Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 22
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u»iMcMitr).Ti»ri,J»..«.iOT INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEtEGKAM (PMM-23 FOODFOt THOUGHT Bruce Griffith . - At amnt d your gririfnd «(*tt* and btrtn. When it itdt\ urn yijnfxlf iw ·** ptAiget. For be*' twe, oucudcr yirinj pic« frrvh ywur- «#·' « . «*" ' Urge -sadveniMwrntK btiroducrd t "fibulqHk^ncw ntergirine subwituit." It vis (kxxfeed » "itede fntm t ctnturkv ..Id (UMIM!*. t'*d^ «ttt flitural MI*. mini, tt»ii'»itUiiir chemical addiiim." Thr -*rf" {vbducf -- rwurr? Why « mouin ihr fwy wiy, by iiir fcw" of »n oM faorfcc - FIIEO .CHICKEN, Tik* kmj ·tth a frt*ht) b*ked banini, epttmill. lemon AT dwcdile crtjm pie Jtir jthir am dinner ptny. 10003 Alondra 11545 t Carson VFtt. Willow ..Htttt ...165-127: ...426-394 1601 E. 7th St. (aWalmit) :':., 91-13B 3352 Los Coyotes D| 6081 Atlantic Ave. 5530 Atherton 3430 E. Artesia (alOowney) 422-WO 4»I7 Bellilower HI. (StWI'Wnb) 925-659 129 i.foc. Cst. Hwy. (at toast): ..591-560! H fonwu tor ih MI- «xn convbd tw*. bobd Inin^ roost hiflwy/ Aloikait halibut aid bur ohMaiUohed twilennlli katcaltM, pta our own boied fresh .doily pies,-. bread, ' rolls, pastry and '«*»., - - . · · .',·.·. . " · · *iiiiI«t« · MM F FMd to «o SgntoyweReit EMOWRO ALADMN-Viya Paris. CAESARS PALACE-- Paul Anka. CIRCUS dBCUS-- Continuous circus acts, 1 p.m. io uiitiuight. DESERT INN-- Juliet Prowse, Jan Murray. asinb de Paris *75. FLAMINGO-- Sandier and Young. '. Y. . · · : . · . 'FRONTIER-- Buck Owens. HILTON-- Charlie Rich (closes Saturday). Ann-Margret (opens 201 W, ANHEIM ST, LONG BEACH 591-5011 I* HUM'S emtat Stub Kelley's (All dlmien Include sow or saltd, potato or rin) · FILET MIGNON ... «.SO PRIME RIB .'..... $5.95 STEAK and Lobster-... tt.K STEAK AND CRAB LEGS... t5.95 and our famous CHATEAUBRIAND STEAKS EMIT IH11TI1111 SWaiS FILET MIGNON AND PRIME RIB *3.»$ ».»5 i p.m. to t p.ra 9 p.m. to closing 7I3S OIANGETHORPE BUENA PARK - HOTEL _ D ean ^Martin (closes '.Tuesday).- Shecky Greene (opens Wednesday). '' ' ' " ' Humperdinck, Dick | . , RIVIERA-- Engelbert Capri. · . . .. .' ' , SAHARA-- Jim Nabors, Charo. SANDS-- Wayne Newton, Dave Barry. STARDUST-- Le Lido de Paris. - · · ' - ' ' · THUNDERBIRD-- Leslie Uggams. TROPICANA-- Main showroom dark. Next attraction not listed. i UNION PLAZA--"Mind With the Dirty Man." f illlllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllHlllllllllilli TARE THE DRI\/E-I'M STILL ALIVE Umcti · Dinner · Cocfctoik OoiV ta* Spedol ».« . HOUSE SPECIALTY H Crlip Salad · Fries . Nightly Dlnrnr V^tlol . MtMmllbDIrmtr »«.» EiiMdniiMt Frt 1 Sol. b, j£»N LOUISE SHervationiWWIW BB24 long Beoch BW. ol Firwlotw, SouAgo)" OpCT 11,30 p.m. Io Midrtah-Oomi SunAty BESIDES-MY FOOD AND WINE WILL MAKE YOU SHINE! __ DE PALM AS Italian Village Restaurant 13401 Hi-Way 71, Corona 14 nylet South of Corona Between Corona Elsinore For information Call 714/674-2391 Bring the Kids, We Love'em! with TEDD THOMEY SINGER RONNIE VERGE ALTERNATES ON TWO GUITARS AT OLIVE Six-string acoustical, l e f t , and 12-string acoustical instrument U BROTHERS ·"'' Superb dining ih a warm and friendly atmosphere ;*' ENTERTAINMENT AT THE PIANO BAR '» ' OELNADEAU ';.'' TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY SHlltY WHITE ; ' MONDAY THRO FRIDAY . 