Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1969
Page 17
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Chicago Group Tours Ozarks Tom Feathers, president of the Washington County Historical Society, served as guicte for a group of Chicago residents touring the Ozarks Tuesday. Feathers, met the chartered bus sponsored by the Geographic Society of Chicago, at Burns Gables and the g r o u p visited Prairie Grove Battlefield, Cane Hill, the Confederate and National Cemeteries t h t University of Arkansas campus and other points of interest in the surrounding area. The tour, comprised of 37 persons, members of the sponsoring society, was conducted ly Miss Margaret Feistkoni ;md Miss Helen Reitmeier. TLm bus departed Chicago 1 a .«. t Saturday the itinerary included stops in Missouri and Arkansas. They plan to return home i his Saturday. Strike Begins TOKYO (AP) -- An estimated 12 million Japanese commuters had to find other Tncuns of getting to work today. Workers of eight major railroad and subway lines were on strike, and 2,000 Tokyo taxi drivers staged a sympathy strike. longressional Reorganization Now Favored By House Speaker W A S H I N G T O N fAP) - peaker John W. McCormack, ever known in the past to favor ongrcssional reorganization, ays he is delighted that a seri- us effort is under way to treamline House procedures. Several reorganization bills ave been introduced this ses- ion. but the first serious move oward getting an acceptable measure didn't come until Tucs- ay when House Rules Commit- ee Chairman William D. mer, D-Miss., appointed a sub ommittec to come up with ap iropriate legislation. VISITORS AT HEADQUARTERS HOUSE . . . Miss Fcistkorn (left) Feathers and Miss Rcitmeier discussf itinerary at Headquarters House. (TIMESphoto by Ken Good) MeKetson-Bexcl SPRING SALE Vi Price Thru April Night Shifts, Overtime Refused Business Affected By Women's Fear Of Attacks By PHILIP WECHSLER AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- The fear of crime in the streets, particu- time work during evening hours. As a result companies are spending millions of dollars, in larlv in major cities, has addition to higher night pay, on prompted more and more wom-isafety precautions to attract en to refuse night shifts or over- women to evening work. ' ' -' Associated SPECIALS! You Always Find and Save More AT YOUR STERLING STORE Money Orders · Evelyn Hills Payroll Checks Cashed · Fayetteville -- STORE HOURS -Open Daily 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Man., Thurs., Fri. 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Ctearonce! ENTIRE STOCK! Womens SPRING DRESS HATS Large Selection of Styles and Colors ·Regular 1.99-2.49 now $1.00 ·Regular 2.99 now $1.50 · Regular 3.99 now $2.00 · Regular 4.99 now $3.00 · Regular 5.99 now $3.00 Entire Stock Spring and Summer PIECE GOODS · A Great Selection · Values to 1.98 yd. · Shop Early at This Fantastic Price or 39 Yord Reduced This Week Only! Ladies' BLOUSES and SHORTS Your choic* of our Regular 1.00 and 1.49 Ladiei ·leuMi and Shortf. Largt itltction of ity'«V color* in all liiti. DONT MISS THIS ONE! 77 Each A survey by The Press found, for example: Bell Telephone Co. contracts w i t h a Chicago taxicab company to pay the fares of 300 night operators. --Eastern Airlines regional of- ice in an Atlanta suburb installed closed circuit, television on its grounds and employs jai'ds with two-way radios. --The Republican Inaugural Committee spent five per cent of its total budget on cab fares 'or its female workers in Wash- Los Angeles because women refused to work at night. "With our younger women applicants safety is a very important factor." says the bank's personnel He added vice president for Charles Sherman. that the bank's data processing center near Hollywood had to provide a guard for the parking lot. Mrs. Charlotte Cole, an em ploymcnt agency official in Newark. N.J.. says. " Y o u n g women just don't, like standing on a street corner waiting for a bus at night." She added that companies now building down town offices are providing cm ploye parking facilities. OTHER REASONS Women of course turn dowr night work for other reasons: interference with their socia lives