Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 28
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Itlp Wonted 24 $AN OR LADY V.irs HOURS WEEKLY Ht'*f ilrvlc« Lot Alloi, Lakcwood »MJ9, la 9 a-m. or ill. 7 p.m. .,- Fulltr Brvjh War. -MANAGERS NEEDED Ceve'.tt lor 50 t M unll «pb. 1AJNTENANCE * 3 .^Maintenance :T. Mechanics Will minimum of 3 years industrial maintenance experience. Must pass oral, written and all positions welding fets. Monday Thru Friday 1 lo 4 rT Johns-Mdnville . -223rd Atarnerfi, Long Beach 'AJI ecuil opportunity employer ., Manufacturing · : Estimator, Sr. 5 yean' metals estimating experience, Aero S p a c e manufacturing experience pref e r r e d . Knowledge of standards, sheet metal assembly welding desirable. ."SCHEDULER, SR. 2; years recent scheduling, with experience in estimating, machine and shop loading practices end techniques in the A/C and missile cepi- poneni field. " SHOP FOLLOW UP, SR. 2iye«rj production control shop expediting experience with scheduling knowledge. T.c -.''; DRAFTSMAN .Interesting design draft- titg work on A/C and .rtfssile components. 1 to 5 years experience preferred. -ACCOUNTING ,-,; CLERK 2, to 3 years experience posting of accounts receivable, journals, ledgers «tc. ~? Non-Metallic ^Quality Control *i Inspector ·3" years inspection experience, preferably in Vupber, plastic or installation. X-Ray Lab. Assistant (Female) 6 months experience assisting operation of industrial X-ray equipment. t o ·~ Spot Welders J year experience in set up and operation of spot welding equipment. ,v Plaster IT Plastic Pattern Hool lechnician 5" years experience in plaster and plastic pattern tool fabrication. - JANITRESS 2' y e a r s experience. Night shift, 6 p.m. fo 2 'a.m. .Contact Don Mart ARROWHEAD /·PRODUCTS Olvlifo.i of th* Federal-Moou! C «ll Xalella Ave. (East Lor.? BeacJi) TAylor l-rm NEwmark 5777 An Equal Oroorlurttr Emoiov tlpWMtcd 24 1 WE'LL HELP YOU WRITE ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS HE 2-5959 PPORTUNITY SYllh POTENTIAL UNLIMITED. Stan will, woiklng an prtiml lob. Ul-tm. PART TIME- DRIVERS Diamond Cab Co. !444 SAN FRANCISCO ·AL ESTATE JOIN THE REAL ESTATE pROppcciON WITHOUT GIVING UP UP YOUR YOUR PRESENT JOB! WE will prepare you for tht S1att Exam FREE We have perl lime represent*FOR DETAILS Mr. Alltn (davil -- 314-tm Mr. Wllto.i levtsj (714) 697-M89 E. SALESMEN. No «wr. r.JC- jssarv, will train. JIM DSAW. Call Mr. Berry, ME i-MO. SALES MUTUAL FUNDS 1-- Full or Part Time 2 -- High Earning Potential 3 -- Management Oppty YOU WILL BE EDUCATED IN MODERN FINANCIAL PLANNING (INCLUDING LIIFE INSURANCE) AND REPRESENT MANY MUTUAL FUNDS. TUES. THURS. 8 P.M. (Your Spouse Is Welcome AMERICAN CORPORATION SHARES 5855 NAPLES PLAZA LONG BEACH GE 4-4467 SALES 3 Hours nightly, phonlnff - our established customers from our cINc*. Hourly wane + bonus. CM atler J p.m. Monday thru Friday. L*fe National Firm. Call-GA 3-5417 AMSTRESS-FI R S T C L A S S . Part lime. Call 9 P.M. 42W29S. RAYTHEON COMPANY Requires sharp employe* to control 450.000 Inventory and assli In marine electronic repairs. Muit have oflotf command of electronic theory and be able lo expediate paotr work, Chatx:t of advrtcemenl for right ptnon, T S?L L ' JSSPTM * FT RAYTHEON COMPANY WILMINGTON "Equal Ooportunltv ErriDloyer" riotilrSl^YMCA "cl""^"' 5 ''' TEACHER-GUITAR Exmrknctd. Mr. LuntH HE«-M?7 TELEPHONE SALES Guaranteed Salary PART -FULL TIME LIFE MAGAZINE flixby Knolls Bonuses + Leads Permanent 424-0478 RAINEE COMPUTER OPERATOR TRAINEE Full lime. Must be bondable and have valid · California driver's lEctni*. Ughl clerk* 1 dalles, messenger service, opportunity to train as computer ouerator. HMJTS 4 o.m to 12:30 a.m., /Aon. 1hru Frl. APPLY 1 TO 4 P.M. ONLY. MON., MARCH HTH Belmont Savings Loan Assn. 6300 SPRING TRAVEL-- TRAVEL /eel 18-22 Free to travel snd leave Immcd lor Hawaii, Florida or relocate In the L.A. arra. Circulation. Mus be neal, i r r,a1e and able to con verie easily. No exper. necessary Average 1EQQ per mo. W/S30Q mo ouar. after an expenve paid Irata Ing p roc ram. All Irani, (urn. Ao- pry Mon, Tuei. Bet. 10 a.n D-m. 255 AHanttc, L. B. WANT marv or woman to f silver Press-Tele, to stores, Wllrnlng on 3 lo *:30 p.m. 4 day*. 130 wk 5?fi-3W7 WINDOW WASIER-EXPER. nd nay. Must have own IransD materials. Ph. 423-lftt, 8 am im dairy Tor appl. YOUNG HANDICAP Alan - Ne«d artencfant. Live 1n. Room boarc 4- small iiUrv. Call any tlrr. alter ? o.m. 8A7-M31 Hclo Wntd. (Worn.) 24A ACCOUNTING CLERK Maintain lime cost records . misc. account rno duties (or ima manufacturing ' p4^n| r Exccllcn 'fl?SlsV e mA 1 i.'