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M. '.COMPLIMENTARY HORS D'OEUVRES AND CANAPES AjiT ' I DINNER FROM 5:00 P.M. SMAU. PRIVATE PARTIES MONDAY THRU THURSOAY SPECIAL EARLY MENU 4:30 TO i:30 P.M. . MONDAY THRU THURSDAY 3W LONG BEACH BLVD. CLOSED SUNDAY J26-OiB9 ··,··«········«·························*! NEWOWNERS win J. LUNCHEON · DINNERS · COCKTAILS For over 30 years we have been famous ( o r . . . PRIME RIB * STEAKS SEAFOOD By TEDD THOMEY Restaurant Editor FAMOUS HANGOVER BREAKFAST ERVEDSAj. TREE staff Photo RESTAURANT . SMS, SEIFOtD ·PBIKEU.MiniiMCmSHE INTRODUCING lUCY'S EARLY BIRD PINNER SPECIAL! 15'Gourmet inlrees . , MON. thru THURS. i from 4:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH SERVED 10 A.M. to 3 P.M ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY ACCOMODATIONS FOR SMALL PARTIES . CLOSED CHRISTMAS · 5096 IONS BEACH BLVD., LB, 422-0506 5 1.9 5 DINNER HOUSE · GERMAN DINNERS · COCKTAILS i THICK STEAKS · LOBSTER · PRIME BIB · FROG LEGS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY with JVLEX SHEY -- Vocalist -- Organist OPEN DAILY, 3 P.M. · Closed Monday SUPERiSPECiflLs' Tues., Wed., Thurs. Daily Special CHOICE NEW YORK DELMONICO STEAK CHOICE OF 2 Fruit Cocktail or Tomato Juice or Soup or Salad Includes or Salad and Dessert let's Get Happy - HAPPY HOUR, 5 to 6 P.M. 17847LAKEWOOD £%%££· 633-4801 BANQUET ROOM (or YOUR PARTIES (Coirafter 3:00 P.M.) SOMETIMES RONNIE SINGS HAUNTINGLY ABOUT A MAN WHO LED A SAD LIFE TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY -- His name is Ronnie Verge. He's young and intense. He's often nervous. He smokes from 1% to two packs a day. He wears his reddish brown hair long and shaggy. He also has a big, shaggy mustache. His brown eyes -- hard to find behind all that hair -- have many changing expressions, reflecting his' deep' inner feelings, ranging from warm, outgoing and friendly to sad and frustrated. Ronnie is a one-man show who performs Wednesday through Saturday nights in · the Mediterranean- style cocktail lounge at the new- Olive Tree Coffee House, Pacific Coast Highway at Loynes Drive. He sings and alternates on two acoustical guitars, including one with 12 strings that creates full, rich sounds. There are many guitar-vocalists entertaining in local restaurants and clubs. Ronnie is something special. He is so intense, so talented and so poetic that he LOB ONE DOLLAR OFF ANY LARGE PIZZA OF YOUR CHOICE ONE COUPON PER ORDER ENDS JAN. 31, 1975 WHAT A FUN TIME YOU WILL HAVE PIZZA · SPAGHETTI R A V I O L I . LASAGNA SANDWICHES. COKE GREEN SALAD Bill . WINE REP VEST PIZZA PARLOR 5755 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. LONG BEACH - ACROSS FROM VETERANS HOSPITAL 607.0135 \ ; AND CAL STATE LB PHONE 37/"UOOJ UPTOWN CAFETERIA Is now open 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. Sundays- thru Fridays for luncheon and dinner, at our new North Long Beach location. Please drop in and see how you like our new look... Sincerely, the Jones Family 636 LONG BEACH BLVO.,NORTH LONG BEACH,426-016 EXQUISITE MEXICAN FOOD Mvxicaa Rwlauront 4 Cocktails · Banquet facilities · Catering i Food to go ENTERTAINMENT FRIDAY, SAIUBDAV SUNDA* B. ALBA AZUL ~ DANCING -HOW FEITURH6 CHAR -BROILED STUKS 12245 E. Carson St. uptn ,\vn-WLKj-ihurc. i p.m. Hawaiian Garde-m, . Fri-Sat-Sun 11 a.m. Closed Tuesday quickly builds a