or lack of adequate public transportation. A New York City employment ington. TURN DOWN OVERTIME Gary R. Davic, a regional | .. _ _ _ . . . _ manager for American Girl. agency reports that 20 per cent Service, a nationwide agency. O f the women refusing night 'urnishing temporary help, says w ork cite the fear of going home Nwfftwwt ArkaiMM TIMH, TDur*., April 24, IMf · IT FAYCTTIVILLI, MKMMM _^___^_-- am/.atiun supporters made t h e i mistake of thaking up commit tec procedures too much, thus alienating the chairmen. BIPARTISAN ASPECT The reorganization drive has taken on a definite bipartisan Nixon Honors Chief Justice At White House WASHINGTON' (AP) -- C h i e f : porting organization. He said he was "delighted that progress being made- it's very hope- McCormack, D-Mass.. said in n interview: "I have asked them to come ip with a reorganization bill, 've been after them about it all long and I'm delighted that hey're going to do something bout it." FIRST TIME heart t o w a r d anyone." Warren, who retires in June, r'"i !ful " " : t t i l s llaill -' (1 Wednesday by the ; Besides the number of R e p u b - ! President at a black tie dinner licans on the subcommittee, it is j at Hie W h i t e House, w h e r e a GOP member's bill t h a t ] c h a m p a g n e toasts washed down u ,,.,,,, u must favored at t h i s *J m c biter W«t» Irian Cloth :* JAKARTA. Indonesia (AP)' -An Indonesian soldier was killed and five civilians were wounded in the West Irian capital of DJa- ya Pura when troops clashed with an estimated 2,000 demonstrators demanding a vote in the coming election to determine whether Indonesia retain! the New Guinea tcrritoy. delayed reports reaching Jakarta said today. CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 time. And that's H Democratic assessment. Boiling said n h i l l introduced earlier this year memories. Among the 108 guests N i x o n ! gathered to honor Warren's 50 | III! PER WORD . . . 7c Minimum Order 15 Wordi Minimum Charge S1.HS CASH DISCOUNT RATES len Smith. II Calif., seems most [ f r i e n d s , court colleagues, go\ ; 6 consecutive insertion! 1 i 5 consecutive insertions " j 4 consecutive Insertions eminent n f f i e i a l s and seven! .1 consecutive in.iertiorai men olten mentioned as c a n d i - ! 2 consecutive Insertions favored at the moment. Smith's bill would permit a majority of a committee to have dates lor the top seat on the butt special meeting called upon i prcine Court. j House sources said this is the!written rcrniest. thus circum- W i t h Secretary of Stale \ V i l - irst time the speaker has ac- venting some of the power now [jam I'. Rollers. Supreme Court | ively worked for a rcorgani/a-1 enjoyed hy some i r o n - h a n d e d ' J u s t i c e I'mtcr S t e w a r t . Defense ion measure. In the past, they i committee chairmen. | chief M e K i n R. l.aird. A l l y aid. he never openly opposed' MINORITY REPORT j ·uch bills, but by refusing to put! H also would allow any mem he prestige of his office behind' reorganization efforts he vir ually caused their defeat. per word ... SOc ... SOc ... 24o ... 18c ... 14c The subcommittee is headed y Rep. B. F. Sisk. a California Republican and includes Reps. Ray Madden, D-Ind. and Kich- ird Boiling. D Mo. All are advocates of reorganization. ( I o n . John N. M i t c h e l l , f o r m e r Ally. Gen. Herbert U r o w n c l l . her at least one day to f i l e a m i - i Tin,mas K. Dewey. and Nixon's nority report on any g i v e n . o n e - t i m e lav; sclinol rnonimatc. measure as a means of prevent- Charles S. Rhyne all looking on. mg the rnmriiddint; of legisla- the President K.-IVO no hints on his high i-uiirl choice. ' N i x o n . however, concentrated lion to the floor without dissent. It would allow committees, a t j their discretion, to permit t e l e - ; , , , , ,,,.,,,·,,],,,,, ; , W a r m farewell in vised broadcasting ol ,'i hearing J ; i,| v . |n( . ( , f,, r \Van-i "if they are transmitted as ·· · Above »ro the Cajh Discount rates you will receive by ordering: ynur Ad at Th« Tlmri office and nayinR cash for it. or hy ordering your Ad by Phnne and paylnp for it within 10 days of the date billed. 