-TECTON,C S IKC. 1331 S. Sanla F* Comotw Equal Ooooftufilly EmuJover Ulllng. Ma lure preferred. Trans recesiarv. InJand InduilrFaf Tlr Co., Gardens, 33VMW-apo . Help Wanted 24 Help Wanted 24 Engineering Graduates and College Seniors: INVESTIGATE YOUR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES \H SEAPOWER ENGINEERING -'.5 1 TODAY! W ?» Ship and system design and testing p · Starting salaries: Up to $609 per month v · Excellent advancement opportunities j · Federal Service fringe benefits j; · Deferments U| ".fend « complete resume or Federal application SForm SF-57 (available at our Employment Office at ,J5afe No. S on Tarmrnal Island, Post Offices snd Jjther Federal activities], to Seapawer, Code 172-P. i LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD Long leach, Calif. 90802 TErminil 2-3)11, Ell. J50/EPU1I Oppcrlunily Emp[ov«r MtF Htfp Wntd. (Worn.) 24A HetpWnNi. (Worn.) 24A AUTO c«Ui!ir. *Ko«r1»rKed, . Bob ( Screen CtdlLfac, Oawnev. BABY *£Her. cayt ol 2 oirli *M 2ft i Stt. ll!% to Sr« Mwi..F?L Tr»niP req. Roswrwor area, 5945171 alter PM. BABYSITTER. Older peribn. Care of 1 ToddJers, Must' t* pltUnt BAd ynirtrit»rding. Lllchoustwark. 757 Alamllos. Eve. Rel. Dfelerred. BABY ill lino In my home, ·vcnifvoi. Nr. Lkvrf. rKltl B1. (M-IUI BABYSITTER-- Llvt In. Rm., W., BABY SITTER, lo care lor Infant 1 TcxMki 5 d« vrt Rel 432-0696 3AR«AID-Allncllv«. 51. » «r hr. 4- p«rcenlfto«. 437-0741 !AR ApSi? ! ^ x £t r TM ^..rair- BARMAID-- DAYSHIFT f.l?. y »?5i h M r. UJ ! fe.'SS^'J.f: twne necesiary. Aowv 9:30 a.m. PEANUT HOUSE ?034 E. Roiecrans Bellllower BAR MAIDS DANCERS *ISO Wk. up. 5A4-3«S aft. 2 D-m. BAR MAIDS IN COSTUME DANCERS TOPLESS-- TOP DOLLAR. (213) 547-3447 BAR MAID, YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE 227 E, Isl St. 437-7W? 5ARMAID -- Atlrac. exper. for coi- lume bar In L.B. 437-3152 BAR MAIDS $200 per we*X GUARANTEED Immediate work/no «xMrrencr 21-29 allracllvt/coMunie PLAYG1RL ff2 (714) 63S-77GO 12W) Harbor. G. Gr. 7AR MAIDS. Part · full timi, 426-74W bet. 10 Il:» am. BEAUTY cperarcr nJghls, enoer. Comoanv b^nefrts. Mor. 425-724Q. BEAUTY OPERATOR BEAUTY OPERATOR BuiY exclusive Blxb'y Knolls Salon. No foilowlno required, salary PLUS. GA 3-7MS BEAUTY OPERATOR -- Lloyd f. Josenh. 4J9-2«2 or 4WM . BEAUTY OPERATOR MARINELLO-- COMER. GRAa KISMIT-BIXBY KNOLLS MR. KIP. 426-4459 shop. Name vo'jr hrs. 435-6915 BEAUTY OPERATOR WANTED-GOOD LOCATION. L.B, GA 4-3?H llrnc w/rpllMlnfl. HWt umm i- slan. BTxby Knolls. 477-5073. er In home svle shows, will 1rafn you for extremely crofilable career as a fashion Mvllsh. No «xwr, necessary. A1io openlpps for cuaimed manwer. Mon. iSru Frl. 10-4. - !7I4 SM-2991 BOOKKEEPER -- Aytomollve assistant, ml n .m urn 1 y r. ex per. a c- oxrn s rec«iv«We-*ccounls payable. Answer in own handwriting pivEno experience Box V/-3232, l(Xle- Preis-Telecrain. BOOKKEEPER General ofllce, Call (or appl or 600 W. 14th. . HE 2-0915 Booltkeeper-Acct's Payable WJrJmum 2 years evper. Thru-^- av^npvy.^^^im BOOKKEEPER TRAINEE ' Experienced fn 10 key addkvo machine. Must be- fait and accurate. 1131 a l_ono Beach Blvd. Lv nwood - Bullock's LAKEWOOD. Is Interviewing for a ' . KNITTING INSTRUCTRESS Experienced Necessary Apcly Personnel ofllce 5005 CLARK AVE. LAKEWOOD An wja[ opportmillv Emotover CAN YOU QUAUPr"? Cculd vw spare 2 hrs. 5 day/ days a week. If you were paid $65 for If? If so, call Mrs. Benton 925-5541 between 10 12. CANVASSER ohoni solicitor lo worfc Long Beach. Remodeling contractor. Sdl. + ccrrjn. Phone collect X51-9340. CARKOP-ExDer., AfcW Roolbeer. Los Alamllos. Ph. 431452.}. CASHIER Fi/n time. Salary-- Commission. Apply C. K. Baker 'n. person. Fpr TnlervTew contact Mr. Wages, 52 K N. Hazel brook, Lahewood Cenfcr. CHILD car* Ille hskono. N.L.B. Mull drive. Ltv» out. 428-51X4 BROWN'S Temporary Agency NEEDS All Office Personnel IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT Near Your Home at HIGH PAY NO FEE Brown's Tfrrvoorary Aoency 8615 FLORENCE Al LaVewood In Downey LU 3-3M5; WA 3-0717; OX J-3» COCKTAIL Wailrtu Harbor Lloh 126 N. Avalon, Wilrn. TE 55M Help Wnrd. (Worn.) 24A r ^ "begin a stewardess career now!" ^^^fa^i^ix It's exdlfng! Diller«nt from |ti« okl routint, To prepare, you'll learn sacrtts of poise and grooming at the world's first S l e v / a r d e s s College -- expinies paid by American Airlines. First year salary up lo J436 permonlh with periodic increases to $565, plus We are Interviewing girls now (or flight frainlngln Iris immediate fulur*. Ti kifFi ytir ttrttr, TIB BUI k»l D SFngre n Ape-- Over 20 O High Sdiool Grodirate n Normal vlu'on wMhoul alasses-- onlKl ltns« considered D 5'3" fo 5'9" lell n weioht ios-140 SPECIAL INTERVIEWS FrMav, fXarcn l 5 p.m.