rapport with his listeners. He com- ;; municates with them in the style of today's young ^ , people, expressing their feelings of frustration, their » joys and sorrows as he sings of love and sadness atid^ all the changing patterns of their lives, some distinct,"TM some meanings so subtle they can be expressed only in a ilwfSb. song. · a « As I listened to Ronnie the other night at the Olive_j Tree, I decided he is not a great guitarist. Nor does lie have a great, soaring voice. But when he puts hi;sa guitar and voice together, magic happens. He becomes TM a superb entertainer, because of the way he combines his songs and his feelings for life and people. I would rather listen to an.entertainer like Ronnie, than a great guitarist or a great vocalist with technical expertise but no soul. Ronnie's version of Mr. Bojangles is a prime example of his artistry. He sings it a slower pace than ; usual. By slowing it down, he is able. to. put more feeling into it. It becomes a song of haunting sadness, especially when he holds certain notes for a long time .· in his high register. Ronnie is able 'to make such a change in a song with confidence because he is a composer and lyricist as well as a performer. : During an interview, I asked Ronnie to tell me what he's feeling when he sings Mr. Bojangles. The ;· song, written by Jeff Walker of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, has been popular for several years. Ronnie particularly likes the versions performed by Walker and Sammy Davis Jr. "When I sing it," he explained, "I try to tell the story of a man who led a very sad life trying to make people happy." He said Mr. Bojangles isn't a song about Bill (Bojangles) Robinson, the tap dancer who was on stage and in movies several decades ago. Ronnie said he isn't sure how much of what he knows (Continued next page) DART DINNII SPtCIAlS MOM. BHF-KAOOI . ItU STKOOAHOF . WID. ROAST FUMim. . THUB5. IIAISID SHOXT II8S . fir I. TINDERICHN FIltT Of SNAPPU OR COUHT1Y HifD CHICKIH . SAT. ROAST SIRlOIN of IMF , 5UN VlAl PARMIOINA with SPAOHIT1I NORTH LONG BEACH Oven Bolcd" lologno-SpoghcMi 4 Dinner -- Food to Go fce, 4 Win. 423-0951 'iMO-N. long Beoeh Blvd. 423-9658 · SIMDIV HIHGOM BRUKFIST 51,15 . Bf KERB McKIM COGKTIILS CORNER of 7th St. CHERRY AVE.,' L.B. OE 9-3356 S iSowmwt Chines* and AmericaniCuisine . STEAKS t LOBSTER ·· »J Pl ^i ME RIE ' brnpv^ IwrJi !·" *rv hi BLUUUT . . SUNDAY BRUNCH Irom 11 A.M. to 3 54WCHIHT AVI. at WARDLOW, LONG BIACH . NIGHTLY INTERNATIONAL ENTtn JINMENT FRI. SAT. THE WHITNEYS "LAS VE6AS REVUi" PAUL KUTE Showtime 9:30 P.M. -Midnight TUES. WED. THURS. BADAWIA "ARABIAN NIGHTS" most tosttcm at» ttttwofar """·^^s" KlSi 5 lONDAY THRU SATURDAY BOOTHBLL EXPRESS i ROD CULPEPPER. »L BBUIIO. MOKn P*6L. DOUi LliKSSTCa 4365 ATUMTIC AVE., H, LONG BEACH RESERVATIONS 4J7-OJ17 SUNDAY-MONDAY THE PACIFIC SUNRISE POLYNESIAN REVUE 9:30-11:30 P.M. DIANE DAVID ENTERTAINING DURING COCKTAILS 5-7 P.M. "PINI" at the Piano nil i m me nanu +M ftm* BUFFET LUNCH *| OR W o n . - F r i . I ||fW HflNui/tTi CONVENTION ROOMS 13535 LAKEWOOD BLVD. Corncn Rowrani DOWNEY RESERVATIONS: 634-4444 ENTERTAINMENT TUE. thru SAT. GEORGE GRIFFIN QUARTET 2760 EAST SPRING Ph. 427-0232 tomt own«t lection for ovtr 20 y«ar» AKS » XUSTRJUUMLOBmH PRIME RIB DtMNEKS · COCKTAO.I RESTAURANT

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