. covered oatio wilh barbecue. Reai:or*s ciioic? tor Home of the Week! Price SSi.iOO. GENTRY REALTY 9A7? Alondra, Bcllflower 925-3757 1127 GLADYS-- VACANT SIZEABLE 2 Br. Stucco. New ww. dt dpes, etc. Fenced lot, alley shufflehonrd court. SEE TO APPRECIATE! $21.900 i owner wi 1 lloyd C. Leedom Rltr. Clair Leedom GE 4-B378 3201 E. Anaheim GF 9-3)49 ASSUME FHA $ 1 1 3 PER MO. ? bedroom, wall to wall and drapes throuohout. 520,500. Owner will help finance with S30GO down. Good area. Immediate possession. Call -121-9431. WALKER LEE Inc. ONE IN A MILLION! You can't beat ttiK near-new 3- Bdrm, family rm. IVi baths. 2-story with built-in range oven, fireplace, completely carpeted 8. al lor i?0,30f-HURRY ON THIS ° NE ELLIS-SCHRADER 2691 Brllflower Blvd. HA 9-5928 BETTER SEE THIS! 3 Bedroom, I 3 .'* ba., blt-ln kikt. Huge den with firenlnce, good Lkwd. location. Owner has new business up North must gn. Price reduced to S27,500-Don't BOB PRIGMORE CO. REALTORS B66-1768 OWNER WILL CARRY VACANT, Spick. span 3-Bednm with dining rm extra large service porch. Enclosed patio. NIC* vard with fruit trees, on a aulet stre-t CALL NOW . . 5715" Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-5133 ELLiS-SCHRADER PRICE REDUCED Out-of-tawn Owner sayj "SELL"!! 3-Bedrms. 2-baths, patio, iorin- fclcrs, new vinyl- caroetlno, near Dutch Vtllace. Prfte $20,900-- Can you beat if??? STOTLER Realty SERVICE -1311 Carbon, day-rule, HA 9-590) Divorce Forces Sale BEAUTIFUL TRI-LEVEL HOMES. ·2-4 Brs., 2 baths, bit-in wet bar. ALL HAVE DLX CPIS BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPING with cinder block walls. FROM $33,950 LOW AS 10% DOWN E(0-240I WANNA SAVE 52000 ???? OKI wiLl TAKE A MONTH TO CLEAN BUT WHAT A BUY! 3 BR 2 BA. CORNER NEAR CFNTCR. S?2,SOO. TRY $2300 DOWN. JOHN READ Rlty 6345 Spring Open Eves HA 1-175 3746 PALO VERDE Bargain! 3-BR. Lovelv area B g vard, rtble. garage, cinder block fence, service porch. Near all schools, bus shoDDing Center. Call Flo Brcndu 423-5050; 423-5527. DEGLEY POO L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 NO DOWN 61 t!El mo. pays all. 3-BR. Beaut. ww. Paneled tiv. rm. Close to Palo Verde Del Arno. Call for aoPt. 1 Re«t Hodges HA 5- 1207 , LARGE CORNER 2-BR. · family rm. Beautiful, big fam rm ! with slidinp glass doors to POOL «rea. Fireol, air rond, 1"* ba. Lots '. ol extras. Asking onlv 127.5CO i , MOORE 597-43 W ' TAKE over $21.000 loan, 6?i F.H.A. . on ihis 3-br home. Trv SI. 900 total riown. Vacant. Nr schools c- shoo- °' n °MABRY COOK i Lakewood Country 1180 Club Estates facing Oolf course. d-Bedrms, 3- baths. Auprox. 3,000 so ft. ANDREWS REALTY X33-9934 Lakewood Plaza 1185 51/4% int. -Gl loan anyone can assume this Gl loin on this 2 i den or 3 Bdrm beauty W-w carnrts. rirapes, extri large kitchen, c!ra« to schools droning, si?) PF:R MONTH PAYS ALL Incl. 'a/PS. John Read Rlty 421-1761 !! CIRCLE THIS AD M (2) CORNER 3-BRs One beautifully enlarged. Each have 2-baths, fireolaces, fine c*r pels, drapes. One vacant, immed possfi^. Low as 52-100 down. Key f l '" " RAPHAEL, Realtors W35 E Spring HA 9-591 PLAZA BEAUTY! 3-Bedrm with formal dining rn (or 4-Bedrm). 1 3 i Daths. Immacu late. Carocts, drapes, fireplace . Large corner. Tar* ovpr 5^i'/ ' FHA Innn. Asking S2S.900. 