107i added after 10 dayi. For best re-sults give full description and start your ad for B dayi. You truly cancel your arl when results are obtained You'll only be charged tor the actual number of days the ad ran . - . .,, , . , . - . . . . . ;0(l ' 1S " i t o step d o w n a t The subcommittee \vill s t u d y ; p u b ] i c service without commor-! cl] |. r ,, n | enurt ten ill reorganization proposals a t ; eial sponsorship, and a w i t n e s s ,,,. its disposal, including three bills!docs not object to the broaden 1 "' nlroduced this session and proposals made in the past by Rc- jublicans. ing of his testimony." The measure also would vide a central data proves as chief j u s t i c e hv former Presi dent Dwiu'ht II. Kisenhower. He publican \Varren was a p o l i t i c a l Sisk says be intends to come center, in cooperation with the 1 '!""[!!. ·'",. ,'','.'.'ri'i','.', 1 .^ S ', m hidiiiL' up with a realistic proposal, one j secretary of the Treasury ;md|"' ul '' ' ,.;'1 U .' 1 ' ,, - . ' ,, , that will be acceptable to the the Budget Bureau, for use b y i " " " « i.ns .IM,»\ 1.101. ^ nost powerful elements of the congressmen in cost analysis | In IMS he was Dewey s vice House--committee chairmen. and any other matter requiring' presidentia In the past. Sisk said, rcorg-1 computers. SAVK MONEY! Place your art In the TIMES SERVICE DIRECTORY n, w h o pi"" 5 !ONE MONTH''' '' y ONI.Y sjoo the end of t h e i (Each additional line--S300I Card ot Thanks - SI.'on (Over "0 \vortl5, 7c prr word] a p p o i n t m e n t i classified D i s p l a y Advertising De;idlin« 2 daya befora puhlica- tion. ! i,, Midwestern Flood Damage Set At More Than W Million r u n n i n g male. D u n n e t h a t t i m e N'ixiin c r i t i cizcd W a r r e n ' s political stand as ton liberal. He also has at tacked m a n v nt the decisions of I l i r Supreme Court under War ren. on the same grounds. PLEASE be sure to check your ad for errors tile first dav of publication. Adjustments will be made on the basts of 1h* first appearance only No corrections mad* a f t e r ad haa expired. This newspaper reserves th« fight to edit, reject and properly classify all ads. DEADLINES: ' Clarified ads are accented until i « p in on the day before nublica- But since w i n n i n c t h e proM 'ion nnd until 11:30 a.m. Saturday dency.' Nixon's relatiun. w i t h '" r «"""'' publication. Warren have wanned and lit asked the chief justice to admin istcr his oath of o l f i e e last .Ian. | .ts workers are turning down overtime, especially during win- .er when dark comes earlier. "The women refuse based on the on the subwajs or waiting on a corner for a bus. The agency says it is extremely difficult to recruit women for work after 9 Ernest Cooper, manager of a p.m the fact of safety streets," he said. In some instances the reluc-| Philadelphia employment agen- tance of women to work at. night j cy. says women will accept jobs lias cot down on production. The United California Bank said it had to abandon overtime shifts in most of its offices in Hudson Awarded AFR Certificate Of Recognition LI. Col. Jame.s .1. Hudson, ad- m i n i s t r a t i v e officer of the 9841st Air Reserve Squadron, was re ccnlly awarded the Air Force Reserve Certificate of recognition fnr meritorious service. The presentation w a s made by Lt. Col. Robert D. H a y . s.qu a d run com ma nder. Colonel Hudson, professor of history and assistant dean ol the g r a d u a t e school at the University ol Arkansas, has .served 10 years with t h e Fayettevillc based squadron. The ciation commended the licer for establishing -highly, j. , conlract pap)crs an d f i n e f f i c i e n t a d m i n i s t r a t i v e tech-1 . . . ' . ' . iiifliics and procedures which center city or the suburbs, but "they don't want to work in fringe areas or where they have to w a l k many streets." By THE ASSOCIATED PRES Damage in part of the .Mid-, western flood zone was placed at more than $100 million Wednesday as Illinois and Iowa braced for the approaching crest of the Mississippi River. The flood threat appeared to be over for Minnesota and Wis consin. and officials were optimistic that damage in Illinois and Iowa would be m i n i m a l because of flood preparations. Dr Pepper Firm Bought By Coke w i t h o