-9 p.m. Saturday, March I?/ 9 a.m.-] 2 Noon Lararette Hotel NO ArPOlNTVGNT NREOED Amej-kan A'rllnes Suite Ho pnor.e Calls, Please Or, (or info rre it« n, ·* W. KttTtr, hiiht B«c/uitm»M, Amtttctn A'/fwui, lav« fiefd, Oil'n, T«*il, AMCR/CAM A/ffL/A/£S($) *MI#lCJt tf*n**0 ^UtiHVt**** \. "JU [aitlOiiftr^ lit*t'.*i*" · LE 'S-A Y V P I'N T GS * LOAN · NEEDS CLERK-TYPIST ESCROW TRAINEE RECEPTIONIST These permanent ooiLHoni ire amcTe aavancemeni opwrlunlty. rewlar reviews, 5 day week, wW H.S. diploma P b" txwdSble. Aoe \9 to 29, al Ira dive, UilellJ- oen , neal and sood po*te. Acor cterk-lypHt posDton. Apply 11170 L.B. Blvd., Lynwcod Mr. Wlcke, ME l-OJIl! ext. 318 CLERK TYPIST Some experience preferred, In ales promotion Iranscrlbtoo ales tellers, CALL 436-U11 An ecual oocwrl unity emptovcr ILO CARE WOMAN live In. care or 3 small children. Gard"n Crv. Mrs. Hart 5W-299I; 89X-IM1 CKTAIL WAITRESS -- "GO-GO" DANCER. A D O I V 6 P.M. *r Crrl- COCKTAIL WAITRESS Youno, attractive. Ill L.B. Blvd. vng. This Playroom, 2X1 E. Ocean COLLEGE GIRL ?ecenl graduare* career optwr- un Iv. ArctiHectgral IrUormatton service. No srenography or previous experience neceisarv. *"« B. r *S?«r? f t r A M)OM OMPANION -- Housckeeoer for setTil Invalid ekierlv ladv. Live m. iaiary + room a. board. 923 Loma Visla Dr. L.B. Comptometer Operator Leading In dull rial sales llrm In Verr.on has Immealale oDcning. rlloS school graduate. Minimum 1 year comotomeler experience, see 70 to AS, Exceilenl company benefit*. , Call Person-^! Department Ecual ODporrimllv Emolover ONCESS10N work. Want attractive cKrl. 18 thru 22. Nu-PIke, 436-13M or SM-K71, ONSULTANT -- Hair fasnTon consultant wanted for leading Dept. store Tn LakewocrJ. Lk. not rca. Sal, + comm. aller 2 wks. free training. Muil be al1r«icllve / dependable have own Irani p. Pre er aoe 25 lo 38. rSMss Hanna, 622-0771 or W9-7391 OSMETIC -- Drug clerk, full par) tlrr* openings. EXP. required. Drugstore In N. Downey ocation. rVirs. Sells, S67-0966. USTOMER RELATIONS CAREER OPPORTUNITY FOR SEVERAL .YOUNG LADIES Our corp. wilt accept several women to" assist our Corp. In Ms customer relations and Marketing Division. Position demand IJiat Ihe applicant be slrvcle ar^i comptelclv rce lo work an a full time bails and Interested In a business career. No secretarial skills will be employed en Ihe iob. Arollcan! muil be well or corned and have minimum ol hig^ scrwol ed-jca- Ho.i. No one ever 28 can be accepted at this lime. Salary $93.50 Mr week and chance for rank advancement. For INTERVIEW INFORMATION CALL 435-9843 PRIOR TO 11 A.M. DANCERS BAR GIRLS 2523 E. AnaheErn, Wllmlnalon 4M-50 ANCE Inslr's Interviewers. Full/ pt.time TCP pay. Flotldv Dance Club, 311 E. Ocean. HE 24972 DMV Clerk Will' be assistant to now ined car ccnlraLl cterk.' experience we- ferredr too worklno condilloni, V1 s alary ocen." Call for acpoinl menL 426-3301. PACIFIC FORD 3WO Cherry Ave.. L.B. DRAPERY workroom fabler. Exper. only, Iflng* boneffls. Ins., vacfl- ttonj, holldav DAV, good v/ag«s. DA 5-3551 ORY CLEANIIIG HELP All De^ts. Experienced. Register AM. cnlv. No fees. Cleaners ASJCC-, 2292 Lwlff Beach Bl., L.B. FINANCE SAVINGS* LOAN NEEDS NEW ACCOUNT CLKS TELLER TRAINEE Salary range |340 fo $275 TJiwe permanent positions are with a orowfnff concern i, provide am Die advancement o c por- tt'nlly, fringe benefits, group 1n- lursnce, regular reviews, 5 day v/tek, "paid vacatlcns. Appl lean must have U.S. diploma be bondable. Ace 19 fo 35, allractive, Inlell cent, neat and good poise. Elec trie tvptwrHer experience r oulred lor ne.v account clerk po si lions. Aoglv 11)70 L.B. Blvd., Lvnwoc ^ FINANCE CO., NAT 1 Has opening (or ?. Must hav follecrton exo., ao«s 20 to 30 alarv commtnsuraie with ex Call 437-1905 3:30 n,m. to 10 a.m 3:30 P.m. lo S o.m. FRY coofc combination counter olr cfcoendable. clean. 11 lo GE 3-9032 GENERAL office work, parl-Um 12-5. Mon,- Frl. Aoe 35 ove 3S4I Atlantic GIRLS $200 WEEK U Seaion lust slarllnrj. Train new Over 21. Call 11 1il1 noon. 433-lttft GIRL exoer., real for snack ba GIRL, a lira dive, about ST'totea . Social danclr.p to a single ie son, eves. U hr. Call HE 4-S9 GO-GO GIRLS Interviews after 10 A.M. CRAHLEY'S COCKTAIL LOUNG Vt4\4 E. Caran HA 5-9705 HAIR Styllsll 3), guar. salary HAIR Dresser-- Som* cllentcl w ferred. ME? ^-3741 Mon. or Tues. HAIR STYLIST Some (ollowlno. 