9 MULLEN REALTY . $17,700 53/4%, $158 mo. Assume this xint. Gl loan b* oroud of this lovely 3 Br home, rfr outside BBaue, heart of Pla:a. JOHN READ Rlty 63JS Soring Open bves HA 1-P5 , NR MILLIKAN HIGH 1-Bedrm home, rcnr living rm wit 4 carpets drapes. Front kitchen Spacious varri. with trees.. . . 2 1 Fred'Ross Rlty. 597-248 ? "Builtins"-- "Will SI" LOVELY CORNER, 3 BR, 2 BA ' "A Must Sell" $24 950 ' JOHN READ Rlty. · : $400 Closing Costs to G '· LOREN BROWN Rilv « -3Ji6 s- baths, crpt., droi. thruout. M^n · extras. Call J2I-533I or ill-tmt. BEAUTIFUL PATIO s. 3 bedroom, lorne (.overed oal ! lenccd backyard, 6101 Ro«tx St. «M035. V/ALK TO SHOPS 3-BR. S. den, P balh. Low dow n «!.!«! CAL RLTY GA 7-70« CLEAN 3-BR, coll, drpi. Cov'd p Tin. May G.I. Woffort HA H»1 HOMES FOR SALE , INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PMJ-C-IS -- T -- J~wf.i 11~M CLA**'* lia **· t-9999 LMf M*cH» t»W. t TlHIf* F*. W, )?· * tw ~J[!!??*__llZ? i HOMES FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL CORNER li HOME JUST $26,900 " THE LOT ALONE IS '.VORFH · OVER S?2,000 SO :i LEAVES JUST SI9QO FOR THr LOVELY 3 ' BDRM HOME i ATTACHED 2 ' CAR GARAGE. ENJOY IT "AS ' IS" OR EXPAND AS YOU LIKE. JUST i$OO DOWN Sparow Rlty. HA 1-9478 "A NEST FOR EVERY BIRO' BREATHTAKING Ccntf- npO'JT Executive home 4 Sfdrins, 3 1 -? baihs, tien. 20x73 iam- il,' room. Lot 110*139 -- PfCffS- sicnally lindsc»ofrf. wilh flnodlil^ front i rear. SrarMini* POOL with - ptav eOJizment. Idtal for enter- !$·-. r.-j Pricci t*!3W CA".er'i cost. Tranif, oyt ca^'t take it T^e Real Estai* Store r3 S31S E. ?nd St. 434-$m / A C A N T / 3 ' B r i"j«n. Pe-01. AAuil »ll. ROCKE 43MSS3 lortfc Lout Mock 1220 \ POOL TIME IA aimost t-ere. 3yy now at ore ( wason cric*v 6. «ave tnous^idi IS! Check th»st textures: 3 BR, caro*:ing, drapes. UH'4 sha r o, allv-Dlf cool. Decking. 2 car gar. Priced under Gov). Appraisal 122,950. Hot«if *ione wpf?h tt. Easv non-vet terms too. K*v jt 5942 Or - aroe Av*. i r 5S42 ORANGE AVE. j HAVE TO SELL YQL'RS' CASH 1 t ADVANCED '"RAOE'IN PLAN A CHEAPIE! Ler us stow vou how voy c*i rjr- j n chast mis snaro, clean 2-Befi-m. U havst tcr appf«. UOO dov,n i ' OAymts. of asorox. 1155 «r mo Yoo CAN'T miss, carl now . . ?nd floor aNxjM: finlinede'. hai Avbit. immfaiaie cosseibion LISTER Riiv i2S*i?i SS3 GREEN - Custom 4 units. OPEN PM. GONNA SELL THIS WEEK. Bldr «I-OS2B; 421-93S1. os Altos 1205 NEW BILt IN Ic RANGE AND DiihwAsh*r make tnls front kiich- en with natural WOM caolnets A must see. Beamed ceding re^r liv- ; ing roam with wall of glass ti or- linhtful covered Diitio. Ot COurst .1 nediooms, ? baihs. Gt Jioprdlsr-i ft 12S.500 Call 439-597X. oppn «rfv WALKER 4 LEE Inc. J.C. PENNEYS K ?-blocks «wav from tlm iliflrm 1 Ino 2-Bedrm cottaoe. M« wnll of ' looking covered lanai. 2 cflr ga raqt. Enclosed yard. 522.500 on your lerms! REAL ESTATE STORE · 'NO. f 557 Slc*rn _ S)J.]Jtl "SPACE GALORE UNDER $30,000! ! ! ?1»13 master Bdrm v-ilh private b.nn. MASSIVL tamiiv rm huoe iirep . Spacious oanit rm or big Jlh aclrrn. 1S50 50. ti.. 2 hn. Sleeo- er near State Coll. oil schools. John Read Rlty. HA 1-1761 6J^ Sorino Ooen Eves OWNER ANXIOUS-- Wants his House sold lotlav! Lnrge 3-Bedrm. l'i bstns. Corner. Hdwd floors ! Forced «lr heat. Fkeolace. Listed i at Ol aoaralsal of «5.«0-- Trv S23,9SD and take over loan with ' The Real Eslate Store =1 bit to St. Joseph Soacc calore! Lovelv * Br. 2 b»!h Hdwd floors. FA heal. WW crot. rlrdcei. Dble q.Tr. Cov. patio. Trv FHA or no down Gl. i Rex L Hodges HA 1-8233 DON'T ADD ON UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN THIS REMODELED BtAUTY! 