u t there hidden: receded j Chien. Wis., Flnodwater.s steadily toda\ and u p s t r e a m at LaCrnsse. Wi's.. hut fiOO W r r n n sin families s t i l l faced a period of w a i t i n g before they cuuhl re turn to their homes. L o w l a n d slreams ruse in New England hit by heavy rains e a r - j Her this week, and a do/en f a i n | ilies wore evacuated frnm a j t r a i l e r p a r k in llratlleborn. V t . . I ,,, . - . . - , .. , . as the Whitostonc R i v e r flowed I Flood threats continued in j . ., , , i New England and the Far West '"'' lts "'"' ks ' Chicken Cooking Contest Now Has Five Entrants S P R I N O D A I . F . F i v e women ACT NOW! Dial Times Classified Adi 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LEGAL NOTICE* CARD OF THANKS 1--ANNOUNCEMENTS 2-- COMINC EVENTS 3-- FRATERNAL NOTICES 4--PERSONALS S--BEAUTY CARE (-INSTRUCTIONS areas. LITTLE ROCK (AP) The president and owner of the Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. of Little Rock said Wednesday he had sold the f i r m to the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Arkansas. Winston I. Moody of Little!f c c t Wcdnesdai Rod; confirmed t h e sale i n a ' reply to a suit in Pnlaski C h a n eery Court that Arkansas Beverage Co. of Little Rock had filed against him and Dr. Pepper April 2. The suit seeks to force Moody to carry out an alleged contract to sell Dr. Pepper to A r k a n s a s Beverage. Moody denied the allegation He said the alleged contract A r k a n s a s Beverage was trying to enforce bad been a "mere proposal and was subject from heavy rains and melting snows. The Army Corps of Engineers said damage for northern Iowa, eastern North Dakota, western Wisconsin and all but the southwestern edge of Minnesota was $100.4 million. They added t h a t S7.5 million for emergency dike construction prevented an additional SH5 million loss in these R I V E R CRKSTS I D And the Weather Bureau h a s ; ) , , | x , | 1P i ( | T warned of a substantial rise i n ; \ \ m j the N o r t h w e s t the Connecticut R i v e r , w h i c h pimliry f e s t i v a l . f l o w s through Vermont. N e w ' l Hampshire. Massachusetts and Connecticut. Crop damage rose n i a ' s San Joaqian snow m e l t i n g from t h e First e n t r a n t s i n t o t h e con tesl are Mrs. dene Cherry of Spriniiilaif ·. entering l a e a r n n i easse role:" Mrs. Donald O l f e n h a e k e r Nevada envored 75.1100 acre 1 , of barley, eotton and Damage was placed a! MO mi] Another 2.'i.(lllil acres nf j; v n i | The Mississippi crested at 21..iicrops could be i n u n d a t e d . I i eials said. "..\ipha : " .M rv .In-n of ··| r m on h. H i c h b u r u i · n I e r i 11 K ctitcrin/;' B r o n r Coalition Limits Extension Of Federal Aid To Schools M · n f H i , ' ing contributed outstanding to the squadron's Robb Heads Home approval of the A r k a n s a s Rev crafU' Board of Directors " t h e WASHINGTON r A P ) - T h e t o u s c Republican-Southern Democratic coalition, showinc i! can still call some legislative shots, has passed a bill l i m i t i n g extension of federal aid to ! schools for two years. Moody did not disclose purchase price he received. A r - . . . . . ,, ,. , ,. ,, kansas Beverage said it had i '"J 0 " 111 *. llc the contracted to pay $11011.00(1 ovcr^TM^^ i?*^!^^^ tZr 15-year period. N A I I A . O k i n a w a ( A P ) - - With his w i f e I.ynda and the .V month-old daughter he has n e v - . er seen w a i t i n g at t h e I.B.I The Soviet space probe Cosmos Returns To Earth BOCHliM. Germany (AP - llanch Marine Johnson City. A l a j . Charles S. Tex.. 271 returned to earth t o d a v and Robb: made ,-, s u rt l a n d i n g inside the Southern about the defeat of year extension sought by their party leaders. In past years, even during Democratic administrations, the Southerners formed w i t h Republicans in a coalition to stop w h a t they considered too liberal legis- g r a m s w h ' c h nn\v r e q l h i e sen arate a p p l i c a t i o n s .mil s e p . n . i l e BITTKK D K F K A T Defeat of the House l l e i w i cratie l e a d e r s h i p on t h e bill was especially b i t t e r because it w e n t to great l e n g t h s to bold the southerners in line Democratic leader 1 ;, u i i o met f n r scveial d a v s w i t h s n u t h e r n Whcs. 10--TRANSPORTATION OFFERED ·\rk-ms is i K-TRANSPORTATION WANT1O ! 