Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 26
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Autos for Soft 176 OLUbmUiSlLE TRANSPORTATION' '50 OLDS. 4-lr. AT, RH . JI9J ·« FORO V-I Cue. RH H4i iyi PONT. Catallna, AT, RH «9S ·53 FORD Cull V-U. RillI. . M»J '50 BUICK Spec. Stick, RH Sharp '» PICKUP W-T., 21,000 ml?H9J LLOYD C. PATTERSON 18TO I, g. BLVD. GA 4-34ZJ PACKARD : 1955 PACKARD SEDAN Radio, healer, automatic transmission, guaranteed good. NOW 1WS VERNt HOLMES^bodgc 35lh Atlantic GA 4-B603 '50 PACKARD t-Ar. Xlnt."frdnip. car. New ballerv. RH. HAfrli66. PLYMOUTH ·S PUVMOUTH "4 ;i ~rdoor~!edan EQUIDDCd with radio, healer automatic trans. 5995. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bellllower Blvd., Btllflowor TO fl.1725 ·58' PLYMOUTH Savoy 4-dr., V-B automatic, oower «t\.er., redlo, heater. MW. lerms to suit. 3201 Ei , Pacific Coast Hwy., GE 3-742P, ilr. ·V PLYM. Bfllvtdere. Radio, heater. Automatic transmission. $1099, T-12 MOTORS T5QQ L. B. BlVd ME_ 2-0410 '57 PLYMOUTH Hdto. Take" over tor M9 car oymli. of 513.65 D« wtek. Call Credit Manaoer Rl^ B-2271 ·59.PLYMOUTH Bel. 2-dr. hdto. V-B, RGH, autoni., w/w, silver grey 10,000 ml. K95 dti., 576 mo. No lax or license. TO 6-9639. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '53 Plvm. sed. «99 P.P. Loaded sharp. $17 mo. Jeffrey Finance Corp^NT 8-8755 '$d PLYMOUTH wagon. Fully eupt $13 dn. 524 mo. Call for free home trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 No. __LJJ. Blvd., Coinplon. Dlr. '55 PLYM. Belvedere 4-dr V-B Aulo. transmission, RH, »699. Pnrkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0787 100% Unanclng on approved credit. $975 '5f PLYMOUTH 2-dr. A beauty 1J01 £. 41 H HE 64317, dlr. PONTIAC '57 PONTIAC $1399 Chief dlx 2-dr. Full power. Hydra RH. Lo miles. Sharp. S. W. LEMON. 1901 E. ANAHEIM. HE 6-7371 ^5 PONTIAC 2-dr. tidrdtop. Extras. 535 dn.-A 535 mo. Real buy. Call credit mpr. Mr. Rllev. TO 7-«IB or JA 7-7451 for free home demo. r tt PONTIAC 2-dr7~FuTfv CdDt. 513 dn., $2S mo. Call for free home trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 No. L.B. ' 'd., Ci " ~° Blvd., niplon. Dlr. '56 PONTIAC Star Chlet Cnlallna Full Dower. A real beauty S36 dn., S36 mo. Dlr. Call Mr Cole FREE HOME_TRIAL^TO_6 / 9721. *50 PONTIAC; real "shaip! "Good W.S.W. tires, RH, Hvdramatlc. S199. GE 1-6687. RAMBLER $100 DN. ON YOUR TRADE '57 RAMBLER Wo.oQ I-LR MO. GE 9-3J76,_Dlr. ASSUME PAYMENTS $49^0 MO". 'i5 Rambler Cross Country wagon. Aulomallr, radio, htr, new tires. ' 1 2 " Lono B " ch AUTOS for Sate 176 Autos for Salt 176 IHUNDKRBIRD L A R K S WE'RE WHEELING 1 DEALING $299 DN. LOOK! AT THESE NEW CAR TRADES '52 Stud". t.A, J249 '53 Stude.'4-dr.... J299 '53 Chryi. 4-dr., p. iteor 54" '54 St'udo. Cpo 5599 j '54 Studo. Wagon. 5599 I '54 Plym. Wagon 1599 '55 Studo. V-8 Pickup $699 '55 Marc. Conl. Cpo 5999 '55 Old). "88" Hardtop 5999 '55 Chov.'BolAir Wgn. 51099 '57 Cho*. 4-dr. Wagon 51799 '58 Plym. Wagon 51799 MANY OTHERS ED BARBARI'S STUDEVILLE «OQ No. Dcllflower Blvd. _LakewoocJ TO /-2/31 '55 STUDE $799 V-a Starlloht coupe. A-T, RH. Sharp. A-l condlllon. S. W. LEMON -J!2!_JL J^N^A 1 ? 1 ^- HE J37L '55 STUDE President, jakc~ovcr D.iymenls, 535 mo. No cqullv. Owe ** t ?