3 Bdrm, l baths, fdm. rm. Gl no dn.. S29.SOO John Read Rlty HAI-1761 634S SPRING OPF.N EVFS plus 3-Bedrms, tile kitchen, dlshw, c ndcr block fence? Take over FHA loan, pavmts only S133 or use YOUR Gl. Will see on any terms. Only 521.500- The Real Estate Store =4 5457 Stc.inii -- 597-3391 HEART OF LOS ALTOS 3-BR. FAMILY RM. Lge kitchen. Pi bath, ww crot, drapes. 1600 i«. ft. Onlv ^25,7SO. Trv FHA or no down Gl. S800 costs. Rex L Hodges HA 1-8233 S3!DO ON 4- closlno costs will move you into this xtrn sharp Jr. exec. Next thing to custom-built. Beautiful lanasc. £ loads of xtrns. Choke loc. Call now on Ihls one ... Ih* scarce "3?/" model. $800 down for Vet Sharo 3-BR. doe master), ? fu 1 bath* S, den. Walk lo St. Cornelius Church. Don't wait! Rex L Hodqes HA 1-8233 LOOKING for more room? 3-Br., fam rm, tirepl. IVi bi. Cpls. Nr. .' MOORE 597-4354 3 BDRM, (ten, P.I Bo. secluded fenced patio, fruit trees. Open dailv 11-3 Bv owner. 1920 Jostr Vacant Try low down. Rfcr HE 2-3^4 SALE by owner 3 Br. Imnidc. 2310 Arponne 596-/3U Los Cerritos 1210 Want A Country Club View S. lovelv 2-BR. 2 bath home overlooking Viroinia Country Club 18th airway? Many extras. Call TED BROWN GA J 1730 VIKING REALTY GA 6-618-1 7 YEARS NEW! TWO beautiful homes on 1 lot. Huoe. cuslom 2-BR. with intercom, I-A hcnt, burglar alarm, 3 car oar. plus private 1-BR. twin. Vatan . Ov,'iicr transferred. Rex L Hodges HA 1-8233 4 BDRMS. 3 BATHS New England Colonial, huge fam Iv rm., 2 firCDlflccs, modem all e ec. kitchen, palio, BBQ. SNAPP Realty 424-1664 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 2 Brs.. 2V? baths, dbl. oar. LMcr Redltv. Anvlime. 425-M!« .ynwood 1215 11900 PEAQI-- DRIVE BY 3 8RS. T DEN, 2 fireolaces. Lister Rltv., anvtime 42.1-6484 North Long Bench 1220 3-BR. WITH RENTAL Soacious lovely home. '?* bath, family rm.. fireol., 220. -t- separ. listed -- call now. HOWARD BUTLER, R E A L T O R 61/i A1LANIIC AVE. GA 3-6478 3 BR, 2 BATHS l ro iam rm, v//raised frole, ·-vircrt elec r.inne, lots cupboards, ilneU, over 1500 ft. Rltt Pr. A-l P F A L T Y bLRVILL 433-0403 Advertising Hoopla? Not tiiis 2-Br. 8. rustic cottage \vith firrnlacr at S1W50. Widow must sell. Call GA 2-1257; GA 24239 REX L HODGES REALTY CO. Absentee owner anxious to sell. 1-8R. on rear of 40x125 R-? lot. Rm to build. Asklna S13.500. Call Ouke Eves GA 3-3396 Rex L Hodges GA 2-1 257 WEEKENDS FREE Larae 3 bdrm. I 3 i ba., blt-lnj, small yard-Raw terrm. Jerry's Realty SA 3-1637 5821 Falcon, new spacious immac hdvjd firs, Igp kitch, take over DMV. loan, 523,700, 6.9=;, at J34.9CO John Read Rltv 421-1751 J18.950-- REAL NICE ?-Br. pat o- rlen full id. Carpet. Nr. school etc. Just listed t A GOOD BUY! Call now | Howard Butler, Realtor GA 34471 EXTRA INCOME from tnis t Units 2 Bdrrm Mch Income SdOO mo. Alwavs renicd. 3-BR. 2 BATH, DEH. fireplace. Car wt, Lots, lots morel SOMETHING TO SEE. Call now for delailj. Howard Butler, Realtor GA 3-647 6 SAVE MONEY NOW on this COIV 2 br. with pool. Easv oa-f on new FHA or Gl loan. Ashing S20.00C Ritr 855-9566 JORDAN HI AREA 3 Brs., T'J baths, reasonabl priced Needs some work. LISTER Rit/ Anytime 425 64! STUDIO DUPLEX-- 3-BR. EA?" ? vrs new! 1!M so. ft. 3 oar Terms or trade. S35.950 GA 3-5166 GOAINS Rltv HA 5-MS ROOM to build, front-- Lot 50x110 2 Br hse rear. R?nt 1135 mo. 3-Br. A l-Br. duplex NR \\ARKET LlNDtN. Stucco. ' Hawd. floors. Nrce s':* roprn^ Dble. ear. Laundry rm SUBWM 10S DOWN. SIS.5'30. JOHN W REED. R E A L T O R GA 3-79S1 401 E. Mkt. eve GA 3-S09 Introducing our newest ; best 3-BR. Listing \\ith tirepl , I. 522.500. Call BEN Eves iW . TJ Rex L Hodges GA 2-1257 V " 7l'S ROUGH B'Oi"' For Home Businesi -tt'ls 7-BR EioanKh Mucco " f -3 ' -·one Is ok at S1S/00 On Sou'n St. ! nr. Atlantic Can GA 2 1?W: 31 !