897-7433; 827-2? HAIR Stvlisf. excer. shamooo Sir], 421-82M or 42T-9211. HIGH STYLIST, EASTSIDE ARE ^3 7-5065 HOTEL MA1D. Middle aped ladv Thorough reftrences. HE 4-1, HSKPR. Lad/ lo keeo rouse ca HelpWnfd. (Worn.) 24 BfiD'C DUD J Family Restauranf NOW HIRING YOUNG LADIES for Waif, rouei Must fie Noaf Appear- Tng A of Good CfidrAcfer. ' · NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY · WE TRAIN YOU · C O M P A N Y PAID; · VACATION 1 TO 4 WEEKS :r, E c A K L t^'v NESURANCE ·GENEROUS PROFIT- SHARING PLAN 5 - { Day Weak Night or Day Age 18 to 35 preferred j INTERVIEWS ! MON. TUES. 2 - 4 P.M. ftnlv it 2220 Billflcwir Bl,, L,B, . ' *\ elpWtiKl. (Worn.) 24A Help W.fd. (Worn.) 24A SKPR.- COMPANION, tontwnlal, middle age lady to Irv* In, txJvUs niy. New aof. wilh poof, car turn. 2 davs otf. Win be Irealed »V,ofte,«' if*c,)wnjlv. sfc. wkiv. CaU 922-3797 »(ier 5 P.M. OUSEKEEPER -- Gen. cteanlrm, ronlrra. some cmld care. 10:30 a. rn fo 7:30 p.m., Mon, ftru FrT or Uv* In. «5 wk. Reterencei reg. OUSEKEEPER-Llwe lr. 1 child, Lkwd. Area HA 1-5095 OUSEKEEPER-- Care lor cltferJv v/om»n. Live In, rets. *1W mo. Pli. i?t-U02 ev«. In. Kunl. Bcb. (25 wk. 7H) M?-»^ OUSEKEEPER » lo «. Ltve In or out. HE Z-31, 9 lo 3 D.m. man. No smoklno or drinking. over 50. Reltfences. Room, boird 4 sararv; Write Box H A 3033, IrvdooeixJent, Pr«4s-Te:eararn. OUSEKEEPER-- Baby siller. Or*!. home. LnX«wocd. Vh davs, SVur- day nlohls, 10 to 7, Mon., Wed., Frl. SUQ monl Ny. Call *»·«» for InlerwTew. OUSEKEEPER-- Malure lady, no Wash e °iron 59*1-^0^ a * ° r * 1 OUSUKEEPER Wanted. 2 small Jiimrcn, live In ^referred, ma- lure woman. 143-7733 aller 6 p:tn. Salary -f rrtv board. Mme. 4 children, school age. Live In. Prtvale rm. Consider 1 child. Re erenccs. TO fr-77^1. 3 adulj. 1 Teen. Lkwd! HA {i iff OUSEKEEPER live In. Lit* cook- ITIQ, Rossmcor. GE 1-8107, aft. 6. OUSEKEEPER. Middle aoe worn* an lo help raise klrfj. Room board +. 427-0)21. OUSEKEEPER. Warch ISth. Semi- Invalid ladv. No imoke or drlr*. Live In. HE 5-K65; 439-0367. ladv In wheel cfialr. 630-6497 OUSEKEEPER, live In, for cne Jadv, Park Estates apl. Ho smoke or drink. Affernocni off. Box P-378, Indeo., Press Tete HOUSEKEEPER /Aon. Frl. Own trans p. B60-14X9 OUSEKEEPER. UM ocr mo., live In, 3 adults. HA S-2236 OUSEKEEPER-Cock, hrs. 2 p.m. Calf fSbff m0r '' ° Wn frdniP ' OUSEKEEPER who loves third re n dsslred by doctor's family. Live n. Must speak English.. Rich* 5KPR. wanted. Live lr. Adult 2 chlldfen. Llle dulles. PJeaunt HOUSEKEEPER LIVE IN-- 4 CHILDREN. WILMINGTON AREA, 2 DAY WK. OFF. SALARY OPEN. Ph 8J5-0738 OUSEKEEPER-- Men. Ihru Frl., 1 ve mil, 2 children 6 a, 8. R»f. ten. 5150 mo. 3M-CW days. 433-S1H EVB3 WkrlKl. . OUSEKEEPER-- Prlv. rm., board -1- oood wao«s. Nol over 50 vrs. lo assist manager. Care ol «mer- v radlM. · osaul. hor^ft In Ihe F-ool Hills-- GLEN HAVEN MANOR 301 N. Canvcn Dlvrf., Monrovia 3S9-IS?7 - 357-3581 KEY PUNCH OPERATOR Hloh School nraduate w|1h 1 year Anha Numeric experience. Applv In Person .9-3 PJA. GENERAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY CO. 1775 XIM£NO (Traffic Circle) An Equal Opportunity Emplover All armrna worker. Apply In person, HI Icresr Conval. Kosp. 340) LADIES -OocrJnD (or 3 ladKs to snow lovelv costume lewelrv bv Emnions. Call aller 4:30 p.m. 631-3928 W2-3376 ADY to Ive In arid care [orpartial- ly-rvand caoced ladv. · GE 9-lifiJ LEGAL SECRETARY EXP. for busy office: - HE 5-MM IQUOR CLERK-- Exr.. woman cnly. 5 davs, LaJcewooo. 423-9259 . L-V-N or RN TMk 0 " r p c n"SwaS/ Sdl - orSl " i; MAID. Part time, for office clearing, 5 to 9 p.m. Write giving age a former emDtoyeri, to Box C- 343? c/o IndependLnl, Press-Teleo. AED. assist. Expcr. PM. Part-time Mon,, Tues. a, V/cd., 5 to 8, Frl , MEDICAL rccepllonlst, exctr. -lor Dr.'s olllce In Torrance area. MEDICAL ASSISTANT '?«$ VIST* N£ 5-IH77 MEDICAL ASSISTANT for Dr.'s olike. Write (or In- Icrv ew, slatir.o exper. salary *yoectef fo Box N-3507, Ind. P-T. Medical Receptionist Excer. preferred. MD grotD. Per- manenl. Frlnce bcnrllls. GE 0 !87 bery/ern 2 4 p.m. MEDICAL SECRETARY- for Orlhooedlc office. Experienced anon hand r.ecesiary. CALL WEEK DAYS-- 591 4444 MED CAL Secretary Fro/it office, exoer. In bcokkeepfno, blll^g. fyp ng, (or dDCtor* offke. Salary ooen. . ^all 436,6571. MEDICAL ASSISTANT O/rhopedfc Experienced Preferred CALL WEEK DAYS-- 5W-4444 MEDICAL Office-- Downay area. Exper enced medical assislant or LVN. 40 hr. wk. Sat. ? la 12. Call 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. 