Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 9
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Lore p«ih. oiii.. MOO.. March ?i. im INDbPENDtNl (AM) ^I^M^AM (PM)_A-9 : 'j;v!" "c "· v.~s:; .-~~£K?s£e:-sss sera: ATTENTION: DIETERS!!! - : LEISURE WORLD NUTRITION MART !] '. IS NOW OFFERING A COMPLETE LINE OF H : THINNERY PRODUCTS I '-Freshly Baked Pies, Cakes 8. Cookies, Ice Cream. No |i . Suaar Used. No Salt Added. Also a Complete Line of '' . pietetic Foods for Diet Watctiers Diabetics. Come In For Free Coffee Sample Our Delicious '.Diet Desserts ' 13956 Seal Beach Bl. Seal Beach '. '· LEISURE AVOdlD SHOPPING CENTER NEXT TO ALPHA BETA 431-6366 Open Mon. -Sat. 9:30-6:00 'f '' f LA' PHELANS "i « ^ i fl- /~~ -rt-n Fim- Line of European Crystal Gifts · O.xki · Slvll IXt-tx Aslwnyl Finr S! (TunifM^ik 1 Awry Fii. M.irrfi SI'.' OIT All Mtcchjixlin- 3937 LONG BEACH BL BIXBY KJSOLLS KWll iTirtby in Krir en VWpaij B.t I o3Ooooo BEAUTIFUL DIRECT FROW MANUFACTURER D I R E _ TO SAVE YOJ U1U Cfxwa'ib't Dwl. itoT icliiil price is? »5 J shelves 6 'v1 h (Jh. IS inchc-i tfcHTJ. GfWI lor $24 95 frx C0!« Of V J J's CREATIONS 1057 PINE AVE. LONG BEACH 432-4708 ·onkHn-rkofrl'K! Cor Chorg. f FASHION STYLED HSIRCUT « SHAMPOO, STYLE $375 CREME OIL PERM. $Q99 MARIE OUR NEW LOCATION BEAUTY SALONS W m AVT Downkmi Isng teodi «J4W CAREFREE CURLS A LITTLE OR A LOT Lei \n permanent your hoir the modem curly look with a hois'e-free hci'da, MANICURES PEDICURES / $2.50 By Martha $6.00 '.1 LOS ALTOS BEAUTY SALON j! Same Ovmer 26 Years, Joyce White j! 2139 Bellflower Bl. L.B. 597-2416 j; ?".Z-".'"..'" Sir*'.Vjr,''liJi^lC\.5'i".i'*'V^ '.iC'^^tV'I.^^iS'iPi.i^tiji"?-.--*--"'--.-. IS YOUR CARPET MATTID SOILED? · Shampoo Steam, Rinse It Clean FANCY! FANCY! FANCY! Ashamed of Your Nails? Noll Biting A Problem? Con* *a fMKy Malll I oftJy port*- """ "BUY YOUR EASTER PURSES NOW FROM Inin fir^ecioih a~xJ yew beogtrfJ fingerrall he beovtn- pedicvrm. $ 20 T\ ' a* 8 * 3 " 8 ^! -**Tl SAPO'S Master Leather Craftsmen wini THIS ») (Offer Expires March 22nd) (West Lake Plaia) 5247 Paramount Bl., LAKEWOOD 630-1443 . Cuslom made to wder gifts, bells, walehbaixts. Can bo made to any slie. LEATHER BAGS LARGE BEAUTIFUL HAND PAINTED MEXICAN POTS S 3.25 NOW ENROLLING FOR KNiniNG CROCHETING CUSSES *15°° 8 Wooks. 1 Hours Onco A Wook. Begins April 3th BUCILLA Y A R N · F R E E KNTTIHO I CROCHET INSTRUCTION WITH PURCHASE OF Y A R N . WE DO FINISHING - BLOCKING -- A L T E R A T I O N S I 5875 ATLANTIC, L.B. 422-4334 i 3537 ATLANTIC, LB. 424-6428 Any! Rooms 8. Hall Stwm Cleaned Our 20tti Year :. Slep I: (Jrpel is Isl shampooed lo loosen all dirt. Stepi: Then steam cleaned to extract all dirt and shampoo. MILLER'S CARPET t _., ,,_-_ UPHOISTERY CLEANING 531-0593 - - , ,* - , . . * - . V ONE CARAT Diamond Cluster Ring Includes ranch roof, open beam ceiling, stucco lo match existing and t electrical outlets. We'll show YOU how to finish Inslcfe 8. save SJ$. Licensed · Bonded · Insured BOMAC CONSTRUCTION CO,, INC, 915 South St., L.B. 865-3759 or 422-09M Slit. Lie. JUMJ-Sl TUNE-UP SPECIAL Lube i Oil, Parts ft Labor. Reg. $45.00 B a W X A X I'X'ud-Ji ttfff pon's. P'I/JS. vdrto cover. 