- ; 5179 i REX L HODGHS R E A L T Y CO 4orwalk 1225 UNTIL YOU check other 4 br. home prices «n v Near new SUP. Court Blda. Con . aomlniuin living is easv RCCICA- tlon (or entire family. Folly carpeted, cust. draws, covered patio, ; All i more added since orio. our- 3 ctiflse. In this finest unit in Manor. . Owner will show bv .inp't at bar- cam Price below 120,000. Phon» «f : iORSE Proaerty. lovely area, ?000~ , sa it home. ALSO 3 Br 2 oatn, : patios. 121,500 Gl, FHA ALSO 2 Br. 2 car dot. gar 115.500. ALSO nave a Doo Kennel. Many others W A V E S REALTY UN S-7765 'JEAR NORWALK SQUARE -- love- V 3-Br. stucco. Hdwd, Mod Kitch. cov'd patio. Exceotional Buv at · S 9.750. FHA/Gl. i M5TFS1A-CERR1TOS Realty BS^-9S66 LARGE FAMILY? 8R5 -- 1 ? ! 3 baihs -- lamlly room. Gl or F-HA. ^ISTE-R Rliv. Anytim* 425-64S6 or Cal Vd. verv deslrcable 116,500. -- 1500 dn to G.I. owner Bkr. 7M-1221; Eves UN 8-8574. t LEAN 2 S. den. GI-FHA. SSOO fin. or tent-to-tiuv. 111,500. "Bev." Rex Hodges Co. 4 3 7 - 1 2 5 1 Car oar. Landscioed. Forced ai r heat. Bit-Ins. 112,500-low down t, assume exiitlno loan. S60-1X9A PAYMENTS LESS THAN RENT 3 brs., 1 bath, under 119,000. $50 DN. Vacanl 3-Br., cor. lot, 150 ON. FHA-VA, 117.950. Bkr. 844-7751. 2-BR.-- Needs paint, 1250 total, movt In. SJ6.850 F P. Bkr. UN 3 : 4747. Polos Verdes 1235 Danish Conlemo., 4 BR., pool, Irc- mendous Harbor-Catallna view. 175.000. 5e* this! Good terms or submit cash or trade. Owner 1332312 Paramount 1 240 NO DN Gl. 2 BR stucco, hrdwd firs, only $11,900 Roval Rltv 634-3J30 3 BR. Gd. Hse. dble. gar., "A Ac. Zoned R-2 Paramount 30-43M Park Estates 1245 2 BR., I'/i baths, den w-w, tirepl. patio, fenced vd., i Timed, pass. Call Al Long 43B-/755; 437-063 HATTERY 4 PENINGER RLTR5. Rossmoor 1255 SFE HF.R EYES LIGHT UP WHEN YOU SHOW HER TH S BEAUTIFUL HOME-on* of Rcm- moor's finest-brimming with d«D carpeting, soft DRAPERIES all those matchless Rossmoor tea- tures-deluxe Frlgldalre electric appliances in the wnmon pleasing Kltchen-2 gleaming ceramic Hie baths-Iflroe rooms priced t please at 132,500 on easy terms Hcie fi a home your family wil ove for a lifetime. Call to see!.' Aetna Realty Service GE 1-3M1 II 275 LINDA WAY 5-Bfdrms, 3 baths, 2-siory. Assuni 123,700 SWi loan. Formal dining rm. Lorge family rm. Largest model in Suburb la I DeBENEDICTIS 12131 LOS ALAAAIT50 BLVn GE 1-2507 North End Wide Yard SJice "Estates" Mode 3 Bedrooms, dining rm, family Area, etxra bath off master Bdrm. Lile carpeting dranencs thruout all bullt-ins. Trade your smaller home in for tru down payment. New listing. John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 REDUCED TO $30,000 3 BDRM FAMILY RM. Clean. Inquire Today. John Read Rlty HA 1 - 1 7 6 1 A345 SPRING OPLN fcVhS Assume 5 ! / 4 FHA Loan immed posses:-, on this Dulch Haven 3 Brirm «. fnmilv rm, w-w c o r nel, ri r K D f s, flreo., beaut. Indscpng. ONLY 126.950 4-Br. -}- family rm 4 