424-9050 NORWALK OFFICE Looking for ladies to do survey wo/Jc In our o[(lce, hourly waoe. Mature women, .age no barrier. CALL 863-0175 NURSES, rcsWertd, LVN. orderly, exper. nurses' aW. Applv In person, Inlercommunll/ s^nltarftTn, 2526 Grand Ave., L.B. NURSES REGISTERED 11 TO 7 MEDICAL - SURGICAL 7 TO 3 MEDICAL - SURGICAL 11 TO 7 OBSTETRKS INTERESTING SALARY AND FRINGE BENEFITS WILMINGTON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 73621 S. MAIN WILM1NGTOHVCALIF. CONTACT DIRECTOR OF NURSES OR ADMINISTRATOR NEAR ALL FREEWAYS NURSE-- REGISTERED PERMANENT uarl lUnc-OB/Gyn W , D, solo. MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER. 1 emolovei at oresDnl Must be elllclent, refined, with p eassnt personality. TOD reler erw:es with Calif, license. Exce- renjed^fn back office a«1stance llohl- laboratory. Phcne. scrr.e lyp- Ins, V fo 6 o.m. 2 day* week -t- S^lufday. Full lime durir.g vaca Mon cr Illnesi r«n«F w3lh oossf b'lilv of Full lime In future. Salarv ooen. For personal Inlervlew ca1 Mrs, Edwards «6-AW4. NURS5S-- MEDICINE AMI/ In person Signal Hill Con Nurses-- R.N.-- LVN's Aides Personable exoerle/Ked. ^ir N A, KOURS CONVAL S E ^ NURSE Lkensc i regislered. S day wk. alto reo. rwrse for /-el lei weekend*. |(OS Olive Ave., L.B NURSE fCh/lsllan Sclcrvre) for el derty !ady, M-JS! drive. Mowtalr re sent. Give exoor., age 4 sa arv eaoccfcd. V/rile Oox A 3444, Ind* pendent, Press-Telegram. OFFICE JOBS - Temporary WESTERN GIRL, INC. OFFICE-- Gereril-- fvpfng. pteaian phone voice. Call A.M. 423-6918 OFFICE WORK-Poslina, billing, ad mlfllrtg D3tf*n1j. 42f f t,)]4. OPERATORS-- DRESSES Better colfon drosses, slrvgfe needle Recent factory exper. en dresses Ko olhen pfease. Steady work 715 CHERRY^ «7-331 Operators SINGLE NEEDLE AND OVERLOOK Work in Modern Factory in Torrance Progressive Management Steady Work Benefits Grenell Manufacturing · 21801 So. Western Ave. at Carson I5MIN. FROMLB. 320-4200 .Location: Two miles from San D1«B« Fixv., Harbor Frwv., Pacific Coast Hwv., Arlisla Blvd. Favttte Clcant«. im Pacific Ave. P.B.X. ADMITTING CLK EXPER. f.H. SHIFT ^WfJ 0 ^r¥ nl J!'vE H ? I L 1l S 1 PBX-TYPIST Large Board Must be experienced Gjy Moothart, Inc. l 1 ,2 1 SB.T 01 Ff GR a D E EAA CH ER BlvD. . COMPTON Photo Lab Openings For loo color personnel. Exp., only. Perm. Acolv, Mr. /.cktrnvin MERCURY PHOTO SERVICE 1030 Loin Beach Blvd. · L.B. Of Ey Appointment REAL ESTATE saleswoman lor Orange Counlv ofllce. Floor lime 1 out of 3. 7M] 837-170!. REGISTERED NURSE for DR.'S OFFICE. Exocr. prcl. bul not essential. Submit quallEI' cations S, rea.«jl lor Inlervlew to Box K-JKJ, Ind., Press-Tele. R.H.-- Full or parl llrr*. Schedule as desired. Nursing supervisor. 3 to 11 or 11 lo 7. Top rated acredltiKi convalescent hospital, lu;l newly enlarocd. Lyncrest Convalescent Hospital 1S93 Cenfurv Blvd., Lvnwood RN FULL TIME -- DAY SHIFT -OPENING AVAILABLE Require* previous O.R. Exper. So. California Permanente Medical Group 9400 E. RosDcrans Bellllower 925-7511 An Equal Opportunity Employer RN-- PART TIME for medical flroyp, £ P.M. J 0 9 P.M. Mon. thru Friday. ! A.M. o t P.M.' Sat. s?75 mo. + overtime. Norwalk-La Mlrida area. Call UN8-6"« RN OR LBN POSITION OPEN-- INQUIRE IN PERSON. SANTA FE COV. HOSP. 329 Sanll F? Av... L.B: RN's-LVN's * AIDS FULL OR PART TIME For Convalescent -Hospital I77S CHESTNUT RN'S P.M. chsree position It relief. St. Cnrlstooher Convalescent HosnllaF. Call between 9 a.m. t p.m. GE 30403 RN 3 to 1 1 SHIFT SALES -- Set your hours Income goal [n exciting carter ai a Beauty Counselor, we Iraln. AJS-3S36 SALES NEED MONEY FOR EASTER EXPENSES? Start earning substantial Income Immediately. Avon Cosmetics has vacancies lor capable women. Call GA 7-0471, Ext.-B. SALES -- TOP CASH Prejentlnn lingerie fashion shows fn home. Phone ME · (Mitt. SALES. B* · psrtv flirt. Hav* fun. Earn xlnt profit. JUDY LEE JEWELS 431-0945 ·oart tlmf. C Irene o lor advancement. Dignified work with presttoe prtxJucls;- 591 -Mil SALES Luii«r Cosmellcs subsidiary D Brislcl Mvers needs hcuiewlf* sales people to service customers and take orders In their own le*"- rllorv. PAT\ trme or full, full training. 335-1751, 835-5=69 SALES-- If you have a smile, then, Vou have svtiat it lakes lo make more money than YLHJT husbaru miikes. Jidv Lee Jewels, 429-SI95 Call behween 9:30 ajn. 4 p.m. SALES OR HOSTESS Promote v/omen* crcd. full nr part-time tn vcur home or out- irae. Us easy, profitable K fun. W)M Iraln, no restrict, of aoe or exper. For InfcrwTc* 43?-774?. SALESLADY Ladles ready-to-wear. Top salary Manv benefli*. Exper. or4y, Joels Fashion Center 510 W. Willow. L.B. SALESLADY PART TIME EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Asply Robert Hall Clothes 4300 E. Pacific Cst Kwv. · SALESLADY for hcusewares off 1s. Exper ervced preferred. ^A'^l'PA'!' L°B NS is is is v* Salesperson Need aggsesIve saleicirson tho ^S'-DAY'WEEK "" war / MANY CO. BENEFIT . APPLY MAY COMPANY LAKEWOOD Emnlovnient Office Downstair* An eoufll oppor tunJly employe NO MCE 70 JOB APPLICANTS The LONG BEACH INDEPEND ENT PRCSS-TELEGRAW doe rot knowlnc'v accesl heto-wanlet eoverflwn'erls from ffrms coverec bv the Federal W^ce-Hour Law I- they otter less th** the leaa rr-ln'mu.'n v^ge. If vou are offerct lets by cohered firms, or If you nave ouesl r a.n$ concerrWrvg Ih law or ot.