'M^oH, cicin air cip.irKv. .vdii.-s' vrilvtt. v'lirfl drxJ dACll. plw idius f iiUtxj'f lor Ch^nc on. lifbr Ironl end. wrvKC biilfrry. AK CftWiliCOOd COILEGE VOLKSWAGEN 5 120 Llmoln Bl.. 816-1150 HOUB^ uwi Vrt« rn . t Jm i « m . Ti^\ rh'jf\ . I J m t »m tur\ 1 . .. . - . . CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR SOILED FURNITURE? "SOIL EXTRACTED, NOT SCRUBBED DEEPER. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE!" O f f P MCAW UPHOUIITKY CLFiANIWG ilxxQi:'ihlv .»«1 Mklr r LADIES ENGAGEMENT STYLE 7 Dianxxids 10 Kl. Gold '129 Phana Od«ri Accaplad · Dvpoilt Hold* CALIFORNIA DIAMOND BROKERS -^ 511 Pine Ave., L.B. 432-3523 am (O«er t«pir« idl.. Milch 27,197U A PRACTICAL GIFT FOR THE HOME KENNEDY ROCKER Eirly Am.-ri.-jn sijlr § ~J QQO fj\iiri(i' in nupk- J i - V . S ^ -^ Rc B - Mjny nun)- mhfr rhjirs jn.l rcftittci\ w/c prtfi-J in ttiffcrcnl Mylcs JfK/ folorv LONG BEACH F U R N I T U R E r,,h FINEQUALI1Y REBUILT MATTI!ESSE$ BOX SPRINGS Wo ifcvt «i*i (Wy fne quality X · uniti, Ihrn wa ^wiS« 4vm . . . ff ^[ repod and iccover then (or jwari Vk ·· mart oJ iWpmg conftort. fuR or ^9 ^^ I win ujj- onJy in noflreu and boi ^[ H^ifiq uHll IGng Quee* aval- ^^ oble. [Delivery .rfra) ^ Acmfl hat ikod btWfd tfwir producfi /w 44 yoort. ACME MATTRESS FACTORY 345S 1. ANAHI1M, LB. 597-772S For Free Estimate 415-4621 or Wi-»477 nil r SrrAM n a TrnUnyk iSPRING SPECIAL !, OFFICE MACHINES · Typowrltors-Colculators ) N e w Smith Corona ·i Electric Typewriter ,: 5 yeor wctrrnnty. Regular $179. }| Typewriter City Fosl B(txic/woy t.U. ftfint ArruTf frtvot Muiiw 437-O5Q6 From $995 CAR SERVICE SPECIALS! TUNE-UP · Pointt · Fluffs 28 95 FRONT ' .WHEEL : ALIGNMENT BRAKE OVERHAUL Bonded Shoes 34 95 LUBE, OIL AND FILTER CHANGE 8 80 SIGNAL HILL 2370 WalnuKal Burnett) Ocxn Daily 8-5 AUTO REPAIR GEHTER 591-3917 Sundjy Ov Acpohiimeiil Why buy new, when we wn recover your old furniture lo looV like new again -- al a substantial savings. Select from new furniture fabrics and styles. Call for appt. free esllmate in your home. OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 29th PLEASE PRESENT AD CUSTOM FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING BY SURE-FIT. 53 LONG BEACH BLVD. 435-7467 UPHOLSTERIHG S 10 ^ES;iH»ETHElWlPERM! rvnu'dl vHl cu^I. U'i re.illv! Trv II! RM 123 00 $1 750 WXB CUANO) t iTTUD $3.50 UF. COZflRFS 14 Cperyari *o le 137E. 4TH ST., L.B. 436-9759 BUY AT OUR 53 YEAR OLD CANDY STORE IN A "RIDICULOUS LOCATION" ..Sot. Pecan 5 01. "·" W 75 e 75 C Dninfry .. 