baihs. Pool. Lge yard. Tradt vour home? Flo Baker 42i-BB7v HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 7/3 acre. Heart of Rossmoor. Owner must sac, separation. Bkr 593- Seol Beach 1265 " FOUR 2-BEDROOMS" Mr. beach, citv hall Tax sheller for home w/lncome. Bill Campbell 430-2545 PRICE REDUCED Owner Sacrificing «1 CENTRAL Open Fridays 1 lo 5 ilM RFALTY 59A-1A01 BEST BUY New 4-BR fam Rm din rm 3 BA'i 3 car oar. Spanish, tile roof Oceriii View. See 1405 SanrJoioer GAGHOH CO. 43S-4lit REVA OLSON Resident lal-- Income -- Exchange JOHN READ RLTY Inc. E 1-4J29 434-W36 Beich Kivll ' 4JO-I05) Signal Hill 1270 Price Reduced J4250 Must be sold 3 Br. custom-bit, home. On 94x12 lot. Best area Signal Hill. AAav take small home in trade. RAY SHINH, Rltr. S9S-334. State College Area 1275 "Honeymoon Cottage" Lovelv 2 bedroom, tlgnt and brloh kitchen, near schools, breakfas bar, air conditioned, doubtc gar. wall tx wall carpeting, dranes Only 521,000. Call 421-94B1. t WALKER LEE, INC. , WALK TO STATE COLLEGE * Much i o u o h t after "377 model . . . in walled-in area. Cus torn decorfltlno, V/-V/ carpeting d'apci, buiit-ms, dishw. forced a 1 heat. 15x30 heated POOL. 135,751 -- Qirvnei*. v^ill helo finance. The Real Esinte Store =4 , U57 5tf«rni -- 597-337 ^ADBJIA'R'EAL^TY GA ?·!?* ' mo] dln. w rm. 3 Ba., ihao uroe DRIVE bv 332 E. 51st St. Sharp du Dlex-1-Br. each. Appt. only. GA 3-5466 GOAINS RLTY HA 5-348 oar. Range refrig optional Own er NE 2-7327 OPEN 1620 R. Market. SVOO dn to loan PAGE CUNNINGHAM GA X-811 n bTUCCO duplex Sell or Tradp 0 ON COMMERCIAL 116,950 Anchor Rltv 434-0302 439-7M 5 2 BR. new CODDer plumbing tak v over Gl loan 5'i% S17.950. B v owner. 423-3355 ~ DRIVE bv-43 E. Silh SI. Then call ,, ice 3 Br., 2 ba., S22.500 Trv V/ D J J-hnson, J22-2811. N.L.B.2Br.,G1., FHA, $17,500 n. ?7 w. Pleasant-- Sharp 1 BR. Nr bus, shopping. Bkr. GA 8-12M t XLNT. LOC.-- SWC. 2-flR. l N o C loads of closet space. Immed POSJ SWl DeLeon 2 TAKE THIS 5V. LOAN! * 4 hdrm, 2 balh, eicc kitch, dlsnw walk to L.B. State. Call Gene Paq . GE 3-13?7 3 BR, 2 ba, paneled fam rm, wv, · crpts. drps, cor lot FHA aooar se o.m. Wkend all. 1BCO Hackett , 6500 BACARO 3-BR, fam Rm. 3 ANDREWS REALTY 431-W v T Of ranee 128 - 4 BR. 3 ba. fam rm. Liv rm., df 0 rm. frpl,, dble oar Bit-ins, bl wall Sprinkler svstem, F.A. h w-w crpt. drps, dlshwshr, dlsp. Westtlde 128 n 4 UNITS. Gl flDpralsal S22JOO no d 71 LWmi RltV 431-S73I, tvti 4»-f2M HOMES FOR SALE /esttid* 12IS . $ FORECLOSURES t H , t a^ i! Sf? ! sr ho !S .3C2 Attention Families! : E»rr)lng Itss than S6.0CO c«r yr? j You cai now buv a tome! Did vau knD« that f-HA will pay part o* vcur house pavments? For further cai? CA 5 *®! St3«?'%°TM IAGE! BMI* US4 w. w.iio* 3-Br. + Family Rm. ,1 no down. F.P. $23,500 lit time oftered 1'* bstn. Cle*i viaro Ihruout. Ve's !ry J39S totjl (.Mis. Aiea's best buy-- e«'l ro« Van Linen Rlty 591-1361 2170 PACIFIC AVE. HAVE TO SELL YOURS? CASH ADVANCED TRADE-IN PLAN ORAi^UE COUNTY CITIES TRACTS UHtiiiqroii Itoch 13W Fam Rm + Firepl«e« $19,950. No Down SI y room wltii f replict. Add'Hyn' f:rept»ce In living rm. Exc*ll»n» c^rpeting.^ custom dr*p«s. PiftM fAKd'tll 714.842-4691 4lll 8e«cn si., HimthfltM »««h CASH DOES TALK * k«3S talViig (very rnoo'h b 1 / «su^lng 52?.2CO lun at $'4 FHA. jut ceit of ay. a suavb 2 starv, John 3 Read Rlry HA 1- 1741 W« SPRiNG OPEN SVES 3.BR.