-er wage-ho'jr actlvlll 01 th^ (J, S. Deparimenl of La bo can of virile the d* oar I mem local offk* al 4134 Atlantic Av "*' L ^°Artl?cf%Vl IePtlW:e - SALESWOMAN Full or parl time davJ- evening Salu/davs. Lad'es sportswear iKo Xfnt. jalarvon-jn1»lon. Som« t perience necessary, JUDY'S Saleswomen NEED 5 LADIES Pfeasant sales work. For asp 434-6743 9 a.m.-} 2 noon. SALESWOMAN EXP. W'aircWiffrpffiS'fe SEAMSTRESS fuoho!sf« ) , :uslo faclorv. A-1 only, Beverly Mil Rallan, call Ul-ltt74. SECRETARY PART TIME Public roll Heat ooin'on furve firm scski oarl-tlme iecrela d.vemllcd worX. Slarvfard 16 elec. fypewriler, Siemvrette Ira Salomon. Soeed (65 wpm ace racy ImoorlanL Age, sawry 002 V/rlle f-jfl details to Box Ac/o Ind., Pr«s-Te!eoram. HelpWnfd. (Worn.) 24A Help Wntd. (Worn.) 24 Career Opportunities Receptionists, Secretaries, Stenos, Public Relations Positions av^Uabls with ndtionel organiidfion ixpan^ing Wei) Coast tits. Above avaraga positions, surrounding], uldries anJ wording conditions. Must ba young, atfractiva vjth good pinonanty and entfiutraim. Apply-- Mr. Campbell 4 2 7 - 7 9 7 1 tip Wntd. (Worn;) 24A | KiSKMPM! .r. '*!.«:· tt$L »i !» Paq»' VI 1 r CRETARy, conitrtKllM oKke. Salary ««)«. 4W1 Cherry Avc. 28- 29 13 CRETARY I0e. Lona Beach church. Fulltime. Analv HE flVnii SINGLE NEEDLE hJfi, ICQ, Calway Garrmnl Co. nc APO!V 1371 W. 14th, L.B. STATISTICAL TYPIST or Industrial dlslrlbytor m V«r- rton arta. Mutt be fas) and actuate (50 worn], one to 30. 1 year celient company btfitflli. Phone Personn-1 Deoarlmwit HE 9-5153 Equal Otoorlunllv Emofover Stenographer Receptionist Qualified to take dictation and type correspondence, reports records for executives. Permanent job, 5»- day week, good staff benefits and salary, Long Beach area, age 25 fo 45. WHITE GIVING. AGE, EXPER. AND EDUCATIONAL BACKGRD. to Box A 6401 Independent Press-Telegram SOLICITORS PHONE 6 we men r\eeJed fcr large manufacturer In customer contact division. Jl.50ro$2HOURMIN. Minimum starting rate plus bonus program can enable you fo earn upward of $100 per week Apply Mon. thru Fri. 10-3 MRS. KOVER-- ROOM 1 2284 Long Beach Blvd. TACOS - ^^.ravS 0 "- Telephone Receptionists part-time to work. 40 vrs or older. Start at tl.30 ai ru\, with advancement up to $?OG mo. Aooit- calloni b«1na taicen belw. 3-6. 921? Alondra Blvd. BelLflower YPIST (2f~6ne 5 davi, or.e.week- endi. Box T-5W Ird. Press-Tele. WAITRESS Part 1Une. Must b« available during lh« day and 1 evenings until 7 or 8. Aopiv at W. T. GrarU Co., Lakewcod Cenler. Waitresses Car Hops Full time. Nlcrit shllt." Married preferred. A«.rj- .4515 E. Pacific Coast Hwv, VAI TRESS-- fast, efllcfent deoefxJ* able, 7900 E. Atandra. Paramount. WAITRESS EXPERIENCED RANCHO DINER 132 V/. ANAHEIM VAITRESS-- Must be exper. Anotv Brad's Restaurant, 3EOO Allantlc. Aoplv 313 E. Broadway. hand burrlno, lite drill dress -t- helplno In ofllce. Good Day for right nerion. «8 W. 132nd, Los Angeles. 324-5417. panlan. Live in. · Lite work. No Invalid. No smokers, drinkers or oets. GE fr-7115. WOMA $200 PER MONTH nvatid care, live In, non-smoker. Call before r.ocn GA 4-2795 WOMAN, reliable, lo Live IT with elderly lady. Must be neat. Some waoes. UN 5-7220. WILL TRAIN Woman 33 lo 45 to sort and classify - second hand clothing In Vets itore. Steady work, Insurance, vacation bonus. II you have r.o small children apply ifi person only, at 211 Locust 9 a. m. dally. WOMEN Sewing Machine Feeders or Valvers and Sleevers. Exoer- tenced Fn i MULT 1 WALL PAPER BAG CONVERT1MG PLANT. Aootv EmpJoymenl Office BEMIS CO. INC. MO B. PACIFIC COAST HWV. wllminolon WOMEN [phor* V/orVl to taJte nhone orders In our pleasant office. per hr. No expsr, nee. Day or nlQtit shlll. APC4V 19 Pine, Rm. 707 Women-PBX Exp Telephone aniwerlrtg service. Par It full time. Mo5. office. Call TE 5-2«2, bet. ID A a.m. fX · |X |X |X WOMEN [Exper. Only) TELEPHONE SURVEY We r.eed ? experienced teleo^^n olrli fo condjct a questionnaire. Full tknie work 1 our office 9 a.m. fo 5 p.m. 51 ; per hr. to itarl ^vtlh aufomat. Increases. For Inlervlev/ come to New Century Enterprise 4120 ATLANTIC, L.B. Monday between 10 a.m. 4 o.m WOMEN (SJ--Cosm-Hc sunervlior^ positron, with exper. Servic cslab. roule. 