-,_. F l r ll a !£ PartVy. HA 5-61BD. '51 STUDE convert. l-ownerTVerv flood cond. '60 lie. S175. TW 3-1973. THUNDERBIRD Loaded with extras Including lac- lory air-conditioned. All white. has continental kit. It Is a beauty. Ltc. rvo. MHtiox. Only $34vv MEL BURNS FORD Autos for Sol* 176 THUNOtlRBIRO '56 T-BIRD Fordoinotlc, radio, heater. Full power. Both tops, portholei. All while. A real buy. $2395 Hale Youna Ford 2000 Lono Beach Blvd. GA 6-3311. 2«t 6, Anaheim '57 THUNDERBIRD hardtop. $3899 Original. Immaeij'alc 1-owner Full power. Original while finish, RH. whllewalls, Thunderblrds with this low mileage are as scarce as hen's lecth. PIONEER FORD 78403 PIONEfR IN ARTESIA UNderhii- 5-1766 -- Op-n Sundays '59 THUNDERBIRD hardtoD, power steering, seats, windows a brakes, low mlleane, S3595. GE 1-5153. '60 T-BIRD. Trariif. To Europe. Musi sacrlf. Immed. 3801 Walnul. '59 T-BIRD7~Airpower"." AtrVo'ndi- tloncd. Like new. 2401 Daisy. '58 CHEV. 3-DOOR SEDAN A-cvllnder, Ivorv silver blue finish. Lie. No. « Ann PXT 758. ' I flW Slick shift., healer. 1*177 '58 PLYM. I CYLINDERS--4-DR. SAVOY Red In color. Push-button automatic, heater. $~ ~ ~ ~ License No. NZJ 165. S 1499 '57 FORD 4-CYL. CUSTOM 300 4-DOOR Beautiful Ivory and blue, fcrtio- ?,«o c ; 5 1109 heater. I 177 '5 CHEV. ··CYL. 2-DOOR SEDAN Dark orcen. Lie. SfH\t% No. MVC 131. 5 VV9 r d transmission, f i t . Standard '55 FORD 8-CYL. FAIRLANE 4-DOOR Ivorv A llohl ofccn. Lie. flo. TAA 335. Fordomntic. r i d . o, heater. A new rebuilt cnaiiic and Fordoniattc 5 '55 CHEV. ·-CYLINDER 4-DR. SEDAN Ivory and orcy finish. Power- olidc, heater. SAAA License .No. 899 BPE COS. '59 CHEV. 6-CYL. 2-DOOR BISCAYNE ivory finish. Lie. No. SEY599. rottorv eaulpDcd. '57 CHEV. 8-CYL1NDER BEL AIR 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN Ivory and turquoise. Lie No. TDA 593. F.icforv nlr condition- Inn, p o w e r slcerlno, oower brakes. Powerglide, he.iter, now iires. 23,ooo c actual miles. Like- new. ·57 FORD 8-CYL. FAIRLANE 500 HARDTOP COUPE Ivorv and v e l l o w . Lie. No. SSZ 597. Fordo c * '54 CHEV. BEL AIR 4-DOOR Blue finish, slandard transmission. Raaio snd hcsler. '54 MERC. MONTEREY 4-DOOR Ivory and blue. $[ CHEVROLET All Our Locations Are Lo.idetll 1860 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6,3296 Atlantic Anaheim OPEN SUNDAYS HE i-2484 SEE THEM ALL ONE LOCATION , THE FABULOUS RENAULT Douphlne -- Corovelle PEUGEOT-- MG Austin*Healey Sprite-- Morris 36,000-MiU Guarantee SUBURBAN MOTORS , Import Dtalcr--sales Scrv 445 E. ANAHEIM f WILMINGTON TE 4-8595 J OOOOOOOOPOOOOQOCrOC HUGE DISCOUNT 1959 BUICKS EXECUTIVE CARS Hardtops--4-Doors--Station Wagons Factory Cars That You Can't Tell From B r a n d New -- Very Low Mileage. Equipped with Transistor Portable Radios, Heater, Dynaflow, Power Steering Brakes, 2-Tone Finish, Whitewall Tires, Tinted Glass -- in Fact, Most Are Fully Equipped with All Extras. SAVE HUNDREDS OF $ $ $ at PEASRS BROS. BUICK ALONDRA at BELLFLOWER BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 7-1781 HARBOR CHEVROLET . FOR THE BEST DEAL EVER! BRAND NEW 1960 CHEVROLETS 1995" DOWN on cppr. credit REMEMBER --NOBODY BEATS AT THE