-.y 2 JATHp E -tr^, D Pr, Nw 7 M , TO VGA' Mill: eves !S-r.» iS! li : u ?iTM s ia m N?dn''G'l-Lo!J ^^f^°--\cAim^^ D V^^co'ner.^h.r,,. ^.l^l.t 8 MAKE OFFER J Rr|. -f ouest house. Down c«v- m-nt -. c'cn no cost W75 total. LISTER Rlty. Anytime. *3S-AJ?i C ',V 1 sting-!i33 Fasv 2 Br. NO t down Gl Don Rrista*. 1J4-W9. Vrigley 1295 "OPEN l'-5. $25.000 "' !. 4 br. 1-'* bit. jSOJS lei 10 nllcv 9*1? pl.iv room att.icntd in *iw. , v OiVNf R -- J-3r .. cjroel'fli. flri^es, tirsn'ace, pantling, pit-n r^vt, dishwasher, oatio, on cut f" s»c. l pixK from arjrann* ichool, 1 ml. from Oouglas, S^ 1 ^ Gl bin. S33.WO 5041 Parlrld-H Cirrlf 7H 3)7 5)22- 'MACULATE 1 S»orv, S Sr, i oa tr \\. corpe's. flropei, firenlaci- v, Si-r ntv'frs. I V x W COVC'tfl 38(.0. «4.900. H.SOfldn 3kr. GE 7 1713 'ONE CA!L CAM'DO IT ALLI Hftme Finders Ritv. Huntlnfll-M* B'flCh (213l Jll-OtOA (/Mi 8?2-4477 fir ol. Mlrrnrel wall in mailer pr. ' LGE ?-tn-.. ! bi . dnl. airiji. htsl- ? oatlos. LOTS OF STOPAC C . rt\ pnM. no vd work. S37 $00. 431* 3143 Main. 591-5325! 71*_.«2-f5az Gl. FHA-- LOW DOWN : SMfiotit ?-BR Crpt. newer kitcn , P A Path Newer raot. A - l co-id t way oar phvNK Sctnrtter « JC1« HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 ; 1974 DAISY OPEN $A~f i SUN 1 ?.fl'., tamilv rm, ? fcfl'hn J BR , ? baths 2000 sq. ft. NMIU. , 10'. Dn. $35.500 F.P. Olil 477-7A12 3761 Pine Ave. -BR. house, larst yard. R-4 lit. . Mfi.'tDO 2?55 Elm. 426-7S5? | ORANGE COUNTY CITIES TRACTS Ml Areas 1320) SPLISH SPLASH Take advantage ol \\,n'.rr , nricei work transfer « 1 MOO SQ. tt. of cuslomijed leu- tyics In this 3 Br.. fam. rm. .1 08 hpme -i- 20*JO pool, underprited fpr aM sae due to out oHtfllp IOD transfer. S39.9M r2. 2600 «Q. M. ol sheer 'ovjlinw In tills S Br. .1 nflth. 2 iiorv · !Sx3i fenced nMl. Thu home Is J yri new 144.950 ; JOHN READ Rlty Inc RENT/PURCHASE ' 4-Bdrm.. Gl or FHA terms frcm 421.000 to S23.000. Most areas ·- Orange Couniv. 2 taths. som( hlt.-ins. fireplace. Call collect fnr ntormaton. BANKERS REALTY 123/2 Euclid, Garden Grovf 7U-.5fl.WUtt eve. 714-531-3130 TONS OF STONE dccornle tne exterior of Ihls frwv c Oie newlv decornled home. 2 fu 1 bslhs, acoustical ceilings. Ltrge family loom/dinlno rcom. Just 1 sted at S7I.OOO Gl or FHA (.LOVER 7U-527-2?8B A.M/L, on H'wy 78. M«nv oeoutt- u! Home S1ICJ. »15,000. SI. 500 Dn Low Aftonthlvi o.6 e -o Int. EISMORE REALTY P. 0. Box 344 RAMONA 18 ml. E. Fsconrtldo Then W Hi miles 71 J- GREENBROOK resoles, assume FHA/Gl lO^ns, Larwin. 430-0332 500 Homes to choose trom. VA or F-HA KEYSTONE, 596-9011 ~ ~ -- ~ · TnC TOWNHOUSE W. Anaheim 4 br, 2 "i ho, ? storv, central air. cpt*. drps. bit ins. Walk to shooplno S22,9SO. rcas lerms 714-774-5867 Buena Park 1335 HUGE HOME 4-Br. + 2 Baths + Fam Rm Scrawled Across an extra larg« completelv fenced Undicnned lot, loaded with shade trees ornatt plants sits this HUGE majestic California ranch stvle home bub- hlino with potential. WALK TO MAJOR SHOPPING CENTER, «tT:oK A churches. J oversnotl bdrms, 3 bedroom* with extra Israe walk in closets bath In the east wing PLUS . . . 