427-tt«D 7-12 a.m YARDAGE salej-- experienced cnly Anolv In person, J5 South SI. Help Wanted (Men) 24 ACCOUNTANTS-- Full or parl time Income laic oreparalfon, % bcnus. HI 0*1 volume, EQC. L.B. 1 Nor*alk area. HO 6-77J. ADJUSTOR Casually -- Torrarvce, Redondo Beach area. Experienced, Sala 4 can See Mr. Kirn me 1. Hartford Cralmi 40 AITanllc, L. ASSISTANT Manaser, ejteer. varie or dert. ilore man for posUion assistant mgr. Good ooDOrlunl for advancement, good working cor.dl lions, ma Tor metficaV plan paW vacation. Apply Fn person. ASSISTANT ALERT .YOUNG MAN Due to exoatifon campaign Soul hern California, the Lo Beach offTce ol our 85 - year - o man in a manacemenl training pfo^ram, MAN WILL BE ?-- Promofed on rreflt 3-- Allowed 10 oartlcfpalt In croFil n a ring ONLY THOSE WITH FOLLOV^ING QUALIFICATIONS NEED APPLY: ?-- Well groomed 3-- school edocatkni or better 4-- Definite deilre lo progrest In co.noanv 5-- V/'IIIno lo begin work Immediately Due- to nloh- coil of training, we would preter the man has com pTeted hit mllMary oturoalion or Ii fncllglb!? for draft. Our Ira1n1ni program will enabls a qualliiex man fo earn -- JI29 PER WEEK SALARY FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW CALL 432-7931 ? A.M. 2 P.M. ONLY ASSISTANT TO COMPTROLLER Mint havf HoiDital txwr. v/rile ticxr. In Box A-2104 Inclm. P.-T ATTENDANT, ServlM Stallon 8 mechanic. Apply In person. 492 South Stretf, L.B. AUTO SALESMAN Combination New and Used. Ex perrnced, excelienl commlnlon Demo Plan, paid vacation group inturanct. Apply to Sales Man ager. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE RAY FLADEBOE, INC. MERCURY COMET Help Wanted (Men) 24B AUTO SALESMEN Only loo i»f«men need tppty. Should mke 115,000 lo 120.000 per vear. 330 tt. Lo/yg Beach Blvd. corner. Over 125 choice cars. W. F. McPHEETERS 1450 Long Beach Blvd. AUTO SALESMEN for a 100 car a msnih + deafer* sTilp. Excellent tJow tralllc. Free djnrvo. + cloi'na helo. Prefer Ponllac x per fence but will train r otit man. II you like money, contact In person Jed Lo Bosco, Salts ArVanaocr. Louis Fraham PonHac 7G57 E. FIRESTONE BLVD. DOWNEY AUTO SALESMEN Setl America's hottest car, Ir* MUSTANG) 100 In slock. Oppor. for n romol t on, wll Iratn IF not exprd. Full company benefits tfemo. plan. Apply LOI Allot Ford, 2302 BelllJcw«r Blvd., L.B. AUTO METAL MAN Good salary. Pleasant working con- dlllonj. SKaov cmplovment. i^xSw^BSl^LV lob [or right man. Elchorst's. 1119 Long Beach Blvd., South Gale UTO TRIMMER-- Sttady work, ex- \uto Mechanic -- A-l Only! can HA 1-1410 BAKERY ROUTE ETstablhhed route with la roc bakery. Xlnt training pro a rani for man anxious TO operate a business. 636-§038 or 426-5328 BAKERY ROUTE, RETAIL * * * HELMS * * * , Est. Routes Available $130 Week Guaranteed Working Capital Necessary Apply 8 am fo 1 1 am Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. HELMS BAKERIES 3000 PACIFIC AVE. LONG BEACH 525 E Warner, Santa Ana BARBER-- Master. Excellent iob «- CDrhjnlrv with Illtle boy's Ivilr cuHino. tt.25 H. C. 9:30 lo 5:30. Guarantee. Snip 'N Curl, Bullock's Lkod. Call S3i-5111, Ext. 30S ARBER. Parl lime. PROGRESSIVE BARBER SHOP. 435 No. Avalon, Wilmington TEJ-1O1 BOAT btldr. Exp. only r.eed flpDlv. King Harbjr Boat Works/ Inc., 120 YscM Club Way, Redondo Bs.nh. BOOKKEEPER General olfke. Call for appt. or 800 W. 14m. HE "iM\$ on v. Fleet-AIre Camper Co., CAR WASHER 50c p«r car, exper. HE 5-37i7 CAR wash. Full lime, 4- dav wk. Over 21. Magic Minute Car Wash, CHEMICAL MFG. PLANT TRAINEES WILL TAKE QUALIFIED I-A'S la 30, HS grad. Jujt out ol Mill. service ok. II mechanical. Start S Call Dan Miller 436-6271 CERTIFIED . PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 19 PINE SUITE 412 L.B. Entry level DOsltEo n f o r vcunff man wiln military oblloallcn completed. Clerical experience not necessary but would be tielpTu . Apply In person, mornings only. VIRTUE BROS. Mfg. Co. 19801 S. Sanla Fe (Ho. L.B. Area) CLERK YOUNG men to handle telephone service order desk and dUpalcMng Mint live In Hie Long Beach Area. APPLY IN PERSON PACKARD BELL ELECTRONICS 31 IDE. Willow, Long Beach An equal ODDOrlynity employer COLL. toy, oarl time. Scry. Sla. Sa[ 4- comm. Rchtlll, 4200 L.B. BI. CONSTRUCTION PLAN AHEAD Salesmen needed lor construcllon sales, we will Iraln you, sfcn rn excess of i5CQ oer mo. Call Mr. Carney HE 7-W67 CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST MANAGER 1H CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE DEPARTMENT OF LARGE FIRM. APPLICANTS MUST PRESENT A GOOD APPEARA1ICE AND HAVE HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION SALARY $130 PER WK For appofnlment call 435-2823 9 A.M. TO I P.M. Tomorrow's Executive CONSUMER FINANCE NEEDS YOU TODAY Salary benellls tops In 1hf r Iteld. No selling. See Mr. G essay 540 Long Beach Blvd. OR VISIT ANYAETNA FINANCE OFFICE 1M SOUTHERN CALIF Help Wanted (Men) 24 B RAR'C BUB J Family Restaurant NOW HIRING YOUNG M£N for FUitau- fonr Training. Mu*t be Neat Appearing and of Good Character. · HO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY · WE TRAIN YOU · COMPANY PAIDi * VACATION 1 TO 4 WEEKS · HEALTH INSURANCE · SICK LEAVE · GENEROUS PROFIT · SHARING PLAN Age IS 1o 30 (preferraJ). We are a rapidly expanding arganiioilon, progressive^ and able to offer many opportunities. Starting as a menl into management. Top darting wages plut meals and automatic pay mccfloiei. Apply MON. TUES. 2 to 4 p.m. only it . 