VOLUME CORNER ATLANTIC ANAHEIM OPEN SUNDAYS HE 4-3293 = CAMPBELL BUICK CO. 2101 LONG BEACH BLVD. = These Are SAFETY-CHECKED Cars and All Have 1960 Licenses ELECTRA 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Power windows, power seel, power brakes, power steering, FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING and Premium U.S. Royal Master Tires, '59 STUDE, STATION WAGON 2-Dcor, fully equipped, Owned by one ol our company executives, SUPER 4-DOO!l HARDTOP. Full power plus FACTORY AIH CONDITIONING, 4-DOOR, Has Fordomallc, radio, healer, etc, (WHT 777) 4-DOOR HARDTOP With lull power, '57 mm 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped and ready to roll, (KGC 825) '57 FORD $|fl FAIRLANE 500 4-DOOR HARD- ·« TOP, Full power, Immaculate, (MPD 676) '57 4-UOOH HARDTOP. Fully equipped and ready to go, (JUP 712) '57 mm s|g STATION WAGON with ·** full power. Very nice, (MHV 026) THESE ARE JUST A FEW . . . We have many values on our lot. Come in today and see our selection! '58 CHEVROLET S " ' BEL AIR 4-DOOR. Fully equipped, (NXX 244) '58 PLYMOUTH STATION WAGON. Can't be told trom new. (PNU 276) '53 FORD 4-DR, Fully equipped. (NHT 350) '58 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR, Fully equipped and Immaculate IJiroughout, (RKM 293) '58 OPEL Sedan (NTIT 861) Just like new '58 CHEVROLET 2-DR. Fully equipped, (NTX 130) '58 FORD 4-DOOR, Tordomalic and all the extras. Bed and while, (Stock 32P) '58 DODGE STATION WAGON 4-DOOR. Full power and all the extras, (Stock 36P) '57 FORD S 184! AIR hard RETRACTABLE HARDTOP, Power steering, power brakes, I TICKING. Blue and while. A beauty, (SAN 691) '57 FORD S STATION WAGON, Has lull power and Is like new, 2-lone red and white (Stock 537) '55 '56 NASH $® Fully equipped, From *» CONDI- -lo-llnd finish, VICTORIA 2-DOOR HARDTOP, Full power. A 2-tone beauty, (KHS 076) '56 PLYMOUTH CONVERTIBLE, Fully equipped and very sharp, (RKV 427) '55 BE S9TO 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped including power slcering brakes. (PEL 480) '52 GAOiLLAG 4-DOOR. Full price B U I C K C O M P A N Y BUICK · OPEL « LARK 2101 LONG BEACH BLVD. = HE 7-4925 or HE 6-7095 Open Evenings and Sundays -- Autos for Sale 176 ", OLDS n CONVERTIBLE. Power · tlcerlno and power 1 brakes, electric seat and I window adjustment, radio, I htdter, original heathcr- I mist finish with while loo C. Srandlee MARTIN I 1201 L. ». Blvd. HE 6-9024 AVAILABLE Mechanical breakdown insurance, giving you 100% coverage anywhere In the '59 CHEVROLET Impala Sport Coupe 3-sneed s t i c k transmission. 305 engine. Low mileage. '55 FORD CUSTOM 4-DOOR Automatic transmission, radio and heater, 1-owner. Original IhrouBnout. '59 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN '57-PLYMOUTH SAVOY CLUB SEDAN v-B. Rndlo and Mentor; showi excellent care. '57 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN (STATION WAGON) V-B, FordomaMc, power steering, radio and hc.iter. Looks and drives like new. '57 CHEVROLET Bel Air Convertible V-B, Powerglldc, radio and heat* er, whitewall tires. TOP almost new. Shows excellent cor*. '58 FORD FAIRLANE CLUB V4. Fordomatic. radio and heater, whitewall iircs, light blue. One owner. Immaculate. '57 FORD CUSTOM 300 CLUB V-e. Fordomfltlc, radio and heater, one owner, shows excen- tlonnl care. '58 CHEVROLET IMPALA Automatic transmission, nowcr steering, radio and heater, ill- '58 CHEVROLET BROOKWOOO 4-DR. STATION WAGON V-8. Powerglldc, h e a t e r and many other extras. Solid white. Very low mileage. Your old cor, puid for or not. Low as $25, or your good credir, including out- of-sfafe. 