20' MASTER BDRM balh (loaded wilh gleaming chrome fixtures ceramic tile) In the wesl wlno- RIG 'ran! formal living rm covered In th cfc deep pile vv/w CARPETING BLENDING IN NtCCLY WITH THE WALNUT PANELING -- t-- coustfcal ceilings. HUGE 12 r 20' FAMILY ROOM ideal for the tarn- Iv on the grow criteria Inlnci friendi LARGE 70' farm slvlo kitchen wiin BUILT IN R p. long formica counters, loans fit fii- ipd rrtbinels, breakfast bar A many other labor savino annolni- mcnts ENORMOUS 20 x JO' COV- TRED PATIO. This property ^ one of the bcil values In Or^noe Countv, HURRY!! $18,950 Orangethorpe Realfy J401 La Raima, Buena Park (ortoositf Ihe M?v Co) 7U-S22-1125 toll irea MS-JWO $1,000 DN. 2700 SQ. FT. J-Bcdrms. 3 baih. adjacent to Los Covotes Country Club. Scoring co- tticrlral ceilings pnrlch this dramatic ") \\arv home. 2700 SQ. M. of uxurv space with wall lo wol turpotlna thruout. Located on 9,000 ft oi gcntlv sloping view lot. Irnm«d. possession. $44,750. Broker, Joe Thorman, (7U) 521-6012 HUGE Horns big lot, lo dn. drive by 6707 Indiana, 714-- B28-4300 Rlc Cypress 1355 enl to 6% Gl loan, elegant, marble entry, 6 br., 3 bath, fam v room, formal dinlnn rm., hit-in elec. kitchen. Over S4.000 of m- provement. Excellent. 9562 Aven da Monterey. 826-S617 BY OWNFR -- 2-vr -old, 4-or., 2-k*. iumc loan. 7U-- 82A616V 27B"DRM., hdwd. floors. 1 batn, loi 50x150', zoned R-4, 113.0GO, fenced. 7U-393-4113 A C RIIV 826-5233 Garden Grovt 1375 DUM DUM DEE DUM 4-Br., 2 Bath, Cov. Patio Fireplace -- Sprinkler* $21,950 no down to Vets-low down FHA Sing be haoPY-let your tax re fund purchase this spacious c can home featuring near new carpet ing, rjrapes, range, oven dispos al ·»· a toiy DBS or wood burn ng fireplace. Large vard 15 como w/sprinklers fronl XT rear tha would allow more Time for cook r o u t s on the huoe cov oatio. Dbl detached gar fcr the Cad : at vou'M be driving on the mone/ vou save if vou assume Sl?3 monthl 1 Daymen! on existing loan-suomi vour terms HURST ASSOCIATES 4 Br, Fam Rm, $20,500 No $$ Down Payment i Lflroe patio overlooks a charmln vard with a fish pond. Red br c fireplace, 2 Dullman baths Hug ir. estate pooi-5iied grounds Ci farbell 714-638-394 12182 Brockh-jrst. Garden Grovf Jr l/ 4 Acre, 4 Br SI9.95C One of today's best home buys em conveniences. O v e r s i le bdrms., 2 baths, extra eating are -- exceptional kitchen No dow Diym^nt Gl. Dflvm»its less tha rent. Can collect. Tarbell 714-892-440 S572 Westminster Avenue OWNER 526,700 lovely 3 br, 2 ba den, cot, drcs, lanasc. patio, con , ven, FHA or Gl. 7U493-3617 . FARROW-- Orange County's Lars est. Coll collect 714-JE 7-9W7. 8 Garden Pork 138 8 SUPER SHARP NO 7 PLAN 4 Br. + dining rm. Owner nas bough) new home u Br., 2 bath home in Gardrn Par * This home has blt-ln ran | oven, ceramic tile in kitchc * bath, lath plaster, ww carpet custom drapes Ihru-'" custc wall Mper, huoe mlr:ors, pa slab, sprinklers front rear I m a n y extras, Located on a au 4 street, Nr. all schools, EAS oa S WAYS. Aaklno onlv S29.950. PARK GATE REALTY luntington 1395 Harbour y W A T E R F R O N T 4 br. Jrt irfpA \72.Sftl. O'A'ner. 5^j-jTj?l tanton 1440 BEST BUY!!! Orivf ov 7351 Sant.i Gertrudes- 3 hsflrni. 75 )t. lot, *1S.900 F.P. 1s»- ^ noss. to auslified buver SIJi mo. incl. taes Bkr HAS-iiOO fVcstmlnsttr 1445 bflih. Lge. lot CR fenced, n«-« crph f. drapes, newly oaln'*1. Principals onlv. 714-672-6070. ed? Get them into 2 housse on 1 c i v with room lo 4dd rluninv 71i- '·?S DO'.VN new 3 4 bdrm. IIOTIBS horn S24.US. Bkr. 7I4-39/./13A |TM?13?SHTAirilSJl Mobilt Homes 1540 (FOR ^ALG) 3 io Choose From 74x60 NEW MOON ._. JU.758 Local, modern Adult IDS en ivitt. ta gualltled buyer. MOBILE HOME CENTBR S455 Atlantic {ot ArtCSla) L.», '69 NATIONAL BRAND 12x50 1 BR., $3995 Dtstrablt xpBcm ayilliblt s;;; Down-ss? MO. Uniurn. Oeiiv. set-uo Incl. RAY'S TRAILER SALES 123J1 E. Carson, Haw*n Gardent CHAMPION Why buy used? \Vtifn WlvS will buy a new lltW 1 or ? Bedroom. 