2 2 2 0 BtUflowir Bl,, L,B, Help Wonted (Mtnl 24 B ^ COOK COUNIER MEN ? lor Carl'» WWitle Stoo tf-JJJS i CUrk Ave. al Alherlon In. Long ( Beach. Aooly FrWay. S s t u r i w * f Monday. March 11, 12 U, be- ' wein 2 4 J p.m. , ' .1 'i COUNTERMAN-- 1 full llmt 1 . 1 eyes. weekend!. No pftone call* Mint be.ovef 18. .WcDonald/i, .· corner ..CREDIT MAN^ »v \ NatlonaUv krvown comoanv wrf* t above averaoe man tn-40) lo [ Iraln Iw management DOS! lion. -. Experience helpM. Many ^ com. r oanv benellls. CeJI · MR. HARTLEY, 438-1251 \ TUES. -- WED. -- THURS. I CUTTER . Immediate ope*ib"..T for men" wHh t exwrfence handling va/d oDods la. lav UD and cut material for large pillow ma.'uiFacture. ADD!V f In rxrson between 1 3 p.m.'3Q2S E. Vlcforfa-- Compfon. 637-3730. · DAMAGE CONTROL .· Ait. ex-Navy man wllh knowlerfge' ol damage control syjfemi or ex-- ocrlence as · Inklr.g draflsman. Conlact Mr. Brian at .TE 2-iWl. Equal oppcrlunJI/ employer. .. DANCE Inilr's Inlervlewefi. Rill/ parl lime. Top pav... Holiday Dane* Club. 311 E. Ocean. . HE 2-W/2 DEBIT MAN ,, Wanlcd Imnwdlatelv to dcltver clatn checks and manage office. Call Vfnce, 4!2-5P93. f lo 11 a.m. only. : cnulprrenl experience preferred. 2^5 Palm Dr. Signal Hill Design Engineers, Draftsmen ... Filiation, A.5.W.E. pressiira vesstHi, - heat exchanw, mil. spec, and machine design ex 1 - per Knee o'eifrable. Greal 09- - rcn Hal wilh acMve expanding leader In tt-.e fillralton rr.cfui- rV CALL OR APPLY Commercial Filter Corp. 1874J REVES AVE. COMPTON HE 6-5771 - -. DESIGNERS ": Piping Plastic mould deil'an, Immetirale Local out of lown. Xlnl. rales. . ... · -, ' ConsolkJaled Deslon Service . ; P.O. Box 20235 4354272 ' DRAFTSMEN · . . ' _ - . HAWAII" ASSIGNMENT IS AWAITING YOU. TWO .';;' : . Naval architects with; «Xr perlence in stabilify studr - ies calcjlations. BS :'de- gre* plus 5 years professional experience minimum, 1 year stability. ex- j perience. ' ; ONE ' · i Jr. Naval architect with 7 years nonprofessional engineering and [ year special exoerience. ' DRAFTSMEN : . Structural and Foundation wus Transcxirlallcn. Send reiurTK or call collect; Morris Guralniclc Assoc's l!« Unl»erillv Av». PALO ALTO. CALIF. U. S. Cltrzcnshto required. DRAFTSMAN ' ELECTRICAL Clrcull design, control wiring exoerlcirce deiCrable. DESIGN DRAFTSMAN Minimum 5 vs. rfraftlr-o exoeri- ence, furnace. Industrial heating cuuTomenl or related fields. PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC COMPANY · 6280 Chalel Drive. SP 3-2070 City of Commerce ' . An Equal OoporJunltv Emotover Draftsman; Mechanical Kon-delente, erK^neerlng deal. PERWiAHENT EMPLOYMENT WRITE PO B3X 150, SAN PEDRO DRILL Preis Opr. Racial, Salary + overtime. Leitfal Machine Co., . 5423 Berwick, StKiIhpate DRIVERS EARN UP TO 31% Pull/Dart time ODenlrvcs, Good ' Humor Co. 1601 \V. ISIh. ' only. Ref. reoulred. Contact Mr. Bush, 1150 Quadw3V, WrillJIer. DRY CLEANER-for self service DRY CLEANING HELP All O»ts. Experienced. Reghitr A.M. onlr. No fees. Cleaners ELECTRICIAN. JOURNEYMAN LEVEL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Aopilcflllooi accepled for examination (or Permanent positions. Liberal vacation, s'ck leave and other benefih orovkJed. A P F L Y Long Beach Unified School Dfst. ELECTRICIAN; F u l l y qualified w i t h rninimum . '.. ' of 5 years experience . in In- trial plant.- EXCELLENT FRINGE BENEFITS , NON-DEFENSE WORK' Contact Mr. Jones at tne Calif. State IOI6SARTORI : TORRANCE CALIF. An eoyal CDOortimifv employer DRAFTSMEN SHIP IDESIGN HULL . . HVAC PIPING ' ., WEIGHT · ' - · . CONTROL.;' Ah« Technical V/rMers famiH-- ar wHh SRD BooTs. ·_. ._ ton 9 range position) for Nava a-J Convnerclal shlo desion. · * Marine deilg-T or drafting ex-**'" perience desirable. Excellent' Com oa ay benefits Include pairf- vacailon, »ick leave end crofll . sharing. Pl«aj« forward rewmi and- relerences to: - M. ROSENBLATT SON, INC. j NAVAL ARCHITECTS MARINE ENGINEERS 214 Wsrktt si.. Sin Francisco, Cal. An Equal Opportunity Employer

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