12-- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 1J-W»NTED TO BORROW 1«_MONET TO LOAN IS--AGENTS WANTED 16-- SALESMEN WANTED' 17--SALESWOMEN WANTED* IS--HELP WANTED--MALE* U-- HELP WANTED--FEMALC* JO-- HELP WANTED--Male-FtmalU 11-- SITUATIONS WANTED--Malt 22-SITUATION WANTEO-FtR«la 21--SERVICES OFFERED 23A--MACHINERY K TOOL! U--FOR SALE--Automotive 24A--BOATS A MARINE SupaflM HB-MOTORCYCLES 25--FOP. SALE--Mobil* Homtt n-- FOR SALE--LiMltock ;(A--DOCS, CATS. PETS 27-FOR SALE--Home NlMl 27A--MUSICAL MERCHANDISE .ft--FOR SALE--Mliecllancoiu 2BA--FOR SALE--Antiquti 29--FOR SALE OR TRADE 3C-- EXCHANGE 31--WANTED TO BUT 12--WANTED TO TRAD* S3--FOR SALE OR RENT I4-ROOMS FOR RZNT 34A--ROOM AND BOARD 15-- APARTMENTS FOR RENT 3fc-- DUPLEX FOR RENT 17--HOUSES FOR RENT I7A-MOBILE HOMES ?OR MNT IS--BUILDINGS FOR RENT 1BA-FOR RENT OR LEAS! !S-- FOR LEASE «0-- FOR RENT--Mitu!!«nt»l 41--WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE 12-WANTED TO RENT ill II.r '·i.i «l_WANTED--REAL ESTATE nr Il;;':i ···!!» 14--SALE OR TRAOE-Rtal Ettata ,4A-SALE-LEASE--Real »l«»l» idal.i e w a s a j 4SA-CITY REAL ESTATE ·hieved bv Ronald Farrar. \'..u ! «5?-?UBUR_B_AN_REAL ESTATE Adult Education Course Ends . d u n «SC-- LOTS FOH t*L« ISD-FAHMS AND ACRIACES «-- FOR SALE--RCAL CSTATI has begun his t r i p home from I'! j Soviet Union, the West German la months in Vietnam w i t h a proc-1 I n s t i t u t e for Space Research in I Housc Democratic leaders essing slop in O k i n a w a . _ | Hoehiim reported_lod;iy. _ _ found Wednesday' they Robb. ::0. soil-in law of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. The report added t h a t the powerlcss ,,, M(1|) , hc --- probe was a Soyu/. space cap i ( , v ( . n j n , h i , , m l e ,,, ., ,;,., arrived here Tuesday, and al.sule. Soviet e(|Uivalent nf t'"'I ( . im j n t h e \Vbite llnuse M a r i n e spokesman said process [ A m e r i c a n Apollo c r a f t . " T h i s , Besides l i m i t i n g aid ing would t a k e two tu l i v e days. | follows from data and other o h - ' t o (xv() j.' l l i i r s _ ., , n m e suppi He now is at Camp Hanscn in servations gathered bv the i n s t i - | | ) v |resident N i v northern O k i n a w a . lute." the report said. WE RENT TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES IBM-UNDERWOOD flZAKK OFFICE MACIIINKS 25 N. Block 4K-s:a\ i p f j o r t e f l the \ e l - l u ·il by the · House then joined 1" K I X . i p p r o v a l to the b:ll -1"" Tiie b i l l continues u n t i l fr. ! 7- t i n - Elemental^ a m i ,s lion, w i t h help from a hey nor:h- o u d . i r v Ediieation Ac! th;' ern Democrat. R e p . Edi'Ji ncN e t h a n SI b i l l i o n a Creen of Oregon, also m o v e d ' "Ho sel;,,,,l d i s t r i c t s t h a t h.ive .-, another step forward m its d r i v e - b i g b c m i e e i i t r a t i n i i "f c hikire:. , i n provide l u m p sum g r a n t s n; | stead of f u n d i n g specified pro Tin grams. . a v a i l a b l e lor l i b r a r y i n a t e r i The bill, sent to the Si r.a'.e e x p e r i m e n t , d eiluc.ilioi. floor after three days of d e b a t e gr.iir.s and ,nd to n i i ~ ' i would bring together f m i r pro h a n d u a p p e d e t n l d i e n A b i l l i o n a year r. ,1:: MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING! Buf, something makes our customers smile a lot. 4.75°. PASSBOOK SAVINGS 5.25°. VARIABLE RATE CERTIFICATES first federal savings F A V t T T C V I t l.r. OEO Approves I; :e Grants Reorganization . . . . n ornani/ation t h a ' iie.ile nil · ' - ' · ' '· : ' '-.1 '. '·-. ' three ni-A vi. e pre u|e:.! . a n d ' 1 v - I - · . ' ' · ; .:·:.' l A : ' i . . . T E R M I T E S ! Roudonlial Spraying · Roaches ·CcMipedcj H ri ' : ' .. , · ., . . . ' . . . . . . \ . , · Spidcrt H:,it v. .1-1 442-7298 ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL P. C. IROOKS LciiMnM.i'.oii n[ the l i .'··' ""d i - . - i · · · · " i renter anil rnmir.ur.i' 1 . ili\.-:np ''"' "' j","' 1 .''' |i V l ! ! r '( :! ! e l p p l o j r : ! 1 : ' iCi M'l.'.l I ' ' UN l'.\':l'. Kll

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