12703 S. Atlantic, Uvnwood, D'r. GOLDEN WF5T VIKING BUOGER 8ROADMORE SCAND1A VII LA WEST FLEET WOOD PARAMOUNT Geo. V/. Fry Lomlt« 214! Pac. Cst. Hwv. i32 iiKl '69 3 BEDROOM 1 2 X 6 0 $4495 SPACE AVAILABLE RAY'S TRAILER SALES 1W*1 E.Canon, Vlav/'n Gflffrtn* . GOLDEN WEST WESTERN MOTOR SALES ANXIOUS owner must sell! N«w, never lived In, 12x46 Mobile Homt Has 'o9 lie. Readv to rrtov* to «nv location! Furn. avail. Coll 578-3413. AjX for Mat, Dlr. '45 MOBILE home WxSS', 3 br.. 1'6 hs. Ocen houis Feb. 23, Mar. 1,2. Carson St. off San Diego Fwv. 31?fM Martin St. D-H, Famllv I'ark, Carson, Calif. Orange Co. finest adult park. Lndscpd. ·wntngi, pat la, jkirb. (7U) a;2-07t? ait. 5:30 o.m. days. 'el 12x57 FLEETV/OOD, steps, Sklrt- inqi awnings. Set up In 5 star rjduit nark, 1 BR unfurnished. S4SPO. call 423-3619 BUY equity tak* over pflymtv on nrar new 12x52. 2 br. In fimi v pork. After 5:30, 830-3978 12' WIDE S3W5. Btach Trailers Supoly, 17261 Bearfi Blvd. HUNTtNGTON BEACH ROYAL Lancer-Bonded. 12645 Pas* crins, at Santa Ana Frwv., Nwk. 10x45 2 BEDROOM .. . -., S24« T-BIrd 12525 Aflonllc, Lvnwood 7 BR mobile hom« 20X55 "lov* v Dark." Paramnt 634-A5M 45»10 2 BR., 17820 Laktwood Blvd.i Travtl Trailtrt 1565 PROV;LER, LAYTON, RUSTLER TRADES ACCEPTED Save ttStt like never belorc FUNTIME TRAILERS 10201 E. Arlesta, Bel If lower 867-9314 NO. 1 PROWLER DLR. IN U S Aristocrat-Silverstreak TRAVELEZE 5PORTLAND TRAILER SALES 4945 Long Bticft Blvd. GA J-BM TRAILER HITCHES O-ver 8332 Hitches Installed Gas Tanks-- Cycle Carries PIPER WELDING i MFG Aristocrat-Wheel Campsr 15', 14', 19, 20', 24' on dim av Wo-sham Trailer Sales 714/531-25K Douglas Trailer Sales 12708 S. Atlantic, Lyn. 632-1 2*1 ALPHA BREEZE TRAVELEZE Town Country Vocation Center 17424 Bloomfteld Cerrltos I,'A-175. ClM* 5un. Paul's Travtl Trailers ·5 A l R S T R E A M 30' Sovereign, air cond., twin beds. Like new Ins d-. "Illness forces sal*" 430-0710 ! NEWPORT. 20'x45', S2700 down, UVs over omnts. 7 mos cf.4, S1000 wnrtfi 23' ALJO, iwin bed. full/ self con. tained. Icte model. Priced to seill Dlr. 6*63 Lonrj Beach Blvd. 16' SHASTA trailer, elet. gas rt- ! CLEAN 13' travel trailer 'At Licence. NE 1 // 16':' KIT Sportmasier w-toi!^ 51695 Park Sales, 7U-527-4174 Trailer Parks | COOL SMOG FREE COSTA V.ES*. 90 adull ipaces, or*nlns m Mi/. For informatlcn call 714-645-2510 '61 CR05SI.AND 10x42 2 bdrm fjri I s e t uo sdult park, L8 S2SM, i*n. Ing, porch 7U-527-7647 · Trailers-- Mobile 1510 ? Homes Wanted n 1 REFINED mlddieage COUD!?, eicsi- lent credit, desires 2 Bdrm, Vobl't Home, low down. Write Bs* A- · 10915 indcosndenl, PresvTtiwrjm 6:h Pine self-contained. Private eartv -*£!*!! 6 p.m. 831-/1M 3 V;E pav too cash *.$$· crtin HIGHEST W Mid RwMIt honwi K trailers. Anv $iz«. Dlr. NE 2-4J44. _ or not. Dlr. 63M-U1 ^ W Mrs T F t iowers U ffer t 4 a ' l 425.1 P 705 5i Trailer Storage 15f5 J_' TRLRS., bMts ' d *5 m( iS' S K"^^*^ o ^ 1 -"-V~i~ 1 ~tTl~ iTrtii loafs Yachrs 1600 ft WANTED Boston Wh«l«r, 13'3" f*lr «. condition. Please call GE 3-179S Sharpl Hive to Mt. $1 895.' 430-SJW ,r, WANT J°jlS5n l J iH ' rin * ^*** ** IIV *

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