8 or. AtyyitH 85* '«" Ii.r-s . nil MUCH MME. Shop »nd Compare. IMS W. I4l4i4l., Li. (14th t, Harbor) 431-5617 1 iLX. W. at l.». HWY. 1 iLK. NO. Of ANAHI1M TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL ^ NEW GASKETS · NEW SEALS X NEW CLUTCHES ^ FLUID ^ NEW SEALING RINGS REBUILT SLIGHTLY HIGHER w«t*m,r.c,r, PACIFIC TRANSMISSION CLUTCH SLIPPlifi? AUTO REPAIR COMPLETE 12-POINT 36HP--$295 k' A J\\ · JiW'\ TUNE UP 40HP--$325 1600--$365 ^"Aiiwork^ Guaranteed 5217 CHERRY-Be». Del Amo Market, LB. 428-4968 D/RKT FROM JMNUFACTURER STEAM CARPET CLEAIIED UPHOLSTERY CLEANING $OOO ·. "THE :j BEST ·TRICES" Spring Cleaning Time Is Herel .. . WE i DRY CLEAN \ DRAPERIES CLOTHES, 8 POUNDS 65 * ALL DRAPES CLEANED, STEAMED AND FAN FOLDED 8 POUND LOAD FOR C A L C O I N O P ( 2A24CARSON, LAKEWOOD _ 421-5712-' , UP The ONLY SHOP thai hat specialized In STU's custom clutches for 10 years! All Aulomafa 4 Stcrdord T'onyniiiiom Repotrtd or Eichonged. AB domestic ccrj aM (rucki, incl. Lyv, Couri** 1 , Prtto, To-/o'o, Dotiun, etc. STVSA.L TRANSMISSION 5531 CHERRY AVE., L.B. GA 2-6575 WAHR T" HEATERS'; 1 . 1 ' 1 ; S FT. FIBERGLASS TUB SHOWERS PLASTIC TOILET TANKS ^ B CV~ M~. M U. I » !» l SM C.O.D. PLUMBING 2200 South St. Coll 633-87U of 633-2338 98 o NOW ONLY | A AO M\ WHILE THEY LAST '" W ' 4V OLD QUAKER PAINT *-* 21243 S. AVALON BLVD.. CARSOI TOP OUAIITY · INTEftlO* · tXTEBOR FLATS - ENAMELS HOUSEPAINT VALUES ^ T ° AWHILE $ T FREE! Front End Alignment Tire TRANSMISSION Rotation rih a Complete Brake Job j OVERHAUL $J ffl^ S^ftr - · i: UMNO ct t .Iwh. rctwH o« c^xiwv. t-^n dB ovn, ort grinrj ^o«, rcporV ^«l berrivjl, b«d ord «i|Ull |y^A, rood IfJ. Reg. $59.00 value · New Swill · · Mnv Oattoft · fluid · N«w Sealing Rings · Loan cart avallaol* · Fr*« towing W** m ^mm 12750 m f m *"' It I TM Limited Oiler 71243 S. AVALON BLVD., CARSON Between Carson St. S«n Diego Fwy. 835-3185 CHET'S BRAKE SERVICE CHEFS TRANSMISSION S A V E ON FUEL! FIREPLACE COAL ,-! 1540E. PacifieCst. Hwy. . BURNii""$**' r m 591-0551 1540 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. 59t-55 t per sack ROACHES BE YOUR OWN EXTERMINATOR . * B » * I _ I A % * ' Ouwt I Gallon KENTOX $065 $735 free Delivery *- / Lengths _ W.M.DARY 3605 E. Anaheim, Long Beach Phone GE 3-0437 ^fHy p«f tM-vica rf ^OU fX«"«r our rratrod nvn -- 3 rr-«**n yxjcooiw ROACHES $M SnVER FtSti $30 AMT5 $35 flCAS MS RALPH'S PEST CONTROL DELTA t DELEX FAUCETS SALE Drastically Reduced cowun UM a mm twtu imi to* AU row 428-5217 H K SPRKG CARPCT OIWK6 SPEQ U 29 5 LVcdrtaa mi iof r**ri Ccrpm Mr. Businessman Here's Your Best Buy PLUM8IMG AND HEATING SUPPLIES Profess/ona/ Shag Rake at Budget rates you can afford You Can Join the Rest of the Satisfied Advertisers on This Page Z~'.£~ ": Call Today · Atk for ,,.,,.,,,.~. PAM PALESANO 422-5l70i Display Advertising-HE 5-1161 ^^AAAJX^HJ-J^frAA/fcAA Lube Oil, Parti t, Labor. Reg. $45.00 fljfc Air C COLLEGE VOLKSWAGEN 5170 ttiwoln Bl.. Cyo'tii 8J.1550 * *H F n . l * « i i » » i . Ti*.. Thwv. I* « * »* Tw»-. 4 i- 11 ,H i; FOR ANY DRAINAGE PROBLEM ", Our hocrvry duty Knrv« will £4fe/|/l With this .'- coopoo '.. Discount j · M^-vkt. Ono curd per person. Lic.C-36- 270707 ,"; clcon orr/ Root!, Rogl, 631-0383

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