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7428 Autos for Sole long Inch, Calif., Wtd, F(b. J, IHO PAYMENT UNTIL JULY 12th On ANY New 1960 CHEVROLET in Our Stock Pay only 20% Down 1 And I Chips, \= E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. il GE 3-7421 CHEVROLET CO. CONTINUES THE LEN CORMIER JR. Owner-Manager FULLY FACTORY EQUIPPED 36 MONTHS TO PAY 30,000-MILE GUARANTEE SMALLEST MONTHLY PAYMENTS LOWEST DOWN PAYMENT BEST BUY IN TOWN 2-DOOR MODEL 1121 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE GREAT SALE PRICES AT.. SSXTH cmd LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 6-5291 -- SPrucc 5-184] · Open Nights 'til 10 and All Day Sunday And Other Fine Cars -- Always the Finest '58 Olds "88" Hardtop Coupe '59 Chevrolet Impala Sport Cpc. '57 Cadillac Flccfwood *3195 14,000 actual m!l«i (vcri- Eb ?- ny b , aC ^' '""" '5° ls j A beautiful (.owner cor, f i o d ) . rad.o, _ hcaf.r. standard ,, adcd in on o new Cad . transmission, Look for Tni$ Sign on Auto Row '60 Cadillacs Your Choice of 2 S BELOW COST '57 DC Soto 4-Dr. Sedan 1799 '59 Cadillac 62 Sedan '59 Chevrolet El Camino Coupe ond Coupe do Tne Fifeflyte, power B e a u t i f u l Alpine whiis 250-H.P., slick jhiff, ra- Viilc. I with air condi- steer, ond brakes; l - o w n - ^^ black and white in- dio, healer. Only 8000 liorinq. ·r with 30,000 mtlai. icnor. actual miles. 2165 Long Beach Blvd., L B. HE 6-7234 CHEVROLET CO. ,/ Famous for Clean Cars Best Used Car Buys in Town AT PRICES YOU WANT TO PAY NUMBER OF STAMPS GIVEN ARE LISTED WITH EACH PRICE '59 Chevrolet BBL AIR 4-DOOR. V-8, Power- glide, radio and heater, Low mileage. You r e c e i v e 5COO stamns. (Stock 1230-B) '59 Chevrolet 7-DOOR SEDAN. V - 8, loadei vvilh extras. You receive 500 stamps. (SEC 703) '58 Chevrolet 2-DOOR. Slandafd transmission. thrcuohout. You 'receive 5000 slamns. (PCR55M '58 Plymouth 4 DOOR. Radio and healer. Ex- '57 Plymouth BbLVEDURE automatic tr and heater. You '57 Chevrolet 2-DOOR BUS. COUPE. V-8. radio rrd healer. You receive MSO stomp:. (MNR 144) '57 English Ford 4-DpOR CONSUL MARK evcrvthtno. You receive 5000 stamps. (NP.R961) '56 Buick S l t P R R RIVIERA CONVERT (DLL:. Full oowcr. Mechanically Ions. You receive 5000 stamps. iSioU 170A) '55 Dodge 55 Svudebaker STATION WAGON. 6-Cvllndcr, ?-door. overdrive. You receive 5000 stflnios. (HRC 386) '54 Chevrolet BEl. AIR 3-DOOR. Powergllde, radio end healer. You rercelve ·1990 stamps. (FPA 363) '53 Plymouth BELVCOERE SPORT COUPE. ".utoniftlle transmission. You rc- stamDs. (HSS 1?-1) PLUS MANY, MANY MORE LOW AS DOWN (with opprovid credit) CORMIER CHEVROLET CO. Fomous for Clean Cars llth and Long Beach !!. 6th and long Beach Bl. HE um w HI · SKI OPEN SUNDAY! AND «VM.

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